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- -‘ ’ .» r;~.‘I'.~.-*',~,-’:~'£\;‘. 1 a -»_v‘ u 1 ~ * =.«~‘_;.»,»r,«-‘m..,,,7‘,~g,’.. ‘ »_...,_,Hv,._» A,,y_ _ H -‘g, u .u~_~.> . , ’ :4 ;=g~‘-‘gr , A, r . *\- . g._ ‘V. w~t¢~1‘u4$-I-v_4a¥*.’a§.:__V__,_' ,____,.'._,.u\r~L‘.:.-:1»:-.~»-— ~ W‘ ~.‘*\‘ \\ \“ _, iv ,;;~,,~_;_,.,,;,..‘.q...a.:w..‘.....,,_~..,,._A.« mm ——~»~ ..,-v,.-;-~;~<»V»\-' ' V:-gt»-?‘5,: 1\ ~ -'1-‘»..';‘:\ ’.:'-“~\v' 14.: I_«_!.rT.'-'. 7:\‘«'= “ .#!b‘4 ~ -“.‘.,;‘,a.-».'-\M-:¥?“‘r“‘ I'M‘ ... .. , r\:‘:*;:w '2‘;-‘We am. ; »-- ~‘> .. ~ '» : n-,-§*.,\:»9i’s-». hug aw-V ~u_...»,-.;_-g,- Ii‘! —, .1.“ ._.,A r... ,.. «..t..a.§._ *\.‘=qv‘4i:..i~’ ‘- u,-‘..;,_.-“ “.43 1‘ :._;. , ; L CKAWANNA NEWS I 1* - . V V _ 1‘ ~v V. _ .l.uckuw:mna V H. ‘ I-(A;/' V’. . 431135634214/ANNA % ; r ,- ~u~m-' ‘ xqmclxn, Num .3“). Lu ' ‘ me my u.\\- Rona mm‘ “\8 . -wanna, Erie =Co. ; f \ New York‘ 1: V ‘V7(§)1-..’17-.—- No. 17 Lackawaima Newp, ’2La.:2-:‘awanna, N. Y., ‘Thurs. June 30, 1932 ‘PRICE 5c-—$2.-00 PER YEAR T%hou%sra:nds Wiill Part in July 4th. i ! Monday iL.H.%S. Graduaites Largest Class Sc1%hool Empioyes Salaries Reduced‘ Lackawanfna Sc'hoo51s Graduate 1 Record Number of Pupils 85 Seniors Receive Their Diplo- ,l mas at Exercises in School l Auditorium —— Awards Also‘ Presented. Savings of $28,000 on School Budget Announced After .Sp'ecia'l Meeting ‘Monday, - new Addition to High School, Thousands of People pin that all should sE'(\k 1:. Llemve the great- . . . ‘as: use pmsxble from the 1earz111j.;: r.K§7e School Audltonuxns at Com jhax-c almaclj, recelvl By applying the . ement Exepcigeg Held; examples and prmctpuls ‘learned In me menc _During Past Week 31:1...-.~sx’oo:11 to evc1°';:lav hrs. Lackawanna Prepares for Gala, Program With Parade, Speech-1‘ es, 'E2;-hibitionz. and Sports,‘ Having Big Part in Days‘! Activities u fife zrml (11-um oorps funushcd ‘by the coloecl 500191.16: and the 1.~)lst1'1ct. D. Girl snoucs, Elie and Dru.m Corps. The prize mvnrds offered [or the ac- 5°1'1°°1 '1‘&\\‘-“E -1‘““' 131395” lmmbc\ ‘cf Llacl<.n.\'van.'m Hlgh School lblcl Earl-\vel1 5r”“‘1°‘m‘5r 1“ ‘]‘m°' ‘9\\mds 0: €010‘ “Recs to 1.1.5 lurgest gl‘u(lU.11vll1g class ’I‘ue~.cl--y 101' 15119 1-\“\‘° best “°“\‘- 1'°‘\‘he \“5“mZ\\ revcmlng when 85 soglloxu \Vel'c' p1's‘s~nt~: non havmg me ‘lrllgest nn.un.bel' in 11119’ ccl ltholr cllplomns by John Crosta. mem,-‘ for the best m}Ilo1':'nc~rl orgnn.lzm;lon for 1 ha. of M“. Beam 31- E-dm..‘,,t_.,,u> at me ‘tm’ 13351‘ C°1°’““'1 1-\\\‘1°' IO” 1\\ D51’ 1 annual commence-me-nt e.\'e~1'c-1~cs 1101;! ln ‘ndllvlclu.-rv.l Colonial ccs-tume, for the 4 me schoul \ The gold nuddl 1-\‘51' ‘1'~\’°1\‘”*‘-\1 we-V°3°' ‘best’ d“’“°m‘m ' award to the szudent who has brought nummclblle. for one best cleorzulcl swre. I the memes‘ mbunmon ‘O the Scmol 1°’ '51“: bcsl‘ ‘1'~’°°”‘1°d “mm wmdow cl-unvlng the past }'C‘fd.:\\‘l1lS pm-scntrzcl t- am! the best déecomtecl reslclonce. ! Automate swung by Nicholas _,_ E.1g‘m_‘ Cnsh prizes Wm M50 be mvmmd by ‘ Presldanza al‘ the Board of Eclucutmn. the oldest person present. for the oldest The fold medal. to ml: smdem 8_Cmm,_ Lncksuvdnlm reslclelnt. 10 the rtullesl per— v mg. the mg.he__n .mu.k in me Gleam £.e_ 5011 111 111119 and 101119 Prsm‘ ’~'°1“1“-'=»'Ig'ents exzunimmun was a.\vzu‘clc-<1 to Ian; the g1‘911W51 ‘“51*‘11’-‘‘*~ ! D1 Mlllo ‘by Joseph 0'M-am. also 11 me-m-‘ Progrzun nt. L119 Smcllllln \vlll open be\ of the schodl .bGm~d_ ullh an -aclclress by :9, speaker of natlonu_1 5 The pmgmm opened “mm mm.” 1000 re-known and reniswks by Mayor W‘a1ler(p_nve11ts and I'1'lcncls mung the .\uu.Lal‘- J 1101113 11°11°1‘1“‘Y “'1\~1m“1‘-- M13“ S“r“1“1Ll1n -to capno as the school ;'!—:culty J. Ehrmzmn and Rt. Rev. Nelson H.lprogee¢1ecl the Class .ln =lhe grad'1.lu.:n Bake!’ 11 B‘11“-‘1'- I'\\11°W1113 “\111 be 1‘ ; mzarh cmlto the mango. Mwllc \v1s flu‘- number of novelty and folk da-noes by ujsheq :by the shoal (u‘CheaI.'l.‘8. luxuer the 8101195 1‘€P1'&“9n1111E%’ 59Vem'1 ‘11”“1'9“t cllrecnlon of Mlss Mzugamt '1‘mst,. Other nnblonalltles of tho cit-y. Mrs. John B.1,[ea.u\.es of me ;_.ve:'._-mg were song: by Doyle Is ‘In charge of W15 Drosrum =15‘ | the an-15 Glee club; sE.lum.,£ory by Dolo- slsced by Mrs. Ohaclllclcl, Joseph Milzmo % Domume; class Essay by Anna and MI'5- M1111’ SeT'b1W1°- ‘orastzx; aletllucory ‘oy Vlrglnvla Johnston; ‘Del 1\1Sh91‘- 11-1§1’\ -°-’°1‘1°°1 9111119110 °°“°.h- Class onatzlon bf mclmrtl hL't‘ehlll_ and heads the 5130115 P1'°81‘3m 9-55151911 by n vloln soo by Mlssl Eeztmor Amlerson 0111117011 3011-1118» -'3T\1111°Y 'B“1\\‘Y- J°1“‘ nccompzmled by Miss Eiznbeth Nash NOVIIK. 501111 0S1701‘P1'1°- E91191“ C°W!\.V-I Berhmans J. Bound, Super1ntend.ent Celestine Shea. Ecbwrard Myss. John Pan- of Edu,_.amm_ Wm, Eu“. me mrewe ad- sy. James Downey and Paul Mnrlclch. 'm.es$ no me g,.Mumu.5_ Sam 1,, pm; The schedule of s,po1‘t~s events Includes «ma it eve‘. occur ,to you boys and 0 ‘M11001! W195 1'01‘ W115 °11'11d1‘91'1- 51\‘1glrl:1 bhat. you ‘mw-2 certain obllgmlonh 331'“ C13-F11 101‘ 81115 under 1°: 5° 3'9\‘ that you owe to yourselves? You after to girls under 16: 50 ye rd dash for boys ml‘ and only you mu; be .-me an-mtcczs clsxsh for boys under 10: 50 yard dash of your own ;0_«;u,,e5. you mm be 1111‘191‘ 133 858 \*°‘-‘ 1°” \’°\\§”“ 1\\-’= 33°“ , helped and advised. and encouraged by for boys; 1109- 51913 Mid JUMP? 51109 1'11” ouhers ,but, in (.113 very last Issue the for Iboys; balloon r-lowing contest for whole stmcwn of your whoa hves women; egg throwmg contest for mlxed “man be bum and erected by your. couples: nurslng contest {or mlxed sen,es_ C01!-P1851 50 Y (13511 1°!‘ 111‘‘\'‘‘°“ ‘‘-’1‘‘1 “You must be eclucatecl today. If ‘_I,9\I policemen; ple eacmg contest; 100 yard are gom to amount to anything zmcl. dash open to membex: or who mumnlpal Your very generous M6. M5 dang an in 19118118 5°1\'b1\11 '1e9-m-\'- 11\“ “' 5°“’b““ its power to make ‘that eclmxcawlon pos- 'g-Nme between 1-W0 01 ‘t11°1°‘“1'1“B 193\“ sum. 1:. has given you a progressive ‘in the laprum corps or teachers, uptodwte textbooks. Alt’ at recent. meeting 01' the <>01T1J1'11*‘l5p1ena1d. educnblcmal equu-lpment 0! tee with Mayor Lam and Dr. A. Cul- that may poslbly develop strong and kowskh m'I«\m8°m°n\5 W°.““‘*“15’-‘°‘P’°‘ clever and «brnuaut men. it. wil' not vlde running water at the for the necessamy develop good men. No. 111- ¢°'nVe11.1°11°\- °1 1'11“ F““’“° and \° P13’ telrectual education. alone is not sufll‘- V1110 m1-1‘9°5- “'h° '-’’m be 1”‘ mnd to “M clenm. A thorough, sound. moral edu- a_xw,«.v_;;c fwho 1n.1zh='lb9A!.m1!W.°r *1°°9m° T 7-cation’ mm uepemax on_tAm.1s_~ upoxuoux-» 111% selves ls also required bcuuse ch-Ls lut- Arrangements have “13°\°e5\ °-°‘“1’1“1\' ttf regardlng as lt. does. not only the ed to '1I1<3li\11 en b1°“°h4°‘‘5 “17 the Iormzltlon 0! chzmu-l.e'r, but also the 1151411 t0'8¢°°1““‘°‘13-9-\ ““\ 1°35“ the 1‘“g' conduct or llfe. ls absolutely esscn-tlnl est part of the crowd: to ilnamll an in ngmmg wccessmny me gm“ battle zumpllrymg system, so that Ithe speeches M me today. and -amlouncexnonts can be hard by The speaker or ‘hf: evenmg “-3,: m. everyone. and to construct, a huglz pu- troduced by Leo A_ ‘1oyce_ pmnojpnl, who 191111911 1°‘ d°‘“°mg' Then We 1° be in commzwlgn on Mr‘ Bolmurs exten- several concesslons renrted at the field 51% “penance mm kndwledge 51“-“yea which will provlclc retnedlxmmts. mm, some mme ago he was one or three Mrs. Elxrnjmn has arranged to SW9 men saluted W act as judges 1n 4 (‘M11 °1'111‘1 11’ 1'1\’-‘ 1\““d\ an America“ Vlrgil contest on me occaslon oi the 119-8 “5'‘‘’‘’-“ “5 °““d3\ pemwm and Other elebralzlon or the bl-centennial anl‘.lvm:- thlngs whlch children best enjoy guy of me blah C, VD-911. Q‘u“1u';;,-a- trons for such an hc.n.or requlred (ll zlslon include -:1. sllvev loving cup to the A aavmg tr: 102211 mxpayels cf 4;»- [:'rox11w\‘L:-l,\' $28.00‘) on the t:o.~.'. of op» cmttnng the pu.bl:c rchéols -rn L.\ku- \vm1,1.1u fur the c-‘.m'x.g 5110.1 ;Lu' of moa.n.~ approv>'>d and uceptscl -2 ,1 ‘peclul n.ec-t.1nA.: of the sclxunl bxxrzl, held Munzmy i:\/L'lldlL;, 1: was mm nln-‘ed Tuesday by Bv:rcmn.ms J. Bolanc-_ su- perxnneuclem of W.-nouls. 'I'housancls of proud parents. I‘¢1.:L\’BS| WILSON SCPIOOL zmcl {menus attend:-rl lshe gra(lua.=:Lo11‘ex- .._....__ L~.~:s=.== hL'Cl m t_h.~ tcu(I'.-'::':um of the Qlmmencemm-. ,m.m5e_, of ma \.l1‘iOU> L::Cka\‘~“dImu ‘thmls GUI“-¥‘r’-< Th‘? Wo3Lll'(,w Wzlsou srlmn! were he-lnl am. 3 PM‘ WPPK ht lvhlfh ‘\9 11““~'P\'~ ‘-llmb\ o‘clocl-: Fmzay ex-.»nu._z in 1nez.Lxd.‘.ior1um cf publlc and paxxxhsnl school stuudents of L‘l¢km.‘.{,nna mg“ _..(-ho.-,1 Am” An. mm‘ to recLl\.e :11‘-1r cvplomas hare were w.,l,mh 35 p,.e.;1den3 0; we class-_ numgy. f%I‘i\<1‘~l'Il1»<1 erln-.5 31, Nlcholas Boclnar ls vlce- Th TIPS? E'=\'el'-3-=~‘= \‘~'°T9 Nd 51m*‘1' presldent. Ruth SllVeTm}u1. secretary M11160“-‘>134’ F‘1'd13Y ¢“'*‘1\im-‘8' at '01“ “day and Mary Bucllnmnvlclx. Lreasuurer. Of 1°tcl'.V Bd ! “'h“‘° me 5‘‘-‘”'-'‘‘‘‘~‘ °f Julla R..._\’n was my class teacher and Our Lady of \'l::u:'y Academy’ \V(‘1'€“ the chum colors are blue and white. gmcluaaecl and m the Hlgjh School :m»- F.eEmu.‘,§ of “he :.,.“,,1,,,g1D,, M-.3-. cyugg ditorlum where the -11-'-on S‘-\n'°°1 PUP-15 by the C1a‘l$ and a nolm slou by Miss I‘L0e1V‘—‘¢-1 111911‘ t1AP1“m4*é- '<'~Y1‘3’- °°’3'-ml?“ Fllenmor Andersen Itwards and diplo- umll Tl-l9=‘<1?1Y ~‘V't‘W“E Wlwn the Smd‘ mas warn presented by Prmclpal John. uu‘tl..m of the same- class of ‘Lacl-m\van— T M.e,.,._ Those ,ecewmg ,-,pec;;q_ 1\! hisfh 5011001 W33 P1305 in m“ *°\'h\°1 envarcls were Anna Azvollch. class medal award. Nlcholas Bcclnar. class honvrable Th“ lh‘-‘me Of \110 TT*'f“538'e“ \~“\-V°r\‘1 xneuuou. Olga Fllzpmk. seventh grade to th gx-ac'.ua.t.e-s was that. they sl1°‘11‘1 medal award and Pelar ‘Solar. s.-vemb. all stmve no contmue‘ their lcarnmg at more uclwmced sch 2015 and colleges and .9‘-* Flags ! L11oL\snnds of -penple Iluung the SLl_‘eBl;S. the tmmp of march- zug feet. the hen Lo! drums and men‘ the cry along the l’m.e—He1*e they cgmze. Suc1)'is um wttim; ~mmclp.1t.ed for La.ckn.\vam1a's lm-g:.s.L .pz1mue. which-‘ will open this 01'l_'{'.': greatest celobiya-j mom of Llldepemlunce Dny am. the, Gecvrge W-usmngeon l;1.cc-.m.cnn1-.»u. u:<.—.r. Monday 1n.o1‘xtl11g.J1x1y 4:411 and con- ulnue t;1u‘o1§gl1out, 1.11:» day Ivvmm :1 d1-‘ vcirsmecl program of Lspeccnes, exhibi- tions. games and spurts to be held at‘ the Steadlum. The greater part gr 1119 :~-a\in'_» was iimde pn.s.slbls~ lh!r'.u',{'n '.h‘v wlw. .:i'y z1CL‘i0l1 on pan. of all sch -oi l’Hlp1J}'l:l'~ in voting theinxi:-ivis 21 gm-iisi-l uaejz rcluctizon oi’ five pPll‘it lax‘ the ccmlug year; Lcconlhig to \1i- Poiancl ' “'I‘.he-11' am a. lo: ll cf 183 pt-rsnns. un- ployeu ‘in the .~.‘Imr:i sy.~tem, he s.u.cl. and through their _ucti n. $l5.00(‘ 11.15 be.‘.2ll_ sliavecl off the §(.'hL)Ol budget fox‘ the coming year.‘ The SLIpci=li1Lei1gier~+. also ptiiitezl out the met gllnlt mcordiiig to law. no 1e~\ clutilon an be marl: in wuhcis .~a..l.ir1es, without their sanciicn. so that 193.11‘ sc-hnoi employees .i':: is be ol).\)H.'Tl('.ll~ (I on Dilklllg this vnlunt..~ry amp to X'dl1E\€ the My of plum‘. or ‘its heavy tax bui'<iL-ii especially when 1:. is zunialclpcatml mat. then; will be an imieuse in the city budgt-c as a. wholn, ‘ The ren1airicl’ei' of the savings has b:ei'i accomplished. throucgh cutting down ex- penses in various Clher school <lLp£1rI.- merit: so tlizu. the new budge’: Cilia for n total of 8353.540 99 to be mlsed by local was as compmed with $381,526 on which was the anioixnt raised for the Wm‘ 1931-1932. The Board had ta ac- complish this rezlucllon while .‘.ice(l with the fact i’.}1.l.I: u considerable in- crease In the Il\ll\.lb(.‘.‘!' of pupils. who will iwicencl the sh-sols here is .llitlCl- pared. in was stated. Th-is would nor- mally ca-ii for an increase in sclmnl ex~ pemlitures. raizher ilian a reclucnioii. Aiinouncemem was also made that the Limcocln school. Dana street; will be ‘used as an addition to the present high school ciitirimz the coming }eal‘ in order ta relieve the overcmxvdecl con- clit:l'on in vthe lzwcvr school. Th‘ plan is be accommodum 165 of the i\uLicpzit- ed munber or inamlinz, ireshmen at. ‘hi.’ present, high school while 130 I:-csl-i- will. be sent to the new porzlon of the high school. The students who w.ii uit.tc'p;r; the ‘Dona. ittiaet school are. then. who reside in that part oi’ one city be- tween the new Ridge road brlcige mid lllxunburg surnpikn. while 5‘tu(iell'.‘S who ‘reside on the minor side of the city will attend ‘the school there. This years freshman class M. the Lincoln school. will also ontinue then studles at tihm school imcl complete their soplwmore work there Plans for he (lay my.» bamg completed by conunlntees under Patrick J. McMah- on. genex-3.1 cha1x=m:m. cdapexuulng with the I.axcka‘\vrmn.1 mremtelmmul. under the clmmnansllip or Mrs. Sarnah. .7. Eh- rmzum. l.-‘arblclpntlng 12*. ‘the celebmt1on~ will be large groups from practzzcally every organ.12-n.tom. ‘and immcinalu.-y in’ the city inclucjlug ‘civic. church, pa-~ 19i'l'at1 and imterm:.1. ' ’.1‘he parade ‘will, Ion-xn at 10 a.. m.. on Image road with the head meat wass:$n- zwenue, under the clixectlon of Marshall, Ro‘be:~t. Avery. who will be a‘ssL-std by_ me past. commanders of the local Am- ezdonn Legion post lncludllng W-llllam‘ ‘Malxoney, Ch Cuxun. Joseph Cialll-1 gem, Timothy Mccormlck. Adj‘ Jghn; Shea and. can Kmller as adjutant for the pamtle ..I,ed by Msgxr Nelson H. Baker. ‘Lackamramms sble. suxvlvmg Civil War veteran the parade will move out Ridge rod‘ to 1\1emon1aD. Fkeld, where 11; wvlll be joined by children tram the 2nd. 3:! and mm wards, men past City Hall where ht will foe reviewed by city offlolals and contest judges. thence on to south aPrk avem\e'a;nc1 the Smcllum In case of mm the program wl.-11 be held at Menqorlal ‘Hall instead. of the Stadi- um. (Please Turn Insxdel Walter Brown Puzzle ‘Winner Class Leaders At High School Announced Anthony Verbanic Take: 2:! Prize in last Weeks “Puzzle That Pays” Feature. Highest in Each Class Givm Awards at Annual Gradua- tion Exercises. Here is the solut~1on to the Puzzle am Ias: week's Issue of the Lxcl-:aw:u1na. News. l\'.\.\lB—-FRl'I.\'(‘ll ( LE \\'ERS. \l)DltBSS—N0!| \~l'0'l‘ll PARK. The stulenbs. in each class at Locka- wanna high school who have been the Ieadezs ur class work during the past. sclhol year, that 15 those who have maintained the rtghest average In all thmr studzes. wera recmly annmnced by Principal Leo Joyce A5 a further recngumon of that en- cbeavor the highest studgmn. in each dust is mvnrtled a medal as a. featura or the annual gmdusutlon exercses held 2:: the school au:m.crL\un. The senior student is awarded n gold medal. the ]1.1D'.lDl' a. sllwter medal, me. sophomore a bronze medal and the freshman a bronze znocial. Ax: addm:ma1_ am-.iz‘d :5 also made no the student “ix-‘:10 21.1.: brought me gx-e1”e.=.r o1st:.Ixof1on to the school cturmy th». year. This award ts a dLE gold medal and may ba given to the stun:-.n. who has acn:ew_=d the kgreatcs: cl.stmr.'u:°1on In studies. uhleucs dramaucs sh u musxcmn ox m any one o rseveral of the different branches of school rwtvmes Everyore In L.ac|mwnnna kmr'.vs- or the French Cleaners. but perhaps e-vcryox1r:- dam-m‘t remember melr address here. which as 805 Ridge Road. And the ad.- dress In the puzzle is that of the Par- son's Drug store. ’4(.‘:) South Park ave- mh equally well lmown Ito all Steel C:ty residents. The winners: . Following 1..-ackaxv.-mnn’s If-amed prelate and Mabemn In, the IL-9 '0! march Iv/ll} be locl units of the Spz\n«L<.h-Amenlcan and World -War veterans, The nuxlllarlea of the various patriotic units. school ommreua. iro'm 1111 ‘of me public and parochial schools ¥u‘nd_ uhen. all of the 1n3.1;e1_-nsl 3-714 3903:; c.rg:u\¢IsHon.x or gm «city. who will draw the postman in the line. Included in the latter will be the K 01 C., -Maaous I 0 0 Ft Ancient Order or Hibernian; and auxiliary. Cath- clzic Daughters of America, R:-becca Dodge. Woodmen at 11118 World, Loyal -Order of Moose. ‘and ‘Atom 500 to 2.000 born the combined socleulee or each 01 the ro1lowdn.g_: Spanish, Polish. Itnliaix. 'Cma:’r.1on. Serbian’ Colored and Hungar- lan. l\‘lRST—\\;\L'l'ElI llRO\\'.\'. 1516 1:120- trlc \\‘0l\lIt’. SI-)(t0i‘\D--.«\.\'Tll0.\‘\' \'BRIl.\;\'l(, 437 Gates .~\vt-nue. The returns this week were as :uim~ nrous as last week zuicl indicaw the xvicleepreaci interest Iblt in the. Puzzle That Pays onteer As it happ=ned prin- xvinnms nad their rnsvners in ntioad at all the'resr.. as lndlulted by the pewt- mnrk. so that there were no ties making it necessary to clrm-1 for the one to re- ceive .the prize as occurred last week Arid now in this‘ week‘; paper is an- cihel‘ puzzle. On lo 11. u soon as you can. or course you may not \\.'ln But. then again you may. In any event you will have 3 msclnuting time work- ing it out Be sure to look for the list 01 adveruisets represented in the Puzzle That i-aya Ieature .:1 order to nuke sure that your zxmiverr. are there. In the past same people have snt in answers not represented '1‘. the feature .Re- member. the. In-.~.i. prizt l*nU1‘t.leS the xvmner to an order for $2.00 in Mar- chandise upon me oi’ the pari*.cip.ait- lng stores_ the 5\.\.)Nd prize to $100 in nierchrmdise and the ‘third prize ‘.0 50 cents :11 trade It ‘15ll'T. possible '3 gut‘ three prlws every week because '\f the fect that sorne \nee-ks were are anly two cliflerent merchants represented in the :1:)lut1on_ Ilow-.-vcr. there \\“u be most or the Now be sure you lmcm the rules then go to 2:. ,g,.&$.; Both pnxmlans ox’ the high school will be under supervision of Leo A. Joyce. prmolpnl. who will be assls4:.e:l by John Osborne as asslsmnr principal at the Rldge road school and Edward A. Cum: as assxsnant prmcxpul an the Dam. St. school. This year the medal for dlstmctiou was a\w.rded t.» Anwxneute Sajnog who won the Sxr-st pnzc in the American Legion I-1.~s:1y 0:31:21-st in competition with mgh school s.:u<1L=ncs thmu.:hout We-stern New York ‘Several musical organizations will part!- cipnte including a large band. or the combmeqi, Folish c-qleties. Ancient. or- der of Hxbermlns Fife and Drum; Corps, The leaders In (ms: work were as follows: This us: does not contain all of the humor studn-nib at the school as ’.'1PXY.’ ..z'-e man} In xv “hose average was ‘mgh nuuah to be p1..cecl on we honor roll l.ocal.Library I0 Yrs. Old lackawanna llowns lockport III-2 (Please Turn Inside) HONOR STUDENTS AT FRANKLIN SCHOOL BARNETT BROS. ‘CIRCUS SOON One 01 me largest, list or pupds ever to huv their nmns an who honor ran. of the Franklin school was xmno1mced.~ Monday by William S. Leege. prlnczpal There are 161 pupils on the list. which does nun mclude me membcts .2: the eighth grade gx-aduxzmg class FIRST GRADE—-L015 Dodge. Br.)\vn.e ‘Nedgenu. Natalie Kendeg. Jane Rzepec- kl. Francis Mellody Stall-.1 Polakxwicz. Mary Mlchalek. F123: Grade, M. Mnmon. Dolors Donahue. V‘n-g-1na:'x John<ton Joseph Jwwuln. Nada. Tnssetf, Beatrice Gasner. Mxldred I\lenbx-uch. Heler Ju- rek. 'ness1e R3-blclu, Anatane Sajnog. Dorothy Ynrnes. Axum Crosm. G22;-In Sekeros. licury Nxchols. Thar.- es: Moxgau. Arthur Uneubruch. Virgin- In Czermejewskl. ‘Ida, DxM.u1o, Jusuno Chmsunno_ bums Rxsa. Mary StaJ..n0- pxch Aurora Palmlsano. Arthur Ullenhruch. Sam Curve. Ksxthrm Hermxanu K1- zmdm Czermejexvslvu. Bollslmv Zlo)kow- ski. V\u!lex'.a. Mx\CDm..\ld. Joseph August- ynek. Joseph Kuty. \Vm1ia.m Radecm. Patsy Morgan Bertha loc, Louis» Hoep Peter Xosowskx. Joan Ncrrta. Joseph Mehun. James Fox-mm, Vera G 1‘-iellm Mo- ses_ J’:-me Chwala. Xxellle Melnyk. bar-‘ ‘etta 0‘M.u'a, Stanley Plelecha. Edward Szanmvzlcz. No doubt you are aware that. a real honest to goodness C11'c'us is the «greatest emertzumnem. of all amusement.» and nvox-1:1 that. does not need censoring. A visit to the clrcu is‘ :2 day of enjoyment tor the old and young. It, is a day that the luldcnes alvms at-member and the older .1'c!ks never forget. Barnett Bros. is Atwlce its former 2.1.28 htls season» nud 1:1 mow allemng an unusual programme at sensmtion and merit. with more real novelties than an the otalmq: shows com- bined. A grand spectacle N'A'l'IONAL1TY prewdes the nzguhu performance this season. over on hundred mbn. women and animals take part. Mus B. Feas- ley is the prlma downs and.‘ is assisted‘ by a large group 01 pmty g Bur- nett Broshave spared no money to make this the moat gorge-ms spectacle ever produoed. This 13 presented with the regular circus per(0rTnu'mol: without extra hargau and 13 we talk of every town visited. The sweet. parade this uvuon is over one mile in length anal will pan over the principal’ streets. It will be exhibited at lnpbwanna on. Prldac, July 1. n This depression has us good points Displaying an of their old iorm, the Lackawaxnla Baseball club came back to regain a hold on place birth in the Northern League zby notchmg out a. brandy 10-2 victory over the Lsockport club at. the Stadium. south Park. Sun- day afternoon. ' brary has announced that clurmg Lha nionrth or July in celebr‘n,tion or the !,l17rm:y‘5 has announced. nhat xluxlng the month or July ‘In celebratwon ol the library's tenth amxlversaxy. all axrcer all. The Lackawaxma Public ll- As a. consequence of 'me locals. vice nary along with wins on the same after- noon by Tonuwanch and Wliiinmsvlllr: over the Niagara Falls Eiphswts, the lat.- ter aggregation lost their undisputed claim to {inst place honlaurs and the league was again‘ tied up mm one grand ~txnigi.e V.-itii all four havlxig an equal claim to the seat at the top. Big Chief Myers was again at the ntop at his form and steamed them across to allow the opposition but six scattered ‘hits while be marked up la z to his (medic. In tact Burke. crack second baseman tor the vaxsioors and his. nrenntmanc P:-ottitv. former Bi- son star. were the only Lockport lads 1. oahovw any gun signs or being able to tmhom the Chic’; dnllwry. Froiiut leudd on th pill twice for I ‘Home um and g triple while his partner accom- ed for two singles. back fines on overdue books will be excusde for the asking mode of observance should meet with the 100 per cent approval of the many book borrowers here. who like urveryone nnd_ ‘tiliéixi ivlxianclftlly mtmrmsed In thede day; 01- 1932; pnooperlty. This means that It you: card is being held, at the library because you have lbedn unablo to pay the nap on an overdue book all you have to do Us call 10: lt any time durlng July and it wlll be issued to.. you without having co pay Una cent. lxplied card: owing mus lo: oventueu ‘books may the renewed and the bonowet will he mlnswtcd. or If ‘you have any books wlildh are long overdue return them timing the month and the will he camped Tm; ouerlnguv name yinut ham lumtm special arrangement is mad: «by the li- ‘Ianry {or July only and any 1n- curzed am: June {-0. mn not be ex- cused . Colleen Daly. §!oroI‘u.1.a Sczepuuk. Olga Kuczka, Eleanor Kuclemba. v1r- glmn. Kruk. Warletm Hanley. MONTHLY COLi'..E‘{CTI’ONS SHOW DECLINE Nelson Canbwell. Wnbber Clskal Jos- eph Gannon, Raymond Polonowskl The collections made by City Clerk Julius J Bnjorek .'or the month or May totaled $70533; which is 11 decline tmm than at previous months. it was an- nounced Tuwday. 0! this amount 821033 has been turned. over tn the city treasurer and the mmminder to the cum-tty cierk. county treamuer and the Dept. oi Agrlcixlture and Markets. The collections represent turns taken in by an city clerk's omce during May (3:- vnrlous licenses. Grade. M. Bensqn Mary Esther Eugen Lormme Grzy- bowska. Charles Ealnelf Peter Mesiengm‘ Joseph Pok‘.go_ Chester Sexm. Geatge Tutko. Edward Ignnczak. Amtold An.- tos, Jennie Wllk. Second Grade. Rosina E. Twist. Anna Bmtuln. Jane Berry. Leona Blelak. Irene Brodmxxslm. Tnech. Deser- lc. Arthur Janigs, Edward Junk, Stan- ley Kbndzlelsinl. Eleanor Inwaxxdowska. I-‘mnk Malynm. Alice Muclnglawlcz. Jimmy Morgan. Chester Nsbywanler. Jane Paohalec. Billy Puilerborlca Helen Ray-1!‘-3nd, Robert need. Helen Ross. ‘fwamnry Ryukn. Gloria. Schwmchler. Imne Zak. Scond Grade. Alice B. Brown. South Buffalo Reaidgnts Loaned Books Hero Szeklng to ‘help a neighbor an dlstrm «me Lackuwasnna. Public ubmry has at- Iexed the privneges or man. insutuucn to run residents of South Buffalo. who have Ibeen deprived 21 library tncultlu since the Dudley l‘-rand: or the Bu!- nio Public library was aimed lut month. The local library is not fur from theltoma at south Burlslo red- de-nta and In many cans in even mane convenient rthan the Dudley branch 1!- brary. Those Buffalo relsdcnus who pay taxes in Iaclmwnrma. -attend school her‘! or work here are entitled vo mac privileges of the local library Thane who an um residents may obtain nanmny -books as they wish for the payment 01 a 01.00 hdnr-resident me per year. This in less than 10 cent; 5 xqonth. m-vd en- ables as funny to secure books for the natire summer. either on the \'au\tiou library plan. or by bozmrwlng from the mimy at regular intrevals. Fburth Grade. 35. Koax. Robert Black. Walter Bllowua. Lobue Odorczyk. Russell Bonner. Rom’: Brush- nlchn, Anthony Chorazak. Michael lV¢ely- nk. lene Dunc. Phyllis Jablawska. sig- mund Kwumlewskl. ‘ Fourth Grade. Julia M. Brownell. '1‘hu‘6um.a.y the uolmwunna club gab mother opportunity to show 115 state on the local diamond whau North Tonawanda pays a visit to the Stadium at 3:30. This gqme will g our as to lnmcumng where Lnckawanm will stand at the and 0! the yuan and indica- ttons an that a zecord crowd will be present. FEILOWSHIP CLUB PLANS OUTING Michael 1'-‘mghen. Edvard Proncak. Jobm mcn1un.‘cnwt«' mung. Prank slwukaw-ski. Edumnd aoltyainx, Ken- nonh snum. Punk Tbjok. mgum Tom‘. - e Bally Athorton. nuance nun&. Helen Plgdcl, mane Pmnc. Halon Inch. Eleanor K:-amsrczyk. Imne Melynk. Hel- ‘en voPsbo1c-rt. Amman Sokolownul. Irene Tojek. Stella Uguk, Nancy Wlnklowska. ‘In return for this law: you are gsked to help the many by man; others ox that plan. by returning‘ books when due or by rencn ithun for another two Vceks so that yo uwuil have no fines agulnac your mme. The sixth Annual cutting of the Fel- lowahdp club at Lacknmnm lodge No. 887. E‘. & A_. M. will be held It the Ham- burg Fairgrounds on Saturvqty axbernoon‘ and evening. July 23. Aaraztgerrhnbs for the ewnt, which an -In the, hands o is. competent committee. are nan-mg odn it was announced last week. Magma: 'I‘apa.szt.o. Aloysltn Baron. William Kmemien. Auglx-1: Lmvlmnk. John swuonlnk. Rosa Marak. Emma Morgan. Edward Nlalol Ruth Grade. A Connolly. ‘rt will be tnactlyr ten years on July 10 What the iibzyaxy opened its doom to the public. At that lime, the rive trustees wnled aolemniy up to the por- hi or the Library, stmwing corn, up the sinus 2120 the hehrtb. where they Ilungnthe com info -the This in an old Indian custom asking the Great ‘Spirit to give blessing and plenty to the hmne -being opened. The mat year the idbarry opened 14.091 books were clrcuiaiied. ’.!'imAu that were only 8000 books on who shelves chaieriy gm‘ 0! the citizens. This year 01 1931, 105.699 lyobks oexe aircuiafed. and the rlibxpry now boasts of 13.000 voiumea. purchasing at the rate of 2000 3' year. New mtading rooms have beenopenedinnd as-mhny 4; 2500 people up, the library only to mod and Vbruwu <'| IN . . lllznbeth Dylong. Latvia Nabywxmjc, William Kama. ltnls Ilrrtz. Stephanie Melnyk. Florence Antonlcvw. Edward Koaera. Otto Huger. William Haj. Hamburg R. R. Ordered To Operate Cars’ Among the features will be card games. bridge and pedm: outdoor d.-m- clng and a program of sports. mcludmg a championship horseshoe pitching con- tain. Many novel mttrwhlom -will ml the midway and prospects am that the olthlng will be one 01 the largest ever held. by this organization. 'I'mrd Grade. I... Hamty. lomae xuckmuvk. Ellen Mcmsmsls. araldlne Jakubowski. Emma. Hare. Eve- lelgh Ehmnnn. Edmund Haj. Marian Niuonki. ldwud. Pozyk. Leona Rojek. Jane Wierabt-mec. Ruth Rzlracn. Joseph Mlchnlcm. Fred. Rybak. Esther Dz1ed- zlha. ' » x-um: Grade. L. Koruliua. Michael Idzlor. Archie Ordeckn. Bur- wyn Cox. wmmm Gonsiomk. mm: Grade. E. Sprague. Ehther Kaynowskx. mm Grade. 5. I-‘clan. Marc‘el1ine Czemelexvskl. Irene Czu1- tnski. Bertha Madeja. k \ Jnrosz. H. Ronke. , Louise Kowclszyk. elen Swnkwski. Genevieve Wlxcjak. Sixth Grade, V. Gescuvity. Jbhn Stella Byat.x-a.nows- ka, Leonard Toporek.. Joécphine Katra. Anna Raymond. Mary Burke. Edward Sklwmakl. Jane Szcyglel. A ngaolutlon that time Hamburg Rail- way col «be notified 'izc discontinue its bus service on Elecimic avenue and again opemte its cm; on that street was unanimously adopted shy the Common Council at its regular mcetzing mm Monday evening rata. may will .The resolution was propwed by Councilman Paryz at the Third Ward and seconded by Council Donowick oi the First Ward. Third Grade. A ‘Gray. Rommlne Firestone. Lmrmn Kuclembka. Helen beege. Veromca Mroczhawska. Nowortya Henrietta. Henry Czulmukl. Edwin Odorczyk. Leonard Rybak. Chester Sum. Fourth Grade. Loretdn. B. Gaull. W Peters. Helen Olshewaky. Thomas Msjcher. Olga sanmrdak. Mar- guvt lellody. Bu-ban Fmghem. Let.- Me llnnkal. Julius Barhoiaek. ‘Chester °\°\\‘\7'v . - .. _.. _ LOCAL FIRM ‘LOW ON ROAD JOB I-‘or ‘Pollcé Dogs, .\!n_\'be Virginia's dad Ina pointing out to her dlmnenrc things in an sold picture of Camp Knqx. At one «side was a group or small tents wmch he t:o1d'hex- were \pup tents.\ She served very much in.- tersted and mid: The T. J. McDermc- Construction corporation or this city submitted the low met or s171.'i3[3.vio for cbnszrucuam o! 3.89 miles at road in Nlagua. count! on rthe Niagara. Pulls-Bumilo and Nash 'I‘nn9.wand.a. Sanborn hdgmvmya, it I'll Aruiaunced Thursday by me Shh Do- ptrtment 01 Public ‘Wbtb. . Action. on the: applicemion of the Grey Hound nus Co. tcr permission to op__- emrtae Mrs bumness oumuto non: Bu!- ta.lo to am. Pa._ on Hamburg Turn- pike. wan, poutponed umu Jt mu \Wlhy dad. were they ten‘ the police dogs ‘in the army?\ -Inc News U-cmw ANNA‘ mm as LIBRARY . .-. 1.: s”_~»' >_ ,m _\;«

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