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‘. .‘ , .,..... »~ . ;,;‘ # . . -T 2 .’ A _ M..- ” T ' 4 . 4. ._a 3-->-2-~.¢\4_~1e.«a:..,au_:.____;‘_‘V,“_m¢W_,_, aw“; mo ~ w. -*\'\‘ V‘ 5as‘‘1‘3;~.:.;,A_~+~»-,—. ““OM§ . L ,»,».;.,.. ’4~Jr - »~: \\\“\.‘ ' ' \1 .“r,:_.','»~t-I-,,,‘.:_‘.; \.;«.*.-:_‘:«. -.-.;“g*’t:’E: v,:V;,1;‘x§-.a.;£......4...,.»+.,..-.;.':«;...1., .,,._,,__,4,.............,.—-«-—~-v‘=**“'-W- ' vs ' ,: : , _ wwakwuuvgwmy-=-x.:<.:..x1\sr.p4:s;¢->.n.g,.,,,;..;..,».;;s..:....w.;.;.»....+.-...w... ..... .»g.; ‘,4 2.; ._,, . g,5,,_,_ _ V T‘ ‘__ ‘_._‘ 1\ “\ 3,“, '4 Q’ kg .‘ Z: l=.|9h,wiInu_i, Bub, ‘Mb; rL_MIIl_Wll|l),I. E. Y. \5' 1\” \ n_. n~Lz‘m\‘w~*.:m.s ,2 Vé”’é“\ 1 i 5,1” L ., .. _ ,g\”\'\\ 2 4 omcm xgyspopei I ' I , \ ‘ _‘ 3 : V‘ ‘V , news In General clthg. ‘city; ox wcka- 8 i V “ A; V . V ; SM,“ and. Sport 0, j wanna, ].me_ cu, 1 ‘Z e > ' l ‘ , 3 . J V V. A_ . ‘ Lackuwanna } Ne.w:Y,o1r.k. ; ‘ I ’ ' ‘ . ' .. T ‘ ’ V ' T A H V T H . '-—*——‘:‘j‘—“£‘ ;L/ A’/’ r‘.«.'\ ‘ 6., 5 ‘ ._-IV,‘ 7,, if ’ ‘r.~'-4. my. ‘ VOL. 17: —- N10. 15' ‘Lackawanjia N.-‘ews,,, Lackawanha N\. Y.,‘ Thurs». June, 16, 1932 PRICE 5'¢~.—$2.,00 PER YEAR Local? Talks ls-s;u»e: Wiith Mead on Prohiibiiitionj r Bianiquet of lijonsj r ‘ Hel:d Here Held Franklin Schvool Teacher Feted By Friends At Banquet Mrs. N’. L. Wi'ckc, Head, of‘ ‘Local W 'C' T‘ U. Denies. That, Repeal W'culd Help Business; g-).'ea.test: out;pu~t.. In 1014 Axr.§‘z:1ca‘s total wealth was counted as 192; -bkmlon. dol- ‘lD.1'S. ‘In, 1.93.1. despite the depmasloxm. ‘Amemcars \\ea'1t,h was. coum.ec1 as 3297 -billion uollms. Sudden Death of Local Coupjle Shock to Many Friends. Miss Julia Brownell W’i‘ll Re- tire After 35 Years as Teach- er. Has taught ‘here 27 years. she nae hcnefuecl tYu\I;ng her sxrvcle as :1 Lcwcher Miss Roseana Twxst and Mr». Amm Cvruy, Fr-ml-zlm school teach- ers. wrote the puetzy -for the occasion. nncl N112» E1:-aim)‘ AI1(Il:I'SDI;1. also a. uurhur .1\; £<':am<l;v1 s<ho-1 was respon- ~..b!e for the sou_;. New-ly Elected Officers and Directors Installed at Event Recovery 4. One ‘reason the mqzuor mctustxjy “produces -no real \v:.-alth, is the fact that ,1iqL1or 1tequu.u'es only 8'): employees fm each mirl-non qollzxrs lmresnecl‘ while all ot-i1er~ ma1:u_[a.<:‘turm;,' enterprises r..ke-.11 ‘tpqevthc-1' 11-qun'ed‘ '35:; wage em'r.‘ers Im- eac h.m.x1J..on (l31‘lkl1'S 'n_1.vesLecl. A-Iuny large Axnerxczu 1-mitlatrles. such as boots. shoes, food. clothmg non. steel. lL\11\b<:1'. prmpmg‘ p,LZ1bMShll7.;,'. wool. kmt guccls, and fo.|.mc‘.e1‘les employed 506, men for each_ mlllmon. doLIm's imzcstzecl. Double funeral wrvxces were held Fm- cmy monmng for ‘Wu \'.erl1 kno“ u La.o1—:a- .wu.1m.L 1';-sndelxts I‘j,'1e1‘ V¢nF1eeI. and 1119 wife AI“§:‘{‘1“k“ “ho 1:.x.<:.ecx zmay \vL:h.n 3+ huula 0! each oun-r 4.‘: then‘ homr. '58 ELI:-._; 5L1\:£\ on Jun-_-‘ :7 and 7 Death xn both ll‘.'.>i.:v.X1c<s was mu.setl aft:-1: a bra,-f xllnesa xrom pneumoma‘ A ’I‘0.’xbT Snap rzghr: up. one I1:;gh»t I‘.—,'h'. You M11 50. 3 pr.-*rv sxght. (Ecujor-'5 Note: In, last; -weelvs, issue ‘of the Lncl-'.a.w.mn.1. -News we ‘pu|b1>1s11_e<l an article wmtten tor 11'uLs“pa.pc1\'b_y our local Repsesemzattve‘ James M. Mead m which, he stated‘ his beliefs why: the 18th:‘ .Amen(lu;ez1t should‘ be repealed. The ax‘-V clcle ‘b1‘oLlgh1‘. form much «comment from p1‘op011_en:ts of both. notes of me ques-‘ tlon and 1'-3su1‘te:1_ in ‘vhe followln-,1, stam-ement by Mrs Nora. ‘bzmnxg Wtr.-1:-t. 428 Oolton avenue. preeltleut of the‘ Iiackmvaumn. branch of one Women‘: Christian Temperance Union.) The 1-mus were !.(:,re here the oth,-1 mgm. but no our culled the pllce. unxj were my zuo. k‘.'u[)f:I‘:: seen xvalkuv-.5 ‘arou-ml wnh. wmps in lhenir hancl—-be- cause they \\ere'm. tlu-.-'0 ktnd. of ltous. They were the znemhzws of the S::u‘h Buffalo Lions club. «Inch held 1:5 nu- uual banquet In Lhe lcwer bmxquet. room ‘sf the New Colonial rest:m.11'am. Rmge road. on Tuesctuy evening. Th-.' nrembelts were out in full force for the occn.-aion. which. accordlxmg 1,.) reports. “as the best of its ‘kind. ever held by thin o1'gz\u- Ization. Old mend», who ..rc now teachers 121 other =c!1u-la_ ut,cml.A the banquet. 111- :-lu<1‘e-ct Mrs Ag“:-~ (.‘1u':...s. Vvashmgton schoul. I\I'a.> Ellzz'):.'Z'1 Grant. Roosevelt sch « .' M.-.5 L.H.' 1.1 K.:Inb.4.L‘ iurrnc:13-‘ @- grAclL- Leuczxer Du‘. now. pnyslcal Instruc- xr m am ~Lh0uL> and M.» Eleanor L1- uzrson !!)‘.1‘.(. lunch!-r A bu’v pla:‘e—»1l1 rat uork Nu (-:L~_- fhc-re ullw.-.'*-'1 to nmrk All the ‘RN’ and <- :;‘e: topics Nut ‘z0X‘g0\1l)g qbou' the ‘trup:cs— StX'VlL‘cS “eta: held from mt‘ funcm] pzu‘lu;s of Lireulge Kunnecly. 1714 Abbott. rro.-(ll at ‘J I xx in and from Our Lady of ictory B.xs.lxo:x .;'. 10:30 :4 m Re-vv John l\'.:u.m1ng um:-x.m-«I I-mm.-.1 v.u.~. mad? ‘:1 Holy Cross cemetery M1‘. V'a.nFl.eeL who “as 46 years old had 1'es1d.e<l an Ld.Ck.\\vannu. z_~.ncL Suutlx Buffalo for the szre--for part 01‘ his me an the Linle or 111, death he was employ- ed. aa a. melber by the R/epulblic 52931 CO. formerly nhe D.>nue:‘ Steel Co Ab- bott road where he had wrked an un- fc--xent c.~.puc:L1e= for many years‘ 11.3 fellow employees at this concern act-:1 as p.1Iz‘b<.>.-1'-.=x‘s at the xuneml ’1‘.1,12m '11 “non a sk:1!1‘u1 xsay Scnor-I Ls napp.er vwry day Pr:mptne.ss_ '0bedlenc:'e, polmoness mo H<.u:e~.'.y I: -build lnr cha.x'act«~r trut- For m-mv year»; luvs prnblenh 'alIzh' Aml ‘now a rest; from Ihese is sought 9) heres to, one we all wish “ell Br.I.lgc mu. prd!) «are played follow- The -f_lgul‘€s given for each at the six- teen years f0l‘1OWll1;.Z 10-14 show that the u:xt;lon’s wealth. ‘-21 aged» of tl1e,pml11bi- ‘tion. yenre was 21 .1mn:l1‘ecl billion U.‘U11ll1’S more thtlll those of liqu.'or’s best. year. 5‘ Wet propogaiida has falsely adver- used. a vgvrettt increase in orlme: and \v'2i: newspapers rha.ve~ been emphatic in pluc- iung the blame upan prolmbiblon. Ac- cording to go,vei~nrgr.=m: pecorcls. crime from 1910 1; 01328 cleclinved 3.7 percent even wl.tl'i acl,d.'e':1 (hug arrests. tmffio and liquor vlolat;-ions. Di‘. GeorgeKii'c1i- \\‘vey., America's best. l{110\V‘!1 criminolo- ‘g1s't,, testifies, that in this, same pelfiod. they o of assault. fraud. vagmiicy, prostitution and tare/eity declined 50 per cenw or more and bui‘g€l_va1‘y 10 percent. Misery and (grime caused by liquor be- longs to liquor. Why blame P¥ohlblt.ion° Today. crlnue can.-sci by liquor ‘belongs on‘ the dporstep, or every supporter or the liquor’ traffic. 6. The head of the National Gral:g:._ Louis J. Taber, states man the return of beer would put. 5.000.000. cows out of business. for milk Consumption.‘ 18).’! to Z928. in.cre:a:1ed pa‘ capiitzi :t:~::n 1'54 pounds to 1000 po\md§. Also. “It: takes more grain {or a mm .01: pork chops and a million glasses of milk. whim for 11 million glasses of beer and a million glasses of whiskey.\ According to the sworn statement or Gustav 1-‘abet. oi Mllw-ziukee. 1917. when representing the liquor interests In Wnshlngtoxi. “only three-Iountllxs or one percent of the Gountx'y‘:~. grain” was used ‘by brewers before prohlbltzlon . On that basis, of every 100 bushels or grain raised only three-foiizrths or lone bush- el was used in the lnallufaeture or beer. ale. ponter. whiskey, bwmdy. etc. The ! are not asking for repeal 0! the Eighteenth Axxtenclment. As Mr. Taber says.‘ “No matter what -farm relief me farmer wants, it, is not relief from Pro- lllbitlon.\ .\ Browuell *»h\.5e Jet black hair and \'.n.|'.htu1 app:-«umce behe the old. szmzx-.r that chlldz.-n brmrg mres and \'.'r1r.!~:le-.5 -...xrJ .u c...l m-nL.»;‘.,; ‘.11 her r>u'1remen'. that -he 15 by no means tlrn-~21 o fteachmg ou: feels that bet‘acu.—;e of the present economic conditions -ome «.5 me younger L'1uChk=rs who imve bu-n ‘m. hlc bu 1‘-.n,1 pusimuns should be g rim :1. chance Since the glepwssion ‘is world-wlde smcl e,n:m'e1y‘ femovecl from the category or a purely‘ zumozml concl-mon‘ we may well '!‘emm4t1 ou.:se1vL-s. thew the Umtecl States. though su.*'fe'.'mg greatly from lack of employmetn, is m far banter con- dition than either (icrmamy or Eng1;ux(1 wherxe bhre largest broxverles m. the world are rxinnm-g‘ full umo. If it. is possible ton any country to drink mtsedi prosper- -ous let both oi these countries demon-V stirate that mot. am-.'. 1.-hey surely are. in sore need oi‘ money and are accepting the assistance of prohibmon. ~Uni.:ec1 states. A farewlL=l- toast 1-) Julia. Brownell ——Amm Curtis Gzay u‘.2'u5 -cuc«--.. uch z R.cCc4.H2.um The c-nt.re faculty or School N.) 6 F1-u.nkl:n streei. m1L.‘n:(:r:tecl by .'-xevanl Lt-aC‘heX‘$ from «.:;1e;- Lackawzmm. .~.cl:au1s last week jomed 1n h«.normg ‘.\l.:¢. Julxa Bxowm-ll. wacner at L.'u' F’rv.m:1‘m sch’) 1, who wxll reure or: .: ronsvron zut the end of mm school 3'91! a.1u.»r having tau.-m succes:z‘*u)ly lot: '33 years and fro the gT€;ltI'.‘l‘ part of ma’ mmc In lccul schools M 8.5 Broun:-11 W3: born m Eden. N. Y vrnere she fzrst ans-nde-d but 1a.v:er m-m to Angola arul g‘I‘ from the h.gh schcol met so unusuual was her «b:my :I~..:t an the age 0: 16 she gmdua steal from the Burfalq Normal. now the same T?<1thers Cwllt-ge, and secured her fu-st pos.L1on as .1 teacher that same year at ‘.»\ng(.1.1 1\11'.~; \’..:l‘Elv{\t \\'a;~» born In West $211-- ‘Pcn and 11:15 been It l-.1; long !'e$1(lt-H1!» of this vmmty Sh‘; W115 43 years old Suwxvlng are t.\vp c-lnlclren. Szster Mazjy -Eunizce and Emaruu Maxavlch, her brother Thomas Fusco and: three s.‘s:.-21'-5. Mrs. Mary Rodgers Liuxfalo. Mrs. Harry Knox.Ca11Iorn1a: Mrs. Lewis Clcarelll. Rochester. Mr. VanF1eet.'s £aLh‘er_ Geo. 'W and s.soer. Mrs, Juhn B. Newman of South Buffalo also survive. The honor conslsisd of a. banquet and party gxven for her at the‘ Old 01‘- chard Inn East mxrcxa. last. Wednesday averting. am. which t me she was shou- reed mm me ooxzgx-atulanlons and well wishes of her fellow ieachers. who 8.l<,u pxaaentecl her wnh an aqua. marme necklace as a of their esteem. The large banquet room was decorated with sprmg flowers for \the occasion \v1.-t.h small plants at each place on. the tables as iuvors. A: 'Y.b.e plate of the gue.-:1 of honor was placed a Corsage cf sweetheart roses. During the fesulwztela songs. which had been syqeclally cem- posed for the cc-‘aslon. were sang at new honor. poems also complied. for the occaalon were read. and sveml glowmg trlbutses were paid me retiring teach- er -by dltferm. members of the faculty William S. Lege. principal spoke on the long an fa.lthI\1l service which she has rendered. as .1 teacher. the reatly cooperation which she has always freely attained to both Iteachers and pupus ac: dot the thousands or chlldxen whom 1-. The wet.-3 are 1.(-lung us that the tax on legalized beer will gvlve to the mztltcm-al treasury a Mllion dollars 2. year xv-venlw The fact 15 that the highest tax ever received tr-an all liquors cam- blnde which Included a special war tax in 1919. was $rl83.000.0o0. For every one or those dollars the people had to spa-n,(l aver three dollars as the cost; of drunk- enness, drink-made poverty and crime, waste in industry, etc. Comm; L‘) La¢‘l:.l.\v.mna 27 years ago, when th-.s cm‘ was still part of West Seneca. we was wwlgr-eel to the Rolancl‘ school. ‘a small ‘-\O0d‘€!i structure of which James T Rymer was pmnclpal. That sane bulldlnr; 3.12.3 since been mov- ed «to Ellctrlc a.ve1:.xc. where it is now serving as a. tire stauon The following 3:-ax‘ she wem so me hlgh school. where the prlnczpal \vas l‘.1e>l'. a. \r>mu.n. Miss Murphy The mgh zcllool at when :Lue also served as J. grade school Her next expenence was in the old. Steel Plant school. now No 3 school. but she was soon changed again and wem’. to the P‘ra.nlcl.m school where she has .served Ior 23 years. mm In the 31d. bulldmg until it. was mplaeed seven years ago wlth the preeengz strucmre. l Tbs summer Ml-.5 Bx-ownell will go to lcenem, N. Y. .\ here she plans to make 7her home. catholic Daughters Plan lnitatiun ‘2. who ought to. pay the greater part or the taxes. needed to support the gov- emmenatg? A sane vammer does not m- ‘clude the \poor woslung man\ abottt whom we hear so much. If mg corpora- Mons an dpeople or large incomes can- not assume the xesponsllulity suxaly it seems a cowardly thlzng ot ask men at small means to pay it by adding three cents more or less, to a (mink wmch is hubmformmg and deaath-dealivng ‘In 12.3 very nature. SI’!-J.\'Cl-JR E. SIl;\l-‘PEI! New President of South Buttalo Lions Club. Will Hold Ceremonies Here on Sunday June 19. The catholnc Daughters ot Amcncn. ‘Court. Monsignor Baker. 1034. will hold men: 1n1::.;.i.'lon oa.'em.onI.es on S\m1da_v. June 19th, at Our Lacly of Victory Nurses Home In 1ackzuvn.u.na. The Rt. Rev ‘.W(m.sEgnor Be-.1:e1', also Father Ger:~ Inch, Famhre menrzpsey and Father Man- mng will assist an the oeremomes. The vzmlous chapters of this orgamzsmon have also been tnvnde to attend. Among those who will be mmated are Mes- dames Mary Keough, Emma. Eexdc. Mls~ ses Evleyn (Jansen Jusmyn Duke. Eliz- abeth Hart. Aga.t‘na Hayden, Catherine 1\lcNu.1ty. Edna O'Hara. Eleanor Slaw- :}:y and Helen Walsh. Newxy elected oftiners and curectors were Installed at the banquet by R0‘)- m; Forrest. district g:>'1ernox- or the State Lions assoolanlon. Spencer E. Shaffer. incoming» president, was presented with the charter. 3. Has prohibition \1oaz\- the govern- ment 20 bmlon of (toners? Nov. 1:! the report 0: the National Industrlal Con- xcrence Board on national wealmh and income. given In February. 1932, as true That statement shows mat the total wealth or the nation has mo:-cubed more thana 13'! billion dollars since 1914. the your or dine legalized liquor tmrt1c‘s One at the highlights at the evenmg was the present.atlon or gold Kay awards by Past State Dismct Governor T1105 Lee or Nlagara Falh, to 11 members who during the past year ‘obtained rcwo or, mom new mambers to the Boyth Bub Islo Lions ciub. Is your dog sxck? See our: Jones. specialist No laxatives. no purganves. msnant. reltei gtmrrnmed I While ‘Stmlling I MRS. NORA LANG W-ICKS Lackawarma, N. Y. some smart guy made a crack the other nigh: at. tin: Irv 1:-101 game after- one of me Try 1: pinyer.-s made i. sure mt and :01 turned ;z into a. double play. He wondered how Sag: Mullen go: such 3 wozxderrul collection or IVORY on one team. Otlher events on the evenings program included a balk on the subjpot, “Our Clubs Pmgress\ by Leon Roberts cf Jamestown, state district: deputy gover- nor of the Lions clubs. presentaMon~ or awards for perfect. mtendanoe by Pres- ident Guyebt and a talk on the clubs‘ monthly newspaper by Mr. Dmtescn. Carl Miller. past president. presented Mr. Guyett the retiring presldmt, mm the past president's pen. Following the ceremonies there w.1I be a banquue: as the Oolnoiul B.esw.u~ rent in I.-acka.\\a.nne. All members are requxted to cooperate by malung re- servations before Sunday, June 19. wxth Miss ‘Mary Malone or Miss Mary Kev- ach. AN ODE T0 YE; OLDE Tl‘\'-“ES (oopynghted by Chas W. E1115) Local Girl Receives Honors Order Helps ' Employment Here Give me the sangs or \Old Virginia.\ \Rockecl in the Cradle 0! he Deep\ Gwe me the prayers of dear old. Mother \Now Lay me down. to sleep\ Give me the schoc‘. days of my Boyhood. when we learned me three great. Rs. Jlggs Rauber was pzbchmg last week and they had vo hire cwo Iuds to find. the balls ‘Lorraine M. Ryan, Youthful Local Dancer, Starred With Famous Orchestra. Order for 1500 Tons of Rail: Received by Bethlehem Steel Company. BIRTHS What. happened :9 Val I-!on'n.t's uaw Try It Jacket? S. L. P. WILL HOLD ANNUAL PICNIC Mr. and M25. alter Genmo. 14 Clark, 9. daughter. Give me days when education meant More than to talk to Mzus Give me days of “Do Unto Others 33 Yotrd Have Them do to You.\ Mr. and M‘\rs. F. J. Malyak. 454 51111011 9. daughter. The» Lay party was a success. The Laclcawanua delegation zu-rived hams sate. The many £1-lends and admirers of Mr. and Mrs. Fezer ! \ 174 Keever. a son. Mr. and Mrs. Snm-on '1‘asae!£_ 99 5th. .1 son. Lorraine M. Ryan, Lacmw.-anna's own jbutmul pratege 0! the footllghts will be ‘gmad to learn what she ‘Ls gaming even further tame and popularity in recent months. Although the Bethlehem Steel Go. here is only operating on a, basis or 17 per am. of mu capacity, receipt or an order for 1500 tons 01 steel {mm the New York City 'rrau:s.lt. oommdsslon has helped to zelleve the unemployment sltuartvion sllghtly. acct.-xdlng to a recent announcement. The second annual meme 0! the So- ciaust. Labor Party n1 Lackzxwauna. will be held Sunday. June 19. at mhe Web- ber farm, on Abbott road. opposite I-‘ls- her road. Bzmbe-quc lamb and cold drinks wzn be served and a number of games and dancing have been arrang- ed tor the entertamnwmt or ‘guests, It was announced today. Bntemzammeut will atart at 10 a m. wwh admnasioxx tree to the public. Arrangmeents have been made to Lake. 9.1. at lgm 200 members with the several Federation bmnches or Lackawanna taking poxt. The compnm tee in charge Includes: Nick Baljak. manager; Jack Klnich. secretary: John muster: and William itaxxdmtt. Give me the days when honesty was or the masses not the few Give me back those old days or Whach I am =0 mud, Someone turned The hose on Bozo and when last sewn he was headed {er the life boats with two 1110 pruervers In his hand—Some sailor. Mr. and Mrs. Chester Czosnyka. ‘$49 Warsaw, 3 Female. Mr. and Mrs. Wlaayslaw Kopama, 90 Franklin. a daughter. Mr. and Mrs. John Owens. 290 4th. a mu. ' Give also with them the men. Whose word was -better than a. bond Councuugm John Aszkle: has a bug [or sending radmgz-ams—Who paid the 310.00. Last Saturday evening while appear- ing in an individual singing and. dancing act at the Niagam Hotel. Niagara. Falls. K. Y. Mass Ryan, won the praise and congratulations or Kate Smith 402' her xine work in the act. Yes. it was THE famous Kate Smith. that popular star of the air and stage who sad stopped at the Fails tor the week end and also appeared on, the program that evening thbbiigh special request. Miss‘ Ryan has been engaged {or the summer to appear in the dinner dance show at the Ningara Hotel in conjuction with mm,» George Horth 12-piere crimes- tm. whirl: is one or the mbct. popuiur» in me country. She has her own we and appear: twile every evening at 7 and 1! o'clock. Lon-sine secured the poai— Con through the am-unnjendavion ox Jnck Valentine. umber orchestra direct- ol at renown . nuu.i-- Willi Bu mah munmm Give to them. who WLSII it the days We have today. Give to postcnty just wh.-am they Wang 1t is 201' them to day. Gme them the days the Romans ma W-km woman. wine and sung. Rome last some s1.\ lumclred years The U S will last.-—how long? Richmond, Va. It is understood the onier wm be pto~ duced in the company's low! plant The date me: making the delivery was not ‘speci m om-'.— but at‘ as liemwed early shipment. Is planned. Announcement was also made mcently that Lacknwanna has ceased to be a basing price (or steel sheets. Ken-alter delivezvlm ox this mate‘r1a1 m an numno district will b based on the pnice at Plttaburg plus 11-a_1g.ht. This was the rule to'l- many years in all steel yelling’ Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Tutko. 530 Holland. :7. son. Mr and Mrs. Bclc-.-law Plndawiawxcz. 111 Arnold. a dzmguter. It's wonderfuul to be popular. The minute Bozo his the dock at Kingston he was met by a cexegamon and asked how many cases he wanted. Mr. nad Mrs C. C. Gteiner. 7 Martin road, a daughter. Mr. and Mrs. E. M~cD¢rmot.t. 80 Pzne. 3. daughter. Juudge John (O\I‘ou1e) Emmi. had I mania (or towels on the Lily putty. He kept zhrve mums and mm bell hop: working overtime. O O O I Steve Kelley the row1Lng- alley man was m town last week. Many Friends Attend Nuptials of Popular Lackawanna Girl There was a boom aboard for Mayor Walter J. Loin: tor Sherri! and boy what u Sh-zrm he_ would make. Minor Increases In cost. 0! sheuta In this district are expected to xuult from this change. Charley inch. is sun bmadcasblng Harry (Bungle) Klernan had his team praatlcmg at. me stncuuxn Last week. but may looked much better 111 the \Inn\ than on the when Cen Head Avery. out local supervisor wont to the my than was not enough mom it): his dog and he parked them out the port hole. Bounty taxpayers Will Frolic Couple On Long Motor Tour for Wedding Trip Will Ro- aide Hero. Lackawsnna. were the bat men Lg:-L John Penoek played and yang Lohongrlxfs Wedding land: for the ser- vices and also sung -the nqxmlo of the mun. 1: Steve would stay home from the Lily pnxtxes and advise Hugbety Jan- mngu Plniewskl how to coach. but Pri- doy's ruult might have been different. Summer Ls here. Val U-newlwks. an- sinunt commimaner cl pubrlc wotn znd his head xenon-.ted——8omo dome. The Lnckuvsnna girl. mat gtlned wide ncognmonwm en aha wu adjudged the winner at the Bieen Ksne contest -ctmdtllctod by Shes‘: Bufhlo theatre in 193.0. she mule. much 5 mt mm: the nnnngement oi the Shea corponmlon tint the nnmedlmely Ilgmd up and made I met’: tppeu-amp an all at their theutxu In Burn.) and Huge: umu, ‘nee nut Jtrro the had made several qmernxmutnnouantheahnnolxcultusr wall II many other public nppccnncel at pmmment gatherings. During the past, winter the has had I prominent ‘pnrjjmt bllhowu him in nah lnnhmm gun In the damn “!‘ootllghu\ which wt bmaddant weekly over station ‘WEIR. Local Auociations Will Attend Annual Field Day and Picnic at ‘Hamburg Fair Grounds Saturday. A very pretty vuddlng wu solemnlzed Saturday morning when Sylvia Pvudor. daughter 0! Mr. nnd lln. Ilabthur su- h {I3 Holland ayenu was united In. nnmnge to John Mntkovrlo. Inn 01 Mr. nnd Mn. Georw Ivnncdc, 1‘! mean 33.. ammo. Services wen lidd In the cur- Itlon church. Ridge rand, vrlm the Rev. B. Badun vc The bride ulvgn In numuge by not rather, wore a wmro -cum gown w1Lh agnnl skin nee. u van cl white tube with n cap 01 Angel nun has cut with orange Nouoms and ctnhd a. shower bouquet N 111130 0! no valley. baby bnoth gnd sweet. vioieta. The 108 was carried by two mtle 3-2:10. Catherine Sex-bach wvarmg A meal at punk and I plvxk mum but in her hair and Wilma Ivnnclc 1:: ‘blue crepe than and a blue in bow in her hair. She wu alttaanded by {our bride.-:~ A reception followed the ceremony It the cmutlon church hall and I lunch- eon mnu served to more 200 gusts present. The hull was decorated in up:-mg colon and bauqnun (1 run- Idorned the lung tablet which extended tlcnxtwo Idea. Sewruomcltown xueuts MM-nde_d lncmdmg wxn. Dood- wln, Pmaburg. h-nut Ydcno. New York clty nnd Stephan Place, tuuornh. in the evlenl a vbunqun. Ind party was given in the charm hall amended by over 300 friends of the happy couple. Dinning um dnglng ‘we enjoyed by the guests with Inlullc rtmna-had by Ken Real and his orchestra from Youngs- town, Ohlo. Saw:-Al showers were awn the bride during the past weeks as which she re- ceived many buutltul mm. Among those entertumng in her honor were her sister. was Power. Mrs. C. Fadale. Au aunt or the bride, and the -mzgliah speakmlg societies The latter org~u.nlza- uon pruennd her with I not or com- nyunlty plate silver. Mr. and Mrs. Mnthovac are motorlxg through the northern states and Onnadn for their honeymoon. They phn to visit Chicago. Detroit, llbzmul. Quebec. tho 1000 Nancy and teveral ther point: or” lntel-eat during thelr trip, They will be at home at 413 Holhnd Munro. the Jeccnd week ln July. The Chit! played n pa-teat game at ms: Inst. Sttzurdny ~He mused all of then: Whm hagomholnehevutoo turd towns): ma ludvoueevpunlth the “Dead Dog\ Nick Kegedlh. the lbyori Iauvvuy. (alias Wlillnm Powell) 10‘ 011 kick of mm. ilevrunrderlngdinnorukomm. mm Hoep \ mm: naulnr pnattlme, tlxogrect Amenana gaw- ilieonlytinxohamondvuvhentho etptoinnntncrtwtoulryhlntoeac. Manon whntumn my Raubcr is tome brkhe player. He has 5 bad. name of doubnxx his punnczs one club had. Th: Central 'ru'pnyen cémncu of Erie Gown! will hold in cecond 1121;! Day and Picnic Bwunuy_ Jun» 18. 1932 at the lhmbuurg Fair gmunm. A good pxwnm} bu been provided condntlng oi Iu guns. hardball gum. crack aunt; and other spott (autumn. The ultra open A; 1:! noon uad no admis- sion is to he charged. The Hon. Horus hurmlm. Stawe Comptroller. at Albany. N. Y. and Mr. win. 1: Roberuon. Pnddent of the Bu Taxpayers Council will be the speakers on this ‘occasion and will speak uh the quuuon or caution.\ The taxpayers are espedany uxxloua fa‘ public at large to Duke advan- stage or Yahll opporzumty mo have a good time and extends Do all a moat cordial invitation. The big pate amp week will be met- nun’: Bunslce vs The Poison Pun Fri- day -mgnc at the Stncuum-—0ome Ind be pnpuvd to stay all night. Ooundlxnnn (hsughng Hum) Aszb la: is sponsoring a local delopuon x no Tbouund Ishnds V1: xumton. Clayton And tutu:-n. A11 wits and no manda—-Page Coxmnudmur or Schmedlng. John xarmclek opeud up and bought one {or tbs boys last week—-Phgu Billy Broadhngvn. Lorraine. when but tun yuan bid. be< lama popular hem. appearing in singing md dancing acts gt. school and in vari- ous aumteur porfomwances. She thawed suuehnntkeu ability In chin iine tint *-her parents lent her to ‘Buffalo. where the took 3 specill courlo from, Fuha Picpov. tamous Rimicii dancing instruc- -to:,' at the Bunnie lnnigitute 0! Music. ‘since when site has when nnodeuiuiiy nevus) course: under «um.» mascot is weii as courses in singing at the Wur- litzer Oouservntory at Music. ‘ll Ryqm is the daughter or Mr. and Mn. Martin '1‘. Ryan: or 31 Rudolph st. Ir. Ryan is aweii known yollticinn ‘iron and was formerly dty onpcrvioor. Mark mg is a. chunpson Buoy halo p1a.yex'~—He practices about 5 hours daily. O I O I Anyone who touches my BOUNCE.‘ I'll km ’em. Claxeneo Carey. Mm: Smnlon and Andy Jones. the three demon. ! spent the ndght on Lake Erie and land- ed Home with a lxzard O I I Fbur-Gun B. S. Sullivan Ls peddling pansloo. the ones is baskuta. maids. Mlu zom Pozder. Margaret. Mat- howc. Buualo: Josephine emu. I4\cka—- wanna: and Soda Schall, Ptbtaburg. Pg. Two of -the jmdesmaddz wore dresses ox pink lace and carried bouquets at pm; room and two wore drain 0! blue lwo carrying bouquet; of but da Mrs. Prank Inu.-that of yockport and Mn. George Martin at Lnchnmnna ware ma mntmnl of honor. Mr Punk. lnterhu oz Inckpun and In-. Gear’ llnrun Jim 1\i‘bzpaMcx la pang out Hur- ley’s matches In hlsvcpame time. Don't Iorgvt the big gun»-Geo‘ The Tupayon Anooaicuon of Ken- mon. lanoavcr. East Auxbra. I-Iunhrug. Tonnwamh. Inokoumnnn. Chtdonvme. West Seneca. orchcxml Nth. Big Free. cniapltawuon, W-mchamex And when will In. Nllnnud. 0 0 'I 0 'm1ey are still 1ook1ng¢bx- ‘Charley Itch since the man‘: banquet. Buz:gle's vu Poison Penis. Pure O'Rourke is accusing. Every Sunday in take; 3 walk around the put. DEATHS um Ann canon. Abbon Raul Katherine Gupcr, ‘.3 (mulch. \ : an I ‘N u .

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