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MERCHANT DON’T_'SAY “IT cos'r TOO MUCH” nna Slow C of C Report Shows Classmed a<ive'rus1ng or the varlous merclmndnsmg Lines in :suocess!u1 advertising. and rat the lowest cost. You must not the whole -udvertzislng in- wsetment o.ga).nat um pur- chase made by a customer. This first purchase wmmtuhu only the first ‘buameas tmzroduchlon and the first deal. It must -he ‘expected that such‘ sausmctox-y trade relattlons shall haw? been established as to cause contin- uous trade to come to you; can A 1181 today for rates and Information. ter 213‘. The total sales amount '00 million. six huncired and thirty thous- and ddllarsu locally: in who number city the total is seven million (arty thous- and. With. a. rive thousand dmfex-once in popuauion in our favor, we are om mmzon, xour hundred and ten thausxhd ddiizu-s behind in sales. 'I'hx.-se ligui-as are based. upon Ithe 1930 census. Type busuiessess showing vgroat iy in favor of the Niagara County dimy, automotive, which includes motor ve- hicle sales establishments, filling am. r.ir/ns. igaxwges and accessory stoma, ap- ‘pami stores and that group wiriuh in- cludes radio, drtug. jewelry. «hardware and second hand swx’-es. Sales in the ziuwmoizive gives Lwkawamm. Iaur-hun. dmd and ‘ten thousand; North Tona- wanda. one million, nine ihundred rtzhousand dollars. The apparel group shows three hundred and sixty thous- and hem. me Lumber city roux’-hum area and ten uhousaiid dollars. All others including the radio. hardware. jewelry et.c., gives Lackawanna seven hundred and sixty vtihousand; North '1‘ona\v‘a.nd:. one miiiion, one hundred thousand dollars. Mrs. Ehrmann’s Gift Well Received‘ Saw Joe iaallaglxer, Omluo Gallagher and \Dan -Maloney wallcmg home the other morning at about 1:3o—awonder what happened to Birch ~F‘am51l‘s car—- ‘maybe the ‘boys wuuldmt. luck -In tor wha gas. Local City Compares Unfavor- ably With Other Cities. The Chamber 01 Commerce baa. been using every elfort ta Improve local conditions and also in advising others how they can help. In ccmnnc with this efron M: has made col’-nparlsons wnth other cmes in lts class and the campaxlsoxxs have not been very Invar- able to hacknwazma. Follnrwing is a suwment by the president 01 your Chamber 0! dommerce. Much Enthueiuin Shown Over‘ _Gift To City’. Mhny Offers’ Received to Aid in the Des- velopmeht of the Proiect. tloleu In them and many things would n,\L9s the attention o! any but 9. very close obsefvei‘. It is also imixoeslmle at the preaent. time to take the proper care or the miles. Thére was 9. value able cqllwt.lo_n' :01 antique sllvjarwmre. \coins and precious stones on dlsplay Sunday, but -Mm. ‘Ehrmzum states that she does ‘mat feel ~tma.t LL15 ale to leave tllem vlxere under presm condlvlona especially since the library has been broken into twice in the past. This part at the collection has been mmovied !to a. safer place and ls not to be pIaced_ borrow the publxc aganl uwbll more ade- ‘auzzte display lamlltiea are available !or. It. O '0 U 0 Saw Ray Mulien. and {Phil ‘(<Pulk,; Perlcek buy Una the mm day. 0 O O 0 ‘Did you ever see Eddie mix a 001-- Mm. I O I U A tool is often a wise man who guessed wxong’. L'nckawanna‘Sunday tool‘: one more Ihp forward in the development or civic onteu-prise when the new museum, which ‘VII donatd to the city by Mrs. Sarah J. lhr1’rmln_ 202 Milnor :§tre_et,_ was opened to (me public in tho Lackaawaima Public library with at crowd of over div hundred. mterostzgd spectators wttending. This ovont puts‘ Iiackawanxna ahead 61 most duke! 0! its class mlrougmogt the coun~ ‘try In mlxero are but low cities or even twice the -size which can vboasita a mu- Ieum 0: than kind, Much cmddt is due to and Mrs. '1-llmnann tor the amount oi work which they have put Inna this ‘enterprise as, well‘ a; the gin- oen thanps or who oity~tb_r their genot- cruu donation. Credit ‘is also, dug the city officials {or their cwoperation and «Mt in making this work a success. Mayor Walter J. Lohr accepted the on behall Q! the city. The library was Ueauizlilullé decor- Iized 'wlt,l\ spring and arranged m 5; to acccrmotlate as many vpeaplo an pouible. The reception committee was comprised. besides rtme donor, Mrs. Clara Kinm whealagn. Mr. and Mrs. ‘Glenn Boyce, and Mr. and Mrs. Horace ‘Boyce. Shortly aiter the opening the‘ library was crowded to capacrity and inmuuted spectators continued to ur- rive until closing time. Thy hollection comprises 13 cases which contain min! 9; U 0 0 O Snappy sailor (In the Cent-ml mstaui. am): \Hey thare!\ Walter: \Yes sh‘, ‘haw mu you have 16.\ %Lo cal Democrats To Meet Governor Several weeks ago ‘there was reviewed ‘un tmis paper rs wmparisox: of »reta.ii -figures complied {mm mho Utitccl States <\en.su5 of distribution. The (cities con- pamd were Oiexm. and Lackarwamm. The basis ‘or comparison was made because 0! the closeness of population. Factors such as proximity to largo cmes, diver- sined lndusvmies within. nuke up of popuimxon and em, wan: no: consid- emd. The comarlpson in gross sales was very unzavorabie w the Steel city. Oieaxfs total was approximately two and three-quarters greater than our own. |'I‘he ‘Chamber of Commerce wishes now to review tigumea on cities wherein poptuamon is not alone the basis. Duckey Mc is now in the tabaccq business. How aboum a paper of Granger, Duckey. There is still another and greater handicap ‘to the present. situation and that as the fact that the collection is practxicaiiy limited to tits present size when in: could be greatly incmased im~- mediately it the iaciiitlea were avail- able to talge care at it. Mrs, Ehrmann has 9. ooilecuion equally as large as the one on display which she has offered to dcmwe when tzhere are acoomodzv mm of ii. This ooiiectiion includes many more war relics, valuable stones and siivenwm-e_ a unique assotrunent. of colonial costumes and many ithnigs 0‘! ts scientific value. But: that is just the beginning sa offers have already been recoeived 11-om peopio in Bumble and Hamburg besides many local people. who have altered to ddnlame displays winch they have ooliecteci. Among the things offered by one coilecttor are a candle lamp over 250 years old. and a petrified iuunan heart. Editor Thomas Bodkin of the Inclu- ,fwann,a News is a. Member ‘ad the recep- tlon committee for Gav. Kooseveltz‘ who ‘.19 to be a. guest of the Damooratlc Union and the -Democmmlc Minute Men 01 Erie qounty, at a clllmmr at thy Hotel Btzatler, on the evening 0! Feb. 12. -;' Local Democrats are highly honored ‘by was visit <1! me man who ‘Ls con- aadenoa by many me most likely to re- imasent the Democratic party as candl- tlate for pxmldent. dumlng the next gleoelon. Gov. Roosevelt mitentlannlly delxberately chose Buffalo to make ms first pmuouncemewt or national lm. {nuance and hit is expected that prac- ilcally cvery Dem'ocrat tn. the coumq; will turn out to do him honor. No mane: how many cloths your mate has sine always buys a lot m_6ro the minute you one: to cake <heu: on 3 mp. Norm 'I'ornawamla's superiority in gross sales must be ascrubed to meters other tha'n greate} income pre person. The two: thousand xuscvepancy m popu- lation would more than tend to equal- ize this nun. The girls who st/uck out 10: long hair am back In style. What did you any to your wife when you pmpoaed’! A city whose economic and nation- ality phases are similar to our own will be considered. Local merchants may draw their own conciuswns. -Laci~:n- wanna and Nurth Tonawanda can serve. Tim basis shall be upon population. mom! svomes and total sales. These lat,- ter ztcrns shun be broken into seveml groups to show trends. While Lackawanna is in closer prob lmicy to Bumuo. still the Niagara Gorunty any is within easy auto rus- tance. BARBER ta ‘Clem Staws-ky——-Your hair as getting very thin on top, sir. Have you tried our new hair manic? cLEM:——No. M2 mm that. O C U I Lack of Initiative, Improper mvthoda of accountancy. no adverttsizxg and pub: window display can more properly be charged no our Jocax merchants. It 15 time for a radical departure from pres- ent mechods. Saw an old_ maid asking {ticket agent the fare to»-Hwwau. The Govjremn-'5 speech at the Sta-tier is to be broadcast over is Nation wide hookup so the national spcmllgm will be looused on Buffalo that night. Many local people wtlll also welcome the news at the broadcast. as n. will enable prac- tically e\'eryb-zxly to hear at nrst hand the Governor's message. Those who wish to atttend the dinner should make their resarvatlons early. Tickets are three dollars each and may by purchased at the office at the Luckn- wunxva. News. In population Lackavranna. has nearly 24 thousand, North Tonawanda 19 000. The tormvx city has 368 stores, mhe lat- 5,‘; \F 2) ‘\ a;» ~ L!’ 5' . 5‘ signs or spring-——S'-am Billy Broad- hzsgen standing ouitalde an (mm or me headquarters. So much. interest; has been amused that the founding 0: in society to be known as the Lacicawmmu. Hl$orion1 and Science moiety has naanly been completed. The society as to have ’25 charter members and one at its main. dbjects will be the pmmotdon of the ‘liackawzxnna Museum. The formation or a Junior branch of this society is also under way at the high school in mrder to give the students as greater opporlnmity to study things of an his- rtoric or scientific nature: Mr. Alex- ander or: the Buffalo Museum of Na- tural Science has o to send out toaciiex-s ho aid and instruct them In their work. ITEMS OF INTEREST curly America. mlacs or bom wmte man and Indian. The collection dates back over 200 years to the days when this country was a great torest and when were 13 colonies instead or 48 atmtos and even the greatest part or mow colonies was sun unknown. The umre oollequlon was secured by Mrs. lmnnaun and her iamuy and In guidi- ‘tdon to oonwlnlug many things of ms- iiqrtc value also contains many curl tn- Vemat to the sclenmest and student, I-‘ow job printing phone Abbott 1181 Ad In. Erle County Independent FOR Snle—-1 cheap mrm horse. Prob- ably the past horse never had a chance to get out and mix up. The third. anneal Vapamme from: gxven by the members on‘ the Sxgma. Kappa Pm soronty, Sauumlay evening at Mcmoruxl hall was a hugh success. Miss Sylvia. Manon was the general chairman ot the dance commrstees. The Boy Scouts are making bird mouses out or twigs under the ‘leader- ship or Mr Milton Laurie ox Orchard Park. A delegation visited. Memorial center In Buffalo. Friday to attend the Boy Scout pageant. NUMBER PLEASE, LADY! Relief Work Prograsses M Friendship House The snow which fell last Thursday brought out rune snow shcrveung army for the lust time this year and even than more was just about enough 10 remind \s or what. sxww really looks like. I-l'<1\vever the Kids were happy. The Friendship school had quite a treat recently when Miss Marguerite Gx*o'-‘e, who has spent several years 2:: India cums to tan me dmldnen of the me there and showed some or mm: was- tumes worm in ghat coxuxtry. There '15 however one thing which brought gloom to the occasion and that in tine met or the lnadeuncy or the pres. em quarters to serve as a museum. Tbs cases are SC crowded that M: is impos- Ilblo to properly display all at the an Everything was peaceful at Luka- wanna. Ponce headquxmwrs Tuesday mght. when the phone bumd and an excited mule voxce told the desk sergeant that he h::.d been -beaten up by rs gang of mugs and robbed 0: $250. Detective O'Rourke and Quin- man were sent to mvc-stdgate nnc: upon arriving at the adclress given round than it want: .the< uggx.-a.va.ted male who was mist-mg the cash but a lady menu. The lady appeared to be the proprietor or the establishment and had been entertaining a round dozen male acquaintances. During the course at the evenings conversation consldmubla liquid re- ireshmcnt had been served so that when the hou1-swbegnn 10' gmw early imikcad 0! abklmg by the doctrine of “World Peace\ they started no settle mhoxr dlsausanoxls with bomle5_ Ilsts and Iumiure which resulted in the above mentioned call. The cm] of Lackawnnnp can -be proud of the oaomovement which it It. making In this line. Relief work M the Frlomlship House under the direcbicnx of Harry W. Rica- mtond has progressed r:‘\p-idly during the past few weeks. Free mm: is given to children who are House members when they come in from school in the Lgigzenmonn. Milk is also served the cnildxtcn in the \Kind‘ergm'ten nt. 10 o'clock each manning. An mremge of 120 chzidren a day are receiving the milk and It is hoped that the children will gain in weight Another new feature as the giving 01 31-ee baths to homeless men. A number or the men sbaying in the shelter pro- vided by Father Baker on &cond street. ai‘e‘ taking advuntslge of -this priviledge. A dance under the auspices of the Ancient Order or Hibermuns and the Ladxe's auxiliary, Dmslon 2_ U.acka.wan- na. wm be held In Memonal hull, 'I‘h\trsday owning, March: 17. John P. Haley :5 general chairman 0! the ar- 1'ange1n¢«nt.s comnubtee. The gxrls or the Bluebxrd club are busy with them em}-rotdary every \Ved11asday a!‘temo:>n_ while the Polly- zmms, whc occupy the girls mom or the Frxexxdshlp House on 1'-‘riéiays. haw chosen spool kmtmng as thglr cram work. !’re-ALenten~Party‘ Held By K. of C. Swindle Gang ~ . Broken Up Dr Wy-he of India. an mm:'nn.t.1onn11y famous speaker \v:1l address the Young Mans‘ and Young \V'oxncna‘ soon.-Lies or the Bethel Presbyterian church on .‘.r-onciay even1ng_ Fvb 22. The regular mamhly meeting or the board or nmn.0.gc1$ or Frlendsmp House. Ridge 1o.xd, was held 'I‘ucsdny evening In the Curtlss bu‘.1d.ug_ Delaware and Tapper at-re-e:s_ Buftulo. M_rs. Charles J-. Norm chnmnan oi the board. presided. The Predenten curd party and dance under the auspices bf Lackmvanna Counqll 9.243 Knights or Columbus was bald. Friday evening in Memonlal hall and was both a mud soa.a.1 sucwss, Ralph J. Crowley was the gen- -eml chxrlnmxn ad the nmmgements :t_>0mmmtees. 'Lacl<aw‘u'ma Police Deserve Much Credit For Arrests Made. Among the many successful caxcl parties and dances held rec-emly was me one held 11) B!.xs<lell_ Saturday eve- ning under the ausplcos or the Young L.-zcneé So.-lulnty of our mother as Good omzum church. mckawamm. police have zuwesbetl (our men In their endeavor to clean up the gang oz checck-forgets who mwe caused much worry and loss among local mer- chants for npnths past and who are clmlmed to have -worked their swindle In Great Lakes ports for the past five The cxotmng relief work still contin- ues. w-lt.h I50 packages of clothing given. out last week. lb has been esmmnted Llmt 15.000 garxrl.-nts have been given cm. at Fwlemislxlp House since Dec‘ 1. 1930. People of ammo and nearby hm-ms as well as rcszclonns of Lacka: wrmxm lmve been mast; generous In their dommons of Nothing. and me urged to ommmxe the good mark, as the need is sun grerm. 3'0:-y zu-tlclcs M clot,hmg or every size hogs been re- u_uest.cd. but me most. urgent. need at present is for mans trousers and sox and shoes of an 5'12:-5. Locaul veu-rams or the World xvnr W111 be mterestod to knew that Maj Gen. \\’11ll2un J. I-Imsknu, cunxxmndmg general‘ N ‘x’. N. 0 ml! vxsxt Buffalo, Friday. Feb 19, when n re\'1e.w mil be given in his ~h.>nor by the 17-1 InI.m.t.ry at. them armory there Mzuxy local nmn. served under his cummand wlul-2 In Frznnce. Assisting the general chairman in the nrrnngemems for the social ovem. were we following commzlhbeesz Prizes: Andrew Kcarns. Michael J. ‘Hughes, Nicholas T. Spenlumtal, Eclwarcl J. lfoczum. Andrew T. Mrmxlck. John J. Krncoyne, Thonms P. Daley_ Nicholas J. mean, Julius Bnyr/rek, Arthur J. Gib- bons. Gmnt T. Flsher, Clement. Ballard. Dennis P. Kane sxx. and Anthony J. 'Georgeskl. The police invemsigntde. collected all‘ or! their evidence and secured suito- ments from such or the wdmesses as were still able to furnish them and the main participants were given nice buiot rooms at, the Latzuzion house. Timon came morning nnd time to clean _nway the spoils of the night. before and on recomaing the derbis the lady found lnying uiiderncmth and sun sale the 3250. lmss Mxlclred Bowen presxclent or the Bethe! Church Choir exterzalxxccl t,hc mambc-1'5 at d socl.\l held at her heme 1759 South Park avenue, Friday eve- mng Dunomg and rcfzesmnems were enjoyed by everycne The four men caught. by local pollce are. Ed\vnr<l T. Lcwls. nge 31 of Erie. Pa.._ reputed leader or the gang, Elmer Honkerxon, age 28 of Ashtabula. Oluc. Ohnrlgs Endrlch, age 46 of Cleveland. 01110 and Wzllmm Davis. ago 28 of Bur‘1‘z\lo_ N. Y. Endrlch and Honkenon were plckezl hp in Cleveland and Ash‘ twbuln. respectively by detectives O‘R.ourk and Mn.lo'ne. Honkenon is ea-la by police to have been armed \\1th a revolver when czuxgllt. Deteonlve Ma- lzane smglellandccl picked up Davls in Buffalo and Lewis in Erie. All four men we being held !ar the gran}! jury :1: Erle County Jall. They are nllegcd to hive pawd many checks on me,nJnl.v.\1 Trust: cam- pany. Cleveland, Ohio: ‘and the M. A. Hanna steamship company. while new they worked chie in who River road clulstmlct. and most or the checks passed were In amounts ranging fmnj $28 to $52.50. They are said lb hlave been one or the best: organized gangs in the country and may heal their business protected so that they were even a.-blo 10 decelve experts. Police say that at least ilour more m'x'ests wlll be made. The Scuth Park bowlers defeated the U. S. P remlers In :1 match game last sunduy by rs. nmrgm of 2949 no 2998. 13010110 and Wlmey walked the best for the South Park aggregm,1'on while blrcy shcwed. the beat for their ,0pp.0_n,~ ems. Miss Margaret I-:;rby ml and brake ber ankle while xmlklng on the street. F‘rlciay nncl is now c:)1:I‘~1m.‘(l no the has- pmgl He: <_t9_n_cm!o21 is 2mprov.'.m<.z al- though she suffered from shock and was unable to receive visits tram Irlonds Inst. \\-oak. Tickets; Frank P. M\L!,I.‘<.>.¥x Nelson Twist, August T\v'xst_ Thomdas McNam- ara, Jodm J. 0'Mnm, Joseph J. Keatzlng, James Fallon‘, Cornelius Ward, Léo .1. Joyce, and Thomas D. McDonald. Carqs: Celestine J. Shea, Juxnes Oddy, Bernard J. o'Mara. Phillip Walsh, LaIu.~ mnoe Roach, and wmmm Davis. Checldngz Edward Qulmmn, Harry J. E0113. and Peter McGovern. Refreshments: Patrick 0. Mcczmu. Thomas Hooper, Andrew Kearns, Jacob Brock. Bishop Turner Dedicates Prayer To The Catholic Charities Paul Tcmaka. city treasurer. an- nuunces that county tzuzes will be paid here its usual nus year and the rate ‘x 3'1 81 per tlxA_13,n_\:1. Mn.rah 21 15 the lust. dny \\‘:'.1c:1 taxes can be paid with-’ out urterest. being nddccl. The Lac1~:x\\vm11m Grocers and Butchers ussocxzmon held Lhezr regular meet-mg mt. Dam. Polski mm L151’: 'I'1uu'sr1sxy ewe- mng The group buying of park was taken up by the nssclcrntlon and 1: was decided to buy In a lnrga mm-oun.t.. Pres. idem P1111011 stated that it is the turn of N10 assuclmloxx to do all at their buying m such large quxmmtztes that they can sell on 141 plan with clxmn stem prices. L1gm. up my soul with Thy saving grace tzhnt. I may see Thy mcc in my sulxermg fenmvmen When they are hungry, open my heart and my hand no Iced them. In feeding $11-om Xe‘. me see (what I am( braking brand vmh Thee 'w1rx‘o so often bmakest with xne the Llv-lng Bread 01 Tmne Own Body and Blood at. Thine Own \Pablo. when I clothe them make me to imcrw that I tun covering Thee who hnst given me me heavenly garment. of Grace In Thy sncnuncnts. Let. me be a scarf us old age, to those who luwmg lost muir xmtunu nmpport here below. misc their eyes to Thee. Let me share Thy love for lltatle children who never know 0. pm-net's love. Let me hexp them to mm mac tmrough 11¢. Pour Into my heart uglht. and szlrenbgh to see Thy ways and follow them. Drive To Aid Needy Will Be Held From March 13th To March 20th. “rnrntng has been lsslled. that the Western New York men is In danger of ‘an epldcnhc or sonnet rc-\'c-r and load people should take every precmttlon to prevom. the sprend cl this (usease A plxysxcmn should 1) called immediately in any case where a child has nausea. ho'adache_ favor and rash In order that the child mn ybe given proper treat-. mam. Door: Michael Carey, Patrick J. Mc- Mann. Publicity and music: John P. 05- home. District Priest mcnagels and co- mmmgem or the 9th annual Catholic Charities appeal were announced this week. The daioccae is divided into (our rlistriotn in the city at Blllraio mu 8 distnicta in the counties. Lexckawannzt is included in 'Di'5mct. No. 4 with Rev. ‘William M. Bernet, 2315 Seneca street as mnnngvr and Rev. Fmncls A. Rndzis- mwsiu. 875 Ridge road as co-manager. Bishop William Turner 0! the Cath- olic Dioccgse of Human has issued a prayer dcdic to -the 0th annual Catholic Charities appeal March 13 to 20. An indulgence}: 40 days is granted ‘for each mcitntion. All Oamoiics oi ma diocese sue urged by the Bishop to recite this prayer in .beha1! to the an- nual appeal. It as in line with the Bishop's xmnkxunoement or the opening oi the appeal that he desired. that me coming season at Lent fbo observd as \A Lenten season 0! prayer and char- ity.\ The prayer will be included anlong the'prayexs’to1iow‘1ng low mass and at ovary service in all ‘Catholic ohumhea or the d.loceec.\I‘im prayer toiiowa: . The danco was the Ian}: K. 0! D. ioohu function until after the lonton anon. ‘ Mi:-5 Adolme Guessing. :1 clerk m the A & P store. 1405 South Park xmmuv. who has been home all with the grlppe for xx week has ret;urn\c«;1 to her duties at the mozve. local Engineers Will Witness Demonstration John Gutowskn, Ridge mad, the km bidder was awarded the common for two trucks for city garbage .|,-moval M. a mceblng or the Common council held Monday evening. Lewis was picked up in Buxralo a month ago as a suspect in the forgery ring, but alt. that time poilloe were un- able to gather sufficient evidence agalrxsh Mm‘ The regular meeting or the Daughters at Union Veterans will be held in Memorial hall Friday evening. A spe- cial program will be given in honor of Lmcoin as It Is the anniversary or the Exnanoxpators birthday. Since then Luckuwamma. police have been working with Fred J. Heals)’ head 0! the Burma Detective Agency, Buffalo and police of Bumxlo, on the case. Henley explained the mannox In which the xorgexs worked. Reproduced Checks local members 01 the American Wold- lng aociety and the Engineening Bouiaw of Bulmlo have made Krmxxgexnants to Iwitnieaa a dexnonstration at the Arc Welding of Structural steel on Bunnie‘: tint all welding building, the new sorv. ice depaxtment now being elected by ‘tho wsunghouie Eiectmc and Manufac- turlna company at 1182 Seneca street. The impaction trip has been sched- uied to: Monday memom, Feb. 8 M 2 -o'clock. Through the cmopemtion ot the Joinn W. COWPGT conypany and the Mc- Onnuc Mu-shall company sample weld»! for inspection and test win: his made am the. ground. Mr. nan, welding .on- iqanur or who Wemngmiomo mmpmy Makv me love the poor. let. me n!- rwvays find in the-cc Thy little ones the Face ‘to Him Who was born in a. stable. uved m. poverty and cited in agony. May I never forget blunt. in cc Uo walk among men, Thou cnmest as a brother at the poor. And an Them In Thy Divine Power (udst. change bread to noses in the cloak of Thy holy servant. 56, Enmabeth_ so do Thou change my treasure. large or mxall, into bread auo shelter tor my» V11:-cdy brother. If I break not ‘bread ‘mun my brothar I am) not worthy to break forum! or clmlm brothwhood with Thee. A meetlng of the Library board will be held .m the Public Library this eve- ning. The elecucm 01 officers for the coming year will take place. All who have American are re. quested to donate them for the decom. non of Memoulzsl hull, Feb. '22, during the Colonial costume ball. All flags nhoruld be an at Ismyor Lulu-5‘ omcs In the city ha! as soon as posbble. Mr. and Mrs. Ne\vel.1 T. -Dodge and daughter, Sarah J., 202 Mllnor avenue left Tuesday evening {or Peabody. Mass, to spend two weeks v.-It-21 Mr. Dodge father and mother. He said they obcained bans tilde pay checks issued by Great Lakes steamship owned, and than with the am at 1: Buttalo pninwr reproduced rtihe various style checks. ' Namea at amp mute-rs were rlbrged. and check. protectors wen used to stamp the amounta. a. step rthat did nluch toward eliminating suspicion. The check: aoidom ‘were for Inge mmunto, and they won no neatly forged than; even bunk; in Butfuiio and Cleve- land accepted them. -In addition noon! at hualnem puma catering to me needs at his hliofv. won viouminod ban. in hcwnnnu. hie. Channel and Toloao. Mrs. P. Tlghe, 7 Reed avenue will Hold a. card. party as her home Sun. “Jesus, my Redeemer, whose Name is Mercy, make me n_w:c.1z{ull Burn Inna my heart mhe saving thought that Thy mercy is measured by my -mercy. Thou had said \Blessed are me mcrclrul. (or they shall nqevrcy.“ let my heart and hand be and and generous to Thy chudxvn and my brother: who am in mood. Maia mo nndentmu that what lhnw ummponly usumnibnand 0 ualvuu. Mr. and Mrs. ‘John G-utowsksl and son. James, or 15 Meadow Lmw have re- turned -home atter spending 5 m;omh in moulds. At a hearing held in the council chamber Monday afternoon. before Mayor Walter J. Iohr. Ootpomnon counaex John W. 0‘0on.nbr and the council 1:. was decided to retail local law No. 4 as It 1.: at the pnsent um». The amendment pmhlbma the corpora: t1on«cou_n.Iel {tom conducting autumn!‘ pumonoo m we may court u 2:; Eng’ ban able to do in pnvloul nun. , Grant this, my prayer. through the llnterocsslon of Mary Thy Blessed Mormon‘, whom we are tn.ught- to call the console: of the Atmcted. Loni Jesus malco me merciful. Nuke mo kind. Make me generous. Have mercy on inc: aocorqlng to my cunt mercy. Amien. A meeting of the George Washington. Bi-Cerltéimlu committee was held at .the home not M3‘. and Mrs. Chester Whitehall. 920 Rune Road, to further pum to‘ who colonial costume ball whim Ill! be held in NQ:a.no.|ul hall. 1%, 22. -mm be In atwndnnoo to ctpmn the I tdnniuo or no welding In butldtnn and to uuwor quqltlonv. *1:‘u:.mw Arm r=m«;':.su e.1t4mm'*1 LACKAWANNA ii LIERARY %

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