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\ . ,w4;:,,,,,;,7,F,fIM, ! \ \ Á L: -rvu‘ Mt-r<v\~1 ii““$2-3\1\i~:9“*:\:2‘: .. : . vi .4» 3.. _ :‘ h ಞ ... .. ‘ -.»'«c-.»».»«.c;su..-.n....«.»...~'».~.-«,~o‘.»a.» -iv:--»--av:-g-‘-'~.—‘l-‘§r0‘~\>*\-'*‘-\\,‘>'i'-'|\v 4m~'*-“- +I\¢>‘~ “W W-°\--- Mb» -two-=«~...«.....,.,a.,—.a.»u.—~_g';,sJLwr&iv~sa-..w.>. 1“ 'A'. ‘v 4' : _. ’ \\ ...:.».»..«~l$‘».\.‘;» l.>‘}l‘a_ 'PVlews,§_l;\1c_aw:_n_mn, _N. Y., Thurg, Jan. 14, 1932' ,_ 1'13 £4; Li ‘TEN \FEEIFRON _ l . THE glK[~ 1' ~4~«s’s£9..»?=2%2”s’*= A V Spam xJ2v~0'uNcEI2 X-RAY PLAYS IITVIPORTANT PART ~ IN THE INDUSTRIAL FIELD ;\ long way off. Babe Ruth tans are al- rencly dlscusslng the Big ‘Bambmo's contract for next: season. Eighty thou- sand dollars 15 the sum he rccelved rot che past two years. The Blg Boy reels .tl'mt he 15 en- titled to the same amount. Having at the top 0! -the Anter- -lcan League mu- ting order list year. enjoylng. we think. the best year 6! his career. Babe ls enmled 6 0 t; he 5 a m 9 amount. Xtfs Babe than packs the stands and not the Yankees. -a good third-rate [fighter in St ten- round bout today. His present nam- storming tour is his own barometer.‘ Dempsey is nobody’s dumb-bell. He's trying himself out. Here's what a very prominent. man-‘ nger 0! ti smug or told me: “Jack has been living 2: suit me W3 true he has been -but that type of work against ancl sixth-racers will nave: bring him into the circle or hard hitting. elusive top notchers that hovmust meet to re- gain iosc lau'rels.\ I've seen Dempsey in action a séore or times. I admire him. but I think‘ -he owes it :9 himself not to try a real comeback. He can earn more in ex» hibition matches. riding on ‘his ‘belly- hoo o1 .pnsi:,ye:xx's. No. I don't. think, Dempsey will come back-—-bu; 1 may’ be wrong. 1 hope so for Jack's sake. Seeing xls Believing. ‘_ ‘HE clever hostess is putting 6 pineapple in her sanclwichcs .. this \vinter—— of all be- causc they taste delicious, sekond. because the enzyme hmmelin in this fruit helps to (Ingest heavy proteins, vthird, became its natural fruit acid.» turn alkaline in- side the body. and last. tu serve '.»ametl1ing‘ (liffercnt and new at this sa:ason‘s parties. Here is how to make a few: Cheese and Fruit Sand_zm‘che:: Mash two cream cheeses. add one- fuurth cup drained crushed Hawaiian pineapple, one-Tourth cup str:.\wbc-try preserves: cream well. Use between thin slices of buttered bread. drained crmhcd pineapple, ane tame- spnon chopped pl'r>t'l'\‘t‘d zinger, une- f--urth cup chum-ed \valnuL~. one [t‘3:pu(m gzingrr .\}-TU}? and one tal-lr-- spoon pineapple syrup. and spn-ad between buttered slices of whole wheat bread. ‘The good Colonel may say that Babe will not receive the eighty G‘: this coming season, but you can bet one or Grandma's good o_1ci apple dumpiinga that Ruth win he in the Yankee une- «up next season and his salary will be $80,000. Banana - Pineapple 5‘avxd:n.ic/ms: Mash two banzum. add um--.' ~ur:h tablespoon Icmnn juim, m----:'uur'.‘1 cup drained crush:-d pinc-av,v,“w ml two tah'.('s1)uuI1>‘ hunsy. :\dd - I'.~ A‘ z.‘i cup graz.-Ll mild drrnwc. ur U‘. \ cheese, cream well, and use l.ct\-..~ --1 buttered slice: ui white or L-.-ux-.1 bread. Little Jack Shax-key. one time great; hantamweight. czmxioc see with his right eye . . . Johnny Butt. one time bantam champion. is bioke and work- ing on steamer back and ion}; to South America as bus boy. watch for the first appearance 0! F1-anta Nekolny. a replica 0! Ace Hucikins. when no comes your way . . . Ice hockey 1s‘en- joying -A marvelous season in the big cities . . u Mcmxmee would rather broadcast a light than an- nounce that yeast program . . . James J. .Iohnston,_ new general manager 0: Madison Square Garden. will put ‘ Garden on paying basis as tar 3:: box- ing is concerned. , Recently Tony-Ctznzoneri. the light- weight champion oi the -world. while resting on his farm at Marlboro. N. Y... saw the movies of ‘his sensational bat-. no against: Kid Chocolate. When he} returned to the Big City he met the’ writer nnd said that as he sat on the edge or a chair watching the picture.’ he fought the fight all over again \You know.\ he said. \after watching. the picture I was sure that I won the tight lrom Chocolate.\ _ And Tony is A modest boy. moi ' \Babe\ News New \Shoes Colonel. '_ Aithough the baseball season in a Peanut Butler and Pirzeaor Sandwirlu-3' Cream together unr- half cup peanut liuttc\. one-half cm drained crushed Ha.“-:ui.1n pl ply, two tablespoons thuppcd mar.m'.:n-> cherrias. one tablcspuun ch:-rr\' in‘ ~- and one tablespoon syrup fr:-xv tnc canned pineapple. Spread ba:\\n-nv thin slices of buttercd white bread with a leaf of lettuce in each Pineapple Manrlmmllozu Sam}- wichcs‘ Melt twelve marshmallmvs in a double boiler. add o‘n::—1'uunh cup drained crushed Hawaiian pine- apple. and cook ten minutes. Cool and spread between buttered rounds of brown bread. . Pineapple - Gingev Sandwiches: Mix together three-fourths cup I3:-acticnl application at the X-ray to things industrial is one or the newest tmnga under the sun 9! science. From the time that the scicmis: Rnentgen made his discovery. the x-my had been used almost exclusively in sur- gery and the visible diagnosis of hu- man ‘me. Now progressive business is employing the \all-seeing eye\ to de- wrniins quality and corisn-uctlon at many kinds of merchandise. Montgomery Ward 6:. Co., the na- tiau'a oldes: mail-order concern. whbse 860 retail atom Lhroughout the land bring! it ‘uxia c‘;c\ezx and constant con- tact‘. van millions or American tum- ilin. is opemczzlg: 2 modern and com~ plats .\'.-my sludlo M: its huge Chicago plant. that nun-ircds ot articles 0! morchnndise. are. auullcd and tested mo:~.z.!\ly uusaar xix: revealing nenms. “Applicntian {-72 the X-my to mod- on: nu.-n;:—.-.-.' .:.-.'.:l '35-. E. H. Harvey. head oi the wanl laboratories. \is proving ct yea‘. imam‘. to our com- may anti no army 0: '.‘d'\!')I‘n€l'al By memo. 0: ma If.‘-.-y '\-~. :\v-»_- nmmicri to inspect can _m:-.u'.-.;~..‘:x,~.:~ minutely wlthozit t-as-xx; i-.. !-a \‘(<.‘c* mid us a detect. however slight. or malty con- struction, escapes the penetrating ‘eye’ or the ray. our shoes must at. and the ){-my gives us a perfect picturaéat the construction or them--whe ,0: there are arch supporters in them. durable steel supporters: whether the stitching and pegglng are satislactory. besides determining the or the leather and other material used. By means of the X-my we can deter- mine the true sphericity or the centers or baseballs and goliballs. um zha ‘inner workings’ or many other things that heretotmo have had to be torn apart to reveal themselves as they reuily were. (c) Adun Hat Brondcutn Tables Talk Turkey and “F ixin’s” Cucumbers for Company “We examlr. me internal construc- tion at radlo tubes to demonstrate vlsuully phat they are the equal or any tubes on the market. and the ray also tells us very plxunly whether or not our furniture is properly jumted and whether or not the halt 11: our pmm brushes and other brushvs are properly and securely set. ‘more really ls scarcely a limit to the servlcenblllty 01 the X-my. which lrom now on will play a very I.mport.a.ut part in Industry nml commerce. We at Ward's are of: to n running start in lull de- velopment. of possibilities.” _ the exp:-zsu vi the r\-we lnbnnous ' tank as! taking the vzzxrcn. an pieces. No Inuit. mac!) tin .2 is .-: .*.~.1 nlon.: with To the woman who takes a real pride in her skill as a cook, no words of praise are more sweet than those called forth by one of her culinary masterpieces; This. together with her conception of true hospitality, stirs in every good hcmtess the ambition to please her luncheon or dinner guests with some out-of-the-ordinary and par- ticularly delicious dish. stuffed cucumbers are sum- cientiy out ot the ordinary routine. and more than su delici- ous, to arouse the admiration of the most dithcult-toqulease guest. Here the proper use of seasonings found in every kitchen is the most important factor in assuring suc- cess. Particulurly interesting is the use or sugar as one of the aeaaoners; a fairly recent develop- ment in American cooking. but one that it has been touud points up and blends the of almost all vegetable dishes. Try your ham] at the iolim ng recipe the next time you \va:: :: serve your guests something extra- special in the. vegetable line. if’; certain, though. that this wont long remain a. \company\ nilah. Once your family has taste-l at, there's bound to be a demand for its regular appearance. 2”}? ,. «$9 rat‘: F Stuffed Cucumbers MARY!) DAIINKE ° A sophisticated cheese tray suited to the season's mood may be iasnioneu by placing a square oi deep yellow American cheese in the center at I bed of gala: leaves. arranged on an atm-active serving plate. This may be surrounded with a quarter pound slice of pale Swiss. ts snowy cube or cream cheese. and small wedge-shaped, por- tions or Roqueiorc and Camembert. These mellow cheese favorites. tempting to the leisurely choice 0: eplcures. should be altcrnabeci wit_.h assorted crystallized iruita. rich olncl: dates and prunes oulglug with nut- meatn. sugar-glittering pears. am-icons. kumquaza. orange peeling. o The European («anion oi NYVIDQ several varieties or cheese ranged against the snowy whiteneaa at a wooden board is a deiigbtiui one. These small wooden service tray!-00 eiieotlve a background for e!tei'-§1A- tier service-—may be purchased for O tew cents. __,_..gJ Ijables start talking turkey along about this time of year! And crun- berry sauce, mmcc pie. plum pudding. and all than other holiday dellgms which make a gala season are whis- pered in every kitchen throughout the country. Every course, and every food. to: the truly special holiday. must wear guy dress. On: three good-sire cucumbers in half lengthwise, and cook until ten- der In salted water Scoop out the centers, and each half with 2: mixture consisting of three cups cooked rice, one cup chili sauce. one tablespoon vinegar, one table- spoon sugar. two tablespoons to- mato ketchup. one teaspoon pap- rika, salt and pepper to taste. zrvl one large onion which has been chopped fine and cooked in melted butter. Serve immediately. being sure that the portions are very hot. The course topping the great American bird must be a very special dessert indeed. One at the Jolliest. and most or all holiday choices in a vnriety or cheese tray-—u colortul dia- plny of ruddy cheeses. ripe and mel- low. cut in gay squares and by sugary candied fruits. dewy-dark green gulax leaves or the simpler but won- derfully e garnishings 0: para- ley 61' till? lettuce leaves. Holly’ leaves may be used in place of gala: leaves tor the most delectable of trays. HEALTH I-.. the HOME 'Practic:1l Studies for Teiives ~ - and c By Dr. ERNEST H. LINES Eminent Authors’! and Chief Medical Director New-York £I'I€.1!umanc;' can-pa-at HEALTH AND HAPPINESS MANY wives and mothers do not realize to what. A great extent they have it in their power to control the health and, therefore. the success, happi- ness and longevity of their husbands and chiltlmn. Good health is the principal source of physical energy, and the mind and body are so inter- dependent, the one upon tho other, ' that our mcntnl energy. also, depcncls greatly upon the state of our health People who are full of vitality up usually cheerful and lmppy. i.i1lp[Il- ncss, in turn, is an aid to lu-nlth Morcovo r, since good health int-.11-Its:-S our plxysichl and mental energies, one of the best ways of preparing our.-aolves for success is to keep our bodies Iil. ut all times‘ How Numbers Can Help Wit.h an eleumntnry kn0\\'le(lgo of lmzic-no, \\'i\‘¢'s and mothers can rs-gulutu tlm home life along lines tluxt \\'lll help greatly to establish nght lmlm.-3 of lwing and thus im- prum the lmultln uf the family and prevent nncidoms and much illness. T lwy slmuhl know snmetlling about fuutls and their values and the mlvuxmngos of sunlight, fresh air, vczmluunn. pmpor clothing. cleanli- ness, o.§uro1sr.\, sleep And rest. Prevention of (llS(‘I\SO depends lurgt-15' on pmpurly applxed knowledge of these factors. HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS SEEK ADVICE OF NOTED NUMEROLOGIST Tllat. people are even more in- l(\l'('eit(‘rI in knowing about them- .~e1~.u.»s than m denviug into (‘.110 ltu~ Lure. an wmt I ‘ :_t hohlls in store _r‘a_ or Hem. was \ \ \‘3'\l amrmed recent- “mw _ -1 ly by Lorain. »; .» ’ Fnntln. He well-known ml; ‘-.« , ' mmvologist. Am ‘\ 95%;”; .\Ii:s3 F'nnUu’s opinion should h 0 xx 1' weight. 1‘ - , since she has : '_ ~‘ received during’ \ \ \ I‘ I I * I by knowing ono's sell one could also know others. The great mu- jority of radio listeners who wrote in for help. she continued. reniized that numerology did not pretend to foretell the future. so most oi‘ the questions concerned business‘ worries and squubbles in the home and how these could be adjusted, to the advantage or all concerned. “People have ulwnys interested- me jntensely,\ Miss Fnntin said. \so it was only natural lhnt I should take up numerology--o science that tells one so much about the human character. And this curiosity nhout my fellow- men seems to he shared by hun- dreds of thousands ol people who» really want help, not only (or themselves but ‘for others. Nu-_ Inerology can be used as a short- cut in every walk 0‘! life. nut. while it outlines the path .z\nd points the way, it is for the indi- vidual to l‘ollow it up. Vocational unnlysis. business conduct and charms charts nre exceptionally useful. for they help each person. to pnllern his or herself according to special types. and not copy sonn- other type that has been succum- ful before, and therefore become‘ sttu1dar<L\ Mnny men, women and children are lacking in cliocrililncss or are sluggish, languid, irritable, or (lo- prcsscdysimply because they are ill, or, at least, are not in good physical condition. Restore them to pm-fact health, their spirits riso nnd they display more energy and lllt(‘l‘(‘s6 in their work and in lilo in gunonil. The husband's energy uninlitncss for efficient work, the chihlr ‘s nhility to attend school regularly nnd do well in their studios are at siulm. Mnny 11 child, considered dull in school and at home. has really been (physically) incapacitated by mul- nutrition or by some undiscovered pliysioul impairment. Science and Busmess If by attention to the simple rules of right lxvmg she can train her clmrgcs, lxualumd and children, to keep up to tho mark physically. the wife, or mother, w.ll find for herself, I'£‘St. peace of mind and happiness that will amply compensate her for the effort she has made. sumption. With this: objev) in mind. sclentlsta from all over t‘.m Unlted States are called upnn 1:» contribute their knowledge and research to perfecting still tu.-the: our marvelous American mall- nlque of canning foods. Among those who addressed elm convention of the I\'utlom.l (‘un- ners’ Association last year xvc-rs sclentisis from C’!l|\‘.1bi€L L'niv~=r slcy. the Vnlvlrsny ut Mir n.-u.~ta, Purdue University and in Ex‘- periment Station at I.nr-1*,-vu.-n Ind.. the Uulvorsity at VV§.«--»'-slo the Iowa State Agrncnltur-.. ‘cu lege. the American .\le(l1<'3“ '-__.- TEE annual convention of the National Gunners’ Association -will be held in the largest hotel in the world, the gigantic Stevens. in Chicago, from January twenty- rltth to January thirtieth, and the annual conventions of the Na- tional Food Brokers and of the Canning Machinery and Supplies Associations will be held there at the same time. Even the larg- est hotel in the world. however, cannot accommodate the six or seven thousand men who meet annually to discuss how to main- tain and. it possible. improve the quality of all the foods that are canned in this country. and there will be a large over to other nearby hotels. ” “ ‘ more than nine Lorna Fnnun hundred thou- sxuid let to-rs lrom radio listeners, outlining their problems and asking for ad- ‘vice. ‘L “i think the grant interest in numerology.\ Miss I-‘nntln snld, 'sitllng in her oillce high up in the Chrysler Building. in New York. “is because people's minds are more alert mid flexible thnn they were n few years ngo. We all hnve problems. and in 311 why we nli lend lives of frustration. H0 it is only natural that we should seek knowledge that will help us Jena :1 h - and more harmoni- ous existence Sell-u-Llueutinn is the new American ideal. and hu- -nmn-rolatlona is rapidly becoming .ono:- oi’ the most lmporlzml courses in the sell’-ixmioswl ‘[)n.S’L'E‘.'l‘Xl(1llfll.O work of the country‘:« millions.\ ' Referring to the old English gprm'er'l>. nt»h'lh_nted to Pope. that :\lhc- proper study of m1llll£_lil(1'iS .llinn.\ Miss Fantin explained that QUESTIONS: All wives and muthors should bc able to answer thesn questions: 1. Why is :1 healthy family usually :1 vheorful one? 2. Hmv mm :1. mfo or nlotlmr help to k('(‘[\ 1101' hus1>:\1ul and chnldrv-n In guuul lmlltlx? 3. Wlmt. are surnc of the prxnvxpnl habits of lwxm: Llmt Ixf ! lxonlth? Health is affected‘ f.-Ivnm)-ly nr unfavombly, by our lmluts of hvinu. according as they are good or haul. In great. part. those lmbxts uf llvmg are habits of preference for cvrbzun kinds of food, for cortnin nu-tluuls of mocking, for pmpor or i1’npH\[n-1' Von- tilation, suxtnhlo or lln clum- 1 ing, as well as l1v;:imm- nr unhyglcmc _wu.ys in the can; of tho buuly.1 socintion. the Hooper I~‘«u.:nrLu' n- ma California Board of Hun‘.-. the Michigan DoparL1'‘-~x~.‘ .' Ag the Tennc-~' «n. -: -- cultural Extension Ser~E:-. t‘--. U. S. Denzirtment of As\-.--‘Lu.-.~. and the laboratories of we Yn- tionzxl Canuers’ ASS'JCH.'iCTi ‘11 Washington and Sun I‘V':.:v.'isV'-‘J and at the American (‘an Cu.\.‘1‘ may in Haywood. Illinois. Miss Fantin is taking 11 well- onrnecl Vacation this summer and Is now In Reno -where she plans to prove to lwrsolr certain theories she has long held ronmruling an. mastic relxuions. and their pos- sible cure And where. aha ox- clninis, ure there more ommplcs of lllmnppy 1m\rrlnges. gzxtherod into one community. “mu In tho Nevmlo town? . \ . '1‘/zis is the first of a series of 12 articles nn Health in the Illnnr. The second mu be onlught and Ventilation. uC<\}Iy I33]. N Y L. LCGAI To Make Them Butter The main object of the con- ventions is to ways and means at making still better the canned foods which have reached and: an enormous rate 0! con-

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