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The Lackawanna news. (Lackawanna, N.Y.) 19??-1933, October 08, 1931, Image 8

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.. _..- ‘_.. V .sai5.‘z‘27\«ai$é~a“':‘rc_:§5“--:n4~-a:24u -~~.-9»: égeqg-»¢vs~.mu.¢1gu«g_..;.a;,_; .3‘; ‘V, V‘V_q\' 5.; ‘1r:_-,‘.~~« -J’ 1*’ W § JNq.m.[ AY.-1. Thur;-. Q1131. -_.__!;9.31. , ‘I 1'4‘. N9th.lnz if!) this coitsgl cm-g tglrued snnh mu-sur.r. ch: 1'egl_Sla!\il‘u from xnulung _a-I,-u .|llu\l:~.Ul| -{gr \the gqucugthln vuuq aL.1_>,.ot=t gr tllu i.u1n,1,, the_ Ljeaj and L_lu_xulr, x_u_:gl _]u_t.mlu (lell_11}gll¢llt__S. g1_sJ.Q‘~1}._ l_uu_y :I|.'cu_1 rpu-pg-,z_'. tug pra.\eu§ 9.1:)’ cul_mty,. cit)‘, to_§\ n u',;' \;h_ht_-gu 11;..u_:‘prot'1_«:l_h1g for»tl_§q c:_u‘e. -support. rm-aum-u_am.-e and 'sgr_:‘g1gr uduqzttfulx of uxnuru-s o_fv\)r1nlf1x1!t l\_3yl\,lm$,. llpgngs (ur dcpeudcxnt ghlld1fex\,‘or c?1‘:ee‘4 tlon_zt_1 ln:1L11,.ntlp_XI:%,_ x.--hethexj unclgr pubux; aw pr1\'u_l_‘o \_--»u,lx_*nl. *1’u3nu-ms13y-izoqntles. (;lt_1'es. t_:_a\'.'hs z_zm.l tI1l‘.:.'gy:a to cl\_:t:‘ltztl)lga. o1to:x1os3-11:1‘;-5', '|;ui‘ru¢lIunl_ll u,ncl_ 1\e1’9xjma-. gory Iqnsligtxtigxus. wl_xull,v or pm‘-tl,y gnupt p1;l\‘uto cunt_1jo’l, for ‘C:_1lL_', ='ig.mj>ox_‘t vnnd nu.uxuenu'nr.,». may he uuthurlzed, but shim not be x_‘gn_1ul1'utlvby the lt)gls1u_t_u1‘e. Nofsuch p_g:ynmhts's1mll_ 'b'u-m:1d,£; for any lnn_mLu 9! such lnstxtntlum who, 13 not mcolvegl and retained thorum puxgsmuu to_1-u.l‘vs ush1b,- lisln.-L_l by the stntu board of social‘ t\'«_aua.1:e. sum rules :.h_nll bu suhjogt =10 the control of tho leglshxttlrg by gt=.m;x'a1 lguvs. 5 15. ('pxnxx1lssi-mans ut the sttttu bozud at ckmrmes, now hok_1h,1_g 911108. shit)! be continued In uljléo n:~1,xnc1ri_bex;s oi the state botujd of sochnl \vel1j:_gro 191‘ the term Ion \\j}_1lL‘h_ they were nppsalxtted. reslzectimaly, unless the lcglslntut-e shall other-\vlse pro- \_rligl_ev. ’1f—he lcgls1a_ttu'o xngw confer upon the st:_1_te bozml of sgclqt we1l_‘-gtre any nt1(_1_X_- tlonal l>u\\'av§ that are not Inconsistent \'\'lt_h other pro\'lsiox|s of the constitution. Sum oi New Yam: than in office. except for the lill of é.‘lV\'L\6'l\C'l:-1].!!!‘ 1,11»,-1_n‘)iv-':x of ;1§:_embl$' for‘ full 'tufx.._s m,;_4p‘x.xx1g at zallvh :.\pl'ra-t_luu,=. I11 Q41] guulliy f“'IUllL‘ 1 tn umru t11zu_g on_(! m mlmfl, (:40 lpouird u1‘- .~‘uxu)r\is(-L\:a gxnd in i1.‘lu_)\rcl_l‘y'-eIrIbfa .au em_hru g-uuuly ':}n(1 linirlng nci ‘hu;\_I'd (if s1_n]u-.r\u_snra, the--corrv xz1nxi>d(_\lgn<ll. or if glmru 1.19 rum-.V ,th9 l}vd_.V e’.\‘:e1jx-isillg‘. the puwera uf (L 6- nnimuu coun- cil. shzLll1;ssgxnL4le at suvlg glnI_(_3.~1 :13 the la-g'|sIa.Li'u‘e nmlunq ah a_ppx_n'§lunn_xun£ sh:-.ll x)_n-sr:’Ili¢~, azggl dhl-lu :§u-ch L\l|l lulu a‘s'sémbl';y‘.‘d‘is;1-in-tvs as n_eu.r-l,v L\|']lU“ in II,\_1n_I- her of lnlx2\‘)l§un;a. ex:-l|_n!ln;: p.ll,c:n3. 41,8. ingiy he), of ‘c«m‘\=‘exm-nty H111\ vnnllgllolla tel,‘l.‘ltor.v ln a$-<'uI'm‘n1<~t rzirm ns,p{nnjll:-1I- blc. each of '\_i'hlch Lslignll L\e’\\'holly \\'ltll'll_) a, genzma <listj;lct fo'rme,d undoxj -the same ammrtlonm_ent. euugl to tho mxn1_botf of iht;n1ba1's Of ilssennl-ly go, whlv.h sugh county shall be enI:it‘.od. and; shqll cause to, be filed in the um--~ of the S,(3(‘l‘(‘[‘2l'l'-.V 0! $l!\tu an) of the clerk gt; '§lx}‘h (_‘OLl_l1ty. n (lbsmlpxlml of such (llstx'lv(s. snaclfylnz the hl11n|»ervM;.ezgcl1 §U_S§[‘~l(‘L and of the i_nl'.ah,ila_nts thuxjgof. oxclqqlhg gxlleqs. ac-. cordlng‘ go_ the cen-51,14 n,r‘on1In,19x'£i§l0n [lS§(1 as the poplxlqgloxn husls for the tprrg:{1_t,loI1 01' suvll (_Hsl_l_'«kfl5|2 a_n.1 sur'h nmnoxjtlonmenl and‘(1ls'lrlcts shall r--muln uxggltereq until mfter t_‘l,\u next 1'0:-\ppm‘-tloumgnt pf mama bers of assiambly._ in cjoun hm_'l_x1x: !_no1'(\ than one senate «lisgnlct. the same‘ numbmj o{ assembly cllstvlcté shgxll be mug in g-n_c-h s,on_z1tu gllagrlct. 11nle;ss t‘h;e‘ nss,on|l:l,v districts ermine! he gvenlv (ll; \'l_d;\.l among the senate glisjxjicts pg‘ gznv nogmty. In whfr-h r’-use on¢.1n9x‘o assembly tllmrlnt Slt be put in the senat_e dis- trlrl in such co,;mLv lujvlm: ‘the lm‘-xze or one less qssonmlqly u,llstx\l_(-t shall be nu]. In tho se11;glg~ tllstrlét in such county hav- ing tho sunallest pqnnlsop of inh1hit_;mta,_ _ex(-ludim; n,ll_x-ha. as tho case; may 1'cm_I_l_re Nu gown, and no. bluc-7( yn a rim ‘lnclosed by streets or nuhllc 1\'a1ys. shall he dl_\_'lde-1 Ir! 1' . ‘ # ! .1 91' _r‘.-.-,.~~.\._r. (1|.S[]\.[nQslV nor shull any di.*st!‘l(‘tS c-om.:\‘ln n_ zrontmj exonss ‘in; p:nm_xlzytlun uvgr an ndlolnlm: (llstyl:-ti ln_ the same snnagn dist_r'|.vt. lhmj tho un,puln_tlon of z'\ lnwn Hr h‘or‘k the-rein aqjolrxlng such nssembl\' (llstlj-lvt. Toxvrns 01,‘ l1‘m‘1_t's. which. tfram tholr ln<‘.1_Hm1 may he invllulml In (‘Hh('I‘ of (Wu dlstrlt-ls. shall ha an nhxu.-<1 rs tn u1:\L'«- said di‘IH'k‘l_s Inns; n¢_\nr1,v equal In numb:-x‘ of lnhnbl: ‘tmnla, ox--luu'|ln'r: n'lnn-: .\'nlhlm:' in thin R_f*.'tlul\ -‘lull rv\'v(<nt Hm -lhlslon. nl 'nn_v time. of cougnlc-3 and ln\'n-4 purl the or\v'1lI1u of ‘r.\v-w t_nwrs Ln: U1\ lalilslrgture. A\. -\‘!D'\l'lh'|nn'(-'1! 1)“ ‘tho 1(\.ZiSl[lUII‘e. or rnthux lm‘:1_\f. shall he ,-zuhjo--I tri. ravle\\v in} {ho suyremn onurt. at tho sglll of anv v1‘|\-Ix. xlnglnr slxoh r§\I3r>|1z\1ul' l‘6gllhvU0l1H gig tho lewlslatgmx m.'\,v nresnrifnn:§1n'l_ any court hclfmfa \»_'l\_l¢h :1 u_-zgusc may he pongl~ Ing, ln\,'o_1vlm_: nn_ npunrtlonment. shall glvqa precvclcncn tl\m:r=go mm‘ ;\'| other onu’S!,:S. ant} pyogegdlneca. and If snld_ court be 11.0’; in session It shall vnnvone prompt- ly for the dlspnsltlnn of the samé. mail ‘Semi-Pru=s% lose The 0%p%e‘ne‘r‘ ‘LABOR EARTY om=~Ic%1ALLYv1%uFlam-Ht:1u:~B¥ _ V ‘»r.==1,Lx.Ne or ‘PE‘J‘lT'l.0NS.~ wtgm -commxsslongnss T L -roman ‘MAYOR Vqnsaous amps ‘THE. PLATE Ins» ‘w'.'.\IEh-‘I «AP Sufi; IJ.1‘P,SU'A)\'_’f‘ to ‘we Dxfcwlslons of {£C0ll(l_l_l . «xghty of um Eloctloxg pass‘. the (ol- -l--\\1u_g 1uupu:.egl umendments -to the con- stitution. gleslgnakc-cl as 'T\l‘uil0.s-‘d_ Am(1vd‘- 1f!|\I_N numho'rs' (‘me to SN. 1m-h_:s|\;:~. will b_9 mbnxltu-d to the \’0t(_3rs uf this Sine fur nalJDi:o,yuJ at the G_gnerM Imocljon on Nu\jmn_bL~r third, .nl'nétée1i huI1d|'u,d\- and tbi1'ty—on,e. ALIMNV, S._sprm.-bar, 15. K9,}! on *I?ues;la.v-; out '6. Jasft @185} d; the ‘or. Independent petitions for c'V§'1u4da-MS for p\_v.l'n-to Iii-r_1c_v: -In New Y~:'>‘x-k_ gtate, \:.1_xe m,n.g.7-.'{Les_1,-c1_e—rs 0! 15119 new Imlependem Labor I.’u’1'~t.v« med designating ;peb1t1ons '6:ri_ol,a,1l‘y: launch- ing gx compljdte new ‘party ticket in- mcknwannzi. ' —Gurdine‘rg’- Score Three Time; Aglaihat. Steel‘ City ‘L.eag;u.e at stadium. ‘E:'|eétri¢ Midgets Qpen Season: With. Tie Game With Stm.th- Park Tum 1~3I>WA_Rl> J. I-‘-LYNN, S: 1-rotary 0/, Scone. Lackeywanng. semi‘-pro» »faatbnu team. member: or the western -New York‘ Eoqt 'ua_}1 League, met defeat Monday night at Bjson Stncllum 111 the opening: ot_ the _‘1.00 581.1501}. ‘IT?-51.1.18 to. the ‘Gardeners, ibzfnxerly t.h_e; Quales. by_ a soon: 01 19 to 0-. Tm: F.«‘1,écI,>.r.1'o Midzets opened mheir 'I..:iW-.-, son by hol(1lng- the ‘strong Sonny e-levfen to 9, 7 to '1 $19. Joe O'Connor on g. clevel, heverae ran 33 yguglsr -{bx} xx touchdown and McDonald adqeq the W1IW- _ . TEXT OF I’BOI’0SI~:D A~M'ENI_Ji\1EN'I} I X\‘UMBEI{ o:~.'r;: John, H. Ctlbbdns, 1'91-xjngxj. saclnjxst mayor. .13’ the oamdgdvnte mm mayor on the Labor ticket. The other ~ca_nk_ud§lte5 are: For supervisor. Jacob 11‘. Greg- slnger; olcy 1_\j_dge;:, Stanley ol city V.!;98*51l1'€1\u G5°1.'%° A,' NW5? %~5595,9°7~T-\'- Ox,-rl_s Sage’, Joseph M. F and Jos- eph. Nowgk: coqnctlmfvn. _1»urs§ wargly, pm; Tgrbulg; second ward. Gaslmer Kps. Lodzles: .th.1rc1 ward. Ear) tcurth wafrq, ’ Walter W. G1_e‘se01<_c-or. Sectlnn 1. R(’Sul\’I2d_. '1fh_m_. sgctlun four ot ar-t_l,rle two. of the cDlIaLUt[lli(1l\ be amended tn '1'<:_ul us follows: 5 -1. Laws s.1u_l1 bu mndg for u§g-eylaI|j- lng, by pruner pm;_.r.~_ tho clt;l;2on.«;_ who shall be c-ntltlugl to the right of sujfl'I'ng¢) hereby establlslugd. and for the g'cglsu'a_- t_lon at \;ntcrs: \\}h|,t‘h I‘:-Lxlatrution .s_lmll lgo COHl|)l€'i_s'll u_x IL-us! Lg-u (lays by-l,‘px'o uzgcll 91:» anon, Such u.-g‘l.~m'ut.lun shall not be re- qv._xlred for tnwn and yillzuzu L-lcctluns ox- 03:1); by ux_pve.s.~s..provlsl_on of l:g\\;. Iviycltles, and villages llmjlng flvg tluouszuul lnhg;lIl- ta or mom}, voters shall be xfoi.:“vte|_'ed upon personal a only; lguj vgter.-; not 1'esldlng in such cities or vlllgxgc-s ahvvll ‘not be requlre<l to. apply in [IL-xsuu‘ fun; rcglsgratlqrj at the flrst m¢_a_etlI.I.E: u the officers havilng clutrgo 9f t_he re!¢lstI'.V 0: Voters. The number (If such lnlllnbltgulls‘ gzhnll he d¢te1_‘§nlned_ n_(-L-ordlng to the lat-‘ est census qr enumgrnglon. federal or stage. shpwlng the nnnulatlou of cltv or village. except that the fe(_l(-n_~.x| . :- A pass. {ram Capt. Joe Eaggx; ‘to, Bob Maohma pad Ewan’: 1nu_ngo‘nettec1 the 'M1¢.i89tl. their 1- ' Eazan. vMa<.=h'1m:«. ndrdén and.-'1‘°r.n ,M°O - played but 1‘0I'* the lz wane Tcwimay and J: O.'C<>1,m.->r at-ind for the south P§rl:_'s~ The teams oljuh again on san;urd’p,y, och. 24, at Jswett Ileld. A gooq ‘cg-o:.vu_ 13 bggpgotgd to attend‘. The Buffalo exeven atmted 1; rgshmg vax-{ed to score a touch(l_ow'n early m_ the ounces’; After the lglck an ‘the Garqlxwts Just 3-broil]? ~repeateg »th_1s cf.((-nsl_ve. Gmves ‘and Foxhps coxxblnueq melt Iowjnrq zqu-clxgs and placed_ ting bag; cm the We-yard 11ne- Ci;u'<.i.1.n_a_ tuxnbsled to 1.-hx-ow tJ1e‘(:‘r,;u'dlnel_'s back. six yard: on ‘the first shot, ~a,c the goal and we quara- ter ended On thg second play ot_ the fourgh pex'lcI<_1 Neumxgn shot gmugq left end fax} the score niter Forage“ h-ad -been stopped In the middle or the‘ line on. the initial tnvusn. 1.-“omen plunged bver for; the extra: point. only two plays after rthe l5l_al:o1': Mgr-. rich\; 0! the I,.ao1guwaInnas made A gen- pergte mo,ve by passing deep in_ ma awn territory and Tommy smL_u_: lgngeq through to nab the haul} in 1un_ and dashed 25 yards (or the third Itguchdpwn. Walser attempw-ed 9. place xlclg for the extra pomt anq mjssed. trraxr or; mzopsmn AMEN‘DMEN’1f- Nun Vsxx Section i. Ijpsoived, That section t.\von_- ty-seven of» grticie three 39!; the constitu- (ion rbg umgmdegi tq rimtl gs iuliows: 5 Z7. Tiiu legislature shaii, by genexgai ‘ia\_\;s. w_Jni_‘e-If upon the beams og sq|>ervl- acts. on 0H_iei‘- go\'e;'ning ~eiecgi\:o- hbgiios. oi the -sen-x-a_l L‘(_)uil,§i§!S or the state such ft_Ii‘th(3i: pmve1_':1 uf- ioca_i ioglsizition‘ and gui- ministra.'tlon us the i¢,g-.i:sinU.lre' may, !xfmn_ tinie to time. deem expeziient. in ciounlies wi\l<:h_ now li§!.\_o.‘ or iu~ro:itzexj hmjg, cotugty niuiizors or utim: i_ls<-:11, umcers. autixoiizeci to audit bills. i|,(‘tOl.lillS._ charges. claims pr dpn1;1n_9l_s zigaixist the county, the l_eg1§l1\- l_iu‘e mny 4-om‘:-r such pawm-5 unonsuch ;iud_liors,_ or tiscai (l as tho 1c_:gisig1- tuft; may. from time to time. (icon) expe- qiont. in the co.u_I_\ty oi V\v't:stci_tcst_er the iegisiinnr.» Anny by sor.arm+_- enactmc-nt 9,1; gs ;'mt=t pi n_ form of ::mernment to be adopted mt_rsu_:mt tn sot-.t_ion twenty-.six, at this gyrtiuio, confer unnn o oi’ thg cu‘>unJ.,v to he eiorimi by the oieg-tors of the county or nmmintga by the honrd oi stipen- visors or other cmintv guithprigigg as ghe legislature shall direct, supii pow’/ers, and duties in relation to, the asse‘ssx_nent for tgnxation oi’ p1'opo|}i)’, whether regxi or per- sonal. \_vitimi the county as: the legislature mar. lifpxii time to. time. deem expgadient. gny pmvision oi secilon't\\'o, of article ten of this ctxnstitutioq to the cont;-{try noi- wiihsigtmiing. Assessments so, authorized may. in tho c-nsps nm] to the; extent ¢_1ire_ct- ed by the legislature. ‘be gubstimteri in pinxe of asapssmeiiis hex-otoinre made by igcni o or othen ngtimriiies on any assessment rolls orj other lists of 'laXaJ)I'a property for the puxfbosp oi tnxxuign ox’ gssés \ or fox} um‘ ntiser purpose. in any tax qiistric-t or other; nréa‘or unit for taxqtiail ox; gissessnient within the county. This section sim_ii ring he gieomeqi to con- ferj mi tho isxzisintiire fin)’ power. to aim- tiiorizye county oiijrors of ’ \V'egt¢hos'!er county to determine that nro_pert,v. reui or norsnnni. within suoh nnunhf. is taxable. which property is exempt frmn taxation under any general or special imv. OF!‘-’lfC:!AL ,rn_oc;z=;ap1%nus or THE <a.oMMo.N (0ont1nu_<_:g1_ mfom Page 1) gc<_:grd,El1Ce with attachod apgcltlcatlcns 219; gm. 1;. Iencg an uao, ‘pier-‘ Mn. 6,.) 139-39.29. a— gqtu 12 tloet. dqrhle avian '-$78 eaqh. !.934.0.0.- 151%! 041.3310. ah:_1_ll he conufiflllng unless :-‘urn sin};- enuxneratlon. ll‘ any. shall Iugvo In-on ggnkon and '1':-tlurxu-<1 two {pr u_m:,- y4::\r.a z\ft_or the return of the I-ruce<1Ix,u: f-dam! census, § 2. R_e'su1vud. ’I‘luu sm-tmns four 'n_nd (lye uf gnrtlclo lllrcu o( the L-unstl_t_ut,lun he gxxicnglx-<1 to rexm as 1'nl1u\,\'sf 1ng- agqe ‘oz sgld :bon;l5. NOW, THEREFORE, be it. For 1hI'r;I_1.Ih.ln: Ml matzeuu. ones ‘els- pexft. °!e.¢t<.rr and. necessavry ow. 0! I-adlsawannn to supply ottwr 1.1911! to qoniplcte 321,04 1m. 11:. let-nee @ 01.44 per lin. salamaq a gqtes 13 2:. double »mzf1s. @ we each. $284.00, Total uaaaase. RESOLVED. that 3-31? City 'I.'l.'935u_1.‘er or the any at La_oKaw-m,_nVa. be amt he hereby gs authorized axui djr§ot_ed_ go P“! “N! all WjI‘1'3.'.-W5 $3.“! 99:31’ flames of lndebteglngss, that hgqvg been issued by the Clw for the above men- tioned improvements. M.°V€d ‘by -79371,“. 3°°°¥‘.d.€¢.1 ‘)3 “V,d.l'3'91\. that resolution be ‘adopted :3 xead. § 4. Except né herein tIUl¢:l‘\h'[8t‘ sn:o\:ltl- ed. the fotlvral rwnaus tnkon In the \je.II- Illl'l*‘!0t'l'l hun(lI:-tl thII*t5' tnIIl_ one-II ft-t1I:I_-.Il census taken Ilccc,-nnII\_IIy t_l_Iereu_I‘Ier shun be rontrolllnx; us to the ttumher 01' ln_IInI)i~ tttnts In the state or nny pttrt tl\I.'I‘cuf Em‘ the purposes nt_ the nmmttlo_ntnt=nt g_xl' members at’ asst-Inlply ttntl Ijen,tljustIm.I_II or :tlteI;nt_lr»n of senate and Itsscmbly tlInt_Il(-t:_I 11;-.‘:= Ut‘(‘l)l'l‘ll‘l§. In sn {gr as st_t_ch_ ('('l‘ls‘tI!-3 and thn tnbulntlon thereof nurptlrt to Izlve the lnfoI_'Inntlnn necessary t_heru(oIj. 'l‘he 1egls1ntttt't§. by ltxw, shall provlgle (for the nInIc_lng and tnbul.\tInn by stnte gIutIIprl- -ties of an t-IIuInorntlmI of the Inhabitants: pt‘ the entire stnte to he usctl for sttelt ]‘I\ll‘- hoses. Instead utf It f(‘tlt'I’[\l ceIIsIIs._ It‘ the, tnklng nt’ 11 fetlernl renstts In any tent_II year from the year Itlttetecn II_t11I_(li'etl tltlrty ho otnlttod pr If the fodernl census, falls to show the numb:-r n1‘ allens my In- dlnns not taxed. If it t‘edeI'nI c-t~I_Isus. tlmtuzh ghlng the rt-qtxlslto lni’oI‘rnnt|ongn,s to the state at large. falls to give the III; furnmtluxl its to olxll or terrlturlnl d_l\'lsloII's tvhlclt ls requlred to be known fur Stttfll nut}-nos;-s. tlI_o‘lo;:lslI1tuI'e. by law, shnll proxldo for Sl_l(‘ll nu et,Iur'tIi~I':I,t‘tnI‘t't-l‘ the lnltabltnnts of such pnI=t_s of the {nuts- ouly as may he noct.-ssxtry. \vIIIpI_I shall 8ll],)Bl'F.lt!l1(‘! In part tho; federal (‘._0nsus and he used In cnnxnectton thorowlth tjguf Inteh xIt_Ir1Inse.s. 'l‘hu legtslntttro. by law. mny nrovltle In Its tl_l_soI'etlnII for an enum0rtI- (Inn by state uut_hurltIé-.2 of the Inhalsl- tants of the state. to ho tlS('(l for 1-zuclt xrttttxntmgs, In place of :1 Qt-der:_Il' consiu.-5. wltg-II tho rc-.tt_II at’ n dc-cm1nlII_l ft-tlernl census ls (]('lA_1)‘0(‘ so thnt It Is not xujnII- nhle at the bet,-Inning of the reg.-tI_lar guss- slnn ut‘ the lc_II:l~alzttur:- In the st-t-nntl ,\'eIII) RUN‘ the year nlnttt-n I-Itntlrutl thirty or nttor any tenth yc:Ix- t-on-rronI. gr II.‘ an nnnoI'tI<»nInc-Int nr III(-IIIIIL-rzt at‘ nsIs(_~II1tIl_t_v and I'c-.tIdjustnn.nt nu‘ n_'tII-xitlt-n tit sat,-Itatc dlstrlvls ls nnt. nnule M cur hI~f.nt-If s_unl_I n sc-sslnn At tho reI;IIInI~ .~ «Inn In the _\'enr nlnvtrt-n h1ll'ld_l'l'(1 tfhlrtw;-t\t_'u._ nml m_ the first I'qI;tIlnI' snsslnn n.f|(~I‘ the your nlnI.-- teen lIun(lI'otl l'nI't.y {Ind after cttch tenth 5’|'l||' lh(|'(\fI’0Ill the senate dlS|l~I[‘l‘! Ishnll be Iontljttstetl or nllert-.d. but It. In nnv tlemtle, cnuIItltI:,' truth and Inclutllmz thn_t whlvh h|':[:ll_I!l. with the year nlnott-en hun- (ll I Ul|l'|,\'-tint‘, s'urh n_ rm1_t_ljtIs|nIcnt ur Is not Inmlo nt the time nltovu prnswlbt--l. It shall be m._ulo at n sIxlI:u.-- quvnt st..:I~.I-vn urml rlm: not lnl('l' thnn the sltth \;-ur of :~lI§lII (]utf‘X\(l(‘. nIm_\IIInI: not In.I_t-r than nlm-ltt-1\_ humlretl tIIlI't_v-six. htllrlt-t‘|\ InInu1I-Il full)‘-.~.IX. lIH]('|('(*'I l:IIn- tlrr-Il flt‘t_\-\Iv and on: ’1u‘n\lIlntl_. ho\_\'- :-wr. thnt It‘ sun h_ t_I ~tIflvts shnll h.I\u heon rt-.rIllII~Ii«,l hr ultu »II In‘ luw In t.IthcI' or thr sunrs KIUIPU\ n Imtttlx-ed thlrtv nr nlnt . teen lnIndI't-.tl thir \’-|lll('. they l\|l1l\_ rt}- nI.tln umtltz-.I't--I IIIIHI the {lrst rt:L:tIlnI; ses- Eiiun a[t(:r thv yrnr nlnt-‘.og~n_ IIItII(lI'I«tl fr-It\' Stu-‘I IIlvlIlc-In shall he sn Ijontljttsttul III’ Illivrltl‘ thnt r-n-|I Hnnntu tll.stI_‘Itt t~h_IIl| I;r,uItnlII ma Im.n.l\- Iv-I Inrtv hr nn et|II.Il numhr,.r nt‘ I\|]:|\ll<R'1ls. mu-lutllII-: aliens. ntd ho III |l‘< (‘tIlll|I ..,t (mm Its ]Il‘u(‘ll(';|lIlt, nu-I rtlmll I'oIn.Ilu u:ItIltt.I-.--I unlll the [‘II.«v )r at‘ the next <l- t“|ll\ ns, gth-we tletlnr '. ‘nu-I shnll at ull tlmr.-I rt-II:~Il.-at of cm!- I|..u-aun l(!l'I'llI|l). and Inn I-nItIIl_v shall he tI'\I«t--at In tho rm-I.u ‘HA-ll ut’ 1| :4:-nnto (“$- 1 ~ I\\I\.:\ In In I.- Inc: tll\ more Honntu tll '..- .- uh--llv III *ll4‘I t-n\_Int\. Nu ttmn. in It I:.. I-In-,.Ia In I\ «In lnrlnst-II |n.\' sl_I',e\is hl' Iuttllllr \\.u«. .~lv.IIl ht‘ Illvltlttl ltt tIu- forIu.ItIt-II nt I---u.Itt'v tlt.~lrtI.t~I. m,-r slutll um ll \l|'|\'l <-- um n tl III-.Itt-I- ext-c-ss In I....tn..I:mI (l\Il' .IgI u-I1.-Iutm: tlI.\ll‘l('l In t_..- s-In t;I.m.It II. In I‘I-- tmpI_tI-Itun at‘ It I-u... ..I III--tlt ‘hvlt u. mIIuIIIIIn,z t'ill\'lI (HH- tu--I t'.uuttc-s. lt-\\lI—t I1‘ hlotks wlttc-II. {rt-nu Hlrll lmutlt-II. llI.l\ lm llltllld In I‘ l_l.rI --I l\\u I||‘tII|- t»-. .~II.\II he no tulncml ,‘.-. m.k.. I...I.l -II It -tn lllnkl l\l‘ltIl\' I...» I III nuxnb-I I-I’ III‘-.IInIItIIta, exrlIIuIIn.: “'I..,._. ,\.. I-..uIIII' «hull II n. f-ntr In‘ Inmo ten- n: I‘, uxtltms ll :h.IlI h.I».- El full mtin l(_II' I, .. II lu|Illlul' .\‘n I- unu hll I\ hn\.~ tnmje tII.tn mu--IIIII'II --I I..I II.. e-.»mIIuI.~:'mIIl nu I\\u |':IIl_lllH('S [ll III.’ It-Imnxy t_lIi.-rent’ as imw urgnlllz-~II. “III-.h '.‘II'o lltljulllhl t-nun: 11¢-u_ Ur \\'hlnlI nru NI p.-Imtml nnly hy |IIIhlIt- ““‘1‘4rs' nlmll huvc mum thnn uno-lutlt of all the ll('lInlI-l'.'4 The mtlu rur nmmI‘tIuIIIIII: sutmtnrs Blltlll al\\tu's IIQ obtnxuwnl In Ilnltllnlz the nun. her of lnhnhlI:InI.~. Ixtlmltng nltt-us. In mm the l>it'l|Il|v' zalmll .'IIw.I)== l-I: (‘mn- )III:~.t::-II of Itrtv mt nIIn-rI-. ( \l't']l[ tlnt If any (llnuillv Iuutng iIu~I..~ ur mun» It-,II.Iturs In the thug I-l' nny nl)]IlItlIIIl'lll| Ill! .~II.Ill ht itntltlr-rI_ run sunh II'l(|'| tn zm nglulltlnr-II SI‘IllllI.ll‘ yr N’-IInIur.~. suvlt mld‘.tI--Iml sum- tnI' or st-n.ItuI:t s...'tIl In L;l\(‘ll In l~_lIt‘h r-ntntv In ..tl:lIIIuII I. pm llftv s<~IIntoI‘s nnil llm I-.ImIo nu-uh:-r wt mn.ItnI'.~I shnll be Increase-rl tn that t\lt-Ill T*l_l(s st-nutn (HfIll'It‘l.<, Iutlu-Itng Hm nn~s- ent. ones, as existing |ll1mt‘(|llllt’ly Int-tore the enactment of 1:, luw reatljttstixtg pt alterlhg the senate tltstrlt-t_s, sh_nlI oun- tlnue tu he the senate Iltsttlrts I-r the .stIItr- untll the oxnlmtlt-Itq yr the tettm of the senators (hon III nllue. mat-.e|It fur the pur- xmsu uf all g-It--(tut ..f ttrlllllttlzt tn:-'t‘uIl terms bugtnnlng at Slllh ¢-.xIIlIIItInn.~. .nI-«I for the forntntlun at ttssc-Inl_Ily (1l5ll‘lt‘l!<. ’ § 5. ’.l‘lIo ntotnl-em at tho ttssemluly nhnll he cltusr-II by slngln tltstrlcts and nhztll he nppurtlung-rl by tIIt- lot:L~InttIra nt each reg- ular sesslnn nt whl -h_ the senate tllstrlt-.ts are t'(‘tl{1]llslCt1t-I‘ altered. and by the stunt- law. Itmont; tho at-tjrI'nl c<_1\IntI_4-s at the state. its nc-zIrl_y us may he nc-r-nntlng to the I1un1lu~I' at Ihclv rostnnvtlve lnlutlultttnts. exclutllng Itllens I-Z» otv (‘(_!l!I|l_y ltorotattxro nstalnllsht-tl nntl sr-n.-_Ir.Itt~Iy m'gmIl7.etI. ox- copt tho rnunty or llmnlltdn. shn_II alwms he cntltlogl In one member '0! nssomhly. nntl no ('0lll‘l_ly shnll hereafter he Pl‘0(‘tt'tl Ill|l(‘5.3 its pnpulntlen shnll (-rultle lt. tn ’I member. !1'ha rounty of llnmlltnn shall elect wlth the county of Fulton. untll thr- pupulntlpn of tho vountv of llnmlltnn slmll. _ac0nrdlng to the I-min. ontltle It to It menIl)_er. But the loglslatttl-‘e mnv uhollsh_ the anltl cotxnty of llmnllton nn-I mtnex the territory thereof to some other rnuntv or cqttntles. BID NO. 3 OALD\VEL_L_ JOYCE For Xumlshlng an labpr gnq ngterlg! ‘and erecting Ienpg complete. in place in qccoxdance wlth tyttncheg speclticgtlons. 2194 Ian. 11;. dance 6.0 $1.72 per 1111 It. 03713.68 3 gates la !t_._cIouble swing @ 076.96 gach. 0230.88. '1‘<_>ta_1. $904.59. 1399; mmlshlng an mnterlj). one ex- ‘P91.‘t 81TB¢‘01' anti !\,e°b.l-5333!‘ $0.01!. 9“?! or Igackgwanna to supply other help to cmnnlatc rem em. i as. per lat- tqcheq specitlcgmong. 3194 Mn. 11;. 2_en_¢e @ g1:31'per 1111, it gmass. 3 ggtes 12 12 dpll,B1e swing @ 76.96 seacn, $230. Total I32;3.84. Lqcal Hockey Fans String with Majors non can; (yes) Wnri-en, Joynt.«C;iri,1’-, and Donowick. Cgrnieq. COMMUNICATION NO. 11. To -the Honorable Mnyoxz atjxg thy 1-Ion“-, orgble Board or Councilmen of the city 01] Lagkgwgnnq Gentlemen: TEXT} OF‘ PROPHSI-II) A,Ml_-3I_\,'DMEN'l‘ NI'M'X!!-IR -'I‘\Y() Buffalo’; American. I-guns \En-.[ try Exceodinzly Popular Hem Play Sunday Night: at Broadway Auditorium! Soctlnn 1. RoSo1\'mI !Ifl_m’t sonilpn 9e\'0n n! z\_;‘ti('!n tln;m~ of tho §‘.IInSHH|tiUI1 bu ntgxpnnglmt tn rv;ul_ as (allows; . The Gwlazda Polek. Oharité-b.1.é Society 9! Lackawannu! requests your 1_-lunorajzlé 3<>qy to; the use at Memorial building on Tuesqny evening, Oct. 20, 1933 an which to have a barn damn: ctng: p1_'o- cgegls or this 9133171 to be usecs for Ginny- mublc lmrpoaea. Hope your Honarablo Body tqkos favoygble action on the above matter and thxmklnx V011. tor pa.-st; favors we remum, ' § 7. A nuolnbné oi: the Iegi.-.‘m1'ro may xjaxjpivo any r-I,vi§ xgpnnlntxmxgnig Muxin ghjs agate. frnm the gnvernnr. the govgnjnor and ségmtn. or [mm the lezislamre. 0.1” {rain} zmv vltv ;vn\n.I:nm‘;~.nt. durlnz the time for whloh lw shall Im_ve.l)or-n placing}: and upon his Mu-1_n_:1r1,r-0 thorgof. his seat shall be (leonwcl vncwh-d. Lackaxmnna lovers 0! hockey will be glad. *0. know that again thin wkmer. Sunday nierm American Leasue H?-EM! will be sjnged in Broadway Audttorl_\_1m._ the Bui£alo_ Mgjox; opening the W. N. Y. E03501] wit. the tamgiqa Chicago Sham- gocks. x_'amembe1_-ed for their crack sweeping 1-Ive-map o -last yam‘. Moved by Warren geconded -by Joynt ‘thaw contxfaot be awarded to Past: steel 6: Wire Co. Lowest bidder. Caxjxjled, Roll call (yea) Warren, Joynt, Grit- {lths and Donowlok. '1‘EX'l‘ OF‘.)2B£L‘I0§‘i9_A‘3[E¢NDMENT Sc-ntlrm, 1. Rosnlvt-d. That artlcle swan of the mu.-allttjtlwn be amended Int gulglimz at the em} th_¢-rent qt new sect‘-I13. (Q be‘ sertinn slxtuen. to read as t’n1lo\_vs; § 16. Tlw laglslitturo In each rat‘ the eleven vnlnndnr years !m_mc(lln_t_ely follnw- lm: the nclnutinn nt‘ thl.-x xunendmc-nt shanll qnxwrtmprlnte out of funds In the treas- lll_'\' mt otherwise anpronrl.-ucgl moneys (or tlw nr-qu_ls|tton‘ by the stntu at lnnd. nu!- -«xldn the Atllrondnck gml (‘Msklll pn_x'l:.§;. as now {llocl hv lx_\‘\v, luvs? sullwl for rr-I'nr§-'=- Ixgllnn. for the 1'z=fqu'ree+!lm: nl' tho snnw and tho mntortlun xmd 1n'm:'u:¢~xncnt nf furosls thoggenn: for tho ru-';|_xl~.-l'Ion of land fnr 1,'n1'ost tree nursnrEv~.. q\_nr1 for thu c<tn_h- ll_shmen_t_ and mgtixllz-nngtce nl‘ such nur- sovius. suvh nnm-oprlatwnnsx to berzln in tho \‘n'n- with the sum of mm mlllloh (lol- lms ($l.000.’ll!0) and incI'c-aslntz nnnuwllv by the sum of two huurlretl thousand «Inl- lnrs ($200 000) to and luolutllmz tho sixth _vo:u' «ml In each at the {We wars lrnmuu gllatc-Iv 1‘--I‘-mlm:. It sum equal to that gun- prnprlntml fur the sixth venr. All sucll npm‘n5I:'lnt|nn‘1, to ho nmilahle untll ex- ir-uulml. .\ ‘.uv (mm-‘ml mxrsu'mt M thls. up--tlnu ‘hull like effect Wltllnut submls_- nivn In lh.-‘mmple. 'l‘hi- l.-nuts uf the sum. n--\_\' n\_\'nml or }’lel'I'\v‘-‘4 I :v|'I|l}ll‘g‘(l_. c-un.sntutlng: the ft-rnst |Ir(‘R(rI'V0 as nuw tlxv.-cl hr law. 5l\lll be for- NIf.\IF§ER '1,‘-Hm%:1~: FORM‘ OF‘ SIVRRIISSIOY OF‘ PROPOSED AAIENDXIENT N['.\IBEB ONE ‘(lac of Fcrlnral (‘c-uezm. F'ormaUan 9] Sonata and Assembly Districts Gwnazqwaoxek Charitable society Respectzully yours. Movéd by agnxzxcna secoqaogg by Douo wick that certified checks, be ntuurned to unauccgesstul Iblddan, The a_m_d_L§orLum seqaun was cumllgd last wimer because 01 howling taurnag ment play. but thin winter the major‘: will have full sway at -'the big am.u:a-. mean; phco from start 9,0 mu og me hockey cumun. Frances Melewski. Pres Roll call (yes) warren.Joynt.¢3/tlmthl rmd_ Douowlck. Curried. < Shall t1m_ prnnnscql amendment to sec- tion four of artl:-la two gnnrl st-ctlons four xmd of :|_|-Hole thrvo of tho CDHSHHX: tlon nrovidlng for the use of the fedgljal dgcpnnlal census If xu;-v1l.1hlo and ndegmate ln_su—.nd_ of ‘having n stnte census. and for the mynmtlnn of «:1.-nntn and assembiy dis- mots. be mmrm'od,\ Moved by Donowlck anq seconded by Joyng phat Con|munlcavlon received and_ request gmnteu ante to be aelecten w-1v_.hou.t nee. ' Carried M'.v.cd by Doxgowick and seconded by Grlmths chm; hearing on ex-tamlon of Bethlehem street be opened. Moved by Douowlck and seconded by Grxl that Pqbikp heating be gi- _1ourned_ to Sept. 21. 1931. B p. In. Carried. ' The fastest game played by human beings 15 very fzopular with Lackwwann; men and womén and Itljds city will be vexfy well represbntea in in the 100$}! contests. Moved by Joync seconded, 1W Waurcn that bids on building (cm:-o. around nth- letlc Held be opened and tend, pom: m-‘ SI'B.\HSSIO;\' rm vamvnsrzo, A_.\u-:xp.\u-:x'r ._\'rm31«:I_z Two L!)_!]lslato1's Rcttivizng Civil AppdInt1nc»I£s Shall the mrmnsml amendment to see- tlpn sow.-n of nmiclo Unjeo of ma consti- tutlpn €~nnbHm! memhnrs or the lonzislagure to recent) cull aupmnlmonts. the accou- Innce of \_\'\1|vlx slmll \n<'ate their seats. be ;;p))|'ox'ul? For furnishing all labor and materla and creating fence complete in place - Moved by Grxfflthn seconded by Joym. that the Ct_n*porM.lon Cmmsol hb Instructed to get gllflercnn prices on exmeng!ln<g Behlehem. Iron and Hnn_1g- steaq st and report at next regular- mcetlng Sept. 21, 1931. Moveg by'Gr1mthn seconglgq by Joyn that. we adjourn until Sept. 18, 10 g. m. to audtc payrolls and vouchers. can-1,,ed_. MORE ABOUT MILKS FORM 01-‘ SI'B‘.\|'lSSI(‘I\' OT-‘ PROPOSED AM_FI;\fl'1.\lI'IN'1‘ .\'I'.\lBl'2R THREE (C.0m.7‘.1,\‘.-\€‘«dV 11'9\.‘ P380 1) CHARLES HERR SONS con. coxl. soil’ con. [Cl and BUILDERS! SUPPLIES. Office; 18.40 So. Pm: Auogt 1042-1 In 1931 the emexjgency Ijellet oom- mxtazee was sex’. up on Sept. 25. We have In part. time secxjemary. Joyce. who was appointed Seatp. 18. T11e'Lsecretary or ‘a chamber muss be paid by the members or in other words the Chmguber 0; Commercg must be suppgrted by all the leading peep-lo-‘ of the city In order that 1; méy he c Purzlmac am; Rt’fm'e.*:lull'uu of Lands Shall ghe pruposxt-d nmominwnt to or- tlcle seven of ‘me r-pnstitlltlon glin-ctvhxg the legislature to z1ppm1n'la§o In lncxfeaslm: annual amounts. slzujtlm: wm_1 ono mH1_1un do1l_ars in nluetmzn hun(l\(-(I thirty-two mm h_1_c-ieuslns: nnuuallv by Hm sum of two lxunqlrod thnusand zh-ll.u's In each of the next years gmd fur om-h of the yours Immediately rullrminu: the sixth year :1 sum equal to that app:-oprlntorl for the sixth year. for the mm-lmso and ye- foroslgxtlnn of lands put-_Idn of Adiron- dnck nnd (‘utsklll Parks nm] for @110 ch- ttglnllslllxwm. of fOl‘(':st true nurserlos. with power In the stake to out and sell the trees. tlmhor, forest m'n(1uL‘ts and ollur n1a(crI:1_ls glnrcun, he .1pprnve(1'.’ ._'(~r km)! In \\'lld fuI‘x>.4t land,-t. 'l‘h'ey shnil nn! h.- lt-.:u<- <1, snhl nv (‘X(‘h.'|n\(‘d. nr ho ta‘:-n h\‘ unv «fun.» nlwn. public nr pri- vmr-. nur sh'I‘l the tlvnbcr tl|I.l_‘0n[1 be sum. wuum-:1 m‘ «I wruycd. Nnlhinr: cnntulned In this .~:-.1..m‘ nor in tho prnhlhltmns of an-ll_'~r\’ sm-rn of this arglvlo shall l)1'¢)\_'on§ tho stale {rum cgxttlntz. st-lllng or g'en1o\jl_ng tho In-ax. llmlu-r. fngmst m'o(1ucts and olhvr un:u_I-‘~rl'1ls gm nny lands hereafter npnIII|*o<l wlxh mu nmnoys hon-In ll_l}UlDl'l'l.Od w|i,h_ln Hm fnresl 1)l'v:4(-.r\'n cnuntlos but outsido'\'~f lhn \dlrnm1:u:k and (‘msklll m'u‘ks nu n-mg nr lmrenftrr oxlemlcrl by lmv. J. J. REDMOND. City Clerk The secretary must be non pgrtlsan 111 politics for the reasons set fontu m the case 0; qgorge Buck. By non pur- tlsan, I up not; mean non poljglsal. In Lackawanna, the taxpayers commit-tee takes gate of thc prtfltlcul end 0; the chamber of Commerce bxgslnesa and the secretary has to take care of its correspondence. The’ secretary must. be hbera) in his thoughts as the Ohnmber of Commerce is the onl_y place In -the United Sscxtes where we can all meet. TI:-X'l‘ 01-‘ l'R(I['0Sl-J1) ,\.\ug\'1'),\u:.\,\1' \'l'Mm-Iii I~‘nI'R FORM OF‘ Sl‘B.\IISSl0.\' OF PROPOSED .‘\MEl\fl)-.\IE.\\l‘ N[’.\IIll'}R FOUR I S;-.-ll.n,\ L ll;-sulyml. Thu! sr-ctlon one .1‘ .‘Il\.l('lI- six 01!‘ tho mnslllullun bu amend- ud I.» nun! as follows: 6 1. TIM! :n_um.-n1_:- rnurt ls c-auunuod wlih gem rnl j\u'lsdlvt|nn_ lu hnv nn_x_1 1~qu1l\’. sub]:-rt to surh :\\n|uol|x1to Jurisdic- [Inn 1»! III!‘ mm: of nnpcnls us nuw is or horrn_flcx= may he prusrrllwgl by law not Inonn-.lslc~.nt with this :u'xlr~lo. 'l‘hu exis \ uul_lrh1l (lgslrk-1‘-4 of the stale n_n_: continued unfll rhunmul as hm'cln:xft-an‘ |Iro\'l|1P(\. 'l‘ho supremo mu_rt shall 0-mslst nt t_,1w jusurcs nuw In u-Hi. 0 null tlwlr su.-v. ssurs. lugfclllvr \\i'lI xmln aul-Vuiunnl msu-rs as may lu- unhnri:-mi hv law. {Hm alutvvssnrs [If snhl 1\.-x!i .5 wall 1... vhnv n by the vluctlurs of mu ir I‘t'<]I1:(‘II§I' uulmml disn'l<'ts. 'l‘Iw l‘.g|sl.|tIuu -nay nlu-r 1114- jtidlvial dlstri;-.ts -mm» nfl--r 1-\j-ry rmjvrnl or-nsus or state nllln-Arr\! :.. ouh (H.~trir‘! hvlng bounded by rI_-unis hm-s. nu-I l_1u-rcsuymn’ rc--ammr- ”0nI‘u|j'I5I'1\=i>1!IG|hE'l‘|ilHPI‘ ck-cl:-d in U10 1-, . 1 X; .~-I nhu--d. 'l‘~lu- Imzlslgmnfe may fmnl um. | I tI.I «- Im l‘r‘IlEiI,' the num- llvr of jusnm-H In any jlullv.-lnl district. ( x- vnpt Ihv vuxnnlwr nf JII-11: cs In any dlsgricg mull HM no ixnr-runs’-:1 1.. A-xm‘§'|_l> one justicp for ouch slxlv 1hnu.~::uul. ur frzwlloxi nvm; lhlrly-livu Ihnu.-..mr]. n! 1]“; gmpulatinn thur-‘--at as slmwn h\' the lust. l'¢-ll’:-m_l can-: sqs nr .-»t:m~ 1-num-rntiun. Thp lnglslature nmy urmt ..vn .r H.» 5.-mud mdyiu-m_I dis- trltt us now v »n.<tH\Il--:1. an-.u_1m' jugllrinl district and nmu.-rlinn the Justices in ruf- In-inn-n nu» districts. and nrmldo fur; the uh‘—rX|‘-u nr .1 lr1IH..n.d jusllr-cs in un- m-\\- rllzu--I-,1 nu! : 2;:-m:‘in:: lhn llmn harv- in 1-rn\~!\-\d :\nv (l|!=t'nn n( 1110 sum‘:-mo x-ugn! L». ''.-v .u ..ilu:x\\1~-- prn\idr\-1 In thl. :\l'-llvl‘ -v n |n.Ifnl’lII (_hn glu|,lr-g; of his am» («T n- H nn\l|\l In any muntv. E1'cz‘hng Anulhcr Judicial District Shall the proposed nmom1_ment to sec- tion one of article slx of tho <:m1stl_tuHon pt-rxnming tho l0'.:|9|z\_(uru tn ¢~rc_ct anotllgr Jmllrlnl district out of tho sennnd 1LImcI:x1 district. npnorglnn tho jusiir-on in omce be- tween the two (ll-:I'rI:-(ea, and provide for thy 1:-levm-n_ nr mldlllnhnl ju:~(_lr'r-s in ghc now «mum nn! on-.n- the limit pm- vhlbtl for in the present cnnstltlulon. be appx-nu-d’? If every man could bulc-ng to the Knights 6! Columbus. out the Masons. or the Anjzrgcan Legion, ox: to the R0- man Cauiohlcs, or ' Methodists there woulg be t; common meeting place 10: the brotherood or man. Nfo such pinch-3 exists. We can all meet in 3 state of some kind. Years ago cgrtaln stores arr: saloons used to bx; cam_mon m¢;ot~ mg places. Mpdegn tmmponzatloxx and gclverualng have changed all gins. I know hundreds of people In Lacl;2\- wgmna. that; I; won't see in a_ genpratlqn although I drive bhrough mhe sueetg neamly every gay In «the summer time, F‘0l{:\l O!-‘ Sl\HMISSI()\‘ HF‘ PROPOSED AMI-}.\'D.\IEN\.1‘ ;\f[’?\IB‘I')P, I_“»I\_'}'3 ('Ium_r1Inu .\'rm1r nf Mulr Dcncwlmnxi of ('harilu.s mul Stale liuurgl 0/ ('huruic.s Shall Um p|'npn.<~r=r1 n_n1r=n_(1I\1r=n! tn spr- Hun_ mm of nrllvle Hvu um] sections elou-n. fnurtmn nnd nf nrticlc clam nr [lie constiluiinn clmnglm: gho na_mes of the stale d_vp.1rt;n1enl nf charities‘ xi thé st&\_t_9. hnruxl nf r-lmrnius In state dup:u‘t- men: 01' sm-la! \vxlf.n-- and‘ stale board pt‘? snclal xv:-lfare ream-cH\'c-Iv. and el_|mInat—- mg reference to tho stage cummlssiun in ‘lunacy. be approved? FORM OF SI,'BMIS.<l‘H\' OF T!ROI‘0SI-ID AMI-1.\'lh\-I['1.\\l‘ ;\[’M[5El1 SIX As.1:‘.9ament of I\.~:.prrl_u in Wcalchc.-Jgcr .114. .‘ 1 It ‘Is the business or :1 Chamber 5-1 Commerce through its secretary to bring these people together. ' The Chamber 0! Commerce becomes the gm- cery score or the saloon where we meat to dxscuss conditions. The ‘chum-l1ez' 1: more t‘nm1 thud: because ntterlcondgtxcns we discussed a c_omm'mee ls, xoxfmeq \_vh'lcn converts the dtscuaslon Into ac- won, Shall the nrru.-mu! :I'lI(‘IN1n_l£-n( tn sec- tion l\\ent‘y-sc-Vtn --! .u_[n-lu tlu‘0.u at‘ the mustltlltluln null:-urn. n ' llw lrzislntw-v in cunt;-r ugmn mu. rm nr tun x---‘unly nf \\ usi- vllustur cl--Ln.-(1 or n;:]InhIl<: as the 1r-.-.'Is- laluru small (1! -vi. |m\\ox'~I as tn the zlssr-<;aIr=nt of pr.-ynrlv as d_m-nu-d mm- djc~ut._ .n v sul-Ix ;x:~n-:«:~n1rm in bu :4ll]nuH- lulu] If the le-.'l~l:nnI|'v (lIl'r(.lS In uiuru ~01’ l§SSI:1£nl0l|(2i I.¢-n-tufg::- mxulo -.;1 uuv ¢'.SS(‘.S%‘m(‘lll rnll ur It‘: (nl HI.Vnl|h« [-mp:-I'~l\' In any taxlug (Hair -1 mun ur um‘. ex-'---M that poxu-r mnn--t. Iv 1.:r:un_¢-ll to 1m pmp-: ergy 4.-xomm. by gc-ncrpl or special Lu». be npprm'L~d‘.’ 'm‘:\;'r r,:I-' rm»:-0:41:-n \\lI-Z!\“III\H-3\'T Sun!--n 1 1{n~uI\‘o-L '|‘lI.It st-rg H-- uf urtl-1. mu --C me ('n||.-Itllullull ho amend- ed In Tr M as I’- I1--gs: .\'l'.\lI,‘-I 1-‘! VJ 5 2. 'l,\u~xc 2-xlmll be the iu1ln\\ln_g cixll da|).u'uu«-n_ts In lhv slate gm'ern|_nenl: Firm, |~¥r.1\{lI\I'; semnd, mum am} mmrni. third. t_m§;mnu_ -md_ Hn.uu~c-, {nu}-1_l1. law. mm. amt:-: sixth. pl_1hHI' uurks; seventh, nrcl1|1ect\xre; eighth, t-nus:-r-vx\linn, ninth, agriculture and mnnkgls. tenth. lnbnr; eleventh. eghxczltion: twelf:h. l_\enl|h; thir- geg-nlll. nwnggnl hyglonc; fnunc-cmh, I-ujlnl \velf:uu. coxyn-rtlnn; l_slX_tl?_8l1UJ. puhH_c sc-rvim-. sevfonteontll. lynnklmz, elghh-e-nth. lngurn,n_t'o: nineteenth. Lxvll ?¢{\jlr.‘e, t.\'.'enHelh. mllllzgry und nn.\'nl af- n rs. It you wouglqt like to meet. and (10 things which will be a mammal and moral bene 10 youlsell and em; city ax‘ Iaackuwanna, then Join the Chamber of Con(n_\_erce. I! you do not like the way the chame bet‘. is now run we win rcorganlznl it so that H, wlil meet, with you; approval Send your name and address to the chamber 91. Commerce. Lnckawanna. N. 17., am}, the secretary’ will send. you applxqaudn or other -mtdrmarolop, Travel the Lake and Land Route of the C&B Line. to Cleveland points West and Southwest New Law Fares mzd Auto Rye: , . . . . Between BUFFALO and CLEVELAND, May 1st to Nov. Int, ‘leaving, each‘ way gt 9:00 p. m., grriving 7:50 a_. m. (-E.S.T.) $4.50 one way ‘ $7.50 xound grip Anny _cani¢4_i_rla June ugh gm! after Sept. mh (5.90 any size car. . Sum!-wz vast. ml: 3.6-so and $740 SUBSCRIBE FOR THE, T=h'e qlibtiong nhtnlnod hv dividing the \v_hnIe number or lnhnbitgmts (If the slate. excluding aliens. by th:- mnnhm‘ of mem- bers of nssembly, shnn ho the; ratln ton; appoxftionmpnt. whlxgh slm he mzulo as fo[lo\vs: One member: of assembly shall he nppot,-Hanged to_ every county. lnchidlnr; Fulton and Hamilton as one counly. coin- Lainlng 1995 than the xgaliu and on-.hr1‘I' over, Two members shali he apnnntlunori tn everv o county. '1‘-he remalnlnsz members of assembly‘ slmll he annoy- tlpned to the cnuntlos h:uln_z_ mnro tlmn two rajlns ag~:-nrdlm: gn thn number of [n- lnabltgnts. eschulhuz nllomz. Members Xm- portloned on ramnmtlers shall be unpar- tlpnerl foy rnur-tlos Y1:Iylng (ha hlxzlu-st remgtimlers In tho .nrdnr -thqrmf ma- spegtlvely. No cnunh: shall haw more members of ns'=cn11a_lv man u munty Ymaxfhlz a_ greater number a! Inhabitants. gxclgdlng gallons. V’I‘-he assomlnlv distrlots. inc-lmjlna tho nresont ones. nu cxlstlm: imn1m1_l;1tely be- fore the er|_a_rtmc-nt rg‘ .1 luv.‘ mnlglug gm g1|mo1,'-Hnnn_1<Int nf mrmnhr-rs nf assemhlv among the colultln“ :«,h.'Ill r-nmlnue .t_o he tlxn assomuv dirty’ lg‘ me st,-no mun she exnlmtlon u! 1‘ 1 was of members \I . Resulwd, Thur st-rtinns eleven. totgrtem-x_1 and ! of allgclc eight of the §!ot_\_stIlutlox3 be amumlm tn read as fol- ows: I-ACKAWANNA NEWS I ll. The leglslagure shall prnvltla for I1 state board of social \'.‘alf:u'v, which shall vlslt and inspect all lnstltutluns. whethgr gtgue. ouunly. munlcnml. lncurnurzttod or not l_ncnrp-uravtvd. whlrh are of .3 charita- ble. eluem(l$yn;\_ry, cox‘r-_-rllannl or reforma- topy chzmxctex.-. _expeptln_g slate mslltu- tlons for the t.-nlucatlon nml suppnrt of tvlu-, blind and the deal ayrl r]_un1h: gtnrl except- ing lglélp such l|1s;it\1t.i«.ns as are hereby mgdc subject In tho \islv,alion and in5nm'- Uuu of eltllel‘ of (hn fll,l_tllnI‘lll('S ‘I1m_1olxl- uflon I11cntlone(l. but lm-ludin}; all reforma- toyles fur juvlu-nhilos. '1‘-he luangl nf the dc- narvlrm-nt, of monMl_l1v;zIon(» shall visit and ln_spcct all institutlrms. élthpr public or private. used for the rare and trgzxgmcnl of t_h.- Insane. erlllecllrs. ldlnts; feeble- mlnded nr mg-m.zl dc-fcctlvos. There shall he a state cv..-mznlsslun of rnrrg-ntlon. ui wlllrh tho hand of the depnrtmcnt of cor- xjecllon slnll he the clmlrmnn. whlph alum vlslt nn-1 lnsm-M all lnstiuulr-n,s, used for the rlmunllnn nf sane nrlults r~l\.1rtzL=(l \_vl1h or conxlr-tvd hf rrimo, or dc-lavlned gs wit- ness:-.x 0;‘ ch‘ I vs. Yours s|n_cex-éwly, 0- Memberswp 9h.n,1rn.uan- Betwgcn PORT ‘ST/KNLEY, CANADA, gnd CLEVELAND, June 28;}: to Sqpg. 9:11, Leave Port Stanlcy at 4:30 p.m.; arrive. Clcvqland 9:30 p.m. Lv. there 11:59 p. m.; If. Pt. Stanley 6:00 Mn, $3.00‘ one way ,'. $5.00 round trip, Auto; carxied, $4.50 up ' A Bladder Physic Is a.- nxeddcme that works on the blag; der as caster on an the bowelg. l_):*Zy'e§ out 1mpu_r1t:1¢_as and excess guilds that cause L_n1t.at1_on which iesulte m ‘getting up nights, qesire, buxrmjng, lug pains and backache. Get :1 25¢: test vbox 0! BVKE’l‘5.- (5 EL T the P1995- ant bladder phystc from any dnugglst. Afrtgr four days it not rellevgd go ‘back anq get your money. You will It-.01 betteiw after this cleansing gnd. yqu get you; regular sleep‘ Jams Dxjug Stern} Save mile; and miles of congested roadway and tnvcl cheaply, Sicétfully and enioynbly by taksng thcse luxufiout Itumct rouse». %:1f:::::.m*:i‘..»~.-<.z\.::§:::$f°:z:a°:..I;r::::..¢W°;n°%m W3 THE CLEVELQND AQD BUFFALO TRANSIT C0. log: of [Eric Sung: ' ' Bu 1*{,\_', Mail me frcegg yofC&B N9?\ . Line‘: 1931 ?acuion Bookjeg on Al Expénse 444'“ '!‘9|.I.r.I., 91-0 Mn} Eoldcr. {susscmaz FOR. THE LACKAWANNA :51 ‘I J/\79/Id ‘r/NN_VM V}/0 V7 E MN A%N=:;JA~r~;.;m~ ‘LIQUID on ‘i7AiiLt:rs- vllelneve! 9 l.19u.da_ch.o’or Nautilus 1! 0.! minim. choc“ 90016 t.h.0v ~¢.II.!.\I,II «necks Ma.qn_rII-_ I.-J“ 9.!-:99 dmg Snlvp for Baby’: Cold

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