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‘M. 4.’, 2 E 1,9: ;f.'13g :1‘ %f.AGK‘.!>\WA‘NNA P!}.B'L3.C ¥LlE€§A.?i¥K Qcxmét W ‘N-ism .v::B.L!:.‘I L3.¥;<£r,.<£-»..:~§\: ~ ..»/,-«5 ;;'w.s>.:‘§ ,,«.,.~ 43 6;‘ 'j Lacltawanng Nejwa, Lacklwannng N. Y‘., Thurs“ Sept», 10,. 1931 PRICE 5c.-:—-$2;-00 ?ER. YEAR ‘s 2.. ;g_ rent ssoftiball _ T ‘V’ st of Athletics Hére; ‘ Mayor ‘Creates Enthusiasm! VOL. 16 .... No. 27 Ma_y0r’s Appeal To \VAote.rs l’0Ll'l\lC.\_L ADV£,RTlSEDI{:‘.h‘T' moat MIMINISTRATION 1 ems mt aunsn mscann, BRIIIGE, cmnw Ann PIIOERESS 2« EXECU'I‘IV‘E’S DECLARATION 'FOR IMMEDIATE COM-; PLETION OF ‘REAL STADIUM FOR FURTHER DEVEL-' OPMENT OF LOCAL SPORT BRINGS SPONTANEOUS OUTBURST OF GREAT REJOICING. LOCAL TRY-'ITS WIN FAME BY DEF‘EA'I'I‘NG CHAMI‘ OHIO ‘TEAM BE- FORE RECORD CROWD OF 6000. HIGHLIGHTS OF ACHIEVEMENT BY PRESENT EFFI. CVIENT, ECONOMICAL GOVERNMENT SHOWN; $800.- 000 SAVED ON BRIDGE. SLASH OF‘ OVER M11-LI0N\lN PUBLIC WORK. NEW‘ STADIUM AND, EVERY‘ POSSIBLE FOR UNFORTUNATES ARE ON ‘PRESENT PUBLIC RECORDS. STRONG ARGUMENT FOR RE. ELECTION. Lackawauni; won its plgce in the, Sun or modern intercity comp-emtd_w atrh-.3 letlm on lagt Sunday when in mg swat- cst sol ocmbest ever ‘seen’ in these: park the‘: now )ustly mucus Try-Itu Battlers dof the Ohio State. Ghaqn-1' pica Plonqn onrnrw municipal sud-f :um. and when lbuowcd with an lme:--‘ city sportsmen‘: «banquet that drew thw atwmnon. or art}! omqlais. and lending; taxpayers of Laokawanna and well‘ known sportsmen or Cleveland. POLITICAL, AHVERTISEREENI Leo J. Schmidt In an opqn letter to all voters, regard- Qw 01 political ajfzliavian. rggarqless of airy irxfluenoe whatsoever, Mayor Ed-I narq '1‘-.. Malone, prgsem‘: cmar oxpcutgve of tms cLc_)j. today xssuegl a bold chm. lenge co all oppcmems. and in a plain, concrse and mast vhoroughly gnberosrzg mg statement ozted some ox t;he greatest acmevernengs accomp11shed_ by any local admlnmsmtion in the last quarter or. a century ' Outstanding highlight achlevelnents or the Malone adrmndstratlon are net one, or two. or three, his rrgends point ou_t__ but. ARE, ISUMERQUS, “Do the voter.» know?\ the mpyqr asks. \mat the great Ridge Road bridge. originally designed and approved by the Bubnc sarvgoe commxssgon and the: helm adrnlnastratqgn at :3 total cost at Q1.200,.- Q00\ and over which at 3}-revioug adxmm xgtratlon flo_u_nde1_'ed_ about hglplessly In: years. was mmated during this ad- r.|mi.suja.mqn at a cost, at only 84l3.000?'* such. however, is n {act to be appx:e~ claped by every man. woman and child of Igackawanna. for min com_n_1_umt_y‘s taxpayers are mceung 2.5 per cent‘ of the row cozxsnvucnon cast. ' ‘INSTEAD on Mom; THAN 3300.000 burden as. our share. which would have been our share. under t1;e.Lohr admin». lscraslon agreemeng, of gs $1,200,000 cost. our taxpayers have but appmxlmately Q100.,000, to pay (or one at the greatest irnprovernents in all \\'esterx_1 New York. The brkxge is last; nearly completion. it is the pride or every person, It 1013-. over oonnécts two 1_n_1port'a_nt ‘parts 0: a, great c°Irun.uun:1ty- ' AND MAYOR. EDWARD T. MA.1-.OH.E.. HAVING THE MITIATIYE TO PUT T83 ACTUAL coNs'muc'rl.0.N on 'm.I; BRIDGE. WAY A130 HAD. ‘ IN!TIA'l‘!V!: TO, SAVE H13 GOOD rm... LOW CITIZEN TAXPAYIIRB THE.‘ END!!- MQUS SUM OF APPfK)X‘Xl_‘[A_'1/'ELY $200,000.. posmyely due to the ‘mmxatxve o1_ Mayo: Edward T Malone. It was he.—x)_oc you and me.’ cheer reader. whp delivered Qhgt precious ulmnnatuxzx ox r-ghvtxousness. des clamps once and {or 19.11, that NO Qu- min-lstratlpn, shall lock the taxpayers, by :-nhlowtng B. ggke low budget ma the l_oop_-hole tor mnendments anetp electiqn, It was he. plus present oonaclenctous and tireless workexi wlp decided, that AND NOW WE MUST IIAVE A15 ‘AMENDMENT TO OUR CHARTER, so 1fh_at smooth-taJ1;1,ng polmoians could not again design. approve and qctu pass a city budget 11,1 which such gm. portanj. expex_xd_)_.{,ures as xem-emen; or bqnds could be lbxjgovwgg to be ;nclud- sq, only to be secxfgatly ar béhlnd xocxea ‘doors. A_T Tar; nosss oapmga AFTER ELECTZOK Approved For His Fine Record-' Th-mnaa 0. Bodkin who through the mgdlum of ms néwspaper has always. pwvlded local athlotcl em.erpr1_uu with phuty 0! space and wxlnavble publicity. Wu iplacted as toaa_t_h11steI‘ lb: the banquet. Favored For Re-nominating: hyl Taxpayen ,_gnd Needy AliAko».V Combines‘ Buoinqu Ability’ with 'Merc_y~. ‘This banquet was new in ma spaoloun quart-on of Grout-fun Chuxqnx hall in. ( Road. 150. 9!‘ M0“! pen-ops. being Iarvod. ‘and aqrgnetqhlug Ilka 750 in at,- tendanqo at the daxiog in me. evquma, ENDORSED > WELFARE; WOBK,ERS The charter amendment has been put into €‘ff,8<=.t.« Fnner ngdurl ‘opened’ the union. with «,1 prayer. Stephen -L. Vukauo a; president. u: the‘ Try-It éotn-; puny de-nvenq a mat nddfou, at we!-o. dome, declaring such an auplqiquo aq- caslon marke_d n naw sumgdnrd 0: ma’. ttmrg athletic cxgcnavor. A Loyal \Republican Who Has. Given; Hi! Bag! to The. Party And, The Public. Qn Qctt 15. and every Oct. 15 h_e1te- ajter. the éxdmlxglstrauoxg o{_ the 91.9)’ 0! laclsawanna MUST UNDER I-AW. show a ooggplete budget-.—1fox: me b_en_e-. “Y Of 191.1 W.!‘.P&_Y01‘5-. AND MUST ADOPT I_'!_‘ with 1.10 amendments, 91: gcjdxnons, to ha written in J_a}e2_'. Leo J. Schmidt 1! aim’! I candidate for the Ropubllqan nomlmman rm‘ Com-' oz can-mes and oguectlon. Ha _ha: held that amino for the past sxx years and has eatabllmed 9. xrecord for ability and economy oomlalnea with quurbgsy and pmmptmgs in handling’ ithe thousands 0! casep that hive come to him {or asmstgncé. To the Dcmom-{I-tic. vmqn o_¢- the any or Iackawnmxa, Mayor Efdwam T. lI_al9II°. dehvnlvid the k_oyuotc;~ apaacn of me lxxxgquqt. one Olllod wit): many pmvqoutlonn {or out- bwwo of enbhuinasm, one in wluckr no panama gxeaj!‘ xuture for -me Steel cttrl army 0! athletes. mm in and out of gchool. me one In which hit’ spoke plainly 9:’ adminiatntlvo pun: to continue to lmprom the stadium mm!\ It In ‘lxned with seam. am; I mm. and In ! £1590 tor h com-s potguve athlgtlc onberprlcu. The njayor spoke of’ (me bwucung ol tho erection or teucgq, temporary‘ aunts. and tn-mater at all .hl§_holu_I' min $43 projocta to the new v in III“: of 91:2! Mammal 1191!}. Vh.0ft° hum wotud not appear from out-ob tuvn because at! «the ever;-~pxuon,t dIn§e!\G'( accident. . Haw: ‘ ypoech dltew 11230 com Illunua Sm v¢~I the Iudxonoo. ‘ In toll!-‘l,tIh18 you: support at me Prlmarv elactjon. Tuesday. Sept. 15. I; and taking this opportunity to meal! to yaur mmd. Dear Vdter. tho economic ucqompuahments enacted in me city since Jan, 1. 1930. It «in a fact that. thrcingh cox3se1*vatdve managaznenc tn the Qcngilucuon ox that muenual stmcmxye. 71hAe‘1,l-{dge Roaq bridge. the any has been nved._ mote than’ a qltarwr at a zjnjlmon dcsllqrs. Tho budge wluoh is repkyclng the gdmm2e,.!ly inadeqxlate sttucture which spanned the railroad tracks below the Ridge Road has been secu;eq_ at. 3 cost of only u«n_a.ooo as Qompujw vmh_ the 31.21‘-0.000 cut-lmqto approved by the pxevloua gdxxuniatramiqn. The city's mung, 2; per cent of mg foul txxqt. is only llme mg-re‘ thgm (_»1DD.000, ‘raw. 'expen¢l_1t.\yres‘ In the imqtests at_ clgarxty have lncxjeaied. It is the euelmal duty or evex,-Vy govIarn}_ng“bod1_r ta proxlde for that member or the qommxmlty who. thxcugh advex,-no; cl:-cum-‘Mace. has Iound hjinuou without the I_\§cesa‘t1e.=., or me, ‘ A. progressive. ptotqctlve and mtenlgem a0l_';JgVe;;¢nt.7-)\,lnIt an- other ox gmny slnzgar achievegnents 0: golayox; Malone. What a_b,o,ut, pnbuc xxgxprqvunenu in Lackawanga l_1l1d¢l‘ the Malone Ssu-a4t1ox_1_? ‘K Well. we gshgll tell you whm. _No x_m1._ lion dollar gmptqvemenc bill {goes you No hurdexi-inc taxes tor: i.I.n§ImW.- ments to c.=n.1s_h your entml.-°l§§m. or in,-. jute sjour nuances. lndged, mat publjc gmpgovo-. n 1.11 six. years bum. up. as stesleting inctehtedxzgus 01 O2_.Z00.00o. the X91931.‘ uqnxlnlstnmon on assuming omen, mud unanunotuly FOR co_N_s£BYA}!‘I.9H. -I901; ECONOMY; FOR A GEAR?! ‘I0 all‘ 051'!‘ OF THE FINANCXM-. HOLE-. ' lbw the put your or more ggnergl hullmaa condition: have bum such. that [unusual daxundq have men mndo. upon this min and his qonu-.tawn_t. Many thoul who Aotmally hue been able to prdvldo lot themaqlvu glad that! fummu have roognuy d,ep_ond- entc. loo acnmm In; men‘ chin to meet thh Qmorxpncy M-ut»h,h1I Inn! cm-. patch-, HI: courtesy never has mud, own un- der the lung or mounting tjelnands and’ 1!! IN‘: min. -«green:-, Q1 -Gnu-moi: ma Uornougn. to which he new deck; 1'9-l10lNnn um! re-election. he has applied to N: 0311013: dujzlu the big-hen,-ted ~t,enqetngu that .has always ndeurod mm to his army ‘or, pexsonal tniends. Hus genetoul nntunjo -has been naaintoqt. To the unmrtu_n- nte, his warm hand 0: mendshlp 11;: ‘been extendad whe ntmnga nomad ‘an:-k‘e.st. and when other Jtumsgna seemed to pass by without h£¢.‘\n8~. 7 ‘. I», ; “ .3 Instance: of that nature. and they have been many, brought to our atten- tion, have thoroughly been in\\got1g£\tcd and wllph found. 1.0 be date!)-vlng were granted Qnnmpdlatc aid. Assistance t_o shoelesgc chlldrnh-. hungt)’ mqthers and cuscouraged Iathers in deltttute qircuxruvances mrolxqh condtgwaru over which they had no cox)- Lrol, must not be demed. It was found \l_p‘:u- my asdvemktu omoa'gthq¢,. -t3:ro\u:t_x,pr¢n1x_l_rq\,:vus. dump- mg 0! raluag, the health 01 thee ‘emails of the Elm mad 0; the clty was dmpergleq, ‘ Much had been said -i_)1'\,he necessity oz 1; {mew mclhetator plant. The old plant. in operation zoqay, had been coxxqenxmq x,n_1d_ closed. An ex- trasnzzzant ndnflhlstratgion advised the refused to cmmcjer ltqnsr to the old, §; 67 4;\ '”::,'é \:3 5,5 3? =11. Is that not an Q\|t9U_lBdJng a,ch1e‘v,e- mum. in. mm tune or ugxxnsxm business oond1I_Iu!.ns' that MV8.'I‘- xqtev-1 be nwi! kéenjy appreciated 1))‘ owl’? 13.817801! whu aver contnbucccl a dollar to the mam-. tenauce at our city government? But «here _ate many other equally commegujgble hjghllghts ox ncmevunem, by the present, :u_a1m:n~stra_tdon_. And it did 89.—i,n two mm '9 but a public lmpxmuuwzt bend 1.9-ue 0.2 only nut. at-poua an the cum- den. Pitcher lqakdvlo or the Cbvdqnd ham cold at the deught expgvleuced by (III vlqltors In opening Mgotlattons Ior ounpotwion with Lackuwalma spctta-. man. Quite dltrenamf. ladies am gentlemen. (mm the 1nc1ebtedx1_ess for so-éalled pub He improvements, ox wnaih im. provements may not have unpmved. to a total 0! O2.200.0.00 under :3: ptjevioug six yem-5\ ndmlmsujatiugx. .-\_x_1<1 tahe stqdzunx. the ascendancy 0; Lack as a c or scnqlutlc and fraternal atmetic comppbition. I new atmemc AT NO £.'XP£‘,NSE!_ TO THE TAYPAYERS FOR THE STUPENDOUS WO§!.I_<_ 01;‘ IJIVELIIRG. GRADING. FILIJNG. 'I'I_LING. sag c«than_- war): Incidental to its prep:uja- Hon. all 01 wmcl) wag done gladly by .worl,sem m we department or pu_ubl1c works. Bolon who was lgrsely an- Ilxumeutal along with Pxcaldmt Vuxg- in bringing the olovenland cham- pion: here. prataed all preaant tor uhelr aoopermglon, IOaunollmaI\ Grlmth pognbed out the buno udv‘0rtmng to Iackawanna from such an enterprise. and Connoll- men Warmn gnu Joym. gave their good ir or who meeting and at: er- ibot on (acute athletics in Lackawamgs. City refuse was scattered about they gxtound along me disposal plant. The spvead oi germs, contagious disease gnd unpleasant. odor was inev-Ruble E.iA_\,mlmaunn 0! 14111;; plant revealed mat only minor repairs was essential to prmlde 191' It's x-emrn to normal .cox_1snmph1on at city refuse. This mmmjlon -Imnxecguytely wgs corneogod. The old. decayed. xexuse lying about was cleared away and removed to me lnclneratoxj plant. No gar- bage dumping has been permjtteq about the ground since. Health conditions in this award have visibly Improved as e\'1denaed.¢t|1,\'o1_1gh the absence of Typhoid and Dlph:t.h_erla. Thln_k.——nnd connldex: this wel_1,——o: the great heart,-surrlng mzpmses toward comforting and otherwise aiding nun-. dreds ox unfortunaws in this city. an admlnlstrgmoxz striving to Keep th_e city budget down to. the lowest poqalble cost. saving a. dollar here um_1_ a dollar there, B111‘ NOT CUTTING A SINGLE PENNY mom THE ESTIMATED COST or‘ MAINTAINING UNHAMPEEED AND UNRESTRAINED THI: CITY'S GREAT HUNANE EFFORTS IN BEHALF OF CHAMTY. Leo J. Schmidt was bum in Butxalo Nov. 14. 1870. He attended the public schools and then toqk 9. budness college course, Was appointed to the Depart- mem of Poor worked under Mayor Buqk. Goxxxmlsgloners Bagley and Pet- Idms. also under Louis J‘. Ksexmgott. -Overseer of the Poor. Appolnged Com- xntlsskzner of Prisoners by Fred Bagley. on Apnu 10, 1922. appmmed Deputy Clerk 01 Erie county, In. chn1)ge‘or the automobue bureau, Handled 8 business of over two tmllllon d_O).‘1al’8 per yam: njqoat er ,1 s ., S: In conolxudon I wish only to mexitzlon the oomtuctlve etfox-1:. expgmdeds in adopting several amendments t,o me (my charter one or which prcwldes for the tidal ndbptlon at the budget on Oct. 15, ' 'I’h,e charter ~pmv!orusly permitted the ting) adoption of the budget on Ndv. 15 which cduvg-mently tell always after election. In this way Lt was possihie Io1_-gun aqmxnlst-ration seeklngifo-election to appear before the people and present. a low tax mu: only to mflse it, go satalsfy their secret npprcurlatlons n1tex' election. This condmon will exist no mom. FINAL ADOFFION 05‘ '11!!! 1932 BUDGET WILL BE MADE ON 001‘. I5. 1931 that the taxpayer: may have an opportunity to View the tax rave ibeiore going to ‘me polls up cast that: ballots In November. Ray Mullen. manager oi the 'l‘ry—I§.1. ‘Super-vigor William 1!. Mcbonwid, Gae- [ur Mekio, the iattwr speaking in -the Goatidn tongue, ciao spoke in an in.- tomqtringf tauxion. Nichpiu man, pngiggnt ol_ the board at oducabian, made 1' plea liar public support or such ahhletaica. as good bus- Inéds mt the} coxnfixuiiity. and Athletic Director Del Fisher at Luo):&\\'Ilnna high achooi draw many muxuiq of applause by his shining speech in lavur or ‘higher plane of athletic oumpetgition. and pointing out that iviamox-ial long since had o\L§lIi\'9_;_i its usemmgaa as A site of content. He glaciated Lucin- vanna had all the talent xxecedupry to holding its own with any city of it: (concluded on Page 4) '!‘m_nk 01 the constant day-in-and-dqny out elftorta or the mayor and his z_:d_- mlmstmtxon to aid the unemployment smtgulon. st:-Lvmg always to give some xuxlortunage pexson n gab for 9. tune to help him feed his loved ones. Thmls ox our any omclals, quietly. Elmo nah agnm, dlggmg mto t-hen‘ um: pockets. wthout compxamt. mdeeq with-. out the benefit, or publicity, to ease the pgln of some undenxotlrsneq child. or soothe the cans of some overburclened xnobnexf. Ridge Road budge. clxgmty work. elimination of take budgets. curb on unnecessary and unwarranted putyllq tnmpmveuxent woxjk. new stadium, pm- gressxve chatter amendments makxng for a moqenused comxnu_1ugy.—4\Nl) FOOD. FUEL and CLOTX-IFS FOR THOSE IN NEED Q!‘ AI13.4.—1\ 15 E!!! splendid public xjecord of Mayor na- warg T. M41-1.0110 ta date. Could any loyal taxpayer. regardless of political atzlllamon. hope for a bet- Leg‘.-—AND A, sun on‘ SOUNDER:< vzdmlnlstxamon or our xmporgant city n thaix thzgr. extended by the mpn Malone in office the lust twcr years) Mayor Malone is number 14 on the ballot. WINS LEGION CONTEST On the strength of thug accompltshmenta I teat my appeal with you {or mnamiuswlon as ma Demoomrlc candidate for mayor of cm: any. 'l‘umc_Isy. Sept. 15 Primary day, Miss Agnes Cualck. of Victory avenue. pupil of Our Lady of Vdctadry High school, won the essay on Fldao hold by the American Légdbn auxiliary. Post 631. winning 3 prize of 06.00.‘ The ward was made by Mrs. Nellie Mahoney. pru- ldem: of the, auxmary, .' fee! that I have not violated that con which you vested in me in. electing me mayma I mncemly sounit your support. VOTE NO. 11 ON THE DEMOCRATIC uALLO'I‘ PRIMARY DAY, Bmcerdy yours. EDWARD T. MAID“?- work Maydz? Mnloiié In blank)! of charity. his oaxxstantly conmienvlous endeavor 1n_ bahgslr 9: out Jocal human- nvy. his frequent. personal assistance to worthy causes. xs again but n_ small pox--. man. even it highly‘ unportant as bm.-.1 at his goneml effloxency Ir; office‘, The e11xnlx\_aMon or {alga budgets in But the green. swecpmgly elzect-Ive Local Moose Plan To Initiate 50 BI: light Sat. Sept. 19 H15 renom1ne.uon UNQUESTIONABLY means 3 movament. tor progress. econ- cmy. and humane wnstqemtxon of_ all in need. No Solution to Mystery of Man Apparently Slain Under Bridge on South Side Here Last Week Expect Further Court Action on Socialists Ouster Attempt for 73 New Members of Local Party DECISION OF JUSTICE SAMUEL J. HARRIS DISMISSED FIRST ACTION ON GROUNDS COUNTY ORGANIZA- TION FAILED TO PROVE ITS ALLEGATIONS. WARD! PARTY FIGHT CONTINUES, Lacknwanna Lodge to Have Diqtrict Deputy Henry Gal- vin as Guest For Ceremon- NO AVAILABLE CLUE IS FOUND BY COUNTY AUTHORI- TIES AFTER SEVERAL DAYS IEFEORT ON CASE. ‘DO’ NOT THINK HE I-‘ELL. I-‘ROM’ PASSING TRAIN AS ‘BODY. IS FREE OF BRUISES. Luckzxwnmm lodge. Imygu Order 0! Mouse No. 8l_0 will mltalate gs class of 60 caxlclldgtes Sept. :9 at which time Dlsmct Suparvléor Pntvlclc Henry Gal- vin, of Rochester. will be present. as «the guest of houcir. Nearly ~16 years agg Mr. G:.\!v1n_ who was a deputy s\lpe1_\.'lsor organized the local lodge with George A. Buck as us pe¢1'qtn_\ry. _All_ 0! the ori- ginal ompers or the lodge are still no- vlvqs in its affairs wlth the possible ex- ception of 1:-he lute Mayor h Mes-. call and Counullnzan I-‘red, Nelson who served tlyrougll all the chxulra. The legal lodge hag a.\n1olx_1!)ersh'l at about 800 and alnco its incemio has paid out Tlgausands ~01? dollars In sic]; and tunerral bene It. is in. :1 ‘flourishing 01,111 conglluon. ’ 9\ A week is passed and the county au- tmormes or Erie County an chm men- out. A chin‘: to thq mgyntery of the up parent. murder or an unknown man found unqar the B, E. & P. railroad bridge at Town Ling road, benkment indicating the hurtling of 5 body. led to the bone: he dould nqtt have fallen njom tho mm. Slhce the distance npm the spot where ‘hm ‘body was touncl to the railroad track 13 up- proxlnmtaly 40 (get. Phases Ulwxplmnea Further court bmiue is promiseci by tghe yjckawannn Socialists who A few days ggo lost tah_aix'~ Supreme court. case go have 73 mexnbeis disqiiaiirieq on the groiitids they ware not. iii gympatiiy with party brincipies. Rul-mg the proceedings were not properly beiore the vo,uni., Justice S.\_x_n- uei J. Harris Friday in sup;-en\e court ddsm_iss_ed ‘the sictiou brough} by the Socialists party cit Lacxmvanm. to inwe the names to '13 Lackuwaigua voters per-. mnnemiy stricken tirnm the pg1_1'ty‘s pri- mary election enrollment; lists. Justice lgtagris. in cusrxiissixzg a -_show cause ¢_n§c1e1-» graxiteci by Justnice Ciaxenao Mgoaregpr, stated the Socialist papty mid failed. as requn-ed by the election laws. to determine the iSEue'(}h @3133 votars in’ qqestiqn were not tn sY!l\,'» pqthy with pirlnoipia or! the party with which they em-oilnd, In giving his dgoision, anew ion: gngl heated verbal a1~gu_mcnts between Ju11a,n Wexss. counsel for the Socialist pgr-. t~y xmcl Kevin Kmcen, ‘Dengue;-attq gt: turney. Jusmoe I.Ia_rr!s n.d.vlsec.I the 3.0.~ cumst. party 1!; had two more dpys. to come \vH:hin the Legal time ngglc. to subxmt u_¢1ght:_lona.1_ prep! '!_‘j3e Sqclallst party 1} is um,l,ers§ood.. drop 3.110. action. The vlotzlnfs throat lyacl been slashed and his law leg and Min broke',n_. The body was round my a l_ooa.1_ reat- dent who was tgkmg this pbllcp dog far a \vnl_k, The dog led him to the scene and he nomled Lnoxawmngx po- Mco. 8110:‘!!! Charles E. Fré1berg_'s de- puhlcs under wimum J, ‘-Casper joined the Investigation into the mum’: death. At first at was thought mg throne may have been slashed ua he was pass- ing the bridge an. as train and that his body then led! 1mm we car and went down the ‘embankment,-. The tact. that his hip and mjm wree bx;qk_en In still unexplamed by ‘any or these theonea there gr eno visible bruise. on the body. The body was ~¢1.o@h¢a_ In a. white ohm: a,n_d vdark trousers. '1‘-he man was about -me feel: six inches tall and waizhod about 120 poumla. Bach feet were dexolrmed. The body was taken to the morgue where Medium! Exam- tner .Ohmf1ea E. Ixlmg oqnduuced tho autxopay .t.hx,\t revealed tine graotured hip and mm. J. \ Favored by Republicans for xv-uom: nmtlon. ' \Vnen mge gcbian W39 institmrecl by the Soo1g\(§ts. Justice Mac omered the names 03 the '13 voten suzlcken gxfom the l_:st's. lie late; !'ES°s omdeq his order, B_I'3N,I'IF'l’l‘ -CA RD l'.\ll’l‘\' Theories Full A om-d_ psujty am! social will be held at Buffalo hotel. Tlnursdny evening. -Stjapt. 1'1 tor the benefit; 01' St. John Min-on'a school. Valuable prizes. selected owhgrta. Card; start -at 8:30 p. ‘n Pedm. bridge, mmmy and mheae games will be played. Bevoml theordes were being consid- area last night by deputies and Luckn- wanna dobechlvea. but none of them appeared punctmfe ‘proof. Maoence of blood where the -body was mund indi- cated he had not. been killed ’oh.ero'. but that his bqdy had been ~p1u_cod there or that no had fallen from 9. train. The faa!..1_:hM. tahero were no brutgeg on his body and no marks on the em- The supreme oonyemtlon 0_f_ the order was 1191;! at Atlantic City mat. week, Dlogntoxys Patrick Dempsey and Past 1)1ct4\tor N1cho1a_s Egan were In attend-. unce. Lcgcka.\vm\nsg lodge has given rec,- .ogn1t.lon_ In the nppolnmmuc of Mt. Egan to st auprenzo lodge oommmee by Dlmcor Gen, Jaxms J. DMTLI. It was charged by 17119 Soctaunt pam- thnt the '13 voters had pxu_av;ctu_q.1y'beeIy Identified wltll, the Democratic party and mag th_l_s year enrollegi wit); the so. must puny gn oxdor -to xjoge for Donna. omblo. candidates who also an l¢.?°.¥1|.18‘_ Socialist enqorgezngnt in the coming pmmury cantata. PRIMARY ‘DAY SEPTEMBER 15 LACKAW'AN~NA PVUBUC5 L \5:»‘\_ M6:-KM!'ANNvA PUBLIC LIBRARY

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