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% . m 4»: ~« a, ;|.\\\;‘[‘ ‘ mvw :- xy. .3. __ .,..,~.- ..~.4.,— -..........«...»..-\..»~u-aw-»d\'~zi=-*4:«r~ks.~&s~v-c.w:m.».- «name. am» »e- —.u.. -~_ -ma V» *3-34...,‘ \\-w-.'P...'>.-,-. ,_‘ ‘~ “a‘e\;*.x1>.- . . _ .h....*\.*:~x.-~.‘.‘..M_” ‘ ' ‘~ “-- ~: “*.~ -mi». -- - »~a....,‘ v-‘:w..,., - _‘ »»,,_~.. ».~.~-.,:~~ -~ ..rv;.v...~, Laéhwuhm N,.ewI.:l-.V.a..¢:|:..avvIi.I?u!Ia._5l\I., Y:~.J'huns!.s_x.A9¥‘l~j39. 'l_9§.1 [AFFLICTION cxxusgs 5 PATIENT T0 VSHRINKA ..APPARlTl0‘N YELLS; 3- JELUDES SEARGH3ER?$ 'TEl-VSPJTEONE VPLAYS BIG‘ ?PA,R.’l‘ EN MOVIE MAKING BELL’-S WORKSHOP ERAZED Old 'S¢'ldier Lose; Ten ‘lnchen i Bottqn u'i'=l, (H n 3)- Known ax: A of Telephone, Crowd Hyatjen\ica‘l as Ghost F lees lnffo ~Cm-n Not only ‘isathe talephQna~u3ed‘~-to II considerable axteut, In “M'qviel¢.1!.1€.l\ to gm In the .m'uduct~1qn o. motion vic- -turos, but, it Is also. of (great value to directors. ant-hours. actors and act1}es_a- es. since‘ almost al\va.ys them are last- minute changes to ‘be ~nna¢1e, Not, long ago. Charles MaeA1‘t'hur dictated, by long distance télephono 'njom- New York to wHol,Iy\v0od. a sceno for»-the mm \-Paid.\ When Jojm: Mm‘- ray Alidersoxx, \vl\o«creat_eu and direct- ed “King of Jazz.\ star)‘-lug Paul White- man. was slgootixxg the specialty num .bers and comedy ‘b!ack,oL,us_ which run between the'ei5l1'. musical spectacle nu_I_njbers, he got :an~ i_c_laa,and tor—t1nvriv.‘h called up 'Mabe! Wayne. the lady who mote ‘*R_g\_n1ona.\ “hr 3‘ Little S,panish_ To\_vn\ and several. mum; song hits, Anderson: was at, Universal City. ‘Calm. and the aongewrltev was in New York, and as me d1rect_or remarke(| at, the Lime. “-t‘hat‘s whatrte1ep1_\one \\_'iI‘es are for.\ The old Balace Theatre building at. 109 ‘Court Street. In ‘Boston. k~nowu~aa_..' the birthplace of tile 'te1ephpn,:6.. ‘has {alien before the \vrec1‘:_ers. to -be ‘re~\ .placed_ ‘by another ‘and xxmne :mo_dernW structure. Sawtello. (‘uHt.—xu uhm _\'\-mf Joe. ;Mn,you, a pullout at the >‘uIdIer'u‘!wu_1e ihere, has sm'u_nk ton lnnlws. He Is 's1nklng into his shoos. mid his ‘head '_is getting larger. Media. I'a.~—‘1_‘«he \ghost\ of Glen, Mills still mums the \\,'(w1.l_e(l slqpes of ‘Delaware county oVel‘lou,klug the‘ wind- ing little ‘country mad. wh,e1'e it appeared some \v—e«-ks u-go, It ‘eluded 1| ‘*glxo,st ‘uul,u\ suuzml I_'e(-.eutl,,v. Joe was burn in the -Caxtslgills, ‘near jsouth Cairn, N. \'.. u sturdy __vouugster '12: the best or he-n‘lth. \\'hun war broke ;out in tho l’hinm»izn=,s Jase went over. ~When he came l)zh'.l( he enlisted tov work as :1 lu=u\;\'-limhN' (‘IIl‘[)('iIt0l‘ ‘In ;P;umma. where he fuught I1\llll£_‘l,‘0\_lS :ez1gngemeuts with fever and ‘heat. It was In ‘the upper story of this old building. rormerly the name oi the electrical shop of Charles Williams. .!x_-.. that Alexander Graham Bell con- ducted his exp,ex‘lm_en_ts with the hat- mqnic ~zo2e::rnph that eventually led to aglxe -lnv.en‘t_l_on or_ the telephone. Here the first etude telephone was made, The leun. muluvuwlls \lhlng\ whlch alts atop a houlder und ,sllnks lnto the «lhiokels of an apple or('hill‘d wlth an eorle scremn when closely ap- proached uppmlred pronnpt-ly as the clonal: polnted to mlllnlght, The nppxufltllon was seen to rise from the weeds and tall grass —on the clllr and suuul. sllllouetteq against me light ‘of a hot yellow moon. and plainly vis- lble lo the ll1Iu(lreds of persons, who had cur\gx'eguLed' on the Il!l_l_‘l‘0W road for the hunt; L‘ w 1nmuumu3Innu1urmIaamI1mwguMun,uIunwNmwI[ . WHY PAY,R..E'N'1‘ 7 é ALL YOUR. vl.‘ll-'-E T WHEN YOU CAN OWN A -B1-'.AU'~l'l~EUl.. HOME FOR DOWN AND BALANCE LIKE RENT PRICE $6.000; BRAND NEW ‘MODERN HOME ON I-'RAN_K.LlvN S'l‘~R;El-IT -IS. A REAL BARGAIN: I-‘OR T INFORMATION KLEIN - HEGEDUS CO. 447 RIDGE ROAD ABBOTT 0001 When ho uetzxw out he didn't feel ‘well, He had rm-ur<rin-,: [ruins In his 411:1:-1; nnd lugs and he (‘mind that his .lxuz was gemng tun snmll. Now, at ', ! posse-ssml of u sx-use of Im- ‘mar, Joseph hm: hm: nf Hw nunngest aj1‘lIctlons'kno\_vn_ to uwdh-nl sclenoe. Physicians describe. In scienti torms, his trouble ns “ustt-ltls defo!‘-» manna\ and more fuxnluarly us ‘*l'u- get‘s._\ its progress ordinarily is slow and the changes are Involved In the bones. The welghbbenring bones are most frequently involved. resulting In 11 b.owim.: similiu ‘to that seen In rlek- eta. and the absorption of cartilage: in Joints. ' In 192;.’ Joe was 5 feet {I Inches tnjl. In 3928 he wm 5, feet. Now. he meas- ures -1 foot. 9 vhu-hes. Assisting ‘Ben In this work was‘ a young e1_ect1'l_cit_z1x, Tllomng A. Waja At times 'hopo1‘ul. at times ¢_!iscou_1-aged, the two. m.%n_ 1a,b4ored'd_ay after‘ -113)! and week utter week in athege attic quarters before they succeeded in making; this crude instrument “talk.\ Elude: Dojpuzy: Crowd Hyatorlcal. As a special deputy slum-ll! of Del- aware coimty. '1‘-homns l<ell_v. dashed up the hill. the “ghost\ vunlshecl into la corn Instantly the crowd be- came ll_ySt8l‘l_(‘M as llllxldrexls surged forward for :1 glimpse, The tenants of the nearby farm- house. toward whlch the appurltlou rushed to tho hill and threatened to shoot anyone who. trespussed out their pI'opeI:t,_v. Wlthln n fmv minutes two girls in la roadster several hundrml ,\'1u'd_s down the road near :1 sprljnglnuuse; screamed as the \gluon\ tmslu-d across a field and darted for the low stone sprlng-1 house beside their car, Thelr screams brougllt l1und1'c<ls. When efforts were made to organlzej it posse to search the house the owner refused permlssion. Hatchet Murder Recalled. FIFE EDEEI In the actual filming of a produc- tlon. the teiephcme is -the agency which keeps the director in communi~ cation with his group: on :t_h_e field and with this studios, and. o W‘hon' the company is ;on iooatioh, it is es~ sentiai that the director be in clonal contact with the studio, Field tele- nhones serve to keep him in_touch‘ svith the groups on location, and long distance lines keep him in. to.u<-h with the studios, Then. as it ‘by some stroke 0! magic ——by aome new adjustnxent gr ‘the,-an-' para.t.us-it carried the humiw Vl B611 working in -one room spoke into his iusm1n1en,t-:; \Mr. Watson. come ‘here. ‘I want you.,\ In axnotlwr room, smn_e sixty feet away. Watson heard this sentence, the mat. to be electrically t,rau,sm,ittad. and, came running in to, tel‘. the inventor. That was on March 10. 1816‘ Need-. less’, to say, me we men were greatly elated over the success 0! their ex- nerimenta. But there had to be many- 1_nore_ experiments and improvements before t_h_e ‘telephogxg was fully de- valoned tor the great aeryice it tender: the world tad) “-I've got an .occupntion.\ he says. \1 knit women's scarfs, Imagine that. will you! I built. a xvlmje town once in Chili—und now We got the ‘some-. thing d>ufornu1us‘—-smd -they any It’: pretty bad!\ In ilollywnod, £lL‘C0l_‘(H ‘to Jesse L. Lasky. well-known protlncer. when a, big production, is in the xuaking-at the. studios the telephone dogs the work of an army of messengers and expe- dites the shooting of a. big - It also helps the stars of the show. for each day a bulletin is issued. giving .th¢_ time of 2119 next; day‘: call. _, Scotchman Lives Up to Nation’; Reputation (‘dnsgum scounnd:———Durlng these days of fast «-Imugiug x}0('og'(1s 21 mn- nicipal vluctiull ex1u=n.se I‘L‘(.'0l‘(] of ‘$‘.:.1I3 Inns lwen estuhlislmd. It is ex- quwtull to slam] as an all-time 1'cco|:d_, On the lucllne. above the road and near to the rock where the ‘‘;.:host'‘ has uppem'ed evexav other night during the lust ten days. stands an old fnrn_1house._ Now some of the superstitious folks claim thut the house and the apple 0.1‘- chard are responsible for the nppmn'- nnco of the uppzwlriun bectulse it was the lovnh: far at hatchet mmrder some three years ago. ' Shortiy utter an old man who ha(~hed his sun-‘in-lnw to dunth the deed ho \vn1km1_ to the apple o,rchm'd. He was found [my m-lghhnrs swinging frmh :1 In-e In the morning, ”“ n ' \1 UD In-.:1i:: Milton. <‘nxm=sl‘iug the park ward, at the rm-mu nuu\i(-.ipnl wxwd vlmliull. ret,ux'xu-ll his expenses to the unvn <-h-rk‘s utliue. Milton stated that he puhllslwd nu elovtiun auldross and ud<lz'e.-:~:od nu uubli<- nu-c-Hngé, I\'omu:r. su fur-us he knows. did 2Il)_\' of his .s'll[I{ml'l\‘|‘$ solicit votes on 3:15 he-hall’. Iur-id:-nu-:ll:.'_ Mlllnn did not gut :1 .'~:vuI in Hm Mun «z-mxucll. He pnuml _’ll'y uivh-vs. uhilu |n~: uv\pmlt‘.l\l. \’i(‘1'ur D. \\'.ur--n, :11! um ~u-at xvilh :1 mn- j_m'H.\' --I‘ .‘:'-H.‘ \\‘ur.'rn's \‘\‘]'1(‘I1S0 aw- mum has nu: I,----»n xudvlu public so rm‘. . . 1.) ' . 32?»; U. S. Ambassador Starts Rome Antinoise Drive Ilmxlu‘. J:-hu \\'uI‘k H_m'l'Nt of Bailli- mum. .\nu-rium nInhns~:ulnr In 1121!)‘. has dm'i~’«.-:1 his u\\n furxunln for mm- hnllng the slm-.p-\\n-n‘-k'i1r.: nnlses of I'..um-. Russian Girls Lack Flag, So No Year-Book ‘l'hv llIIIh:l.~a.~.I1]vII‘. lllw all nrrixinz :\llll‘l'i(‘ulIS. fuuxul hii SH-l'|) ullst.1lI'ln-:1 h_\- lhc r-‘v.mnj.: uf nl-»h>x'.~' um) comin- nnl ll0l‘l\-lnuliillg nf m\iuuhs. Ills mvn (\nu of Ann-rivu nm!m. hm] 21 silnnt mntnv and am (Wm-livo but nl0.u.~<unt- snnndim: horn. l'|r ~, I-‘r.uu-u- -[V'l‘:|lLV\‘ fur :1 30:11‘ lmnk f--r Hm 1:\“1 .;r.uhn\1in;: (sluss ul’ HHl‘.~|‘\ .1! Ihn \nu-rh-nu hn5‘[I|t of !':).')~a u.-us an 1-_\ ht-(':1u‘~(‘ lhv Russian girlq mum nut uh-vir’lu.:1l>,nm tho d(-- sigll 4.1’ Hm I! 1; unlit-In was to appear u\'N‘ Hu-W lll‘lH‘~1‘. I\‘-mo Of UK‘ [.’;1l'lS lax s_\x1m.nlu-n-- with llw soviet roglnm in Itn~.~\m. ml at’ tlmm lmln:; \\.'hit(-. Russians. But lmssin hm] so many In-,1,\\'----u u..-. Hum of the czn l'u'.{iu1t‘ nn-I rlw rim» m 1m\,\‘(u‘ of Lenin and '1‘ruI;:k_y llml who Hnssiml nurses -li-!n‘1‘ kumv uh H. nus Dl‘l)]IU!‘. Sim-0 l‘lu- :~‘\\--«1i~h .'--‘.~. the ,\m(-rloun girls and Hm t‘:umnH:1n w;irI~ luul their in I.h.- lu---K. It \\.Is |1l'(iMt'd not to prim Hm I,-um.‘ unless the l{us.s'iun girls 4-nul.! Mn.» :1 12:4. (tnrrolt. rvuiizlng the vuhxn 01‘ start- ing m the m-nhlum at the fountain lwgul. illslrurtml hls «~hnulTour to quiet- I,\' dmnonslrnte tn llnllnu ulm\m‘m1rs how :1 horn nun he lnntml without wnlcing up Um «INN, and the :1d\'an- taxes of n silum tumor. The ambas- smlnr has great I1-npos for his little schmno. SUNDAY AUG. 23 Hulied Corn and Milk Favorite of Coolidge ‘Tic of Indian Tribes End Ancient Feud Plymouth. \'L—'l‘lu11 om-c popular New l§x1glnIu1_ dlsh——hullml corn and milk—-is sllll n fnvorlm of farmer l‘1'osit1ont (‘ulvln (‘nnliqlgcx A few hmu's after he m'1'l\'ed In mi nncivo Plymouth for :1 vacation ro- 1-ontl_v the hullml vnrn pmldler from l\ollm\':s' I~'ul.ls xtppuulwcl In front of tho l\‘mnlIul;;v hnnu-stem]. Mrs. Coolidge nll1'n‘h:IsmI smnu, und it was then learn;-(I ftfnxn vmngors thug the ex- I're-sixle-nt hnd mxjayod this dlsh for many years. and V1 of n S‘ New Y Argent‘ him w‘ S.-m.n--1.1. HLL1. .\ |\*ud of sev01':1l vuntun-lr~;=.' slmhlin: lmm-(,-(~.n the S(‘Ill_- inule uml SM and Fun’ lmlinns has 1-mlnd. LACKAWANNA STADIUM , the v' falls ix No .1110 1111-111‘: I1--11' far back It (‘V-. 31011.1:-11, 1111: ul'|1ul|.:h there h,g\\'e 119011 -nu vinlo11t 11111.-1-np|1i11gs 1'vcoml__v. the ‘.‘m1hnr11oss 1.\—;1~1 111-1-111-t\1z1to(l by n111b11si1- ings of one tribv or the nll1o1\yen1's ago. During the rm-c-nt pn\\’W0\\' here, -whnn nmro than 5.000 lndlnna gath- rerua. Sue and F-'w\' chl(~.I‘tulns hid for .mx\c'o. «':::H Flsh. Hr-mlnolo chlot, '.§|(‘u(~‘pt(\(] Hm l)|]..|Vl‘ and tho two trlhes -crowdml u_n-nund the hxu-In-cua spfta -mm hrnke um hruud of peace. Georgia Negro Couple Has Four Sets of Twins South Park Ave., near Fire House Jmws. (}u.—l~‘0ur sets of twins. ‘in addillnn to nino other children, have lxlxasswtl the \\'('tId(!d “ft! of Bon and Julia Rolmrts. negnn farmers. near lmru. I‘.m\ Is fm'~ty-ulne und Ju|h\_ for» I)’. 'l‘ln- ol-It-si l\\'ills were born eight- :-on years ngn um} um youngest four munI‘hs mm. The ruxuulullxg ulna Ra-h 1.-rts vlnmltw-u \\'c.21'{- Iwtwcoll the fun: uvln .sl'!~' Experts Find Eradicator Lackawanna for Canadian Thistle Columbus, um.» .\ sllro orndlcmnr :for— the Canadian thlsnle. obnoxious! and ,pez-sla-iont weed. has been dlscovcred after three yeuvs of experhnents at “Ohio State unlwjorsily here, Prof. 0. .1. Willard of the «Ir-purtment of farm wraps has mmounood. The thistle de- *stmu_vor is n simple solution of sodium -cmomte In \vnror. which is sprayed on the \vemls«) S(‘\‘(‘|‘l|1 times. The t'ompm'mim higlr ms: or. the trem- .-neut will Hlmly limit the use of the -clxlomto lu smali are-us. It was amid. Ca} Rualnlalu Kangaroo (‘1\xI1«luu. 'l‘s-n_u.~—.\ «an; ut the homu- nt G, M, Spence hero. lugs features and uslmrnctcerlstlcs rest-mbllng those of n l<nngau'oo—-roar feel larger and longer than fore feet. leans llke n kangaroo, using its short. heavy lull for balance and and sits llke :1 lmngaron. BUFFALO C0l0RED GIANTS Eggs Hatched on Dumps jf*'l§*‘k?-3€‘%H('€{'%*')‘?*1\HH$-K\Y;7\‘~}§'3('-¥***fE§ §§Died as Baby, but ' ls ‘Court-Martialed H I’£u'ls.—.\ll I\.-‘.uu:u ls uguln laughing at the rhllrululh wurh ‘.3 5- ings of n I“roxwh c-n|1I't~-IIIm'll:ll. r- . Nnnnlenn Klein. .wIm \\'.1s hm n ._“ _ In .1$ll).H' nenr l’»oll'nI'r. mm c-nlh-.l -, ,- to tho colors In 133%. He fulh-I ; ’ to muko his uppn:muxm~.. .5 E In 1029. )m\Inp; luuzn uh-1-Inn-«I A ; uh nlxst-nu’-0. he \\~u.~a st-mulu-nvl -,. g by n nnmm-_\‘ <-nurz In u yum-'. _ ln)prlsun11wnt. 12 It has sinvo hm-n (1is('0\'m'M i that l\'n1)nl('uI1‘KIu!ndim! in190!) at the age of l’nu1' mumhs. # Dam-nlmrt. lu\\'al.- 'l'lm-u\ is more than one klml of inruhutur for uh!L'1;- ans. um-nr-ling to H. S. Thompson. [in «lHS('IllfIl(‘Il :1 dn/.vn »u;:gs on the oily dump. .\ few (lu_,\'s Inter. us he passed .1'he spat. he wus xmrm-ted by 11 vig- orous f']lI'l‘|\]l'::. 1lI\(‘SH1:nlh)Il dis- 4-lusml tlnnt l‘hu mugs hm] lumzlml sm- irdl }:P.1lI|I}f vhlrlm, E Stem Connects Egg: Knlsu. \\u~‘h. - l‘I'c-nk oggs, 1-nnnm-1. ml by n ~!v!u nr ~h«-El all-nut the size at’ :1 In-mi pm-rwil. uurn found by Jar-k mxclxlnun. ~nn of In-1-my Sherl Beck- I.\m. 'Ilm_\' h.'1\«- I.h1hlu'--I them. \The :‘i,}1::r--~' 'l'\\'I1N,\ Him pug is standard 41:19, Ll»? utlmr [ml I ~‘'/.«\. 3:00 P; M. SHAH? \:.:.~V ‘ant The Graduate and A ‘Job Fir yourself for a promising Future by taking the two- . year coursler in Accounting and Fin.aI.\ce at the ‘Bentley- School. Special training for a special job. brings results, Reading our catalog, may save you. years of aimless effort, Send for -it today. The Bentley School of Accounting and Finance A Professional School of College Grade for Men Only 921 BOYLSTON STREET. BOSTON. 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