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The Lackawanna news. (Lackawanna, N.Y.) 19??-1933, July 02, 1931, Image 7

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.«j.z‘1\\‘;_.v> 4.-,~ * '-1, '. ~ ~ \ «W». >~ J-.\'?i» ' \‘\ = '. . ,-av‘-' '::m‘. 4.. .. . . 1 «.-.-«;‘-*:o.'-:;+-‘.=.‘;\ :E‘r'\>‘-222541.233‘;-m.) ~:»--.\u_,s~‘: mu.-.‘. .\'_-“l‘~4‘ ‘ »--_¢.. » an -»-,,x,,, ._-_‘. ‘-~'»:A,’.~--‘ .:.4-.«,-¥_‘¢c._\,,, e.i..,j\ 3?§..«-- \:1 gigs ..‘-.33 ., 1 ~ ‘l._-.,: «l,\<-m ;r;.~.a.3. .2, r‘ . .u 4- .. x-.\_- _~ §.*.‘,v.§e':*Ls*~»‘7\1~7:*‘“'~ \Vt-. ‘.~=. '4‘ .. ~ ‘ ea-;:~‘;.-3 * ~* ‘ - . —.. 1 4.» 4;. : ,= . ,.._,_K. .. A .. . . _. ’ _ A *. V - J‘ ‘-\a's ,,‘,, my \A A »- \ \.' .. n I», . I ‘ '\ -§_,i.'' ‘rm. 4‘ \P ' ‘.1; :L;4C'KA;¥ puma Lusa‘Aax' ~lé-I‘Icli:awq;nnn— Anew;-. YL. 7l'hu_r«|I.-_y. Jju1.I’y Z3Yf'l.9.‘31 fu~.=’:rL.- ~, N ;.-._~_, 3. of Qulton Awnue ainj‘ nneg m 5', Jam‘-5 mun. tneno‘e mnnfhg 1n a‘ .WeafA‘r1$I dimctdon at right mglés €vm.h~‘ Canon Avenua $.\d1$t§nce' of one. pupa-f {ed euxty, (160) scents‘ tlgz ‘wegterly mm 9! cm: I-0tN1xmb'e;‘ 2?; theme -tuna »-mug. -Liz,-‘,3, 4n_omhejrly' quegqnoxydlong mg‘: .wcetuerx-,-,1ma of bot uumbgg 2‘? (50) 3%: :thenf=e 'I'\1nn-Iran in 9119 easw;-xy mmclxpn at if1iht'3a.h§lesjto ‘Col-r tonmwenue. hundred slxtJ$\(’100).!:seta Tye“-the wéefbpily line .0! -Odltcim. -Aweinue iunnlhg In a. pomherly‘ dlzvéucxn; vmubgrnm westerly of Colton ,Ave-, hue, guy 150) me: th¢,po1n1. o‘! bu.-~:_ g-mn_mg._ snb(;I1,vs.i_d2on low 30 -and -£0‘ n}ock.;-N\ T'ra¢':!.. of Stage and l3lJG’AL YSOTICI) ‘V %ENGLA%N %L0N6E % V B»A%N%NwEB Wilts te_nm_e‘n‘ from ‘Sailing ve‘s's}3ls_.’. ylowmem for 1 home for rsupernnnn-. _‘:_3'rg.'1'£: or.-‘ -(jxoxmr-Y coma‘. m«:.m.c,oUN'r¥. __ ' Steam came into use and ‘soon them wére‘p1-gu-tlcgnlly up old me}: from sun’-2} 1n'g vessels to seek entrance. to the} lame. Courts .Dér'mIttedN'the.' ::;:~=-x» . ‘,3~.s1.**. *: '~-.‘:’.:‘-'$;:““ Jésmr “no:-ma, ,-'P1_n,m'm:; vs. w'n.—~. A‘. and: JOSEPHINE 130'-3 ‘sA_R, ms_w1le; !‘.'REf> 1 nqsgp. ~am‘x’ ,xaEss1’a Rosa. mg wuxq; 3.9-) TB_r‘-R§_ -MATILDA ‘GA'l‘I~_!$R,Ib_ZE». WEISS. Abj .~l_a. BDSAR. F119 08 .'lo§epln Rgztgaxz A. mu mxzaa ‘-as-m nosm -K1.-mm -12.1’: was, -91. ul._. jDe(end'4n§s£ - > ~~.~»Z\'.“[’*‘ \5 “ '~r~ .\. ;“«;;., «' 233\\ 2\ v Jriatees <mnn:1ging me {and to ta'ke~Ln‘ ni Jrom ‘steam vessels‘: but ‘even. 144) not -enough sailors can -be foun N on which to- spend the golden-nstrtajgunl {nut comes [;uurjpg. in from the Sung. _ Bin-borin -valuable .properties._ \sum; wma lu§;1t§‘vifni)osedv.ai1bitrnry_, and 'ev’eu frlvofous conditions to ‘tie- .qu‘e1ma. ‘but In many ~<'-uses me court’: §_nve‘u|il1e\7] them. One hither left. -I leikcyib shls son but. provided that ‘thergm thoi be void ‘If ‘the so)! even} were in mustache. Knhiher fat «sought to keep ‘hls daughterjs family gmgll -by. leaving a amount of money in trngx ind providing that‘ ‘$19,900 and increasing sums there: ‘after should he ~subtr:u,-.ted from the’ Wand am) ‘given to charity at. the\ bml each child. wms have set' 1115 -funds fur the benefit or parrots,‘ \horses -gold «and dogs. Recently,‘ lnvcaufornia. a out Was left for life a hnndsmne :-esidence and :4 $15,000’ fund for maintenance. C‘us't0ms ‘Regarding lnherié tan:-;T¢ Vqry in ~’Differeni_; Parts of World; BY vnvrui: -or.-p wtigmjant-oi Pm:-; man and sue _m- the -uhqve enmleasqge xuon, xpr‘an-tea by this ‘sud’ gmeredv nu ma mg cc.-amy G112-rk\g omoe an the -29th day 9! June mg: I, the zgwxeeee. duly appointed an mm‘ usucu ror‘ .sucn purpose. wm exp~;ose’19‘r\!a‘si'e. and gel! at public -guptioxi us 'm.,-h- cgsp gslddei theictor. in vghe weiyérli veg- Ilbgle of the ‘County Hall‘ an the -city at Sul Caulitv of ‘lime a.i1>d,Bt-Maxol New You-1:. on the \\'nsljin1:ion.-*—‘\\'h:xt lwcomeé of i’ I!gnIx‘s prom:-vty when ‘he ales? '-lllne nnswer is very mm‘-ll a m§\'tl‘e~r_: of ‘geography. says a bulletin Mm mg‘ Najlonnl (leographlc ‘soc-lém, ‘pol|’1t_l'n'g \out varying customs ‘In dlm-rent pggitn of the World In regard to wllls and »In- iherltnnce. in r wmg ALL on -PARCEL oi-‘ mum» in 11:: Guy at unann- na, coumy ‘us Sn: and same -01 York, pan’ (1 Been ltlt No-. 27. 'rowg;.1u;5 10; magic 3. B. c. x. 3.. and-‘ mom my-zxcuhaxy described as, xolluws -<“\Vmh have been gvritu-n in Amer- ica since the, days of the‘ first col- ol‘ \ the muréun, \and. then,» Vfpre, we are ukely to assume tlnouglnt-' le that wm‘-making extends hack\ into history and‘ over ‘the world as. a ‘universal institution.’ Wills werg made by some ancient peoples pretty much my they are roam’: but among S;-m,. 3:~‘..u\. . »_ -x um DAY 01?‘ Mjrsusw, 1931 BEGINNING at 3 point an the 1'.'est.‘«. line 0! \'-lctqry Avenue at I dhtame 0'17\ cue huixdiveqi twenty-tmco and eight;-, hundredth: ‘(;2_‘aao) lee: north of the. north June of Haia¢\.' tulmmg theme‘ _n_u:g.her1y -uloiik and when line of Vllctoiy Avenue, thirty-three (33) '-(get. the-‘nee at»'n-Aghtanglgs wénurly, one hum‘ drfd t.h-Lr-by-‘one uau met; thence at 1-Jgvht angles ea.sterly,»ou1e‘h\1_x1dred thirty ‘ 531)‘ tee: to the plane or begin- ’DA'I‘ED. June 29. .1q31. HENRY C. LAPP. Retenee. it 1-1 \o‘clbck (_Da:,hght Saving .'.i‘l-me\ tn the tor‘:-noon 0! that day. the ea.- -urte am: prey-ises. dmmibed in the ‘sand, ‘jmtgmencwo be «am and {theveh mu.- ‘rci-xhed as iollowi: \ __ ‘;.‘é'7 ‘ vs -'13.’: x-‘ \‘ Al,I3_ THAT TRACT on mizcrgj. of-* 'LAND,‘:s£:uate in the C1-ty'a1~Lacxawan- nsv,-.Ca\in:t.y 6£.Er'l¢-I anti Slj._;\aT(.e 01 New Ybxk. bamg pan or Lot. No 23, Tbwnsmp 10. nange,.a ‘Buffalo creek mam: \R.e§é$‘-_ \'4\1;ion. mzd gynare pm-u1cu.\ar1'y ! as (allows: ' any paiittculxxr peopio the practice of W11)-ninking has developed -huly when 1» rather complex stage 01 civilization \’i‘x-us! f-unds zexlst in England to provide snuff and tobacco for certain lioapimls: to distribute loaves-of bread on certain anniversaries: and even 10 scatter coins from graves. _ Custom: ‘change. mm been reached Onge Prohibited in England. “In -England wills bequenthing land ~m':‘ax'1‘vNING at a pom: on-me ivgsterly 'ldn‘e or Coltoxi Avenue. -four mundrécx ale,-hity (480) meet northerly mam the point or Xntmsactxon of the westkrly ‘line “JOHN J. SULLIVAN.’ Attorngy for Plennrlfx’, Omce 6.: P. 0. Address. 1900' ‘D 3. Morgan B€ldg., _But.mb. N. Y. ’ a)\ix_1e29 1623 :i0AIug6 13 were\enIIrel prohibited -by lniv yours- ago alj they ‘had existed before. _ “Wills thrmv lights, on changing .customs and institutions. !\I:n-Av Wash- ington. mother of George \V1ls!lingfpn. quite matter-offaclly willed to her zrailtlson ‘-my negro mun, F1-uderir-ku to him mid his assigns I‘i'-rave-r: also” eight‘ silver t:ililespnon.~'.' unly slncgs ubout. 1900 nutumulnles imve been left in Wills; and in recent _\mrs lu-questi of nlrplhm-s ll Á \ ! “'i?hc- ululc-ii. km-\\'n will. written 0}: |'l ! (ms prepared B. C. 2550 in Egg 1-t. By its (urine a ‘priest left his 1-ri-1---rty in a fellow priest.’ Rom Grm-.r(-I and Rome hml nmnu- ‘ script wills. In the Sen-.ntl1 century‘ wills in parts of Elll‘0[IP were wt-Rtenf on hark. During Anglo-Saxon times in I-Zuglzuui wills were written in trip-i licate. the copies being consigned to three E€‘.|Illl'1Ile custodians. “At one time oral \\'“1S'\\'lIil no spe-' clnl formalities were as valid as writ: and xvae later allowed. In Fiance in all the Mnhnmnwdnn rour’1tr'w< om)‘ :1 pam_ 13! une's prop:-r(_v can be wlnwi. A r‘.-.1rn~nse Buddhist cannot vnmI~:(»1\ will: and in India win nml ‘hus cmne to he l'(\(' only us a result of l‘.rZti.<.h inrluom-e, mm is not yet \\-ic‘1(»1_\‘ [mu-tic-(=d. Up-to-tbs:-Minute Lawyer's\ Secret, with cm--a B1-cox. Qharl-.»..s Rggers. Rlcizuu Azlen. Fay Wyay .md Jena Anhux-. wan -be presents.-d ut S.n.u.- 5'-uc.. 'J’1_xurs~'.iay +.:..u Fnzhy evcnin-.:,s. (‘n the surrounding pr~:ggr.un me Sumnn-:~rvLl1e in On, La La: mt.» turml H4’-v.'.c-w um! twenty Lesa; Cam-A -the Seq. cnrto.-an ' A “Anmu:.'ou1‘t-ritnizixeum-4-~*la-rstherf was no stn-ti thing us it will or own iniu-ritnnco”iv,v it ‘limited number of heirs, lwcuuse there was nothing: to inherit or to win. Al] ()t‘h]Il:X'i_\' was ('c$mnnInit,_v prom=rt_\‘. When :1 man‘ died he sink]-iy 4-4-axed in use tho rom- mon propel-t,,v ‘[mol.‘ and without any formalities tho sur.’vivi_n;: members of the group 1-ontinued to nmke use of it.’ “When privmo ownership of things nnd land ‘(Tulle to he l‘('t‘02iii'/.(‘d. the governing unit—viiing’e, tribe or state .-—found that it. had to take some ac- tion when n mnn’died_ iomjlng prop lerty. If nothing were done, ‘anyone Hvho hnpponed to be uenr or strong 'migh_t séize the owneriess property. leven though he were 11 total st.r:1t1gef '10 or even an enemy of its former lowuer. Trihni (-nnconts or fair may ‘come into operation. and it was recog- .nized thnt the rnun's family ishould have tir-st clnim to his former _heiom:ings. From this dt-veinpod the custom: and laws of inhorititnco which ‘hove tokhi utried. and in some cases. »\‘eI‘.\' coumiox forms. in different parts of the world. - \'i‘-ho nriviiege of making wins was Jzrnnted -by the state a inng time after finhe-ritonoe customs arose. it might be considered the stop in oons ! the institution nf [\i‘i\'1H-1‘ prop- erty. Not only was on imiiviiinni to have nndismtteri o\\‘norship and con- -trol of‘ land nn-i goods while he was niivo. but he was to he uvrmittod to dot-mo who sin-1.i<i oniny them. after his tiomh: an?!’ to <l‘rm't, if ho wisitod, j in great‘: vh-tgiii just‘ how they shouid he ntili'/ed, in some onsos for (‘cm tnrios to come, Prepared Espedally for This Newspaper Junr~ Moog. J-(ck O?.k.uz‘s' lamest marr- x:-g- wt.-dc!‘-.-_ wn-1 be {he lratiepq.-ndzmtc Day nztracuon. ‘éommuous 2 to 1-‘. o'clock. Extr asubjsots wul be spirit. ut Liberty. novelty mad Ln<ues.Last., cmm~d‘y. Aqded at the children; mam:-.-e -will be Buck Jones m Shadow Runcn _am1 the xeghth ,¢—p1sov;Ie-'-of »}ieru.=s 01 mt Plain:-s with ‘Ian h\.’Ooy. Grace Cunard tn‘.-.1. others ten ones in England. ‘but,lt was found, that trnud could creep in so easil that -ornl wills were permitted to be: made only during: the last sickness, and only its regards persnnnl pr-onert_V.. Soldiers and mm-lners_ however. nr_e' given greater privileges as to oral.{ wills. in general. in most countries,. wills, especially timse disposliu: of‘ real estate, must now be written,- signetl by the will-maker. and sub-' scribed’ by two or more‘ witnesses in the presence of the will-maker. The instruments are usually written or. typed on ortlinary paper; but wills‘ written on almost any material will be mild. in one case ll will was wrlt- _ ten on :1 door, which was rentoved‘ from its hingzes, taken to court.‘ and \ilnly probnted. \in the majority of the sixties of the‘ United States only urtilnary wills life‘ |)l'0\‘l for—tim.=e signed by the will- muker and openly presented to the necessary witnesses for their signa- ture. in nineteen states. hmvever, 'hologrnpl1ic’ wills nre nlso recognized. These are entirely in the handwriting of the will-nuxker and are sizned by him. and lined not he witnessed. In twelve sinus. in fact, it is nut even necessxirg to date lmlumnphic wills. in one state. lmxisinnzl. where the basic lmv is of French 0l’i::in. pro- vision is made for the must unusual will valid in the Pnited Stutes-—-the mystic or secret, will. Such :1 will in- not openly presented to witnesses btt_ is settled up hy the nmlter. and then, presentecl to :1 n¢-tnry and seven wit- nesses. who nil sign their names on the €‘.n\_‘(‘.l(lp9. \The law -that has grown up around the making. lnterpretntlun. and en- forcing of wills is extrenleiy complex. in general. however, the courts seek merely to determine whether a will is lawful; and wlnft the intention of the nmker was; ant strive to put ull lawful lntentlo s into effect.“ ‘ Wee Squad. slarmng Paul Lukas, Kny E‘r.-npis and 31 gm Wocds. will he the ieamr-.- I-urnmoxx sngmuazy and Monday wdth matinee Suny z 2 p'c1ock. In adul- uoix three will be Jack Benny in 06.‘) waumg. Roma Méreno in Idcaannght and ‘R-:;mance apt: an,u:gax_; iecitol by ,l':':“l\y ‘.)rr-xzmng ’ . tn.-no Dunne. ma ox Oixmrron, win Io ;.:~en in Bach-'=1cr Apmiunent. .9. connviy romance with Lowell Sherman and Claudia nail. Tuesday and Wmiucsauy evenings. Add°d sunken: wxll be George Dewey Waslmxgton In Oh King: Cotton. Mickev Mouse cartoon. 'namc, Troubles. and S,nea's Benegm News. - mm: Young, star or 21;; nuameuidm whmn is beam; prune-n.'£;i at sh-en‘: Centuxy suppanung Ihhe star am Ricardo 0'01-tap ‘and Frank‘ mbe > A~r'i-:-n. i‘.a$v’Wf&§T 9-.xi1‘Jes’m Agthur. \rhe~ vc-hlcle marks Rogers‘ venture as a dramatic actor. Sh'ea,\s Kensington Shea's Bailey ; An mtera-wing suirounghzng program at (when. .gmb_jeots and an organ mcltal by N-:-lson Eelby will round out the mu Kick In. thrill-.lng drama. with Calm Bow, Regis Toomey. ‘Wyn-ne Gibson. Ju- iétte Compton, Paul Hurst. Wade Rente- Ier an donuts of note will be shown tsda yam! Wednesday e\'en.‘mgI. In the veh1c.\e Jraomey has the best part he has (nacted since his memorable mle xn A11- bl. when first brought ‘mm! um‘; semen prominence. ‘Adda!’ xmracuoghanl be nzgresented. _ ‘ Ir. lemon or Orange ,v-mi nu Bren- del. Iamovq Swedish chmncte: comedian sud rm Duty, petite Pxcnoh oomedbm ne, um be shown at Shea‘; Bailey ‘mura- dny and may evenings. The aun*ound- program will include snappy, Cuba!- lem .oolonone revue and‘ Pluto-Kn! novel. 1.1. The cotnlonable coolness of Shen's Ke mike the-excellent progmmb emjoyamo those warm summer day: \Iran a stirring love sfory oi the prize 1-lung. with law Ayres. Jean Har- low. Robert Armstrong and Eddie Dillon is showing imnnday, and Friday eve- nings, the Mickey Mpuse cartoon ‘\!‘m.t—- no Troubles.\ pp Pops the Devil. comedy romance, with No:-mm Foaur. Carole Lombard .Bko_aca Knllagber. ulyax \\ mm llarkel and Stuart harm. will be shown lndependencg Day; omglnuoua 2 to 11 «book. An incqreatmg mrmundlng ‘hill mu jnclude Our Gang canted]. Lmle mddy ind‘ spam 6: Liberty, novelty. Ex- ‘_tn It children’: matinee wm be Wligm. jldth Jack I-101$ an tithe ojghtlfepboth .0! Boioas cl‘ tahe Fla-mes wvm)‘ Tlm.)lc- coy. Gracecunard aha other-5. rm Pu-amount was ‘re featured in I_'|l__1‘l_>e pro,-ented Sunday and Monday The l..|'wyer's Secret which with matinee Sunday ata 2 o'clock. may In Clive Brook, clmx-Ia; Rogers. mchitd Saturday axtemoan am; evening Rm mon Nova‘no- M11 be oeen in “Daybneax' an adnpnatlon of the highly sophisti- cated drama by Arthur Schmtner. Ones» ter Oonklin. In “The lath Alarm\ Is the _c</rnedy and me ndhed attmctbons (or Saturday mgtlnee one \The Shadow Ranch\ and the am episode of the thrilling new serial “Heron: the Flames\ and special July an novelbict. “H 1.119 1-ri\i!c:'_'e of nxxzlxim: 51 will marks the ],vmvm' of the imllvidunl, Power Greatest in Esvj-land than l-‘nzlzxml is lhP world's stronglmid of ln«li\~::iu;::‘.sr::: for in no country is tho power to will so untrmnmolod and so nc-:1ti.v complete. By means of !\ nz-nr.ot'l,v <‘.:~:u-.'n anti mt-mtted will,‘ an iiltglislixumtl can disinhorit wife and x-hil-lroti. lamina all his property to :1 p(!i'SnrI win-llv outside his fmnliy. \This i-‘.n::li.<h law was mloptr.-d hv (hr .~\tm-rlmn colonies art! the United, Status; hut in mnnv of the states the old mice haw l\!‘v\l11I_IYg‘i'gI(I luv Ie1:isl1I- tlnn \\‘ilil'i) provides that on the donth of :1 tn:-rv-In‘ mun vi-.r::.in siutroz slmll go to tlw \\-i-low and to the children. and mm nnir tha hninnce can he \\illml.:1\\:u tmrt:str!t;i(-lily. ln [France and tho utin-r i.ntin countries. where the local systexxts nrs built on Roman hm‘, the rigltts of widow‘ mud children have hoon pron-c-ted for many cen- hIric~s,__n,-_-ziinst the willing power of tho hushrmd and father. “.-Whnush v:m'in:' limitations exist. the puxvor to w'il all or somr property is’ now rm:o::tilzod throu.-_:honz Chris- tenqom lllolmmmodnn conn- tries. in (fhinu. Japan and certain other lands. This noxwr ;'.'rnntod to an mvner to prolec-it his wishns into the future, counled with tho unfor- ttmuto (not that he can know limo of how socit‘-.t_\' and its lrmitniicms will drvcviop. ims hrought strange results in the cases of many wills. One sym- . pathetic maker of :1 will. ih-im: in the Seventeenth ct-nmr_\'. and contvnmlnt- in: the unpleasant into or (-zlptlvos Itaken in the Ni-nr East. left :1 trust fund. which nmon:.r other things is SUD- posed to he (ievotmi today to the ‘ro- demption of Turklth prison vs.‘ a win Makers Poor Propheic. 32' 4: V ,)r , ‘ .2 \ Shea's Century Big Business Girl, (éhvurlng lnrettg Young. with Ricardo 0:31.22 and I-‘rink Albertagm, will be presnmgd at alien‘: I-lippodronw blgeinolng Saturday. mg Buslvnx Glri ‘ls ulti-a-modi and at me same tune mtesaely human, with just me proper seasoning 0': -humor. It is absnrbingly netex-tuning and lipids the suspense to the last fade-out. Lor- etta. Young has never been quite so wis- zuny ckxjgrpgihg as ‘an the me of cm: Mcmtyre. who wins bustueu success and It nqt so completely satisfying as am: had gxpected. “Women or All Nations.\ the third axl- ventgre 0! Ouptnln 1-‘lugg and sergeant Qvirt. is booked to:-osuwday and Mom- dty, July 5 and .6 with Victor laclaglen and Ednttmd Loire portfarl me): (am- duls muss I71 Brenda] 14 I scream as the blundbugm Swede n]u~;xm .upd Cu-eta. maven la the girl. A Chprlle Chase comedy \The Pip from Pittsburgh\ 1:. Ipcluded In the prognmf \ Pain Lukas. Kay { and aelqn Johnson each reach »t.he‘p-mnacle ox suc- cu; -by g dmerenc mute in “The Vice squa¢l.' based on v§9e irwestigatlons In vn.Hou_s oltles. me’ attraction 'I‘u’e_sday and Wednesday. July '1 and 8, followed on Thursday and hzlday by \Bachelor Aparlllnent\ the‘ peppy an romantic mm- with Low»)! Shermnm Irina Dune and Mac Ilunay. SPORTING SIM PLICITY “Flatter and straighter\ is the re- port on Parisian sports clothes. This simply means that Paris is Strullgly. swaying toward simplicity. Frocks still indent at the \vai.~.tlinc, but there are less frills and H.-re's a triumph in simplicity. with knotted scarf and Slcntlc-rizing scams its only decorative (la-tails. Below the hip=. the skirt iioes circular to allow plentv of freedom: And the tiny “cub\ sleeves are splendid for sports Use whim washable silk for the (rock, and sharp contrast in the scarf. Cux1tras1— ins; shades of silk. matching 'h<: scarf . might be braided together for :1 belt l7.xc.:-.llu Pattern Nu 3-330. Sizes 14 to 42, 25 cents Shea’s Buffalo Beginning many. may at “Little City!!!\ Star‘ of \'_l‘he Public EneIIIy§\ Will Filed in Court; Penned on Battle “SMART Mosnw nnwann a. nonmsox. JAMI8 canny JENALYN ’KNAPP Flu; on we Bmge \vssunn saannnnnns\ with nmznsw: sncx Shea; Hippodrome l\hilm1elphi:1.——.-\ will, written on u linttloiiolul in X-.‘rnm'o by n [’hl1£ldt‘I~ phin snmlor n'urt:Ill_\‘ wnumlnd In ac- tion. was filed with the regzisrrxu‘ of wins for nrulvute. Ilmn‘_\' J Km-klmr, whu -lied Sep- lemlmr 11'. 191*. at. St. Mijnli-I MI|nw- in: the‘ t\lI1Pl'i('2LD n|'f(-nslxc-.. menu:-xi 11):- will knmxing that he “as uhuuv to (H0. H» M‘! his mu‘ risk insnmm-9 of $2..-‘Mu to his moxlu-r and sister. Twin stars xmm two 0! the ‘yen’: mast slgirmcxmt .plct.u,1-es term a. new sateen ‘oomhlunton in Young Donovan‘: Kid. which wan be presented ate shen's ialo begxpnlng mdzgy. Thye are Botch- ltd Dix. \'\‘xo contributed to ciniarxon the glagnuous cmriqterlutlon cl Yan- cey Cravam .Imd Jack-its cooper. remark- able seven-year?o)d child actor who brought to we Percy Cmslfyts lovable Skippy in the fentum picture of the ‘same title. - Shea’s Century Bride Said “Not,” Hubby Reveals in Divorce Suit gepnning Thm Young _Donovan’.s Kid ranks us one of Rex Beach's greatest worn. — critlcvs ;throughout‘ the nation have been loud in their praise of the picture. Jackie Gooper s said to duplicate his npiennid noting or Skippy and ‘it is predicted that he will Become an outamndging tan tw- orite following his role in p'mduc- fion, others in the cast no Marion ‘Bh:]iung.~beI\1'1titu1~aaughter 0! the noted stage q._irec,oor-producer. Edward shilling. with a. half moan leading screen roles to ‘her creit: !‘rra_nk Sheridan. gnnd old Irish tmuper of 50 year: dramatic experi- encé. Bob Wilbur. Fred Kelsey and oth- ers: Fred Nibio, distinguished director of Ben Kur and gcorey Q frqoéent talking pictiu-ea .¢m-ected Yaung Donovan‘: Kid with a keen dngblnct (or the original Rex ‘Beacn smry value. (‘lo\'¢-lrnd.—lIonr_v A. Rupert won :1 di\_-orce fxtum ‘his “ire. Hattie. because.’ he said. she mpudiuted her marriage vow at the \'cry xnuxnant. the ceremony was |1e1'furnxod. \The jlistico of the pemso asked her if she would prnmise to love. honor and obey mo.\ Rupert related. \ It Isn't Her _'.I'5‘pIng, 11'! Hi! Speed! “BIG BUSINESS GIRL\ with YOUNG ::';,g.?.‘ 1-‘nnk A‘I_be_|-tson, mcardg cm-tcz Added Screen Navemes \A philanthropist in St. Louis in pioneer days left large real estate holdimzs in what is now the heart of that city. the income to be devoted to helping 9:-amied travelers on the way to hec-o 'bona settlers in the West.‘ _ recent years, the trustees have bee . Jnablo to find bene ,meet__lng the wlll‘s description. and after much idiiliculty have prevailed on the courts to permit them to turn the income over to the local Trliveiefs‘ Aid society. \A‘ classic ‘case of poor prophecy ls» 'foun(_l in the will. dated 1801, of the ifounder of ‘Sailors Snug Harbor‘ in [New York city. He’ left a farm -on Alanliattaln lslau(l——now represented hy ,-mm-s of business buiidings—us an en- 4\sm= said. ‘I will.‘ and then under hér breath she muttered. 'not.\‘ ‘ HERB’ uscarum ac ozgun [Shea\s' Hippodrome ¢{:¢-2->-3-9->-‘.-:~:-€~>«.5-:~<v(-4-¢-1-:-€~s*-2~:~:§* § Burns to Deéth on .2 Bu-.bed‘Wire‘Fence §, Nelich. Neln.—Truppe'd in n 3;, - barbed wire fence. Cvhn-rlos E» 1: Brown \\\as burned to death. . Brown was burning mush in his 9 iv-garden. A ‘shift in the wihd \ . mused the ! to ignite his . 2:. rlothmg. He started to‘:-un and , jg: hocnme entangled in the fence. ' .i -nmnning Saturday, ’ -. 4 Dynamic sum; qi !‘C|Im\n'on\ and \Skippy\ to 1.. \Donovan Km\ 13103433 nxxaacxm (3)0!-2:2: mm\ -nizo 3'n;.‘nui(ya by nutrniz an Joml \\=\!°‘ 3l“‘!'’‘ ‘.1 .7 ‘no Inputuy mum of the .IQ hum‘ wn upon no Bdbylonlhn‘ can of weights, The ratio of 00, value of gold to sliver was 1:18 14 ill prevailod over all western Ash. luohu-d DI): and Jackie cooper. nuts {at two at tho greatest pictunt on -the war. clmq-nm and Bklppy. an cg-seamed In Domvaniltsld which will be shown at Bank‘; ljjgpcdxonze smpmy. ’B - Iv \**~’-- ,..-..as».-‘-iu.s._— , 5'4

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