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-e-»::=~.:m;«7~>:: .; \'-‘t;.\“'*»‘l’u';-:« ‘ 4»~:..\_;, _?'_;._.._ . 's“‘r.- \ . - -‘ ‘;;_':;'-13; \5 \5 Q § :«.“3fr+=‘2‘e‘: .': f‘PI!ibz.iI; .1’ in 'NEM§;‘:~;v. W . 1 _ . . . 15; L CKAWANNA NEWS :,.x. ‘I if IF‘ * *x\x‘v:7\'x\.“< a~ W 13¢.» _ ‘$5.: .‘;._. i§:%‘~ff 1: \i - . ‘'~‘...\:. ti‘ }1‘-\.;,' . 2;;-.» 9;: ¥;t‘e‘:.‘3:=i £'«'v“:~'.; Qtllclll Nhwipapor of Tho Olly -oi ‘Lacki- -wunnn, Er-_l_o\ ‘co. ?§::l;‘.v yu9.:;: %-.»%‘1~:4.: 5? 3 :? 16-— -No.. 16 Lackawanna .»_N\ews ~La<':lia.w.'nina., ‘N’. .Y., T-l’|urs., June 25, ‘1'9§1' PRICE 56-32.00 PER YEAR \ J pfy Boys An | (iradeSVclmoils iliraduaite 1nABeautitu:I% :P%rogramsV ‘GIRL, 15, Low: ~MlSSl mom 13un‘~‘A1;o HOME LOCATED uv LACKAWAN-NA PLACE womcmc. As WAITRESS; ACT -on LOCAL up Our Lady of Victory Acadcmy ‘Graduates Two Large Classes With Most Appropriate Ceremony T-lpped 011 by Lackewannn plain elothes men ,Bu11’a.lo police‘ aumonluled this week found _pi'et:t.y rlttnen-your-old Leone Rose Miller. misstmg from her fxome at 14 Peacock since Febru- ary Josh ‘and the object of a search '11‘, -police or several eltles. The girl was Iouxngl Tuesday after- noon wvorlcxxxg as a wmltress in a. Lackn-. wanna. speakeasy by Jeanne Gray. clue! of BuXf<\‘lo's poldcewomern. , During her .dJsappcarance she roamed ‘no Tomewanda. Niagara. Ella.‘ Cleveland, and Dertolt. where she worked as a. wait. fess, mlght club c-ntertalner and speak- eesy hostess. Ifollcewoman Gray said. ‘She uxaturnad to Buffalo about a week ago. esbebldshed residence at a downtown ho- tel with a girl rrlend and. obt.aaned- the waitiess job in 3 speukeasy un Guns ave- nue ,Lml:9.\‘vanua. Mrs. Miller llves in a modest flat and her sole support ls ‘her sixteen:-year on‘ son... She. has been in poor health since Leone's zcllsppearance. No charge will ‘be placed against the‘ girl, Polloewomam t\‘ay said. but her mother wlll be instructed to keep close check on her. : \‘. I’ “w G, x Midsummer Fm‘|ic ' of Asauerekraut cum is-=\'»‘.f‘ ' .-,,_ . J ; “L33 <‘v 7. 5 ‘AV V. BELOVED FATHER BAKER DELIGHTS YOUTHFUL GRAD. UATI-ZIS AND’ PARENTS AND FRIENDS ALIKE. WITH CLEVER‘*'4:)RDDRESS.—- ‘MANY SPECIAL HONORS AWARD‘E-D. - ALL WVE-EK LONG ‘WHOLE SERIES OF COMMENCEMENT} SERVICES OCCUPY ATTENTION -OF LACKAWA-_NN»A. TAXPAYERS, AS ‘HUNDREDS OF l_-‘Av!-.\!\Hl'-,‘UL ‘SCHOL-I ARS AR-E. -REWARD!-ID W»l'7l‘H DIPLOMAS. The m1dsu.mmer frolic of the Sauer- kraut Club will take place on Tuesday. June 30, 1981, at the Lake Shore Para- cuue. comer Hamburg mmplke and Mn- 'ol Springs Road. E I This meenilng will be in the nature or a. mmxly ajtzur so ohan}: you may bring your wlte. mother. daughters or any oth- er members or yuot family. The festival wul get under may eat ‘I p. 221. when a rgglj delightful dinner wm be served (or the very low cost at 81.00 per plate. After the dunner, dancing, vtsmng. stfalllng along the sandy beach or even ‘bathing will '0: in order. for which there will be no change. At. very few occasions In the history .of.publ1c or parochial schoolsvm the any ‘at -Lrackawanna has A more tmpressxv-r Commencement Program ever been or- Iered than that enjoyed by 9. »cremend- ous crowd tor both the Junior and scum- gfaduavmg clames or our Lady 01 Vic- tory Acadeny last Sunday night. Gold Ix‘!-dal. Science, Auce Ann'Ca.llag. ban: donated by Court Mpr.31gn.or Elakgx-, C‘ D of A Geld Medal. 'Ccmmetc1a.l. Catherine Agnes Mmmghan. domJ.'ed by Court Monsxgmur Baker, C. 19. qt A. The following are the graduates: cuss or :93; , In beautguul gnd highly impresslve Couuneneemmvt Exercises, hundreds % happy boys; and girls‘ of the publ mhoola or Luckuwanna wen vglven am .31-‘adé g1'a:d\'utidn~dlp1oxnaa within the -my xew nignvs. _ Happy pun-ems and mamas tilled’ Spa.- «otaus ‘audltorlums to View the children in their «proud momems. Without exception the exercises were delightful and let: memorable miprlnt on every spectator‘ First cl! tho local school ‘gmduatlnns was thita. o! the; Woodrow Wilson school in Laixawanna high school audltorluin, laat Friday night -Anna ‘golich gave the nlutotory, Ed-< ward szifnnnshi a reading. Mary Mari- -oiqh the Prophecy, George Bush the Vale- dlctpry. Joseph Mel.n.n’t we salute, diplomas web awarded by Prizlclpal williain Lease and the add:-on or the awning delivered by Prof. John P. 03- barne ox Iascluwanno. high school. tac_u- Icy. 'rneodom\nooseve1e achool graduation exerolses, drew‘ a big crowd mo the school auditorium on Monday night of rhhis week. The 1931 graduating clasp at this‘ Idhoolmsavlu-geonethisyeara-ndug most enjoyable program was mosentod. clam the Sweet -Pea. was in swat profusion about the 8&3! ouditor- lum,haweI'eola.ssool.oxso10ldRoseand< Silver. Tin: Mattucci .cl.naa president. -led the gljadunhas to the stage. Commencement exex-can of Gcorge (Continued on Page Three) Paul cnrcoran counciIA candidate to: ram Ward; Ems! Cntherme Barnaék. Winntmd Mary Bums.. Alice Ann Callaghan. Mary Gertrude Collins, James Jcseph Oonmy, In the gradtmtlng class 01 the senior high school department 20 young men and women were awarded with diplomas. In the junwor dpenrtmeut sixty-eight boys and girls were given entrance di- plomas to the senior auaclemlc depart- ment. Agnes Mnrlecusxck, Rosina Elizabeth Dietrich, Anne Bernadette Gattney. Mar- ceulnc Joan Herman. Gertrude ann- bech. Kane. Maxy Agnes Mezjrlck. Oath-'. erlne Agnes Monaghan. F.dn'.\md Jooeph Norton. Claire Phyllis Osborne. William Joseph Osborne. Genevieve Ethel Owens, 'Ml1d.m<l Euzabeth Schmnc, Robert Jau- eph skipper. James Edwa.rd.’1‘obLn. Rim Genevieve Wan-en. ‘OBITUARY Friends and‘ neighbors of pop- ular local taxpayer induce him to enter both political‘ . party prininaries. Re.~:ol\mon on the death of out be- loved, member. Mary Osborne. ’Whei'eas. it has pleased Almighty God to remove Iron] our xmdst our belovn.-d sister NM-_v Osborne be it, Resolved. that in the passing of ‘this Iqvmg cdnughwr. true menu and devout Gathdlgc woman 1*-1 lug everlastnng Court Magr. No. 1043 Catholic Daughters (at Amérlca has suffered an irreparable Hearts filled with natural pride and reverance as our beloved Father Baker shook at! the yolk or years. and in happy frame of mind gave a spirited and high- 'iy beneficial address to the graduates. and one. too, taken with prom, to them- selves by an the witnesses of the core- monies, men and women alike. Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacra- ment was an ‘impressive sight. Junior Departmiem. honors went. to: Two men. said by notice to have been lnstrmnentai in obtadmng etnploylnant for the girl in Lackawanns and Tona- wwnda, are-being sought. More po broke out to the (ram: or public lnvemst. Ln Laokawanma. mus week and rumors 0! proposed candldnt -s were nunwmua. - Preliminary Certificates Alice Aldrich. Margaret Benkelman. Mary Bidney. Daron-11y Bahanan. Rita Boniface. Mn-ion can-on. Mary Jnne_Carro11, Doro. t~h_v Cltlrord. Rina Costello. Bernard. Cur- mn. Elva:-u D‘.-\more. Henry Dietrich. Mary Dobry. Kaithleen EH:-nme‘. Loretta Folan. Anna Mane Foley. Helen Paley. Thomas Goffney_ Helen Gannon. Flor- ence Gxordzmo. Rita Gordon. Pmacls Gossart. Phmp Guy. Dorothy Haley. Nel- son Hart. Noreen Hartnctt. Bernardlne Henley, Mary Hoffman. Rim Hu Mry Igae. Renee Joseph. Gram Kennedy, James Kenney. Harriet Keough. Margaret Kilcovne. Nélson LeR.oy. An- na Le-ms. Thomas Lewis. John Mahan-sy. Elizabcvth Malone. Lucy Manning. James Mccann John McCarthy. Charles M3’:- Clure, M Eileen McClure. Patrick Mc- Donnell, Helen McDonnell. Marlon. Mc- Govern. Mar‘; Mc Rita Mchme. Wlmam Monnn. Eleanor Mcmaghan. Fflmvor Monaghan. Cataherdne Mullln. John Mu:-pm’. Martin O'Connor. Mary O'0n:mvan. Jinn O'Hara Jn.rnes,O'Mall!a. Loretta D'1\'lrn. Fthcl Padden. Regina Raeman Robert Rxeman. James Rooney. Gertrude Salonas. Charles Skxpper. John Solossi. um-Xe Tnrqumo Charles Toonley One logical and bana caqdldate appearing is Paul F. Corcoran, pronu- nont local man whose friends have urg- ed him to peak the nonzdmtixm as can- didate for oouncllmln 01 the {nth Wa:“d Mr. Ootcoran ,a resident of No. 28 Parkview, is very well kwowm. having -been keenly active in all civic afladrs (.1! a. number 01 years. Urged on by his constantly increasing circle or 11-lends and wen-wishing neigh- bors, Mr. corcox-an is gioomud to seek the nommamon in both the Demncmt pngmnmies and the Republlcam primaries. The tct thta he is perscmnlly very popular lends friends -to the confidence he will beat the organizataion machlxxe in ata. least one 0! the two parties and be a party zepresentahlve rm. the ‘fall elections. Daughters of Veterans To Visit at Lake Shore Home of Mrs. Ehrman Resoived, That in this last Iovmg trib- Vute or! respect us her memory we shall strive to emulate the example or he: xxgbie me. We believe the world is bab- ‘tuar to; her having lived 111 it. Resolved. That we extend our sincere sympathy to the members or her unme- zcuate funny {or the lass they have sus- mdned and. Medal. Chnlstlan Doctrine. Donated by K. of C. Council, 2243 .to Mary Jane Car. non Ot!1<_:ers and membezs of the Daugh-‘ ters of Umon Veterans, Nancy Pncoln- Tent. No 27. will meet with Mrs Sam Ehrmamn at her summer home on the Lake Shore road June 25. lnlr/1a.txor.s' and business of xmportance to be trans- acted All membérs requested to be‘ present. Gold Medal. Excellence. Mary Elem McClure. Donated by Rev. Herman J. Gex-Inch. Senior School Honors were awarded no the tollowlng. Gold Medal, Christian Doctrine. Mary Agnes Merrick. Donated by K.o1’ C. Council 2243. Be It further resolved. that these reso- Iutzions ‘be inscribed upon. the mlmvte books. 7! our Court. MARY BONNER. Grand Rn;-gent. Court Msgi-. Baker. No. 1043, Catholic Daughters to America. Gold Medal. Excellence. Agnes Marie Cu.<Jc'k. donated by Rt. rm. N. H. Baker. Gcdd Medal, Enzush. Mary Gertrude Collins. donated by O L. V. Alumnz. taxpayers Insist lln 1931 Start on Electric Ave. loll Gold Medal, Latm. Caertmde Elizabeth Kane. donated by Rev Herman J. Ger- Inch LACICAWANNA LEGION MEN ADVISED EXTRA LEGISLATIVE SESSION 'M‘AY BE CALLED TO DEAL WITH ADDITIONAL SOLDIER BONUS Gold Medal. Span-Len. Mnrcellme Jpcm Harman. donated by Court Monsignor Baker. C D. ‘of A Goid Medal. Mathemstncs. Emma E112- beth Dietrich. donated by O. L. V. Alum- M. Follow Ihis city In Permit to Eric‘ ‘Motnr’ coach co. Lac_kz=.w-anna Amerlcan Legion men xvcre Jmfarzned Tuesday that the conven- _mg of an extraordinary session of mlie state leglslamure to who additional state soldvler bonus mnds and perhaps deal wlbh other presszng problems dé Wlthlu range of posslbuley. Governor Franklin -D. Roosevelt’ declared this in a. letter‘ Just ‘Waived by Gap?-V !l\.f-11.l*8I!-S:颣,Ec2zs_o,t_. Bixtloto. Ame!‘-lizan.‘ ‘uégtm rrgur. anti- made pwbllc Tuesday The Governor‘: letter was ln response to one from Capt Fox of several weeks ago vln whlch the man appealed for A special -aesslcm with vlew to allevltmng unemployment custlos. The wrlter ex- pressed the rear tlx-at the $250,000 voted by the 1931 leglslablon to nnnce nhn re- openlng of the state bonus was rapidly belng «exhausted nd would have to be re- splemhlshed. and urged legislative ap- pmval or an appropmatlon to permzt prompt. mugurbalon of removal work on me a.rm'ory else. Answering cl-lals popeal the Governor volcetl the opmlon that :1. special legis- laclve session might prove necessary and §al‘.d chum. he was cnmng upon Adj. Gen. F'rnnk11n W. Ward of the d.n'«1s1on‘of mil- \“._17 Ccntinunl agilgtion for in’:- g-‘H “ provement of highway indi- Iv eaten publicv sentiment for it._ ttery airaxrs Lo Iurmsh mm with the lat»- est lntomxatlan wxth respect to the sta- Buffalo Radio School Add: to study Course; Televisioxi is included All {Athletes Show .. lIIvs1al.|II|! 23 ms or the bonus fund The, more stzggestlon :that a possibdmy ,p_r\q‘x;’:'_x\t€_1 qegggzgn exists lured the hopes or ‘L1’: Ida ’a.x’x1s.g:1_‘iz12ens\w:;6 halite urging such a move in the interests of proxzpt start; on removal work‘ at .116 106th‘ 'a.z~mory site .111 the mterests at gav- mg work to many jobless ones. Capt. Fox made prompt aamver bi IM- ter yesterday to the Governor's assertion that bonus furuds appeamd to be ample Polntmg out that according no reliable lnrrormaclon the bonus bureau expects to vmlrhold $50,000 for nmm.t..'Llnance and operation purposes. Capt Pox asserted that: “the balance o't~s200.000 was cer- tainly eaten up bv the appraxunezely 2.400 approved applxcamxons winch were an x‘1le~ mm the old bureau at the time the Webb-Snngwzn: bill was passed.\ I}. '.‘;'L\ Sc,» many ,poj:-qigstenb 1‘aiepnom- , calls, lettters In every ‘man and cormnenta on the snrect. haw‘ been directed at this new-spuper in hehall or the Ootmty Aid impmvemem proejct; of Electric avenue. that we are compelled to acknowledge tiusm with the swbemeut: that just as‘ won 5 Chairman George B. Abbozb of Hamburg. head of the Erie County B-Jzud of‘ Supervisors‘ Good limlcla cunmutiee. gixd. Mayor mward T Mxiaxxe, can ge'. together on some definite date. the pro- posed conference win he ‘nei-1. Abogt two weeks ago Chainnnn Ab- bott attempted to hold this ai1-1mg>ort.- am; coniu-x'nece ,amd act.-uully set me date and all was in readiness for a get-1:o- gctiner on plans for the permncnt im- provement or Eiccmc avenue. But not previously realizing it the dame (en dunmt the very week of the State Mayors‘ Conlemece at Glen Falls. nd it was impassible xor Mayor Malone and common councilman and other 10- an ci-by nuuhori-ties to attencl. learning or -t-his {act ,Ohnlrm.n.n Ab‘- bott called an the confemece_ arranged ‘for {:11 members of :hhe supervisors’ emo- xnlttee tm Highways nil I..'..t’:i’:’;2.-’vva-zir‘.\~alii:'y omciais, and all counmy an deity’ en- ginceu. A.*d,,oqM‘I_I_gAge;,|no7tog-, ‘transponftqtion service ‘now auufed’ whoiie Abbott Road district, Lack- awamiu and Buffalo act favorably. Bhffifo ‘-Ti'eclxnit’.al‘ ‘lni ! !1'i£‘¥.j oxuy“ms2aant scncol or radio -m West- ern New York ls ful ! 9, long felt need for rellable thooremcnl and Moor- awry tralmn gm racuo. Recemv to meet popular demand. fr:-levlslcm and Electrlca.‘ Refrlgernuolx courses -were added to the urrlculum \'.'h'1Cll heretofore mcludecl Radio St-rnce. Radlo Operating. and Druftlllg The Jumor Lnglncerlrn; Course is an mt°n‘- sure study at Rncllo Service. Tt‘19\'l.=2ull. Elecmc Ecetrtgexmlon and Eleclzxcul Drattlng. covering 9. preiod at 500 hours Upon 21-dlxatlng from ‘this course. the student. ‘null be ellgdble -for Junlor Grade membership In the \Institute of Radio Eru§z‘inee1s.\ and he wlll secure lute co- ’op¢=.rtlon cf the school ll‘. maklng appu- .catlon (or enrolment theraln. The value of this combmmzlon course (mm the practical View-polnt Is reauxly seen. Radlo feels a vummer deprcsslml. xtrmle retrlgemhloll 15 at 12.5 peak. Thus. Ithe man possesslng the knowledge and tmvlnlgzg 9.! D03‘.-ll Rlxlle and Retrlgerae ‘Mon. wlll be assured or swndy yearly and ,v.-ell-pald «income. whether he works for a dealer or guts In buslnesa for himself The majonty of manumctzfers and doaers today are handling both Rndlos and Relrlgemtors and the Serviceman who ls capable of handling both is :i val- uable asset. ta -his employer and will be .n tzremter demand than ever before. Ninghra District A. A. U. Aims to list entrants for World Olympic. Local stun in. Closely following the lead or the back- awazma. Common Council for more ade- quate motor bus trnxnsportntloxm service along {he Abbobt Bond dusmccs. the Buffalo Council Monday -ummlmously voted A consent to the Enlc Cmmtv Mo- tor Conch Lmes to operate over Buffalo gtmoets as a part of a route to commu- nities ‘to the south or Bu on candl- tisn thaat local pn are carried .rmo McKinley parkway and Abbott road sections to the downtown bus t.em\‘.na1 The quesulou or whether a consent ghould be voted making 1-t mandatory for the compny to carry loo!-.2. passen- zcrs or xvhethcfn pamlt would be valid Ln veent me state public Service Covm~ mxsslon relused permission for local ser- vice has been ac issue for about two months. The company agreed to tumiszi lcoul serv.lce but objected no thé clause which would void the consennt 1! the state commission does not rmow local passengers to be carried. V‘-\.:‘.1 .3 vza-xv 3:‘ h.n'.r.z, .\'—.;1g‘a.m dia- mct .-epr\*-ac-n::.L;yn .1: ‘:19 192 Olym- pure’ Jffltfala or 1.21» A A U, this week. we apemng an .mev.s1ve drxvo for en- mes ,3: his smnual outdoor tmc}: and meld clmmpzorsmps ~.v,-mch are to be run. or: .1ga.'.u this yea: m canujncuon with ma aumul sports camval of the Erie Club, Euxtalo po!1comen's omnuwatlon. The xmmunoan trnckfest Is to be held in Crystal Bench stndmzn. twelve mile: from Buffalo. on Wednesday, July 20. Lacknwaunu sm rdrstant men will be entered :11 these races MB. and MR8. G.0.HOSE. WEI] 50 YE|R$. IRE HIIIBBED TUESIJIY Steve llaley In Primary Fight for 2nd Ward Place '1‘-he Niagara d..=u-lct comprises terri- tory within 200 tn les of Buffalo .and In- cudes very xmpominr. amecics ce'n'uem. Jmwpn Deuhory chalmxan or! the track nnd fit-la‘ cogyugyggtgg. will supen'aLe dis: urtbutno of entry bumks and announces that the entry lists will remain. open until Saturday. July 25th. Happy Golden Wedding Anni- versary Mnrked by Kin and Friends of Local Couple. Thus 11:: no new date has been set-, -but It is up to Mayor Malone and Chm‘- nmn Abbott. to get together In the inter- ests or publgc pmgvress and lgnmeqiguely iii: 3 date mt thé conference. At the earnest plea of residents or the Sbubh Buffalo area. izowwover. the council voted. to tnseri: in the consent 9. clause that it will not be vznnd unless local pus- sengers may be carried. The mjaority contends tzhait some other cnocem must tumish tmnsportution facilities in sec- tions when the I. R. C. service is sum to be inadequate and that the time is ripe for a best; case -before the state commis- aiclu It is assumed that the I. R. C. will oppose the appiicntiozi before the state body F'rmed.s of Stephen Daley of No: '12 Dane street, well known and popular local t..L-(payer, this week agvappgcl his name tothe roll or polmcal omige pos- slbmthss by ms1st.u1g tliat he enter the prlmnry to seek the Democtanc nomixmtxon as councxlmn of the Second Wm-d. \V1m Evelyn‘ Knapp. who had a lead- 111:! role m Georgv Arllss‘s ‘The Million- alfe.“ taking an Important part In the current. lnsmument the Radio l!'ew.<re‘él' th:s week wll be emltlecl “On ‘to Holly- wood \ In it Don Kelly sm rreponter of The P:e.=s.. ts oommlssloued to go to the flllm c.1p1t.a.1 and dlg up new angles on now motion picture poaplo lwe and the stox-les be-hlnd tho storlcs In Hollywood Last week's-ln‘st.nlln1en‘t featured an ad- dress ‘by George Ar.l.ss In wluch hoe vet- eran lend of stage and acreeu muecl for =ome- \hom=sc person\ to come to Holly- wood and tell one true story there Fllty years at hihirt-itil hafaplhees Tues- day were observed- by Mr. and Mrs. Ch 0 Rose of 140 Madison avenue, this city. The couple. with mend: and relatives attended 8 3.. ma mass .1». the Shrine of our Lady of Vlotory. Electric vaamxe must be paivw‘, fmm Ridge Road, right on down. past the city hue and out In the nearby country terri- tory to Sou Bo There 15 absolutely no reason why such an lmpovtam. highway link to both county and any of Lnckuwannn can not be started this summer. RADIO NEWSREEL OF WIDE LOCAL INTEREST Chorus 0. Rose wed Enunu Ast. on c-Jun 23. 1881. in the old St. Joseph’; cathedral. Buffalo. The ceremony at that tune was perlonned by the Rt Rev John Krznnxer. Brides attendants were Helen Rose and (‘atmevlne Ask: Gmnm.<- men were Albert. nose and John As: Un- tn four years ago the couple had been rmldt-ms of Blufnlo. Thts adds another strong potemxax caud.-kxntes Do the lasts rapidly >be1ng compiled m. headquarbers both major party city orgamzutxons mud adds grout tmerest. to wlm: gwes every indi- catxon oi bemg the greatest pohtricnl cgmpnzgn in the mszory of the any. Camdlclnto llmley lmes up very {mor- bld with mxy cmxdidunzc for any office In mu Cxny of Lackmvanxm. being very pap- ,u!;~- with all classes of taxpayers. and pnruculrly strnuog with the lnrge ole- mont of m.lro.1d workres being :1 murtnd engineer gn South Hurfnlo To the clutter cf typewriters and tele- phonn bell: the second lnstallmexv of tho Rudalo New-steel cf Hollwoocl. 21. new mdo serial. will be hmrd from Stimon WHEN am :15. Tuesday Such a movement would be exceeding- ly popular, provtlng work for many work- men and téod and clothing {or _ their many -NEW ATHLETIC FIELD IN S READY FOR BASEBA CITY OFF [C OUTH PARK AVE. OPENING SUNDAY. IALS PROMISE TO ATTEND Upon returning to their Ihoxne In vT1d— Hon street fmxn the shrine Tuesday morning they were rec‘.-ivcd and con- tzxtntulnwd by mnnerous friends and re- latives Ivor.‘ mstunt points. who jou1'l1OV- ed ‘to Lnckmwmxm that they nughr. ton- cler their respects. Tuesday evening Mr. and Mrs Rose were further honc\;‘ru'. at an informal re- ooptlon for friends‘ and relatives In the family wsldence. Dinner was planned for 20 ‘and served at 6 p m. Table deco- mtzons were in glod slgnlfylm; me gold- en anniversary or xahclr marriage Mr. Rose Is '18. Mrs. Rose 74 HIGHER GAS RATE LEGAL BATTLE SCORES ONE POINT FOR LACKAWANNA.AND OTHER COMMUNITIES SEEKING PROBE OF FAS COSTS All Is readiness 101-_1.he‘openmg of the new Lnckawamnp Athlevlc tleld. slte lat.- er one of a concrete stadium. in South Park avenue on this Sunday afternoon. weather permm-ng. The Isackmvannn Bueebull temn rep- resentative semi,-pro club or the city. will open the local baseball season at that fonne with Zo1andz'Lumbex- 0.1. Under the capable dlrectzicm at Public Works CommJs_s_1!oner Barney McDonnell. ‘th etleld has -bcgn tiled with drain plpes '-beneath the suxmce. scraped. graded and otherwise njproved, so that a fast Ilnld tor an ‘athletic contests will resuxt. Fight of I.ack.nnu~.nn Bulfnlo and other commu.n.m(>< of Erte County agmlnst proposed higher gas rate. had one mvo1'n.ble tum for $11!.‘ cities and >t\mus last. week when In 0. supplement- l_» nzenxrrnncllxnx to tho New York St'\tE' I-ubnc S:-nnce Fonnmssuon. Comm sa- 1-ner Bunutt 59' forth ceveml I\?-(Suns why th mte base should. be brought down to date by .1 reopening of the proceedings In which the Iroquois Gas Corpomzion ‘or Burmlo seeks permxssion to 1nc.\ou<«= .ts rates for all gas coz'.sun1“d in its W».s*.nrn New York Ler-rnory mm than the Pennsylvama state line, ‘IJHAMITIG GIBGLE IJIJTIIG ‘SUBBESS M.u‘tln‘Br1ggs, Mrs. Robert Carroll. Mrs. wulum Cook. Mrs. Tlmohhy P. Couglxu Mrs .\mx-M11 Dougherty. Mrs. Michael J. Cmney, Mas. Ruth Resman, Mm. William Su!uv:111. Mrs. Jaseph Wldmfr. Mrs. J. Mu1quL~<-11. Mrs. J. Carson. and vntaiilubxlxty or zmeuml gs t. lower pnces make It desxrable. If not actualy necessary. I ore-examine mess mots. T112: ‘his M;'Pusl'.'e to-studs.‘ 7:111 mt.» Lm delay the $111.11 decLslon it :5 ob- vxous that ‘the customers will not suffer In view of me‘ (no: that the rates, au- marmed last year but 1.0’-V in suqoenaiou are lugher than now In effect. Wzule the legal depmmexxt of the City 0 fauffzuo 1s directing the battle against: the ,2:-mu of peutom for mcmnsed gas -rates. W111:-am Brennan. Jr‘. town attor- ney or Cheektowngn and Gorporaticn Counwl Wemstein of Lacknwanna are right in the to the end in an est- ton to prone-ct the gas co-.\umcrs o( ‘.1115 com,muny1c A large crwd attended the mmual out- In-g‘ or St. Bmtbars Dramatic Clrcie last; Sunday in Cmrksburg, N. Y., where mu‘ sic. races. gxxnqes and other spam: were featured‘ Mrs. Mary Ann Carroll m- c.hau'gw.- of the pmzes asslsued by Mrs. James J. Brown. Mrs. Fm}; Brown. Mrs Ann Burke. Mrs. Anna. Corcomn, Mrs. Jemmmh McCarthy. Mrs. Thomsxs Mc .Mrs. Charles Rose. Mrs Patmc}: Ruddy, Mrs. F.dw.z1rd J. Sum. Mrs. August F Twist. and Mrs. Wtlliam Wilson. 3'2,’ 21;‘ ’V \V\ GARDEN PARTY AT LACKAWANNA The whole 'M‘faJx' was given under the personal duectzlon of Stanley Mich-aels. president of the Circle for the past five ‘years, and also well-known» -in L80kKLVWLl\- ua ‘husndv;-as clrcles. Commlssh net Bu-:I:(* hams tlxzm ma-‘ souble x-Mes for Hw future cannot be us:rt1‘ \vlt.hout 1 1e-Dpenrmg 911:! that th m=re=s'n‘ =‘Ip_:\1\' and pr.c:< «\5 gas In Western New Ym-1»: must be 12101- cughly ixxvesugamtod Mayo: Edwnm‘ T. Malone. Secretary vP:_vt ‘McMn_ho'n. common couhull mem- bers and ‘other lty ofmcltuls -promise to attend. Mrs. Thomms Errlpxgton. of Abbott. road Lncknwanrm. will have a house and gm- clen party at ‘her home Tuesday evening. June 30. for the bene to our Lady of victory Inttunt; home. Cards will begin am 8:80 o'clock and n buffet, luncheor Wm be mved. 1! weather be uniuvon nble party will be postponed to Wed11e.s- day. Mrs. John S'u1I1v.=m'1 In charge of re- f;‘esl1nwut.s assisted by Mrs. Lucy Curran. Mrs. James Bennett. Mrs. Martin Burns; Mrs. Ame Delano. Mrs. Edward Donnel- Ey. Mrs. Edward Kemxexly, Mrs. Isadore J. Kick. Mrs. Myry Mnmney. Mrs. Rob- ert Reap, Mrs. Joseph Sclmelder. Mrs. Norman Smith, Mrs. wuhum J. Stanton. Mrs. Audred Switzer. Mrs. Patrick M. Talty and Mrs. tcharls Weber. 73'' '§' e... \ x \W ‘,5 -\> 5‘, Much praise was “extended Mr. ‘Mich- nels by the Rev. ‘clxleclxnnslcl. assistant at St. Bxxrbars church, amt members of other mgnnlzatlons or me city. The aim: was given in bond: or the church workers for their wonde;-rut as; slstance in raising runds‘ for the new St. Buba church m -Ridge mad. Nfmyor Mtilohe \vlllvt1n'ow the first ‘null, ‘high, wide and handsome. Loal athletes wll fnd nmpie mom for expresalon at ithr sporting tendencies when the Held 15 éompleted, wink quar- ter mile race track and places rm-I pole vaulting. jumping and all contests. Futtxro can no: L’ based on 1916 0' 1029 production nd pres ..r. v:..1u.=s 'l'.a‘V« undergone nu.-mrlce-.1 changes In the last eighteen months. Also, he holds. the development within the past year or new and enlargbd‘ sources of supply much nearer to‘ 3111‘- REVENEW-STROMAYER Mr. and. Mjrs. Fran}: Stromayer an-, nounoe the engagement of their daugh- ter. Mary Josephine. ti) Alfred ' G. Revenew. Wedding mu take place in January. -.\ The -following cox ! ! will serve: Mrs. John Crown in charge of the crds saluted \by Ms. wumm Awuld. Nh. 2 ‘ 535 <1‘ 3 \ ~'5\\‘.~§:~ .~ ;\|}‘;\.~ N‘ ~55. \ ‘o, t_; §~i?~ \ ~““s'x~ ‘Jr-f If 5. \2-\“m’.‘i“I\.“.**\' 9',‘-\..\~;-_“‘ .. :3 '?.'~’\';;;“‘.-'*‘ 4.. w .7 ._,..x..«..».-. w. ' _ aw . is * 3“ - ___. ‘. v._..s. ...;__..’,.;—‘:.€ry3ix s .~ 2-... ...;—.~'. .o...—H— a.......‘-~.;....._—..-ma-ro~,C_'. ...,;w....,.,..,v......,,..,;..~... .. - »-.. ‘ \ i‘:¢i.‘Aa<“,\’§u9ii..!'.'~: ‘,6. 4!‘ ,. ‘arias-;'.!, .7 . ,, »'. ‘- I . ... mu.» r\ ~.\.:\ ‘. -...‘ w -' -:z,.,..f.* .,\._.>,;‘...,§gg,,\.,»:‘._‘_, ,\ ., .___ Fi

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