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The Lackawanna news. (Lackawanna, N.Y.) 19??-1933, May 28, 1931, Image 8

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3.1- g;'.‘ '.'‘.‘—‘L A ?~ ;. .2..- .5. ...v.~ W’; ‘,3; .‘.-.,..L.._..,«.,,«-.« -g .: Lackewanna. N'ev~'+»..9*2'1. 2?‘ (Continued. From, Week-) Suvvdsed to. have 'I,ntuition. or wtxatw ‘ever tlxex call ‘it. ax'en‘L t,l\ey«'!\ :wer;u_v; to. Franklin a.x<eu.ue: Ea-tozx St.‘ tram »Ium_m ,a.v¢zm.u-:. L: o!.rI'9L1m;c,t cagvenuaa “[a,‘.U,111‘»gtCll sbre,-9. njozn SD5€:..‘j!,\\a11.I\l\.d ‘:n'en.ue co. V6!-l.l1<,€S'0é‘»l‘t0 z.x\'e:n.1=a I txjLLs-t- than ymr txou.mb1e ‘1_)C-‘L33’ w-11 t,n};e th-5 !t‘.'(;e.sst\‘,3' acucm xxx thys xx\..(.E»‘.'!.‘. R::.p_ec~th,Llx 5w,hnm,:ge:1. “Ctr ‘ox l2«.2\¢I.m\iz7anxxa~., N‘. Y. uyvcxem nudges or. me c»xwI*<.>r I»:-:xo1.sv~wém=: 1 M ~§9 -ma Sx«'1ck.e_.\'a ‘ Á F‘tlX3eG,. .‘:_3.\;c,1g:-,>f;,‘7j iilzlce fut Llw.‘)«=1:'y‘ mun-,-. the very old. on ecu: the ux_im1le-aged, U;\\x‘u.. tkum,‘ was. the u\0llSh_\)llS so.- cl.et..v in \\'h'U»'h Suhrza (‘1,'u,\ 11.! um‘? fuxuul he1's,ell_‘. <For-‘her. and the other ‘respmztzlbie wuiuen ut .t_he tu\vu,':lxe1'e \\'zxs1.not«hix1-g but their hu.u_se\,\‘m,'«k, their chlhlron, lheili‘ H,le{llm)1es_ at the -humus ‘they Xuzgl left. And sh. -the wmuun, M10 was. after ull._ the anus; »lut§\ll,i:vm auuum,-_ them. set’ uhuut ere-utilu; s-tune sur; 01\ ao,(&igxl_ (-mm-. (‘up the g:-and, \\,'{vus of» me vo.m~ ‘l_l1\l.l,l.U..\f» (:ri,mly Saxlvm (um. in time. the tuner ‘.'i,l‘U1|\l\S ixjnmou o.( \the com- *[l\,ll[l.il_\f). set ulw.m In,u_kiug this 'ne'\v tr(u\[ls\r ‘tuwn like the old as, speedily us, wmsltrlu. \.'unce.\'., nhunst sIng,l.e ‘hunxlml. tried :0. mulge ‘the rxew as u,u|.ik,0 the om as -posslhle. He. t‘ngg_m -a loslIIL:r11L‘:h.I. t'rn.m. the tl1_'st., 1-Ie. Nth, his uul_‘ur-med d,rezuns—-nun-h less the ‘l'0.1*=1('l‘lug, play h.o,\'a nfv sauouh and plum niul gzxxxxhllllg lum_se—ueVfer» had, a‘ cluuu-u xlgmnst the i,u<Io_mituhi,e mm: ‘teriallsm of the women. A zzeaqkuwlon ‘\V325?- miopbecl by your- .1-16.101‘-%?51a assist on Apn.1,3.0. 19.1.. £!1:stmce-. hug. me sq=lo.aL:- ov.a:.j me drift-stem progl-— :t.1,£:: n\>.:1ec1 f‘ H pl-1yg1\:u.~;§1s p,\wpose.s. Gc3I\.§lex_1x,e1_x CHAPTER VI. No.“ 1,93. to. 1n§.l_s'e even me 0.v_¢!cv clratta. cxlx -.°(co'cr\Ll‘~P oi the lass ‘:1xe>i1;,@‘1oxAe91‘£\§'M :-.n:I; me City '~§r;~aLsLu;ex‘ be and 1» isx pew.-by cmeqte-1 to.‘ .m,s11ge sagtfl L5x‘?~.1.X‘~3§,e.!.'«. rr:.~r.x,t11.c:I.'; resaltmon be» zxopwcl 13.43. rw.\.; 1, gm-d by Ivmt. and awoxaqe 1135‘ <g'zu.'i'4._e41~ A _ ‘ ‘$nb1,‘:1f‘s se<-and‘ «ehild._ a girl.’ w21s,:b.0.!‘ll_ in June. a .1in,l_e‘ more :l\u‘u 23 yew a.f:-er ightfh‘ coming to 0.sz;ge., ‘It wa <no.t as 'dx'ea<1ful an grclezxl ,t,t1,ex-e til 1l\.c>se crmiga sxlnmnxtnxlixlgs. :13 one. miglxt have tl_zu\Igm., \\'u's teI,uxe(!_., <(iux!iug her a_cc<u1(-!1m,ueut~., my the» best d_0(‘I0r in the vcuuxnly» «am! ‘<-ortzxknly the ‘most ,piv-tu,1'vsq\x,e ‘mum at medi- -cine. [u the xvhule SnuIl\\\'(3:',K. Dr, Don Wutlnut. Lilia, '-tlmusnlulsl of oxgra ~li\:'uI.L: in this new cm1nl.l‘.\';. hi past. \!\?us, his ow-:1 seore(,., It was. l‘<uo.wn uugt, he ut‘ter,\ vzmished_ top (hxy;-\ leuv-. «lug the :x_ic[\' to. get on as best they could. He \vou,td reappear» z1s.l(\e.\;- p.licub,l._v as he had. Yt,InlstLed and his, horse -was_ j_:u1ed_. It \\'{\.s no secret gtuu he. was omen called to. zmernd the hzuulits. xvhpu ‘(me or’ their; :_\um.b.er._ wo,unde(j_‘ 1n some outlaw tllidl lmq taken to, their huung ,:_nls,\ce il_\ the hills.‘ He was. temler» and (left, with Santa‘ rth0.ug‘l1 bet\\'een, them. he and. lfuncey» cuusumetl nu\ *lx1ux'e<1ib_le qxmngity, of \‘{vh1s}<.\! (1urlng_ the Ara,ck;ing_ hours of mgr cou A}: the end he held up a (::\[9l'\Yl1.1Ul!\g morsel or torn txioxu Sn‘b,ra_‘s tles1x_——.a1 t-hiug« pevfeot of its kind. w-ith am nxtonislxing mop ot- ‘hl_a('!< min. 9. Tho, wan =.uu.c\ he c_ak:.en.. mu:-2 of by we Gmxnzzkle ms-°-n. of thew respectwe wra.1:c,1s- 8.3. t1.\<‘-‘M .acqxxaI.iw<.l wmx. ma '1Uc-wt! and wcxukgt !<u,o.w Jw.=..t-»“wh_a.t,‘ pgoperty is »b¢sr,. satutccl for plasgrogxnck vplviposass. Reapecvixxllx subnmmed. I’ beleve, lgh‘-2 mus, 14,: 9. n1a,t€e>r mas, B; A_ M_<;_D~Q11i1e1L. Com. 2up.1,zc 'W:~1,'}.i5- B.o\,'ea by pozxowxcig and se-<;‘nc1e‘l by (‘x-;f_t‘1t¢xs-. than: v(=(1lfl'5Il'I‘4\\l11C{'«t,1tlL'.l be re- £:.Yecl 2mc1_ tgletj and zxcuon mt med 'CV.u‘1flegl. Q__ comnrvmczwrou. H-2 6 M‘.-« .1; h}edmon<t., City Cl:-rig D~:ru- Sn‘ (,3OM,N{UNI.0A'L‘I_QI:I N0-1% To. ‘t'.h.¢‘H§2>:xQ21a«b.1a (2§:crcm.<‘.«i.1., GLW 0;‘ ~g-'9-(,71.\'.§’:W‘.lI7s33x*’¢x R. Gsntlémem: EDNA ‘FE‘RBE.R Mzveq by VM2m'en. and vs-acoxxctecl‘ by ‘Doz1C>\i‘K‘r1< Lina’; ¢0!Il¥,I\\1l1M?&121,€lI.\ he ::e~?ew- ea :L‘n.d~t11e(l.‘ cgrngeq ‘ C0l?«IMSINI,CA.'1‘1.0!§_ No. 13- 5-. Ta EI1s‘1i,o-xxoz-»_txx,;\r1,>1_I,x3sr<s_r avg 1’:£c.>.no§a?.>1e‘ Members of. <;3.ornx.n0x\vComcr1- Gent.1,en.g~z_m This raiers. -to the dcvnmgxuxxfcatlon ox Z’\.l.W0I.\l9 'I:ur.ch.arel1x 0: 58? Ingtwm a,v_e-.: nus‘ to the Ccxuncu... «which was wferw-1 ct» 1.118 (ex: ¢xpl_a.m\tkoI.x,.. Mr. '1.‘-'»1,:‘c‘:x&wa11L charges. mat. Altréd» Autcelq. who, he Qtabes '5 a,~(oxf111er guts can C! ‘N5 store. “Hts cilrecteowso take or--, .{ex:s L1v.’l} some argue: omen thzm mm- seu. xx.-zxxely. Amcmzo A,m.<.n:c.>.ei.- Th. ezxb: =ur<l.i.v.y oi ms. éhtwses. are bovnt? out ms :tacn,., than :su1,c«_=. I v.-caivlsa has com-‘ x§\u_n.l_t.1It&lo‘.1._ Mr. 'i'u{0hax_'e\.L‘ ma xefus-. ea; D11 50. agxq has ox‘ co, §0;nc). alg- oth-‘-': 01xu.irw.I,\1.ca.§=\,Lon. cl.en.y'h.1.z_ all the al- ksgzxtgions sat Á 1 turns prevlvus '~‘0n.1t mun-icatlc41S. to you‘ I. do, 1.10-swv.-z: s.t,u,te for s,'our- m.f<.'>rm=:\- clogxh mat 1x1 g1Lspe1,1sung aid to. nu; ncedyt X have xtevex: up. any way i.I.1.ter« tier.-d, wmh :I;hex;~ own c1;¢Lcq qt grocers. in that 1 wave a1,wa.¥s felt. do s.c.>., sv<.>\.x1.c.1.1.uz.u.t or cuxbml. me p.ux¢ms1ug_ gqwerfoi mess. 9l.‘£i.9I->’.\‘v\e only 91.099: Hons. being that gzynése. 0J:d3\e;s_ be tiller; Jy Laolswexxlm. ’3Ue5H“’55 x,xx.@n.. exclu- siv of uhadn .s‘no1;ea. Yau mil also tygree. E am sure. that L119 clw ‘la not cure<;tly cqxgpaxneq or obllgacgq by any debts owed by one 1?-9:‘-1‘mg aid. from. our Departnxem oi §=—ub1_1c welfare‘ Very zxaapeotfuuy y.p,\p.;s. Rose A. Galkagner, G:'n;n_n. og Ch_a_x:1v1es, Moyeq by 1Qog\_:>\v1.0.ki &\1g_ gecanqeq by Joynt. tatx‘-=.at coznmunxcmzaxlon b,e receiv- ed and $1.1,<?¢l- Qarned. RE$0LU1‘I_0N No 1 \VI:§§:;1EAS, the enuu u1.c1\1,qea Ax. the P.-uclget, {or me Ouxjxeut. F‘:,s<_::_u tear or the S'1d1er‘s Rene: 13‘uml,_ 11;}; btién gx; b.',\\{SY_«O§l. zxuq uh 1_s. uecgssary 1:9 tx:;,ms,- fer D0 said f.un.d. {mm the Canpixmgaxgt F‘ux\,ci_. the s\un__ 0; $5420.00 to make g-,o:1 ‘,-he over c11.‘zw.f'f:»s. tor so..k.t«m:s. xreuet. ‘1'HEREI,-?_0RE, be At. Rt1doLpvh ,s,. Wexzgsnsm, Quip 6:011:15 1, xvx,-a.v« T .pe.\$1tcl_011 0!: yum‘ may me ‘am p:;2fu_-:—znenv 3.; -.9. CoI,m,1.\!£s:l_ia:xe1: oz Deed! »£g>:;- the, c‘o.m.1ns,~‘ 3105?-,lf'~ - ' 191., mu regards to. the li9‘C1u~sa9;-DY Y:-..w_>‘<- Replgixmg so Lu: lewel; of Amt}, U’. ‘:\\m1_nu_x (my C‘\u\<;1,1 to our ooxn,L_>.my \.\'c-.\Ect say um: ms. xeqxuss hzxs, hem Elven my boss; gulte-ting} az_\d._ .°'r 1 2:11nt;e.cl to, y‘-ur Council by me =I:£amt,au' g Envll\vay Company Attached ‘ls. zg campy or the notice ya outjubus opexgavorsf 1,1;-‘ qugstv. Tms,b1ng_ |;h_t,=. w 11 be mpproveq lay, stx'u_cu_x1g them to comply mm this re-. yam; couucu. I X_‘6llT\M11. vars.‘ 9I.‘\.1.1y YOU.-‘b.. H£1mb\1K‘8 R.\3J.fV\'i\;3_' Csmpagxy. W J.. Gen. Suwz A911! 22. 1931. i am neqxxeateci t o-wkncml-edata slams.- t;\1.fes and Sign meetsv am I‘ qestre to. have the right W t-\0|.<:\l0Vv.'1.°.d8j! a:~m¢~ ‘1‘h.:.u.x1»:1ns_ Wu. in as \ I am. Respect-fully youxs. W Copyright by Edna. Eqn_-bor._[ WNXJ Box-vgca. Joseph ¥,\_nrp.'r.:y» 165.0 3.. £'ax.'l.<. Ax-re. Moved by J,',;p.=. at \, s.e<:nrx.v.:l~‘x.1=b;r Walt:-. ten t.!.m.ta. 9<.>n.».£.!1:l,1r.\,?-.<>W.<>.x1. VBQQLVBQ and request gtalwed. Gal‘X‘l€i<l. COMMUNICATION ‘No; 34... To. the Hcmomble -the C9xnI..n<iIA Counckl. of me. my 0: Lackmaxma. XL Gentlemen; - HUND. THE STORY . CHAPTER I.—It \\:xs I389 \'m\u;\y- C‘rava,t. jusg 'xjeluxm-«I lrung the us-\v-ly, opened Ixnqxan tmx'alury uhuru hp haul parrticipntoq in the Iluu uvm; the hm‘-. dear‘ |_s,c1oscx)1b|.m§ thus udvuulure 1,0. \:1 large tamlly ga},hc_-rung uf lbu \€uh_tunh:s. The \'on§1b!_es, rujued by the (‘ly-11 w-zu, had left ‘Mississippi and sumlccl lu_ '\VtchitD.. Kan. 1'.‘l\c \usu‘S buf_u,[o \,‘uu- cey Cxjaxjat ha.d_ z_xp1n‘kl|’D(\ in, Vvlolmu. and won_ as, hls b1j~i«lu avxluuu-.\;mx:'-ohl Sabra Veilable. Gc-sup said 0.9 \_'.u\,cey‘ Cravut ma; mere \\.«a 1.-(luau bl-A-ul lu mm. He is a. clever g‘IunIx_ut_‘l ‘l_u\v.v~ur and editor oi‘ tho \\'n'h_,Il.\ \’\'U:\\tuuI. A bor-n‘ orator. he culllbun-s .su.v_uuu\l,ug uf the V)}laI\l{1].’\ll. much hf ll\x- a_«-l,ur um! u dash of the fanzuu- \V'huu kha Hun, .at,a,1f-ted. 'x'a.1n5=e_\- hml r...-nl his u.u\y §g'z\ln_st the xhnruu-_.-hI,h..l uuuxut '(,\l' A, girl. When he!‘ horsa rvll zmgl hx'w\:,u both tm‘e1egs. he slhnpul to shoot the crippled ajxihnu The girl lumn_u(| nu hm nxuetaxxg. s'z.u1..v<‘<.l. 1-: lie qugu-tar sw- and got the laml by right at c1p._Im \‘gmcev unnnunc-«s no is: gohlg back to me U.liln.|\<-um. cuuzmxv lo. Elm-t n nexwgspzwgr in unQ pl‘ up new tn.\\~us Sabra. '(1ef)‘ing her xno'lmr. says she wll_l go too. Sum-u,‘s house became 1; sort of amciul <~ex\te; t'0llo,\\:iug the discu\'mjy- that she wfedelved (‘uplg-s of ll,ul‘;=L-x\s 'l_iz,\,zu,\‘- with f.ah‘-re::\x,l...u,'i.ty- Her soda! tljiulllph was complete \\'heu she dL+ ‘D1jl_yu(l hex} uew (lxjzgpmi jars, dnxm ‘by Iter nfton n)in_ute i:1s:trI1(*tim,1s [n.t1h(i 1n_ the latest copy of’ Harper's. ‘SM then g}}{w.io11s1y\ p.r‘u1ted_(|1ese U\Stl‘m't.iuf1l in the Oh_luI.mum, \.\.'l-.;\,vm1,1t on,u.~=i.n: a :{[ux_'r-,\r of’ owitellxellt in. 2: huu«1red ‘ll0n_ua.xi and 1x1,y.~xti,t’,\v-iug the local ‘sxurw, keepers by the jsxxtlulen (,leu\:.xh(! I0!‘ ‘.1{\I's. Sl_n.\\'l_v. 41,1 Sabra‘: eyes. the ntl|(‘l‘ \vmym1 at the lo,\_vn heggm to. vmerge ‘from ;n mist, of drglhnessx imu, mstiuut :pu|:su1\,u,li(ivs. '1,‘l1_ere. was, one whu h.'\_d |l.(‘€‘u, ll s.':h(m!_ t,ez.x('<I,ne,-,1» in §‘u_ix:o. Ill, «Her lI_u*:lmn.(l, ‘l,‘1'm-.3’ \\;‘,\'zm‘ run the spzxsxnodic bus und «.‘1x'u_y line l>et_\\-oen_ \\,'uhoo. nlhl Qszxge. 'l‘~he_v had no chi}- qreu. She wus. 1| spauxxe and si,11.1he:-ing‘ wonnun ur \hiI'»H'-nine‘. who mllml a_ good ulunl of f<u'nmr nflips to fYhi('ug0 (lurin-,: which she hud run-led in the mltlw ur thug cffute <-My Ya11wnv \\'us lll_‘:Il‘(I Ivzujnedly dim-nl)l_‘-~«‘il\‘,‘f to. [my on the .~‘.ll_l\]o('(' ni l;}Irusg'2u1 nutgmty. of \.\,'hiuh ha k-n,e\,\v,n,otl:iug_. The o\'- SNIUOI, thmu-11,91‘ g-oiled her eyes and t0ssu<l her head a gum}, Klttul. ‘»‘»\'-nu dun‘! know what u pr1vllo;;e It is. Mr. Cravnt. to Inysoelf talk,- hw. tn some one Whn<§‘ mlud (‘.l1l.\ sni\_l'~ hbuw the surdid life at‘ xhis humble town.\ It \\':1-. :‘.uiu'z1 \_V_‘ll_0 sml'le:1 the I'hllo~ nmtlu-nun cluh. The utlu-v \\,'0luex\ cltxuzlwd ut the idea. It was mm or thuh; defense against these wuds. M101‘ all, :1 t,o.\vn_ glnht huustud :\_ cul- ture ulub. could mt he :\lto-,:eth¢w lost. Subru t&midl_v upp,1'n:\ul1m1 ._\I_rs. \\',\-utt with |mr- plan, to furm u \\'ouu1n,’s club. and Hrs. Wyult sxugtnlxmi at it \\'1Lh am‘-h 1’e1,'u<~ity us ullnnst to hmhe It umu-au‘ hm‘ mxyu hlva. Each was to luvilu f-nur» xxnnwn of llm m\V1\’s elilo. Ton. they (lo<-luhed. wnuhl he onuu-.'h n»: «-hu.1_'lur xm-.|nh-.!r»'. \I.\ l_uI«.:nn_ .\Ir.~:. ‘\\',\i\tL |\r-un.[Itl_v. \um L!l)il]'.{ to ask .\II'4s‘. Loule Ilefnen, Ml\~‘.. D-\u'— Ni:lI1‘tt—\ \llx-1' hu:«,|mu<l's huvrid! I hate him. I dun‘! \\':|nt l|,C‘.l‘~ in my club.\ The um lmrruls uf \\'a\mr :4ti_|l l‘I1I\l{l0lL “\\'-.\'~ru nut asking |msh.uu!~'.. my 00:11‘ MM. (‘rn\ut. This la‘ n 1.~x«1lus' club. Mrs. NisI1t‘.H.\' 1‘nlunx'1+\«1 .\Irs. \\-',\-.nt,_ inn-mluuin: an-xhhery lulu. that \\-c-In-.r of mud. in-u:xn_v.., pine .s‘hI1(‘kS._ \(Iruu~.;ht, nn-'1 sunxi-hm-hm~[sn1 knnujn as ()x‘:x-_.'u. ImlIu_u u-x:1=il,nr»\j. Krluupf, ‘m\ Uuucllltsl. Ark \ N0.'I‘ICE- TO. 8118 OPERATORS E1fv[ec'tJ.,v-e ‘Saturday April gs, x5-31. all, 1:eulf,t,r b,u_ses, opezjxmn in La<_:!,c;,=.\'§\a City mu <1:1soo‘x.mn,rue w.vn1.xw._«;; at act,-,e R9<.‘~_d and 305311\)? avenue. $114 0°!)-V-Ul on to‘ .-\bboW. mad axvma a 9-(Wen 1.n,1=.1~ ute setvwe to axxclifxonx {\hbobt» Evad- buses, go. ‘lezwe mxs pant -at 02 :l_7 :32 am :47 nunutcs past; the hour. Bus op¢rat_;o1_\s ieutlug $0 comply W‘ Eh (ms, npbxoe \vlt_n oqya xeasogxzgble exouae -\'i.1'1 bl: D1S.01,iARCiE.D- Pt.xi'~sua.\1t ho. yam 1: qxxeata '1' -have 0J.X\‘—.m “W s-uzuecl Noperty owlms. on .3W°lRW=!1.D,-‘.¥\ awe‘-1ue.. with neteremce «to putokgasmz we *I;:n.c1 f,cu:- the pu.rpo,s'e at éxvexxcginér a. st,-res t:hl‘c~u§.’l\ s:;ee-1;.s.v«('<mn:»_ Avenue to. Wass9n. avenue, and desire to. mime 1211; ro1_xo..w1r.xg, mport. wn,\<.=‘,\. ‘I mxx Mtaohkns. ‘WA lxeretu. Respeut!_I.x1l.3' subnxlttadg R:u§1;e~lpl1 5.. Wteixxstem. Comps Qkmnsela ‘ M school. gave . urday. lxeaded ‘-“‘l‘*lii,s is.a Spanish b_ea,u.t.s' you have tor a dmx:.:l\te.r. Yzmcex. I present in you Sexnuhta Donna Crzmt.\ 2,\,nd, Donna 'Gm\'ut she ‘remained, The to\'vu, someiviiag scnminlizeq, liimigm she ‘had ‘been named after Doc-lo!‘ Dun himself; Besides. they did. not coh.s.iuer Dmmn a zhu.ue~ 3'; ail, \\‘li_w\ Sabra Crhvht arose i‘lf0.li] thggt ‘bod sonmthixxg; in -hex; had on-ysthlized. X'.erhnps it was that. for the first ti,m,<_> ‘in a year. she iuxd had hams in which to rest, ‘her tired l1xn,bs‘:; pen-hzu_x,s the ordeal itself wonked t.\ psychic as well as ‘:1 physical change In her: it zhighz hmre been that she i‘.ehli7.ed, she mjust cut ‘a new pattern in this. Oiiizgimnia Info of U1(‘i!‘:I. The hny (‘im might Sill‘: mount it: the givi iinunu n9\'eif. mu‘- in: the ‘liouys I11l‘0l_i_‘. which she Md min in hm: bed in tho stilling \\-no(«\oi\ simok.‘ mists seemed go have rolled a\\::_\_v. from belfnre her» ‘eyes. She saw o1em'~1,v. She felt light and ten:-i_hly <~.<\pnhle—so. m.l_xI‘h 5.0. that she il\§l_([8 the mis,t>i‘=.<a of getting up. qizziiy dun- hing s_li]\p01‘S tint] \,\'ra1p[nei'..r1x\,tl‘ mt‘ INTI“: into. the n_e\\.'sp2\pN_‘ ntiice Where ‘A'hnro.\' was writing an. editorizll. and shouting choice passages of it into the lnnttehtim ear of Jesse Iiidcey. Who. was setting type in the printing shop, Mclved «by Darmwlok and. DY .(3r.f£I1§1x§ ohm me Corvbrmon 09.Wo_89l be ‘inst-r'u<,>‘e<,1 So purchas fa ex~. ceqq gsethletxaxjy Spread; 9500,13‘!-. Ron. call. -110.. Joynt. \V,atr.en.- Yes. 'Gx'~1fil..§h5-. D<mo,wI1<:!_<. MWOI? 3.:W°n.9 Votes. N04 ~ awatm Grand Signor Moved. -by Joynn §UAfl.5?°°1\f1€«j«1 by War- ren, th.1»t-ay cotmn\m;1catdor1_ be 1_‘¢\'_)5lV&L\ z\_n_glf1l€-cl. Canjiecl. th1er~w celebra l.li.t,wo~.-r the and ovlzxe 8 mmciwwt l Eagle 091 1?-11,9 {X.\.°r, 4110133. in Lymnm = Haze Yozk mt: $°.\1.§h Lwxawa, \the his erolses gL_ '!.‘1.1.¢ = totxneq 0 the V1.01. 1.-‘lrsq 4 ¢;\.X1ci1l.1.1.&' nun}; in While ;>:~.x.'at.!e cl! order an Maw: corpsmmx live and §i.m<,1s. it from 01 parade a 1.eg'i;<m <1. !!1*A!\d. of COAQIUNIOATIQN No 6 To H}; 1_-zcxuonj the Maycxx 417:1 I>{o1).o:*ab1e Boa;-c_l of C:vu_ucz,l, Gen,t1_e:nen ' n,('s*z«aq by Joynk mu! secoudetj by Wan Len. 'th§9e‘? Public Hearing, be.‘ opexw<.I.- Gar- med.‘ We. -‘.119 unclersxscned msxgent and Law,- jgnyira ox NIcK}inXy Parlswqy. hext pe~ Dmon your Honore-Me Eocly to. have 061- 01'et.e~ uxclewauss la.1.<_1 on Iylciilnley pars.- .ya5_'. f_1'ox,1f B,\1f(s\,lo Guy Line no and 0.} vmdxzct cmyxus. Mt 'I.=a.»:1::wzw axe? -B1,1.i'f.n1CI. 3001105151‘ %.1,l,\<.l. PM‘.-sbl.11“J mllwav 'I‘I:-wks. '13 sxgxuyes. Name on Fkle L11 G.t.y Clerk's, Omce. me. f.oll<>.wu.1s SP91.<..e'i,n, 1: var» ox: grant- mg a, Immense to “he Erie Coust Mo» cox: Coach I_._.m,;s. 11,10. . John W. O'Connor». Mr». Caugell. MA‘. B¢m\f.z\ce. Mr. 1.V.I.m‘quar@. CHAP1‘-ER II-'I‘hoy mnlge Hm jun!‘- ney In two cu\'erud unvguus ls;u.\l_\._ A little negro sexjvajnl on’, the Yo:_ml.I.los., is found, when the-V mnlm (mum! tho inst night. h1l'|t*l| m .x rull u[ :éw|:,<~l, Thu u-‘a\elex.~z llud Um du'ls\' yuuI_\2.uler almost III,\'nl111_t‘-lo III rm -.|_x,n and pro,- ieotlon r-1’ \‘unzu_\rnm. Ih-3 1‘uur-v\;*u’-uld_ son at the \.'rg1\uts 'I_‘he resiolxybxon wag pgjespm.-. ed to me C<>1’I.1_\n_ou 001111011 bguxg; 9. 9GP! ‘of. the !.‘6S0_1;1.wlcIu massed. by txxé: w,ll.aé;<_> cf O1'c1u:'cl Park_., I:{. Y. 1\:I.-wet: by Grnffmxs. anti seconded by -Jsoynt shat» the app!-mt10I.I. lo: lfra.u.ch.m be Iraq on the table \mt.11 out xxex u1.nx~ meetang. 18. 193; M; moo p, xn, by GI.’lXf1.t.h,s am, 5909‘nd.ed by J0&'r.\l’,«. tlxa6.,wa &\ClJ\)urI.\. umsal my 1.5. 1981 tn aud-1}; payxxills and vov,cl\+_:rs. Carxyod. Agljottxrued. J.un_e:s R.eqmoen:d_. City Clerk. M_c_.\'g-:1 by Warren and a¢co11(_«ltf§l by -Jcym. chum co1_nmun-1c.1L>a:o1>1 be 1_‘u,‘cv- ec} and rafexrre to. the Bxmrq oz or-2. COMM_(lN_IOA_'If1ON No. 8 Cumeq CH.-\P'I‘ERV III——.-\I (\.~:1::o \,’uwo_\( lm_-. xitetllatelx beguxs (rung to Luu,r|; who had uumlared n mun unmet! 1j!c-.gler. W119 had been shot nth-r— (11,; “fat Mll- Uon 91'} his rmnc-x'._ cull---1 the [\‘u\\' Luv. 51Il,]10L1l‘0\l in l\:«u.gu. Hu had In-uu (no tx'uIhful_ In calljmg nu;-mmn lu cumu- (‘lnns In the In-rxrlturx I’l‘t'{IlI|‘ lur lhu Dllb1ll'I\lI(Il1 ut~ \’.||u'(~y‘sV |l£\|Iul‘. Hie Oktl-xhuxnu \\'Ig\\:uu. no zgliuuz com- pleted. Iszuah lnux-mm-s ax u\unu,l1or of U0 Cra\.\_v. h_V'k~I:hu.\l City Cm1u<;11_. Li1_c!i_ N ‘E- Gomlemexx . Enclosed plea;-e fLnd_ tux xfecakpts \'13 sgnbctxxyxagon Lots 5. 6 ant! 7. I\.I1u;.5 Tract The 1931 Qgunty t.<.1x_ a_\n<L the n_17st.h.1_~:‘ of cm; Tax wes_ pan! txvuce in me. sujn of, $1,945 ' RESQ_hVED. that the sum 0: -$420.00 Ls hereby t1_-ans1fe1f1,‘ec! from we Co.x\tmg- out Euud, gadget No 263 0: tgha C921- ('H:\l\I'I'3R l_\\~\'¢II.-t‘\’ I-4 Imkml In comhu: ( luufu h e-er\u.. s ..n S\nml.u~ and Arkansas that (‘mhh 1»m~a\ Ins gaun- hhng lgsnt. \,\hu~h H pm-ls:--|. um nav- elly of n. chur. I1 :.ur\ua and n :-.--rumu by X'.u.cL-5 L\x..ual l-v~.lng.: uupua~.nlulu (u, rualst. Plmsv ma)-:9 check for this amount Lu faliks Realty corp. and J.c.-=ep_h, Daue;r. Yo s:11cex'e{y. N,«lsox_1 C‘ Mllks, Tgeznsurer. M0!‘ Modern Da_i<r-yjn‘ Westem. Nsw York John Pentek. Prop- 2l3 FOWLER AVE... Lackqwanna. N. Y. T Phone Abbott 18.91-»M. “The 3,9391.\ Milk am! Cream” Efubuo As Invited to znspecg most :1.od_em_1 zmgl up-to-ckwa millg pluguxt 1_n‘ the Oity of Lack:u\\'n1111a. Gxjaxt expense has been 1nvo‘1_v.:q m the addmon of “Samuel {rpm A_1r\ eq_u1pn1g.1x§. Mxlk m we \'$m1g}1t I_1m:e:r,al_ I,nsu1n Ammomgx an-ecc app11cqt1o1\ mm; coole.-1; is net exposed_ Lo aur x'eco11.t:Lxt111x,m_;1on In. any way. and M1 mill; -11; glpgry Ls mtxtlled entglrely elxploseg. Eqtupxment 1; so nrmnged t1m,t: conxplete pressure sberluzajsloz; is penmwq xvlfdclx insulres, wholesamenga-.La t.m.d_ safe§un1'd:. the sterulty of the pro<1uct;. “. . . the most st111»ox\xlo\xslfm'6e men (‘ou('oI\'ed by the uxiud 0: man in at <‘.ivlIlz(‘d_ country. . . .“ I-Ie innkod up to see in the cloorxvay l\‘[\'ud by Jaynt and sceondetl by Wu‘- ren mu. colnnllmxcgxtioxx be received mu city Iraaaurer be msbrxxctezl to refund M9 4,5 to N .0 A/mks Om-1-1e.<1. COMMUNICATION Na 9. To the Co\11\(:1l_m(-m,‘ 013,3 Haul. Luckn- w.m1m. N Y. ('U.\I\I'l‘.'R V’-Ihl-N he amuls his :~x(\xnu-n. \.|um-\' mm:-Ixu-zus lm [mix lamina! ujlm killed lurk 1'x:gh~,|§ Nu st,--c-|»s Just in Ilmu In g-~z».mu n hull(c.[ lilul In X.--II \uul.H~‘ hllll ‘4l'|_l|[I_’|lA_.',, '\‘.‘1nu-9;‘ shunts unrl Lxlls \’n\uxlI.~\. lh‘l| ilnm-ulI(‘t'.‘~ that \‘nuxm~ had mun ML‘,- hr in the bunk .~\nmuI: Um [x\l1\ ar- Hxnls at [he hut .-L-r\nv~s IN‘ 11 huul- z-mmu young \\-Ilnuu. Isnuwu as [uuu I'.m~. \\hI-m .\'-,v--n-V n- ngnlzcu ma llm gal \\l\u u'ul._ 1 him -.-It ul‘ hm lu-.V. \,«r .~--in-n “win In!‘ um six In-:I-Iv ruxuzx‘-cl 1.-,u~ls, xxlmm .-he hdii luu,\I,:'.‘M \\.'u nut‘ to L|~.n..i-. n \\'-rxlith. all’ eyes and lung: mack hIj:li\M. \\\ \\’hut's tlxisj Ynn mull gm up!\ She sxmhul rutheij feehly. “—I_'m up. I MIA an nglnl. 50-“ Dem‘ C J.u1_\c11m_cn : Nlexuoum or the L-LtH1.| _S.1,\gmg Sm.-.1-‘y eorc\|}\H,5.' 1_nv1Lc yam: }{:~n;a':\b1e> Board of (.‘ounc\lmen of the C45: :0 La_c1;;u}1.u_um. angl \V'4sl1cq you to _utiencl the Polish Pgasmt. tlnnco \The 'l\Iz1z.m\' to be held .lU\ Mom 1-um! Hxyll. May L2 1931. ac 8.'0L p u .. .R_£\spe(.‘Ltu‘1y yours. M..0n.E ln\m.ed - !.I3~,l.o. Pas \I slmuld tluluk, you \\'0\1ld~ All that ph.\xslv.\~ I “I fvul Sn stlfuna-:. Flu going to do so many things. You'll see. 1_‘m go- , , . : mg tn pnpm‘ [ho wh,»-10 lu.nl.,s‘e. Ruse- !huds in the hmllrmun I'm gping tn plant two Irons in the fjruut. Pm going Pa 1H\i'TLIR_ \l ~«‘-ru'< mu um] -h ll nun:-I [M-nun. ~ .nI.--ux llu .- \|“‘I*l U1»! \\|u~n shy I‘--lzulx-x tn \\'|x|Ill;\ [tr he-r mat \,1>1t. ~‘lu- n-«I; sue Inn gu-mu .\\\,.\ fxum {m x\ m.l x‘:-l_ulI\-mi Mn! is ghxd lu get back In tumge. .15! Sum IlllUlll(‘[‘ rluh not llku the ! l’lullaxnl:ltl1uan-—l thlnk that's silly now ‘ -hut one to mt1l~:e this t:\\\‘n , , , no lsuvl-mns_ , . .\vunwn like lhat Dlxle 1.09 . . . goth‘; tn have :\ real hlrell glrl as snun as the ne'.\'sp:1[1er» l)e:.3;ins ‘Ln , . . feel so. queer . . ., litm- ‘My. . . .,\ As she hogun_ to (up[ll_0. Ylxllcex K (‘.llll:.‘.‘ll[_ the Usage Jnzul of Arc in. Ills arms. ‘ !ll(‘l'\1.l”l}ly euougll. she achmlly (lid pzuwr the entire llullsv. {xlllml by I lsulnll uml_ Jesse l:,l«-l<e,v_ lsu_lz\h's liilmny mnntmu\n<‘e splashed with the whllo pnslv lllixL\ll.‘k} ln:ul_e :1 hlzzujlfe effect. a trim‘ sn1I.‘!liIl.‘=\tn anynlle com- lmr. upon the S('k‘ll0 \l_na\val'es. Also Jesse Rlnlu-_\;'s lnehrln_t_e eye, whlch so nlfton restlllml In many grotesque pied [prlnt llnes npnezxl-«lng ln _l1nexp:~cted and lncnnvunlem places in the .0k_l_a‘-, hmnn_ \\'ig\vmJ! ('l\llll’ll_flS. was none N30 dependable lit, the matclliug of rose- bud patterns. The result, in spots, was B\n'l<,I.1.n.l<lnn. \vl;.h_ roses grnftod on leaves and Ionllrlls emerging from Petals. Stlll, the ellect was gay,» even lllxmjlous. The Plnllomgltllean club. 4:: one W0!l15,1ll.-, toll “.l\‘l.! mil pnvev am] paste not. xgs they llxul upon the cove areal jmjs In SM)lfll'S s-urlharr elfruljt at clecorlltlon. Wlthln {A montll l.on_le Hefner was «-urnpolled to install n_ full line of wllll pl1per‘~ to satisty the Moved by D31j0\}{l0l_<_ and seeondoq bv Joym. thntn g:mX\l‘f1\ll)‘lCX\tlO1\ be recexveci and Il_\u(L C.\m-. COMMUN1CA;'U_0N No 10. To His IV-I,on~.v the Mayor and ‘ Bonn! of C’o\mc11mu1~.. Jneob Roolxmxunk, Preslclemy. (\‘lH.—\I\l'l'IR \‘II—\ '1»-‘\ fI11‘=.|I.-the. n \nul. r--Mu-rs ‘u «v .-.:r. lu1I.m_; mu \l\'Id\ .u«l M ‘Mr .\ 1. -,\.|.._ ml 1... <‘uIn|n>5 M h-rm ‘n lhu U‘I~l.|ul'\' .~‘.:Al-11'.-1 u\u‘n.:‘\ .n .1 I v, Hull \\‘n unlu-‘u It‘. I- vrs fur Hm 1-.u--I \‘.ur.- r\v. s\l\\.'\,\'.-§ mI_v.i~r 1'-vr ml\--:.|n--~. mu-‘- -‘..-‘-m In I-nu lrm In lln~ . -- u- I‘ ‘ .' H)» up-*||I'.‘1; nl‘ th0I'In*-1-I r ~'.A'|II '-In yuflu lo.-nus her. anl =. 5 v- n..- \'o.Ix»: Cqune Jun for- Ciont,l,emg.n \\',;s a In chcckm,,vove1‘QL11* Mu: z(ec»g:‘pLs I fmci 1,z\~:c-s on Lots. No. 5 6 and '1 In the Mllks tract luvs been pm] t.\vl_oe, the\:e- fore. I \\=.-conm1ex_1c\ 1}, reiuxxq 0: $49.45 to M1‘. N Alllks Asses. Street ~ 39.3.75». Lm (H \I'TI1l{ \'H I‘ \ I I.-'1' In-umu(‘.‘1 11 [u\\H In-.l‘lu‘mL 'l'h.‘~ xv-Va-s nud 'n_1nll-u-Is. of --~ -u.- ..r.. H-dn.:n1n| \'nn- um I3 II:-\v<l «r ..nv Lhv nu»-,l| vumuxs, ‘SW-1.1 mmvl. I‘--: ' . palm-x ~m.u-.-»:i- fl|_I[\' \_u Hm -~ hnl ..1 gm}. \I'llI\. lio- (‘mnt-s4>Um In Sh-I --I :1 «on I.-M‘-lll is the fnlhvr x...x..: me Uwngu lmlluus ll\|S(‘<n|I\u- - -n m..n|.u:¢- with xx n}u_:ru, is Q rqul-I --\1-'u~e l-m.|h uml .\lj|l:l. \v1_lh thu «n.lv'| um §.uInu,|re(l and lur- Lu1‘e(1 lu Ll:.ul- shin-xx, I|t'sl't!lllll1!ll M‘ the .\li1ifc,\'s mul ilu-. \'u1inlili~s. lifted lmr iiniiulsnzite blgltk (‘_\l‘lll‘f)\\'S. l_‘i,‘-lmtoly. she «le- ckh-il in :~‘.¢-hwt her fuur Frnm iuuong Um l--es \\'I'~I€‘lll'uI(‘ and llllllfli el)li_lll(!llI of ()H‘Il‘=‘{(.‘n\ lim(i‘0IiS. She mzui_e up lien: m‘in:i that next; (luy._‘u1ftm' the house- \\'nrlj. was ilnno. she wnuld, vnil un I10!‘ ('llllllIilillx\~', iipgiiiiiliig with that pretty and \l,\'li~lI .\irs. F}\'e-mreoti \\'nlt7,. .\t ~nu-in-1'» tlmt evn-hing she mid Yniicey of hot‘ fuur [Il‘(\‘§ll\‘k‘ll\,'8 iI_i_ouiln(u=s. \\\'.ilt \yi_fwl\ Suijpijise and llmll-il‘lllt‘|l[..V um, worn in his voice. hut- she was mu full of her plans to no: live. P.---aidvs. Yaxncuy often was mys- l*ll{\iw.:i_v iuuiiseil at things, that sot-med, to .\‘ulm\ quite saijinus. ‘*\V'h_y that's fine. Siibru, Tll_l1t\S fine! ’l‘hut's the spirit!\ \Sim iuoigs kind of liuhyisli gut! lone- 'I.v. s.-iuiing Ilmre by the \vin(lm.v sesviug all \l_.|_Y. .\_ud_ her: liiish.;ml‘s so mu;-.li oltler, and q cripple. ton. 0|} almost. 1 l|0ll}‘t‘\l he llmps_ quite. biuily. \\\imj's his trmil-lo?\ \:iim in the leg.\ \till.\ She had !lll‘(\1\_ll,V legriieul to ‘ll(f(‘(Vpt_ this Yo;-in or iu_lm-»,v as ii igiziltor tot,‘ coil},-.---, \l thuught l‘d ilsk lien to |)!'e[).ll_'e ll tumor for the tlihjii nioetlni: inn isira. i,’.i-u\vuiug'-.~1,=Aiu-oru Leigh.‘ 1 cmihl lund her yours to renil up on. if you tlonft mind, Just in c,'t\so she l_insn't .‘.‘;ul it.\ Yiuicov thought it llnllk0l_V. The Wright. Grade A pasbeunzer 11:13 M59 been imtsallecl. This 1-9 of all semnlesa stalluess 5t.i°91. tmically \,ve1<.1.ecl type 91. r,n1.l.'~.=, t.nn.k.,. In is b¢au.bl.t\.1.1,1,s' tin- 1shed in white pazoelaln. and has swnles-5 .a%2'§o:1_ hott- less §rh.n.- 11.1.8 9“ h Very truly yours: Paul J. ’I_‘omnka. Ggw Treasures. Pearl. xmcl W senteq («in hvlox.-cc’! by Joynt and seconded by Wm?- ren .t1mt c<>mxn1uuca_L'lon_ be reoalveq and (my r1'ensu;e1' be ~1nstm).oteg1 to reiuqq $19 45 to N, O. Muks. <.3:.x.r,rlc1.. \ (“HAI\I‘!Il: IV 'T‘l»- -nu wilh Spnln luv-gins \ -.- -» l Iurna In us.|g,u' In :\ nmmh Itulor -nur«-rm :4.x1u'n. dpsnlhy his ||r~rHIIII. \u-I-.1-mus hm) Ila huw been m _.\l.x-Ln 3\‘ -,u_vu, The é:'“'l‘. xinnwn of \Is.u:.1\. In-gl I-v Ssyl:x'n. cum- !-Iuu to Hal Hm I--\\n --f Dlxjo I_.éo Um lfvlal as u \M‘-' ma-n:;e-‘r. mnuos up nu, um dav \'.n~~m m-ma» h-wk Uu cl«~€L)g\rls h_uI} mu! aha ls a--umh-cl, \'.|m‘uy loaves !_u win his mgtnwut. COMMUNICATION N0 1.1- To tghc Houomble we Con_1_.mon_ Council, or Lac1mv.vanr.@. N Y C%eutlomex,\. = The n.11.ll.£. pastettxlzxns xtoom 15 all \.v.1.\.1.W tiled. Visitors and eclucwonz 9:1 insututiorw. 9:9 weleolm ed :9, age now $219!! null; supply «ls sate Jusucg M?a_cGregor o!_ the Sgptema Court hag just hamdecl down an opinion m wh:I_¢l_\ he clecxdect in, tavor o( the plalxxbixf tn me suit ~bro\.I.sh.t by George C. Dxehl O. E.. [nc., ng-aiust ‘-11? City or Lggclgawalyng gmq dlxedtqg juclgmexl‘; 10:‘ 315.090 wean mares: n-om Npvambax 20, 1929, wltlx ocssgs. A copy 0: J\\st;1_ce Maoqtegors oplxxlon Is on £16 in my 0(- Ilce. yvnege I will be plcageq to have 911’ mmhex-s 01! ch Ooujwll mspot gt. Accoxqllxg cu. .lust.Lce MziGregor's upm- um the ‘l,ty had @110 power {.0 employ the; Diem Gomptmy to make the plims nnq speowcatlona. mgr! he held 'that its cause 9! action for aomponsgwuon djd not mjlso \_mt:11 the claim had been pre- scntetl to the Common_ 00111101 10:} Nov- embex; 29; 192!) C4I!AI\1‘I-ZR X—\}'ance-v returns (mm tho W51!‘ hr‘:-.kon in health. hut slxll II. ldul_ '1‘he he\\.‘~p\[u9|j prn_.~.nors_ as ‘the tnwn \éetgles d--wu\ M1. (m‘nL\e Indjnn girl Ruby 1'; i-ilk. I-4 .‘Su|Il'~l\5 house sor\.u1t, Clmn.n-n. Hm I\: \\;u\':-)_ hurn, nineteen \- vw -nl-1. nun:-nrs. to_ ‘Sauna’: huxrug. I- Iw um»:-%u:x_I tn, her. (‘H_.-\I_‘TER X-{-1 Ln girl. lbnuntl. M is sent to 4 Yxfenv \'qrl_:‘ \l ishqng\ srhpul Sn,-ra Im.:~m,m-.-\ the towns society h=:\d-rl Vununuu .m- oumpnnies Ruby 11 v I«:II\ In an !t\(1|.uq oaremuwny. d his x_u--Ih«-Nu rc.mnu- stmnces Yggnroy. um \\nlILh'l‘~hl unon ]|In1, ;|gnln leaves }I\.u.j&' 'l‘h.\\ Iulizlxt srghrga, alarm0(l M 1‘»Iu.j1u,ulI'H Illhs('u(‘0,._ sucks and (ind: mm ni um Indmn_ mnnlal. [u\V_|ng zulunm mlmu 3:-u}: In 11. She: brings him humu. local demzuul. (Oontxmged Next Week) OFFICIAL PROCEEDINGS OF THE: CQMMQN ~ COUNCIL \cuu.t.1nu;l from page 1) Acouxjdmg to the rcslsonlng of Justice Mnocircgnr. the claim or, the plulnvatg would. never m_t_z,1.u1'<,: utwll gt was pyesenc-. sq to tho Gammon Ooxmpxl, 2; co \vUgh \vmc11_ neither Mr Dlgbolgl, who‘ was our counsel 111 the glefexwe 0! M10 ucuon, nor I can ;.;g;'ae. The facts are \1_n(11;u1L1Le:[ that we Diem Cunpnny u-191 mitahlng whwwver wet: June 18. 10.2.8. whim um taxpay- rcs oi the !:“a\11f§1x W!,\|.‘£l met {\nd_ qeter- m.me(l vhye woulq not prcgeeq with this Improvement The 0113' Gunner pru- \.1.u’e_s tlxatu H mm or am kmq mus; be cummencggl wxmnn one y9.,:,r al’t_.ex: 11. ac’- (:1'uetl. The (_3,em.-ml City law p1foh.u;r.t-; the Qjty from waiving the defense of_ the Stiltu oi Llmlultlolls. * Mr Dmbolcl and I cute st1i1 01? me opin- gon than the Dlehl Cm_nnzu1y's qIz. got presented within the ilme (Ix-_ad by law. that the t1=1u_l court erred in holy!- mg that 1; was and tn-zxt the dEG1$10n'DI Ju.st,Jce l\{a_c(;.‘zrcgor- gshould be reviewed by. the A1)pe11gybe Dtvlslon of the Supreme (}m,u*L' We reccqnnnenq that Im appeal ‘be taken iron‘. the ,|W.lS omeI'es( can Justice Ma,c(3regot-‘a de¢.JLS1o;1 Rspeotmlly asubmlttorl. CH,A!‘-'l‘Iv3R XIII-—'I‘~ho ‘fun beam’-‘r rou- vulsus Uklulu '|IL. Du-nnn_ nhra-sumhls~ tlcmetl, 4,‘-mos home d:~I.aru\_|Iwd.f aha tells her ns -«had mother, in n.1_x_u'|-y \mg :_-lchest man 1n me sI:_1l,o.\- i‘(5|\H_‘lI5. ar--11,:iu[ by the news uuu ml !m_s been s=truv15 on the Inx1!m_\ rossor, vxuinn. and xlutenmlned to d;-fund their rights. In the nc\\.~unn9r. lljuuqh he autuglnnlzos nul-Ht untrnllgmvxlt (\n_nmj- 1-(.n'a‘ upon fnc-;ulVln‘m-:5 \,\1111 the In- dggns sure Donna. mu nxnullguyatloxi. GA Tin‘ papexv on Mrs. I_h'm_\'r1ll\g*s \Au.- rum l.eigla\ novel! wus \vr-lgtofx by the ]\|fPUV .\lr~x E\'e1'g1'emj \\'ultz, Three (lugs lzuur Subru. cluu1clus.v, to glance out of her sitting 1}:-nun, xvimlnw. suw the ! nml l\HI]_Il1(\ guluhlmj pusulng ‘l_u_'-r house, «,\In.l In splle nt‘ his in ! he was wulkmg with gl't‘I_lt apeetl—runnlng. nhnns§. [11 his h,unL1 was :1 piece of xvhlte pzuu-r——-;1_ ‘letter. S;1_l)l.‘a thougl1_l:. She hoped it was not. bad news. He had lnnkcd. she thn.ugm. sort of odd and wild. I‘-ielegx lylonaglxmx, Tirons. Helene §::.ug;\_n. Eecy Moved by Joyuc and soocmclou kw Wm‘- rcn. that cnmmuxucntgxlnn he rocuxvml and ;eq\1esL gxjmneu wnmous tee. Ci\|‘lflU(l Traive1theLa;ke and Land Route, 01. the C&.-B. Line to Cleveland. point; West. and Southwest New Low Fares mm’ Amt: ‘-Rates g - ._ -. . Bctwgcn BUFFALO and CLEVELAND, May 15; Lo Nov. 15!. leaving. each way at. 9:00 p, m... attiving 7:30 I.» ma (l.!».S.\1.‘.) ‘ $450 one way ‘ in $750 rou._u.<.i,~trip Aug” to lung x5:lL_.ar:_;1 after Sept, lath $5.,oQ guy gizg cqr. - Sssmvner men. only $6.so*au.4l. $,7«50 -i'.‘HAP'l‘ER }\'H'l—-ii g: 1111;. U-mga In- dian chief. run! his um-_ in-rgnuily n_ot_i- ty ihu C‘mvais of Hm lllilI'»lf'.lL§0 mm morning of their dnugluerj. Ruhy,v In (;‘|_.. marron. The mcnsiin us unnuxuuemnent staggers Sabra. though \'aucoy IS ‘un- moved. Willi her husiusmri, Sabra M- tendu the wedding‘ festivities, gixoiggh she feels that. for her. life is over. ‘1‘r;w_y Wyatt. former irucig driygr, in easily this richest man in miiniinlnn. Dlvorving his wife. he marries Dunmg. Hen ambition is fumllatl. For years. again. Sabra hears nt-lhillg from mu, coy. who had (ilmppo.ni'eL1 soon utter Clma_rron's marriage. Sui-ra is oiecied oongvasswotmul. and hnmm anti hug-. husband, and Clmgxnori_'s Indian \VIl'u, gjocgriry Washington wi_i,h their (.115-’ pigy of wealth. . CO2I\/IUNIC:‘,1‘I_0N No 4 To ms Honor Q1152 Ms1,yw' and I-I.\>.xoru.a!e Bo.u‘(1 or Cnuncxlnyczx. Gox\jl§an1_eu: If you c1_es11fe no use my Bull park for the comm_g season. the x‘enjgml \v1l_l be $242 1.1 If yau want gala pmpe~1_'Ly. Lamclly let, me -knpxv and I will present vo Youn Lruy. Between PORT STANLEY. CANADA. and CLEVELAND. Junu 28:11 to. Sept, 9th, Leave Port, Sranlé)’ at. 4_:50.p,m.: mive Clcyclénd 9:30 pirn, I,v, there 11:59 p._ 91,; at, Ft, Stzmlcy 6:00 a. $3.90 one; way $5.00 round win Autjns gatricd, $4.50 up 1-nck_ Dear Exwwgreon Wglltz, after weeks of tire- -less wiring and xx an-lnlxxg. hull ut lust‘ inteljcepmd 11 letter from his _\uung \\_vl1'o's 19 ex). As he nnw came panting up the sireet the gun! sin. in; the mn- dcsw, sewing, The allnglg shot wen} jusg uuvough the come: of the ‘wide white space betweetm her great baby- tah blue eyes. George A. Neel) state: Mayo M!‘ Mm,.:;l by Joym an;l sccondec: by Vvanen. t11_'l_lt ¢JY§\n11li1l0r11il'n1Xl be x;9ceIv- 91 :.ml_ 1'e1'e;'x§e<1 no the Q0njm1L=.slu11ex 01.’ Puma Wcrmgs. ogxrvlecl, Sgwc miles and miles of congcsgcd goudway and travel cheaply, gegtfully rand. cnjoyabiy by taking thcsc lu;<ur‘io\,\s xtcamgx; r_ou_:¢;._ \ ‘ c h I l 14 ' A ' A - ‘ :z'z’.Ii‘m2:‘g.‘:\€f.» :z°.f3‘gz5I“az”;‘o°z'x$3‘$Z$p’}$t§53°5»?%Ea'u2°&$ 13%? THE CLEVELAND BUFFALO TEANSIT 00- 500: 01.’ Erie S€1'€¢£ .,'. an 3- Bu.fl‘a1o., 1,V...Y. , GIIAPTER XIV—WH.h_ n con¥rese plonal party, gnd some ‘londl_ng_ol op-, craters. Sabra ls mnkmg a tour gut’ In,-.-. vonugution lnlo condlunna in mm Okla- homa: all districts. At the town ot Bowing: a_he Yancey. oxxtcqag gm bum, dying. a hero. wlux tn? lust mug- ngggoegg gesture of an (mm m builder, In the mud of me on acids. but she 111;: um: to be rucoqnmd by h,|_m Mid 3: 01.0“. his em. II L.II.v.o.n.o.- and. . Y9: 11.. aoMn1u1ii1c4xrioN' Na 5. To His Honor the Mayor and Houorubxe ;3omj<_l at Council ‘Cxenucmen: hm‘. I GK.-ID the -— 11.858 N 20 <.l911.a. mim will his - *‘\Vl\y didn't you tell me mat when she nmr-1-Jon mm ‘ghe was 1; girl out og a——-out of n,—,—hnusel'-' Sabra (1eu1mx(1ed, between horror and wrath, \-1. tho1I§h.t‘)’9l1. knew. Women are I wish to declare the following st1'ept.s_ ‘closed 6. otra‘ft‘1c cluvingr the patriot! of construction 9; pgx\'ex11ents t11e1'gIn. viz CIn,r-I.< 86-. tram ljixsham nvenug. to Hal- Iana umanue, Gmpe St... from Iguecmo DLu1ol_p11 ‘S. Welnsteln, Corp. Oounae‘. Moved’ by Joym, am! seconded by Ci_x'l!- m;1m,s that aqxnmunlcation be reogzlveq {ml ‘laid Cm the mb10- 0§U.'1'10d.- C0MM5'.'JN,I,0A’1.'I0N No. 1.2. To (me Honorable The Common Conn; MIi_l_ me free co y of Can Name Lsnc's 1931 Ggcqgioq Bookie; on All Enicnse,-“é1£1F€'-‘! Toms, glgo Map Folder.

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