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The Lackawanna news. (Lackawanna, N.Y.) 19??-1933, March 26, 1931, Image 1

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*\* ‘1V':‘1TA'.|‘.*-. A ,’‘_:-':I < t I‘ “J 5 V . \ i W” \n. ,. \' ~;‘-:>_-. ,..x \v: -\ - , - A iii‘: ’ A - > \ V _ ‘I9 ‘4 I‘ . ,=_ . _ ~ v. N :,;‘.L 311‘ K, I A. ». 4 A’-’.«;“\3 ‘Ff’. .~' ‘V ‘,” _,';.:.r+~-' Q,‘ ‘ 3,5 }§‘b.>':F“‘lA ,1 ! 1:! Ad?” m;‘V:‘; I ‘W 5:’, V ; . My _: ‘ ‘ H - \ mt‘ W > A v 1 ~~ ' ._ ., ‘.1... ,1 A A A A _A A _ ~ Léxé:%€AV3!AAS‘€k*m g g \ A ‘ .x ‘5\“'~‘*v‘--%‘«?V”‘-rAti\!.w*I~z'~“s Pam: gp Um I Ql_f|.9|.l!* M of ‘A; “ - V V , , \ ' , . . ~ \T T ‘ . ( ‘ I ‘ ~ T H, ; Thu‘ cm 9: ‘Lack:-. \ ' ’ 5 A - V, - 5 ‘ ’ _ I . V ' _ _. . Vihnag. Eriq Go. 3 f A 4 ' \ ' ‘ V ' v A New Yoxk. ‘ A, _ _ _ _ 1 ‘ » , ‘ v‘ . A I » , ' A . ;'».i’-@132 M \ t{§’ -‘-—\ N0‘. J-ac.k.awTI_mn.a. News. l..a.c.kaw’Ann.A,, Y-.. '17hura.. March 26., 1.93.1 P-RICE igh School Team At Syracuse WI LADY OF VIBIORY ;ll|llC?KlY ~llVE[R WP IN li EMRIIY »llRlV.E, MIIEIIS IIERE %0l|lSElY ;F0ll0Vll|lE ssmmL;Ic jnnuslmsns man man ‘MEI!’ V AI ‘ELABDHATE’ my OsW‘ego Will Be Powerful Foe For Ste-e1aw‘ann,as ~Lu:.o.. Cloth. \Ivor! Tagore. in Silver -holdgra adorn table.’ when women of; -Lapklwhlg-. in Pariah pay trilaute, ‘to. ‘be- lovfad le.ade.r qf.’ charity. YASSUMFIVION PARISH £Qy_.:,ALs «QUOTA. 0. L, v-., GOES saoa BEYOND, ST. BARBAIWS c;L0s1-2 T0 succrss on: - MONDAY, scum: 0,l= l’~ARl.S;HES,. IN DISTRICT‘ IN‘ 3. .GREA.‘l.‘ CAMPAIGN‘. \ council ‘Soon In let on larger Health Quarters NORTHERN’ NEW‘ YOBKERSJ DEFEATED B..U.T' ONCE [N 23 S..T‘ARTS.- LOCAL. TEAM. CONTFIDENT‘ QF‘ VICTORY‘ CITY‘ PROUD OF BRILLIANT’ QF S,TE:El.A- XYANNAS-. F.‘“!~“7.1.'A9x\1).<!l;\.0.¥5 came Nelson 3.. B.a.ket~ tphl stweelsz when. Court M_9gx- 10.13.. <,1£.t322.x<a1.1.<t» Daustxtert; OX A,I.I,xe.x_~xca., honomcl their cmplalxx. Nelsen 1! .B.M,:eI.'~ at. an. m1orn\.&1.. tea S.u.n..= da. y1.ro.z,n 3. 1:0. 5 g». n.n.- ‘1x1‘t..he1.r clubrqoms in. the (2orlt<.>x1,b.I,t.l.lcx1_I.Ig,.. The text cote-. bmvta. liaise:-‘s, sszm axzrxtversarxr 0.: ms. ordination. to the pn.est.h.o.o.d. The, ‘gable was, l_a.1_d mm a., lace clgtky \<.x.! <1c.eor&t.ed,w4tzn xvoxy; tax_>e,1:s.1I,\ a.1,lv,et.~ 1.x<.>.l.e:s.. tmd. cen.$e.rp1eoe of. s.p:1.nz- 11ow~. exs aml. tenxs. The mu.-?1c.€t1 —pxosmr.I was arrange by the Misses. 1.\!1.31;‘¥‘ Con- uglly. Mgxg-nu-e_t_, 1,em,er_. i?:_m:e1l._ Nora; Mcha-ugzxllxx and Elena liesqlgna Th: Misses Lm.I_a,n Dempsey. 03923515 lite. B.0x=.ne!:.. R986 I.§o,v.acl.=. and, M9.I.'~1o.ne: Mpnonalq were hqstessea aim ‘the sewn. in, 3.¢!0.mr.n1tte,¢ 1n<:1.ud_ecl me Misses. Ac.!e1a:1.d.e l!a.xrr‘e§t., sa;lly~ B0'I\.1.161C. Marv» 0s.b.o_rn..¢._ Mt?-AW Reap. Ctuherlxle Haycgen. i,!el.ex.x. '{‘-x.rx,u.r,x:.. Boxmgxr. K9-, v2\c.k~., when Kea&|!.1a:., Grace wrzghx... Doxls. smalls and. 9131159 Reap- Ono. 1,-.ack:mv.'aI.mn parish Its an.'eu.»dy am‘ the to}; an clotkxer ate. closely 101- Ln the. Gatmxc Gmrmea Duve- Tlge Ziguxea herewith are: agqual 1_-e—. mam. at. moadquamn up. $.90 4. *q,‘clQ°3. in mg. a.zter;,\oon., oi the date - TM?! Show w2,u_\.’o. the parishes, In Bl ~80... 4 have dong fa.) date in the Chvatmu. W-mpaign. . D-awe l?owe‘r's big and speedy« quintet trom. Oswesa vml. meet. the. bxuliatas 3_.tee1.arw.an.n,as an Axctxbold. 1,1,1 Sgzacuse 01.1 E9:-Lday. Manet} 21‘ The r;ebo.r.d_s. 01 the anqwv menu. to. be (aim ev.e.n.1x znatched. iut.!.=.9ugh.. Qa- .wreg_w:>.'s. xjzmgyf size wall, p1:o,ve a‘, great a~c.l.vi.a.x.x.tage. ' 08W.08‘i~, 1.1.6.-5 Pmduced <=<!I.!§-1.5?e¢D~.¢13' awd basketball. tea.r.x,:.s. under the very capable dxreotxog ox Dave Powgxfs, who has coach 1.1;. tn: POWGV city 10:. many ye-:ur§. 'I.‘hI.s year_»'s\irec.o1rd. ls by 1&1} the twst s1>.1.ez.:.d.1,ct yet. tmazned. Anni,- ox me o.u.ma.nd1_ng of Cen.tr.a.l uyii. Ndltthetn. New, Yoxrk. have {alien an easy; -prey -t_o. the sped and d.eadl.yv shooting 0!. Oswego. I..xt_:I_e I\‘qu_s. Scare Champions of 1931), has mice been c,l_e-. xoatedl and Syxacuse Cenmn has also- bQ,vye_d, ox; two, acoasxoxxs By qegeaxtng J0h:!,1>‘-OI), O1,ty_ winners at me soumeztn, section on last. Exjtctay. Qswego earned the ugh: to represent Central am; Southern New ‘lurk. In the !_1.r.>.al play-. offs. 1,1; is generally conceded tmxtf the. winner: of the Qewego-Lacxawnpgm I~u,ss1e will evemlxully be crowned the state cham_p:.on_. Woxq has been recent» ed {com Oswegvo, that ‘two special trams have been chartexed to make the j_ou1'- ney to Syracuse. and the Orange and Egxack, wm t_1nd_ ztseu ubexuuy supported by their LOWns_peop1e. cm Pr<_m_d_ of Record poms are tan a.!.>.c.>,ve me a.ve.ras'¢- H15 écholarshjp. lg not tesmcseq no this one meld [or he. has prayed h11;xse),Ij on a pa; warn the best In the d;!n_<:_\ut ay._xp,gectjol- Intermecldgte Algelgreg. Seek Clear Title to City Streets: for Fire. Hydranfs‘ [Recommendation of repreaen-. tativu. of Siam. Depirtnnqnt for man. for local staff: believed New fnverablcz to. City futhgra. ‘_ “\- 33 Ouz tau center. Szabo. M110 1199. bean. 'v'1us1.1y ln.sbr.urn.er>.ta.1. tn. V«.'l!.1.11U.1S, 91: each and every g_am_e ls conceded to, be I “s‘m~.\:\ 1.x.x Alzebxa. l»a.t1n_ and Anclem. k M,u_x_21c.h.. spunky ‘little uperngce qt Captain Pansy 1.5 a sem.<.>r.. who bju. all-s~ c.2.z;‘zux.shed h.1.z.z.:.se11. us me classroom, and Is to \°§taln1I)8 a. u.x.er.x,te:r-1 state scholaxsmp. 3%. Agxmut. l3..0.9.B.:-. st, B,oI_\_av1e1\W,:'e., O,B2Q.5.0:-. Brigid's! $1.758-5.0:; at. ‘Ben- n.I:d'u._ 109.00; Holy, ramuy. 8,5..5.20.9,o; at; John who B.vIne_e11ut_. o_4.13.1.o,o;_~ st, um-. 19835., O.8.94...'l5.: 0.ur- Lady. ox Perpetual liolp. O1_.,.58M.>0.: 5%. Sto 92.149-,00: 81‘ 1'h.ero.am's., 0.8.152.-.’l6.:; st. A.aq\_\tn,a_., st, Valqntlxxe. Q§50_.,8_5 Qnslma-\\. !1..11,o.o0x- nlspsdvll. Q. L. or; Counul. 0'l¢5,.5.0.._ Cinxclemrme. Fourhecgg xxolyv Helpms. Properly qwnqrs «ready to, dud rights to at:-o;e.t ant to city as won as an ~re,ady, is ronott‘-. The local eommoa coun.Q-1.1. -1; expected snoxtly to. act. fa.V0,r_ablyr an. recommemae t!0x.1.s 9! tepxeetznxat.-1.v.es. osf @b.e« Sew Yor.I.<: State Boar}: ox. §I_e~am.x. tot l.a.:s«e_:< quash-. era, and. tree ’c_:ea.t.m.en.V 91 neesur stcls here. 13215:. hut, by xgr. not the least, saun- ders, obher than wu.u:n,ng 1am-els ox; me basketball qougt ;a.ch that comparg favorably wxth, his perfect checking had passgug ' In. the znexm. co-zxxnezxt oi the bs2a.r.ar‘ ‘pf. $_oc.1.e.L1. V.\'e.1.f.a,r.e on the comlmoas dexrv which the £«a.t.=ka.war.ma. Roam 0!: lie:-al.th. 0pem.tes:~1t stated that two voom-s.on_‘v_1.1e 9999114. I.1.oor« or the I.-ea.cl.=.u_-. \v.a.n.n.a City ha-1.1. are sued 1.0:: t,ix.e« c1.l.r.1.!<z work. and £01: 0.!.£t<.=es. at onher ‘man. cI.1.r.>.1.c «h‘<>.\.u'.s-. Que or; the rocms a1.w:1.s. used. for- Co.u_n.c11, r.n.eet1r..Is,5- Space lnittlequate At Present clear -tattle by the city 0!: Ieackawanna to certain stxeets, 1;: so.<.:x_x badge‘ Qb-— mined in apprms. even. it emit. 1 .s,a.v.i.0n slxoulsl be necessary. so. txmt, the marat- omd c_to.\,u.1°n can. tlslmlelly request, 04: the. VV,e.st,em New York». Water c<>znP5.l.1)? 5°“? the gJ,£,t.<=\ng~ o1 watex; llxdrtmt-5, 1n_, ‘Nassau ~p8.rKV.!M'- am rm. Meadow view. 52 is. r.xecessa.ry- than. the my qhtatn title to. the streets. $000.00: Iu,'a.oX&wanng.,_ our lady Q1 V1c~ ‘ my. o3.3o4..5.o:. 8.2.. ,_5!Wh.9l.1¥‘6., st. nu-. bu.u.'a., 39.89.00; St» (.«‘,n&ues., Assuxnpuoxx. O1§6.,00: Sacred Re St. M,¢l,<_>hIxe1s_, 355,0: 3:. Martin’: $1,123.00; Wlnxchestexg sc W!1l.lB.m's. \14,6.50;; at, .!u_p.,brose.4 {L392 15‘ Scgxqlastxc regards such as mwe have ragely. 1! ever be.en_ eqqauecx and the City of Lackawanna may‘ well -be pxfoud. or these playez-5,, not on_1,y 9.5 athletes. but as scl_1p1a.!'s_ as wen Membmrs c.>t~ me comm wms. tonneu the xeceptiozx oonxmme were the Misses. Mary ‘I. Bonner. A.n,x3.a Q'R»ourke.. 1-anew; Avery; Regina Fc:z.m1.e.'.. Rose. Bealy. Kath.- erlm’ Reap. Nora Du_Lon,, E.l.ea.1.:.oir~ Br,as=h., Margaret Qmxxn. Alzce I_>o,.v~t<_!.. Mun. Ma: china», Mary Mulv-1h.u1.. Aspen. Mccmhx-. Elva. Douzherm Maw Folan. h,1.ary- Ma.-« lone and Cablxerzne M.arm.1_nz- “'I.‘he'spa.c.e amiable f.0r- the work, 1.5 xnaclequa.te\‘ the report states. ‘»'a2.\.d tans to prdvxcle sumble clressine space. A. seotian of the Coun-cu, ckggyigbeg is scree4_1ed. off. for men. wa1.tlng' exa.mI,x_xt.t.-— non. In. ch. tuberculosis clnmjc. and. 7:114-V cm:-/s the health coxnzmss1or.=.er 1.5 used as a. clresstns, roam. t_or- women a.wuI,t_i.r>z. ¢l€8sm1nn_t1Qn, Haul Scheduje Map of the secblan winch 1.5. tiles! wink, the county clerk has been pnepared, by Lackawunnv. cm E‘I.1ELl.1e_e1‘: Timothy ‘ Mccromlclg. ’ Lackawqnna Ijhgh Schoolfs baslgecbgll nxarcn through the 1930-1931 season been an, advance nevex: wz,cn¢_ss.=.ed be_!Oljc xn the mscory or our athletic endeavors For m second supcessxve year the Steel :;.wanu . nuv,e won. the Southern Ere Cou.:.. League without deljeap. mthou. even meetmg anyt-mug tjesemblmg [Son'- sance Iia.n1burg,Spr.ng\'1];1e. East .511! mm. and West, Seneca. High schools 1n cum bowed 11,; Llefeaat to the b1:1111a.L;_t even marvelous. play of the Lacigawanna boys \ uuxmnnu GIRLS SBIIBE GREAT HIT Ill BIB IIIIFHLU RALLY Deeds no.w- being: pN>P9-ml tor the signatures. or the nropexby owzzess at the respective s§I‘ee,ts. 11; 1,5, amxclyated that these, deeds, \\;gv!l_ be ¢xecutea_ in the I.1.¢{1l‘ 1ut\;re,. Man About mm To Report All liars Cutting In Parkway \’_I‘ms is an exzempg cngtc a_1)d_ speclai at_(e_11_t.l_<>n, must be gxveu to, h_ea.L_'._i1g m order, what 2.: tempetamw sasismctory tor examination may be obtained-.'* Oont;m11j_ng me repoxt revelas “the ex- amxnatlongs‘ tepxesem me new positive (533565 5.*¥.1.d 111 111331.13’ lnSf«11\Q€5. 9X3¥IU1.l~i~ 'b_1on._s o.:a_1:resbed and qluesceut cases are made. our my as just-ly proupl oz the. bru- uam xjecrocl achieved by the Lncka.*.v:mna High Schoc-1 team but behind men‘ su-_ perb playing 15 n notable and emtlable. iecoxjd 111 Scholaljshlp. I1‘ is nno'mer story behmtl the héadlmes. !?:;m5‘_\' xncomparable c.;psgm og the Lac!-zavmnna Engh school qmpzet. has pgovecl that ohher than leacung his team to a qasmng v\c:ory 1s 3;. weli cap- able or so1_v1ng me most bafjung mys- terxss of cheuustxjy gag; oi succeaiung smashmg e.very~ sL>ubboru_ stand and de- fense. or E‘u;-hd, Ruuinu gong: and dance; by Fricndahip groups. unong hilhlixhta of disiricté camp fire. meal. Ownxa or; property in. the tzwo, streets are repoxbesl to, be. vgllltna Q0. steed. that right; 01‘ the street to. the city. \\,.tu me purpose m mmcl of trying she lnuttle of the boys who. will carry the colors 01 our czty at the State Fourmxmem; at Syracuse, the=At-h>1_etly Beam had mapped out A sclxedule never xx-{ore attempted Meemng geanw 0; the cmbre 0! Dunku-2:. Hmcmnson, Ntugaga Uniwgersuy E'¢esxur_:ex_x, gncx Qarslaxus hag more man za.n)'t.h.:1_)g else prepared the team fox: t,he ‘ogru grind of lmetxj-.sec-. txonal compemvxon The players erged wmet-1m=s they were rather oxt meg. game: but after each contest. with a thoroughness and perseverance tzuj, Nap-.>1eo:uc under the turecman ox Coach Del Fisher. they attacked, and overcame them icullbs, Vmh the completlqn of 9:11.15 1935!»! P¥°:- Oeduxe t.1\.e-*h>_’<iICa.!At.5 whit be lpsmlled $5-I sur1,I.1s; Mason patkww and Meadow View resxqénts o1 ade,qu.a_t,e, tire p!0te_ctAgm. .511 streeta wrcmu. til). es2~§w- l,1.Y.1:\.i9_5s_n.¥9r.l5.. will -no a4'2\!4l1r\_>,vés!‘*'%'1%.h 1xr,c:.n_xy'c.mn.t« Q'~!\3—§l|.3_'- spaced cm side or the t,1_\_oro\;gl1-. tgre. Wicohazjx Cami} F.'l,!.\=. 1,~I\u_1mbez-s, one and Tw or Frtencumtp. Wk xmrc, in a his Gr'I; 0'<i\'ir.xI'>¥v‘k’l\xre at..“mn:x'vxoc‘»a Music Hall. last Saturday evemxxg at 7-.~15.., our zms. have been g1;ea_my 1_\qn.. by helng giver; gs, part «in. the Page- ant xvhen they presexxtzecl the Volt; goat 301.18 1“. 3\l.$l 8,115 d3.l|.¢?¢d 7-I\. 330351.311. 00st11xm.\5. A, solo clance wzxs g_£v_en, by‘ 11.15:: Mary l_<.utsj., - Miss. Doris E and Miss Cache Milne B11‘b4,=I,*. guaxqtans 0: the \VlC0h ‘Gang H1}: coached the gu-ls. 'l_‘h_ere '.v.1s mg exhibit of hand work of mucus oo\_ux_tri,es and Mtg. D1_n11,tex7« N1clgoloft‘s bemmtxxj, exnbxyclmerlm and crochet w,ork_ will, he on cu,sp1ay.. Mrs. Ntclsolo teaches Egusalan crass-stgltch at the Prteajqshxg} I-louse. Them hil_5 been zreaat m.t).x.us!.a51u. over; Omnp We at the Frxemlslxlp Irlouse this \yl1_1ter and there are 3:: girls egugolled. At a. meeting has. tMon.clay- night Miss Margaret Nyltxjal was chqsen as Big Sistexj £01} tribe N0. 1 x;1_1_d Miss Mary Neshn, M 1315: Sgstec {or tube 210. :2. Feurlqu, Oluervet For This vapor to, start. camnnign ‘V .. axulnqt l'Q¢klO:T5.I (.h.'i.V.‘i..l.\(-1 tin: alter! circle, lII.lI.8!1_to[!- “'];'11e mtg exgxplpys {our m,u_-ses {my :i_1.~‘.- trlct mugsmg and clinic work. Recently éalx eclty ha‘ Sheen xlmdecl tutu (C,-Mr ‘$01395 01.1.6 7.-“U-7,56 113-S been. 8-$313I\.9€.1 to each zotne Q9 work; under the general etlpervmon at a cmet; 1).)._1_rse. cum-Ans to, the xnsme or. me big cmcle m_ M_cKu_x_1ey parkway by automobile C.il.'1.V.'e1.‘-5 must c.ea.s,e. according '§°~h1Sh.W*1¥ 21ut!1or1.tlias wh_o. thls,w2e1g péimea to the ptgctice as ex_cee(_lm.gly- giuxgegous. now; that Mcxrinley parkway ext.en§19n_ soutI.\.- ward ts zwwlns mpzdlv in wider‘ u.se~ Dowrxey. we are glad to say. ezg ! zlm ;mn_c cucumber-coolness and eq_L_\4anV-. u.n,a:yt up the couxt. as upon the. battle new of History and Engush Mayor, Otchers Praise» Students ‘-\1.‘1.1ese: muses make home vlsxns um care for. all, or the pat,.ez_1];s In their care {or $11 of the pm.-191115 u-. then: xjespectn we c11,st1_-1ct_s Nurses Visit lJoI_n__es Reymnn. spirited. §1ght.:1_1_g. drsakxlng forward has ranked, Himself along with me. best. of Semors and, shows 3 _Derse~ vemnce and thoroughness xymx books than clusely aligns itself mlh his, per- fect. besketball playing Yve are prone to look upon post- graclzzazea as neglzgent in studies It so Rmmctn. strong and rug'g€d‘g\l.a1:d proves. .1 splemnd exception ‘ City Official! Reflect. A‘.d.\|Ail‘Q'-. tion of all community in Bukqtlall Rccord. The Man, About To\\t1; stood for In hgour at me big \_o¢al_ circle and wawlged Scum. I:-axk, a.v.en_u,e headed north and af- ter, the short; {cw blocks hide that carried ch_e xnaohlnes up o.Yeir- the gajlroad vin- cluct obsoxjveq no less -thnz» four d._!.‘1,v.ez:s cut, short at me clccle tug: left and gm).- clmxe xxorvhwnxd tom-rd B..\11-i§a1.€r wtthouv taklng the trouble to observe t_1;x_e 1.jra{I.o sxgns ~an_d go, g.1joux_1_c_1 the cugcle. Burden ct xespousgbmgy. qeclare h_1ghwa;y- oftiolgus, will rest with the of- lemllng‘ m_otoms|;s who cujs short the cir(_:1e, 1); event. oI_ collision, nvw that bl); e_xtex_xs1,on so\1t}_1\\7nr<l is 11,1 use. later this week our Man About Toxvu will obtain lj the pol_.ice mad hlghw.y axlmoxities want th,ein., t-he 11ceu'se num- bers oi offending machines. We wou1_d‘ not h_esI4t/ae to. grab the number of any s,u_o1,x_ o1fond_lng machine. no m:a.tt-er what GLW omclal. 9011.60 he <1 ’0l_' wb ols riding 111 the car. \Spe:crLaliszs_f1~on_1 Buitalo. come Er the t-ubex‘cul,os1s s_md_ pedxat-r1q cumcs‘ met are pagq {or their servlccs Paments re- quxrmg med.l_ca1 cure an «treatment are referred to then‘ prwaue physlcxans. me cunics being held {or ex_axnxn&§1ons onlv \Presc::1pt1ons a_re. :1ssu_ecl m specml mses and. are paid. fol? by the dispensary If the 9.ppl_xc:mt Ls unable to meet one expex_1s.\ ' Under conumml '-tram, gomg through s1te.~,omo.- pmcmce day after day. Lackaxvanua. DO)\: have been defeated but. ume m a scnedulw of 22 games. Tcu much crtdrt r;.1nuot« be glven to me 3118.: v.h.> sued by the boys through cm long season. curecurgg and critlzmb \\\:rk!1-.g mgr): after night in order V. pexiect ms boys 1:; th._e games. the: Clby of newspaper men, a,n_q many ohters wvexre pairttclgants tn the Friday rznlly 9f.t11e st.\1d.er.xt. body of Lackawvnm high, schoc/l. when Mayor- Malone Comoremon Counsel Welxisteitx. Mayor's secretm-y Bacrtck McMahon and others gleuvereq ag1_<l_resses that re_11_ecce<l the anti; c1!.yv‘s am,lratxo.\_\ {oxj the great, xjcord at the Lack_awz_u_mg I_1_lgl1 school basxetbnu beam this seasog. Novuk, brllmilxt turwmcl. telfnpomnly dxsnblecl by at; lnjury to ms, ankle m me mnclnle of; me bgakezball eegson, cud not prmlt. 1: to slow down his fine play mg He has mastered the lntrtcauies 01 the French Lglngtxage so well that his re- Agreeing thap the work cozxdgcbed by the G1t_y~ Depa1*tmeg»t; oi ‘H/ealbh was con- ducted unde1' gllfiiculbles. me board comnmgn “The work. done under many’, 1-mdxanbages. app‘.-axs to be ‘veil «rgamzecl az_1,<l elfncxenc\ equipmenjt slut- ab1_e tor the xvork 1x_1_1ttertakei1 m avail- able.“ «Coxmnuea an gage 3» Miracle Saves Officer Mahoney From Death In Free-For-All Battle In Gates Ave. Cops Stand off 75 Men 'I_‘l_1e mayo:- <_,-‘ox_x,1.m_e:*ncl_e<l the Ignembexjs oi the kn-gh, school baskebban team on the high type pzesezxteti by: ’-hem t.Xn:o\1gh_<>1_1_t the regulaxy school schedule : t2_a_te‘p1zv.yc-‘its.’ Ho extended to the veam 'n_1s well wishes for 3 suc- cessful, encounter 111 the Kenmore high school gynm_as3\1x1\ Exidny evening. whclh resulted In the local boys wmmng the W N. Y. chnnxplonshlp. Mayo; Malone was followed m 15:51 ad-. dlfe5s_ by &_\l\ qqqress by P£_m:1ok_ J. Mc- Manon. se0l,'et2,|:1f¥ to the mayox. 4.2-x.\.tl by‘ B,u({olp11 8.. \_\(eu1ste1,l_1. !c_>z;x_ne:_- Lncka-. wan,X_m I_1.i.et\ school athlete and now, car-. p(Im_t1o1\ counsel. The mllv was conciudecl ‘av rm adr- dreas by Dglz/J1; Planer basketball coach- and_ by splrktecl cheer !I\.¢€31!l8- The report agmn requests more space he pravlclecl {or th,e.:1epatt.xneu_g.. CLOTHING T0 JOBLESS F ROM FRIENDHSIP HOUSE DEATH SUM.MONS DAVID J... M_cDQN..A_LD. smce eauy 1_n Decem1‘&I~ Friendéhlp, House has bone xjeoeljnng and glvmg clqthzhg. Dtmng Jamxaxy 599 persons received clothes mere and guy-tug F.‘eb~ 'ru.ury 598. people W€I.‘6~ aided in, secl,|.!‘1.|.\§ t.omt.h1_m.: to year. Scores in this cu:._v early this week moumed the qeath oz Dmtzd J. Monon- nlgi. life long resident‘ who. die lnsv Sm.- urclay. Mzutoh 21. after an u1,ness of sev-. erak days. He was me husband or the Lace l1311,zo,- betn Murphy McDonald and the 5-ather 01 Francis. Edw-111. Elm Cl1B.1'l_€S. Donald, Mrs \V11l1nxx\ Llassay and Mrs‘ Her1m,r<_1 E‘m.e1.1- Ftmcral sewlccs were oog1_<(uct»ecl_ Tues- day morxmyg ttom, the family reslctelxce. No. 25 Downing stlreet. this olty. at 8:30 .1 m. and at 9 o'clock :1-gm st Am- brose church Local and Vicinity Scouts Honored TRIVGGER JAMS: KEEPS BULLET FROM, DEATH MISSION AFTER I-‘-lR_S.T WILD SHOT JUST MISSES. ?QLICEMAN COPS BRAVE, WILD CLUB.-SWINGING AND DANGER 0!? MORE. BULLETS T0 BATTLE PRISON!-1'RS AND GET THEM TO LOCK-UP. B,R,A.V|:‘-RY OF OFFICERS IN HOSTILE. CROWD OF 75 MERITS. COM.MEND.A_'l'lO,N OF TAXPAYE,-RS. There Is great need tcr all lqxxds of <_-.l_obh1,ng m\_([ (_!ox_x_x\clon.s u._'uL be gladly -collect (or. Bathe! Troop members. of Lacks qwannu given award! of merit at Boy Scout quqmbly Peoyle have been mqat gen_e:o,u,=. in helping nus w.or.!.<L which *1.-3 gouxg iot- ward under» me leadership 01. Rqv. H. W. luoxgmond the dl!j¢OtO1_' co: the 1'-‘rleun-. 31-up Hudd- SCOUP 5°! Thampaon of T1300? 3 Of. the Presby-serxtm. Church or Hamburg was advanced to Eagle scam. rank and I,’x,\\n1 E‘. Szpos. Jxz, ox 'Ijr_~oo1g 4 of the Parent Teachers‘ Assocjamop 9! want!- Lawn to Star S-com 1:a.m.k. at the meet- ing M the Co.\u:I:» of Boner of this d.l!:'e target 01 the Erie Coxmty Boy scouts \v1,th, Asslsbxmt, Deputy ,!}a,u_l_ 0. Glgu-lg an I:{x_un- burg: High 5011001 last eqnesglayv oven.-, mg Much 18. Ixccotqtng to 2.\!.u.1o\.1x-cse—, mam by Oo\u_1,oi_; 1\eadqj.u_u\te1s. Butialp. Scouts Harold R. Coats and Kexxnem Hexschel oz Troop 9 or the. Methprltst Church of I>l.n.m,b11x_-g were ._1<l_vancezL to !“u:st Class rzmk. zskso Sl‘t11W.‘(_1 to $12- mupct Ga.s1.ew1_cz. oi. Troop. 23‘\o£\B.3the!_ Pxeshytetusn. church 0!, I,-.acl_<a\van1m. How the trigger of .1 deadly revolver med in the 1umd_ of an enraged man. jammed. zrud saved the life or Patrol- man \VI1un_m Mahoney oi; the local police department. was told yesterday when Lwb Cheekzowagn mdutcuuals wére ar- ratgne an charge or ass:_1u_lt ‘the mtelfventgxon of rate that spared the me 0: Patrolxixgrn Mnhoney mi rm-. urre 01 a. jnnmaed gun trigger. after one shot ncgay been from cjgmgerously clqse rturge 111 n oroxsd o!_ ex spec- tators. 1;. one of the marvels of lbcul pohce hi-story l_-Escape From Dezulr .\1.l:_'u_(,-,1:-.. Free-,E,'olf-.\l,l “Aux-l‘p Tms place gs -:'.a.m_xed to be opemtecl by Michael DeJmveck., who as proprietor BV:-as taken to‘ court. arraigned and fined. M00 .10”) PERCENT. SEWER ASSESSMENT FOR El..EC:TRlC AVENUE lMPRO,VEM.E:N1' TO SVTAND UNDER STATE. LAW, CITY. COUNSEL QPINl.O.N A Unique B.i,rl,lI.day~ Party At. Father .BI.|_:.e.r-’; Infant Hqme \V,hen Mnhoney and Spam; exxtered the place {I burly chap xs said to hgve ‘snaptegl swlngmg a heavy glgce of stair- case rnlung mmlng at. evexfybdoy in gen- eral omcer Mimoney sm.i'v.d_d‘to grasps pie with the gnax; td prevent nun laying. 1_u;l_I_ a dozen pex‘-sons l_c/xv He. swumg the club ax1cL snxushed Ma1\ouey's arm Q: the. policeman protgcted ms head. Just as the ofllcexj grappled with the man_ 11. shot, ra.ng out trdm behind the pat/rolnmu nnd a bung-t whxzzed dangen ously clgoge to mm. . I):-nt_l_1> .\1essenger l_‘a1ls., 151155. Wullanx \ am!‘ Mxjs. Chas Weber are 1jx_\_gA1511\g e1n_bo,,n_ti; plans to ho1<l_ I} unlque Bnrtghciqy P4_1rty'x.\t Our Lady ot_ Victory I_nm_n_t I:{_on,\e parjpzs on 'I_‘\xe.sc1ny afternoon Apr11_ 14. fables will be. nrranggegt to rep:e§.e11_t the mozxblxs of me year and ea91\'nosce;s \yll)_. have in- mng (l,¢t'01‘8.tlDns £01’ the ;e_spect_.1ve. tabla: \\'neve a. llgxxcnmx; win, be senyed at. 12 30 cards will b played In the a.fternc_>on and many M1324-S have been secu1'e(l_. uj tesexvatioxxs ls, qesxxeql phone Mrs wu—. Hang Sul)Jvn.n E‘1]h_1_1o1,'e 2434-}! or Mrs, Cmales Weber Abbott 0413 Tlm. the ourmnt -tax. levy 101? R10 norm sewer} -lg Electrlc nvem\e_ 1; con.-. alsfent with the xeaulwmelxts 01. the laws or, New Yoxcls. sum. and can. not, he clmngeq to a tiny peg-. eentpasls In 01,-, tech tw ovens. 680- is the opinion 91. .(Jor_1,}orrst1(_n1 Cougsel Bu<_l,¢\ph S. \‘\_le.1n- stein subuIltt«e<1 zhls keew to the com- mon. ovum!!- general pmqtlce 0: 100. percqmt. \Th1! Pi\1’¢i,<?\.1.l’431' 5¢:0l.'\l 11!‘)!!! W5.‘ PW. In at tone request of_ agljolnjug pmperty owner; and. to gexleve I». bid 1_oca!_ coxj._-. dltlon. thnba cxlstetd were at the time nijd has evlontly hen spread on an, equitable bums axcmex-mg to me rule l,Ielf(‘C_0I‘O1¢ egtabll.-med In all such gm’-. s>vovemen.t.s within me cw 0! La.c,k_a-. wanna. Thu). me pawnlman 1_5 1_1l_1\e and con-. umung his wit-h his buctcues tor me pneser~vcsa.tIon of 1aw~a.nd order 1.; the ca\[sé of great tejoxclng trllroughclltg the gl_epz\rt.ment Ponce report th_1_1t4_1 Pntmlmou Mhn.nn_- ey and Spam xvete d_0111g p!sm1<}1otl\0s c\my m Girtes avemxe. about 3 a. In. last F-‘rlday m_(n‘nmg \_\'»alkmg alpng they smdclenly -heart! noise. of combat in \ place at No. 522 Gates avenue. where .\ tinnco had been in pxjqgress to}; me grc-{yer part of the night, sbaxftlngw em-IV 'I)m1r5<1_ay e.venmg., Scout Aj_‘th\_l_l\ Kleger 01 the latter troop 1\{_-.=am\_'tu1e once; Spam, thinking M hioney had been, wounded. mixed with half :1 dozen others to gigvht mg way through tn ecrowq. to Ma];1o11ey‘s, side.‘ x_\vgz\h_one.y. at the gun. report. dropped, to the floor and pullggi ms pxjlsqnexj .n*qun,cl m Hunt, 0 ‘thlm Lo, smelt} hlm, Then Spam got tjxrouglx. also to my hanclg, on mm. Just men there was acllck vi 9. re.vo\_-. ver trigger from behn/1d_ them aggxlnl but. the gun failed to explode, M_nhoney‘s me we; spared and the two policemen. jumped the two, €‘heekto\yaga alecks out of the crowd. l,n_tAo the hallway where they maqe them secure, nrgcl tool; chqm off. to police lzeadquatvelrs. ‘*Th.e practice in the past has to the ezieqt that any atom <.I.ra.1n_ aetc: Installed 5€P5\!.‘i.LJe from the pz,\Vl1nE Im- pi\c-.v::ment. has been sxsaegsegl 100 per; Ogant agzutxxst me p1‘op::l_'t.y bnozxted\ Mr. Wems§e\n gala, \nut! 91 course any put in. in con_1\u)cH,on with the paving 6: a street. is, assessed on :5 50 pcgcent C“. the city's monye SW8 4:0 Oh? b.\,1.UdU\S improvement and the storm drain acts as part oi lmpxovemexxts. “It. {\pp'.‘i,u.‘s (tom the records ma,» me local Ixnprovemeut was assessed X_or- the year 1928 on ix 5.0 percent. msia d_\_1_<.> to ix m1su11(lel:sta,g_<_lu\gI It was then, cox:-. mated gr). the year 1029 (,0 follow the qu-l_I for Second Glass x;.:u11< Troop 25 01 St». James L\m1emp ('hu_rch_ of Hamburg prscentotl a. m:ec\n- able nunxber of .s\)scl_e$s[u1 appl'cm)._‘.s betom the C‘o.urt. 1_?.1ch.._rcl K:~ch_ Paul M,'eyer_ L=(fL1sl J. Nesbxt-L, and George W Ross bemg aclv.xno9d to Secang (‘Ines r.nn,k_., the M_er1t Badge for N‘aI‘kSl]_l_ hhnp being g1'g\_u,'»ed to Asst. Smut,u~.us.t_e1' John \VvI1l_. I “It is my opixxlon. merelose. mat the requests to. 1;e_\'1ew the a,sse.ssn1enj must be demcto in view at the mats. sLa.tc<_I_ and :02.“ en nurthcr xenon, that. the no-» tltmmegrs t_ll_(l not t9l,l,o.\v- zmgcxe 13. secs, mm 300. or the tax 1a\v! xvhxpn plf0a(‘l'lb(‘S pagoceure 1.1.909-?3S.i.l.I‘y to \:ev!e\v an assess- u.1en,t\ ' Go.\me11_ members thls \veol_:; haxcl up statemem to man; as to the outcome of, H), 6.P9L1.?l.0?!\ 0! property o.wner_s oz Elec- mc zwenue Lt xvgs expected. ho\vav01.'. that In view 0! me olfy atmrn_:y‘s to port, the nn_l_v course left; (or tnv cnu_u- cu to do would 1). etc deny me pention |_'B|\R,0. (‘.u;_n, .|%.\_li1.‘\I .\,\m. 1)-xxu: On 'I‘h1u:s<lny veenlng, Mnxon 28 193! 9. Pub1_1_c Card Party and Dance M11 be hrltt at 1,110 Pvtkxlau 'I_‘emp1e »\1xcl_1box_‘1,\;n1 118 F1 1; 17tK\\ street i\<:xu'- Mlclngnu a\'emu= umlrr tho l\\1sp!(‘~(‘s of the Pv- thinn 'I_‘emple. Bulktms: Assn, Vuluz_rbl__e Pm m‘- -ma cvhe-1‘ n‘1\lf(‘h I.n(11se xvul be Lvlvo-1 -.1. cmcl prizes zmcl thrae door» -prms will he 'mvm'ec1, C!m11=mm1 Qeu H !- '\- pr-111's:-s :1 mod tame to all \\'1_m m mu puny The prucomls o2_‘ th.s gm. mu b«- .mc1,a 16 um !,3u11:1m..- Fuxxl The patrolmen entered and discover- ed about sev<=nt.§j-1,'1\re persolxs mlltmg m'o\\ncl A xwnmn was‘tenc]ing bar or at Ie.1s.t stood be!_1md_ the bar with .1. gram crmvcl mixing a_ru,o1;cl in the msL.n_ poxttoln of the hall. I Oi—l,r--.- membexw of the C‘cul'! 1'm'1e\v1'g mesa ’-§\)\1!(‘.lt.l(\l\'= mt‘: -\~:~* De ‘my ‘I111: \ I--v K‘? l“'\1.i W ’\ ‘<2 -ma Eu. mrd G ')p1‘-u.;'. Pel.P\ J 1§!ru.-,Cl\ 1 and J_amr-5 F‘. Rabxrks I A‘ S y

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