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The Lackawanna news. (Lackawanna, N.Y.) 19??-1933, March 19, 1931, Image 1

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-‘ “ . ..-, ‘N ‘ _ _v W ,.,_,f74\fQ*.‘( . ‘ _ _. \_ » , - , .48’. . ~«\\:¢-~\v-- anny4«aaa,'.*>,g . ‘~ n ~ - - .; - ' I ‘ v ‘ . “~91 ‘S ‘ n .» 5 3.. ~ ~ ~:. . V ' . ' I . ‘K H . _) -V «.__u,,-. f_..:f3PI3_‘~.u \Qt-xiv \w\\rv_‘~1¢:4:';?-?:q¢m«*'v~wp‘.‘_.,,.!,”,.‘_\vY _’___ -»-m~e««'»~-.~v-v.«é—.~»«~>-.~v\s»«&e-‘,'a-.:<.~x-*r' \»1\\.\_*»‘«'evi'rr.-\~?*’.’(‘“’.|'7 .\sV’ ‘9‘VM‘9*¢.\’ ,'.__._....i.'.-....r.'«-n,9v-,\n>.-v,z,-' w‘- _v'mv-_'n-5,»--v-'..\.-u ,/j\7' TT \..AG\b(_AW'M\\'ALlEiRARY\ V% ‘ %i V] P «W '1‘ LCKAWAN A NEWS W v * L‘, :,‘3-’:5.’‘'‘. ‘'1 ‘.v\‘£*.':'»3;'39:;. ','vw\. .9 Y.'-.' - 5%: ._ :: %;1i\¥<::.E3’£ mllglnl vuqwqéam or TM GR: 2! °I,.‘,:_n¢.I<a.-+ Huang -Eric, 0.9. York l.°e.|al and. 8.2011. at Mhéackawanuw “ for Fqtsher National Figure In ‘Charity, 0:: 5*5th Ann,iversary% La9kawqnI.:A News, Lackqwqnms. N‘ Y‘... ‘zrhum. March“ 19: 1.331 Catholic‘ Charity Goal $473,265 Three Poli.sh~A;mérican Cit%ize'~ns’ A.ssQciation% Endorse Revision alts. Baldwin Hands T Gimmes Gaunt; neat. Wnman. Wm» 9r|q.ni;¢d' tint; 'L‘.2t.I.I;.\¢¥ Diviaiqis. 31;. Yam; Aug, ~C.c.lle,d upon again €92» ! Campaign. Ln C'Ql1|.mi..!!Q,0 ‘hone!-J ed by Memiqner ‘.N9l.I.|!|.I H. 'R.°V-, gnd John \Sullivan as Chair-«. mu. Commission's Charter Changes! uuqukusnap annossamaur 93 MAJOR nacomuau-. vnanous or [MAYOR M.:Al...0N|-.2‘S CHARTER. an» vvnsncm uqmxn axraunao BY eousu sqqnsrlaa or 51351: sacqun AND mum wasps or was <.:u~v—., .S..'l‘l2A,l.3,Y‘ PRQGESSIQN OF ADMIREBS. SUNDAY‘ A.F'-. AND EVENING T0 VIQTQRIA TESTI- zFY T0 WITH WHICH ‘FATHER _ IS EY éFEl»sLQW'1'QW‘N§M§N AND V|.§!T-» FROM was lezxdqzr 01- me Gaunt: Dxv-19101:. $1.» the «.l.v=m.t C!.\:wm¢s «Sc Gommurmx Fwnd campaign mi; area: Is Mrs. R \ 3- lialdwxn. Mt?‘ Balslwin osrganlzeca me gust oc9.unf.d1‘¢Umml.Lt¢? under the Wam- en's. cu\.'ls1'9I.\. tn. the cam.pai8,n. ox 1925‘ Since. mm. 51.1.9 has worked in omér voxe‘. unceev uapaolxles in ‘M5. Dmslsm. aebtzxs,‘ 1}, grow’ mm 1;; ga (mg on» the largest in: the entire ors&It:x%m°;& -CI! wmntem mmng» this. annual am>.¢a.»l- «aw an the. campaign. ma. war are May lit to 1.2521 I The Persome 1.0: mt?» gemtsxl. we 99. have oluarge of the nnzmn A11.!\\!8|. <l=x.m<>_l.'Ic Gmrstxs ¢.N?~m1_>a1z!\ in D\s.t.1'i°t Nu 4.. which conxprtsea. in But: County. i\l.11.1¢'1A¥1.0°:¢1 was by tn.» Rev. §’1't.u.x.c1.s B.a.d1.s5:.ewak.I.. I.l_|_5:!!\88.¢1.‘- 0!. pg-smog N9 -1. Rev. J, 3. nvwleyi gangs-. am zrxamser. Ik1¢h.=-v<.=l 3.. '.M,u.l.I.x>y. lay- c1.wrxx.Aax1.. The» mnamtwc hag. ken waking ms; to make the urugxp Q. 81Ac9e.I!. con-. ridcace has hem °lPN:35.0d mat tn? vxn'1.o.u.n. ta ¢0n<A\1.°P me 999601. V1.11. m,a.|.t. 4 record equaélyf as no that. Mwarwlixnq In me 1934! The gem: in ms 1,931 Geshnllc owmea. (:a,mP%3lI1 1.8. W13-8&5-§8.~ ‘$119. $9]!!! wul be xoymallsr owned 8\I.n.q9¥; ll?-rm 9,.‘-3. The §o,av._.1.. q; Bwalo ls. palsn. o1m.s.1rmI.n 911$ Dllven Oabma. J1- xsheul 91. -the spoclal 9\\bI.k=r1m1.<,>I.I.8 °9I_r.z= xr.I.M9\.s- The ca:\&x.\x>a.Lis,t>\ will close on Sunday. Mawtn QM!-. 1.1.: an all-claw. log pmcwiloxx. lzom amsl evenlnz 01, was Sunday. _. wands 9!; -1099.1 and vlslnkty mo:nd..l -01. Mox “ohm H. liaison, \\'r‘=I.1.t. tn Vlotom Eel!‘ cunuwtoq xvlm Qur May '11.!’ Y“k.W.0W! !.‘:&.I,‘I:.I.!\. ts; mnuv, to WC! mcqem Avast!-_= oi cI.\9..r1ty« W310. that. an! M nlttxetlitn %!l_ll|ve1'3$\.l\.Y 9!: hrla .@.Nl1\Ml0§\ M1. the prl9§Il\9t.>¢l- Handing was in wow than mm A unwary 91‘ conatstem etto ‘Fe.m\9t~ Eater 1.\W.4..=preMl Int! clown £94 900- pl.9 who have go-atteretg mwenlqllg c-,vel_‘ (1!!! eat?!» natxoal K9991 «Quanta 9.3. Bake» mllm mat. this wlamae yon. plates! up by (max présa a;-ootae. Moni. was. 0.: much ‘thins: strictly -Iw obaervanve. itve Emnloalang mung bow. near wkxete «St. Mary‘: Gkmtcn now gum at .l3.'r9qdw&¥ and ?U.|¢-,i¢1‘9°§- ti? ¢.-‘<.nm>.l¢.>tt.*<,1 who :e11.m\.>,\1:s. tmInms,»a_t- me .3.t~.V1n<.>°x1s de- Paul semmar-31., manta Imuuty. ms, was. oxtmnccl 9. meat, March 19. 1016.. at «tun teisat or av. Jot:-9N an; an Jo;I@Pl\'s. 01d‘Qa&h9c.\v\l. §.‘:ank;ll.I3ya%r.c¢t., by me’ No new Va Exam. mom 'h.‘3,!. no? oil me amaze. , Fate ueslmeci. that Nther 1.i.%.|.=.ex~'s. work 931911141 Me 331 Iaackawammgg 1.1.! 911089 days. M was Imam aw, I.-Amesxe-n9 .1‘!-111. M191 Four Gom9X‘_I.: ;A\.Ste:»t.I1.s.orc\1I3I.A-. Wan mm» Bake: was Awaped yxxexo as.‘ asilamxt in the ‘Rev. Either mm: A_\’-.. W eight years. R9 was new to Goxmng, Ewen. met» no mt.-9. malted tt;-., w>k.=\wa.n,I.1.a and waved in maria when mm limes went. to. Nistacetq nus. : ‘ Eu: —lusp.lmu<an «xl-.-roast ‘ ‘ Un_qu.a_1i:t1eq enclutsemem, oi proposeu chswsas an, me. any cmner as recom- menxdea by the Mayrc. Malone Bevlsxon coinizxittec has been vdceql by me 0h.\_1.r,¢:h socxmes. of S9. Bar.bnra'a pamsh. this. any Thaw -menu; cottxpmslng Po.I1.Il.\-. Angprgcgu Omzens‘ speletles 0: the Ijjst 999911.41. am, cm “rd: 9! L-wka.w.a,r.xna_. meeting 11.! me cl.\u.x<.=I.1 rwantly. not as r9Pt€§€I_1mtlve =,w-times 9!, the church hm rather v1!.1¢.!1vi.c,\\.1.3l <,>1.‘Ean1za.maI,\-fr at taxpageu cbve to the least. law.‘- est 01 their comiixunims, gai re§~.>,-. '|.\1.t.i.¢n.\- °|,\.§1.9I.'!!rD8 cot“-3n_ /of; the Mnloxxe chariot wV3s1ox\cor:aIx;1_s;=&9n- 1.!,1.°l\I<!ca xxx. such. recmnmamtion ate the, pro;-<>§n.1s. that. me oxttoe of pa: nee ccanizuasioxiara the oft!» oi um ¢w_n.I!Ii.sIi0t.\9r$. -be a.b.o on the zraumi thew me 01¢! Jm '18. well, CM. 369 «?~.\.ous_ w'l.m9u.t the swvlce 0!; such cor.9m.1s319I.\.s- The i_'oI1sh-.A.u.=erma.xjx Ciuz-avg‘ as.so'cm.- mam 9.199‘ votes: -to favor a. four nu} term Instead o 1a. two. yea: tmn. M ‘xxxayox 0!. the city. p|.u.a. the ngm !se¢k re-elecpxuq on me recoxjq qgadg qu.:;.._ :93, ms r.I,:_s.t, tsmr. yam tn. the OM91 025-. «mm?» of; the <.>!.ty t The pay 1.or.— the mayo: would be. 9I>- Proxlmately 380. a. wax. or a flu $1000 be ry£>ar«._ m, the opmlon. ox. the voters. } Tetxn or Eh}? counwmen. would be tor. mv ow‘-rs at. 11.300 yearly.- Aseessora would be uppczlnted by my oouncfni. (tom. elm seiidce eltglliistty nits. s\.I.wesa!.u.I ca.nd.1.r,ia.I.@s In i's,o;u.1,ai. an-21 .sel,'\\l_Q§ ex:-qmlnnt-14935. qW_i1_1.!yI_ng tor. nppoI.n.t-tnem 01.t:yt- reasuier would be for low\ $98.1.’- term, and the court. clerk tn. n,\_u_1_1.l<,=19!1. ccutc $ be. an. §¢G0I.!JP1.1.-ihod awxxdi- xraphem ’ ’ 9.381%! steps should be a-zkexx for cclloqte ‘£01.! 9; bzsck mes‘ Instvetx t.hI’9.\1,§_lw.\\Q ttl n many ~Inox\ an. cswo-mm mwml In wax: res.- .§-mxve unites Q2!» {Myer or wall. _v~rxsnes P9)? mum ‘to. us: write beau 9!.‘ 0h.arl.— ts; rim hero In, I.»o.okawnnA~ FIQKM In CI.\.@-.9534 ’I7h@lns.q>1.ra,w1oxs winch save I2at-'heI:- lake!‘ ht: Vl1.5lN\ ms, xswlveq N9 vcaur beitoxo b.1.§. vcn.rG.vi.m\t.19n \\'1.\m wW_I.‘uAl‘Ii{- a vlslt. or hoxnage E9 r9139 Plus he vlqited the slu:1I.1.e. ‘Roma Dame ‘.1395 Victor». us huts. Impressed wsm that M had seen mi. Maul at me :s.m'&n.o =\l.>o.ut marvelaus tum: cures. when plxw-‘ H1 in chars? tat. I.»wKt.\w&I\.m Emher set «shew N.-. change ‘me nnmq ox me. church. men. .51. l.'t.a.tr!¢\s’s. $9. No- tsre Dame «es Vtctoxrstsr-111 English. Our Lady‘ (9. Ymory. The 91.u.ms9 was at‘:- wxnpxishea wmx the of, me- H‘t>1.3' 8.64% ' Eo11.ow1ng- is the <>9II;n.rm@¢ tor Dis.- man no 4. !a.%¢XRW!I.\-Mu. Ow: wt! or, V'1.<nol?!.. 13% ‘Reva Helsgn 11- Bakex. V. wsswt. Rev, 1.1. -J Gcrlavh and «Iona Suutvan, oljalmsanz aw. s\r.n.&2xoI.\.v's. Rev. Joseph, Vhlnuo‘ pm<.=r.. 1-198,1. rem _vh.a.l_rmnn; Sh i.l.arh:-.=:a.'.s. Rev-. l?r§n_cl.s <\- .P«1uz1.$'MwSK!- pastas. Isaac Kazxnarets. chaltxm-.n.: Assunlpucy. Rev. 9:. Julius Etxkt-_I,.1.y. pa,§t.<nr-. 1?a,\.I.1. H.esed.\.1.s., chmrxxxun. Ow Satay 9! the Sacred Rev. 89- man Badura. paste.-11. Ohatles Ur|.m.n.v\9- ~',:nt\!.rm-m: ‘St. Mxenael t.h¢ A.xcb.a.n_zel.- Rev’. John Paul, pqin M !_t,<xsm_§k,1. cmlman: St. liwylntlxs. mi. Joseph J Glapmalci. gxwsgqr. Vincmt Drozqoxvskg. »7!\u_1rnmr.x:. §.!a.s<A¢ll,. Y‘. our L363 of 5006! Counsel. and t-acxmmma. St. Gmurlszé. Rev. E-‘E¢.\!,1_<=‘5 -.1. Hm». pastel‘, mmcx, M_onzm._ ch.»n.1.x:m3m. ' These reoommemlimons vnem .301.“ this week to. Mayo: Mnlogg; The Mv. ttemnx; uerlach. M ntxaetvon gees! cc: Fame: litter» in the! netde xauuzuvw over which “mo vemtahla pus- !Xtlw.I- ti. was ably a in. m mmta 91¢‘-§ was In qhaursc. In w.s_s. ably t,~.:I.- sl by member: 9!‘ the .1«I.x<xlw.!';€uc.|. Golomy 91. Du: may at \’1ot9ry Infants. ., Ifetvetuavxng a <>u.s&o.m 1,ustxt.ut= DC! 911 19390‘ box! 0!: tahe 1ItSti,t\.&¥..1<.>!.\ PW.-‘-. Rated an e,m¢¥t.a,ll!m9!'-.t. This ~\\'a.a gwvn at xx!-gm. ' Friend: Mom.’-1.1 lgo» of; V. Hvlund, Marshall‘; Wife McDonald Fights Eur Electric Ave. Paving. Widening team V- H.y|,t\,nc,i... w.Lfs 9!, COW? UNI“.- ug Richard E. a.g1d_ mothex; 91 Lip. !K_:_1_r<;:l,1 Emmezfllpg (I1 §.‘reqomn,_ (3194 gt} her home 94?! 'RA!:l.izo road on M.0nd.¥-Y.- March 9m. st.x.:e had been us but Cw» weekg. ‘I'M me 0! lather 5- ptovldag 2» thrilling: story. splceq W13-Ix toml:-.rl.<.a1.I1.e I.md,cl¢nl-5., an we 91. :3. man who. clevoqeq use \60. 90.0! b<.>¥§. .9 lite which In mm! Vim pqtallela. that at 89- Yincant 919 Paul. The work. has exyandeq wxm eauh. passing year 90. 11.13391: today» In backa- \.V4.|-l.1.l‘!.\ under Father. Balm 31*‘ st M5- .p.m:\.|.. modern mm, dairy. priming; shop- .u.x I,n.(:.n.16.'a. n<>mo.. «Ax 0r9§xamI,e( a trade =?<.~‘~h.‘ool., «it Mmhlal $921001 and the »$‘§-l10(n009 xmiomxl. .-xx,rn,1.0 at our Lady of Victory! csawmns, cilmnx to the pI.'1est'.s kmccthv us: 9!, achievements- M|j:.m.\.' tllslerprtse Nuw Dara. 1,m'mt.ms,1 3- Baldwin; Omxinnsxn. B151? Gwmy Dlvlslom Mn! Oluurmes. Mrs Ijygzmg was om; 9! Lz_u_:‘a;aw§\nna's pioneer I.W.1€|.°!.\*.-.5. mwlns made new home 1.\.e.:r.¢ tor we pan 3! am. was a woxnap 01; may religious and social. aomrmes. nnd was loved by‘ all who |<.n.:ew !.wr- ' Suqmviaor Pu.-Jun. Big Local. Project Before County Board for Badly Headed Public Improvement- Mm Baldm is up a_oti.€9- years vounsx voluntéwj. mvlxlz aa :3 member 0: the boards oi the. Travelers‘ -Am 59- vlety or Inzle titan?- Ass-s1.8\/iuz Mrs. Ealdwla 9:5. Vtc¢-0113.11-. man is Mu. (1¢0rB.¢ D. !m.bs- M%.|_9|.'§ tn the coumy Dlvxslpp, are J.. 391% Answer.-Ix. Mr; Own 3- Atxsspuracr ind. MI‘-~ George \ '-.=1~ 3uI.!a.|.9‘- Mrs mluazn. B. Bowocls. 0! Essertsvxlla. =2-its E E l3‘<.>.w1e1.' ml 31:; -!m.n.es 3- 1-I,vmra- hnn 0! Bz\.I_tfa.1.o. Mn F-d-gar -Ewart; or Wx1llam§x.'J1l.e.,_!4rs‘ Thccxiore J:e\vet.$- ‘oi Bl mug Egac Aurora, Mrs. I. 0. Kan- trmylsz amt NIt,I.- Wtlunm 1.1- Kcnxxoqyg 9f 11\\!1aw»-l.StI.- Imine» lillltlétita ’sI.(:.3xsI.'§!£IT'!-. vtusy, Jggzqtnta ! and Mrs. Willard W. 0Hv.er- 9? Eéu Wis Rob- ert H. Wrsolxs of Eng; Aurora‘ My-5. John 31.101: 0! Sn.yd.er.. Miss Glam Ulbrloln Mrs Frederick Ylebor! M.-1-8 Betty Webb and lV.!.ts- liar-xv \.S'endt_. Jr-. of; !.i.\.l.f.ft.r,1-2. Mr--. The-.In:A.s 8.. \\.'h.ee1er 0! l.3.u£fa1_o and, East g\,\g1'o1,-a‘ gmq Mrs J Roger Ytmng of But- fjllo. ' B. 5.. Bolanws Txlhutv The qduwss of; Betonmsms -.1 Eolmq 913. the great deck. 0!. ram?!‘ l,3.Q|.m‘._ wmcn win. one of. the teatusw. 9! the vwwmns ¢>lebmI.o.n. V1.11 trenx be. Mme!!!- bx em! it 1.: no. wonder um he choie “us. In- vnllty 1.0.!‘ Ni l.If,e-\vorI.=.- 1:16 9 W95: tern New Yer! 1.19). born and brag and 111.1. ms. l_!1.Wt9~.I$ was. ovum‘-'e<1 In this se°v Eton. Must; Lay Mains In South ‘Shore Drive Y-_“\,mem1,_ sselsvlceaz were nan gt 9:30 o'clock Thursday m.orm.ng In ‘Our Lady 9: victory Ba,-111.u;x The funeral 95°‘ cesslun wins lead. by use Ma9,m,bee Indies. AI salemn. Bequzem High Mass: was and by we Rev Herqxzxr, J Gerlach ,a.=;-,1, {ad by I_-‘amen; M_annmg zu.u Father Demp- sey ‘Um 31,81.“ Rev Nelson. H. Baker xvras 1n the snn.c:,\,1m-y T,h_e pnllbexugzrs were Dame! Dales: Jacob Emmerlnng Charles gsztzpagtrxcxg. Janus, llama}-. M1oh.u;1_ 091113011)’ and John Em_x_ne.!lng_. an hie-long Irtenaé‘ 9! Lin: Bxcmnd. Buna! was m Holy clatljaatory Pruspec-t.s for me wmemng agxq paV'1_x_\g at the much gxsousseq extgansxoxx oi Eleo- u‘l_c .n,nv.-uuo from Rxdge road, 1_.aok;n_w3,x_\-. us, to the Sdutlxweabern Boulevnxd. seem, taxaeedlngiv bright ac<.=0T¢.1m:- W 5upar\~1sqr wmxam !_-X M_oDang1q 9! l_.ackgw.4nnn Elana and speqmoanlmxa for L111: G \ highway have bepn sub- I1\H_M3d, to the hngnswy commlltt-a 10* then‘ uppmvnl by County Engmeex: Ciet. Dlchl. The many irmlmtiona mat Father Imker MI: rtolxndetl tend, xnanasesi 59. .'\.l9¢§55$\.1U)' 1.10%’ the valued it W..'¢1,‘W¥'— two -mglllous of uc.xuar..s.. {A ;it\xpt?.I:§i¢I.t1_:i sum thaw Nvrcaonm an txmwixclurtng nuomunem, to the £0\u_1dcsr.'s,,area.1.»!\ess. Half. vs, nxlulon boys 1.!» !«|.’%.lR5'.' half: 'cenIm'y have ~beeI) z1_u,qgd<' '\ useful. ‘qmtamsx lxvea, ,b,v E-“.1~tI1xeI,*'88\S9I\I; inthz: mug. . O npemlon 0! Edward S. -.lJ91u.1son, of No. 1360 B!d.a9 tcml. («he Western New ‘\.'orl: W23-t-¢r comp was 1.r.I_8Y.«r9,0t.¢.=ci. W I.n\.xnedlu‘~.e'ly plan to voxxmruct. xvacer wants In, amt. «Ions Scrum Show Drive batman Ridge toast and Domnce place -tn. sckutlpn $9. necessary wuwr hszdrmxt.-*-, adnaxlavé 4.1!?‘ v'I‘0%e<.=t89I_x.. lnakructlon wefc usual 2.. Mr °°Y!\DE*.lAIvI~ on r@so1.ut.1an, 91. the <>c,I.I:n.m_cvn 'co\v.n'.c.=Il at. last rezu.1..axr mevamng To have evexjy section 01 Min em_1xe my glxoroughly cc.'varec_l_ with gcnpd pres- sure wages‘ mums ‘and propm.” hydraxxt, connections as the hes t.xms‘sible means. or are protection is the mum at Mayo: Malone b.r_xd his ;|_(_\,ITuI115tr&\t,l_011 lfmtu Nissan U(Il\‘.¢|‘5!3J' 0 fGDl.|_lf'§€ .L nuui. be taken um; cog- :‘u_1,g-,r;at,.1ox\ nut, me purczmsxng of much nvrded land to l‘uu\p'<*b€ mm highway beyond the my ox Lacnmnna take ;‘-cum tum. a-s I-nu prepaxesi P18.“ call for u 30 not x,-adwlng ’ Aigyor Malone and Supt¥\,'Lsor 15110011- nq r..~cc-mly gptelxcleq 4 gxyeeblxxg of the iu.;h.\:«) cc-:\unx:te.= an wpxch time Mayer M.n..ne \u~ggd_ pmmp when 0:; ma tour Jn done hulxj m_|é extensxon stressuu, me, not th.1.L u\.s v.hur..ugh!gn‘e \\'0\,x1u greatly, relieve conga-suun of me lwmlly trmeraed Hamburg '1‘-urnmige Count, Engm er GL-L.-ge Dmhl spoke very favor- sbly In behalf of ms project. but am- p:x.z.<.:z.=:. the hen xr. xxoulu make umo t- m;.ma_u- for the d1s_\ smom X Ir;\nc21Ls mgms of the l_-iamburg Rztglvmy Con’ puny mug! the purgmxslng of l.m_s nece- éary l:1_nq -. 1.a..tt;g.e1sts§..£.uv111& mm-. M9. 0! Niagara Uni.v9rI.d.ty- Hg 1!. 9 xx.» Mrs. Sarah Ehrmann to Head Committge fet- Elabqrate Carnival CATHOLIC DAUGHTEBS T9 HQNQR FAT BAKER L.0ca.l Police Aid. Civil Service Bill Qn Sumlax. Mm:cu G=>u,rt.« Migr- Bnlger, No. 1_04_3 of On-Lhollc Duuglx: mtg of. Atnerlca. will I.I.o1.I0I' tlwlr shap- lam. Rt-. Béav M58?» Nelson 1.1- Baker 33» am. !.n1orn_m1. 999. $9 be mm in. th.e.|.,r cmbrooms In the <>o1_t~on. building. lrom 3:00 to 5500 p 1.1;. The tat). has been. armnged to honor Monsignor Baker on this 0<=<.>4.1_s.|0I1. of. his « a.I.m.t.ver.-my In tin? How Pg-qesbhwd. The table will be) 101:1, with as |?¢“\.lU- ml 1.16.10 c,x1ovh,. alvcr sarvae. low s1v¢F cnnsllestoks. end. :3 centerpiece of spying. t1n.\\gex:.s uni ferns M11191] Dempsey. l\/ Bennett. Roscs ovalsc mist MM‘-J_<.>1'1,e Mcnonaln. are _to not, as h_ostc.,sI_:es, qngl tho sewing cam- ‘mince mu consist or Agtgtajdo 13t\n:et,n. ‘Sum Bonnet. Marx Osborne. Mary Reap- Cnrlxemno Hjwden H¢1eu '1.‘1.xnun. z\xmo _Bm.\,'noI‘.'. Mm‘ K,o.\.'M>. inlets timing. Grace Wrtgm. Potts sohlllsns and Claire Reap- Lnckmyanm polxce played u gr_eaL and .x.f!u_e1_um.l part in the succg‘-.sI‘ul prz'p~ .u..u.m of me. Dxsuflct Fullce Lef;Ls17.1- u'n. p.';v.cuug fox moqxfxea own 59:\.- :e to: p-lyzcgmon in me. Buffalo and £_.-Inc. county Lerntary of New York sure Acm-o m ‘the Western Nexv York Po- ‘ica poutarexwe. mo heal police played :, lezmmg part. in (;anf.-exmcs with as- wmblymen guxg ‘senators mat led up O. the xuuoduouon (If the A_rthu: 1. Sxfgrzz Pom’;-. Protection bul Sc-.x-gaunt. ,Ioh_n Onyx’-lay was 1:1 .-ubxmy In 1jeprc;s.ent. uhe W N if. plxce In these :.unh;rem:es Chm. pu\m1_ In m_g1)' my pass.- ngo of the xuxcqsure c-ms \vee;!-c lie éauw m personal cunt-a_<;b w,Lh numerous legis- Luors lo xx-gmnn he gXPI.tll)('d_ me baxx¢£.t§ of the b.H that \\ou1t1 0 me t-L. the tax- p;uc.r~z guumll) 3:! mug than ‘u~'.-=e ponca pmtmmon for mar tgnultgs gum yixmr propai-iy. by ..u,1-.\cVung mg): c.a.<.s Angl emment mug Jugelllgent men to, t,h_e. pnhce Llgeprmmom amje um:-3' knew plu- u~pt.\.n,\ to men mobs Against. the mau- ence of polmcs. ,mc1 sn.vmg them 1:-om removal (rpm office for quiy reason ex- cept, coucmct. unb§cum111g an of xxouhi result trrm the hill ‘Two. {Sig Qmgmizatiom Stu! 0!! I?-.x.l.9!!I.iv9 Elan; for Twoeday Qamival in Mcmnviql Hall in Fall... Council Cooperate», Police Warn local Wage-Earner: Against loan sharks who Yearly Reap over A Million Ilamst t_'nc!ev~ the gjwctlon oi Sarah J. Ehrmxmn. 0! this my. qt. Lament away 911 D11 €>«'.ten<lt.>c1 soxxtlxetn mp. two bl}: local orenntztmons will. conclsiot a two- that carmvnl. in lsiomvrlrsx !I_a|.l cm. Man- doiy and 'I.‘tw6dny, October 5. and. B aw- cordtnz 00 Wm.nv1\'.e plans, subnsittett to the l_..uc)¢_n<wa_nnn_ comnrogx council In In guest tux: use o!,Mem,o1-Lxgl H;x!|_, at {aha last xregnlm caungll xnegtmg. The é>rszm2.1zcst«1ons are the Daughters of Veterans. Teht. No. 2'1. NR1. the I.-.n_d.l.ea oi the 11- Ru Henrle York Owls- Mxs. Jearmto Gerhardt ts pr.'e§l.d.t.m|:« 931:1 Mrs, B. E. Bol.I.crsh,r4n sooimuw of the I.-l.er,1,1'l_ewa, Xork C!§'91,9- The councu nyso gmnted I3 reugst oi the Sj&lfX\0 organxzxxtxans -1013 use 91 Mem- or!al_ Hall for 1_-eheg1;;aL_s (or. the c§nt,eIj- gwxnmexut tlxgt will feature (.119 cgmgval on lzom. nights- I}. has been |z,1cn_cat.:~d by Mcpoxga! may u:.:.1‘:xu tlnpneu tram Hanmu: Iun.p..k'.e u\,rau_-gn me m.mum vi Ele- u:1c aven\1e would ling} speedy x;cI.=¢8s u Bu auq s\1b\Ir39.~.<. north. any! West 2- Buffalo IF EVER AN‘! BUSINESS NEEDED THQROUGH. CL|.*‘-.A'N|NC-. UP. SAYS NEW YORK INVESTIGATOR. ITS MONEY-— LENDING BUSINESS». THOUSANDS OF QORROWERS ‘ AT MERCY OF !-T.0A.N SHARKS- “_ * ’ \3 Chairman George B Abbou 9: me HLgh‘.\.-§ cnmmatce ms appmmed 511- p:-rusus John 0'L€-,u\ I-‘red Robinson ,.. _. mm.~;1' 23> a sub coxxumttee to pres pare -an est.nn.n,te .051 of c Lxpletlng shjs, m'gl\.m§ Loan shg\rl_c__s t,m'ou_ghout me United states are n‘<_>w’ fatgenang («hen bmu; (ug- oo\1n_ts $71911 the plants of more man wl_11gh_ the: have {.u,'mox1, out in sm§1ll_ sums to. wagqz zgarrnm-.5 gum sgulxnx,-1g¢_1> cmpioyees. n¢oo1_-ding to made })ubl1b by w1_lnm_n G. Slxcplgotd of New‘ York and sum; to the l.ao|;.i\va\_xx- 99 police qepqrtmang tomrnrnlng to I»- 9n,l_ wage emjners. the »‘vL~:1p.m ‘.1\.u enables loan sharks to com.-.ct. unust gents; .u;c1 \_1:'.uI‘lOu5 Inter- (st. } A musical program {or the 9c¢.'u.s1an. has been ¥Al.'1.‘ by wiry‘ Connolly. Mnrmxrot Ls=—m9r( Mary Harrell. N.ox‘n.x Mc- \;-‘n.ugh\ ans! Elam. !3es0!EI.\.0- . T119 Iollowmg» mcmbe,rH1qve,bcen an- gpamteq on the aeucgpmpn Oommtttee: [him-y Y Bonner, Anna 0'l}o\,urk.9. Loretta Avery. Realm: I-‘ennto. H.009 Hoalvt i.€.I.9h- .er1ne Bevin. Nora. Dillon. Elcnwt Bram Marmot Q\,x.I1m.. Anna Kt.I.<=h.|r.uI.- MI.-rs’ Mn.I.oI.w._ Catherine Manning. Eva. Doug!!- cm «W. Marv Mulvxlylll Emplnycrs shoulg pubucly rpfqe u. help 71110 mongy lcuqers 133' em- ployers whose. salary or wzlgths sum to b owegl to 1-zmn sh_ark.s Mr Sh,eph.-rd urges. They should unmarly nnnqunco :\ pouoy oi lgnorlgxg ‘hug chums 0! all the so-culled 1‘sn1nry b\‘1ye1,-s \ lI_urrunlI_\g N0! |.\.~gruc(~. MANY AUTOMOBILE LICENSES REVQKED S.\ humlred ,\_x\g1 mnety-nine c--rt.tfz- cams of n_ut,omob:1e regzsmmon and 11- rouse: to dm-e were re-\;alé9<1. er suspend- ed by Charles, A. Hnrtneu. 0£,m\I_nlssjono1_* or motor vgahlslcs. tlurtug the my owegks ended lslnrch 6 01 these gases 301 will require proof or \ respoxxalbilxty lvuture upphcamons for new licenses mil be considered Thgre. El‘ 84 r.vocm.2on.=. aim 295 suspxxsuuxs m Ngw Yo:-k, City gag vnomlty mg! 25 )'9\]Oc.‘lt_i\_0l’\S and 254 s\_1_s—- pcnsaons gn o(,her parts pf the state 'I?I.m.u.$. l.-0“-M 'l‘u|i.ce- Ninety percem of ghe tu_lu1_t. pqpumuon at the ntted States My. s1xo[)1ier§ :um's. luwe been in :5 ‘poslucn where ghey wage unable 1o obtalh credit on 2; business. hula. Al_n1_9§l_: three pnrqent of the wages an gpqlnuoa amt, will, be enmegl tms vanr. he adds. will be o.wI,nz. at my one ume. to. 1:1“: {allows \~:h.o an. !n loun- Nsency OXXWI Mid. W9!‘ 1.01.‘ H1?\ OM50- metn to. Mud their usual. mvruonta lhl‘0_\|8h the lltgtlga wlplggq w|Il,<l_0V§' \I1 l9h.¢I'9 (‘Yer was a business mm 1\(‘.‘d.6d, ৮flg UP-\' ‘?°\.\1'! M“ Slxophmjd, \It us me inoney-lgnding busi- ness\. It ‘gs st,lu very niugn and very cruel |_n nxxmy pans of the wuutry. 'l‘h_.e \v‘<-rat pm. at It is its (ng\\tct\Iu\.<sss.—-I10 ‘matter how mum lntgreat the monty l_an(_ler charges 0 rllqw \m,u_st. he 15‘ his Ylougn 1s_ so mgxxteneq by him chm ha is (arena to _an_bn'ut to —;{ln_\_ost guy de- mand the ‘lender makes. '['mjnI_s N01 Ul_|_Il§!tflal0(_ul. A Man)‘ of the nssemblymcn and sena- lars §11x\\\§:9¢l Serg Onwley for ‘thus en- llghtolllllg ;h_em_ on the Iuems of the bin l'»l.‘,|!|.a! l.‘$|,ll.t..0 l.'A,M‘\.' ANI! D»\N(‘!1 T!-wacsay evemug. Mssrch 19. 193173. vufnllc Pedro Pam! ans! (lance will he held a.:H.he 1.’-vtmun, Temple audltortunx 11! East» Umcn street under the :u1_sp1.<w! 9: the I’-y@h.h.xn, Wmple Bu.1l.d.in.s Assn! Valutable Iurmtuto and ottwn met0h,aI.t.- who will be given as card prizes and mrcc «.09! min. wit! he nwr,wd.9d~ 'l.‘h1I ‘Party In 'op_en mme public tmd. $1.19 mo.- wds mu he applies! to. @119 liutldlng Malpwnaixw Fund. Onrmimm C.¥,00t:sc,~ lit-t1»<.gIr‘aI!\i.!ei ts good Mme to. all who .a._- gag’ . \'1?-he nrst. t,mug to: employers and all the rest oi us go und_c-rs_t_.:,m,;i.\ Mr snug};- he1f(l_ (says. \ls that we have oam¢ 1:) Il tlme ln our count,1:y whmjn borrowing for P°!'80l\ reasons is not diseraoeitll or lxi;l_e<;¢,-nt but 15 a necessity to \vluc.h prlulps. gonna h_vcnt_y million persons 13:- iiol‘t.§\n1lu§glly Lenglmg money to homes jhns come to any. The home get ax-ezm trpm tho ln.m.lhn;n.t, on spam-I!In9n$. system. We've found out that the aver- nze American home has Grertllt nml mm It lm5_ :1 good In 1-lghgt, (.0 ‘use gt. as has any buslnun mun- \*l:lt.t:1a by llctlo personal borrpwlng ls being mam: decent and sound am] 5:319. and every step is taken is being oomrpllm an dlrgatcq by such gxganm ‘= as the Russell Sage Found:-tlon. Today. It is gydmltted, even In the men. conven- tional glrclcs. that the 1ncl1v1¢\1x;gl ln, tho b\1_5!l.1B¥3 of 1'uI.\.nlng 9. family must and should be glue to borrow on occnsloxx. just likje mo mxumgo: 91’ any othxjo bum» KICK. Later. lust saturglny, local police xvurc repre5om_,ed 11) me gxeaegnpioxi mm mm a conlsI'cu_1<;c; w1t_.h Aaemnblyman §\vm'Lz on his 1_‘c,at.urn_ go Buffalo. m we 1mm-e':.,s at pm; mggsum. and gavg 3 final review to the ne wgnensurg ‘that wins schorlujed Lhxs Wm: M A1bx_u_1y 5.?A.N!§H CLUB T0 DANCE‘-1 in the1I_3u,l‘fal_o diétrici there wet,-Va. 25 r¢'~'0cat-Ions, n_n(,l sa suspenglons ‘ Earthen: pl;-t.t.I. W615‘ omnpleted this .weol,K. to; the Bnlmlslxalxmorléon Oltrmxs mxhmx evtwrmhnxmxt and. «lance unstor who zxusnlccp. of mo Iinckawanna tits- ‘mno. Glub Inc. In Memmw Hm). Ridge 3,1.-pan. on suL\.ir¢.la¥., A9!!! 8.5. Imitcavxona are ww wet 9. Vet’! larse cwwd. will to In anetttslzrnoc. 0w,¢¢I's at the \ report. 'l,‘!ck.6h. are betna mm-1,buwd_ n,bo.ut me city. Tupi: hem:-. ‘q\u.\.rters euro 4.50 Rdclge Ram! ' Fqgds dmf§vI_:v(l ‘(rum pm: onwrga-uxnnelxt Awu nPP1¥ to holvlny 593111!!!-American citizens t,o‘fo1,'-m $119!; ufgnntzqgioxx F5RM.. STAMP. 70 BLANK CHECKS FOUND ALLEGED CHE-.CK2PA,SSER NABBIT-1D AS POLICE NIP CLEVER SWINDLE ATTEMPT QUICKLY‘ Royal Nelshbms. 0! AmeI,'§G»1. 1319 Uamv. 4.614.; will hold a Data rsmy and. D-ma in the nmv Armexxtlne 11951. 09!‘. sown ?9e1'.k, amt Bhe Monday.’ evening. Mamlx 23,. man. Ame: Gut- !!n is. cl1ul1'-m.zw.- ' l!0Y'I\.|.: Nijl \'my qloygsr um! prompt wm:I:_ by the Lnoku\vnn;uy poljco ciopmjtnxem. uucuver» am g1:n.gzx1;1g schcme “Lo swmdlq n pa§s_1bIg check issued is aganxpga “nth mg (I_rm_ name. msgl been stolexx cogemelj with Q qu_'nmI_t.y at plank Gheckg. Early Sunda3'~ nmrnlng w1.txh1_n. 4, low- mmutes utter the yeport of thy rabbexy with such men 0: we <l9P1.11,‘~t.m9!U'- as Cmaf Crilson, Serg l?¢l_:¢1- O'Rourke ggd I);-teattve (mtg: wlulgm 1., pgwu, to. '1\umu'e(|_ mprchnxxts and others ow c_.f vgxrxous su_1n;s,of money by cmerully pre< pared, snnnlpeq and je1'gi_t_)rs9(| o!u_ec}_;s., have early this week’ \Not one hoftciwer In ;s_ v_.housnn,zl up- c!ors@nmjs me terms undm winch the mag behsnq t_I1;c wicket lends mm m_one_v one railroad m;gu1_ 311 Chicago pa-151, 31080 H.lW!'8S¢ 0!! 1} '1.0-9,1,1 01 $30: x_L_ man in gov- ¢*r-n,n1ent. s.*x_'v,ico In waslxixxgyuxx borvawc (1 $25 frnxn (1 money ioucyor thirteen Y ago gmq hm; paid $2.50 ‘a munth mm- since A x‘1'\m1 tn. Qeungxa borrowvd Q4 Imd paid $160 mumhlv m; lntewst row 25 gnax\t11s.\ ‘.1 4 BRIGHT PROSPECTS FOR ‘DEMOCRATS 4 T0,. REPEAT PREVIOUS ELECTION TBIUMPHS .A..,S FACTIQNS PREPARE FDR CAMPAIGN “rMnn.\ people think» that the. loan shark l1\Ismo§s 15 controlloq by Jews It Isn't gt, all ’I_'h_e Jews am not in st to any notlcgablo extant At» its w.u-st It has been Q business (or wxgglx. l-.:1rd- yuan men, m,xt.lvc-born Americans mm 011?; nlrnlgl ‘ha 3 agtwr ifptajgnars -or on‘ own nxmvo-bum bx-m,hex:_»s gmq als- rs.‘ xix g!'Vf(n_g his na_m:\. gs Albert; gether with Bethlehem 5:991. Phynv, mi,- menus «mi ms nq¢_l_res.s as South ‘:’.u'k ivenxng, is be,mg'i\e1y by local 1_)u1@c(_# m;«Igc(1 with being the -1nst)>gat,_u_' .1 vow 001199. vh. auspct was under armt. He had been. détedtcci. puuce saw. going about from place; to place prying to lot, uheclgs crushed, and they add, in soinc; Places Md au,¢.=oeec!et.l- Ooopemtzloh between the Emu Oounizy Demoéruvlc orgM\I,zM1on. ans! the backa- wxmnq clw argm1znt1a1\. sl|P{K)K§egI by the strong woman’; Denxoorgytln o1_'g.m- lzntlon o tggms osty, ussuxjes button’ chnnws of éiuccess. both ways, phat Itufpzg \.1004.38 to 1119 c0\|.|1W 01'Ei\.!\'174\J_2io11 by lens son M battor local g=1tppn1't. gum lmttrex-r gmuogsa tor th,o’~Lnoknwi\nnn Duxnoumgm by‘ ronson -or’ tlasisulnne of the (xzunnty Imlera, mum l.ea<lm's dcclmfcd that week, The biggest. Influence In this cp:sp¢_n'n- uvc. movement may be crc_:cut:cd to back- x\\mm1n‘5 new stlpowlsdr. Wwlnm II, N[cDoIm1d, who utter succeeding Fonns av Sup¢*.I,'v1sr/r Fwd Repub- ljunn. to omen, at once boo-Elm? npmvg In in serlca oi coxxtorencea deslgnegl 90 get. th Lnrknxvxmnn cm’ urgnnxzgstloxl and tho l3~r'p cmmty nrgnnlznt-l_cn.<v|met1 up 11; I‘. x-?a..nuy nntl wcmklrxg aide by side for nxumul b¢_u_\_p:lt:s. the meme. wl,\,1,<,=h pong: asgy was ;x w.. 11- axeogttegg (me. of ol_ev:er clesxgn. and al- The only sciluuon for the Ian nshnr}; ell n¢‘(.301'rI1nE to Mr Shephnrd. Ia t.hruu.zl\ calmer-(ca nrpilxp by _6l\'\) proxvlrllxna rs I.‘0E\l1ar1g2<1 substmlte {or the lam; shut): Under pvasont» oonclwom. M1‘ Bhuaphorcl §In2m.s (um. the onmloyor n wnliy tn mumy ‘luntjprg rust, trend, bx‘ cause the ‘ulmmxt \I'll gel] your bean\ is most renjbmu 91' llnxlgccl {success In swmdhug n nwlfmbcgr of peopla 1; the -smmp thrown, -In, is shtmow pool of “ten Sexxmx by we giollce esolcwl. the \A at punvnnnnu of moncv 1,:-ndors. lmld in xvsrghixxqtoxu not mm! ago I ma not see a shlgla Jaw or aprmk with am porspn who seernad (,9 be at rorcign ex; trnctlrm. Tlgoy all lcmhxcl like me u- picnl Amex'-i_c;m,s, to he (Rent! In any Ro- uury club \ lac.-v1 pnuoe h_nd_ not gated gs pxjompgly as (Nev (Lil. nu E01011’! avenue T119)‘ 'x'emav¢_.-d ch: stamp and hoid t_lu_1I-‘ and about seventy Tho N’ fmn svzthln they Bnthhh m 5:011 plmn. p1_*,nne:l local a wk aheckg :_a__n for’ gun-on . bton m we case WIJEII the gletonrlpnb. hondum_'~t.ors that it rohlpery had been xzcnxxnmtvcl In their office and the of- «dd b.‘ polio '.v in‘? clnfesscd. In M'- Lmo tlm c at 141.: 1..l.'gr pan 9: ma cal st-Amp of mo tum by 5.~ each w-.e_k

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