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The Lackawanna news. (Lackawanna, N.Y.) 19??-1933, December 15, 1927, Image 7

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1. ,~ .~~§.~ 5.2:.» cm.‘ x . r.}>‘.‘ ' M L.‘ 21);: W W. wit-V, E E » ‘*;-’u=! ' N 5:; .,.q£‘~,I;;e‘, ;: Ya- pg>x_,'2.;.l;*&—:‘-r.n<:.<.,-.-'a: . '4! gr,‘ 'gA§'-1“lv’?l; ‘M 5 41;. wx. .-.v-,S‘s,-Mos .1”.-»~-.-'.n\ 4:3 '«, \» ‘ .-m:.\~lT-3. r- ; !5 »!'3;?;35*,{\.;‘-\-\13 «. . we ;~ ‘ 2, ;_; \‘«‘-;‘§.“.,..’:.‘s2'v\‘.§?:,'»'.-,‘‘~‘I [, ', ‘/.'l;v‘V..‘-‘.-v'.];\->1‘-\:\ at ;;'»._$‘»;=.*:r.‘.t’_ ‘:.'!;1‘ I :1 ‘.\'\~.v.iz-:«,‘,::.w«'# us mu! m,-. :—‘;;«L -W\! n < ‘. ‘I 's ;» >.'- _:\',,_;,‘‘_u,_.‘: .‘” f§:4 L3’ ‘%L:v.{’.'1; =, :.;:f;'2;«.w:-.'l'zy’I{'~n '5‘ -':’~-«’»'1:d~,'.+>~:}}:*Rx’5 := V.«Ef«;-1?-;' ’\;*.\. .5‘,-,;\-W31.__‘;5'_m é :(!F.\;k‘ .1,» .: .‘«._:‘ M .1 .«.\‘ mu, ;.‘ :. 2’,-: '52‘: -‘ gin‘-.. »§.'\q 517$. ‘,I«..3; Hr-\. ' 52 -1‘- , git}. :13: §~.;.‘:?f:2‘¥ Siifia ri-\-.“’K5‘\l1\7-\ ' ..«:. -'?..:'~ #3 3\? :,I‘.'*.' 3.‘ $3‘ 33*,‘-.‘r,‘.‘3 xi _,,; .. A4; L;\;.;..\ .;‘.,.. 1.! aka‘. ‘ ;;_i '[g.t<;. *¥(*~‘.§ v ‘v“ \.\‘ LA CKAWANI\TA_ TH'U'RSDA:Y, _ DECEMBER 15, _1=9'27 PAGE sxzv USINESS PRFESS I. an UPPES GIDE g; ‘V ' g T . ~:-*.«~:~~:-M--:~~:--:«~:--2-~:-~:--:~~:-:«-:--I-«:-:-«b~:-:--z-:-I-' ' «GEO. N. K.E=NN‘EDY FUNERAL DIRECTOR Finest of ‘Funeril Furnishings-—Mout Reasonable Rates L Phone Abbott 1523» V 914 Abbott'R_oad . w +wm The and Tasty Pimiento ~~ Service Mean Morn Sale: for You. -Mr. Buainou Mal When you begin udvcidd ‘In this PIP“ !ou_ can own road to mote human. Than In no better or cheap: no dlumlor ranching thn buyuu of 1.111! commu = *.\~rw 14*’ J;-“-3)? $2? .4‘ ~z,\. \?i“'w::~’a’;\-\ ' 'x-:‘l35'4%'‘‘‘: »; a? W: ~*»\;5 I} V 4‘, (4%: -V In .- . 4. ' ‘ : ‘;‘»‘{'=\ 1; 34‘ N.“ :,tJ§»§.¢ $1 2? 11%’ A .. * , .- \ .. -,~ ‘X-»'\. é':1~ =':»'(:‘~',v~ $8‘. 1/4.5.. 2‘-»:.r~s I‘{ ‘“ ;;§i»?‘. a7:;:;~¢ We can, Also pravldo Artistic Printing ‘so! every description. § § W\//4.. A /, . 1.. 1~ '- 4. .1 i7\“1‘-32' 5,. r ,r'.' ' ‘9.x\»\ \\‘I’l(2Al.LY Spanish is ill\ E can wnh its red and yellow ~ smpcs. and its lurid ‘picture of a tuucaulur flglning- a bull. Not so exciung is the other can in its more subdued colors. Yet the zareful‘ l\uL1ac\\'ife would do well‘ .to buy the second, What do they qon~ lain? \\'l:y, pimluntus. You dldnlt know pimiqntos used to come only from Spain? And that only with- in the LS! ten or twelve years \ had taken out naturalization papers and become American? Plenty of larmers in Georgia and California know it, for pimicnto growing is inst becoming an important South- ern industry. A garnish for roast has been mentioned, Pinncnto is good whx-:1 mixed with crushed pineapple and spread in a ring around 3 crown roast, for instanizc. Stvips of pi- micnto laid over a lmlzed add it delightful much of color. And cooked with meat, as in hash, or c.-rc;unod meat it is qnexcclled, for the color will add a most inter- esting apptarzmce to an otherwise commonfrlnu: food. Just as the vpimicnto in chicken a la‘ king is one of the important factors in making it a dress-up Qish. so baked hash with pimiemo and green olives in it is any guest whether king or commoner. In the same way the creamed tuna fish which is hastily prepared fog the unexpected guest wiil be dec- orated by the tiny red islands scat- tered through. It is an excc idt-a, to use metal end of a. pastry tube as one wouid a cookie cutter in cutting fancy stars and crescants and \\'hceIs of pimicnto for decor» ation, Mix one soft crc-tun chc-cée with Ulll.‘-fDUl’lh mp chopped pimienlw and spread be-tween Slices of bread. Pimicnto Smfad Eggs: Cut harg! cooked eggs in halves and length- wise, and remove the ycul1.:.=. ‘To these add one-third cup chopped pimientos and 0.1: teaspoon salt. Cream well .!ugc!hC‘r, sohcmng with a little cream if necessary. Re- fill the halves« and wrap e:|:21 one separately in a piece of oglcd payer. Save the filling that is left and use it as a sandwich or 3 salad garnish. Pi \ ! Garnish: To a can of crushed Hawaiian pine- apple add one-fourth of a can of pimientos, chopped Turn into a frying pan containing hot meat drippings. Cook until the pineapple is‘ browned. Serve as a_ garnish with meat or as a separate side dish. Paints, Oils and Glass Radios Electrical Phone, Abbott 157 9 Fixtures and Suppliea BRTON’S 426 scum PARK Ava, nu!-'1-nu.-o, N. Y. VWALL PAPER PAINTING PAPERHANGING lifi AV!’-JRY’S FLORAL CO. I-‘lot-ul Work A Spqcialty Greenhouses——11_'12 Ridge Bond Phone Abbott 1194 Store 1393 South Park Avenue Phone Abbott 1230 Pimientos are simply a variety of pepper which. in the Amcrihjn canriing have Iwcn \ mid hand—pceled. making them unusu- nlly sweet, firm and digestible. This extra care can readily be detected if a can of the domestic pack is compared with a can of the for- eign. .P:‘mie,nto and Green Pepper Smud- wt\c}9: Cut three‘ thin slices of white hread and butter them. Then put them together with chopped pi- miento between the top layer and chopped green peppers between the bottom, making a double dccker sandwich. Slice the crust: of? and out the sandwich into narrow strips or fancy shapes. The red and the green will make a most delightful contrast with the white of the bread and may be used to break the monotony oi an otherwise col- qrleu tea , , \J1 “V vb’: r'~’v ;‘,,:;v: , .;. \‘.’3\<'£‘*\ '9} \7': :u;‘-‘. , ;i-W Both for their and their color are pimicntos used in cook- ing. The salad that looks unin- teresting. the creamed fish that has no particular» color, the roast that wants to dress for company, the sandwich that long: for notoriety, 0-all these the red pimiento. Repair Work of All Kinda FURNACES REPAIRED Acetylene Welding J. A. DUFFY ‘ MACHINE SHOP @1207 So. Park Avm, Lncklwuml Pimimta Hm-ls: Mix together one cup cooked beef run through the coarse meat choppgr, one-half cup diced cooked potatoes. age tabiespoon minced onion, one-half cup chopped pixnienjqs, seasoning to taste, and enough meat hrogh to ‘moisten. Fry slowly in a cyvered alcillét. D _ Piliulo Tani: Make 5‘ thin ‘sauce and‘ add the content: o( I can of mm two tablespoons of diced tip: olive; three small sweet pickle: diccd. and one-fourth cup pimientq-I cut into fancy Ihapu. Cook until the nuce boils. Chan nd__Po'u€mI‘o SpluI'chc:: ‘ \Beau Brunaul” Tn 4» ,¢\~»,n ?. W: , ; The lime vegetable docs llhfi‘ than H!!! I _dcIinb|e appearqncé, {or in mild yet pungent will supply I distinctivc taste ti) any load it qcoompnnics. Its use with nladn and undwichcl II go well known that to Iee_ a new re- cipe in to want to try it. But with meat - that is I littlc ¢!i Pimicnto Dreu-inc: when a pep- py dressing is needed it is pmsible to take ordinaty boile4 dressing on‘ mayonnaise and blend with it 8 tablespoon of pimientos to ha]! I cup of dressing, I half teaspoon of mustard and I dab of red pep- DU’. [I33 D11 F1 .47‘ {-3-- 3;,- I-‘ELL & ZAHORSKY LACKAWANNI. FEED CO. WBCKBRLES‘ M I LK Feed, Grain, Hay. Poultry Suppliu d S h F d 31 Miriam Ave. 993 Ridge Rd.) \' \''° '° Bland:-ll Ldckawanna A-\*’°“ 3372 Phone Abbottzzzz I Box 58, Abbott Rd‘ ilwlmnlnlsmnlmxumtluununuI1uouummmuuuullsnmnnlnrlmml Abbott 3936 ’ 7l€.'77€r'd:‘u5 I .‘?'h In .54: .‘.'I- V I’; PlI0_/VE JEE 74 00 CHLL HNY TIME '5 DRYOR NIGHT ’% :5,‘ X 31;: WECKERLES’ MILK ‘I)e1iven~.d din-('1 Lu Lmkaxx-an~ na Homes every day NOW’ for R:-gL1ln1' Service,’ LEGAL NOTICE Sealed proposals for supplies, As set forth below. will be received by the Board of Common C‘0111lcl1 of the City of Luckawnuna, until eight o'clock (8 6. m.) Saturday Der. 3.1. 1927 and at wmcu mun '-an Droposlls mu be publicly opened and read. :5 -_ 7,“ ). ,2 Tho Unchanglng Final has In last begun to yhl-I nnn was tnkvn on n rnrm s-In-nl whore N:-..xr Bnst to impulses set. In mutton by the promesslve rn.t.hu-ls Rn-In-r orphans are lu,nn..' l-A -..|xl mumc-(I1 century n{An.vr1c:1n renal wumer.-= ‘flu two pxcturcs .111-nvn nwthmls n! :u_:rw~u1ur:~, Tin. sncrvss nf mesa here represent an almost ova-rnigm ru-volutlor In 9'-srhor boy f|rIr'~\' nrnu.v-ml surh Interest among ! In Russian Armenia The one In the lap govorum:-nl n that Lou\ trzxnmrs and Olhvl’ «hows Lhu method of plowing in vogue fur lhousnnrls up-m—d:..r ::.v . ‘nil-Ir-nII'1l:' h xn- 1m n Impurtvd in 1|! .V0M“I. with 01011 Mid 0 W00d,eh 3139:}: The lpwur . an effort to LIHIIMI Ann».»m.n ccunuzniuzuly Hldrpgzndent Bids for supplying pea coal for the (‘ity Hall and Egg coal for ‘.\I:-morial Building. accordilig to plans and specifications on file with City Clerk. No proposal: will be considered un- less nccompquied by a certiiigd check. payable ? t‘:.- City Clerk of the City of Lac! in an amount aqua] to ten pm‘ .‘ (10%) of the sum named in the 5 l proposal, or by a bond conforming to law, such ‘bond to be fifty percent (5051) of the sum named in the proposal. The Common Council reserve the right to reject any and all bids. and wnivc= nli iormalitivs in the interastn of the City. ‘HE Chubbies do not like to fuss) ,; lmpatiently, or jiggle. They like to put their clothing on Wiihaut a naughty wiggle. They never stick -their wee tongues out, But keep them in their places. J, They never sulk and never pout, ' ’Cause that spoils Chubby faces. A Chubby thinks that jiggling ls of the nerves most wasteful,’ And that all sulky wiggling ls ugly and distasteful. V 0'?‘ GI [C01 1! O I O!IIlV_lQ‘QOV 1I.;..;..;.4.4..;..g..;..;..;..g..;..:.4.4..:..g«;,.:..:«:-v:-~;«:«:~~:-~:~»:-v:-~:«~:~~:v-:«:-:«:«:<-:--:v:-w£~.~+-.v'.~we-3\.‘wt‘5\v'.\a'~}-4**I°~3\,<°.\!\!”!*-.-'§'v,~~M~*o~'.“v~.°-M -4°, n~°.‘v' WATCH FOR THE XMAS EDITION OF THE NEWS By order at the Common Council. as set. fo'x-U‘. in Drucuod.ings of meeting held ix‘ and for «\8 (‘My of Lack- \v:\unn on I):.-- 4': 3. 1:113)‘. NICH(§\I.\S .1. IIE(3EY|L't1 I).-r. ‘.32-29 Cnty (‘L-I-I; OUT NEXT WEEK v-ooyyyoqccoca-«coco-ooy_vv‘ovoquvocvvvviy ,-.0oo-v._v,_I.vvv0,v4vvooceIvcogctvvog-tv_o_vv_«,t |..,..,»‘..,..,..,..,.,..,.,..,..,.,.._..,..,.,,..9..‘..,..,.....‘ ...., _._.,..................,.._.......,‘.....‘,.;, .. ,.‘.._.._.., , _ .,.....,..,. ,..,..,..,..,..,..‘..,..,..,..,..,.., ,,..,..,.,.._. ,.,.._..,. .. ,..‘. ,. ,..§ !!M:1i,~',_'._ 5 . 7-v ‘- 13“ \\g:.-iI.s'z«fwE .. ' - ':~ ,;.......:. u;,.',;€;._;.' ., .,..,,~ “W i. 's',;. '7 ,‘.;3-‘lg: «J.';__' ’ ..1V‘—\-1Iv\\—\v-“~\\ v.- ‘_ v ‘.\ ', ~_ ‘ r ~* ,.- \~rsh+..— Hqw§»~;mya..xez “ V1 . V., my. T ,u.-;,. \. .i~. .,-.2»: » way, «.~, ~» . .v Va. .«.._, .‘_;._'u’<\ ;..”' _L_.. .’...a,{'‘ \5’ “ ‘ Kw\ *4“ ‘W\” L . '.‘ 444134.: '. 4 ‘..:}L.’s..A... -~ \-*4-5—--~>-.¢-5-«—a~- ‘>123?-“A »—----.~~L~i.‘‘ ' «-.< M ‘ _ hm “ _ I ,, ‘ Q _ . .‘; ‘~,,.-.‘.4 _a.,,7,..‘ ,_ A , »..,v_ *‘°.~.~s?, A» uttzggz u1'mA1'.n oHIInruLLv EPIIGIINOY Auowonxum nlvlu om! GUAIANTIID Expencnco-—-Alaility-Integrity a; J: FARRELL, succassoa mo F ll & B r' HEATTNG ‘CONTRACTORS Let Us‘ Solve Your Heating Problem I uovmmo rr I-Mom-:0 IUFFALO All. nu; CHARLES HERR. SONS COAL, COKE. SOFT COAL. ICE and BUILDERS SUPPLIES . Office: 1240 So. Park. ‘. Abbott 1942-.‘ Exclusive Agency Devoe .1; Raynold C0,, Inc. Paints, Vnmishes, Dry Colon All ' Bx-ushel lacltawanna Builders’ supply (to. John Verel, Preaident COR. VEREL and SOUTH PARK Phone Abbott 0520 MEGINLEY & KAMBAT Phone, Abbott 0444 Authorized Fcjord Strvico and Pitt: U, S. L. Battery Service Towing and General Repuizlng Ti;-ea, Tubes and Accegsoriep V O . . _ I Notice To Water Consumers All quarterly bills are rendered on the lat days of ‘February, May, August And November and may be paid during the first fifteen days thereafter at either ' LACKAWANNA NATIONAL BANK or THE AMERICAN BANK We Positively Make No‘Collections at Premise: Western New York Water Co. T HOTEL LACKAWANNA New Rates, M$o}..§(.)Pg£d Mu‘. Fireproof City Line Auto Sales FIIITTONI IND UNITID UTITES TIRES AT DEALER‘ PKICIC TIRE CERVICE AND VULCANIZINGNG MTTIRY CHARGING AND REPAIRING Abbott N“ ‘I South Park AVO.

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