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«-——~«5..- ~w-~v’~'‘--—*‘1‘‘~§'~ * ‘ 2\ E I m .._,, W; « J 1;\ \V? .*'.~‘J:\;I- v ',!|1:A‘ -7 , ‘:_:w.',z-‘~,.r,.. _&.1’~\_1a'._‘.‘ A’. PAGE FOUR =I.A_'CAKA>W_7AN,N’A 5 EMBER _v1.5,_ __1 ‘;;i9§?‘.l‘£:s‘~a.~ -«,§.:‘» r§‘«“ ns *5‘ o\f_.\ \» ‘bond «issue to raise money to ~defray ‘teh expense incurred in said improve- ment Moved by McGuire and seconded ‘by Damstettcx‘. resolution be adopted as read. ‘=1: .1‘-E;‘f$4“.;\ '1‘ ‘am - ~ '»V*9.\r.’- >1 i‘;\Y:“ § . $1‘: xi: » - 2 . ufh Roll call. yes, Damstetter. McGuire, A\'e1\\'. Absent. Griffiths. ‘Can-Jed. Resolution No. 3 ISDCEER *’NOTE‘S‘ tee of success. The club has fine quamevvs in Ridge Road and the annual election of m‘1‘icers this‘ month is iutemnsting the nxeilxbezxs. in urdvz‘ to keep up the pg-ogxjess th(*'C1U.b has nlzule since it “as organized. RESOLVED. That the City Trea-j surer of the ‘City of Lackawanna issue 21 w2u'rzmt or ccrtif.iczm- of indebted- «less in the sum of 7l“hi«rtty-’l“\vo thou- ~zmd six huudz-rd txvc-my-nine dollars‘ and fiftc-en_ cents, with interest: at the ratv of five percent. ‘per zumum. until fu‘l1y paid, and that said ('t'!'tifiL\dt\’ 1 be redeemed and paid out of the ; -p1'0Cvuds of the sale of a curtain : ‘bond issue to raise mom-.\' to dv.-t'r21y; the <-.\'pe-nsc incu1'1'ed in auid impruv:--E mu-nt. 3 ‘:_ '_0NAL expansion of trade “_| been ‘under way in some k Ies but :11 general has fgllen ‘hat short of expectatxons, \ é 'onthly review of economic l»ti,ons by the National‘ City \ of New York points out, add- ‘ Hat “-the conclusion ‘of the '1-of fall business still ling much unevenness and nt very de trend.\ at appears to ‘be taking place 1' shift in activity from line: - as the automobile and steel r stries which have enjoyed ‘un-‘ demand in t~he,.past few years‘ lines such as textiles, leather It seems clear that industry and tmde are moving at a somewhat slower pace than a» year ago. but when it is considered that the com- parison is with one of the most‘ active and ‘prosperous periods in our history, the situation need not. cause apprehension. There is still abundant evidence of a high plane of activity in such measures ‘of vol-.‘ ume as check payments, railway tratlic (apart from coal which has been atiected by the strike). and industrial consumption of electrio power. “It has long been recognized that large fluctuations in the ‘general volume of business are mainly due to fluctuations in the volume of construction work, and -that the ac! tivities of clothing and feeding the people go on with much less varia- tion from year to year. It is im- portant therefore to note that the aggregate value of coiistruction pro-3 jects is holding up to levels as ‘high as any herctofure. and that the present conditions of easy‘ money favor a continuance of active building. VVhilc the shift that is,‘ taking place in the character of construction work from of bui_ld—, ings and residences to public works‘; and engineering projects is causing some sutpltfu of labor in the ‘building trades and is effecting some of the 5181591)’ industries, it isncvcrthelcss par-~ mining readjustment to ‘take place. yvithout a general slump in ‘build- 1113. BY ‘HENRY =F‘|NN The soc-cor football season 'ha.ving closed the Hlspano tnzuu having car. ri-ed of! the. ho.n,or as 1&'£1L1Fl'L:‘.|‘h1‘ the championship race or the Niagara Frontier -Int_m.nat‘1ona1 1;-aguu and also in the N01'Ul\V'ULUl.‘u N1-W York Stato- challengo cup (‘ompe-Lilinn can snow rest on the honors they luwe won and prepare to take the field again in «the s-‘m“mg series which opems- on March 18 next year. The sm-on-s they haw made is 21 crmlit to Lzu-hauzuluu and the support the team has 1'uc»e=j\'e\l from the Hhspuno club counposwl of the largest n)(=mb£‘l'shil: Ln Lhu steel city of any sporting club is 3 H‘uzu‘z1u- A; all the gzunes in N'atiuuuz\l, Nu1'(h\\ t1~»T.\‘l‘ll. Pvin1<v1-mu and Te1l“l cups will be I)1a)L‘d in the sprint-r .~';‘1'iu-.~' as \\ «-11 ms. thv league champion- amp the ‘Ells1m1xus must be in cundi. {ion to Inge-t me-11' rl\'ul:.~-.. As the studiunx in Hamburg Tum- pike rmul “Ill be the «sump. of .t,lle g1-(me-st gzum-:~s lu succox‘. 2-wry z1vu~u- lion lrnm now until mp ope-ning “Ill be loolu-d zxlte-r \\lu-re mauag«-.1‘ lliggzins will {mt out his clumlplnns to do battle again to lmstaiu tlm x'u('o1'(l or 2: clean and s\\'P»(-<1! of victories in the full ’.~('lu-dlllu of 1927. \An outstanding feature of present situation is the active spec- ulation that has been going on in the stock market and which during the past three months has carried stock prim average: to new high levels. This accompanies the continuance of unusixal ease in money aim is re- newed expansion of brokers‘ loans to levels higher than ever ‘before. Since_the general volume of busi- neus and pro is not showing commensurate increases, it is evi- dent that cheap money has been a great factor in the market advan- ces. M_0\'ud by l\IcGL1iro and .\‘l‘(‘0lld£.‘(l by .-Xw-ry. ra-..~oIution be adopt;-‘I as ruzul. Rel call. _\'e.~:. -Damstetter, ;'\IvGui1'e Avery. Ab<¢-nt. Griffiths. L‘m*vz=i.-(I. VR2-solution. No. -1 P.I<_.f.\‘()i.V'I~I'l), That the (‘it:.'- 'I‘~r~a- .-Lm-r of the ity of Lack-a\\'an1'1a issue 5.1 w2u'rzmt or C0l‘i‘.ifi('&lt(- of indebted: ness to I.al\iacehia. Guzuiaginno, in the sum of Thirteen ‘hlmdred st-venty‘ .thn--- dolla.1's'zmd t_~hirt_v-six cunts. with inter--st thereon at the rate of five per cent per annum. until fully paid and that said certificate be redeemed ‘and paid out of the proceds of the éale of a certain bond ishlle to raise money to defray the expense incu1\- red in said improvement. Moved by Avery and seconded by M:-Guire. resolution be adopted as read. Roll call. yes. Damstette1'.McGui1'e Avery. Absent. Griffiths. d shoes, which have been more or‘ x in depression without market ‘crease in the ‘sum total of busi-, Lss operations. Purchasing power ‘ he population cpntinucs high as‘ _ axed by gains in sales by mail 2' houses, leading department 1':-.s and chai'n systems thmughout 9: country. Q; Ta.k1‘ng the manufacturing indul-‘ K s as a whole, employment and — } ‘rolls 1nci'ease(l during August , September-. but two somewhat ~ er than a year ago at this time, (1 them: are evidences of labor plus an a number of localities. E. w rl : ’ / . OF GIIMMON VB0l|NG|l \ GFFIBIAI. PBO‘BEElJ|‘NGS surer. be and he hereby is authorized and en1po\ve-red to i~:.~:ue a ce1‘tific2\te nf Ind:-btedness of the City of Lao- kawanna to the Lackuwanna National Bank for such loan. to be dated Octo- but 25th. 1927. and to be payable at the office of the City Treasurer of the (‘ity of Lackawanna on the 2-lth ady of January. 1928. with inten-st thereon at the rate of 5' per cent per annum. and be it further. “The money market has contin- ued easy and rates have given only slight re \ of crop moving and other demands usually effective at this time of year. Four of the re- gional Reserve banks, namely, Chi- cago, Philadelphia, San Francisco» and Minneapolis, reduced their re- discount rates during the month, thus bringing an Reserve rates in line at the 3% per cent level.\- K .1 ,: ‘x Special 1\‘[eL-ting: ‘of the (‘ommon Council held October 24. 1927. Honorable Walter J. Lohr in the chair. Roll call. pljesent. Dumstettev. Mc- ?Guire Avery. Absent. Griffiths. Moved by Damstett-.-r and seconded by Avery. minutes of September 30. 1927. Octobm! 3. 1927, October 10. October 15. October 17, 1927. be dis- pensed with. Caxjried. Moved by McGuire and seconded by Avery, resolution be adopted as rea. Roll call yes, Damstetter. ML-Guire Avery. Absent. Griffiths. rida Slashes Living \' ' Rates in Big Comeback; Carried. Resolution No. 2 Carried. Rs-soltxtiun No. 5 RESOLVED. That ‘thv (‘ity Trea- surur of thv (‘ity of Lz1cka\\'anna is. sue a \varrant: or ccrtificate of in- dubu-dm-ss to Juhn V'm'e-1. in ihe ~'um of Four hundred seventy-three dollars and fifty-nine cvnts. with in- ten-st thereon at the rate of five pt-I‘ cv-nt per zmnum. until fully paid and that said certificate be redeemed and paid out of the p1'oc(-:-ds of the sale of a certain bond issue to raise money to defray the expense in- vurrv-sl in mid inlprwmont. .\Iuv¢-d by Dan1~5t(-ttc-1‘ and second or] by Avery, resolution be adopted as --1-ml. \Proper Food and E.1'61‘(:L9¢\ By ARTHUR A. MCGOVERN ‘ Farmer Phyalcul Director, , Cornell Medical College 1 ,_| Resolution No. 1 RESOLVED. That the City Trea- surer of the City of Laoka\\'anna issue a renewal warrant or certificate» of indebtedness in the sum of two hun- dred eighty-three dollars and fifty- oight c(-nxs, with interest thereon at the rate of fivo percent per annum. fvom the 21st day of Jzxntxary. 1927. until fully paid and that said certifi- cate bo redeemed and paid out of the proccds of the sale of £1 or-rtain RESOLVED That the City of Lac- ka_wannu borrow from the Lackawan- na National Bank the sum of Fifty Thousand Dollars for a. period of ninety days for the maintenance, re- pairs. curre-nt' operations and salar- ies and wages of officers and employ- ees of the city and for the adminis- tration of the property and govern- ment of the city, and the City Trea- r-' rwu9_0:'_'_~G.1f ° An Aid To Healtli ESE average person does not. I drink su water. Recent- iy a national organization, tecogtrizing this fact, started the custom or serving a glass or water every hour to each employee. There are vital reasons why copi- ous water drinking is essential to- one‘s well-being. The most impor- tant of these is that water improves the elimination of waste products.- trom the system. It does this in. several ways. In the first place, (Ilbrtstmaa Qtarhs § Toll call. yes. Dzm1stc-tter McGuire .-\\'ur_\'. Abwnt. (h‘if.fiths. .\I0\'ml by McGuire and seconded by Avery, to adjourn until October 27. 11927. Ca1'1'ic-d. STOP IN THE Lackawanna News Office Adjourned Nicholas A. Hegedus CITY CLERK AND LET us snow YOU V |',_ our: compare New ‘LINE or .' ENGRAVED CARDS Special Meeting of the Common ’ Council held October 27. 1927. H J 1 . Hanoi-abl Vy_aI‘t_e,;;,,-7_..I~m‘w 7* E <\. {‘ iaiu ...wn::;mx'3z‘-n. ‘ H I n__-‘M___‘,_[&§.~;3’_‘T%\;..,’J Chtur. 3 Roll call. present. Damstetter Mc- Guire, Avery. Absent. Griffiths. Moved by McGuire and seconded by Damstetter that the minutes of .SSeptember 30. October 3. Octoher 10 October 15. October 17, October 25. 1927 be dispensed with. Carried. Resolution No. 1 x-o\ \‘ WITH ENVELOPES TO MATCH Prices to Suit Everybody Resolved That the resolution per- taining to the sale of $912.000 Gen- eral Improvement. Bonds of the City of Lackawanna as contained in the resolution just read be adopted. Moved by Avery and seconded by Damstetter. resolution be adopted as read. ' MIAMI. Fln.—'l‘ho moat xnterenlng pews in world: 52 um time In the Vholeulo reduction: In prices 01 ee- lcammodutlonn '01- visitors. The) an ‘the lowest in the history or the state. ‘The pendulum or the beam em or two year: ego has uwuug the other ’w|y. Blushing reduction: have brought llprlcea often not only no one-halt. but ‘sometime; to one-third or one-tourtb of what they were two year: ago A personal canvase 01 hotels. span- _men!. houses. kitchenette: apart.- mente. and private homes In 8: Au‘ gustlne. Uaytona Beach. West. Paxm Hench. Miami and other clues» has proved to this correspondent that the statement: ol the authorities that rates have been lowered and stand ardlzed can be verified by anyone 025 or 030 pet month nna moderate: sized home: at I40 0: 045. In mm) case: you can get rooms and apart- menu at your own oguro. The ma‘ mg hotels at Miami have gusrnmacc rates of O8 to 05 to: single room: nun: bath and O5 to 08 for double rooms and bath. [or the I-Jun’ nnd Bbrlnera r-n'-venuum. it aids the Iunctionlng of the in~ testinal canal by keeping the com tents soft. Secondly, it acts as a diuretic, that is, it increases the elimination through the kidneys. Thirdly, it improves ellndnation; through the sldn—¢he more one- drinko, the more one pei-spires. These are the three methods Na~ ture employs to rid the body of its waste products, and water has. a direct in on each and every one or them. As ‘well as being an aid in elimination of waste products. water also serves to pre- vent diseases like gout. In such conditions the salts of the system become deposited in certain parts of the body. It a person drinks suillcient water. it keeps these salts in solution and thereby wards 01!‘ such a disease. Now it is easy to understand why doctors urge us to drink more water. Where one is already suffering from disorders such as high blood pressure, dia- betes, Brights disease and the like. it is well, above all things, to con- sult a. quali physician. Roll call, yes. Daxmtetter, McGuire Avs-ry. Absent. Griffiths. Carried. ‘-9 reduction: in rate: louows 5 L\ yearn‘ campaign by the Florian 51..-e Hotel Association at which H H Muse. veteran noteiman at Miami is president. and by other homes Mayor E: G seweli at Miami nan sn- nuunced that any hotel which raiser prices above it: announced tube wu iose its license But. the Florida note Keepers; npuriment house owner: an; others are saiidiy buck or the move‘ meat. ‘ In singing its mg come-back Flor ldn is lngraiiauug itself with thr tourist: Thousands are mix the stale rho number of momrir-Is arriving during the piss! ten mm’--I.~ nver the 5! Johns Hive: Bringe Im- vx--~r-Iu-n vlmi oi fhr Lzvvn lImIH\ --- lni H15‘ -CIIYIHPU penuo UV mare limi- l.(:l\ HQ‘! \PIN A 'nII|IIIfIlI'Hl¢‘J -I '1\‘ I3 uulvb N-urvh ni Miulni iam ur- nn.~nu-v- has Ialelv urnwn m [H- ImIu.~mml nullmrn Int-nlhli Mow-d by McGuire and seconded by Dawzstettor to adjourn until Octo- ber 31st, 1927. Carried. Adjournccx Nicholas A. Hegedus CITY (‘LERK In Miami scores at small turmshed apartnnenta urn offered at 030 and $35 per month. anmenmes lees wmcn '\vo years ago would hnve bruughl -2100 m 012.‘: per munm In SI. Au gusllna I saw a nenutlml bed room and sun porch the Inner equipped vlth a kllche-nu-He. the lwn r-nn.mm=n -U 9254 pm ll|nnIl| Hue quulnl -uuhr -..-uw IF HM! v--ms '\ln mm In Ill 3|!) .nnI~h mum ~u --It-n ~«.nH<l Will [USN Sleeplessness, ‘ Neurasthenia, 1 Nervousness, .‘ Neuralgia \ Nervous \\ \?' NDyspepsia, \ ‘ ervous \\\\\\ \ Headache. N5?I'W|'§'E hwl -~--Hm.-(«~ In hhr \‘--nil-c-n~' ex .1 \luI'(’)| n- nh-to-(I ‘l~ In-w -\- J inglin’ Bells 75;; By muuw LE P by ponnhcion. Inn Juuulry SAMRTSIT BREAK!-‘AS'l‘: Stewed mm with heavy cream; cereal with bran, halt axnvk and hat: cream; com or whole vhoat mumns heavily buttered; cof- fee aubumute. LUNCH: Crreamed soup; pudding, stewed mm or gelatln with cream; mu \ and butter and a glass of milk. DIN- NER: -One serving of meat; two vegetables; dark bread and butter; fruit or gelatin with whipped cream. Menu for Adding Weight [THE matron in the, Orphan’ Home told «if \ aim’! iia | Santy Claus! {I just: {nu up my hand and mapped, and shook it, too, I did, becaaq @¢ra it a Santy! And on: time I seen him] Then the matron aid: » _¢:, Thomas, you may speak,” and so I told how, ‘fun any \ mother’: dead, wctogverc fast asleep, wt heard bell: jiugliu’, and then; rights be ‘ DU‘ bedroom windotv, Sanfy wa.r—OId Sanly damn?!’ it snow- Eong wluiskers blowing, and his nose all red, and fa! he was” and oh! Flue bumpy pack he had, with toys-—engw'ne.r and e-ver'thz'ng, you: know, [land drums! Had he lift up his face, and wave at us, and laugh, and call: ’ \A M erry Christmas, time Tom—-A Merry Clmkhuas ?o you 913;‘-9 )Your ability to think clear- ly, remember corFectly, sleep well and to enjoy life de- pends on the condition of your nerves. Don’t neglect them. Nervousness may lead to ill health. Dr. Miles‘ Nervine is a. reliable nerve medicine used suc- cessfully in. net- vous disorders for nearly fifty years. Your money back if the first full size bottle fails to help you. Address all loll:-rs to Mr. Mz.-(iovern. Mo. 41 Emu 42nd St... New York City. (c) A. A. McGovern IIEEIZSEED THE AMERICAN BANK ‘A gcnergus sample‘ for 5c. m stamps. ’VE wrote him ’bqut the Orphans’ H ome; I I lzape he finds the way out hereg I L’: awful far from where home wm; ...- \ I had my mother, gee, last year! Boy, zuon’t we jump and run to hear Letterheads Cards Invitations Folders Statements Circulars Envelopes Billhudn or anything elsa in the print- ing line. come in and see II. Member Federal Reserve System $19-9 1)., Miles Medical Co. \biz; Elkhm 1”\ The jinglin’ bells! And then he’U_ C112}: “.4 M my Christmas, lime Tom- (1 Merry Clm'.s‘tmas to you all!‘ ;GENERAL BUSINESS coNp1T1oNs % Have your Furs remodeled and relined at lowest rates ALL WORK GUARANTEED 497 South Park Ave. Abbott 4618 A b. ' I Th W}! I At ' S th' If you have a vision of what you want. to have or be, work and save now and. you can accomplish it. A bank account is perhaps one of the best aids in reaching out for th'at “SOMETHING” you wish to attain. . We are interested in having your ac- count here.

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