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,..; F 7-;},c\'.» L\I“,‘!5‘*1.‘ :‘:1‘‘7‘.-!h;. \15 .+'.-‘.I 35:! ‘\; W j‘.;i.} {ax ~\; ~. ...-'2 ’ .1-»{_v PAGE 34-WCKAWANNA NE,W§é,\jEHUR$DAf.Y. DECEMBER ,1.» 1:927. \’Prbper Food cm_d E':grm'cise\ 7 B .A‘RT-H HR 4. BIOGOVEKN _ F‘oring:r Physical Dlrertor. 5 camel! Medical ‘college 0 ; Sc-'i7e-nce‘ of “‘S-hoe Read'ing” Reveals Your Foot Cond-iii’on=s =OlocIr's Invitation. fa» In Towering“ Chicago ‘Skyscraper. Wrangling atM‘eal/s ‘Cause of Dyspepsia ‘ ’ \ -0 «EAT in a congenial atmos- I phere is to insure ‘better di- fgestion. «Contention and _ wrangling‘ cause dyspepsia Under such coxxtllbions, one does not relax. and relaxation is the pmtne requ1- site fox? good dinestion Various kinds of menta1“s1uu~s have-:1 xuur-1: 3 ed‘ reflex in on the motor, and secretory functions of the ix» ' testinul tract through the nexrvous system. In other words. the process -0! (ligestion is pm-atlv affected ‘by N Two I-1-uman Feet- . Alike, Says Dr. Scholl. now 1'0 13531.1. FOOT ‘,I‘;R(_)lJ_B_,Ll-Igs ACCORDING '1?!) DB. WM. M. SCIIOBL. FAMOUS I-‘O0’! HYGIERIST: 1—i‘inttened couuten due to longitudinal arch weslmeu. 2-K remit of weak loot. shank oi shoe worn down and out ot gluing, bnast or heel worn down, sol: Iplitting. over-tun conntcu. ,8-'-‘Whit I wank toot and toiatinglnkla doc: to your nape, (1) apreuding 9|’ ‘nppen u_:r,ou«='»alI oi ‘toot. (.3) lug- unlng down of chunk. (3) opreuliljg oi wimp over solo on outside. (0) enlarged and, routing ankle Jdigg. 4-‘-“liunover” Mel: lllil en- lIl[¢d‘lIlI!l_ calnodiby great, than wéthleu. 6.—(1) impnouegl pushing. =(l) canned by netaurlnl Ijid iongltndinnru-on uuylnul. O-cnehod loin will the IIIOI made: that the longitudinal unit In broken down. causing the loot to elongate exerting I torwud pnauliu on the upper nido oi the solo. ‘i—-lhded beauty. iiippon like that an uuotl by In enggented height of heel: IuIItuIIl~ uch walnut, unions and anterior metatarsal u-cit weaknesses are ildieuod. NEW YORK—-From the appearance‘ or the shoes worn by rthounnda whoj pass down as ‘busy titty thoroughntef gt 1: possible to point out detect: in. ‘the unseen feet or their wearers. and pttun to predicate with uuxjprlatug M:-} curacy the nature or thou detach, mm was demonntrngi. reoontly by Dr. Wm. M. Sahel)’ ox Ohicsgo. rumour nuthorlty on the human toot. who recently pointed out to a group of ‘expert! detect: in the tee: otxhe pun-r nu crowds. I ;P [V the state of mind. Nervousness, ex; cltement, apprehension, worry and general disorder may ‘inhibit 'the normal functions or the stomach. intestines -and other digestive or- lgans. Or, on the other hand, they may stimulate them to an excessive degree. It is a well-known not that hyperseidity, diarrhea and colitis (in \! or the large intes- tine) are in by the state of mind. In the light of all this, it is wise to observe the iollowing =pre—- cautions: 1. Lie down and relax for ten or ititteen minutes before A meal. 2. «Do not discuss family or business ta -at the dining table. For con- kvanetion, plensantries about the Hood-and other light topics are set- *est. 3. See to it that the atmosphere in congenial while outing. 5 Cl!JCN.i0.-‘Haw would you like to- work to 1- ,I-«penal symphony of sick: and !ou wnuld have I Do: aunt at such In orcheurauon It you vvm amployncl In Chicago’: towering Fintts :5-\!.lnln§. to omcioucy tor the thousand. -at worlou according to Wnmer Enyl. locum:-y ‘at tho clock unnlnnctma Association of America. \Time conactouuunes 1: an ccnnrmcd hnbtt in the strait: building.“ and Mr. Hlyl. \Here the clue): Iutachqr It not 1 imunxorci. but a mvorod ou- ployeo. “It's usually quite plaza.‘ be vmu. \rho weight o: the body pssslnc‘ through s detective foot and. oncn. through 1 tool which reveal! its wsskness only what: prsssurs ll un-. ynsed upon it. will result In. smor- nnmlss in the shos. ‘uneven wssr. crstchlna 0! the Rumor or ‘both. ‘on sny busy otrsst In this coun- try you can sos hundreds or non.‘ vonasn. and children with toll-ts.Is_ cadence or root roubles: I-omsn. upscxslly with turned heels. omoksd« s-suntan. bent-down shsnls 0! the suns. wrinkled sud crssssdv Vamps. wl snd prorrudlna bunxon yolnts guns crooked sad worn down ussls. ‘The ttoublou not s shoe u-onus.‘ D!!! s dellnlts toot tromls. which in-mnuttmes is due to weakness or or-t Bum: dunno. but more otton so isonsn at ths toot.‘ contlnusd Dr.l be-I “You on ordinarily toll s ‘man with as: root ss tsr ss you con me min walk In thovcrowd. Tn: nun 0! (ho shot as brokmnnd tho, alum: «pansy cut pxfovmod by the dolls“! [noc arch of tho -human toot in not apps:-eat. “A: a ruin the active. high-uterh ptnmuortnouotthu Iorlduoupt. to bun high uchod took. no unv- ugu of the Congo. tor uananeo. show an feet. non nuppoxu tndmduully «united ‘to '.ho toot. Perfect Foot in Ian. zocm! mug! Tint!’ Dong! thus‘. 760 ~.lcx-kc suite the noun iriiuniuon ll :51 enzhcdrll chimes. weighing seven vrns. _-ac-ding’ Ion): every quarter at an ho-ur. is director n( the orchestra. The great gnndintixer dock. master 0! :;ir!y clcomveru tlmopicccs. is the {int u Nuum-eds of will‘ clock: Iizrougglaoiv this building lend their old to tho au:uv.:v:vJ tirum-like erosi- rhymm. Ever! clock is an inviiniolr “xctonnporopntot Ibo pooplo have comparatively‘ porloot too: sad notwchumantooeuoslilo. Du mu much it In not pouibio to to- non t-hp bonalotvtiaoirohuonounnl position by shoes which no music all mm» in utandu-duvon loan.‘ contin- uodnr. action. \when can ankle an: inward and III has mukod pious- .t.ion. you can look to: run-ova boob. cxooted oounun. and wind uypul. when 3 pu-tot tho tooth nnsilivo to pnuun pooplo out Ionliovo thopoin by placing ‘tho night ohniun an Q10 I905 This nuulta ii: the uncut dintibuuon ol tho ‘night. an that partotthoohooouvbichthomool weight lull: will name [mutt won on coming into contqot with Ibo ground.” .. “Chicago itsalt keeps that to can grent chimes. towering/-I00 foe: mow- ground and with pm): that «In D.- hurd for miles. with -me :\ no ex- ceptions. they on the hlahsn chimn In the world. Tlio,xnach_M:‘:nn in: the clock coat $6.000 while -«:2: four bells coat 040.000.\ “Ah, Hero count u wanna um: 01: Idnnced out at weak noun.“ 0:- clalmod DI. Ioholl to an writer on no mound slong rum Annun. “Row how the uppieri at the limo an Iprnc Icrou ch; boll oi the loot. how can think ‘A Ihttaned dawn. Ind how tho. vamp spread: out an solo on tho ouutdo. A water fallen Itch will dawn ma moo. when the tool structure but become mun wookonod, thnuchcgnbu tuwrodtom not- mll -pollvgun by muted plate: or Dlet to Md -Digestion ‘Dust and Dirt Never Fly Here »-V E M . While “Cellar’? Is ‘Being Filled , ,, ZBREAKFAST: stewed unsweet- tanod truit; eggl. poached, soft ‘cooked or scrambled loft without ‘grease: dark bread‘ muted with mutter; cocoa. cixocoiaie or a coffee mubltitute. DINNER: Soup; toast: baked. apple with cream. I fruit pudding. tapioca or gelatin: glass of milk or cocoa or chocolnte. ‘SUP PER: Broiled lean meat. chicken 0; Huh; any two of the tollowin'g.'. ‘spinach. string beans. hakodf ppm‘ ‘to. green 1).‘:-.3. beets, L:xmi,p-.:r, cm rots, squash: dark bxwul rtrmn-<1. Flor dessert. fruit or n gniuun pa! ‘ding; cu11‘<-o substitute. \ The West Indies, a Voyage of Recaptured Adventure Kddrosu all lo\.-rs 111 Mr Mc“‘r-v--:-u. No 41 East 42111] St.. New York Cu]. (D A. A McGovern Telephone Orders Promptly Attended to Phones: Residence, Fillmore 9074 Office. Seneca 7630 Andrew P. Keller & sons Winolonale Fruit: and Produce Comminsion Merchants 29 E, Marl'eI St. Buffalo. N. Y. Andrew P- Keller Andrew J. Kollor, Jr.——FiIl. 7335 George J. Keller--Jeff. 2784 Norman J, Keller Wm. I1. Burke GENERAL CONTRACTOR ot the Williams Oil-O-Mus: Heating Corpnmtlnn. vf slaloomlnzton, IIl.. world’: largest makers cf on human. \The warm tonnage at vessels 1:: ml burning has mcunsed. stnct: l9l3._(x-om 1.300.000 tom Io w.a'oo.ooo xons. ‘ A/owonv Morauwv w and cage of operation ox than dc-»...:0. smp owners are installing on nurnen for um same reasons. The nnvneo at the world Increasingly are burning o1‘.. mat. as our rt.-prcsenmzlvea us home and In many foreign coumnel gis,“ re.-port steadily mcreaatng demand 2.»: on bumen.\ Estimates given on all kinds of building and repaix \Thn acsantnses of fun! 02‘. are Just an prone‘-un‘ced at not as may gr: on llnd. Roma 0.) humor uaers vivrne us About ma donvenllmco. clennnne-.-1 375 South Park Avenue Phone Abbott 0368 (tom Now, Yet): 0!: January 26 ‘and February 29. each xeturnlng um I voynan 01 29 days. Judgmg by the tncrcuamg number of Amencans who year): ‘smut tho West mam. the Spanish Main In mu: as tempting as It was to Columbus.‘ Ponce do ‘Leon. Drake. Coma. Haw-‘ km: and 1 hundred oehufa. Althougu there In no plum now. no «rich .pl- local to sack. no buried nature \ look. there yet remain the Bruins III’ on vulva: loan. the lovely coral‘ tales. cljn chum of troplcu nu. ma, mun: ovtdeneea of I hutonc ‘pun. Inn in the mum of, buried u-ouure‘ out: Y0]I30!_V\)|1ld like -to turprue ‘the world as did mum. Gt:-urge wuo name who lound amid .5 mm: of old Panmna lust year I treasure worth iamoon by manna 0! 3 violet-my de~ beating Izusnrumcut of me own laven- unn. ‘rm: tunes of gold and jewels wna unearthed on the elte or San Jose Church which had been destroyed In 16'11by buccancera under Sir Henry Morgen. Every spot visited on the cruise 01- ten ‘living testimony ot a CODDCCUOD with the Old World. There In cubs. the ‘lovely Island or’ _:he ‘pride or ‘proud Spun; ’.Vnmmc.. the handgun- oeu. In the but old den; rot temoul 'p1ra'r~n. E-mums um mrz:-.a,v nlggmuy or ;'-{vanish Ln-noun Lulu And ugr. .; rmxnc for mu would‘: grnuov anal. C01b:x \I.run.umld at luqnuaqn: Curacao. 3 mm: rm 0! Hanna m sh: Cnnbbenn: Vanezuula. Tums-us: rm-;-. bxtdos: Mm-umque. an mwcoiv Li France: the muck repumtc ct R-1:; Porto Rico. when Golumhug rr-'-11 and whence Ponce dc Leon net :6ru to and the l-‘tlmmaln or Youth: Nate sun. In the Bahnmaa. wgrb no can} formation: and lee.-gardéw:-'. and Bet}- muda. the \1alcg»n2 the most.\ Fug“: make‘: sur roll-call from history.‘ ma I voyage or 1-ccjxpturedaidventuxe. WALTE R P. Ci!’-I RYSL E R'S TRAFFIC TALK$ CITY SHOULD HAVE TRAFFIC ENGINEER Cities can get traffic relief‘ by better use of existing roads. by more intelligent use of signal lights- and by continuous up~to-date in or- m or; the ‘flow of tra as‘ ‘tho vbui: for impfovemems. Such are tclzaeondnsiiczlsd 91’ the_ City Afn fame: in ., nun; W teeonmncndgtions ad- thjs Conic-nae‘: Ire iullqvnng: A Every city of. 25,!!!) and non dould have I traf ! Sitnplicity should ‘be the keynote‘ of .1 tral code. than \stop-go\ signs where tra is light. ' Careful and complete check on use of streets -must be mide-—wher¢‘ and when loads are carried, 3‘ shown by vehicular comm. f Pedestrhatl 13;! major in- . . . I 4 music plat.” ' ‘ at (nub I cu‘: and‘ are in coins‘ otny tor, gbe diipper. _ Two-tlurdar of a given traf street can be used for downtown] ‘tra in the morning and for up- town tra at night. Plain now for a city twice its‘ prc-. sent size and tv:=.F!‘yc. 4 NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS will have the opportunity of presenii-' ing his or ‘her views in favor of or in opposition to the proposed improve- ment. Citizens and Taxpayers residing in the City of Lnckawanna and all p parties interested etc.. will be heard at a public meeting to be held Monday evening December 5, 1927 at eight o’c1ock in the councilx_chamb_ers at which time a full discussion of the needs and benefits of -constructing a new vpcvemdntinfeald Berry sum will be had, and all parties interested '0' 4\. 1 The mayor and members of the common council of the ‘city of Lacks- wannq will be present and the meet- ing will be called promptly at eight ‘o'clock. Timing of signal lights should be planned in detail -by a competent enineer. Shorter signal intervals will speed tra Strccts 5'\n1:\l F1 c‘-.\ssi for different traffnc me. such as e:’xm-cs: boulevards’ for pa_5;c::gc:' cars. Nicholas A. Hegedus. -City Clerk Dec. 1 Caution :ligh¢s are often better NEW 7-Room SEMI-BIJNGMW SEWER, WATER, GAS ENCLOSED PORCH -FULL CBQLAR Lot 402120 Feet ON VEREI. AVENUE I. J. Bl 176.4 South Park Avenue

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