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._A§¢_.M. '~'e‘s':\'r\‘”c'--‘:i ~~ ‘. ,-. ~ .w.«~aV n . MI - :“f‘;- ‘ _,_..,,Vn ¢:I‘5Q)‘.:_Q . , .V.\\?“~,2 .»”+~}-‘-I'xxy.t u_ r ~.\-,;t_‘ 2 » . !i;'5«?~‘~::‘ra»\._\ lbw ... .,_ J‘ ._'v‘ 1 ya » r‘_-.'_ V 1;‘-.a,.~ W >7 1‘ ..Luv.-°.f§f‘,\T P,‘,b~—-3.. ‘_,,,f . \ \ \’]N £QN 71?. \’:i Truck 131151 }‘l‘; ; :‘.‘.Ug],z' E :.:..y(,‘_,‘_ j Tho 0fflcl'alPa]’Ier onus 1 LACKA N NA NEWS lil_fHlffIfIlI(l[II ণîЀflF .1 ‘ A complete com. Morclal Printing ' PIN»! and Bindery I 'connoc¢ed~ E, , :23 UiIHWilliIlfl flll ৭৮fll lllill ৭৮fllllll VOL», 11.—_-5N0. ‘LfA,C:K‘AWA;NNA, ,[iDAYOTOBER 6, 1927 RT 5c—_-$2100 Per Year cmmnv nmvt HERE vma Mm to 22¢ City Fathers O Bids % For Fire Apparatus and Will Award Contract Mon. meracy Test sfor New Voters to Be Held Here? H; 8. Alumni to , ;}/ 1 Big Attendance Marks Lackawanna AC‘-harity Organization Meeting V Present comedy {In Three Nights; AHARENS-FOX TRIPLE COMBXNATION PUMYS AND AERIAL: \‘BUI\rI°}A'I-.0 SPEAKERS BRING ENTHUSIASM AI‘!-D EXPERI- ENCE OF PREVIOUS CAMPKIQNS T0 LOCAL SOCIETY ALI. PLEDGE AID IN PROPOSED DRIVE; TRUCK APPEARS VLGW ON SEALED“PROPOSAl.'&—0l9' TYPE OF WHICH 37 NOW IN ‘USE !N BUFFALO. ‘Provisiolis of ‘lmportllit Amhnéiré men! to ‘State Election; ‘Law to he Curried out this .Montli,\ in Lackuwanni. 21532:: of Nov. 7, 8 and 9 Are: ;: Set for “The Show-Off” by ‘Capable Cast. . Lackawanna common council in regular session Monday‘ night heard arxuments and inspected bids for fire appgratus from a number of com- panies of national reputation. ~ After two ‘hours’ study of proposals on plans and specifications adopted by the city. it appeaerd that the Ahrens-Fox company of Cincinnati offered the best terms with low bid. All proposals were laid on the table .for a wee to permit the council. act- ing as a committee of the whole, to inspect the apparatus of all companies submitting proposals, Me mbers would not commit themselves, but it is known that the merits of the Ahrens-F‘-ox company are fully ap- preciated by the. councilmen. It was disclosed that thirty-seven Ahrens-Fox pieces of apparatus. in- cluding tractor style motor‘ combina- ‘tion aerial pump and chemical ‘tank, troxn 750 gallons -to 1000 gallons per minute pumping capacity. are now in use in the city of Buffalo and that purchase of an additional truck of AhrenssFox is decided there. It was also disclosed that the village of Fre- rdonin is one of several recent pnr. chasers. even though, because of the quality of the truck the bid was not lowest there. The bids were as follows: '1‘he_ Lackawannn High Schooi Election superintendents and 1n.,_.Alun1ni Association has just com- spectors of Lackawanna and vicinity*\“—“~'.““‘ “'““~*‘ \W moduction of are cautioned about close vobser\1[ncev\'Nle Show~0_££\ a mirth provoking of «the New York State law governint ..'i,«_ux»x-xn—cven.v linen comedy dealing Literacy tests as final quwiificgvtion rwzth _the adventures and amusing for new voters intending to parilioi- eituahon in which it seii’-centered pate in the November 8 elections; 101“)! mm. 101}: a parasite on his The law requires‘ that 2111- new’ I ! finds him.-.eif as il result of. voters either vpresenit ‘diplomas ifmii-,]_hI.s Own §E0.tisn1. The Alumni are eating graduation from schoqirsi or ,very fortunate in securing Mr. John ‘eighth or higher grades, or a certi-«‘T_- ‘Stanm- one of the leading theatri- ficate indicating successful pnssiage cal producers in Western New York ,0! the Literacy examinwtion. ,';and who has so‘ successfully directed There is no ra;1'ternaJtive. Eitherl \ Plnys since the inception of -the new vdter must be in posession what orennization; to again lead the of his school diploma or «take thoglocal Alums to another drmnatic The Lackawanna Charity Organiza- tion realizing its responsibility for the care ‘of the poor of the city, called a citizens‘ meeting for last Friday night in the Council chambers. Mr. David C, Avie, secretary of the Buffalo C. 0. S. spoke on the giace and need of the C. 0. S. in the community. Fath- er Carr who had charge of the Cazhcr iic Charities» Drive and Mr. N, Loving, Danforth formerly in charge of the Buffalo Associated Charities -Drive told of their experiences in raising \money for charitable purposes. So encouraging were tB’e;:g ‘talks that all present pledged themselves to assist in a dnvo“ for the local organiza- tion. Mack Fix-e Truck corporation of New York city, combination ‘pumping, engine and aerial truck. $27,000; additional $2000\ four-wheel brakes‘ and extras. The; high point In the meeting wa reached wiien Father Hunt of St, Charles church swke of the religi- ous implication of. charity work. reminding his ;i1‘gdiqqce~that in meet- ing the needu, of man we are serving the ‘Christ Himself and thus win His commendation. Ahrens~Fox of Cincinnati. triple combination machine, 750 gallons per‘ minute. $13,000, ‘900 gallons per min-’ ute. $13.200 and 1000 gallons .per inute, $15,500. American-La France company of Elmira, triple combination 75 foot: z1_e)‘ijil truck and pumping engine. §I5.5oo. - Seazrave Fire truck corporation of Columbus. Ohio, model 1756, four-; wheel brake tractor motor combine.» tiun aerial and pumping enginer, $18.000. .. The council as a committee, of the whole will carry out a rigid investiga-i tion of the respective merits of the product of the various companies. con~ eluding with a public demonstration of the Ahrens-Fox ‘fire truck in -the strets of Lackawanna. next Monday afternoxri. and at a meeting next Mon~ day evening will pass a resolution to purchase that truck which best stands tne rigid test of public inspection and on terms that are the best to the wel- fare of the people of Lackawanna, The Financial Drive will be held November 14 to 22, 1927. test. =i‘t.|’w—mol\ Lackawanna election inspectors The play will run for three nights were advisd on Saturday by Frank November 7. 8, 9 atthe High School P. Graves, commissioner of education Auditorium. Judging from the wealth University of the State of New York of caient pi‘5-seiil, at the seiectioii of that the literacy «test is not imposs- the‘ cast last Monday evening at the ible of passing by the math or woman High School Auditorium, it is a safe oi’ ordinary intelligence and no one i='vw_t§dici’»i'\n that the presentation of need dread the examination as ‘an =1‘?1‘hg'show-off\ will exceed even the ONQM. 101‘ 1\ is 09 i1V9I'88’6 SilIlDH0i'iY- ‘high popular stmulzml already at- ducted in oil probability in the Lao- tained by Alumni plays‘ The local literacy test will he 'co,n~' kafwanua high school about the middle of this month. Dates for the literacy tests in Lacknwanna, as approved by the eieption commissioners are as fol~ Repuhlicans Name Hamburg Ticket old-Iimers contest , I . \\\ Nine agpirants to the office of tax collector in the Town of Hamburg. one of whom is 11 Woman, all seeking the nomination as candidate on the Re- pubiican ticket. was an indication Tuesday that the Republican primary would be the most stubbornly con- tested in years in Hamburg, 3BlSHOP'S CONDITION , FOUND SATISFACTORY Baltimore. Md.. Oct, 6——Bishop -Charles H. Brent of the Western New York Diocese of the Episcopal church was in a “very satlsfactorv condition\ guthorities at the Johns Hopkins hos- pital announced tonight. Mead Favors Tax Reduction for Everybody Blasdell Court to Get Daly Case for Early Trial Monday, Oc 10, 7.30 p. m‘ Wednesday, Optober 12.7.30 pm‘ Friday. October 14, 7.30 p. in. On those occasions all new voters, turned 21 years of age since the last November elections, and intending rto register as nw voters this month I , to participate in the elections, of this’ Dover. England, Oct. 5-——M1's. Mer- November. must appear‘ for the Liter- 7, L: eirz. London typist. abandon- ncy tests and“ show proof of abil,it5'..,,«d 11¢: attempt to swim thg English to nagmthe, test by Ivresenéiaig !¢ll\&1f$p qt 9,;8_0 this mqrnxng when dmloma or be ready to take the exam she“ wa \te1‘i“tn’ile‘s\'dff mm. — This inntion, was her sixth failure. Those involved in the contest for nomination were Miss Leonora C. Bower. prominent business woman of the village of Blasdell, Perry M. Thorn, Walter B. Hammond. H. J. Schultz, N. D. Foote. George C. Momberger. Leon M, Pierce. Edward Stuart and Allen Monroe, Jiondon Typist is Thwarted 1 By Channel For Sixth ‘Tin-no Party leaders of the town of Harm burg. comprised of the villages of ‘Hamburg, Blasdell. Lake View and \Voo&/(aiiwn, saw‘.=.1n, interesting situ. aria . rought about by a woman's hat in the political ring, and admitted that her chances of nomination were mauerially increased by the fact. that four or five of the lending candidates were in a contest so stubborn that they could easily eliminate each other No opposition developed over the nomination of George Abbott. Ham- burg fair commissioner. as u Candi-’ date on the Republican ticket to succeed himself as supervisor. Joseph Lunch remained the only candidate M)\ the n unination as candidate for town clerk. U. 5. ‘Coast ~Gu'ard.C-Mink; for. this District Mus! Answer to Charge of Violating Section of Motor Vehicle Law. WHO IS THIS? Congressman Says Committee Should Consider Leuening Burden. One Repel Won’! Help Much. LAST W51 JAMES (STONEY BARETT Justice of -the Peace Ira Z. Dunmlre of Blesdell, on Tuesday wit; advised from unofficial sources that the case of the people versus Capt. John J. Daly. or the U. S. Coast Guard. charged with violation of one of the sections of the motor vehicle law. was to revert back from the Un States district court to the jurisdic- tion of Ithe Justice of the peace. In a statement recently issued by Congressman Mead, he stated he dill not favor the repeal of the Inheri- tehce Tax ‘at this [time but that!!! the Ways and Means Committee of the House, which will meet shortly. should consider a general reduction of the income taxes panticulonly those in the lower brackets. He is of the belief that the tax burdened must be reduced and particuhrly as they effect the workers and small business men of «the country. But to repeal the Inheritance '!\2tx at this time there by turning over that tax iunction to the States wm not only forestall‘ a. reduction of the Income taxes but will permit of the evasion of the in- heritance Taxes by me establishment of residence of States where there is either no Inheritance Tax at all or where a. very smal-lone exists. Therefore. he believe; a general reduction of the taxes for all the _pople would be the proper thing qt this particular time. PARROT’S SCREAM OI-‘ “I-IELP\ PUT BURGLAR TO ROUT Tho timely screams of a parrot which had been trained to cry “heip!\ yesterday saved Anna Watkins from a burglar. Miss Watkins keeps a room- ing house at 159 South Division St., Buf'alo. She also keeps the parrot. which was given to her two years ago by a friend. Early yesterday she was aroused by the raucous screams of the pnrrot crying “He1p!\ “Help!” She went into the dining room just in time to see a young man running adly out the door dragging the pur- rot and cage behind him. He drop- vpledi parrot and cage in the yard and fee , Capt. Daiy was arrested‘ on statu- troopers under command of Corporal Harry Adkins on Sunday. June 12. last following a motor accident on! arraigned before Justice Dunmire on Monday June 13 on 9. charge of driv- ing an automobile while intoxicated. Troopers at the time charged thnft members of the Duly party gave evi- dnce of having ‘partakeu or one con- tents of a bottle they had observed being passed about. State troopers pressed -the charge: against ‘Omit. -Duly’ and on their re- commendation the olise was sent, to Federal court. ' Terms of Ira 74Dunmire of Bins- dell and H. F. Penman of Hamburg as justices of the peace expire. and both looked for nomination on their past records as candidates to succeed themselves. Curtis Meyn wns after a two year term as peace justice to fill out the term of his father, Lake View Justice of 1926 and a part of 1927, and George Baker sought nom- ination as cxuididnte for justice of ‘the pvnco from the town of Wood~ awn. It Judge R. Hazel officially advises -me Bdasdeil justice sum the case} goes back to the peace office:-‘s couurt Judge Dunmire will set. a date for hearing and advise de-‘fondant and prosecution's witnesses of ‘the fact. Up to late Tuesday afternoon he had receeived nothing but. the un- of report. W.N.Y. Water 80. Spends Halt Million to Guarantee Continued Water ‘rurity Blasdell Road Extension Ready for traffic Soon Progress in the construction of ‘the extension of the pavement in Luke avenue. village of Blasdell. in- dlcntcs completion of road and open- ing of the tho.roughf:u'e to traffic be- fore‘ bad \vcnthor. Mayor John F, |.(Iie\vnrt of Blnsdell announced Tues- ny. He pointed out that this new‘ im- provcmont, a county highway con- necting South Park avonuo and 01'- chard Park mad, about two mi‘~~ 1,’ the cast, opens up .-. :..-w and badly needed traffic an-tery for Blnsdell to the east. , PLANT NEARLY READY Buffalo Genoral ‘Elm-trio's new substation on Bailey ucenue. Buffalo. is approaching completion, The new station will take over pan of the dis- tribution now cared for at the ‘old stations at Babcock and William streets. and at East Ferry and Kl-‘.r st1'e0ts, Ion than we tom denm u-.t on the amarxcun lorcel In the Worm Wm hue been tuned by ouwmobuvo In the United States in ma plll night y¢.n'.‘L. . The total was 137.01? enough to copulate I city the 5120 L)! Aluuny I. Y; Youngstown Umo: Nnxavxne ’;'enn.; Des Mamas 15.. PI. “arm. Tcxns. :5-m Lillie Cu: or sponno rwentyazhn-r thousand wen xauoo lam ,u.-.u qmo me mun ujcreuco steadily ttom year be yen: NEW BASIN FILTER AND PLANT BEING ERECTED AT WOODLAWN. SCORE OF COMMUNITIES A-SSURED FINEST WATER AT LOWEST RATES. FINEST IN COUNTRY FOR ‘SIZE. In addition. the new station ‘wil be equipped to supply -tho gv,-o\\=‘~ * requlrenim~.‘~ of thu northeastel-n< section of the city for no number of years. It has a capacity in present equipment well in excess of existing demands, and has room for addi- tional equlpmont as needed, ’I‘\-:0 3,000-kilowatt «transformers of the most modern type. and weigh- in9' -=omr- 25 ions each have -been un- loaded and placed in position at tho’ new substation. Eventually it will have a capacity for transforming and handling 35.000 kilowatts (about 47.000 llOl‘SCDOWL'1'l of .electric ener- ‘gy- How an exp:-ndlmre -of half 4; mil- 'llon dollars t:\inna|ttte,=t-s to Luckn- lwzutzttt and tturiutmllng rnmmunitlos :1 pure drinking \\ ter systi-tit is ex- [-lalm-ll by President H F Hit)’ of tho \Vt‘.~‘.it'I‘l1 New York \\'nii‘er ccmpnny in vC01llll‘(‘U0l) wl=tlt‘ tlutulls com-;-x'nlx).‘g.‘ [construction of the biz: basin rl‘l‘tt(‘l‘ head house and seutlnieutlzatlon system at! Woodltafwn Pittsburgh Construction company has the major contract. (‘onstl‘uc- tion when completed will have ti ca- pacity of three and a hall‘ million gallons. Through the vast system of intricate machinery will go every ounce of water for drinking pur- poses served by the Western New York Water company to the com- munities of Lztckowannn. Blasdoll, Woodlawn. Ebenezer. Gardenville West Seneca. Chektowztga, Forks, Sloan Dopew, Lancaster. Tonnwanda Kenmore. Eggertsvillo. Snyder Wlllln villa and intermediate territories. questionable purity of drinking water as the must tl1orouHh precau- tion against Llw possibilities of any menace to health of tin» people. is worth the ‘enterprise witli its resul- tant heavy cost. Tliv compzmy. the presidvni: ex- plains. will eletublish zi sanitation plant um-quallc.-d for communitica the size of that served by the W. N. Y, W. C0,, in the country. Construction is being completed un- der the supervision of Gnorgra B. Abbott. supervisor of the '1‘ow.n of Hamburg. , ‘ i .- ~\-.1‘ ’. A mtg? share or the autumn occur! on Iznpropex-ll protected dang» stretches ol pumxc nlghwny Whore old-laulnonea snlets methods Idl- qune In nurse-and-nug days pron useless and even aangt-rout In -thllt _ ‘any: at speed mama VIMBER RAMS CAR orzNL‘—R Tests conductea oy PI-ox. Wm. J Putnam ol the Unlvenlty ox llllnolu for I fence mnnutacturot now rivet! )uaI wlnt strength mu uelgm wlre fenclng should be Installed Io Keep sumo o! my Ipeclned nnturv nxely on the nlghwu nan vu-o_ fencing Mu on An acrobat‘! net when mt In; I opaedlng car Ind hold: the auto- ‘moblle nlely In 0 pouch or sturdy Itael unn ' Whll happen: when I ‘cu mu an .old«-xaalxloneo lencowu shown null- mgr: In -the ‘pwtlnl mo drlvot. 0! course mu clued It the or am Int 0 poll In In) any the ‘cur-owncr CONSULTATIONS AT COMMUNITY HOUSE »,. 41,-“ , 1 .:~ . «p Prenatal Consultations will be held at the Community House, 423 Wilkes-‘ barre Avenue. on Tuesday, October 10 and Wednesday October -11. from 1 to 4 p. in. Dr, Margaret Whiteside will be in attendance assisted ‘by a State Supervising Nurse and Miss Bessie Clendehny of the local Health Department. . All expectant motbgts are invited 'to attend these clinics and take ad- , 'vantuge,of this opportunity to receive instructions regarding the ‘hygiene of pregnancy. The object of these clin. ics is to promote better babies and healthier mothers. undoubtedly would nave also. out nu ,me would hue been and ti tho roodwny nun neon unguarded by wire tenclna into which In could nun pmnged. instead or In-Iklng a wooden cross-but II he did. ‘In mtnou slant the ma omn- way program can: to: un unann- tlon tmayeu 0! 265.000 III! 0! Iowa wire (encln| tn this MI approved method at ‘protecting mun,’ Ipolo along the public hI¢uvIy|.\' Boll- memeo J. B. Kano”; («mu lull- ugor as the cyclone have co. C .wnut¢,i|n. mums. Piles for the foundation of the plant have be-on completed by the Raymond Pile Construction company. of New York city. The Head house of the plant has been completed ‘by the Boehm Bros., Construction company of Bufaflo. Cost of the pile construction was was 517.000. Cost or the main struc- $20.000. Cost of the Head House t-uros will be $175.000. ,»: LOCAL LIBRARIAN AT ‘N. Y. L. A. MEETING 3\.“ ;~ . W, '3' ’ . Miss Jasmine L. Hardloben. Ii- ‘brnrian of the Lnckawannn Public library is at Lake Placid ‘attending the meeting or -the New York Library Association. And the most interesting feature of it all is that the water rate in Lnckawannn is t\vont;y-five cents per thousand feet with pure water or- over guaranteed. against a one do!-. lur rate in Hamburg, \ _ ‘s ’.‘é ; - v: 1&4->_“_.,!t.§ “r::\.9:“; , '.‘ .-‘. ~ ~\. .9“,:¢g\ This, Mr. Huy explains. is glam tic undertaking. but absolute and un- V. «, . j*.’:_*'-'.f'£l=, -4’

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