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The Freeport Baldwin Leader. (Freeport, N.Y.) 1987-current, November 23, 1989, Image 14

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u o. o \ so Os CM Hi ca 2 u > 0 2 1 00 QC Hi Q < ua PUBLIC NOTICE (<K>n>p.g*i 3 ) Gocd*n City. N.Y. (P.O. A c k ii*u . l>V«c*xKY. IISODonorobociffM Itl dcTir of F o b n j^. 1940. X»fNV.SCAOOTO NoaoJ CoirtV n#M2 2lU/T6.T1/a/V> SJPtCME ( X X P t. COUNTY O f NASSAU Lomas & Nottloton Com p ony o f Now YofW, Jnc. W olntiff o o o lm l Chortas Gmort. oTot 0«(«ndani(i} Punuant to a Judgment of tcfedooure ondK*»en)etod)wein csnd d o ted Apttt 26. 1989.1, the undersigned Referee win sen at public ouction on the north trorxt steps of the Nassau County Court House. 262 0(d Country Rood. Mineola, N.Y. on the 21st doy of December. 1989. o t 9:0} a . m . premises on the rsorth side of Leonard Avenue. 40D.17 feel west of Stas Ptoce. b e lr^ o plot 60 feet x 138.90 feet X 50X0 f e ^ x 137.10 feet and known os 19 Leonard Aworxje. Toenof Hempstead. Freeped. N.Y. Approximate orrtount o f Hen S29A16.69 ptiA tnlerest and costs. Premises win be sold subject to provtsbre of fled lu d o e m ^ . index Nurrber 14910/86. Oofed Noverrber 6fft. 1969 Eckwoid C MoNenhofl Referee W flcn U C o M w e l AttomoyCs) for Ptolntff 46SSurvlMHcytwoy. Mtet Up. M.Y. 11796 FI 4846 41 11/16. 11/23. 11/30. 12/7/89 NOTICE TO B D065 1968 BJUOCAO (CCONSTSUCnON V^STSDE A/BIUE OdTFMi FOR T>€ rtC. VUAG£ OF FRESOn NASSAU COUNTY. NEW YOOC Notice Is hereby ghen t>ot the Purchosing Agent o f the tn* corporc4ed V la ^ 'o f Freeport New itortt w fl leoeNe secied psoposcfl for tumbhing o l labor, moterlob end equipment for removol o n d /p i ccnshuctlno o f the cMksoge outfc* at Vtfwtiide Aenue. u n ti 110) A M on Monday. Decerttoer 11.1989 k> the Mdn Cordarenee Room o f the M u n ldpol BuUdlrsg. 46 O c e a n Avenue. Freeport. New Vbrt. 11620. a t which time ond ploce they wfl be opened pubHcty ond rsrod abud. Specifications ond forms pf proposal may be obioined ot the O ffice o f the VlSoge Clerk, h tn b b o l BuUriQ. 46 North Ocean Averve. Freeport. New Vbit. I1S20. from 9:00 A.M. on Monday. November 2 7 .1 9 ^ u n it 4.<X1 P M Friday. Decerrber 8.1989. Doesfhenb n o t be tolcenowdy by prospective bidders upon daposOng $26X0 w fich tuTs wfl be refUrsded to CoislRickors who ajbrrO bids, o n return of the pfoni wttNn fen (1(0 doys cAer tse contioet I t f t been erworded. V the some ore In good cendBon. The Boord reserves the right to reject ony or oO bid proposob received orsd subject to these reservations. shoQ ow o rd the cordioct to the lowest quefBed ond resporebie biddet Bob wNch. b Oie opinion o f the Boord. ore urr* beterced shoi b e refected. bistibnitlTQ tiddeo ogree rtoMo wets*mw tw lr b t i wflhh f o r ^ ftve (45) doys offer ttw dole tot the openfcigttwteof. MtoJ.1«n:b ^jrdxiA ^ Agent Vioge o f Freeport R48441x11/23/89 CetMinarM bssiorce Notice of r>orT>et o f persoru Appeoring os owhen o t c e rtoln unclaim ed property held by Continentol Insuronco Co. 6 Associates 180 Malden la ife Now tbriuNewtbrk The persons Isted bebw appear on me lecor^ of fhe above rar>ed bsuronce c ompony to be entitled to obondoned property In the amount o f $60 or more. These properties ore poyoPle by ui on or before December 31st 1989 to persons esloblbhlna to our sotisfoction. their right to these properfies. On o r before January 10. 196b twse properflas %vfl be turned orer io 8te S l i ^ At such Ikrie fNx company wfl no longer b e loble lor the properties. Pleaie c o n tact the Aborsdorwd Property C o o rAxitor at (212) 4 4 0 ^ 2 1 for further nfermoflon. FRESORIlEADER SlAIEOFfCWVOW FOR REPORT PEOOO EfCNG 12/31/99 FOR YEAR 1965 Abreu. Elpldlo. Belmont Race Trock. Hempsteod. Noeou Couxty. NY 11651: AJoooo. Corolna PO Bee 427. HiCksvOe. Nossou Cowfty. NY 11801: Borokot. Uoslofo. 660 IsBp A«L.k%x N a s K M tfniTSI: Bortald. Donna. 143 Btocksmlth Rood. L ^ ttm m . NcMUL NY 117S6e Beotty. Juanflo. 100 Terroce Averxie Apt. 11^ Itarrpstead. Nosou. H i 116E0: Bennett. Richord. 2 Title Lone. H d o ^ e . N obou . W11801: Bhaett. Rlcordo c / o Prudenllol. 1336 Jericho Tpke. New Hyde Pork. Nossou NY 11080: B 0 (Sne.Edmjrd C.. 18 Roxbury l a . Mossapeoua. Nossou. NY 11766: Bonds. J e fn. 9 HusTlrTsan ^ e . Apt. PH. Hempsteod. Nossou. NY 11660: Edwards, jocguefcie E., 150 W. Cokmbla St.; HempsIsKid. Nossou. NY 11660: . Fbchee. Herman J.. 66 Twin lawns M/%.. HteksvOe. N odou . NY 11801: Genfleo. Jeon M. c /0 M. Peiy. 1061 N. Gate Cowt. UrfOndefe. Nonou. NY 11663: Closer. Reuven. 661 - Fioxsden Drive. N. Woodmere. N o u o u . NY 11681: Goodmon. R a ^ x M V.. 9 Ode Street. Freeport. N o n j . K t 1152ft fighas. Bl. 1826 Casper Ave.. East Meodow. Nassau. NY 11664: bias. Bry«f MchoeL 566 C»dcn Ave.. Udondda Noaou NY 11663: Leavers. H c h . 2601St Sheet. Apt. BIO. Mlr>eolo. Nassau. NY 11601; Umo. M o r k t B.. 9 Bdyvlew Ploce. locust VoOey. Nossou. NY 11660: Matted. Potilck P.. 18 Alwp Street. I M e y Stream. N cbsou . NY 11680: M o ftlnej. A n ^ . 466 Magradla Btvd.. Lortg Beoch. Nossou. NY 11661: McKeotv John. 273 Corfcord Ave.. £. M e o dow. N a a o u N Y 11S64: Moore. Gregory & Mary. 2 i i 17 Kenskfgton Ptoce. G reat Neck, Nossou. NY 11022: Moore. Frank. 90 Perry Street. Hempsteod. N<mou. NY 1)717: Romport Brokeroge Corp.. 329 Hempsteod Turnpike. W. Hempsteod. Nossou. NY 11652: RVerg jo s e A Beknont Race Rock. E1nx>nt. Nossou. NY 11003; Ruthenberg. Motk. 169 E. Bedch Street, lo n g Beach. Nossou. NY 11561: Vlgorto. JuK> A . 96 liberty Aenue.M k ieolaN a n a a NY 11601: Wdater. Evertmo. 711 ScSen Rood. Unlondole. N o u o u . NY 11513; WerdekervChortei L 77 VJbodown Arerue. Vfeley Stream. Nassau. NY 11681: WUDams. Noomon. 164 Murfxj tfon Awe.. Roiaseieft. Nceaoj. NY 11675: Segentz. John. 61 Cieortortd Avenue. Corle Place. N cbsou . NY 11514 aiegB t8U 1 1 /23 NOTICE CF SALE SUPREME COLRT; NASSAU COUNTY. CAROL A MESSERSCHMnt 12 GortMd Ploce. E. Qockowoy. N.Y. PM. vs. RICHARO X GUESF>C. (GEORGIA K GULESPlE. FA wYe. e t d . Defti. Index #17101* 89. Pursuont Io judgm e n t ot toredoeje and sde d o M Octoter 27. 1909.1 wB t e l q t p u b ic cxjctton on the r>orth front steps o l the Ncssou County Courtrouw. 262 O d Country Rood. Mlneolo. N.Y. on December 22. 1989 a t 9:30 am ., premises k /o 696 MSIer Avenue. Freeport. N.Y. Sdd property located on the. westerty side o f M&ler Avenue. 850.00 feet southerfy fmm the corrter form e d by the kitenectlon of ffte toulherV tide of Suffok Sheet o k I the westerty side of M t o Aenue. b e k v o plot 6000 ft. tt. 10000 ft. Sold BJ:st6Ct to terms or>d cor^dlttore o f fle d Judoment e r d terrra o f sde. ROeen V. GLIOO. Qeferaa ECXHAROT a SUTTON. Attys. for PItf. 2020 Grand Avenue. a Leg8t94x 11/23.3a 12/7.14 Supreme C o u t Nassau Courdy. RY. MORTGAGE SBM O *G CORP. vs. l£VI COteCLL. e l d . Ofb. kxiex N a 14BZB/W. Punuonl to Judgment o f foreclosure a sol# d o le d 11/01/99,1 w fl sei o t puble euciSon on Are raorth front s f ^ of Nossou County Courthouse. 262 O ld Ccxxkry Rooa Mrteola NY o n Dea 21.1989 o t 0730 AM . pwm. k /o 16 ■ Longdon Bhd.. R o c k ^ Cenke. H i locked boglnnkig o f o p d Y on e/V side o f S p r i^ St. distant 226.60 ft. i/ty from corner form e d by Intersection of s/ly side of (conenuedonpege 15) CLASSIFIED SERVICE DIRECTORY Concrete t, Electrical Contractor 1 . Housecleamng Locksmith ( Pumps SaUCONCRETE PetioA D rivew a y t, U p rooted Sdewato our Speaany. FreeEstimaiM No Job Too SmaS o r Too Large Spedd AasTdon n Horreewners Se)-(SlB)B2ft4375 kuuted UeflH23O204OOO Driveways R & R BLACKTOP, & Concrete Co. Nse CotBfucaen • PiMnoFidSA Ortvewayt, Complete Une ol Cussam Store Work. Brk;k. Blue Stone. Belgium Block Curbing. SP0pe.Wals.Pa5o« 679-0172 Lic.sH230193CiM Insured All V/erV C u jr^intocd FH£E EsHmolc^ V.'c h j.c Icn3 been knov.n fer neutrons jnd dcpendJbility Electrical J . B . 8 . E le c t r ic a l S e r r lee e In c . Ueetteed deetzlcal eostnetan. Keceeeed Dibtipf. Scnica opcradea. Bonaen sad caetanalone. 785-0646 Hotiaecleejriag a v a ila b le a t re a e o n a b le ra te e . R e lia b le , h o n e s t s t a f f . R e ferences u p o n request 5ie.M d -44B3 Beeper R s a ibcr 834>4919 Insurance Glazing BROADWAY ELECTRIC U c e r o e d Eriimotes t i e o i T ^ Workmanship 546-1717 FREEPORT GLAZING WORKS EatebSehad 1R10 Spadeflets In Store Franu Urrere, TabMope HoeseOizktg . Platd a Auio Qaaa 128 Eaat Uarrfek Road Fraaport, H.Y. 11520 T a l a p h ^ (516) 3 7 8 -1312 Weekdays 7 am - 6 pm S a t 7 am • 4 pm CAft&ONE-OLACKB4 AGENCY • FOR* ALL INSURANCE AUhotOoftns Adrtea 117 W. Sunrise Hwy Freeport, N.Y. ^7&-&OOOA79-162S This space Could be Filled With YOUR Ad CalLToday! 378-3133 MERRICK OtSCOUNT LOCKSMITH Dtsoount LockCantflf 0«ad Bolts $35 InsUOad We Beat Everyone's Price 546-3000 Paint & Decorate Pointing ft Wcilpc9>af1r>g by THEPftOS C o r m e r d d Reddenhd •Custom ktfertcr Painting •Aim ing a Wcfl P r e p o c r ^ •Wenpopar kutoflonona Removafl •Wo8 I r ia n iTBtalod C A a f i? R ^ T O D A Y l M o n .* F it 9 a m ’ 5 p m Plumbing JOHN MARSHALL Uoacaad PiMBbar Cooptata PhmMrtg a RapairSarvloa Fraaport a V k M ty 378-6350 PUMPS Sales ft Service Industrid ft Domestic BeitsftPuBeys Frank D. Curley 76 N. Moln St. Freeport 9-256S Plumbing BESTROOFINO Commarctai. Industnal ft Rasidantial SpadaJizing in Rat Roofs Ca8 u» and solva your rooTng problams. Quafity Workmanship Raasonabia Ralas Fraa Estknalas AO Work Guarantaad CaU 718-23&0497 READ THE LEADER F o r .All T o u r H o u s e h o ld N e e d s . % C h e c k t h e L istin g s i n T h e L e a d e r F irs t • f . . -

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