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The Freeport Baldwin Leader. (Freeport, N.Y.) 1987-current, November 23, 1989, Image 13

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i c Police News ) PUBUC NOTICE b> 0<3 o to ive >€t by i)!t, at in t orfii :be li a If; ;h« : is to iva ler o f ne •r, 30l tet nd >ol or, for 3r. IS- sr- na ar, ve e il in tb U ag « . is. b« to T ' U le 1 I I I I I I Phony InspecUon sUckere An E lm o n t m a n was amstad in Freeport Novem­ ber 10 after he allegedly tried to sell a local man a fraudu­ lent inspection stic k e r for $10. After being tipped <rfT by the prospective custom e r, Freeport police said they observed Rafael Cortorreal, 17, bolding a packet of inspection stickers. When they ran a registration check on the car he was d rivin g , they found i t belonged to another vehide. Officers then impounded the car.and said they found another booklet o f stickers, apparently fraudulent, under the front seat armrest. Mr. Cortonreal was charged with second degree criminal possession o f a forged instru­ ment, a felony. In E d itio n he was issued summonses for unlicensed operation o f a motor vehicle, no re g istra ­ tion, improper plates, and no inspection or insurance. Pedestrian strtick A 63-year-old Freeport man was injured November 10 after being s trudt by a car which had veered onto the sidewalk after colliding with another vehicle on H e n ry Street. According to police, the car struck a village sign post before h ittin g Segundo Paet o f North Grove Avenue. Mr. Paex was tidcen to South Nassau Communities Hospi­ tal by Police D e p a rtm e n t ambulance. As o f la te last week, Mr. Paex was reported by the hoepital to be in satis­ factory condition. Stolen car After running a red light, the operator o f a vehicle involved in a collision w ith another carat the intersection of Hanse and M ille r Avenue November 13 left the scene of the aeddent, police said. The 1963 Buick had been report­ ed stolen earlier in the day. The Buick was being fol­ lowed by a Freeport police ofTicer because i t was being NOVENA TO ST. JUDE Ob. Holy S l Apoole A VUnyr. treat b viitoe wxi ricb in eunejet. scar kiainua of Jesss Qirifi, fubfal btcrccuor of aJJ who invoke yos ipeciil puracu|e » dme of oeed. to yog I have recoorse froa the of cay hesn to i botobiy lo wboo God has fiven Mdi treat power, to cooe to a y attittaace. Kelp ia ray presets tad e r x ^ petitaoB. Ia RSisB, I prooise to stake yoor aarae k n o w sad esase yoo to be bvtked. SL Jade, Prsy for SI aO who Isvoke yoor aid. Aacs. Say 4 0 « r F a m e n .3 Hall .Vtarys. 3 Glortas. Say lot 9 coatecaive days. ?ab- bexioo aarat be pcQBUsoU. Tiaa Novcaa has never been kaow B tofaiL Ihaok you, H.S. SMJtM. Operated at n ig h t w ithout lights. After the collision the officer pursued the car, but the d rive r abandoned the vehicle on a Guy Lombardo Awnue lawn and escaped on foot. No jr\}uries were report ed in the incident, and policx* are investigating. Attempted burglary A man armed with a silver gun attempted to burglarize a Rutland Road home in the early m o rning hours of November U , b u t he fled after being surprised by a fam ily member returning from work. Ihe intruder hod apparently taken phones in the home off the hw k . but it was not determined whether anything was stolen. Police are investigating. North Main arrest Respondii^ to a report of a bu rgla ry in progress at W right’s Auto Body, 256 North Main Street. Freeport police arrested a Freeport man they found hiding under o car inside. Charged with third degree burglary- was Wesley Mason. 27, of N o rth Mam Street. Police said they recovered an AM/FM radio which had been removed from a Toyota Cumry, and two screwdrivers at the scene. Police said Mr. mason also had outstanding w a rrants for p e tit larceny and disorderly conduct. Theft from truck Theft of equipment valued at $6,000 from a truck parked in a drivew a y on Hording Place was reported November 13. According to police, a floor sander, floor wax machine, other sanding machines and carpentry tools were taken. The incident is under investigation. READ THE LEADER AND BE WELL INFORMED Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria i6SSUerrick Rd. ParmltfaBS Ptatter - Choice ol Chkfcen, Veal or Shrimp With Broccoli Or Baked Zlti & Sated. M S y Plxia 5 Take Out Available Weekly Special llon.-Thurs. Frl. - Son. ------------ $ 9 .9 5 $10.95 . k V N o ChoirtUfoi Cheese For Ptzza i Pami^bAa PtaCer _ _______ ___ AlaoVsgetkilsPtni c $5.50 / ^ Made To Your Order iJ ^ e ^ R a a e i a ra lib li Fw jUy Oeeele*: Stzo etny or D tow Pirty » IS peeo4 ULLAGE OF FREEPORT HELP WANTED Monday thru Friday 8:30 am • 4:30 pm Stenographer 3ll Benefitnefit Libera Be Package & Guaranteed Salary Increases Graduation from high school including or supplemented by courses in typing and shorthand. Must take the next available Nassau County CrviJ Service Examination Must Be A Freeport Resident APPLY IN PERSON Office Of The Village a e rk 46 N. Ocean Ave. 9 am •3:45 pm No Telephone Inquiries An Equal Opportunity Empeyar The perfect place for the perfect a ffa ir ' NOTKXOFSAa SUPQe».< COURT . NASSAU CCXJNTT BANCPIUS A10RTC3AGF COCP.. Pl!T v» CUffOCO L. THOMPSON, ot ol. O o tti indos * 9128/99 Punuont to AjOgmont or fOfock»uro and toio dorod Aug 72. 1999.1 w il toil a t DubOc oucttoo on tn * north fronl tto p t or tho N o u o u County eburthouto. 242 O k l Coun'ry Rd , M n o o k i. N V o n Ooc t. 1999 ot lOCX) om. Dfoov K/o 677 IrwHng P i. UniondO o . N Y. Sold proporty d c o tod on iho oastorv tido oF inVig P i . 80.57 ft touthorty from tho louttxrrty and oT o Cufvo h o w ig o focS»Mot 10 ft o n d a longnior 1S13 f t . conrocflng m o ic(d oostody *itio ot kvtng FI wfm tho toulhorV tklo of Mocon PI. boVig o plot 11^17 ft. t 5101 n 1 11^46 n. X 51.01 ft. Sold tublect to torms ond cond.tiora of nod ond form ol ido. SIEPHEN G FROMMEQ. Roforoo BERKMAN. HENOCH. PEURSON. PEOOV & SCAflCElLA. A lty i for P«.. 777 Zockondorf . Gordon Oty. NY a #9294111/2. U/9.11/16.11/23/39 SUPREME COURT; NASSAU COUNTY rho Dimo SovVig) Bcx\k o f N Y. FS8 Pitf. vt. G ra a b ry A f'O 'vS l. Undo A m o ftd i. P#ft». tr>dax #9278/97 Pv«uQnl t o ju d ^ n o n r o f forociOdLra and m I o doted Oecember 6. 1999 and roaofflod O d e r gRar^ted A n e 9. 1989 I wU set o t p u b ic oueben on m o norm front t t ^ of tho N o u ^ C o u n ty C o o tfh o u je . 262 Ofd C o u n try Rood. M ineclo. N.V. on Doc. 19. 1999 at 9:15 AM. prom k/o 59 Ham . Roo«eveft. N.Y. bo#^ on me joum *>de Of Hart* Ave. I80n of Sonng $t. tsotngopW 100 ft 1 40 ft SokJ suO(Oct to term* raid c t f ^ t o r * of fi'od Judgomont ond form * ©f iolo. Nothoniof Swergotd Referee avttn. Qotfor. Dunrio & 0o>yh. A ttyi for rvt. £A3 Pkaso. UniondQle. N.V. FI #954 41 U / 1 6 . T1/23/. U /3 0 12/7/99 1903 as Map No 257. Case No. 1839. more pamcularty bounded and dascnbedaafodowt BEGINNINGata point on the northerty tide ot Leonard Avettua. distant 4 00 17 feat vtestarly from the corner forrned by the >ntar- seetton of the northerty *jde ot Leo­ nard Avenue vnth the wester tv side of Star Ptece and wfttch point of begin­ ning IS also intersected by the d<v- iston line between Lots 257 and 2 56 as shown on the above rnent>or>ed map. RUNNING THENCE North 82 degreea 47 minutes 0 0 seconds West and along the r^oclherfy sdc of Leo­ nard Avenue, 5 0 feet THENCE North 7 degrees 13 minutes 00 seconds EasL 138 90 feet; THENCE South 80 degrees A3 minutes 2 0 seconds East 5 0 0 3 feet to the dmsion litta between Lots 257 and 258 on said map and THENCE RUNNING South 7 degrees 13minutes00secor>dsWesi and along tha division line between said Lots 2 5 7 and 256 on said map. 137.10 feet to the northerly side of Leonard Avertue. at the pomi or piece of BEGINNING. Said premises being kr>ewn as and by siraat address 19 Leonard Avenue. Freeport New York Said premises are sold subtect to any state of facts an accurate survey tTkay show, zentng restrictions and any amertdmants thereto. cm«r>ants restnctions. agreements, reserve- hons arxl easements of record, murticipal departmental vidaticns. ard s u ^ other provisicns as may be set fonh m the complaint and ludg- ment filed m this action Dated Syossat. New York October TO. 1989 Sot Barrocas. Esq REFEREE Philip Irvrin Aaron. P C Attorney for Plaintiff 115 Eileen Way SyosseL New York 11791 (516) 364-4500 (718) 539-3033 Ext 10 FL *837 4* 11 /9 .1 6 . 23.30 g C A U T e - r r ^ L A K E S l O E S f c •! V I JJ>s • tf> -• O u t M. > V - c c ^ A . : e •'••r SUF>REWE COURT: NASSAU COUNTY cm b cnk. N A. PIH. vs. Cicero FfonWn Hoimo. Jr, o/k/o CiCero F Holmes. Jr of ol Deft*. IrvJex # 2328/89 Punuont to judgment of toroeioaxo and sole doted Sept. 29. 1989 I wia )Ol ot pubCc auction on me north front stopi of the Nouou County Courthouse. 262 Old Counliy Rood. Mtneolo. N y on Dec. 19. 1999 o t 1000 A M prom k/o 93 Dedovoise A/e . Roosevelt. N.V. being on the south side of OeBevoke Ave. 795.35 ft. west of Nossou Rood being o plot 50 ft. * 129,72 ft. 15015 « .« 133.62 rt. Sold stbioct to terrra and condaons of fled judgment and terms of sob Eugene G Lamb Referee Rivkn. Rader. D u y w A Boyh. A rv* t v Pirf EAS nmo. UniondcSe. N.Y FI #935 4t 11/16. 11/23/ H / 3 0 12/7/89 SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK COUNTY OF NASSAU index No 21969/88 Steven Brura. As Anorney Plaintiff NOTICE OF SALE -against. C h a rles G .nens «t ai Defandar^ts PursuarM to a judgment of lorecio sure and sale entered here<n on October 19 1989 •. theundersjgreo Ihe Referee m sa>d judgment named will sell at public auction at the N o ^ Front Steps of the County Coun House. 262 Old Country Road. MineoU. NY 11501, County of NASSAU. State of New York, on December 11.198 9 at 1D 15 A M . on that day. the premises directed by said judgment to be tokj and therein described as foflows ALL that certain plot piece or parcel of land, with the bmldirtgs and •mprovernentt thereon erected, s/tu- attt. Vyirtg and being >n the Incorpo­ rated Village of Freeport. Town of Hempstead. County of Nassau ard State of New York, known and desg- nated as Lot Nos 257 and 258. on a certainmapenmled. 'Map of Russell Park. Freeport. Long Island. Preperty of Charles A Siyriood, Freeport. Long Island, surveyed August 1903. bfAJvvnC Snvty.CE.Freeport.Long tsland. comprising 268 Lots \ and filed in the Office of the Oerk of the C<^rttv of Nassau on September 22. REAOTH6LEQALS C 70 t/i a > 2 O < m 2 03 m TO hu <3 oo 'O m r - cn > D m TO SUPREME COURT • COUNTY O f NASSAU The Dime Sovings Bonk Piointiir against Borry Liebman et oi Oofendortts} Pursuont to g Judgment of toredoaxo and sate antorodi heroin ond doted September 19. 1989. l. the ursdotsigned Referee wR sol of pubCc auction o t the rsofth front steps of the Nossou County Court House. 263 Old Country Rood. Mmeolo. N.V. on the 15th doy of Decerrvber. 1999. o f 9:30 A M premises on the north side of Gormtey Avenue 225 feet west of The Intersection of Stevens Street, berg o pfot ICO feet by 50 feet or*3 known os 31 Cetmefy Arenue. Town of Hertxxteoa Rooseveff. N.Y. Approslmote Orr>oun1 of 1<on S1MD91 98 plus Interest and costs Premises wui be sold subject to prowiont of fled judgment, inooi Nunbof 06630/99. Doled Noverrber 16. >969 MuITtMM N'&o. Roforoe CiAen & Dykmon AhomevfO lor ^csnWf 233 Seventh ^ o o t GerdonOY, 11530 a #938 41 n /1 6 .11/23. ;i/3C 12/7/99 SOTCE TO NASSAU COLW v lAjCPAYERS S O - C E IS HEREBY GIVEN tho» se es 'Sts O'O b e in g p r o p o r e d o ' . r c o o School OaWet k a o s lo r m o y « r 1-Wd-1989. a n d iv a ie . Cour^Y. Town o n d spec»af d a tn e t toxes for r-OQT 1909. o n l e ^ property v t u c ’oO ■n - r e Town o f HompsToOd. N o rth •<er--pcyood e n d Oyster B o r a n d the C y o f lo n g BoOCh. Now 'terk Saos : s t i O 'e orso b e in g p r o p o r o o o f u r c o d State a n d C o u H y Tc*es fcy th e y e a r 1989 o n re o l p r o p e r t y s tu s to d w 3 h n P ie terstonol b r v h o f the O i y o f G len C o v e . N Y Unless such t n p o d tares. w i9t n.*erosf era oddhanca fe e t b e p o d on o r before the 1 B th o o v c # O e c * fn b e t 1900 -he ’a* o n th e p r o p e r ty o g c - n i t „ h e n soch to re s ore le v o d w 4 be o d v e rfse d a n d o n the 20 th d o r o' teCr-jory. 1990 mereche*. s o d Any toipoyer interes'ed mo-, send o bnef description of h.i pfOpe'Y To the County Trecssxer and o sto'errenf c# the omovnt o> \xcgxO Y3z. 1 orv- v ^ b e icxv^dod •ohm The corrpioTed ish w« bo open tor eiorrwv3hori. ord coc*os wO be ervofOOie n *he Courity T>eosi.rort Otf-C*. 240 GV3 Country Pood. (oonanuM on peg* 14T

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