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. 1 '— rm^lK^.k IHHta Says (kHiity legislatore Is Bett Gulotta Calls For t R t a Ccnv iSgft Artryt^e [far a short A LEADER fisaaJeseir S» fcdg atj- gatf,u;c!y to sfiaect'dala «c SerecSaes, S t n / D l T m t ' S M i d a t e f e l bb'^rformcd for Nassau Counly Legislature in the 13th L.D., and five other Democratic candidates for the County Legislature, stated I h a t ^ Counly Legislature would clJft the Nassau County taxpayer less than the present Board of Supervisors. The candidates pledged to operate the legislature on a .budget of $740,000, as compared with their claim that the present budget for Uie Board of Supervisors is $ai 0 . 000 , which includes the cost of fringe benefits such as health and retirement insurance, gasoline and depreciation for automobiles ■etc.. Dorfman and the others stated \All of the Democratic can­ didates unanimously reject the luxury budgets being consider^ by thesupervisorsata tirhewhen economy . should be the wat­ chword., \In calling (or severe cuts in what they termed the unnecessary trappings of office the Democrats said, \We think we need a little more shirt sleeve by a counly legislature... In­ terested in where the money was going. It would work best if there was within it an opposition party and a genuine committee System. ‘.‘When my opponent speaks ...it is the opinion of all 15 Republican candidates...- (and) one person. Margiotta, has laid down the law. for all of , the members of his party. They must oppose' the County Legislature, b^ause it might undermine his leadership, because it might cause some Inquiry into the one percent salary kickbacks said to be demanded from town and county employees from their salaries.'* . ' Dorfman added, \1 promise you this. To the extent that I arA- able, I will not give you boss led representation in the county legislature. 1 submit to you Uiat a County Legislature will give you a b e tter government at no grea^r cost of operation than the present Board of Supervisors, and that in the .end a County HEMPSTEAD — Thomas S. Gulotta, Republican-Consevative legislative candidate in the )3th-. District, has urged enactment of - \circuit breaker\ legislation as a means of tax' relief for Nassau homeowners. Citing the local property lax burden as the most ser­ ious problem of homTOwners, he stated, \More than a dozen states have circuit breaker laws on the books to protect families from excessive properly tax burdens.\ Gulotta. whose district covers Freeport, Merrick, North Merrick, Roosevelt and part of Bellmore. added, \It is overdue, in New York ... because many families, especially those living on fixed incomes, such as senior citizens and those where the breadwinner is unemployed, are finding it almost impossible to keep up the taxes on their h o m e s .” . C i r c u i t - b r e a k e r , •programs are designed to go into effect when the projjerty tax bllf ^exceeds a ' legislatively - ENDORSEMENT. Francis Motzaar fU, President o f the Freeport Police Benerolent Association, congratulates Thomas Gulotta on his obtaining the organization's endorsemanL Gulotta Is the Repub­ lican candidate for County Legislature in the Thirteenth D istrict. - ALBERTSON — The Nassau Nyslrora,Dennis Potvin, and Counly Easter Seal Bike-A-Thon, ............... which was reined out last Sun­ day, has been rescheduled for Sunday, October 26, at Eisenhower Park, \Chico\ players. rusvtit, auu their wives, as well as WABj[^’8 George Michaels, and the Guys fromWGBB and W URwillbeon For more, information, and a Glenn kit, call Bike-A-Thon Bobby headquarters, 747-3553. ' s ^ ^ W es Carman [CVgrnTnent—a n d - j \ I l tUu le i . Lbgi^turewm.sav&.you-moaey- pomp and iceremony anyway.\ M 6® ® long way toward giving Freeport belter established percentage household income. ♦ ^ ............ .. , - \ He explained that while the (ConUnued from Page n .at the gala affair. relief-is for-proporty-taxes owed^ active racer and son Wt^lpy iit Goy. Carey T o Speak local jurisdictions, In most of the as well, has won many awards. Govonior Hugn uarey jviji oe « ^ ------- states where it Is in effect the Carman and his wife Joan are guest speaker at the Press Later that evening Dorfman. at representation, and it will state government finances and the parents of three sons. Wesley Association's Dinner. Honored the Soulhwtet Civic Association, prevent the kind of massive r ip - . adm inisters ' the program III,2lyearsold; Douglas. 18 : and- along with Carman, and active ----- 1 ......... _ jer Gulotta also pointed out that Ae Scott. 13. members of other Nassau Counly advantages of such systems are Wes Carm an is the third communities, will be those State that ^ e y do not InteiTupl the flow generation in hts family to live in legislators who voted against a of property tax funds to local. Ihe s'ame Freepbrt Kbuse; hexl •jurisdictions, 'd o not interfere door to the original site of Radio which would have extended to with local prooertv assessment “Station WGBB, which was .non-newspaper, shopping guide ” ” * • • • • ■ -—« ----------------- publications -the “■privilege, en- spoke of the need for a bi-partisan watchdog of the county budget. off that ha.s taken place und one party Republican rule.” Buckya 1 W. SunriM Hwy Freeport joyed by the legitimate press,' of not paying sales tax on . their printing costs. This action preserved the integrity' and position of the State's free press practices and provide\~reiieJ to fuuudtxl by his utide.\'^ residents *of all jurisdictions- Tickets forIhe Nassau Counly irrespective of the community’s Press Association dinner a re $25 capacity to afford such relief, each and can be obtained by itself. ' . calling Judy, FR 8-2170; THE Gulotta also voiced support for . LEADER, 378-3133; or the legtslalion being sponsored by Charhber of'Commerce office,' while saving New York Slate State- Sen. Norman Levy of' FR '8-7402.' Dinner, unlimited taxpayers at least $10,000,000 a M errick that would exclude; liquor and dancing will be offered year. ^ Social Security benefits' from the! . • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • isseistT S I mm Mfiomy OF the south shore a ; exemptions, - f . m b h i * - * \Senior citizens have been particularly- hard-hiti by the problems of - inflation and recession,'.' Gulotta said. ^ ■ DRIVE^AREFULLY 3 c S s s g ! a S ^ a i d ; e a a m l : A b s . o n s a n n J - 35d^dccs a e e a s s s fcSsft' 5a-or COLONIAL XOIFFEURS -UA West Metrick Rd. Freeport ANNOUilCES T - X ^ A - N ^ n J ^ R V I C E r WE WILL BE OPEN EVERY MONDAY - ALSO - VgolcHiJlnlenn^club^ -Gb eck OutX )ur l/lfine & Cheese Petty B/ety SunJey Night Lookii^g for a differentjdnd of fun night? Try this • • . 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