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The leader. (Freeport, N.Y.) 1941-1987, February 13, 1975, Image 9

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Those £vil Spirits Trends In PhotographY By Ani/j, of Humi rdVloE^ttian-ever_ before _ in-^the 'On/ Vigtiotti, n ilian PhoioijrjpKm^s, B;ild'wm. weddings are thought of occasions, early celebrants couple-toibe- especially vulnerable evil spirits Ihought'ofas __ hovering about. Much of the present-even in 'todayis ___ traced-back to4bis ' . . • • bride’s veil \^ s notTonly^a*-*—= l_of maideniy-'chastlty -and vience (to be veiled meanl and then hidden from the ----- other m e n ),' blitj, w a s .'.a_^ o f. baffling , the\ demops;^ a legend that the similarity __ her' at* ts, and the groom and his, another means of - — ■ “ old shoes— tied on to the car can be traced :back to superstition that evil are frightened away by belief that evil spirits were . ed to live below the ground or air above led to many lions that have lingered with _ The bride over . the. threshhold-to her protection from them, carpeted where she walks - path is streVn with flowers. Jewish , “ chuppa,” or with the ever greens or flowers—offers sanctuary from hovering history- of the photography industry, ’photographers, are dealing with an 'exlrem e l:/ .Sophisticated and .educated' clientele. Bridal photography has- finally come into the limelight as one. of the most _impbrtant aspects of a wedding day. - Pbotographic^coverage..of a . ..wedding-has become more than a ■aocOmentary of events. I t is now, by ■ demand, a ' subtle c n lle c t io f r ^ f ^ . Brides are very; ayare—of-nvhat— quality is»of creativeness and, more than ever,.of value._lhis_lr_qnd is reflected, in a photographer's .work — and his need tojjecome.a creative- ■ individual just-as-eaGh^bridal couple ' is individual, no’ two being/thdsame.' The trend is in the expressive and sentimental capturing of the bride and ;.giuvmi-iij-il«»: inuuds they pur- ^ - tray on this day. We call them “ Love Portraits,\ They-depicl how th e . ..bride and groom feel toward one another, how they reflect those feelings and are presented in a very ..simple-and dignified planner. , The abilily of the photographer to, ,iS.how this emotion properly reserved to a sn^ i l group. Rriries are now shopping, nof for—a-com- __ documentary pholographerTI. Nosegays and Bouquets .::r\ - but for an arlist-.who2c;an-crcaRvely- . capture those moments and Jhey. . . —place a high value on these qualities! After-all-is said and done, when the ==i=.band-has4mished-playing, the guests.; have gone home and“lhe flowerSv- - wilted, the only.things left are those cherished memories captured b y photography.^Make the best of it ... it’s really very’im p o r t a n t . ------- - Today, flowers rare a’ $l.f)| bil- - lion indu.str-y.=:-with wedding.s ac* countihg“ for about $25u . million 'of _ ihat -sum, But—the--early byda l! Ixiuquet was.-eomposed of garlic. | ■rrehives, rosemary, bay_l^ves-and .other strong herbs—a potent and ;^ungent combinati.on—designed to - They're Still Gettirtg Married Despite the energy\ crisisythe 'inflation crunch, unemployment,_ income taxes which- now tavor, singles over the married when a wife - works, and the changing life styles of recent years, people are getting married. ___ _ Tlre~marriage ^ market is Big Business in the United States — $8 billion worth-in-1972. Of that,-46 __ billioh was in retail sales for rings, wedding dresses, trousseaus, household furnishings, wedding presenls-aiid such,_and $2 billion for services connected with the wed­ ding, reception and honeymoon, - Wheh' reading published accounts of marriages in blue jeans, and hearing of other non-lraditional aspects of the wedding ceremonies, one might think that the forma) wedding has been on the. wane. Not' -so! .In _ 1971. .eight out of ten marriages were formal ~ six percent more than in 1967. In -1973 the percentage was higher still. . l-’lowers are the most, variable and— LZZZftexiblc; of the—wedding-^losls, depending on’the%season,'\he'parl-pf— the country, Ihe .quaniily, the' con- lainers and Ihe dexterity and talent _of the florist. Florists are experiencing changes in taste in the market of the wedding industry. Field flowers and informal .. greenery and plants in thdir natural - stales “ have “ become popular. Enormous flowing bridal bouquets—remember the .th ir­ ties—arc on the decline. But the creative, capable Horist will work wonders, carefully coordinating the— colors of the flowers - o f- all the members oMhe bridal parly and a f the reception. e It’s SpeciaL. Wedding Receptions Bridal Parties SRPwers-Banquets Brides Groom | Accomodations! -Social Rates Free-Extras OF HEMPSTEAD Clinton St. Hempstead 486-4100 >A Elegance In Fashion by appointmern custom alterations anefre - styling For \ Bridal Parties Distinctive Occasions 2 ie SUNRISE HIGHWAY- ROCKVILLE CENTRE- RO 6-2010 BALDWIN MALIBU Specially Priced ' Wedding Package Plan — An Affair To Remember Cari Hoppl's . liStV'^ Hoppl's of Malibu - K & i S 100 W. Sunrise Hwy. LidoBlud, Baldwin 4234597 223-7200 I . ones A re Our Business\^ • Dignity ■ • Elegance. Let us presen/e yoyrs—^ Baldwin- 0498 ' BA 3-1 We Are Invited to the Best Weddings 378-1968 by appointment PHii.JP STONE CATERERS ' BROADCAST PLAZA,-MERRICKiJiY. 11566 623^622 - t - ________ :

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