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<!> I ‘ iB Once Upon A Tinte Here Corner Earliest Weddings FoodTTIowers and Ferfilify A Day Of Capture -• . An early form o f marriage was ' — “ M a r r ia g ^ y CapUy\er'- Ear]inM a n .rr: kidnaptaid E a r ly Woman-^from another Tribe, carefully ‘choosing a nftaife;wc are tbld.~who looked-like an industrious-worker or who-coiild be ■ sold for a good priqerHeUook with him,, on his foray, se v ^ a l strong friends to~guarantee' a successful raid. These frieiids-could have.beeh the forerunners of today’s “ ushers^’ and the “ best man” in the bridal party. The intended -bnlde\ or victim, counted on the prplectidn of her female friends or relatives (“ bridesm a ids,” tod a y j^U s u a lly Much of the modern wedding’s traditions have their p o ts in the ancient theme of fertility. The presence of food and fl()wers - are_sy.mbo^s.j)f:ffuiUalnesS 2 and the continiiance of—life. From early , tim es, and in man\rcountries, there' — has been_lhfelpr.esence_of seed— , bearing:-planty(^m e rican s throw -_nce atJhe.newlyweds; .the^'French showeiM,hiMn=w i t h ^ beal;^an<iLiiE! Grewe they-iise-nuts and-dates,. buns were, HiU small, but sweet, and ‘ brought by the guests themselves who piled them up in a high mound' in front o f the newlyweds. The .b r id e ^ \ and groom' were e x p e c t^” to\iTiss ” over the_:_ca lp s . thus a s s u r in g \ ^ Iheinselves o f life-long prosperity andjnany c h ild m L , - -^D u ring \th e ' Restoration Periodp:>‘ Charles I I xeturhedr-to. England ^ b r i n g i n g w ith him several French . ............. chefs who s p e c ia liz p d -lirtlie 'artrof- The wedding cake was. one of-the pastry-m 'aKm g -rdThey-loed- solid most ancient symbols of the nuptial. squares;^ 3 p o f — cake—the then ’ outclassed by sheer strength only, the “ b ride” was made off with by \) the “ groom” — the earliest form of “ honeymoon” .... not exactly Ber­ muda or the Poponos! i Eventually her—enraged father was appeased with a gift — the payment of booty. Today the couple receive wedding gifts from friends, and fam ily alike. The word “ wedding'' deriy.es_from . •'wed” or bride-purchase, a later but longer lasting form of ritualistic m a trim o n y . Here the “ groom ” ^ bought his bride in a more peaceful ' deal. Even later in history, the bride came to'marriage w ith her share or “ dowry,” meant as a gesture* of- repaymenrip the groom. Today she save's and shojK for her trousseau. rites and a prim a ry fe r tility object, Even- today there mre_w.eddings without liquor, even_:weddings- — without food, but a wedding just isn’t a wedding without a~\ve~^ddmg cake. T h e ^ a r ly - -Ttomans p r e ^ r ^ theirs of barley, but it was more like a loaf of. bread. I t ’ was an offering to thm r god Jupiter.- After sharing a wedge of it - with his Bride, the early Homan Groom whacked her over the head with it, smashing it to crumbs. This sym b o lized both h i s . male dom ination (a;~strain running through, a ll. early,, and many later, — m a rriages) a n d -the soon-to-be- \tra d it io n a l wje.dding cakes—with hardened sugar and topped-them with toys and figures. This is what became known as the.-ilBdde^s- Cake,” frilly , decorative, and not meant to be eaten—“ The Groom’s Cake” is usually a fruitcake, dark; practical.Land su b s ta n tia l. Such — — Modern-and-origlnal-aa-many--of— today’s brides are, they usually fall ; back on dreams and traditions-when dressing themselves fo r that special day. More than 80% o f all; first marriages in the Unite<l States, in Ih ^ l a s t few years, were formal wed^ngs; that is t o say that nearly___ __ ; 1,5 m ill^ n giflfyear-iy are’ married '\ifi bridal gowns-^,Jiat: mini-dresses , or pants_outfltsror-wbite'r; o r blue ___ - HftninrTpTQt even in s t r e e t - ^ o is e s r '‘ ^ ^ = b u t ’ floor-length=govfnsrwith of ■ . these white or“ivor-y.-; •• From the frothy white-,yeili, br — tnrban or hood;to the w h ite flowers, — the w h ile diamond under-the-.white gloves and to even the white rice thrown at the couple=^atj=^the- ■ cerernony's end, white is a wedding \ tradition. But it has not always.been symbolism, carried down through the ages, cries out for women’s - •ration! consummated, marriage with his ')e-virffin b r expected-to-be-virgin bride. The guests scrambled for the crumbs to take home to ensure—their own fru itfiilh B s . Certainly, this was not — -»as neat as t oday's custom of packing pieces\of f r iiit cake in shiny, white, — tied-with-ribbon boxes! L a te r dh, early Anglo-Saxons replaced this bread with sm a ll'hard —^-biscuits and, in the Middle Ages, the liberatio n ! Throughout history, the presence of flowers and greenery at weddings— has been a symbol of ongoihglife. The ancient Saracens used orange _ blossoms in their’w e m o n ies aslhe orange .was the most prolific fr u it \ -known lo them. In more recent y e a r s ^ o r a n g e blossoms have symbolized the hope that the wedded couple would haveZmany__many children. ^— . Trees and' oth e r Evergreens symbolize the l a s t i i ^ T R ^ r e ^ The tree’s“ bro«soms s p ^ k of in— nocence and purity, the fru it of fe r tility an^ motherhood. According to fashion history, at one tim e wedding gowns _ran, the “ gam ut of colors: blues, pinks, yellows, and even red! Today, lhough_some_first .brides express their own creativity and desires with gowns o f any color, most wear white with some venturing a touch of pastel in ribbons,'lace and t r ims. The trend toward white seemed“tb have started in 1799 when. Nellie CusUs chose a white silk gown for her wedding to George Washington’s fa w r ile nephew. B y 1818, white gowns were so popular that it had become established, as the traditional bridal color. _ __ But looking backward past Nellie Custis, American-brides during the TUXEDOS FOR HIRE The Newest Styles - - The Best Fit GROOM'S SUIT FREE * l i \ * There will be no rental charge to - the groom if the wedding par Iding party- rents'6 or more formals. • Black formal shoes rented FFORMAL/ 17 W. Siinnse Highway, Freeport FR M 209 ■dpar> Mon., Thufs;, Fri. to 9 PM • Tuw.. Sat, 9 AM • 5:30 PM m For The Ti^ of a Lifetime let our . ___ Highly Experienced Agents Arrange.AII.Details \^•taoeL urltA ^ t w n a l ^ o u a ^ \ HERSHY TRAVEL AGENCY ' HERSHY BUILDING 35A S. GROVE ST. FREEPORT^ FR g-5300 - When it’s Kosher call o f A r p e lls ;:v:v::;v cpcktailpar - tiei , :_SAR.M|T2VAH! ,7 7 foMhe Perfect Pair. beaulifuily matched Bride and Groom Wedding^Bands- Diamond Engagement-rings to lu it your particular needs . Gift Headquarter, • Expert Jewelry Repair, e>ee Engraving < ' • Fine Watch Repairing A t the Home o f the - j 1 L K S _ Wedding Pci e Bar TO e.Banquf _e Annive _ ,e All Hai No Party' ;|i ' Facilities Tor up i Call Lenny- . Freeport i m w r M e r r We’re Th -M l m -96-Sp.’ Wain St, FreeppiL

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