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NASSAU CTY tucToruc-u, iElSENHOV/ER PARK ' . FREEPORT BALDWIN UOOSEYELT FREEPORT'S NEWSPABIR ERRICK P RI Cfc:~13f?t;R-eQi»l Rent Hearing Commere/a/ S/fes Seek Draws Crowd Lower Assessment . - RENAMING A STREET, in honor of PTA Week which Mayor , K 0( William White proclaimed the week of Feb. 17, Wfiite-and-Freeport-^were landlords, ------ - • ~ • --11* _ _. 1 »*;__ r»___! !J™*!-1 U-«« » FREEPORT - The Freeport Village Board of Trustees held a public hearing, Monday night, to solicit comments and views from residents and landlords; on the Emergency Tenant • Protection Act of 1974, This act allows the Village to declare an emergency, if there exists an apartment, vacancy rate of less than 5%, and to authorize the regulation of 'rents in an attempt to stabilize them. Under this law, once-a locality adopts a rental control resolution, all rents are then determined by . the Nassau CountyJlent Guidelines-Board, an autonomous group. In ad- dition, the landlord may. niake .application to the County Board, 'furnishing proof of hardship 'based* on operating' expenses averaged over the - past five years. This means that .a-tehant might be subject to an increase if- ~ taxes are increased or if there is an increase in oil or labor costs or any other operating expense. Over sixty people attended the public hearing, among 'whom tenants and F-REEPORT - The Freeport Village Board will \oppose vigorously in T court\ any claims for tax assessmentj-eductions by commercial organizations, Mayor William White declared Tuesday. The Mayor indicated that it has become a common-practice for owners of business properties to appeal to Ihe-Couhty Board of Assessors,\or tp-the courts, and obtain su bs tan ti a inductions- in their property's assessed value because of \economic hardship.\ Reduced assessments give certain business enterprises a tax ; deduction, and the resulting loss in revenue must, be made the Village Clerk has been direclecPto contact the School- District to set up a joint meeting of the Village Board and School Board -for the purpose of cooperating in thc-tax~ fight and shan »8 C(mrl costs. We will also ... , C v,-., ut „.„», „, ..„»» UK^ Village homeowners and apart^ ask thc County, to join with US'IIT ------ ._;_ ---- ...LL L_.._ ..... this active opposition. The PTA Council President Barbara Schacter (p-Tand second Vice Presi- dent Roseann Carney change the sign at Cannon Square to \Freeport PTA Square.\ PTA received the Mayor's proclamation paying tribute 19 PTA's work in behalf of children and youth in the corn- ~munity. Mrs^CarneyJs-Chairwoman of the PTA's Annual Founder's _Day. program to be held Feb. 3at 8 pm at Fre^poft~H;S. __ -• . - - Mayor Whit? Speaks Oat On , .FREEPORT—LeeArthurKey.theresidentofNorthLongBeachAve; whose home was broken into by Freeport Police last Sunday, Feb. 2, has instituted suit against the six policemen involved, the Chief of Police and the Village of Freeport according to his attorney. Philip Feiring of Garden City;-:——- - , ' . : Key, and three of his children, were moving into' their just rented house last Sunday evening -by candlelight, as.the electricity ' had not yet been turned on. An area resident, alarmed at* the moving lights within a home • thought to be vacant, notified the police of a suspected burglary-in- « «-- *- *!.„ „„!! r %•.- progress. Responding to the call, the police arrived-at-the scene and when unable to enter the premisesrr-after announcing themselves--according-to police reports,^broke down the door. Throughout this past • week, members of the daily press, radio and television, reporters have been : Jn the Freeport area. Conflicting statements from Key— and from Police Chief Anthony Elar have been both printed and heard on radio and TV. Under Investigation and will report directly to the Village Board of Trustees. In the meantime, Mayor William White has issued the following .statement: . • -__ Mayor's Statemenr ' There.has been a great deal of news coverage and editorializing in connection with an incident on Sunday night, February 2, when Freeport police officers responded to a report of an jip- •parent crime-in progress^ in a~ residential neighborhood on North Long Beach Avenue. \Sometimes that* type of publicity tends to obscure the basic facts, which .are that the incident was the result of • an honest misunderstanding, and that nobody was injured\ to the, point of requiring medical. at- — LJnaermvci»i B «i.uu tentjon at the house. !: . The Freebbrt Human Relations,. ''The police officers responded Commission,\ under the direc- -**> whatjwas reported»in good •torshlp-of-Michael Kirwan, has feith by,a neighbor aa an ap-. been investigating the matter (Continued on Page 16) residential home owners. Not one of them spoke in favor of the law. In answer to a question early in the evening, Mayor William White, declared that the purpose of the public hearing .was to determine, from . community response and the facts, if the Village should declare such an emergency, although statistics from the Electric Department do show a.vacancy rate of less than 596,' .--•- . - . - ; - — -'.: -- VilIage~Counsel Mike~Solomon explained that each lease, under the Emergency Tenant Protection Act, would have to be negotiated separately, based upon economic necessity. Basically, he said, \this would put a cost of living clause in each lease... EJach building sLands_on its own two feet.\ :.l : • ' Association's Views THe Freeport Association, represented by its President Ellen Extract, read a statement citing the large rent increases the . Nassau County Rental Guidelines Board has already, granted, concluding that the Association \feels that the Rent Stabilization (Continued on Page 11 A) DEADLINE NOTICE .The deadline date for sub- mission of material and press releases to THE LEAbER will be changed for the next Issue only. All material must be received at the off ice, _Z4 So. Grove St., no -later than noon Saturday, Feb. 15, due to the Washington's Birth- day holiday which falls this year on Monday, Feb. 17. mcnl tenants who have lax escalator clauses in their leases, the Mayor noted .1 \The .residents of the Village do not enjoy the same privilege qf getting lower tax assessments on an Economic hardship basis,\ Mayor White said, at Monday night's public hearing on rent control. \This amounts\ to the equivalent of^an -oH-dcpletion allowance for cer-_ (ain business enterprises:Jn Village, at the expense of the rest of the taxpaying public..We think ! there is a'basic injustice and we are going to fight it all the way,\ he said Tuesday. The Board's' decision was the result of a number of-nbtices of court claims filed with the Village and School District thatr if grantedTwoulbTcall for a total reduction\in assessed value. of $1,098',730. The- -Village had rejected the initial requests tor the reductionsToriginally filed on Grievance Night—by—the com- ^rnercial property owners; '-\The extent of these claims has convinced the Board that we can - no longer rely solely on-County personnel to- represent our r in-- tev^sts, even though it will be a costly process for, the Village to contest a court action on each individual claim,\ the Mayor said. -'We have directed Village Counsel to notify Nassau County that we.do not intend to enter into any settlement agreements, and assessment reductions affect ail— of us.\ . The Mayor pointed out that the Village Board has worked closely with the County in attempts to reject or minimize previous claims of this type, but the \jifScedents . established~)5y the' courts for granting relief to commercial firms-made it dif- ficult to \knock down\ the claims. Village and School District representatives have already met with state legislators in ullempLs to find a solution, and plan additional meetings on the matter. .- The current claims filed with the courtron Village properties, are: •• 99 Randall Ave., owned by Jo.n K. David Realty Co., P.O. Box 108, Freeport.\ assessed- at - $378,600, requesting reduction of .$138,600. ' _ IT Broadway, ownedj?y Rad- - dock Constru^UoiT Corp., 5 ^Broadway, Freeport, assessed at $114,800,\ requesting reduction of $16,400. - , 30 North Long Beach Ave., owned by ; Sisa Realty Corp., 666 Fifth Ave., N.Y.C., assessed at $250,650, requesting reduction, of .$100,650. ' \ ''' 255 Sunrise Highway; owned by Eldee. Realty.- Corp.. 338 Maryland Ave., Freeport. (ContinuedoiTPage IIA) . JANUARVRECIPIENT of the Freeport Exchange ClubV Youth of the Month Award, Freeport High School Senior Deborah Gibbons' -(second from r.) receives plaque at the Club's luncheon from President Jerry Soergel (third from I;). WitMhem are proud parents. Dr. (I.) and Mrs. Gibbons (r,) and Freeport Supt. of Schools Donald Cortlow (second from I.}. - ^

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