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KEKOBXM* I *r - W N B C - W N B T S a lu te s L o fig I s la n d M a y 1 4 -1 5 \ F r e e p o r t O n A ir F r id a y FOLLOW THE LEADER FOR RELIABLE ADVERTISING FOLLOW THE LEADER FOR NEIGHBORLY NEWS FREEPORT BALDWIN ROOSEVELT MERRICK 19th Year, No. 3 FREEPORT, N E W YORK, THURSDAY, MAY 13, 1964 FIV E OENTS PE R COPY Village Loses Case Against Krug Firm Using Parking Field Zoning Board Ruling Upset By Court Due To Vacancies a t Time The James Oray-Krug Baking Co., case Is back at t h e point where It started. Some m o n ths ago the Zoning Board of Appeals denied Mr. Gray's 'application for a per­ m it to use space as a field for park­ ing more than five cars and ruled th e baking com pany in' occupying th e adjoining building a t North M ain street and Evans avenue as a transfer depot, was carrying on a business not permitted under the zoning ordinance. A t that tim e the Zoning Board comprised only three Instead of five members. Superintendent of Buildlpgs W il­ bert F. DeM ott started proceedings to force discontinuance of the use o f the parking field and the build­ ing as a transfer depot. Mr. Gray and the Krug company, began counter actions contending that the three member Zoning Board of Appeals failed to constitute the proper authority to act in the m a t­ ter. . Lester ’Baumanh, counsel for the village in the proceecfififeU,' reported to the Northwest ©tvfc’* A ssociation at Its m o n thly m eeting Monday n igh t In the Atkinson School that Supreme Court Justice Stoddart had decided in favor of Gray and Krug. He directed that the- Zoning Board o f Appeals, which now has a full complement of members, h o l d another h earing on Mr, Gray's appll- catlonTor permission to Use the field for a fleet of cars instead of only five vehicles. This has been set for W ednesday night May 26. Mr. Bau- niann said also that a hearing on his application, for an injunction to enforce the ordinances It is alleged are being violated had been put at the top o f the calendar for June. Plans for carrying on the_flght at j'fhfe'hearing-were made. It also, was announced that Freer t^port Chevrolet had abandoned its v~(ContlnUefa on Page 9) Ground Broken For Thermometer Plar>t Haif-y Weksler, president, and Village Trustee Edmund T. Cheshire, who officiated at ground breaking for Weksler Thermometer Corp., hold spade, as Robert Kurz, president of the Freeport Chamber of Com­ m erce; Trustee Cord Viebroek, and Edward P. Dobrln, Weksler vjce- president, looks on. B agatelle Photo ZIPPER'S PHARMACY OPEN_ALL DAY SUNDAY ' Z ipj^^~PHarm acy,T S o u th Grove and Plfie tstfeet, will., remain\ open Sunday until 10 o’clock after the other druggists in Freeport close for the day during the afternoon. T h e telephone is Freeport 8-9449. Qround Broken O n M o n d a y For New Thermometer Plant Village’Trustee Edmund T. Cheshire broke ground Monday morning for the $250,000 plant of the W eksler Thermometer Corporation, of M anhattan, to be ereeteil on a site on East M errick road, west of Buffalo avenue. He officiated for Mayor W illiam P. (Jlaeken who decided not to risk aggravating a severe cold by venturing out in the inclement weather. The ceremony was witnessed by officials of tlie W eksler company and numerous local business meri. Trustee Cheshire welcomed the new concern to Freeport and ex­ pressed the hope others-Would follow to develop the Industrial area. Robert Kurz, president of the Free­ port Chamber of Commerce, said it w a s a pleasurp to welcome the W eksler companjj to Freeport and prom ised' the utm o st co-operation in its project. Donald McLaren,..the executive secretary, spoke along t h e sam e lines. W. Sargeant N ixon of th e Freepqrt. Bank and Emil Frfen- •g e F o f the Meadow' Brook National Bank also spoke. Trustee cord Vie- brock told o f th e r ie e d of bring­ ing industry into Freeport to help shoulder the tax load which h e (Continued’’on Page 4) Radio Artists To Broadcast Island Salute From Freeport Freeport is to play host to two well-known NBC radio a r ­ tists, Herb Sheldon and Jim Coy, tomorrow; Mr. Sheldon and Mr. Coy will broadcast their regular “ 6G0 on the dial” record shows from 1:00 to 3:00 P.M. from tlie Freeport Iligh School, auditorium , interspersed with interviews and local talent. Guy Lombardo also will televise bis show on WNBT from the Roose­ velt Grill from 7 :00 to 7 :30 P.M. with Long Island guests. These shows represent Freeport’s participation in the N a tional Broad­ casting Company’s gala, two-day “Salute To Long Island’s Nassau and Suffolk counties,” in conjunction w ith the Long iBland Industry Fund, m ade up o f the leading industrial companies and unions of N assau and Suffolk counties, which have already raised $620,000 to aid tlie expansion of the 15 local voluntary hospitals. T h is year's goal fs to reach $1,000,- 000 for this' v ital work. • Post Office Asks Bids For Servicing Trucks A cting Postm aster Ralph L. Mar­ shall has annbunced th a t proposals w ill be received until 2:00 P.M. May 18, for servicing post office trucks during t h e period from July 1, 1954, to June 30, 1955. Forms upon W hich to subm it proposals m a y Be had at th e posf office. / ' ; A, League Games Delayed By Saturday’s Rain Several hundred boys were bitterly disappointed when Saturday's rain caused postponem ent of th e opening gam es in the Little League and Pony League. Three double headers were scheduled but all were Washed out. 3 r h e huge parade was carried out as scheduled with Thomas Ojjtourke •as grand marshal. JjNext week’s schedule calls for, (ha following games: National League Monday,. Tuesday, W ednesday and Thursday at 6 P.M.. Randall Park: American League, same days a t Northwest Park; Pony League: Mon­ day, W ednesday and Thursdays at Municipal Stadium, 6 o'clock, and Saturday m orning at Randall Park. Surrogate Will Speak A t Republican Meeting Surrogate John D. Bennett of Rockville Centre will be guest speak­ er at the m eeting o f the Freeport Republican Club In th e American Legion Dugout on Sunrlsa Highway tonight.- T h e m e e ting will start at 8:30 o'clock. group of students from Al’s Accordion Academy will provide special entertainm ent. Among the students who will appear, are Doris Depplnho. Irene 'Totorelli, Robert Hlgble, Katherine Trezza, Richard Strunk and Paul Chapparoni. Refreshm ents will follow the m e e ting: Atlantic South Unit Enrolls 22 Members Brooklyn Polytechnic Dedicates Laboratory At Freeport Saturday Prominent Residents Join Village Officials In Welcoming Project Representatives of Freeport’s offi­ cial fam ily and of numerous or­ ganizations Joined with the staff of the Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute In dedicating the first unit o f . the Aerodynamics Laboratory on .Atlan­ tic avenue on Saturday. They were welcomed by Dr. H. S. Rogers, presi­ dent of the institute, who told of the search to find a suitable location for the laboratory and the final selec­ tion of Freeport. T h e n a tour of the premises was made with Dr. Nicholas- J Hoff, head of the Departm ent of Aero­ nautical Engineering and Applied. Mechanics, In charge. He Introduced Dr. Antonio Fevrl, head of the Laboratory and an internationally pioneer in supersonic flight, who de- Dr. Isenberg Speaks To Civic Association On Planting for Curbs Twenty-two members were added to the A tlantic-South' Civic Asso­ ciation a t its m o n thly m eeting Thursday night In th e ‘South S h o r e . veloped the Instruments and facili- Y a cht 'Club as a result of a drive ties to be operated when the Free- conriucted during the m onth. They ■ P °r^ project is completed. .He brief- were welcomed into the organize-1 ly explained the purposes of the tion by President Nathan P. Zablow ,! laboratory. who presided. I Following .the inspection all made - ’in ' the groiip \were L e w is'G .‘ A. f'their way 'to ■ t h e Seb‘. B reeze Hotel Brownson, Norm an E. Kyama,, B ar- 1 w here luncheon w a s . served.,,At.ite»: nurd Cavanaugh; W illiam Curran.! conclusion Dr. Rogers spoke briefly Thom a s Merkej, Seymour A. Kap- 1 Mayor William F. Glacken .ex- Ian. Edward J. Conway. Joseph J. pressed his elation over the choice Kalin. John Kron, David Babrow. of Freeport for the venture. Both Carl A. W attenmaker, M ichael Tes- i expressed confidence th a t only the tagrose, Lyle E. Porgort, Patrick m ost friendly relationship would Cioffl, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mrs. Jane Nieber, Mr. and Mrs W endell F, Price, Mrs. Frank. J ohn­ son and Mr and Mrs. Arthur Skelly. exist between th e village and the scientists who will be here- to con­ duct the experim ents planned nt th e laboratory. I t was explained that Dr. M. George Isenberg. chairm an ! U. S. Army and Navy, were co- of the Freeport Beautification Com - operating in the experim ents de- m ittee, spoke on trees that are suit­ able for planting along the curb. He sold a 6tudy by a committee named by the Village Board som e- sighed to promote aviation and pro­ vided most of the equipm ent that is being installed. Dr. H o ff briefly outlined the his- tim e ago .indicated dogwoods were lory of the project and introduced probarly the. best faor this purpose, among others Air Force Captain H e added this was because their K enneth Statson and Navy Com- roots do not damage .sidewalks and mander David Wally. The former their growth does, not interfere j remarked that \Our enem ies out- Legion Will Conduct Scrap Drive Sunday \ \^VUIiam'tillntbh Story'PdsC'Amer- ican Legion, is to conduct its m onthly scrap and paper .collection on Sunday, to raise funds with which tjo carry on Its various ac­ tivities. • -Legionnaires m a n n i n g trucks will start the rounds of the village at 9 o’plock picking up m a­ terials left at th e curb. County Finds Freeport W ater “Satisfactory” Freeport’s municipal w a t e f Is \en­ tirely satisfactory\ from a health, standpoint, John M. Flynn, o f the NBSSa.u County Board of H ealth’s Sanitation Departm ent reports In a, letter to Mayor W illiam F. Glacken, following a check By th e County April 12. ; ■' J, '- ' w ith power lines strung oyer them. Dr. Isenberg said the Village Fathers probably woul enact an ordinance shortly regulating the planting of trees aipng. curb lines. H e r m a n Schonfeld showed motion pictures taken of the rescue work number us flye to-on e In physical manpower and our. c(wntry..._muKt lean, on its scientific manpower.” Mayor GlackeiL'lntroduced all the Freeporters presentT T fie list com ­ prised R o b e r tK u r z /fpres I d ent. and Robert .O. \GoidscliMIdtrpaBt presi- when th e lower, p a r i of the village ’B ent’of the Chamber of Commerce; w a s Inundated by-ffobafi_last year. (Continued on Page 4). County Poppy Drive T o Open In Freeport Broadcast Friday Freeport is to sponsor the formal opening of the sale of J& d d y Hoppfea by the Nassau County American Legion A u x ­ iliary tomorrow. Mrs. E d w a rd “S. Maft/ji, vje^'-jireHidgfit of the W illiam Clinton Story Post Auxiliary, is county chairman of publicity and radio. The form al opening will take the form of a radio broadcast over Station W GBB extending from 10:30 to 11 o’clock. .Diane Martin, 6, the youngest Junior member- of the local Auxiliary, will present the first poppy to* M ayor W illiam F. G llcken representing Freeport. Mrs, Joseph K lein of G len Head, County Poppy chairm an, will present one to S h e r r ill H . Alfred Vollmer repre­ senting th e county. Another poppy will; b e presented to Village Trustee and M rs. Cord'Viebroek, represent­ ing, (he Gold Stax parents of the county. \ •' . Following the presentation some member o f the studio staff will Interview the various guests present. After the studio program has been concluded all w ill adjourn to the Legion Dugout where members of the Story Post Auxiliary will officiate as hostesses and serve refreshments. Mrs. Robert H, Eearon, first presi­ dent of the local Auxiliary and or­ ganizer of the County organization, is to tell \Thp Story- of the Poppy” In a broadcast at 10:45 o’clock today oyer W GBB. . T h e Freeport Auxiliary Joining; , w ith those In other com m unities,,; has 3,000 popples to sell. Mrs. E.- •’ (Continued oh J?kge

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