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FOLLOW THE LEADER FOR NEIGHBORLY NEWS \FREEPORT’S OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER\ FOLLOW THE LEADER FOR RELIABLE ADVERTISING FREEPORT BALDWIN ROOSEVELT MERRICK 19th Year, -No. 2 FREEPO R T N E W V ORK, M D itS D A Y , MAY 6, 1964 = FIV E CENTS PE E COPY Larkin Says Funds For Grade Crossing Work Appropriated Senator Telia Exchange Contracts for Project Should Be Let Soon Funds for the . elim ination c Freeport’s grade crossings have been appropriated by the New York State Legislature and contracts for the work will be awarded In the very near future, State Senator Edwin P. Larkin told t h e members of the Exohange Club o f Freeport at their weekly luncheon In the Elks club­ house. Persons who have followed the m a tter through the Legislative ses­ sion have been aware of th e fact that more than $8,000,000 was voted for grade crossing elim ination work, ostensibly for the Freeport-Baldwin project. T h e y have said th a t other com m u n ities were trying to obtain the m oney and no formal announce­ m e n t could be made. W eeks passed with no word being given out. Consequently It remained for the Senator to “spill the beans.” How­ ever, hod not W illiam J. M artin, Sr.. asked a question after the formal talk, the facts would n o t have been revealed, .Mr. M a rtin asked if funds . tor., the , work 1^{!IJbe^kJl^iL » » U s. 'able. 'Behator'Larfcm replied' w ith a positive ‘'yes.’’ T h e n , rather ruefully, being a resident of Floral Park, h e remarked he had been having a hard tim e explaining why Freeport got the m oney while his constituents had been subjected to another delay. Thus. Floral Parkers have known of the situation. They have dem o n ­ strated this by starting a m ovement to push for funds next year, while Freeporters hove been kept in ig­ norance o f the fact fact that the coin wds to be spent here and in Baldwin. Now th a t “the cat Is out of the bag.” Freeport and Baldwin can r e - . jolce that at long last- th e grade crossing elim ination project is In the works, th a t , d irt will be flying soon and officials can begin to plan iflfor the future. Several reasons have Ibeen advanced for the delaying in making \the formal announcement,! b t iln o w If and w h e n it comes, It will be -an ante-climaX. THE CANNON PHARMACY OPEN ALL DAY SUNDAY The Cannon Pharmacy, 6 South M a in street, will rem ain open until 10 o’clock Sunday night after the other druggists in Freeport close for the day during the afternoon. The telephone number is Freeport 8-0041. \Please Buy Poppies\ Mayor Appeals Mayor W illiam F. Glacken signing proclamation appealing for Free- portere to buy Buddy Popples, when campaign gets under way, os Mrs. E. Willard He hand, (centre) president of the Ladies Auxiliary of W illiam Clinton Story Post, A.L.. and Mrs. Edward S. M artin, County Poppy Chairman, look on! Bagatelle Photo Freeport W ill Be Featured In Tw o 'D a y Island Salute ? lI igh IVa'S\ fceen selected to represent education in tlie tw o :dny \S a lu te to Long Island.\ Iiy Stations WNIiC and WNJ3T scheduled for F riday and Saturday, May 14 and lo. A two-liour program from 1 to P.M. Friday will originate in the F. H. S. auditorium and will include an am a te u r hour for the Herb Sheldon show in which students selected at- a previous tryout will participate. Jim (‘ory will have a part in the local program with platters and record inn Jl,,tis| <irje.sts. Red and W hite students who are entered in the tryouts to be held Monday after school w ith Sheldon in charge are M arilyn Schm itt. 15, i . n ■ ■ m n organ, song, from Show Boat ' 5COOOl 1 Kate 14-Point Rise Seen Nicke Forte, 17. pop singer. “If You Lov©-Me;\ Bob Peina, 17, and Jackie Wagner, 17. pop singers in “Making Whoopee\ and other selections; Cur­ tis Jensen, 17, yodeling, “Chime Bells,\ western songs, accompanies him self with guitar; Lois Jensen, who doubles with brother, singing, “Mansion over the H illtop;”. Muriel wViite, 15. organist, part of, Beeth.- oven's “Pathefcique Sonata\ arid C h o p i n ' s \Nocturne;” M ichael tss. 16. organ or piano, \Polon­ aise,” by Chopin; Kay Marino, 154 song, \Summertime\ from \Porgy and B e ss;” Anne Marie MacDonald, 18, tap dancer, and K a thy Barretts 13, bagpipes and tap dancer, “All the W ay to Oalaway.” and other selections. Presented by WNBC and WNRT (Continued on Page 4) Cerebral Palsy Units Hold Kickoff Meeting A t Dugout The Freeport and Baldwin auxiliaries of United Cerebral Palsy Association of Nassau County, Inc., held their combined kick-off for the May fund-raising campaigns to bet'conducted = in the two villages on W ednesday, April 28, in the American Legion dugout in Freeport. _ A sizeable campaign volunteer audience heard s p eeches delivered by Mack Markowitz, president of the Nassau County association. District Attorney Frank Gulotta a n l Mrs. . George Colan, president of the- Council o f Auxiliaries of the Cere­ bral. Palsy association, whose head­ quarters are in the organization’s qlinic In Roosevelt. Alexander Rockmore, , co-chair­ m a n o f the Freeport unit, presided as m a ster of ceremonies. He also introduced Ralph Caso, Councilman of the Town of Hempstead, and George Byrne, executive director of th e Cerebral Palsy center. K enneth E. Vought, chairm an of Freeport’s M ay cam paign to raise a $9,000 village quota, outlined a plan of action to h is workers for a suc­ cessful door-to-door cam paign, ac­ tivity on th e retail and., industrial (Continued on Page 2) Figure Is Expected To Be 2.88; Budget Adopted, 126 to 6 0 , T h e $2,270,028 budget proposed by the Beard of Education was adopted by a vote of 129 to 6 at the annual school m eeting held in the \Free­ port High School auditorium Tues- 4ayJiight. Included are $2,193,878 for schools and $76,150 for the Freeport M emorial-Library.. Deductions of $631,250 In antici­ pated receipts and $85,000 taken from surplus reduce the am o u n t to b^ raised by taxation to $1,553,778. This, with an estim ated $1,500,000 increase in the assessed valuation In the district, probably will require a tax rate of:'$2.88 on each $100 of assessed valuation, an increase of . W' cfehts 0v5f' the* currentTtax T&J&.' K enneth E. V o u g h t Was chosen chairman of the m eeting and John T. Cotter, clerk of the Board of Education, officiated in th a t ca p a - . city. President Leo P. Giblyn out­ lined the budget Item by item, after which questions asked by several in the audience, were answered by Mr. Giblyn, Superintendent John W. Dodd and others. - Two propositions were adopted, one pei^nitting the Boatd to sell buildings On the South Ocean ave­ nue school site, by a vote of 133 to 1, and the other to acquire four additional’ lots a t Miller avenue and Cedar street for $2,-000 by 129 to 1. Vice-president Clifton B. Sm ith and Dr. E. Freem an M iller were re­ elected, to. the.:board .yesterday w ith­ out opposition. Atlantic South Givics To See Flood Films M otion pictures taken w h e n floods forced the evacuation of homes along the w a terfront last year are to be shown by H erm an Schonleld a t th e m o n thly m eeting of the A t­ lantic-South Civic Association to­ night a t 8:30 o'clock in the South Shore Y a c h t Club. Big Parade To Open Little League Season Procession on Saturday To Rival Memorial Day; Four Bands to March The Freeport L ittle and Pony League baseball seasons will be ushered In Saturday morning with a parade of proportions rarely ex­ ceeded even on M emorial Day. The First Division will be of a m ilitary nature, with the 581st Air Force Band, commanded by Lieut. H. G. Vincent in the lead. T h e n will follow the 2500th Air Base Wing Color Guard, M itchel Field Air Base detachm ent, Army and Navy Color Guards, the staff of the U, B. Army ahd HIT F o ree' Recrilitlrig Station in H em pstead, a detachm e n t from th e U. S. M arine Air Reserve Train­ ing Station, Floyd -• B e n n e tt Field; the Iith Rifle Co., UB.M C.R.; the 3-19. 3-36 and 3-63 Naval Reserve Surface Battalions all of Freeport: . the 104th Field Artillery Battalion Color Guard from Jam a ica, the' 142d Tank Battalion Color G u a rd.. Freeport, the 165lh Infantry color- guard, Hempstead; members of Offi­ cers Reserve Corps. M a n h a ttan; the j Reserve officers Training Corps i from Hofstra: Nassau Group. Civil! Patrol. British War Veterans i of America. M anhattan, the color i guards ^of the local Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion, i Murine Corps League, their aux­ iliaries. the Salvation Army and the Daughters of America with Red ^ Cross units. The Freeport Fire Department, headed by the band, William J. Dayton, director, and Chief Wiljiam - J. Noll with his deputies will lead i the section division, followed by t h e ' Baldwin and Merrick Fire Depart­ ment. The four Pony League teams wili^ollow the vamps.- In?, the third div^ipn, .for which Music will h e provided by the Free­ port High School BandT-pr. J. May­ nard W ettlaufer, director, will come Freeport Auxiliary Police. American Nautical Cadents, Boy and Girl Scouts, with th e American (Continued on Page 9) At Freeport Saturday Glacken To Officiate At Formal Ceremony; Luncheon is Planned Mayor William F. Glacken is to ■ officiate at the dedication of the first unit of the Aerodynamics Lab­ oratory of the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, Atlantic avenue, west of West End avenue, Saturday at noon. The Freeport official party will leave the Municipal Building at 11:50 o'clock and proceed to the Laboratory where h a lf an hour will be spent on a tour of inspection «f the building. The Mayor w ill then give his dedicatory address after which all will adjourn to the Sea Breeze Hotel for lunch. Following lunch, there will be o- social tim e to enable the members of the Polytechnic group to become acquainted with the village offi­ cials in attendance. Dr. H. S . Rogers, president of Polytechnic will par­ ticipate in the ceremonies. T h e wind tunnel, to be housed in th e laboratory will be capable of generating the fastest wind in the world, according to Dr. Nicholas J. Hoff, head of the.. Department of Aarofintit/cfiT Engineering an d ' A p - - piled Mechanics ot the-Brooklyn In­ stitution. The Freeport location was (Continued on Page 4) Children Are Given Anti-Polio Vaccine Elementary Pupils In Freeport Schools Treated This Week Pupils of the schools of Freeport are being lnnoculated with onll- pollo vaccine this week. Vaccinating started Monday morning at the Co­ lumbus Avenue S c h o o l when 170 pupils were lnnoculated; 179 were given the treatm ent a t the Atkinson S chool Tuesday; yesterday the vac­ cinators were a t the Archer Street . School in the m orning rind Cleve­ land Avenue in the. afternoon; to­ day they are a t the Bayview Avenue School and tomorrow they w illb e nt Our Holy Redeemer School., . - Physicians-w h o operated at the Columbus Avenue School, of which ' Miss Helen E. Ross.i$ principal, were Dr. M e m e M. Las ter, Dr. Adrian F. Persico and Dr. Stephen F. Ger- de, Mrs. Ralph Atkinson, a mother, (Continued on Page 4) Beautification Chief Saves Rhododendrons Fm^Postenty F r e e p o r t’s new beautification chairm an has demonstrated himself to be possessed of foresight, vision, decision, prompt to a«-t with resourcefulness an d 'a-q u a lity of thriftyness. He has a higher conception of the duties of office thun merely to look for unsightly garbage cans and littered, lots. On occasion he htas resorted to comedy to put across ideas instead of using sarcasm and invectives, the weapons of a past generation of civic workers. ' T £ia Individual is Dr. M, George Isenberg. He discovered nurserymen at work Monday on the grounds where the( C. I. T; Investm ent Co, building is to be erected at W est Merrick road and South Bergen place. He. saw. m en digging up the better looking shrubs and 'leaving others. On inquiry h e learned nu­ merous, large, rhododendrons _.were. to be ie f t to be destroyed when a. bulldozer started clearing up the place. Exacting a promise that if the village acted promptly, i t could hove tho bushes free gratis for nothing, (thriftyness) he set out Jo find Ted Comhs superintendent of the Mu­ nicipal Stadium (actionI. Ted ad­ m itted he had a couple of m en he could assign ..to the task, but “Doc“ _ (Continued on Page 9) j

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