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The Long Island advance. (Patchogue, N.Y.) 1961-current, September 28, 1961, Image 12

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M VlvRlFD 111 September weie Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus T. Osen- Kowsk i in Our I ad\ of Mt. Carnu l R. C. Church . Patchogue. The Ke\ . Sa\ erio Mattei officiat ed. Ihe bride is the former Miss Patric ia \nn New ham ot Patchogue. —Photo by M. E. Maler WED RECENTLY were Mr. and Mrs. Carmelo Astacio , who were married in Our Lady of Monserrate Church , Brooklyn. The bride is the former Miss Nancy Kaffka of Farmingville. —Globe Photo | Get On the Winning Team- \ | Islip Town Now Has: 1 • ANE W Republican Leadershi p I I • A NEW B r i ght Program of Progress I I • A NEW Tomorrow in Sight I \Isli p Town is on the verge of greatness. Progress is for those who I £ plan. Just as it is foll y to change horse s in mid-stream , it would be I HiMaHMM^^^M^Mm *°^ y to re P^ ace tne w inning Republican J I SB P P^^^IHB H ' team w * tn \\tried politicians of dubious J I HK K IHH merit * Whatever your political belief , this is 1 I §R «g YOUR town. You and your children must 1 I lm , gjm^ <mmi ^^ ** ve ^ 8re * * ^ u P on a U citizens to examine J I BS' * \ m i JfS t * le ' r conscience - Vote f° r Experience , In- 1 I ^Sk l~lHilfli fcegrity and Know-How . LET'S KEEP THE i I i^ ^ L ^^H|l|M TEAM THAT BROUGHT PROGRESS i I Fo /Io u; f Ae Eagle - Fofe Republican Nov. 7 j Kofe flow \4\ A// tfe If ay J PRICES EFFECTIVE WED. THRU SAT. SEPTEMBER 27th to 30th J ^TW^TP^ Right to Limit Quantities Reserved f ' e ^YM^K n n v tARLT AMCKIV.AN ^ HM n rr *> 19 fn» B5 » // r i / ^A*£\\ uncci Hiiies CAI « MIXES 3& $ l .oo f ha Good tuck Margarine 4-. *1.00 N^fSsk 9fe w& ff l & m 4& A*m f l} m r w/l P A P H & iI!dP*ffI! lt C VAN CAMP'S 3'ou | {j ,6 oi -$ ©0 \ xJ t^l Waldorf Toilet Tissue 12 ROUS $ 1 *00 f Mrm LESSER QUANTITIES AT REGULAR PRICE ON ABOVE ITEMS. _^ ——» - —'\\\ \- ¦' ' \— \\\ uracle A Eggs RONZONl E Mb- *¦ LARGE JNG ^ H 09 ' N O . 8 or 9jPACHETTI _ ^_ ^ NeW! BOHACK BEST - ENRICHED WHITE j DEL I W MJ \ \ ii H fOF ii SANDWICH ™\ 4%Ob , TAMA TO SAUCE m \ BREA D W }2SSl^^^^^2^1^^ J^N. Free ! 20 EXTRA KING KORN STAMPS I—*— —— — ^ T^> w*mrm-w->-mm W$ ART LINKLETTER ' S NEW H^ Jfr WlW rfljjj^. jfflj FULL-COLOR PICTURE ENCYCLOPEDIA ^ ~^^ ^^\™ «B^jjj ((|lpifc*^ ^SS& especiall y designed for youngsters of 6-12 ^^^i^|3gJJ |2^>^^^ jfp3StSfe jg; i!I^W Mt ^^^ ^ Special Introductory Offer! .ijB ^ ^ No. 1 FREE WITH THIS COUPON W. M No. 5 FREE WITH THIS COUPON W. Yollf IHG 1 ^flW rlffl # ^ 100 ^ STAMPS 5 0 K K ^ N STAMPS , JB L TW U^l :T^ -. WITH PURCHASE OF ANY SIZE g j ; . \% ) WITH PURCHASE OF 2-1 LB PKGS BOHACK ^ A Bl IV JmWSBmW AmW \f \ ^1 ! W * Ready to Cook Turkeys ft * CORN OIL MARGARINE & W,IIF miW ff lW *m . \^ I ^ : j Limit 1 - Adults Ordy - Void After Sept. 30 ^ j g Limit 1 - Adults Only - Void After Sept. 30 ¦£ |^ /f 2 .^. WMT jfff \\ v^^ .^^^^^r^^^^^^.^^^^^^^ ^^.^^^^^^^r^^^^^r^^r^^ Yw ^ ea E* §m : ^%iS^ ^WtM ' &&&&& M V*V f W2 'A ^^^ty &v^& m . w- i M Mi j * * &¦ #¦ #¦ #¦ # tkvJmT/J&$$ ^fl ** MM *#* S^ ^ ^ 18 Beautifull y Bound Volumes More Than 2 , 300 Fad-Filled Pages! 1 N 100 - * STAMPS H V O ^ STA»S P S % <™J * 7 ^™ ^^^ SOCUO W PI . W CO WU KORN d lAmra ^ J JW KO R N aiA/Vtrd & Aard vark to Zurich More Than 500, 000 Words! (J§ WITH PURCHASE OF 6 !jX : Ty WITH PURCHASE OF 2 LBS OR MORE £j! : 35 w o E R ST s ?Lv H A ° mA E LIGHT BULBS m ^ Chuck or Round Chopped m EXCLUSIVE AT BOHACK Endorsed by Ed ucators 3| Limit 1 - Adults Only - Void After Sept. 30 |fc ™ Limit 1-Adults Only - Void After Sept. 30 ^ l»^iV^PP»»» M^i^^|W W^W^^^^^^^^ W^^^^^f ^f : &^^W:W^&Wil&&W.¥fi^^W:W&W. ] I^^^Q3ioi3^^| 1^^033333^^1 MORTONS FRUIT PIES IP: No. 3 FREE WITH THIS COUPON ir# No. 7 FREE WITH THIS COUPON W. 1 APPLF - PFA ru Dcr ^^ ^B^ ) 50 S STAMPS i| 25 ^ STAMPS COCONUT CUSTARD PKG . ^#^ ^V WITH PURCHASE OF 6 PKGS OF BOHACK gj; ^ WITH PURCHASE OF 10 LB BAG ST; ! WWWIJ-HXI_/ I iv^. «| iV 1 * FROZEN VEGETABLES m ' M L. I. RUSSET POTATOES ft I M^^«^M- «..„„ I g Limit!-Adults Only - Void After Sept . 30 ^ j | Limit I - Adults Only - Void After Sept. 30 ^ J MORTONS DINNERS REG PKG - 39/ / ^ W^^^^^^^r^^W^^.W^^^r. W^^^^W^^f ^^^^f ^^W^f ^fM: V ^ i — _ p ., - - ^ ,% w - _ ^-^ - ^_^ »^ . 1 ^i^^^^ l:M ! IMM \4& &&m %%%%%|MUM!i^^^^^ CHOCOLAT E MALLOW S WLSTON 4 PVGS $1.00 W *™™-M n ™ W . - M ¦Jb^*ia »aAa ^> S No, 4 FREE WITH THIS COUPON W. $ No. 8 FREE WITH THIS COUPON W. Dupont Combo Sponges s 7z s E 25<i PREMIER o -» /^ 50 & N R G N STAMPS : M 20 ^ N R G N STAMPS Sunshine —™- CE^L 35? SAUCE ARTURO 2^39* ' W WITH PURCHASE OF 6-6 OZ CANS BOHACK gj^ ^ WITH PURCHASE OF I ' 4 LB LOAF BOHAC K gj: H O I A UNSWEETENED O B V Z O Z ICJ RrtrrJan INSTANT IO C OFF S OZ 7Q^ 1 FROZEN ORANGE JUICE * ^ SANDWICH BREAD £ SwetthTaTw CoLl*\ \ 2» Bo den \ \ \ •— - \\ m, l ™i„ . Mu ,U On, V .V. i(1 A, l . r S.p, 30 *| L«,.Ad U ,U On, V . Void »,,, S e p,. 30 chock Full oS ^ tS ^ W^\ « 'So^^ •£\ 2?l m&ff i&^&&&&&&MWmWM mmW^Fm^F3H&&^?^Wmm^ Riverirand While Rice 2&S. 59? Kleins Spangles «« . .„ 29? i «m Hi w m «i» ¦> ai n> o «¦ « » if» n» «» ^ -»i iwnt j> rT> <r il^li o it Have Yourself a Ball Under Twinkling Stars in the VELVET ROOM Show place of Long Island — Cocktails by Candleli ght DANCING EVERY NIGHT TIL CLOSING to Music of the World' s Best Bands NOW BOOKING — WEDDINGS , PARTIES AND DANCES AIR-CONDITIONED PATCHOGUE MOTEL HO N EYMOO N ERS ' P A R A DISE LARGE SWIMMING POOL SUNRISE HIGHWAY :: EMerson 3-6880 3 Member Diner ' s Club - American Express - Carte Blanche KI KI\ —I ) U ION \ Ui * ^ Juin k ith 11 Da . \ u>n i!i ulit t l ol Mi uul Mi ^ u nln n i> u tun ot KM () t> in \* (. iui di ' a i M uii lu ^ lui.i 'no 1 1 bi ul ' uJ ll u old kkm Min ol Jo-i pn i\ i m 0 J7 1 Si \ ( nt\ loin ' i Slu ot, l' >i OOK ]\ n it i p m >i pK n 1) M 1( m tne ( . onU l Moiuii 1 ^ Akthod ' t lii iu h 1 lu 1\\ \\ ill am Vv i ' (M - ot- i i 11L (1 tit tl (loill ) lt i ilK i <- u n on\ \Mi- kutli Bt> I i w is u - 1 n -t MK I lo-i 1 It ' > iivi < i. - ol iis( 1 lu t hm i li w,h d > i. .i < I'd \ lth \\ h ti 1 low i i - on tin i' u ,u i 4 i J ml- ol Hi 11 n and . ' MU tit V I I S i a t' n i lt..i l, ii 1 he hi idi i H«)i ti tl II lr altai 1>\ u i 1 itnc \\a- at HI id m a w 1 in i n .ul di -oi 'ii i w uli a t 'i a' d ..]ipli jut d * h i i o mil -tid ix ail - at i in 1 -\\ 11 t I it in k lint in i tn t 1 i lion ' 1 < >i -k 11 w i- , ' i-t 1 hoii l t t, i shi wo ) i a i I i w n o 1 ' 1 ' lna' -, <i \i s (1 ]n .11- .. ' u iio I to a ' l in \t ii wtd tin td a < a-i < '1 b >u j K ! o < W ' itl I o- t I'll \ul '1 1 stl ]l ' l l' 1 - ot'- 1 In m it 1 1 n-o ' -h >n n \I> - I oii - i-e \\ lki ' ol B' o< i A l A v o' a -M t et-k n _ ih miip ' 1 t i ui di<- r.nti i iiow n ot pm pl ( .ii\sunho 'iii in- \ i'h «.n atta i d \ il S 1 o i an td a t iadi Ixnupu .. of pin - j ile i ii 1 \ -anthi'munis an 1 Avhit e ] o-e- AIi -s Mdi\ W'i , t , ;\ - c i \ Liii tei Mo ' u lie- md Mi— \l|i Moi n o, H5iookl\n weie hi idesnviids. They woi e stiet t-len< ith lavi ndei taffeta di esses , clow ns ol lave\<k . • ihry- s .uitheiminis with \ei!s snnilai to that of the maid-of-h onoi - . Tiieir i , si ade bouquets weie <;f la\end' l i hi \ santhemums and white l oses. The bnde and all hen attendants wen uiaduated tiom \ \Iethodi-1 Hospital of Biooklyn St nool of N\.i-in» . jubt -ix da^ s puoi to the w eddinu -John \\ alkei of Biooklyn served as best man. The ushe's wee Wil ham Biotkmeyei and Daniel Mur- ia> . both of Biookkn. Followinu the ceiem my a buf- fet was sei\ed to i '0 people at tlx Tandenmeie Hotel , Ten-ei Mor- lie- , with musu tin airbed by Pi tei Me/.zape 'le and his oiches- 11 a lhe bnde was a ] >3S «iiaduate of Centei Alonches II iu , h School ot whn . h cli-b she seivod as vue pu-nlent and was a membef oi tlx National Honoi Sin lety. On he I yiadu ition fiom ?.Iettiodist Hospital of Biookl>a School oi \in sing bhe was the lecipient of the Student Council Si 'i'ice aw aid and fn-t pn/.e foi outstandni 4 achun enxMit. Hi l husband giaduatxi fro n FoitJUamjlton Hiuh Soli x>l m l.)Vi and ^ei\)ed with the Mann^ Toip: foi two years. . He l > employed by Towei Ciossman Coipo' ^tion in New Yoi k City. The c ouple honei m axie 1 in the Poconos for one week and are now- residing on Moriches Avenue in Mastic. DENOBILE— MURPHY St. Jude ' s R. C. Church in Mastic Beach was the scene of a wedding at 3:30 p. m. Saturday when Miss Eileen Patricia Mur- phy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Murphy of Revilo Avenue , Shirley, became the bride of Den- nis DeNobile , son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DeNobile of Whittier Drive , Mastic Beach. The double ring ceremony was performed by the Rev. William Reilly before the altar banked with bouquets of white chrysanthemums ar) d ste- phanotis. Escorted to the altar by her father , the bride wore a gown of white silk organza over taffeta , styled with an illusion neckline and long pointed sleeves which were appliqued with Alencon lace and embroidered with seed pearls. Th floor-length hooped skirt cas- caded in a chapel train that form- ed into a butterfly bustle back. Her fingerti p-length net veil was edged w ith Alencon lace and was attached to a seed pearl crown She cairied a cascade bouquet of stephanotis and ivy with a double oichid center. Miss Maureen Murphy of Shir- ley, a sister of the bride , w r as maid-of-honor. She was attired in a flooi -length aqua gown of silk oiganza over taffeta , fashioned with a gatheied bodice and cap sleeves. She wore a rose-shaped headpiece with a small veil and earned a descent-shaped bouquet of white and aqua fugi chrysan. themums. The bridesmaids were Miss Ge- raldine Murp hy of ShMey, a sis- ter of the bride , Mrs. Charlene Call of Center Moriches ; Mrs. Paula Russo of Mastic Beach , and Miss Mary O'Neill of Shirley. Their g-owns of cherrv-rose silk organza were made the same as the maid-of-honor ' s and they wore matching rose shaped headpieces and cai ried a crescent-shaped bau quets of white and cheiry-rose fugi chrysanthemums. Sam De Rosa of Astona served as best man. The ushers were Wil- liam Rizzitello , Raul Hernandez , John Russo , all of Mastic B°ach Frank De Rosa of Astona and William Murphy, Jr., of Shnley, a brother of the bride. At the church , music was p lay ed by the organist and Gerard Spa- gnolo of Brooklvn cousin nf t ho bridegroom , sang \A-\ e Maria. \ The family pews were decorated with satin nbbon streamers ano carnations and steph motis. Following the ceiemony a rece- p tion and d naei ioi 175 g lest 1 was held at Canoe Place Inn in Hampton Bays. Mr. and Mrs. DeNobi l e Wt b\ plane from La Guardia Airpoi t loi a two ueens weduing trip to California and Las Vegas , Nov Upon returning home they w ill re ide on Neighborhood Road , Mas- tic Beach. The bi-de giaduated fiom Wil- liam Flovd High School in Shn- ley and is employed by Marie ' - Beauty Salon in Mastic Beach. Her husband graduated fion Center Moriches, High School an is employed by a p lunVbiug ane heating concern in Medfoid. IIUGGARD—WHALEN Miss Kettria Whalen of Gaines- ville , Ga.. daughter of Mi. and Mis. Chailes Edward Whalen , and Alan Rowland Hug^ard , son ol Mis. Fiankhn G. Huggaid and th>_ late Mr. Il igg-ird of Blue Pomt were manied at the First Piesby- teuan Chuich in Gainesville , Aug ust 20. v Mr. Huggard is a graduate of the School of Hotel Administrator at Cornell University and is con- necte d with a consulting fi rm in Atlanta , Ga., whei e the couple will leside. CLOUGH—STILL Mrs. Lois Marvin Still of Sa^ - \ille , daug hter of the late Mr. and Mis. Seth Webster Marvin of Bay- poit , was mained to Haiold C Clough of Bayport , son of the late Dr. and Mrs. William E Clough of Plattsburg , Septembei 12 , at Newpoi t , N. IL , at the home of Mi. Cloug h' b sistei , Mis. Philip IIcaM. The Rev. Chailes Rogeis nfkemted Mr. and Mrs. Clough went or a wedding trip thiough New Eng land and Canada and aie now residing at 239 Ten> Road , Sav- \ ille. Mrs. Clough is the widow oi William R. Still of Patchogue. Mr. Clough is employed by the Suffolk Broadcasting Company. GIARDINO—TINGEN Miss Eleanor Helen T ngen daughter of Mi. and Mis. Ernest G. Tingen of Poition Road , HoLs- ville , and Lloyd Giaidino, Ji.. son of Mr. and Mis. Lloyd Haiold Giardino , Sr., of 217-30 51 Avenue Bayside , w ere mained at the M«- thodnt Church , Patchogue at 12 noon Septembei 1(> The Rev Di n aid Himbhn offici ated at the doub t ring ceremony Wh te gladioli md giant white chrysanthemums i .crnecl the altai lhe w dd 114 nusic was played b\ Heibei t II in nan , Miss Garnet Tony of Hutu ington and her sistei . Mis. Mau- nce Wrin of Patchogue , wtie so- loists. lhe bnde who wa- e-c n ted to he al ar by hei fathei , was at 11 -c 11 a floor-length gown of peau dc soi e fashioned in the prince- tjle , with fu 1-lengt' i fitted sleev is. The scoop neckline was em- j elhshed with hand-app lied Alen- 0011 lace. Hsr waist-length veil cf Fiench l 'lusion fell fiom , row n of seed peail- and Alencon ace. Hei cascade bouquet was o J luji chrysanthemums antl stepha- lOt'S Miss Marion Tingen attended her sistei as maid-of-honoi. She w ore a sti eet-length diess of light blue peau de soie. The fitted bo- dice had a scoop neckline and shoit puff slee\ es , and the pleated cummerbund was of a deepei bhi.de of blue , at the center of the back of the skiit was an inver t- ed panel of the same blue as the cummerbund. She earned a bou- quet of pink daisy chrvsanthe mums and pink rosebuds. Miss Laura Tingen another s - ter of the bride , and Mrs. Richard Chapman of Hialeah , Fla.. wei e bridesmlards. They wore chesses like that of the maid-ol-honoi but in light pink with hot pink cum- merbund and panels. They earned bouquets of jcllow da by chrysan- themums. Robei t Giardino , biother of the } mde^ioom , was best man Usb ers were Roger and Petei Giai- dino. also brothels oi the bnde- gioom - all of Bayside James F01 - nataio of Blue Point and Catl Ren/, of B ildwin. A reception was held lmmedi ately following the ceiemony it tlx Pine Giove Inn 111 East Pat- chogue. The foil 1-t eted wedd ing cake was made b> the bi de mothei. The 1 Itai and bridal b 1 quets weie made bv Mi s . Chaik- Albeit Tilton , of lth ea , the bnde aunt. The bnde i- a gradua t e of \^ Baypoit High School and attended the C.W. Post and the Suffolk Community Colleges . She is pre- sentl y emp loyed at the Biookha- \cn National Laboiatory. The bndegioom is a giaduate of the New Yoik Univeisity School of Comraeiece and a mem- ber ol the Thcta Chi Fratenrty. He is emp loy ed by Huych Sys- tems Co inc , in Huntington as a -upeiviMU oi c\ lploynie it Mi and Mis (kaidm » ire now lesidmg at 1 Paik A\eiuu , Pat- chogue. A memory book of girlhood dates and other happy occasions could be rounded out to perfec- tion w ith jour choice of one of the numerously st a led w edding invitations on di«pla\ a* Tiio Vd\ance — always at budget prices . —Adv NOTES ON NUPTIALS

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