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BE »:«;:-5‘ ‘ I, .,\‘2.‘ - \:«a=‘»’~}vv 4;‘.-.1 “'_>‘1‘,?{»«‘¥.‘,‘,3‘:;'.'~’,;§“'e.£‘ ;;‘§=-x~3 » _ ':u;~«~~ ..':,~s\:-'»~ -....'.x=T.:,, ,. :‘.~5.~‘..x “ V ~ «“:~‘ ‘:~ s“\-::‘;‘-‘N=1‘\.~\‘: * ’ ~. =*s~ HE‘ «~~“\'—.»-: \iv , Wu -§:\'I!\1“\“\\\.‘ v- .~:>~.,;~‘;a ,w_j-,:;..'»._ am W: ‘Lr 9?? \‘ '. ~‘.f~‘T »3.‘~;‘a.'=‘ 2;». V‘: , 7 : ~,v.;;‘.~‘-_r .' ‘ 3 ,.-, 2; v 4~1- v ’-’ ~‘. 2’; -s’..’~‘-.'.. A \ , ’; .24’, ‘. .1 N 4; I, ,: C‘lTY OF’ ‘LA‘CiKAWANN}A‘ In ILY J@URNL FOUR PAGES O‘F'FI:C'lAL PAPER ‘FOR THE E*NT<IR:E TOWNSHIP OF WEST SENECA N. Y. BUFFALO, N, Y. FRIDAY, APRIL 7, 1916 LACKAWANNA, N. Y; PR!Z?E FIGHIS “ , MiiiS‘T W WITH BUR TAXPAYAERS HAVING T0 PAY THE $11,000.00 JUDG- MENTSTARINGTHEMINTHE SUBGESTS cums m cmmun LINES Don-’t ignore Fly Menace This Season Maké War on Flies: Ward ‘ Off Disease. HFFIEE’ OF .NEW AM%E Captain Norton Has New Plaxi; For Developement of the Up- per Part of Buffalo River. Many persons do. not realize what a In order to make this community a better place to the m. we must declare- war on the house at omen if we do not slip up on. him ‘Hid strike the lm,rd smashing bluu. he is £:ui.n.E; to come at us in uverxiheiming numbers. How mz1y'we suv-L'o~'.5ful._V rig't the ‘By destroying ortremuving his breeding ’n1a.ce. the manure pile. re- moving all garbage and making the privy vault \ and by keeping our yarlls and alleys clean. We must screen our houses and use the smcatter and sticky paper without let-up. Where is the fly born? In gen- erally in horse manure and outhouees. sometimes in the of dead and rot- ting animals—ne-vex‘ in any clmn. wholesome place. The life cycle of the iiy‘s birth runs about ten days from the time than egg is laid until the mature insect is born. A maggot is hatched from the egg. The maggot he- comes s. pupa (a state corresponding to the tadpole state in frog lite), and the pupa becomes the mature that helps to make life miserable for us in warm weather. <::r-ious, menace the fly is to the health If this community. it is characteristic at the average man to ignore this kind of danger until it threatens his ‘own family. “Oh, the ! be the means of carrying a fatal disease to some puny person.\ you reason. perhaps. “but there's no danger of his bringing «it to me—I‘m in pretty good shape. I eat three. squgre meals a day and sleep all right.” , That is a characteristic, attitude ~02 soldiers Rather, it ‘used to be so. Doubtless you remember the awful toll of life taken among the soldiers en'- ceniped at Chickauiauga. during the Spanish-Americlan war. If you do not you can easily lool-:'it up. Those boys in blue “died like Flies caused the death of most of those stricken with typhoid and dysentery. It came about in this way. Human excreta carries the bacteria of typhoid fever, éholera, dysentery, summer com- plaint, tuberculosis and intestinal dis- eases of other varieties. Flies feed on human excreta. as you know if you have, kept your eyes open. The Lesson of 1898. Mark 31. 191%} Mr L'ha.rles W. Ellis. Eil‘.to1', Journal GU‘-IIPEHATION IS. ;lE:E|J'E 0000100 sc000L WANTS T!) 0000000000: $130,000 MORE L_ack2u\'auuzL. Y, Affected Property-owne;rs Will be .—\.~.!<ed to Join With City ‘ In Making Improvement. %ome time ago one man bent an- other to death in the prize ring in‘ California. This shocking perform- ance stirretl the conscience of the State, aroused the citizens to their oral obligation and iie ended prize jiglitiiig in California Last Saturday might a gigantic prize fight was presented to the pub- lic of ‘New York in Madison Square Garden. The sanguinary siujvivor oi the ‘death battle in California et an~ otherp rofessional pugilist in a b1‘u~ tal and bloody encounter. It is a falsehood to say that this -encounter was eroly a boxing exhib- ition. It was a\.prize There were both the prize and the tight. Each contestant expressed zpublcly ‘beforehand his deterination to “knock out\ the other, and each during the did his utmost to in the severest bodily injury upon the other for the delectration of an eager and excited cvrowd. Faces were bleeding h&_1n(1S were broken in this brutal struggle. some thousand of people of all classes witnessed this degrading and demoralizing exhibition, and among the spectators were hundreds 0! W0- men. Kreinhéder Thinks It soon. Public Hearing Arranged’ for Ap- ril 14th When Details of New Scheme Will be Unfolded IF THE “PLANT” SHOULD SHUT DOWN IN ONE YEAR FROM NOW, ONE HALF OF THE HOUSES WOULD BE EMPTY IN THE OLD VILLAGE A co-operative plan for the develop- ment of the Buffalo river from the up per Lat-kawanna raiii'oad bridge. to which point the work has already been carried, to Seneca street, was laid before the council yesterday at- ternoon by Arthur W. Kreinheder, superintendent of public works; in A report by Captain Norton. engineer- ing commissioner. it provides for a change in the proposed channel lines. a pooling of the interests oi the city and the property owners affected by the improvement. the selection 0: a trust company to receive the pro- perty and transfer title and three dis» interested real-estate men to appraise the land needed for the new channel. At the request oi Mr. Kreinlieder. the matter was set down (or 0. public hearing on April 14th. In the mean- tlme. a copy of the plan will be sent to all of the interested landowners‘ There are about fifteen of these own- ers and in general. it is said, they are in sympathy with the proposition. It is pointed out in the report at Captain Norton that a change -In the channel lines below the upper Lacke- wanna. railroad bridge hes Iicelaitlts. ed a modi oi the plan for the - river development up to'Senoca-street — “The plan for improvementlof the river shore this bridge.\ my: Captain ‘Norton. “must be modi to meet the portion constructed below the bridge. The most desirable line for this channel would be as direct II possible from this railroad bridge to the Seneca street bridge. This line would conform in but small part to the present channel and would leave the land as now subdivided in ‘most inc-onvenient sizes for the commercial use of the channel. With this straight- ened channel there would be but small parcels of land exclusive 0! that ownecl by the I‘it_\' above the Bailey ll\‘t‘llllE‘ bridge and such would not warrant the extra cost of the con- . struinun and nizuiitennnce of a bus-4 cull» bridge on Bailey avenue above the cost of a bridge. \Tins \ilililllE‘l czui. be modi within this territory so as to provide rnnsitlernble valuable water front- age on this new channel. but such rollld be accomplislierl only by tho. co-operation of the interested own- ers. The improvement of the chan- nel has progressed practically to this point and if it is to be continued ‘this season the channel lines should be do-' '- termined as soon as possible.\ There was a meeting of interested property-owners on .\‘lni't-11 33d. he states. and as a result of the meeting he thought it advisable to recommend to the council some ‘general plan or action which could be considered. He;-_,.. i-ecommenris that the channel be ex- tended easterly of the Lackan'nlma.~ railroad bridge at approximately right angles with Bailey avenue and thence in a direct line to the Seneca street bridge over the river. He re- commends also that th plan be sub- mitted to the property owners and that an answer be received from them within 30 days. Flies Live in ‘Filth Not a great deal about the value of camp sanitation was known in 1898. The American army medical corps was not organized as it 1' I,’ is‘ nttalw. Tile mob- §,V 5/ mi on pace at ‘\{\\31 Chicksmsugs was ‘.3; .1 9,, not clean. Garbage , .‘ ,. ' and sewage were 3‘ 5. 7 not destroyed as ' they are now. In _ that large body o! men it was inevitable that some should be disease carriers. The waste matter which they ‘threw o acted as an in- cubator tor the bacteria which it cars _»_l;:1iaa,gnd.otlm.Lss9cts. lautwes-o Dociagly ales. IWCUIIGQ around the sinks. and (ed. They ‘were a fritntful annoyance at meal time. and they- were the army's most deadly enemy tortliey distributed dangerous germs among all the men. As a result lever and bowel diseases became almost an epidemic. As a nation we were taught s solemn lesson about the menace of insects. our army medical men learned more in the Philippines. in Cuba, in Porto Rico and in the Canal Zone about the relation of mosquitoes and lice to the spread or disease than had previously been learned in two or three thousand years. Cleaner Than Homes. Where does the fly live‘! Where there is filth and there is nothing too for the to eat. He eats clean food also. but his special delight seems to be wallowing in filth. then buzzing into the house and wiping his feet and wings on substances you are about to eat. Watch him and see for yourseii. Think of the most. sickening. dis~ gusting places where you have seen Think of them until your palate is light and the pit of your stomach ticklish. For if you think hard‘ enough about this dangerous, nasty insect post you will help fight his whole tribe with all your might. The favorite place or residence is In. the manure pile, the prineunit, the urhuecan end the Ipittocn. But. he is 3 rentiau imect end un- less he er w: n d or mo: or less tree] THEH [IKE II 1912. THE YEAR THE SHHIIOLS TO0K T0 BASE THEIH UAW HHTABEH HF PUPILS II. [THE HALF OF THE SEATS WE HHW HAVE WOULB HE EAAPTY It is su menace to public‘ morality and decency when men are. allowed to ‘attend theses brutal and’ brutalizing performances. The menace is aggravated and in-. tensi when women are allowed to he demoralized by such exhibitions. I ask you as a brother editor wheth or you-,do..no$...think‘-thnLn lain ha; been put upon tho good name ot’t_h.lTI\ _great city and this great State. which we all love so well, by these shameful prize tights. by the governinen-ta!‘ authorization of them and govern- mental participation in their iniam-. ous ‘pro -In order t° show how’ fast this city has grown, the Superinten- dent of Education took the of 1912, when one half of the houses in both villages were empty, and then he gave us the figures for 1916, when the plant is running full, owing to war orders, to show us how ‘fast our city was growing. ' -But we, were here - \ we have-» been hanging around. here since 1900 and we have it little idea of our own, about how fast this city grows, when the “plant” is shut down. We do not think that any “old timer” will deny, that when a, period of depression strikes us, but. what the Lackawanna boys are the first one to get what the chicken gets, and the 6 cent car keeps right on running. , We like enterprise, in fact its our middle name, but we do not think that the Superintendent of our school, since his sojourn among us, since last August, to be exact, is quite as familiar with the itinerant population of Lackawanna as some of us, who have to stay here and foot the bills, while our (property) unattached brothers hie themselves to Other climes, when a'shut down comes at the plant, the main sourqa of employment here. The salary of the Superintendent of Education goes on and on irrespective of whether you and I work 6r not, so he should worry about theiittle matter of $130,000.00. Politicians of this city have ‘ouen complained oi the dominant In ol the remainder of the State. but it ‘seems to me that In moral matters at least this may be a bene sit- nation. 86 when thé n ms 11 u r a pil- the privy-van! It New York City cannot save 1!- sell! from such dobasing acts and con- sequences as these prize pro- vide. then the State should save the -city trom itself and preserve th good‘ morals and good repute of the city and of the State. the garbag c a n 3n d t h e spittoon _he makes an excursion into the kitchen. dining room and bedrooms of the nearest residence. He Breeds Dlneale. Visit any ot our army encampment: today. They are kept cleaner than the average housekeeper keeps her prem- ises. Special attention is given to the sanitary disposal of garbage. of saw- age and oi! other waste matter coming (mm the ‘camp hospital. Elaborate means of protection against mow quitoee, lice and bedbugs are taken-— but ‘ are considered the- most filthy and dangerous from the medical point of view. It is safe to any that it this com- munity should cooperate, and not at once so as to clean up the town thor- oughly. with special attention given to the breeding places of iiies. the average 0! serious illness here would be reduced so per cent _!or the months of June, July. August and September. Such I olesn-up campaign is not in- possible, It means the spraying oi manure piles witli s simple kerosene solution every dsy or so, frequent re- move! of manure piles. screened toilets, covered gu-hale csns and the use at ly ssrsttors and ly user by OVNTOIIO. Do you not think that the press of New York City and New York State shnnid unite in an effort to main- tain the mural st.iu1(im'(is of the com- munities \'vhit-h they serve, to end this disgraceful and demoralizing prize fighting. as nearly every other State in the Union has done. to repudiate this partnership between the State and the criminal and to repeal the law which authorizes it.’ You’ve got to pay the bill Bo, and its you that will say on the 21 st whether the “BUILDERS TRUST\ will get. your surplus earnings for the next 7 years or not. What does he do in these places of exploration? He wipes his feet on the food, bathes in the mllk. or drowns in it. and annoys the sle?era. If there is a sick person arou (1. xx consump- tlm 10]‘ instance. he allglxts on the patient's llps or invades his sputum cup and takes on a load of deadly germs. This he distributes on the food. on the baby's lips or on your own it you are not very caretul to shoe lxlm away. You MUST vote on the 21st, if you are against this deal, by voting NO, it will take two yeses to offset your vote and if you are against the hold up and you do not vote it-only takes one passenger on the steam roller to count two. ‘ ‘DON'T FORGET THE DATE OF THE SCHOOL MEETING. APRIL 21st, AT THE HIGH SCHOOL. It you believe there should be u. united en’oi‘t ‘to these endn, I shall be very much complimented and very much encouraged ln my endeavor if you will give some exprésslon to your sentiments through the columns or my newspapers. You can't just wish they wouldn't pass that hold up, you MUST VOTE N-O. N0. _ THEY ARE FIGHTING HARD What are you doing to offst it? A buny death’: head is the house He killed more American soldiers in the Spanish-American war than the bullets of the Spaniards. and was the direct cause of much or the typhoid fever in the United States last year. He oannot be ignored safely. The only way this town can anec- tually exterminate me: la to mnke an organized e Our municipal air thermos and health o should map out a campaign immediately and enlist the active aid of everybody in the community. , You wife an vote don't forget that. Read ‘the “notice” on page of Yesterday's JOURNAL. ?$130,000.00 is a bunch of money, are you going to spend it now. I shall also be under obligations it you will be so kind as [to send me to my personal address any editorials or articles or articles which spepsr in your in paper on this sub- ject. I hope that if we think alike on. these matters, we may work together and accomplish this desired. and I believe much needed, reform. Very sincerely yours. signed: Wm. R. Hearst. THE .l0URNA|'. HAS GONE T0 QUITE AN EXPENSE TO OBTAIN THE SERVICES OF THOSE WHO ARE EXPERTS -A T TH E , It is advised in the roport that the council nominate three reputable trust companies. only one of which- is to be selected. the owners selecting it by ballot. This company would x~c-celve title to the property nhd make transfer of propertym-cording to trust. deed condmons. Three appraiser; are to be Se19'L‘§8(l\l1n(1el' the plan by the property owners from slx to be nominated by the <‘ount'il. GIIMMITTEE Tl] REPORT BOMMIJN COUNCIL Seventy-one and seven tenths per cent. of our Imports for ‘December. 1915. came In duty free to compete with American products. No reve- nue was paid to the United States 'I‘mnsury. and there was no decrease In the‘ cost or living.—~Monmouth (111. Daily Atlas. . Mont. Imports Free The committee conslstixm of John- 2\ln1ro,v. vhgirman and P. J. Leahy. and William Bnrrell who were to con- fer with the school: board and Com- ~niissioner Ileulcl in regtml to opening the South Park Him; school gymm\s~ lum evenings between the hours or 7 to 10’. for the public. will un- doulltedly have a report next meeting -night or the Waterfront Soutlxsido Citizens association. Friday evening April 14th. , “CLEAN UP AND PAINT UP BUSINESS\ We Have Contracted With the American Press Association to Furnish‘us With The Highest Class Copy Ob- tainable on the Sub» jaect. Paint Up Campaign Bureau\ whose When the appraisal is completed the owners shall divide the land and frontage values into parcels for each of the co-operating owners and lo‘: suvh value as will be proportional‘ to ;he whole value of the included im- proved lands as each such holding was proportioned to the whole ix} eluded lands before improvement. . “When me nppralsal is completed the city will pay to the trustee the value of\ the lands within the lines of the proposed channel at. the ’rItes~ by the appra‘lsers.\‘ April 7th. 1916. Honorable Mayor nnd ‘iiommon Coun- (:11 Gentlemen: Last year Lzu-imwnnna. at «the di- -rection of its’ Common council. set apart. a week, known as “CLEAN UP «Ii: PAINT UP\ week. the people‘ responded vigorously to the (‘all of‘ «rule, to combat the common enemy. THE JOURNAL has. wan the assis- tanoe of the National body. at St. Louis, started 9. ‘newspaper campaign. in ilzehait ol cleaning up the city as a‘ nun . 4‘ ' TOO LATE T0 CLASSIFY l\eu(1quru'Lers area St. Louis. Mo. Don't forget that ”(‘lezmlluess ls next to Godllnness‘ so for God's snke‘ get busy and be clean. Let us torn week. heglnning Aprll 24th. beat. our hammers into clean- lng implements. give the “Gold Dust twlns\ ‘a Job. call ln the “Old Dutch Cleanser\ a job and like the \Birth of it Natlon\ let us oonclve :1 new city. . Winter has removed ‘her mantel. and she has revealed a sight that in some places. (1 decent parent mlsqulto would refuse to rear its young. so let us join hands. circle around ‘the dlrt and chase it out of town. wANTED~—P}ace to board by lady Must be within 10 mixlxxteh walk from Journal office. References ex- changed. Address Miss K.--Joxmml Omce. . J SHUT H BUFFALII GU18 T0 IMIGE WANTED—‘0QNTRAQTS T0 DIG Cellars a1'uj'j#yie_;-.9‘ can furnish plenty of men to do» quick 1013:: '69-7 Ingham avenue. ~d-8——p . P. MONAGO ‘We will Ask the Common Coun- oil to Designate the Week of Am-il 24th as “Clean Un and Paint Up Week”’ It is pvoposed. that in case auyovrfné er of property affected does not ‘join .j in the trust‘ that the =t1-ustee with the written consent of the three trustees , may buy such property from -any bals $. ance of _tun(1s paid by the city of —1m- proving the channel. , ,'IVhis paper in behalf of its Chamber of Commerce. ‘The Lackawmma Citi- zen’s' Ass’1_1., The Third Ward Tax- payéra Aus'n., The First Ward Equal , Tax Ass’-n. and its citizens at large. come to you, as the city's legal re- ‘prepentatives. to lend the power vest- ed \in you, to the passing «a. resolu- tlqq. designating the‘ weak .0! April .:34.t.lI.. as 91., -week to bus knbwn as f\»G%E.A UP PAINT UP WEEK.\; - _.e, cnn inure’ you nhnt this mcve-; ‘mini. has ‘the .suppor.t\ot every gner-' ‘qhggng an nun‘ c1nyjV»and' that we hold ‘ lined 66;1tract§« tram, .3 number of “\ $!1?\.‘ ?<.>5.r.-' one Iollth ‘wee; ox .ndvar.t!s=V -rm» 's,, - , ‘ \. The South Buffalo Serial‘ and Ath- letic club is now contemplating to give the South Buffalo folks one of the best times they have ever had. 'l‘hey- are going to hold‘ a novelty social at M<*Dou’njough\s hall. corner ‘South Park avenue and C11o“uto ave- nue, some ‘night the first week in ‘May. A _ _It is rumored that the oqmmitgee in charge have vmany ‘suvprises await; ing [or the members and their i‘ri~‘ ends on this night. Theses surprises will not ‘he’ devulged until the evening of the big, time, Tiékts wjil be oi! :é.,al(3, by all members or at the hall, For Rent-.—0ne modern well furn- ished alaeping room. one square from car line. Apply 48!) Conan Ave. Lacknwannu. THE JOURNAL has w)‘i_tten the —common council puking that body to coéopernte with it. in a campaign ‘to make a city wide “Clean up & Paint‘ Up Week,\ 0!‘ course this does not iatbp you from getting busy now. THE JOURNAL will run 3 special’ image (‘it “nds\ telling you of tlielmera ‘chants who are prepmted to furniall you] with. PAINTS. HOES‘, RA_KES.. -MOPS’, SOAP. 33tc., at prices that will get tlxev businepa. . We ‘have’. .beald'es* the American Press’ Maoqiatlon’. eriliated the servic- er‘i'- at ‘—\1§he Nntloxiul Clean‘ Up and \The future -of this country's {;rad‘a‘ and industry depends largely upon the questions of when and how peace will return to the world.“ says B’rnd~ Street's unmi_aI report on‘ American business. and‘ the prospectsnof Amer-: “ion; markets .ove‘ratocked» with cheap, -foreign‘ mhdc‘: goods are by no meami‘. ing to begin Monday April 17th. mak- ing special prices on cleaning utensils for this special occasion ‘ May we \have your \omcini .§iTp'- port.\ Yours for u cleuner pity. \ ' The Jou‘x{n‘a.’l‘., ,0!-IAS; \WT. ELLIS, Editor. Under the proposed» km the’ river would be improved ma point » 500 feet from Seneva street, a baaéuxaf bridge W-0‘u1(_1 be built at Bailey ave» 3; uue and this rthoxvoxlglxtaie would he L), relocated between Elk street and A1)‘-_ ‘'9 hot; road, ‘ , A, Cznptam Norton advises ngaihit‘g§.ts_r1};T.\ tublishmg a ‘turning 'baa1_n at £116 >1>|'l‘l3¢‘«-‘s jrloxg at ‘Buffalo river and Ogzendvia. ,j

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