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1 . _ . ...,~.:4‘,~‘!.\; #7 u‘ ,. A:§\\IA\.‘/ - ,7 2» = €«.~f*v‘r- ;» -- ‘. _._ ; ';_-.\ — . n .1427 h’ My‘.-§=v'i‘-:‘—';\ ' . ’J$53\-'_; - ’ J -' 6'3“ 4*--\I\ ,-*.;‘,*f .21. . as-.;_-;-» Ar‘_‘.’ . .~,. - K.-~. - . « ’ ‘ . ¢'- Y, '- . ‘- W-‘:I,\~‘-. ms\: ‘ 4.; M’. ;'.'.‘.y-‘ - V‘ ‘- <2:-.‘ .5 ,r...- 3 ‘.3, 1 5 .,« '. 3; ,. .' «~;..~‘» 3‘.-*~'.-~ ‘A’ . ..»v.,‘.,.»_. 0F?FI‘ClLA'L PAPER 'FOTR- CITY OF ’LACK}AWANNA PAGES THE DZXILY .I©URNZlL PAGES OFFICIAL PAPER FOR THE ENTIRE TOWNSHIP OF WEST SENECA N. Y. VOL I BUFFALO, N. Y. SATURDAY, APRIL 1. 1916 .I.ACKA\VANNA, N. Y One (.'('ut‘ HAPPY HWR SWEIAAY THE TMES ANSWERS THE “CITY 8‘C EMR. V088 IS A EUYAL REPUBLICAN AHU ‘ SHOULD HAVE THE SUPPURT OF EVERY 3 TRUE MEMBER OF THAT PARTY NEXT TUESDAY ‘HAPPY HOUR SUNDAY, IST SHOW 2:15 SECOND SHOW 7:00 AND 3d SHOW 8 0’(‘L()Cl\', FOR 10 c. TWO QUESTIONS AND TWO ANSWERS The noxvspaxper which is (lin-(‘ting its best efforts in behalf of [hp KL-pub iv-an prin1zu',\' «-oxumiuce. published the following questions umlvr this hmul ing 'l‘h,urs<1ay ew.-niug: A Mam Who Does. Not Flop I£\'er_v Time The Political Wind Blows Cam Be 'l‘ru.~;ted Wit-h Your Affairs. 'l‘\\'() Ql\E'S'I‘l0.\'S ‘FOR ERIE (‘0['I\'TY REP1'BLI(‘.-\I\'S T1) ASK '1‘}IE.\‘ISl‘IL\'I~Z.~‘. I*‘ir.st —Is the unitml Dc-x11u(-rati: pm-ss uf Buffalo .~ummx'lim.'. flu-**'~** mzu~him- tirkot for .~1ut¢- and vuunty rnunnittvr-um-u in th-- pr-ms-ui 1nuu.xr_\ l'o11U‘~t lm-211139 tlu-3' lJl‘Ut‘\'t' ih .~u«~u-.~.~' will hv fur Ilu- 1:-ul gun-I uf Lha- Rvpublirmx p:u'ty'.’ 9‘ ::§<”3:f€=, \ -I :-I.‘ ~' _-§»m‘ F}. Sm-nxnl 1-: t.h:- lillllc-:1 l)L'IHuI‘|uliI' 1m-<< nf Isuffuln m.l\-n.ntiu;: -I»-vu‘--:| uf \“\11:Lti-uml xl(-l:~;:uu-~‘ In--.u11~‘v lhrsu paw-1‘.~ ,1‘:-‘.1113. uuul. In ~~«- (‘Imxl--~ I-J. Hugln-s xmuxinuti-d fur prmuls-In at (‘Im:.|gu in Jum-' '[\hv.»v l\\‘n u11.~\\:v;':~ 1111- gin-n and «Inn-rt:-(1 tn 1Ixu~.~ In-pu‘l»l|u;:n~ \-.hu lmvv hm-n murv or lus.-. l:11Il_\_'x:1;::.'--<1 by tlu- i11.~Lm.:L-uL~ 1~\ir.-t. Thu unm-nil .1»--mm r.m- pr:-,~.~ is ****1m-rm-l_\ a-nliglm-uinz: .1 «nu--V what bt»1‘m.:;:x-«1 puhliv un the Hull cumhliun 01' u The publiv is ('lIl'i('l('ll to lmrh si(ll“~ M’ [he (lays nt-\\\. Sermui 'I‘lm units-(l lh-1unu~1'av.ir 1:1‘;-as is not int:-1'1-.~u~ul in iih- ‘I{»-puh- Iic-an I’n-aiduniul numim---. \: 3' From the Moving Picture Wolrld \ —March 4th, 1916. E|.MER E. HARRIS FOR BGMMITTEEMAN Mrs. Ella C. Souter Died Last Night Ghamber of Commerce Election Opening Episodes of Pathe Ser- ial I'l‘0l11iS€ a Story of the First Quality-—-Thrills A Plen- ty and 21 Few Laughs. l.lu\‘e- )‘ull c-vs-r lnmwn Lilu \.\'¢-\\-.\ tn ]1l'llll u11_Hl:i11t:. tlm'm'.: tho 1; yP2ll‘s .\lr. ll2mi~ \\a.» in lhu llnunl n1‘ .—\lx1«-r- m.s.u. thm suiul lw riill nnl \vm~l<. at all i.un~~ f'Il‘ 1114- lu-:~l xlll-1\~l.~ of all mum-1-1 llltll? Hun‘ 3-nu «\--I‘ ll»-urn‘. Hm \.\’:-\v<“ rl\.11';:v that Mr. I-.I:u'ri.~ lr1.~ un! lilh-(I llw nlhru of Stulv (‘nmmilLe-vxluui. in tin» 4t.l\ .'\~\(‘llll)l_\' :1i~‘tI‘iu t. with nu-(lit to himself and thv It:-publi-~n.n }ml‘t_\\.’ Have _\nu. in fact 4-vs-r lu-zlrd tho \1\'e\vs\ tell the people that Mr. .Hi1l‘- ris has been a true Iiepublh-2111. a man whom sel imerests could not swerve from what his sense of tluty dicmted? If Mr. Harris has served the party well and wishes at this time to keep it together. should not the true blue Republicans rally around his stand- ard and reward him with a. re-elem tion if they want to keep a husiness- man of his standing in office? .\vI‘rs. Suuter is the Wife of Eli Russ SuL1te1‘of Victnry Ave. ELMER HAGMAIEB ELEGTED PRESHIEHT 1‘rzu\ti:-t- hus |'H'lll|- tlw Putlw ‘(‘KIHr puny nozztl-lx p1u:‘»- imxt ii. ihl'1H.‘lNl|l|— [lull of mini! thr-lnpln_\:~ Tlhruudli Ions: nzgu-xirmu. lnagnmiug w1i:h Hu- n-nu\\*:.- -l ‘ 1\«~ril~ nl‘ I-‘uulinu.\ dirm-r- 01's and ..qa-mum uriu-r.~ mniu--x..-sl with £'.'u,tlie hzuv It-znm-xi the nliiiiuiit art of 1.vl1in.2 1| .~lllI\' in lllslililul so that can In Il‘l('.l\L* in x umplotu {n it svlt‘. yet an L'S.\(‘llLi(1I part of an ex- tended plot. Seemingly. they have found it wise to make each reel iliitwestiilg. quite as if it were expectecl to stand on its own merits. Protracted expos- itions are avoideti, 61' perhaps it would be more acurate to say that the m=cessa1‘_\' o.\'position—the intro- duction of the characters and a clear outline of their re1ationship—is in- corporated iii the (lmnmtis action. Such. at ieast. is the impression left by the two episodes of ‘‘The_ Iron Claw.\ that bids fair to become the most popular serial made by Pathe. Lust ulL:hI at 11 u“:-lmk zl~.1l.h mll-.l from nux‘ Hli(l\‘I ;\lr~. l-Illa ('. Suuu-1 \\'1I‘:- of E‘: -“.|)~.\‘ ‘\uilL|'!' and mutln-r of v.-ight llu-In-n, Juhn. ll: in-u. ;\'l:u',\' lln-umxn. l{ns.~ J1-.. l'}d\\‘dl(l. Azitlmny. Nlirlmrl. (‘.at:lu-x‘ii1u- and four si.~u-i':~. Mrs. Stlulll-:. of Sul- mamn. .\lr.<. A. '1‘. Sulix-oulc. .\lr.~a. l). J. l“n1e:.’ of 'l'itusvill(-, Iglrs .\Iurgzu-e-t M('Qlli1.(l. ()rclm1'Ll Park. one lwotlwr Mir-lm<>l Brennan of Bradford Pa. Death in its most avceptablo form is aways lamentable even tilm it comes to relieve sufl‘e-ring and dos- palr. but when it enters a homo and calls the mother of eight vliiltlren tliero is no one who can estimate the loss to the husband and father and only as time rolls on will the true loss, to the immediate family be really known. mfaieis In t,: Retire a Lot of Old ._ Fogies at last --. x -1» PH ~ n!-' ni. ‘I31-lln-r H.|.'llI'd1~'1' \\:- o-~'I'x- >115» I I. \\ In H. \\ hr.‘Ii- ll .'.-nu .-1. .1 n...y -.-n~ x.. zmnk >‘s-.r«mIj\'. (9:-u R. .\I»|l\~ 'l‘n-u,~Ii1't'!. G:-0. H. \\'1«k< I::- I\l\x|.1'\ l :1 nu! .n-«I hr \\uu,.l I. Uil‘('(‘UH‘, ‘I’. ‘.\liIvkul-ls I)iI‘I‘('tm'. 1.. G. Lenlmm After tlu- ole-x-tiuzn the chamber took up the Ilmllo-r of bulldilu: the s-rhool additions and while lhv body did not take any offirinl an-tion. ow- ing :1 report. yet the fvelinzz run very high z15zaix1.~:1 tho (-xpmul- iture of $13u.uuu.uu for tiles? ad- ditions. nmt.m- nun “u on 111.4 mxnl»-\ \EH-1'_\'bu¢l)' i~ v:l!iI.!o--I \v .\.f~ ~;-:1. nun ulnl my -mp‘:-.1-on :. t.!;:u§ x'u- Hr- publlum pzu't_v .~hnuhl lw h-l<I tn- gether as a unit and :t‘ ~nmv- in-nplv who were born and rai.~I-d in tho- ramk.-: of the R»-nu!-ii-an (Ir,r:.m:1~ atiun and nwr all th»-_\ are-. ;m1‘.I1- ails In it. want In start a mm» purl) nf their own. that 1~ Llu-Sr 1m~im~<<.\ “-1- Hope A Certain Principle AL Nu. 61 Sees This (111 mu rs-«'nmn19nda(.ion or Supt. ‘ I-Im--r.~-m --z‘ Llw department of educa- uun. :22» - 11)‘ 4-uunril m special meet- nm at :1 buard of ponsiontrustees thi; « mnrnimz nude up us mind [0 adopt57a~‘«-X; ' pol):-y of retiring upon pension somé - of the older learht-r.~' in the city's ser- vire who hzu-o put in the quote. 0! _wars that is re-quire’! as a prerequis- ' in- to pt-n-amnms and who. through I udmn-‘e-.d am‘. arr not. as ef as . \ _\'mmgm' t.Pu--hr-rs would be. ‘ ‘ Now. if never before. is the time for every good man to come to the aid of his party. You must decide Tucs- day whether or no you want trans- formers elected. Il’ you would decide on merits. all we ask of you is to glance at the court mot-eo(1ing.~: that followed the olectiou of (‘ounty (‘lork .\leahl. he was a‘ reformed (-andidate of the re- formers nnd the rourts had to be in- It was xzlezxrly den1onst1'zuod. that. the majority of the membc-rs [)1’t'Is- out were against this propu.-itiun and are strongly in fzu'm' of tho two shift idea. I had witluirzuxn from pnlith: and unly an HIV --.u‘m~.~t ~u1i- haziun of no frzun-1’~. dul I nurwnt in go min xh1:< mnmzxiillx. and I did ~n bt'Ct\lI;~v zlwir u’-u11.~o 1.~ my -.m:~z~ and Inn» -nus-~ u!’ the ms-:11 .\mrri-‘an Pru- Lmuvv K011111111: an !‘un_\ \ \'l‘h1:< (‘.'ln1p:n;;n 1: not w murh wxll ‘n and >1) hr --I---1»-:1 or ml»-{mm--I. ;u it l~ W111 thr- \uraual U!-I Party‘ “in max‘: fu!I\\ The will of the Almighty we have not the right to question and we have been taught that “all is for the lies!\ but in View of all this n ll0il\'_\' loss is being hourne h,\\ this bweztved family and gre:\te.r so by the fact. that. one boy is still in n \’i‘l‘_\' Sm‘- ious rendition from the same nil- ment. pneumonia. that took mvay the mother. and the baby of the family is under the special (‘-Zil‘C 01‘ n dmttm‘ and nurse. As it befalls our lot to write the notice of such a death as this we go to our task. not in the usual mn- tine of duty. but with feeling of the deepest sympathy and the knowledge that what we write and say here. cannot express the sadness and the earthly loss that has been sustained by \Ross\ Souter and his family. The funeral of Mrs. Souter will he held at the family residence. 414 Victory Ave.. Tuesday morning at 9 o'clock and from St Patricks Church at 10. Titusville papers please copy. The people in general me for the ulnublv shift svhmuv and the unl_\‘ ones who upvnly oppose it. is the Buikl:-1\s and ’l‘e\m-In-rs ’I‘1'u.~K. If past performances are a safe tok- en of the future, we should say that in winning combination is engaged in prodm-int: this story of mystery and thrills. The author. Arthur String- er. is blessvcl with an astonishingly ‘fertile imagination. For many years he has he:-n rontributiug weird stor- ies to Anierictan magazines. and he may be counted upon for just the quality of ingenuity required in a photoplay of this character. George Brackett Seitz. who is putting the stories into scenario form, has re- vealed this competency on precious occasions. Eclw. Jose is one or the most artlstib directors making pic- tures in America. and the screen has brought forth no more daring hero- ine than Pearl White. Just why thv lP shnuhl nin- puse this 1< nut l'('u(IiI,\' st-I-ll. III as murh as It.rvq11i1'(-- more than hr-rs and in r‘m\sm'\'ii1;: thr- t’..‘21N'Il(Htlll'I‘S 01‘ public‘ nmney for builuling.-z. wnuhl loud to leave nmre man:-y available to inr'rensr- wages. The members of tho (‘hambvr of (‘ommerce are against this $13n.0uu. blow out. The Lnckaxvunna (‘itizens Ass'n is against this $I30,unn,ou Builders Jubilee. The huarzl aulhnrxzvd Supt. Emer- son in make up u lust of the teachers \\‘huse I'P(i.'Pn1e11t nu pension would lm for ihr- good uf the service. Mr. Emwrson ‘s-and afterwm-ds that he will not act hurriedly. but may occupy the remainder of the school year put- ting those retirements through. He would nnl give an estimate of the exact number of teachers who will be affected. but estimated more than ten will go. These are teachers who do n_ot care to retire voluntarily. oknd to stop the illegal appointments he had made in this office. \’I‘liut i~ th-- 1~:~n:~ ni ~lnk'u. Lin- ruln .~l\lIl ‘It I.~ um xi tllat.tf‘l‘ uf freo- im: H19 ;~lmw~- nl' lu-upim: them in lmmlugo the l’ninn nuts: uml shall hr pn-s¢rve¢l'. and it is imlay not n qu¢=:-Lion of. will the organization -znntlidntos he z-lwtvrl. it is :1 case of they must be elertvd if we do not want a dissolution of the Repub- lican party. at this particular time.\ The Journal can not see wherein the \.\'9ws\ ran expert any glory in trying to force upon the public. a series of political nomuiitteemen. who when their man Meahl was elect- ed last fall. the city of Buffalo had to enjoin the aid 0! the courts to legally bar the doors of his office against the political wolves. of the Primary (Vommlttee. who are today masquerading: in sheep's clothing. The Journal has lost faith in the If that be reformed politics. we see it not. THE JOURNAL is of the opinion that the personal merimrious quali cations of Elmer E. Harris will elect him. Let's hope so. The Equal Tax Ass'n is against the Plumlexbusting propogrnndu. PA PER PRICES boLUn\:L M EE I 3 R001 “Tho Vengeance of Legar.” in two reels opens the serial at a rapid pace. It is here that we notice the expert- ness with which interest is aroused in the story of the girl. Margery Golden, who is kidnapped when a child and reared by the vengeful Jules Legar--“The Iron (‘law.\ In scenes or the most vivid kind, we see enough of the past of the characters to comprcliend their motives. The plot is original in conception and the action, while entirely free from pad- -ding. is complete enough to escape ap- pearing fragmentary. It will be an unresponsive audience. indeed. that does not respond to the horror 0|.’ Legar's punishment when his arm is crushed and his face is branded with a hot iron. More thrilling still are the scenes. the inundation of an entire island and the escape of Mar- gery Golden. In the second episode “The House of Unhnppine.-is.\ Creighton Hale ap- pears for the first time. and it soon becomes evident that as the secretary to Enoch Golden. iVlargery's father. he is destined to play an important part ln~the picture. Mr. Hale strikes a new note in interpreting the hero‘ of a melodramatic serial. With good looks and an engaging personality to begin with. he apparently intends making Manley a normal young man blessed with a sense of humor, as well‘ as the spirit of adventure. His incidental bits of comedy business scored with the invited audience at the American Theatre. Much of the excitement in these two reels is produced by Legm-‘s use of an electric ray projector, which enables him to set buildings on fire. It is largely a picture of burning structures. until Manley discovers the location of the projector and the con-‘ spimtors are driven into the open.’ Sheldon Lewis makes a terrifying per- son of Legar; Miss White plays with ‘her accustomed ease, and curiosity is‘ aroused by the occasional appearance of it figure called \The Laughing Mask.\ Tno Erstwhlie Enemies Lunched To- . A very popular preacher once bed I brother so much like him tint few people knew one from the other. One day he went to see his aged parents. and. the occasion being some mmiiy festival, he expected his brother to be there likewise. On entering the room. he stepped forward to greet his broth- er with all the henrtiness which it long separation engendered. and found. from 11 mirror at the other end of the room. that he was offering his hand to himself! gather at Mr. Bacon‘; Home ‘:' Q; Ta ' fl‘ The price of printing paper is be- coming prohibitive, we are printing on this page a letter received from a xiaper dealer yesterday advancing the price of all papers 35% and then saying \prices subject to change without notice.\ New York. Apru 1—Tl1ose flve—- Senator Elthu Root. Senator Henry Cabot Lodge. Robert Bacon. Major; General Leonard Wood. and last, but by no means least. Theodore Roose- velt——had luncheon together at Hr. Bacotrs home at 1 Park avenue, BFhlnd the mere record or lunch- ing together of these men lurks : portentous political significance. It means the meeting of Root and Roose. VP]! for the first ttme since the Re- publicans and Pro:2ressi\es fell apart in 19.12. and lt strengthens the grow- ing belief that the Republicans, as “all as the Progressives. will nomi- nate Colonel Roosevelt for president this year. What they ate at the luncheon is of no lmportanve. but what they ta!'k- ed was this. and so far as any ofthose present would admit. the talk was of prep:u'ednre~'s=. an xssue that ls bound to be the hlggest ot the coming cam- pttlgn. Colored pastor (dismissing congre- ntlon)—\De membnhn what am per- vlded wid umbrellas will please wait‘ until I take a look at ‘em. Since do mysterious dlsapponrnnce of my own umbrella last Sunday dar am it cloud ob suspicion flouting ober dis yar church which has got to be dispelled.” Wanted Things Cleared Up \.‘\'ows\ as a roformor or really as a paper that has the [west interest of the public at heart. when wv i‘m'.i1H its objections to thv improving nf tho Iiurraiu River. thv \\'l(it‘lHlH._! the River at the foot of main st.rm-.t. its (iofensp of the rottpn st-lino] .~ysiPi1i in Buifnlo, its 0i)jPt'liOii in tho South Park High schoni. Just borrattse Mr Emerson did not want it. But “'0 tznmv to bury thn Primtwy (‘umniit.tm- nut. tu Just i‘t1i‘r)' the mi’- i‘in and wimn we look mound and see such men as Lnnsriown. Weimar. Hudson at ni out trying to knife the man who put them in the poiitivni nrmm we cnnnot help but wonder, what they would do to their now love. if the time came in \‘it‘\\‘ of wimt they are now doing to those who raised them. '1‘hert= was :1 fellow who went down in history because he said “give me liberty or give me death\ and we say. give us the man of the orgnn- izntion. but don't give us a lot at’ trailm's. who are biting the hands that feed them. The rag dealers are paying $1.50 per cw: for old magazines. 40c per cw: for waste paper that you nre sweeping up and throwlng to the wind. The dealers inform us that it is doubtful if we \vlll be able to buy “prlnt\ paper in 60 days from now “prlnt\ paper is what the Journal and all other news papers are print- ed on, really 12. newspaper may. ln 60 days from now. be a luxury. No coat Needed City 0! Departed Glory Billy. tour, and his mother called to see a new baby at a hospital. Hie mother suggested to her friend that the baby might have Billy's coat to wear home. Billy protested vigorou- ly. \Why. Billy.“ said his mother. \the poor baby will have to stay here: ehe will have no cost to wear home if you don't lend her voure.\ Billy replied: \Well. she came without I coat, didn't aha?\ (‘-omxmred with Nineveh mid Baby- ion. iionry-iieadml in iniquity. I ragged city of 150.000, full of great ruined mosques today. is n more child. The tabled city oi’ Hurun-ui-Rushid. dingy today, unsanitary. with its low, -windowless huusos and its narrow. un- speakable streets, has long clung to a certain importance. none the less, be- cause 0! its place on the overland traii from the Orient. PERSONAL Robert C. Ford formerly of Chi- cago and now with the Steel Co.. has gone to Washington D. C. for a visit will return 'l‘uesdny. Mr. Ford was .i'ormeriy president of the miuesotu Social ‘Club. W The coming togpthpr of Root and Roosevelt for the first time since the colonel bvgnn his campaign against Taft in 1912. sine? the time when the colonwl an-u-zml Root and Taft of steak ‘ ins: tho Rnpublmnn nomination from him. mul sin:-o the limo when Root drew up an Opinion dnfending the le- gality nf Tnft‘< nomination. to which tho colnno-l ‘nmrln a raustic reply,waa not exact!) n c'itarl_v.<1n shock to some few political lemivrs. who pretended to know tl1a.t Ronsswelt and Root limo bnvn r-ommunicating with each other for some time. TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY If you can't be :1 loyal Repuhlirnn be 1:‘ solvialisl. For Rent—0na modern weil furn- ished sleeping room. One square from car Hue. Apply 439 Cotton Ave. Lnclmwunnn. Yum for Frud W. Vase m=.\t ’l‘\u-..~- day fur State (‘umm1tteuma.n of [In 7:): assembly I)ist.rir1. Help ‘V1lllI(‘(l Félila lc .5 E'.\'PERIEN(‘ED girl to clerk in gen- What a world we Iive in’ Where are the Jewelers shnps‘? There is noth- ing hnndsnmer than a‘ 5.110.“.- and n dewdrop. I may say that the maker of the world exhausts his skill with each snow and dewdrup that he sends dovxn. We think that the one meclmnicnlly coheros and that the other simply together and falls. but in truth they are the product of enthusiasm. the children of an ac- stasy. with the artist‘); utmost skill.-—Thorenu. —‘ ' eral store. Apply at once, Im: Kaiser, 436 Gates avenue. Lackn-‘ wmum. Mn. 30-31 .\Im1y virtues are attributed to car- nunrlus. It is related that those who \\'L‘IlI‘ them can resist poisons and are pmsarxed from the past. They disal- pnte sadness. control incontinence, avert evll thoughts and dreams, ex- Jllamte the soul and foretell mls'foI'-I tune to man by losing their natlvo splendor. Virtues Attributed to stone. coat»: ''-_-’'_1- totuts ‘ FIhLF'ORSALE ‘ ' A number of lands of good * ‘ dirt till; now ‘being taken out of ' ' cellar, cor. Colton and Ridge \ ' Road. Apply, C. D. Ourtin, on ‘ ‘ the Job, cor. Colton and Ridge. * .CUOQ‘0O1-1-1-gt‘OO_tI ‘Dori’: Want to Glvg Hlm Away Moghers, an-a~ merciful‘ creatures; they let» ~¢i|_1lld1'en continue to believe In l a‘y\1Qhx u possible’.-‘—Now York Evening sun. %»:.,.. ~. ONLY 50 PER CENT.A|JVAN($E ! 35 PER BENT, ABVAIGE AT (HIE CLIP 0!! PRIHTIVE PAPER. WAR I8 H-~|6H E '1‘ 1 C E Dmj-. to xumthcr im',rcn.sc in tile cost 0! pnpers and c-olorsi we are compelled to unwise. our prim‘ list ('¢miplotcl_\', Kindly add [)(5I‘.‘l(‘llt (50 ) lnsl('u(l of pm-smut (I5 ) to 1IIl(pI'i('cs as shown on the l«‘olmmry 1. 1916. price list ‘recently smiltllx ‘xjnllficcs are sujbjcct to change without notice. Yours vol-‘_v truly. v_ Adams‘ & \Vhlte Company‘.

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