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1.:3,_;'_.: r ~y . ; WE’: U’. E-., ‘.:‘.!\$ t \§.=::»g;w.J°»'.xx~¥1_ 119. ' ' '>?\\:\-.‘»:v-.<:f.’ F5 «:1. \-v\'4’“\e» ._' . ., ‘.,}..§.‘. . ,$ v ;. '- .., ~~g«;s= 9» ax: : . ‘FA “ ' 1*\ ‘~'-'f-'*'*L':“ \:\*\\' -.~- .;~ i .,‘;%\_v«_T‘$‘»‘.'_.e.‘,, L-~ Y’ r‘~‘}§1“;,.‘:'»‘;..;;';\ In Vg.,5r...‘,.,-11\. .u A «.3 _I,, . r ‘N 5 wt-‘.‘.‘.* 3:3. mm,‘ _. :;..;-_—'-;:~ ~ \\ x~'?‘3= .1: K EE E .,w_...,,,, '61 a Li -= .-. 3! ‘WE 2 I ~ . 4' ;. ,(1\‘V?ch «D: It!‘- >/7: 7' WK No,j?9gu’é ‘Passing or mic &|nl. ‘Plzmt ’ 1 ' :\‘”.*\‘:,.-\i.‘...*:.s*? oW:“', ~ (- . .. g“ 5- r (‘ {T7 , ‘ '1-‘o iafgnce; gthe gioszogt fjot‘ guts»-~ ushmz .n seerw ;i,>‘a‘-xi:-‘?.>‘.I oejlthe‘ Atlantic rend =P,:ciilc cogstv -end‘ ‘on. the ‘Great Lakes, ;t_h‘e ~E'xec:jxt‘ive’ Bojard, oi? the Aero ~.Glub of America has writ-{ ten to Secretary ‘Garrison slid’ Secrie-‘ ‘tary Dsnieis. and to Mr. ‘E. ‘Lester, Jones. ‘Superintendent of the United‘ ‘States Coast and Geodetic Survey, 111'! lvii-ing the co-operation oi the army, and navy departments and the U. S. (‘ommmd Geodtia Survey; and has? mithorized Rear Admiral Rohert E; Peary. Hlef'i1tllei' of the project, to‘ organize a committee of a\'«\v,. naval. and milit-in authorities, am. aeron- autir-nl and wirlesa experts from? every part ‘of the country, who will‘ co—operute in establishing ‘the chain oi‘ aerial coast defense units . The plan is to divide our entire coast lines into sections of convenient, length.‘ say about one hundred miles. and in; each of these sections establish ag station where would be erected‘ age suitable hangar ztor housing, It sea-f plane and an equipmei1t»su to‘: make all minor repairs, with severulf larger stations at intervals where ail‘ more complicated repnirslcan be made: or a complete overhauling given at?‘ regular ‘intervals. , ‘hr: H V_:‘U;L‘:j._,.!‘.> . > '1 K . V , _ I , i H £1‘;-.‘;9!.-,:9k-est-ac.-,; -argues 9,n'r;..-n-4' . I1 - ‘V . me‘ i.I;'wbiilfd; wt-. ~.q'iIpm..; Juurf .1-e,12-.ortvv.;.v.~i-es~trvr;€r.= inhom- .j:§,egw;!r'.::“‘3°°““’ *‘=-*-v5>=2~sb*.'* T-.h° ‘%’¢»;°:'=§§.'§'c\‘£l‘.*€3\«’;a *4-‘2.€ i?”‘vn7.’n.-}i1°s‘v‘1:i’ii. ;°»‘“,$!°: 9'} :I*‘:9“iI!_I11,§.*§:d9§tv°v9r.~ or wmcn. ..i&.;.§§ nufI_\n_b‘ r”~‘o! §1s~:r.ienap ti-ctu)_ser=-escaping: observation would attended‘ and‘ in var \pleasant even- ‘he ei:_ceeding‘i_y vaxpgvil; and-. Igvén .1 ‘mg’ wssspent. 5submar'I‘ne, wlthciugh‘ ‘§ubu,1erg‘e(i-, A'ii1on‘g*those-present were: might not escape the eye or the sea, I smtéiony Dniey, Ja-mes I~isni‘ey...Wii‘- “g1e.soa,mg1&b0ve ‘L _la_;n q_-ray, Joseph Brenmur. Josepiv , ‘%Sh,.B,* 4- ..\.~lA '. Th°'‘D1‘°59.M ‘dell '01 the System‘ 13‘ .~Ge?):gé ‘i;(r::1!ighP‘n(Yl:gri:asui;i?aiext§v§1:<’:- that the patriotic cieizens of our ‘Eb '1c3lra\igc(_llc. Frgxlscis Messed. Wigllio-.rI! icon 1;; ' m M ha y,‘ mon oi-‘ge. Ciianies each lungs .::l’_\':;:;f’eq:‘: :23; “‘f\‘;.'}:V\“_‘t\° Fub. »Sui!iva,nv. Francis Guggius. Rob. 1 e _ 1’ M° 5’ 5 *1-..-on Fxvawiley. Edward 0 men, ‘Mitr- =t' one of the system and that the up-;ceh:u_s Cztn‘-ol, Mart-in‘ Lnveiie. Len ‘keep and maintenance of -these ma-=’Joyce, vLnwmem:e 'Dn‘,1‘.ey. Th'0mns “ans “,1” devolve upon‘ me Nam.’ ‘<Daiey,\i‘h‘omns M('DOml‘l(1. John linu- Miiiitia. of the Coastal States. i‘gv?g13é_$:i%£'i;3l.a'::l:\ Lntexxi a. ‘thorough study of the Elcztgr l:i‘Z1ill itlufgion \X\oo(is.RNiax;y proposit on by :1 national d“ei’ense‘ ‘°““\ ? ' 8 0“ 5'“\- ‘“\“ \‘“' ‘- iruarzi my decide that it should prop- \HM?°3 ,M”““°‘l “.°w“\l' A‘”\f’ orly be an adjunct of the coast a-ml‘!-=*$[;;:1‘x5§3'.i<§;?e yIl::)~£s12s]l‘t‘:\v\\'e’¢el:i]iii1&1).‘11?“£121; -cry. -It may be round '-that in its} Osborne. Helen Souter‘, Rose Htutgixes. development it has become such §‘gi1|‘)'L:'1‘l('g1;at11e. [’«Ih(:[Ieil Dgmpsey, 1I:I‘i<ur—- 1.1, _s ‘ -1 er. my -nrey, gu-y turgsf Zeilgivnul \ °'” M‘ ‘Mccnnn. Mary Monnghan. ti-‘ionin 9 “B 0 ml We it 11 d0-,:F‘~i_u'k., Joyce Hertson. Mary Smith. pm-tment of itswoniun-tier the future. ‘.I1\g&l‘)' Moon, Agnes M011 and Jessie The work of the present and the“ mug’ ~ — _ ‘ , .‘ The -guests were entertained most :rTtTetdr:i‘t:t::c:ur§1;s tobaecure by ‘DH7 °f '”‘° ‘-\’°.““\=' ‘PY ‘1H“,“‘°>\9\ ‘I-““.\‘ , pu~ iic spirit and tette, among the principni songs of patriotism of our coast communities,’ the evening, was “American I Love the funds necessary tor the establish-2 ‘;]°“' and W“ 5°“: 3'3 ‘he °l°3m5 \M “'9” °'“‘1 °‘1‘“|\“°“t °‘ W8 3Y8t°m- 5 C ?rr?;i3<i»’ii§{1sts were‘ Wnnam Brady The subdivision of the system and; and‘ Anthony Daley. its total cost of hundred thousa». The gunner \\39_ 5°‘\V°d by M\5~ and dollars into sections at 9. cost oil TN“ and James 0 Mam ten thousand dollars each, bnings the expense 0! each section‘ easii-y within the means of each community. WW3 A:1b.I.lm;N.- ’-M ‘gm be 116 “nae:-‘e lo_i'[_' mm: in, i'u1m_-a- croas'Inga= for m 'r|m‘o\gd‘ tfpi|1s- to~pasfs&fit“n ‘bill’ mtnoduced in the: ?iegisl&tui‘Q today >by gtaqeinblyxnan aas. L. Mead -or .Buffg.lo becomes‘ a law. ‘It prohibits ra‘llrjoa.ds.»trom rim- mng -trains of more\'th1.1'n‘ sixty cars in length. . _s.-. .. ‘ i‘1\:’:!~\: * .~ z-. . .~' .‘;\“\x;. , §.~‘.%.',:3‘7.‘ 6‘,- ‘‘‘,'»I-''«’ r.''':‘ mg, tr u =*V:1'. uI\\ :\x ‘p . v.’ 11.,-.~ , \ Tl In the Federal? Census ‘Summary of Electrical 1nd1lS'tl§i¢S',thiS signi sente'nce- i_s.found.: “The generation of current for =ligl1t and power is ‘becom- ing more and more a di'sti‘nc‘t indust—r‘y.” ‘ll \That means the da—y~of the individual plant has- ‘passed; that the manufacturer who believes in gen- erating his own electrical energy, convicts héimself of an economic blunder and‘ wastes time and money. ‘Railway employees who are ‘back- ing the '1eg<isla'uu'e‘ argue that 1,-hé ‘legislation wm gtva reuet much need- ed. by we ‘puwlxllc as by the tralxlmeir tlnennsalves. \‘l‘-hey pom: out that long t«1‘ui~ns are h'equently ‘stalled rand‘ I-rul held’ up in extreme ‘cases. Doc- tors mukmg nlmrrietl trips ta a. ‘sick bed cannot get by. School children. are held up. Farmers going up ‘town ante subjected to ‘long delays’. ‘ll That -the Federal ‘Government has recorded its belief that the work of every community can ‘be better done through Central Station service than through individual plants, places another plume in the ‘bonnet of Buffalo, for this city inaugu~ra?ted the now unive1's;tl system of distributing power for the public needs. 1*}: The measure «is ‘barked; up b;/.t-he Brother hood or ’-I‘ra'in»in‘en, the Switvhmt-n's ‘Union and allied labor organizations. It ‘Is. aimed to chock‘.- inate the method by which the fail- ronds. have circumvented‘ the tall -crewvla-w. 11, It was but nineteen years ago that «this radical‘ departure: was inaugurated by the ‘Buffalo Street Railway Company taking 5,000 ‘horse- power .from the Central Station with which to propel its cars. James B’. Connors. assistant inter- national president of the Switchmenls ‘Union of North Mner’ic_a,.decia1-ed the ~genera=i public is as much -in need not the reliel provided in this‘ «meaeure as the train-men. ‘He 'ee‘i‘d;' - \Tvhe time -has come when 8' meas- :~'u‘~e lot this ciiamcter muei: be passed m every state in the United States. The national orgmiimtione are .back-' ing similimj measures everywhere. Since the full crew law went into effect in this ‘state. the railroads have been gradually increasinrthe length of trains. They are building larger engines in order to haulnmore cars, but they are not employing the ‘number of men necessary to man‘ ‘these long trains. “Not long ago I counted a freight train 0: two hundred and fifteen cars. Forngerly ninety care was ai1\unnsua.l- ly ‘long train. there were only five men in the crew. That train should‘ jigve been split into two tracks and there should have been twenty-five men at work. 1} The success of that venture is emphasized by a constant growth‘ in ‘power distribution to today’s apex of over 80,000 «horsepower; a gain -of 1,600 per cent., or nearly 100 per cent. a year. 1! In this series of talks we purpose to show wherein— a large number- of Butfakfs leading .-industries have been bene by the use of Central Station power. Each of these sectionstumi stations would be equipped with a seaplane.‘ Each of these machines would carry a driver and an oiiserver and be equipped with light wiriess apparatus, power-t~ul. glasses and a sensitive mic-. mphone. When in active operation these sea- planes in ;each section wouid take‘ their position -some miles off shore and pgtrol their respective zbeats continuously back and forth. In: clear whether two thousand feet or more aboyethe sea, from which alti- -Laundry Mark: In Europo Laundry marks vnry greatly in Eu- rope. Those ‘used in Britain consist bi.’ certain’ «mull letters or stitch ed in red thread. Not an coutinentai laundries are so considerate. in some pa}-ts of i iinen is defaced by having the whole name and address of the inundry stumped upon it and an additional geometricnl design ‘to lndi cute-the owner. The system as a whole is a Na.- ‘tiom proposition. but ‘each section is a local proposition and the money raised for its‘ equipment is to be con- trolled and expanded in the com- munity which raised it. Isu|=rALoA GENEERM. f ELECTRIC écoMM‘Nvf The aviators and meohanicians of each section should‘ be recruited from that par section and the money for maintenance and upkeep of each section should to the community equipping it. In ‘Bavaria every piece has I uumlu-r stamped on In large; characters. In other putts of Germany‘ 1 small ‘cotton label is attached by‘ means or a mu terproot (hot) ndheslye. In Bulgaria-. each laundry has n urge number of ‘stamps engraved with designs, and In: Russia the laundrles murIr‘llnen- with? threads workéd in grnyw shape} In some Russian towns the policy pg rlodlcnlly Issue regulations for lauu-V drles, while In Odessa book: or marks‘ Ire tilrnlshed annually to the laundry‘ proprletora. And these marks and no‘ others may be used. By this system crtmlnailm and’ revolutionary agitator: Ire often traced.-London Mall. - MARRIED cm nx :l:0L|’.E0- non Home Young-Morrlssoy ‘ xx K‘ I . Mr, Louis Young. of South Park ‘avenue, ‘a prominent young man of -our city, and Miss Nellie Morrissey, -for Chicago street Buffalo. were mar- ma ‘at St. Brldgevs Church at 9:00 lolclock yesterday morning. The .at- {tendants were Miss Ella Carter and- Qlr. John Coyle. About 75 guests View present at the wedding break- ‘»'Iu_t, wllicli was served at the home ‘spf -the bride, tollowlng the ceremony. ,_',(}_ho.t1bles were beautifully decorated American beauty roses. Among ;t5h‘e_ out of town guests were Messrs. lnilth, -Best,’ Herr, Staller, O'Brien. ‘Iago. Keefe, Wldmer, Bodkin and Mr. -,iIu!~.Mrs. Robert Young. all 01 Lack- Lianne. r °«'ln\lIy beautiful gifts were received iii! the happy couple left for Week- ‘illton at 11:30 last night. tude ships miles dlstant may be seen. At night or ‘in log seablanes would of course sweep lower, at all ‘times themselves lnvlslble to .an. en- emy. \( :x:-'-*:j,. 1' The distance off shore at present ‘is aeeumed as Mty miles. but with each successive improvement of ‘speed and endurance of the seaplane, the; iine will ‘be pushd farther out until the cordon is one hundred miles or’ more off shore. *5 The city tax roll has been xmrned over to the City Treasurer and Feb- ruary lgt sand Treasurer will begin eche collection of the City Taxes, from 9a.ln.to4p.in. The 40 days taxes will be re- ceived without interest but after th Mme 2% will be added for the next. 60 days. Mter the first 80 days and during the next. 60 days 5% will be added- and utter the 60 days last mentlqned 6% will be added. It behooves everybody to 391: busy and try to pay up during the that 40 ‘days as lnterest. piles up rapidly. The taxes are payable at the City Treguurgrp __()l)lce in the city vH,n,l_l, I_.nd doI;'t target he don’; lu‘vo‘t‘a_) and you a mu. you mug: go and get By means of the wireless, informs,-» tion as to the character, number and apparent destination of approaching ship or ‘ships would be transmitted to the shore station and from these to Washington. whexnce, it the ships were hostile, orders wouidi be issued directing the movements of our and the submarine squadron; for the preparation of the coast defenses and for the concentration of_ troops, it nec- essary, while reserve planes, hurry- ing out, would, keep the approaching craft under continuous inspection while themselves invisible. “The public is suffering from these long trains. A sixty car train can get over the road in good’ time. but a train of one hundred -and ten or more cars is always being stalled samep lace. It takes 9. long time for a tram of this length to piss a jiv- en point, Motorists and the public generally is held (up at crossings gnd greatly linconvéhlehced. The observers for each section should be especially trained young‘ men. keen of.’ sense. quick or judg- -ment and thoroughly schooled to re- cognize (both as to class and individ- ual) every toreign warship. 'l‘his. will form :1. continuous picket line of aeroplanes‘ or flying-bouts. iiity miles or more off shore and two thousand feet or more in the nir. around‘ our entire coast from Eaetuort, Maine to Brownsville, Texas. and from Sen ipieso. Cglliornin to ‘Comp Flattery. Washington, each mochiuo traveling hook and ‘forth our its section or \bent a winged sentinel; ‘forming a cordon. a continuous‘ line of.1‘vhirrinx_ phuttlee. wienving’ a blanket o{‘proi,ec- ‘tion oi-ound the country. The ‘plan has. been endorled by President. Wilgon, secretary Garrison and secretary Daniels, and by aeron- autical authorities. The Bulldog. The bulldog. unlike the majority of dogs, vejgy ueldom garb, In fact, 0!! ‘lug to die constriction of his thriaat ‘Mu nuempu at barking; mm‘ more like I burlesque or ‘\39 real thing. He wads.-3 Into -_| ‘ sgvlthout nui 's~l_;‘cg_: avarulxllg. ‘and the 'dlily\5It\u'nd he ei In his hmu',\' breuylluu Hln couragv lc ustoulslI‘lI.g.' End the lnrkeueaiu 5'fhl.- opponent lxg-ver ‘mg-ts‘ ppdl, gjgstgrgenuu when houti mes ure'-imuiluent.’ ‘ «gr Lbs In not I qunrrelnome dig. Vien- nnly Indulxed‘ in lane: bnwll. mu. 1.“ M1! .0 I \ ’!z take! 1 loc\%q\9q' \ “ “Than thgre is the possibility of accident which is “ii-enily increased by long triihs. There’ ‘ling rent mph-. iic demand (or the pasqage at iiich tméisure and I hope tiie iegialamro will ‘not _hesi_i.gie_t9“do its duty.\ Such _a system is 3. new departure. The like ‘of it exists nowhere at pro‘;- qnt. s yet 1} involves an ne_vg,—_pr'ln-‘ ciple, but is simply ghe uulln_tl9;'| gndl multipllcqtion ot the known capébllia Ken 9! a _ul_n_gle sgnplgne. trays .;,9m,:NAL wm .».r:-1.n.t next '.l‘hu.r.sfI.|iy ‘Tthe wginihta guiljt ufgjibinulttéd by t Na-' v‘.i°!|'IIl é!\.!“ ‘°.!‘.:$.»\.°;e ending December 31st. 19 ‘5. ‘ Hg:-I. quit Thu ‘bin; ; 'hi:nn'2 ixiotleau repuntlon b dgno-[to thmtgct glut ha ha; never but 2‘cuniht.—Colnmbua Enquirer- Quuicnmlsmv CHAIR x ..ll0.l‘IQN1.PICTURES A great anrncuon ot the system Is‘ t¢,If'V.§.IJ.I.e so V!‘-DB!-0.8 amt twai- ly worth its cost even It we never have occasion to use It as I. mllitgry asset. TI; muse‘ 1: ugaauuxc It I! even! wk) .. . .. J-. 'hulIa¢n:1zi’g\:’t‘hc.‘dz:nu.'W\§‘o M 66.; Iplcuoun “Improvement!” Introduced ‘by the present day “tu|cy\ um um.- ngnl 0*..!'9!d- .W|<_It.h o! s=|I.e.It. aheutnenn ‘or bond and’-Inoie typlc tun. G Sydnéy ?l£u6 n yogugg o_ ,t; utug, H93 ng man 1; o 1.’§'{§eErxn¥ in-\n_ugn‘oi't '6! Marguerite Courgq.t,,in nngter pictuiton. Dc nuke Ednion,'Ei§e‘“ni) 3 poniblo chair in a college of chemistry to ‘be’- come tn aqtor. Since his connection with the Mu- tual. Mr. Mason has Insured .111 I great variety of roles. He is splen~ digiiy endowed yjth 9. inability of ex- ‘pnéssion. I. roidy ndsptabllity and quickness ol Irit. which permits him to accomodate =him_aelt to éyery cir- cumstance. 5- a ,. '-.1? .21 a -Charley Witnesses 7 5 Catastrophe People who are interested in our city government and people who have been reading the un- ‘truthful statements in Buffalo papers are asked to read this audit, then draw YOUR OWN conclusions. it should be, under such circum-' stances, a natural and valuable ‘ad- junct of the coast guard and lite- Vsnving service. The partly submerge ed derelict, too light to sink and a constant menace to tm would be spotted by the _aerial scout and its presence reported. Wrecks, vissels in distress and all other marine in- cidents end accidents would be re- ported ond aid quickly summoned when necessary. Constant exercise. drill and train- ing in these lines will make the sys- tem an iiivnluable school for keeping personnel and material tuned up to high elliciency, and cannot tell to have important results in improving and perfecting our seaplanes. But if ever war should arise. the first value 01‘ this coast patrol ser- vice would be the prompt report “Ready and equipped for service.\ from a hundred or more trained ers and observers, from mechaniclnns and helpers organized into :1 state of military readiness. In war times the patrol could Portland, Maine ivss the mat to take steps towards establishing s unit of this sir patrol system of coast delense and has raised ten thousnnd dollars for establishing this unit. Commander Charles L. Poor. of the First Battalion, New York Naval Militia, who was given s boat through the National Aeroplane Fund and Lieutenant R. C. Bolling. Gom- .mnnder otthe Aviation Detachment. National Guard New York, which was started with $12,500, also contrib- uted through the National Aeroplane Fund, have assured the Governors of the Aero Club of America of their hearty co-operation in establishing units in New York. Top rovide for establishing a unit in New ork, the “Women or 1915\ are raising 810;- 0.00 and will hold a subscription dance at the Blltmore tomorrow night (Monday January 24). Commander Edawrd M00. Peters of the Novel Re- serve of New Jersey. who was pre- sented with ahydroaeroplane through the National Aeroplane Fund has al- Ring: no so ancient that no one can any ‘wpen ‘or .wh9re they orlxln_|t- ed. Tho'*E'xyi>t{lha -huajnein thou- nnds or ye‘n_r§ B. C.. gnd tgxp Baby- loniaju‘ and‘ ‘Hébrowtiuod them in very nncjeilt times. _ The printing of this audit is an expensive operation, THE JOURNAL does not get one penny for it, it prints it at its own expense so that our readers may see positively that what THE JOURNAL has said, pol- itically, in the past two years, is borne out by facts—we ‘leave the theories to the scheming pol- iticians and the Buffalo‘Times. His first appearance with Miss Courtot will be in “His Wlte'a Double.” the me! hmtual Master- picture. dé Luxe Edition. in which the charming actress will make her Mutual debut. no offered -his hearty co-operation. A number 0! other states are anxious to establish Ijnits and will do so as soon as funds can be raised for the pur- pose: To induce states tor aise funds for this purpose the Executive Board of the Aero Club ot America. sometime ago. o to add ten per cent to any sums raised by the Militia auth- orities. orgtmizntiousor lmliv‘idunls, before February 1. 1916. The Club was able vtod 0 this through the gen- erosity ot Mr. Emerson McMilliu. the Wall street banker. who offered to add $100 to every $900 dollars rais- ed for the National Aeropinne Fund up to the sum of $500.00! \1 decinre for it,\ said Aunt I-‘iétt! Fgwigs to Mrs. Judge Tubman. ‘'1 be- lieve old Cnp'n Peggiugton is thinking about marxiyiug again. Burt murt say: the c&p?n painted up his wooden leg yesterday. Burt. diri1i't tel.‘ me. but he told Ellick S ind Efiick repeljed it to‘ his sister, Prissy, and Priss mid '1 to Plieeny Pnrtiow. and Pheeni tqld .1. to the sweet n no pgddler. and the sweet potato peddler told me not tén rxpmutenwuo. so“ 1 guess it’: I0.\- Khnsna Ciiy Star. I. I ‘ Keep ‘rolling He who is silent is ‘forgotten; he who does not advanre tans; he who atoms is overwbelmeu. distanced. crushed; he who ceases to grow great- er becomen gmaller; he who leaves o ‘Ives up.—-Henri Frederic Amie]. Charley ’C§hap>lin’s Comic «Capers Rastus »,C;o,ulI_ln’l See It Copyright. 1918, by J. Keeley. ‘(I I ~ % :3,‘ f-‘*»~ F K

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