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tzi; \ii:\~‘ .i,.;\ . 3' ‘,~, §:.~“.«..;:;+*.\-‘ 2 \ ~...r.- .- .«~.tf5$T'/'\-{'1-‘3\.?7 3 ‘v‘.‘«\\'v”-'.\:f~}~’f . -\xv J ‘:-;,n'. -- .«€c:;,; =.. ’a-, :-., am, ,» EV; «U I 4-. ;,~—— » —. . ‘ :§4§‘-.5 E,‘ A; ‘-‘\ 44, ,- :....;*'.-»»:\~.‘__,, ,' ‘ ‘~’*.‘ an ..-_'stvs‘-‘In’ ~ . ‘ta \rs-'.’ '.~\.!.‘x ;.:\‘= '3 %3 :_ g.nu;c_nu¢_«zno~Aumoog. :1. héilln ’tlI,Q.’¢|1II§t.,<),IIa. tqr 1x'M.1i..\r1l.d« xualp. ind mgdlencod \t_0*be éthhdinz “_V,lll‘l_|x th_é“5Smr Spingledr -Bauneg:-\ Vwasaaung orvplayetli “ I It-is a'_f:_1‘lr»q1§estlon.4 ‘It wanadopu-uy: by the -.a'l‘m.i,' ‘and, -uayvyv =loug ago. <lm. ‘the army ‘and navy did not orlgixu the very u|)propL'1,ate4uud ~putx'lotk- »cu~ tom. ' \ A uuma A:uvqegIa‘inc.nt.. V Ldei%ImEo*§liAtnyn:IA H Legal Notices »E- -P: REMINGTON-. . AGENCY [ H0311? .. AT Old illim. wen‘ 1‘-ant sixty, ementlgl the.p_u,b1icuuuu -'omces_—o‘f tllé ‘Book Lind? Lite amt asked go, ‘be. directed tu tine lost and muuqtcoumers At t,~he1p1'op_en department. he -reqpesged the ins‘eI‘tl_ux» or the ful1u,\v-mg, \/ lI(_1.t\ zsidd '_‘V&t9.i I“l‘¢II.t Association NOTICE TO CREDITORS The E. P. R;eming_toi) Aqye agency, ‘t-hrough Carl J. Balliet 'a.p_d,~ Alex. B‘. Osborn. was host -at; a_'hojx;- quet held last e‘veni,ng at the Y: M; C. A. to a number: of young meix en-_ gagt-d, i11\advert-ising work. The dc- casion was given up in part to “ax! men\ stunts and butnorous speeches. ‘Hm add;-e-.~.s of the evening was given by (‘-harles R. Wiexjs, who spoke on “'1_‘h,e Youn'g A<lvertis1[1g3 Man of Today.\ Others who vspo_]g_'e.¢ ‘U1(,'1,LL(1L'd Rtllph Mm Leach. Joseph .\Ia_vuess and Alex F. Osborn. 1464') 1:. Km! gm-.-ided as tuastzxzaster. A-. an appreciation for the help any!- kimhu-,+s he has shuwn the young, men uuriug the past year. Mr. ‘08b01ji\'; was p1‘¢'.\'eIlI.‘el1 a lf'2!;tl1e!‘ wallet. TM.EET|l6f8. or THE em ;aioA:nns< The meeting» nights, for -t_-he commg‘ ‘year will be. new. on, the, Second ind \!ou1‘th Fri(1ity:s in thje month in-‘ ‘amen of the. 1st and 3d Thursday. as, it has;been_ in line past. LOST—AbnuL forty sears zumxy 4; Is probably wu1'!._hless nu\\ ‘L-u_i .(_wiIl_ reward theyhonest finder,‘ \\'h1) blflu‘,5 1: ‘to me. as ‘x mm L-ux-Jous. «to know wluu. it might have done for‘ mt; had I -not been ctt ‘Wm: ‘IL _ Pursuant to an_¢ord.e1f 9! Hon. Louis B. Hart, Surrogate -of Erie County, N. Y., notice is [hereby given 'to all peraons having claims or demands vagalnst I~‘z_-ederick,'Lieberyick,1ate:pt‘the City or Bmialo, in, said CQ11D,t-3.’, de- ceased-, that they are required to exhibit the same with the voucherg thereof to the undersigned. Caroline Beard, the admi-nlstratrix or the ‘estate ot the said deceased. at th:- reaidence of the said administratr-Ix. 2375 Seneca. street, in the City of Buffalo, in said -county, on or ‘betore the 22d day of March, 1916. Dated the 14th day of September 1915.. Many years ago when Jenny L.h.»\ one of the sweetest singers the, \\;u1u,= ever procluyed. was the L-hie!’ at-u::~u~ tjon at 8. ‘Boston c0u_ceI,'t 'Dau,iul \\.’A-l- s'ter._ the. great senator, secretary u stale 111_|LL[)zl.tl!iul. was present. ' _ Jenny Lind sung the “Star S[)11llgll'xt Banner\ us‘ only that song bird (-oulu sing, ‘it. The uudieuce called ‘her ba- 1. several times. and she snugu \'e1‘se-nl our present na,ti0nu‘l zmthem Eauh timezone man stood up ‘and at ah» close ‘gracefully bo\'ve(1 to the sing:-r '.l‘l,mt was Daniel Webster 1: was :1 good example to set. a_ needed custom ‘to establish. and one -that has ‘been an, important ‘factor in, impressing pun-1. one lessons. -—Mns_vaukee Sentinel. (‘ommon Uotiucil -xnects. (‘ouncil Cl1_a.mbex's. City Hall.‘ 1st and 3d M‘or,xdays each month. '1‘hc_- cl‘;-1'1: read the adyex'usexmml l_ll1d then; looked, Vpltymgly u-; we ul mam. \SCHEDU‘L-‘E~.0F PUBLIC‘ LECTURES; ~'HIjG-H ‘SCHOOL AUDITOR-IUM, L.AC'KA- WANNA, SEASON 1916 \\\\e\1l insert your ud_;.\ iue suld. “hu. -1t- islluy duty tupxutunu you tl,1u,: then ‘ls hzxrdly um‘ use lu putting it in \\'« ‘lmve up '1'evu1'«ls of any m.~'.t oppurtuu: ties ever «lmv-iug. ‘been, found.‘ The old man tl1,ought<tor u ‘few. ‘Lulu ut_es. men he said: il mt H:-ulth meets, 2d and‘ 4th I*‘.ridjays each month. ‘I\o1k-e'('unnnisaim|o1-a meet. each Fri day be-1.7010 the Cummun Cuunc-il. Jug. 81-’-Old‘ New 1501-): Loren L Lew-i_s, Jr. Fire (‘onxmissitmers m_eet,_ each ‘Fri day before the Common Council. CAROLINE BEARD. Admlnismztrlx Fob. 7--Rambles Through ,S.\\\ltzer-. bud. A. H. Whittol Gen, Sec. Y. M. C. A. “Well. insert it anyhow. People wlk ‘read it and start ‘to thinking.\ Then he went. away. —- Cleveland Plain Dealer. THOMAS MURPHY. Attorney for Admlnistmtrix, 432 Ellicott Square,_ Buffalo. N. Y. Sept. 16, 1915.10 March 22, 1910 STAR THEATER, School Board meets. Thursday each month. Feb. 14'-.-Abraham -Lincoln. Dr Carlos E. ‘cunxmings. ‘Orou ‘Eyed Mentally. FIRE ALARM BOXES Those who last night witnessed thig- periormance of “Kick In.\ a_ coined)\ drama. at the Star theater, will u_i1- zuiimouniy agree that it is a isugcug. It is a play with plenty of isenutio and Just enough humor to smooth over the parts that touch a person‘; heart and avoid leaving too hem?’ an impression. The stgry of vghp play is very interesting. Them is 19% tion every minute and the W-itt.Y ling”;- compel a‘. hearty. response train tllér audience. . ‘ Feb. 2,1--Orlnney» Isltnds and seats ‘land. A. H, Cor-'n_‘1ack., , A Norfolk Gout ‘Garden Do you ever lsiarl to. say something Ind yourself using the word you‘ hadn't the faintest idea of using? Just A; little ‘cross eyed’ mentally. siren‘! you‘: ‘Did you ‘eve? mean to-’“jd1n your too: ‘on .the accelerator and slam it down; mhe blrake instead? Have you ever ‘[§\jt_ salt: twljge on tiie.rII..|11e plnteful or when one 01- ‘tlie a ijlould have been pepper‘! Did‘ yqur eye: lunch at the wrong time gt the Qiener. or sneese unueéessnruy at a 'Qn;n,e'raI. or tell to, sleep quietly : éhuxeli. -or nollcltously jluqulre where ‘lo-ant!-no is nowadays when the poor tglgnp hes been dead in months? Sure gen hue, Everybod’y- does it. '\\-'e‘re just u bn mentally cross eyed some iiluea. anti, we don't look where in _de;eIn$ that we are looking. What we (‘daily need to lookout for In not doing‘ vdlieer things =loo often, 1,! we do —:‘,h_ere's no telling xvhat may happen, $0 We may get ‘Into the papers!- liarlnzneld Union. ' 21 So. Park Ave. and Town Line Rd. 23‘ So. Pay-Iv: Ave. and Keever Ave. 2; School No. 2, Johnson St. 25 Roland Ave. and Front St. ‘26 lmlnox: and Electric Aves. 27 Roland Vol. Hose Co. No. —1. Arnold P1. 28 Center St.. near sea! P1. 29 Kirby and South Park Aves. 31 Abbott Rd. near Cook’s -Corner 32 Abbott Rd. and Smokes Creek --33 Abbott and Ridge Roads. 34 Rosary Ave. and Ridge Road 35 St. .lohn’s Pajotectory. Father .IOT.’|BE Q § ,_Feb. 28-‘Concert. ‘Chx,‘o1,n_atic:Club. Unique among English puzflsheé 1:- 'W1ngia_nd., on -the z\,‘oI,\t coast, Rich mm soil, m,-odu,c1ng_ almost zjnbeljex. able <amoun,§s, to. the Acre. it has an school. postotlce‘ public ‘house or m: collecxol; W1.li18l,a.'!,1d‘ has g cnun-on yn__rd.,¢u_1d Iu_ It lies ono ‘g_x'av.e. that 01 Ag (boy thrown up. by tho Wash. Along the horn: coast of ‘the county, where. ‘die cut‘: guwja chalk. aujzd. clay gnu loam. the incessant son is making mqdt Once. hnppy‘ -mu. t.mIt.,1!n: vjn. lager; now He. seven (alumna deep be low‘-the, waters. The land in practical ly an reclaimed and in only a tew feet above the sen. bug ‘is one,great garden An acie has ‘produced more than $l.00(» worth of mowers. fruit and vegetables In to .s'ea.r- 3.9179 bulb: of hyacinth and. -unmlssu as good so If not hang: than those that come. tgom Houand can he bought. Here they grow minions ox that grace the «men or ‘ban cuhlrg and Yorkghlre»-’-.A‘:gonat1L nu-on a——n:ode;m’ Expnogivee. Dr.. Algal:-t P. Sy of Univerglty o1But- a 9. Pu_rsu_ant_ to an order of Hon. LOUIS B. HA=RT, Snnrogate of Erie County, all persons having claims against Wlllemeng D,eG_raff late ot‘v.1,1,e Guy 0: Buffalo qecensgd. are here- by required to exhibit the same with vquchers ghereot to the undersign- ed‘ Executors or the Wu! 0! said de- aeased at No. 133 Xensmgton avenue Buffalo, N. Y.. on or before the 1st ‘day of July. 1916. Dated .Dec_éfg1,b,6r 21, 1915. March 18-—'1‘ho Brain. Haw It Grown; Kpw We Use ‘It. Dr, Jgxgxep a Gib- ,_ ion. of University of Butlglo. Ijgich Dr. G. E; Cum- what makes \Kick In“ a blue; hit. is the [act that it is handlgiby} an all-star cast. George \1‘ tou. Jr.. appears in what ll bé called the principal character. thtt. o! Chick Iriewes. ex regormcxj crook, Howes has served -a “<liit\ dtpink; a. second-stony job and. is known the police as (me or the classy p1gSf- lessional men. He marries Holly played by Margot Williams, and shit persuades him to go right. Chick does. although at times, because 0! continued police persecution, V59 hanges over the brink and non}! plunges over. It is Molly that Iujgb him each time. and at last their tron-. bles end. through the kind hearted: ness of a police commissioner. _ The plajv is in four» act's a’i1_¢} is If Willard Muck. It comes tiére‘ (ti-. xgectly from a very successful l_'~\|I_I_ [Ii New York city. Miss Williams did very splendidly in the party of Molly. She wan-¢ia:~ cored repeatedly. Othexja in the 9x& cellent company are Lou Ripley. Beatrice Noyes. Forrest Winant. loo l‘.i:ul<len. Joseph Slaytor. Lilliag An- derson and Maidel '1‘u_rner. The play is here for the entire ‘(get ‘ \inings. V In-cl;_'a1—Suhje_ct announced later. 'Pro_!. Ruben. __Ba|'is.t. Pxjiuclpgl South Park High Baker's. 36 80. Park Ave. and Ridge Road. 3'1 south Park and Perk View. 38 Maple Ave. and Dorrance P1. 3.9 Electric Ave. and Ridge Road. 42. High School. 131.1186, Road. 43 Center St. and Ridge Road. 45 Center and Gravel $18. 46 Kirby Ave.. and Center St. 47 Electric and Kirby Aves. 51 Wasson Ave. and Smith St. 52 Gates a,nd;X1-on Ste, 53 Holzer Ave. and Ridge Road. 54 Simon Ave. and Ridge Road. 55 Fire House No. 1, Ridge Road. 56 Moses Taylor Hospital Ridge Rd. 57 Ingham Ave. and Baudet St. 58 Lebanon St. ‘neat Steelawanna 59 Ave. E and Fifth St.,New Vil- 18.88- 61 North Gate, Hamburg Turnpike. 62 School No; 4._ C St. , 63 First and A Old Yillgge. 64 ingllam and Hoibrook Aves. 65 School No. '3. Holbxfogk Ave. 66 Fourth and 0 Sta” Old Village. 67 Second and B Sts.. Old Village. 68 No. 2 Gate, Hamburg ‘l‘urnpil_<e. 72 Hamburg Turnpike and Sunni City Line. Peter M. DeGraI_! Rose S. Smith; -Execugoia. Dec. 23-1915 to Jqnq 22¢) 19,16 IIITIGE ANNUAL ELECTION OF D1330- zone; Lqoknwuxm swings-and Lona Anpoclgtion, {or the term ot Qhrgo yein ivill be held at Fidler-Wick: gglsastore on Monday, January 2411:. Among the strange tribes or men gliout whom little is known are the Ghamacocos oi’ ‘the region about the UFPQP Plftl gsltliough the Chamacocoa wear but little clothing. they excel in the an making personal adoi-mneuts from the feathers of birds. Their country qhoulids with bird: of the most bea_utl- i'ul plumage. including pm-row. tou- eghs and trogons, whose feather: gre qignliug in. color; then: with gray Qlumes. musk ducks of u glossy black cplor. egrets with feathers oi‘ }_>u_re white and upoonhllig or u-delicate pink. All this wealth oi‘ color and grue- ml plumage is combined by the Cha ipgcocou in a most artistic manner ! or these savages walk their for gladen in colors more brilliant, it less umple. than any womanls dress- Ipaker could produce.-Washington Star. \ Margaret lmugton was making a coast to coast tour as the star In a new play. She had reached the land 0! the one nlglit stands. and to, break a long; jump Ills was to may In In new cum, inuuity that expects to, have 50.000 In hapltantu some day. Pom will he one]; from 4 to 9 o'clock P. M. The ticket ream: /Lloyd L, Weatbrodk. John Widm Joséph Bouley. lax B. Lohr, John 1!. Crash, January 24th As the actress. in the early morning dismounted from the through train. with her maul, and her manager and the supporting company. an aged, dai- ky iajd hold of ‘her hand baggage and led the way. bowing and scraping, to where the hotel bns waited. Follow» in: him. mu liiipgton emerged ti-om the gtndon shed on tn expanse 91‘ one qgory stores each side qr :1 din}! road: “~Unci_e,\ she asked, \is this tho, pl-in cipa} street?\ “Din yere one? No'm_.” he said, ‘SD13 Jere town uin_'t got no principal street.\ -Saturday Evening Post, THE JOURNAL will print‘ next Thurgday the complete audit as submitted by the Na- tional Audit Company, for the $111; ending December 31st. LYRIC Vaudt-ville and Pictures DIRECTS AND ACTS IN MUTUAL PLAYS People who are interested in our city government and people who have been reading the un- truthful statements in Buifalo papers are asked to read this audit. then draw YOUR OWN conclusions. A premiere bill is being pi-eaenteil at the Lyric theater this week, and 1; is packed hill of the very best gctoig in \'£1\ld('VlHe. It is 8. bill at lieg liners wlm have all been in recojt offerings in the higiier—m-iceil lhengfgg It is a bill oz tieversl vau'de'gi I6; and there is plenty to entertglln éygry-,-. one. no mam-r what his mate may lag, It is zi sliuw that one would not. ex~ mu: m sea duplicated {or twice tug uium-.\' cliargml by the Lyric. Wm: seven persons taking part jli the .~k1‘ll‘]l c-ntlilenl “’l‘-he V'a)xde‘_ril_le (‘-m~kmil.\ this is decidedly the ‘bent, number on the exvellent bill. The public is given :1 glimpse behind tlié S('€‘llt‘:'- that is highly delighting. Thy shit, is full of action. \'i,\-u.\1\'. a(lvei'tis,ed as a master 9; the violin. proves himself ‘to lie‘ all that he is said to be. His plfuyinx last evening secured a number 9! enmres. Francis Renault’ ling, E splendid novelty sketch. Herroli; and Douglas have summing 11.9‘! in: the sketcii line ivliich is (leclfdedlyz plensing .-\nderson and Evans liu\\‘:' n lmxizliuble sketch entitled “B. P‘. O- E.\ De I.-essio has :1 unque spe,cigl- ty. The extra attraction for the: week is an excellent group of war Qctures entitled. “The liortors at 'ai'.\ Po vii: I-[Io 'I_labot-att Ettoru. The printing of this audit is ‘an ‘expensive operation, THE JOURNAL does not get one penny for it. it prints it at its own expense so that our readers may see positively that what THE JOURNAL has said. no]- itically, in the past two years, is borne out by facts-—\€'e leave the theories to the scheming pol- iticians and the Butfalo Times. Tho -Beave Tdoth “One houlq bewaie at \beginning his speech in too loud :1 voice.\ sum Grout “It you start on‘ with a yen. when the time comes to roar denunciation or ghout hosaunas you will have no wind left with which to be emphatic. I once knew :3 man whose wife ex- hibited more than 800 love letters in court, which he had written hen: aur- 'i_ng s‘ hriet courtship of eleven weeks. \He often ‘wrote her six or more in one day, and his shortest epistie contained four pnges. And yet before they had been married two months he hm] slap- ped her Jaws so for around that when she wanted to talk into the telephone the had to back up to it, His excuse was that he mm exhausted, his affec- tion in the course or ‘the correspond- ence,”-Kansas any star. No earpenterls chlsel can do more etfeetive work than L; turned out with ease and neetnegs by the beaver’: tooth. Thlg is the prluclpel tool with which these patleut. clever hulklers construct their dams. The outer sur face of the tooth la a scale of very hard enamel. whlle the body or it In 01' softer demlne. As the softer sub stance wears .away ln use the end or. the tooth takes a chisel-like bevel, leaving :1 mln. slightly projecting edge of hard enamel as sharp as any car -pentel-‘I tool fresh rvom the ollstone The thln scale or enntnel gives keen- hesg. the softer deptlne suppllcs etrength, and :31!!! the comblnutlou (organ a formidable tool, whlch no tually sharpens ltuell‘ by use. THE JOURNAL will print next Thursday the complete gudit as submitted by the Na- tional Audit Company, for the \year ending December 31st, 1915. GIRLS WHO TRAVEL ALONE Stirred by the fact that. 5(n,nuu girls are disappearing annually in the United States the Wunmn's Hnnw Companion for F‘ebz-unry has the fol- lowing advice for girls who travel alone: “What to do: People who are interested in our city government and people yvho have been reading the un- fmthful statements in Bulfalo papers ore asked to read this iudit, then draw YOUR: OWN conclusions. Robboryl \1. Before starting to a strange city. write the Travelers’ Aid society to meet you. “2. I! alone or your friends fail to meet you. apply to tha Travelers’ Aid representative or B unitomed omvial at the railroad stzman or sgezunship (luck as soon as you ur- r ve. In the manufacture of the higher types of machinery care is ‘taken to lessen the cooling'1-Jtreuu of iron cast‘ lugs by annealing or some omen means in orqer to make the iron homogeneous and ions liable to brgajnnge or distor- tion. This ptoceg: in known as \sea- soning.” it has been found in the case of ordinary test hare one inch square in section that there was a gain in strength of about 20 per cent due to the shocks sustained during an hour in 4; tumbling barrel an gompnred with companion ban from the same ladle not I0 treated. .». Geuonmg Cut Iron He was old. gray, unkempt. unfunny- en and t,o‘!teI-lug. Eu: meg protruded from his shoes. He crawled up to an old well curb by an ancient homestead and clung there éxlintisteil. S\ldllBllL\‘ a Inpn lg mrs qnghed a|!.b'l’1,1y forward “Hey. gimme them rlugd!\ he shouted. The old man removed three diamond rings from his and gave them to the brute. Frank Borxage of the American (Mu- GAYETY The printing of this audit is an expensive operation, THE JOURNAL does not ‘get one penny for it, it prints it at its ‘own expense so that our readers. may see positively that what THE JOURNAL has said, poi-M itically, in the past two years,-'-is. --borne out by facts-.-we leave the theories to the scheming poi- iticians and the-1Bulfa|o Times. Ben Welch & Co; Directing as well as nctlng in American (Mutual) productions. is the unusual position held by Frank Borzngc. one of the most popular of Mutual stars. Borzage is without doubt one or the most versatile screen players now before the public. being equally at home in comedy or serious dramatic roles. Handsome. talented and possessing plenty of gray matter, Borzage bids fair to win national favor both as a star and a director. non Welclx. with, new show. is;th¢!, uttraruon at the Gayety meager thli we-('k. The house was packed yester- day afternoon and again last night and the fun fast and turiong. Welsh himself has lost none of his ability to bring laughs, imd his 0&- ferings are quite up to tlge-,_9 “3. It you need help of any kind. the (zuthurized Travelers‘ Aid a,gent—-—a uniformed otfn-ial at 1119 railroad station or st;-tuuship dock wiil direct you to her. \Alm to arvr-we at your destination in the daytime. “What not to do. \All right. Now go on!\ he ordered to a man turning A tmndle. \I1ow'd you ufpoqe tpem rlngg would look on the screen, you pour Idlot? ‘You're sup posed to be broke!\ The fun revolves around the actljtii of “A Lord (of a Day” and \Thq:Horo of Brighton Beach.\ Both Burlettuq fairly sparkle with Sppnllneollsar mor. This is 1; brand new égijtiplr 61.’ this splendid show. which is antggaly dmerent in every way (ram th‘p~o’p§.o! last. season. It not only |),l'0V:g'Il handsome new costumes and Ian but practically an entire \new and a number or lyrics. rl_'YlliI‘_ . [in and Len Flemming, wrote th¢:gaI’I-v I v 1 0 § \1. Do not start to a strange city or town, even for a night, without previous information about a ante place to stop. \2 Do not leave home without some extra money tor an emergency. ‘*3. Do not ask or accept informa- tion, advice, guidance. or direction except from the Travelers’ Aid re- praqentptjveg or ugmormed omc_in1a,~ ‘S4, Do not trunt attentions on trqin. nhdp or elsewhere from men or. women. Perils» of ‘fréplob! Wpteru Raljjnz I vessel uubmesfgeq In tron leg); jyuten Q3 dahzg__l'o\;I .bgij_l‘|ess. ac- bgrdlug to an n¢coun£‘1n‘~'8|§|;'iplnx ll lnmmd otthg !!!Y!§°;.9l -Hiunboat mic :.h.!\d bean‘ V9!’,=.Ifsk.:I.I..» I5-959-Lrbor “or f\PI_-§lI',6'so. Yuchtin. \l‘I1'a’|'a‘iTo‘n werg‘ fonntant dimer owing;-to-‘tho Wank; of \voracious Iomo _! which an uiorq (erocioua than shark: lW\' 5”!‘ ‘‘.!'|!|F‘'! ‘*1 \*9\ method: 0!‘-Jtt§i'cI§\¢.-,-§t::_n§‘u,: pray.\ Ahthony'I None. at on northwest corner or Westr.-halter cénnty. N. Y., vrucbu Ill nmtudoot 1.228=!eet nbove the Hudson 7;-lv‘¢r, ‘tfrha leaner: from ‘!!!3F9!§'%’1§§§F'.!1 01.95 Wtlfllice 10 tile’ lolnoul -highlands has been described \Al.'!'..|Q.I ‘Blah .?!\1§?.‘!..’n99!“¥.:!l -.'.-;.-,g.;.r«'.=- 5- me mm at‘ A Á nnlno of American Rllton. iSPEGlAl8 run nus i 2:; ‘e::2*;:s:;t‘?':‘Fi : 1 qt. XXX Globe Minnie Bud Harrison rnt‘rmIn.eoi- aj character specialty. She lens in nevara! song numbers. Goff Philllpp, Bu comedian; Florence Jlo Vic Oaumore, Pat Ka_grney.,.clém;B09- Ins, Ruth}: Herbert pnd Ar_ih_I;r gor- don coiitr buts much to t1ie~IuéogI_n_ at the mhaw. There‘ gs an,qt,‘t,I-gcglyo qhoru_s. lively agu‘) with 39031 vqjlcu. The show is nnogether min ojtnihq most pleasing ‘seen at the quyatxthlg season. 1 qt. Bgandy :1 qt. Pgéobles choice Whisky 1 qt. Gm \1 qt. Rum 1 gal. Alcohol $2.50 sags 33.90 1 gal. Rum ....s2,oo-$32,; €32.51; 1 “:22:-z,:§~::% ya. la ey .. -.. 1 gal. Wine, from 81,00 to $2.00‘ , .F‘,ull.Lis.u¢,.of V wlnipomted and Dbnjedtlc--Liquors.» ‘ on ?![¢hI8§l of Minn l Bnuley, of Munor nvgnue was taken to the Mercy Hoa- plul lut ngght for gn.gp?rn1on. It In ‘ugpected Ilia Wm be opunteqi hpon tomorrow. Her many friends hope ‘for her apeady recovery. ‘~‘6. Do not éxgept. offers to work elthor in peragn or ghmugb adver- atliqnjaents without thorough Invest!- xitlon. \6. Do not go to strange put: of I city or town It night Mona, or en- corted by public, porter or In a cab.\ Vnmy 3! at} }l3n7¢nn. \Am I u dézar to yo'u an I was dur- Ilgdonr c0\il'tilllll'|),.'dprllng 1\ que e V V _ I.o[t___!n0h£hIe ‘ rg,r.\ qunweged the Spam: '0! Lthe combine II he procgedoq to audit the Intent crop or monthly imIa*.+uuuanapoIu sun-. The nlleg. ghthe Jordan comumtyu \_§_I1o‘d6e on the ace of the earth, the ion or Gllllee Ital! be lIlK.ovelf' 700 feet below the level of (lag Médl while the Dead sea li over l_.§00 tog: below _the level of all the oceuytdrvthe w.o'I'|I_!. Mr, ‘Lloyd Bouley of Munqr avenue is con to his bed by muons. When engineer: but been lpoglgg tunnela thrduzh _th9 tips they hue found rockn‘lnll_do\ao- 91: that It ha‘: been necengry 16 con! them with wa- ter_'be(qr_e the men could continue 321-61.: work Rocks I-lhcféo lo coaiad Mr. Thou. Mccarthy ‘bu resigned his position as Manager '01 Graves ‘Hotel. Mr. Chis. Mmnau of Med- ina in the present manager. Ouvwmed. A man working at a large‘ '_'_ U (Q vWI_len- recently outwitgeq _ I clever manner. ' or ., ‘rho. '9I-t!n99£v-p- -*9...» faIk‘e‘d‘WllIl'e. mu. ‘the am terence between In [nuud and I am; .ve.rionI\ ‘ “An mvnlla. an Inn.\ nuswend M. \has ’!|,10|l9¥-''‘.'‘-l|idl0- » The Omen‘ (11-a,tely)—\,Why mum had not lllld III! hire the omelis? The Set», ¢‘e‘qn_t;—-It’: I vacant bed. Ill‘. ’1‘he<0!-z ng Á why ‘the deuce Inn’: the man ‘landing ‘bends It?-—-l,'.oudon sketch. The pope: qtatlonpd _I.I|Ol,l§§QI1”;._§§ the mmx.h ,9: me 9: |':d'jo'_n$ an ‘Ir (or tub‘-mgh to M {iii [M up, ‘Rh -4 nun, when mid mat In win \waged.\ f. thought‘ ljimuell at u may: '0': j ‘W|_lh'the mp '01 uaiajo-.¢t=h;jp1u'§§t5g ‘yo 4 was put in_ 3 gram 1!. t.ho\p‘It ‘bditoh . njnd carefully ‘ébvered Uni .,: ind. ribbiih uitil, In VII *;‘;:’ ‘ \ n 9, ; I _! ! cB';'|id Crtxm “ “.3 then ppi to ii.” i 9:9 .nnd— wan ukan rli|'1I-?JI\!id3_I-;@j‘_~}{_~?’=’ ‘any?-o¢*mq‘ so an tv,'I‘hN.9.'. J 3 1 - ,,-_-<1 , \F 4%’ 3: \ --‘~w»:<§~~4-‘ Fm. Delivery ..<3!£¥: ‘|.’F0.ElE8 4l|VlL0B.. :90. ,12o-iézvseneca‘-smaun'uIo,. N. M0115, Wed., Mr. ‘and Mrs. Patrick Bodkin of Buffalo. visited their Him Ind family Mr. .IJ_Id_ Mtg. Thongs Bodkiq -it 1638 South Park avenue on Sill!-g \-dI!- r gage: aiiin,riqneu'omr1tn¢p tho =gi-un vfl-tile; the Rqniin-‘Ward II ,.It.ey..‘;| . . |l.18l}t|j'«,'.!0J' my bus: gi'gé 1; CO£t?|?69:‘!‘IllY. ‘no (i g\{c to’vlr-~ Na; lhennnot be gmrgd5nbr’}dI .50- ,Ijggd.:I_|h¢ It )ur‘xde_rotlz,vi.th,o~§z¢_,rcI:';“):§9. an the’ an o; ft aomotuaoo )oun:_ _ ; .¢I.,”,-At. ,m..1.i_ gtagtj 136% rQIl_l'1Oy.V§_l9u0)t IE‘ \ .995\'W'!' Ma. aemimm an u‘m~ga1§\uio'n1u re ‘t_u_mgryan,gl‘ .knogngI_mu , 1 oivfni I:o\tlie“éqm\mo‘a ‘mi: to tlwvltlltb-'b9tovo'a1_q- ultmane V ,_ ;'rh_o .Ijn¢|¢~qnowBn.k9—Who emu yr Bug‘: whole dg;v.ot.|novznakoo—- who «loop not -an ”fol'~'t«|l'It3 \Prlvgto. opinion gm weak, but pupuc opinion 103* nlnyasc omllpbtem. 5.. - T.,«<|’1o.ro Tum’; g~....LN!;!': !=sl£!it*,.t9!- 1.3m-.t..zau 19 #lp\u.&9t’. vyyhen :13‘ bugmp 1; Ln‘ gp . > ~ “.11.? -hwXa§€¢' ! \V Igguly sand» HQ?‘- X think beauty 1: \rqthn;§ly1hrox- vroulon 01.11099: !l!l,.1.|m 1: why It I! zoo on.0;mI1,Ing.. vhtlb‘ the :|.:q-‘n.a;.I- 11:1-Ii.9:coIv.-nmqMon.\ ».1I.Il~the, .bx:eAtIt.-'-«R.!9!,I.Il!.4 J ,. . ‘It you not-bc1t,B¢n’qou7 ‘o I39 nir f.,«. , . 1', ;u f ' \ ' 53.\ «':v,':,? '. .\.‘» 3 ‘<33 . '-:“.;,r;~.i5 “ »...L,, 5' '13 \ r'?‘3S 2 k. :3\ ' , W

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