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.--«-.- 15 .5 _.'-.., .l~\ .\‘4‘/- ,~'* ..J .75: 1. ,\ _,-,:.’§e;;wI -\\;“‘5‘£ ‘U :'~“’«. ‘ «.1» z,-«.«, . v..-- \» ~« mu-4-¥;;‘..5“¢= uz'.»W - ::~:-»~ '1; V} .1 :, 1;.,?1:__‘-3, ,\‘;;.-‘-.;___‘..'~,,-a-:»» (;:;~>,,s_-A‘ N ' ~»,. «\,;\':.‘:’\‘;’\‘1».~ ~ n“;.>; .s%¥-E-x r... “ .. .»\‘«'«' !~‘«K~: 13¢‘ 5. ‘ ,‘ ' cut »\..'.' ‘~. . VIA ..‘~:‘ ~- .- _ »_;....::‘{_m_‘§ _ ‘._..__§s‘;‘ ‘ x.‘ .,;\ ‘ ,¢ .. ~- (J ~.. «-r.:3.> vi! W -2 . 3 14,2. \”'~“‘V \ 7 ~:.\-“H. v \W76 vfx n»~£{'E.~»*~?7..rZ¥r::f.!&w*.:-\ '4'-'\*‘ ',‘.t: \4; :43‘ .1 “\~ .' A’ -‘ ' '_ ' 11¢-,¥..‘ -VW. _._ ~‘_., ,,‘,. 3,» 5:3!-';' _r.V ,1 ‘»'+-. .54.; '1»:-nu: ‘5N;;‘I_v‘ !;,,£.L,. ,.-_ ;:{‘{.l ; - H W 1 :49\: v;:.\ -, =, ‘ :,..d. ‘-.1‘ .-H7~~‘.~:.4~:‘.~w'.\ 9' £133; »;;*:=.»:’«..vi‘<‘=>£\“‘ “:‘*'.“»~,‘%. ‘~_'y.IKf“\y‘\VA..“V.‘ :1» .3435, » {\112 , 1,‘ xx’ 5:\ . '< '1t.:-'x€«\‘.'“;» 5% ‘ '}‘u‘ \ ,' 5' ca‘. . ,, .. \.V‘ in \C; .;’a’r;. :- ‘.'»4 ' \ nu’). s U T H v F F L SE c c’ ‘ .,. ‘-.\;:~ xi *1 ..\.g_.‘~ M SHOE BARGAINS BULBS \IN 7A BOWL. Watcih In ‘Easy Way :9 cultlvata ‘Miniature’ Floatlmj Gardens “KICK IN.” A novel way of growing bulbs, such as crocuscs. has been tried with good suc(-ass. Al’-tor securing the bulbs thv‘ next thing is to get one or two ‘l‘iii‘ll(‘l' lurge corlas. Tin-uugh these holes am’ bored and the ‘bulbs titted into the’ openings in such :1 ivuy that the umlc-1\ side. from which the roots spring. is’ near the lower part of thccork, Now obtzghl :1 lurge-shallow howl and: till this with pure water. Float tho? corks. with :the bulbs in place. on the; surface and ‘set the whole thing asidei in a rather shady position for -two or; three weeks. At the end or‘ this tlmel it will be not~i('(>d that ‘the roots z_n“¢-5 growing down into the water; thence-E forward, ‘a pint-e in a sunny window’; should ’be solec-te(I. : Direct from its (1-11 year run on Broadway comes that powerful com- edy-drama entitled “Kick »In\ -to ‘the Star theatre for a week's engagement with maunees on Wednesday and Sa.tu‘rday. Ladies Rubbers up from 49¢ Ladies Red; Brown and Black Spats were special 50c now. .. 1 Buckle Overshoesé $1.00 Suspense. surprise. comedy. slang. tlnjills and pathos, all distribixted through ‘the story or this unusual play, make ‘it. so it is said, -so vastly aup_eriox- to mwthing of the kind ‘ltitherto ‘produced. that there ‘is no comparison. I New Photo Plan ‘Serial Storu Comfy Slippers $1.00 and $1.25 value now. .. . . . . . . . . . . . Alamo Boys Shoes, 21/2 to 6 Double-Wear Soles Manager A. H. Woods. who gave‘ the public “Potash and Pe_rlmutter\ \Within the Law,” and other great successes. went :on record the night “Kick In\ opened‘ in New York, in declaring it was‘ the best play he ‘had ever ‘accepted for productioii. This opinion was substantiated the .toliow« dug moi-n'ing'by the metropolimn orit-‘ vics who -wrote in unanimous praise of the new ‘comedy-drama from the v.pen=of Willard Mack. Geisdorfer ‘PIIOTOGLRAPHER ‘. -Val“. *a\ : ~» 4)»: ‘ > | \ I r I! ‘ H k a\\'.\ . Q. ‘ \%.§m’i*r.t\Ti 3.. 269 Triangle St. Bu N. Y. Crayon, Pastel or Bromide Enlargihg. iwa Have The studio For Large Groups. Boys ‘and ‘Girls SKATING‘ \CAPS 10c WE DO YOUR REPAIRING WHILE YOU WAIT The «upper shoots. of -the bulbs will start to grow rapidly. and at this timéf it is a good plan‘ to lamlnge la littlof moss to hide the upper ‘surface of the.‘ corks. ‘or, if ‘preferred. lxowew-r.‘ grus;-‘ or some other seed, such as cress. tmnyi be sown to l!)i‘0\id9 a green- covering. ‘There «is nothing to do ‘but to keep? the bowl well supplied with water and; change this now and: again. Fixxully the emerge. and ‘tben_ the effect; is«ex«tre'mely pretty. The bulbs may be‘ planted in this way any ‘time up to early Januar-y~. thougfr naturally the sonner they are started the earlier they‘ will hloOm.—S. leomu-d Rustin in SL, Nicholas. «It Is the ‘Work of ROBERT COLE EIGHTEEN The story revolves about Chick I-Iewes and his’ wife, Molly, who have .married_ and decided to live straight, but they cannotmesist the appeal of a. former crook friend who, wounded by -the, police as he was making his getaway with a $20,000 necklace. cmwi’s ‘to Chick's for protection. Chick hides him in the attic, where he dies, Molly's brother‘, a done robs the wounded‘ man of the jewels. Chick this out and forces the brother -to \kick. in” with the collar, it being ‘Chick's intention to turn -it over to the police, as he has no wish ‘to -become involved in, the -crime. When he does give the necklace to A detective, however. he is nccuaed of the robliery and is brought before the Commissionér. We do Picture Framing to Order Also I Fine Line of Framed Pictures. ‘ PHOTOGRAPHS OF OIIILDREN FAMILYS WEDDINGS 276 TRIANGLE STREET Most Noted Special CONFIRMATION Prices %FREEMAN’8 V PHARMABY Bell Phone, Abbott 680-M ‘V|CTOR|A’S ‘LETTERS. AUTHORS f ‘ For Dessert loyal Secret: Thu! Art stored Away '33?’ 3'2 I328 ABBOTT RMD I1.» Buckingham Pnlacp. “We may wonder if the world will’ ever be allowed to see the prints cor- respondence amassed by the late Queen! Victoria.” say: a water. It is stored, away In a strong room ‘built lnto the wills of Buekhngham palace. and the‘ queen shared her con with no one. Read the Names: COR. MEBIDEN AND AIJSAOI This brief outline gives no ‘idea. of the many thrilling ‘situations this truly great play presents. It must be seen to he enjoyed. It can safely -be said that it stands quite alone as a masterpiece of dramatic _w:-ttlnx. But there is plenty of comedy to re- lieve the tenser scenes and the end- -ing. while unexpected, gives the spec- tator a sigh of relief, for the syn- pathlessre with the reformed crook. -Chick Hewes and his beautiful Vite. throughout the entire play. BUFFALO. - N. Y. mvm con JAMES opnsrmsm Louis qosevu wmc: JAMES FRANCIS owvsk Jo; MITCHELL CHAPPLE A. M. AND c. N. WILLIAMSON REGINALD wmavrr KAUFEMAN wIu.LAc: IRWIN. LEROY scoff IAN! enzv. RUPERT HUGHEI ozone: Manousou HOWARD ANNA KATHARINE GREEN MR8.‘ wn.sou woonnow NINA wu.cox PUTNAM rnaozmc a. Isl-{AM HUGH wam Iva»./v Bel! Phone. Abbott 118-W So long as she was physlcally able to do so» she opened and closed the sate-~ herself and arranged its contents. When she was too‘ feeble to do this she employed an old and trusted secretary. but even he had to work under the royal eye. He wns never allowed to keep the ‘keys nor to read the letters that he handled. C. P. MONAGHAN ALBERT F-ROATS President of The South Buffalo Social and Athletic Club. DEALER IN FREE 1916 CALENDARS; -‘ ' JUST PHONE Q ABBOTT 310 . M AUTOMATIC 34-757 ' 3 W E D E L I V E R . Albert Fox, 50 '1}:-Is_;:ile In-egt, In giving “my absolutely tree. medium size calendu-3. His onion in open (ram 9 1. m. to .6 p. m. Albert Froate, who has been re- cently elected president by the mem- bers of the South Buflalo Social and Athletic Club, will appoint all special and standing committeesand distrib~ ute the keys of the lockers to ‘proper. authorities. ‘Queen Vlctorla we: always I voluml- nous letter writer, and she wag in con- Itant communication wlth most of the ‘royaltles in Europe. Every domestic fnecret and privacy of royalty diirlng lull! a century is said to be represented py the contents of this wonderful lute. ‘end it Is easy ‘to believe that the ‘mod- ?ern historian would lnndn lull -1; he were permitted to brown among -these. ‘letters. Tomorrow THE JOURNAL wlil print its answer to the Times of January 17 in reference to our lauding the past administration and we will print the TRUE story of who issued, the Bonds spoken of. BRICKS-— 15 cents...... PINTS \- 30 cents QUARTS \VANILLA-CHOCOLATE CHERRY-MAPLE-WAL. VAN. and ORANGE ICE A STRAWBERRY NEAPOLITAN, PEACH, CHERRY AND PINEAPPLE ICE. Bulk VANILLA, 40c .......Qt. FRENCH WAL., 50c ..Qt. FRENCH CHOC., 50c . .Qt. Pineapple Mousse, 50¢ . .Qt. It is customary tor all newly elect- ed oiilcers to outline some certain plan by which to be guided the en- suing year. _F'ebrusry 2d the first regular meeting in February. it is expected President F1-oats will make known his message. It is rumored that among several changes are the purchasing of sup- plies. In the future the supplies (or the club will he bought in bulk. This will gain better prices and a ready stock will always be on hand. Sec- ond. the committee on building will no doubt be continued, but will be urged to suggest some plan to start a building fund. Many suggestions have been made to the committee. but as yet no recommendations have been made by the committee. ’l‘hird, in view 0! the fact that the club is increasing in membership. in- creases the work of the sec- retary who collects all dues and as- sessments, his compensation shall be the same as the treasurer. Mnny other recommendations will undoubtedly be made and which the club will take action. Read the Slow AND SEE THE AND ICE But probably he will have to wait a. few hundred years. endnthen his pop ular audience will be a languid one. It Is one of the ironies of life that we can never have a thing when we want !t.--— Pmsburgh Press. Don’t fail to read tomorrow’s JOURNAL for a full expose of this rotten story in the Times. Moving Pi'cture.<; CARTING AND TEAMING 439 sown PARK AVENUE 0l¢IVIU@l@lUVa A Royal Snake Slnughtcrcr. The “secretary bird“ is one ot.tho most precious birds in South Africa. It is royal game. and any person do stroying one is liable to a of £50. Majestic looking ‘birds, they stand about three feet high and generally go in pairs. '1‘hey are of drab color, with black. teaithery legs. and are valued for their propensity for killing snakes. Where the secretary bird is seen there are sure to be many reptiles about. The ‘bird beats down its adversary iirst with one wing and then ‘with tho Qt.!1.Q!'. at the same time trampling 9,11 it with its feet until the snake is sum- uieutly Sillilll to catch it by the head with its (-laws. '1‘-hen the bird rises im- up in the air and drops its victim to the ground to be killed. By this means tlion.<umi.~z of venomous reptiles are do si‘roye(l.—I.omlon Serafls. $1.18 F MONTHLY MAGAZINES 31.18 '7' And our Paper All-one Year \'=\ THIS IS A REAL BARGAIN South Park M. E. Church Rev George Sqhlenker, Pastor. Sunday services. 10:30 A. M. and 7 :45 P. M. Sunday School 12:00 M. Epworth League Devotional Serv- ice 6:45 P. M. Wednesday evening Prayer Meet- ing 7-45 P. M. , 'I: 121551 SOUTH BUFFALO !:‘.:.'.‘.:.‘.!m.....£:§:2:::::.....§:::;: President F1-oats has suggested that the dance at Peter McDonough's Hall be postponed to sometime in I-‘ohrmu',\'. A U\:-l.nl| nmu “cut down to Hart.- ~.ru .:.u ‘and to the .\Iothex'hood club (ml (53. ‘ll’ gou have a 29-cent ..» mu: wen!‘ u 53!) lmI..\ m u .z.~«- the Uustun man man‘: ...u 11 um: tn the mums \Vllll Mart.- u :..u.~; Just what the hnbund-fuco . .~nnum no I-.\-r.-n u 29-cent taco - m~-.m.uu uvm \u_-‘urlng 11 29-0011! I'n llw mlu-x Imud u xxoumn with .-- ..w cuulu scnxm-I) be oxpeuled :-I .. 5:“ hill Hats and ‘Face: Silver Sword of Hawaii fl Olw of the most curlous plants in the world and one of the greatest in- terost to ull bomni;~xt:n is the s|1\'ox' sword. 'l‘hi.~x oxveodingw mro plum. with its Inugnitic-out sliver spines and handsome ('l‘0st.. nmy mill lm fmuul in profusion in um upper part of I.\'uu|»- gun. the snutht-l'n mnlm, M‘ the me! ex (:1-ate!’ n1‘ Halt-ulullu. on 1\h(- lslund 0|‘ Mani. ll. llum-1-S lirum .|u1_\ to Octoln-.1‘ zuul om-urs hm-<ll,\' (l1l\’ where else in the world. Icvon ;~m-nIu:,‘vr Is the variety known us thp ;,:r<-on sword, \\'lnl('h 0(‘.('lll'.~x only in Hnlosnkulai‘ orator and is unknoxvn to exist else wlIere.—-Honolulu Slur Bullotln. Send us your order right sway, or give it to our repreunrative, or cell and Ice In when In town. If you lnve never eublcribcd to our paper before, do it now and get then {our mlguiuer. If you ere enreguiar subscriber to our paper, we urge you to send in your renewal at once, end get Ihelelour ‘meguinee. If you are 1 sub- rcriber to any of these megzfiner, send your renewal order to III and we will extend your nubecription for one year. TELEPHONE 815-817 ABBOTT ROAD Near Triangle Street AL. CHILCOTT Boll Phone, Prop. Abbott. 442~R. I7 v Think M II, n':°§'..\§'i:.i'.f.'u.i\.‘..'f..;5°.1’!.»3'?.'!!fi!'f§.§'iT 1~8c WM. J. FERRICK CHOICE MEAT .. un Humou mun IS xxudlng Into ....x~| He quue overlooks the u . mu ol comp:-nsuliou ' m- :1: cent tucu wear a $30 hut. |.v. « ds.~:n‘ucI Lulelmoll -ORDERS PROMPTLY DELIVERED W0 have ample copies of then: magazine: on dinplny at our o Cull Ind tea (hum. They no painted on book paper with illuumted covcn, and In full at clun, inm¢|ting_|torien Ind instructive articles on History, Science, An, Mulic, I-‘uhion, Fancy Noedlcwork, Genenl Farming, Live Stock and Poultry. 532 S0. PARK AVENUE TIELEPHONE ABBOTT 1238-W KLINCK’S BLUE RIBBON BEEF ALWAYS IllIlllllIIIllIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll All Kinds of Wines. Bundles and Liquors for Medicinal Purposes. »\_~ .u: the woman mm the 850 face. :1.--urn Med any hat.--Clevalud x Inanler 81,13 Send Youromr Ba ~ mlmzlm \Vl|lSupAP on You Forgot It 3143 oomly. mu mi Ml; =-‘—‘ The kingdom of Portugal counted in its royal house one of the men who hold first rank in scienti attainment and practical application. \He was the son of John I. or Portugal and Queen. Phiii pa, who was an ‘English princess. He agent his life -in sending nut ships-. on voyages of disrovery, nnd it was through this‘ Prince Henry, called “.the‘. Nuvigat_or;\ t'hat‘Columlms.got his idea_ of seeking for a new land across ‘the; sen. Prince Henry themlavlgntor Hard on the salcugirl Surety 8: Gold Trading Stamp: A -lady was shopping and incidenta- iy got into conversation with one of the saleagirls. boasting particularly about the cleverness or her little daughter at home. \You ought to he ‘proud= o! her,\ said the girl, at the some i_ir_ne- picking up a picture book. “Don't you want to iako ‘this home as I present for her?“ \'Phank you, 1 will,\ said the woman. taking the book and -dropping it into her shopping bag. “Tillie will be so proud when I tell her you sent it.\ To the girl‘; dismay f.he shopper marched away with the book and the girl mud to pay for it. nulhod to Mother’: Dofennea Good Tiarget When arguing the respective merits of mothers, Benny never allowed’ his -mother to be surpassed. This {attitude on Benny's nart delighted mother, ‘used thirty-six. until one day heuran ‘in - ot (gee and belligerent or eye. '\M9thér ‘he: shouted, “that zgny, Bob, and his mother was forty-three years old‘ and I couldn't“atand for ‘that, so I said you were forty- it ‘you were a ‘dey:!\—-Woman’: Home Com- pinion. New Appllcatlqn of an Old Adage 'Proprleto1\—-\I ham about decided to. employ a female mm collector. What‘ (I6 you think of ghe idea?\ Bookkeep- er--\WelI the tides may be all right. , A target having the usual center and concentric rings is so constructed that the marksmen'e~ bullet Ignites 3 colored at the point at impact. Ihowlng the the place and value of his hit and making 1}; unneor essary to keep a marker «at the toe get.-—,-\Wondeg-g oz Today,\ In N» tloual‘ Magazine. mlllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll c but I wouldn't advise yau to do It.\ ‘Pr0prletor—\What'a the explanation?” Bookkaoper—\Becnuae i_t In said tint-I ‘woman’: work is never dun.\ curious Old Watch old lv‘rei1<‘:h watch, square in IXPIDB. which is so arranged that ev- .step of the owner he‘ps to keep spring tightened. is the property In. lhan‘ living in Sam Diem. Cal‘. '.»'IfplI. witch is described in the World's __Aj_l_ln._nce. as the only watch in the Hill winds itself. it keeps per- ’, _ly nccunte time, and has worn _6I‘It several good cases in’: its day. A ‘ilu-'pi\ovided for the watch. to be 1,yhex_i\th’e _0W§1el\ is ill or unable j felt about. Carrot; were _t1_rst Tlnttoducgd into Engiand by Flemish -gardenars -in‘. the ‘time of Elizabeth. and In the reign of James 1. they were still so uncommon that ladies‘ wore bunt-hes of them on their hats ‘and on their sloexeh instead or feathers. ebmmcuon of Lime Worth The gray wolts distinction is. that hid. scalp is worth dollars, whilc aunt of the coyote hyinga’ only one (101- vlar. ‘Most of the ,dla'tinctions' are an woruilesa to -those who ‘hold them an the btpunty on his‘ scalp is go» the shy’ wqlt. ‘Aunt——~\Y9ui‘ bride, my’ dear. boy’, ll wealthy and all that, but I don't think she'll» make much or a beauty show It the u1ta'r;\’ Nephew——\You~ don't, eh! Ju_st‘ivai_t’ em you see lfor ‘with the brldegmhldu she has -nelqcted;\—‘-Bot» {on Ttnnucrlpt. 1'a|mely Adylce. The trouble with most “superlenaié give\ children in thnt they no not ut- mlod with their pueuts mar growing zup.-\-Wuhlnzton Pout. Expect Too Much. “Take keer, mnh trons,\ laid the preacher sdlemnly: \-take Vkeer _ dat when de time comes to shume 0!! ‘din hyah moital‘ can. you than an Ion’ in de ahun_1e.\a.—-Puck. 7. *\ \ Q , x L’ , -‘\‘l,i/ 5 2: :7-e‘?‘. 3:1 _ f_) u.. .:V'*5\ ' ..;‘..,,\d : 7 On Lot Boys Box Calf Shoes Regular $1.50 special at We serve the only ten cent ice cream sodas in South Buffalo. They are made of the best materials and served in sterilized paper cups—Used but once. A OUR Service has been approved by the Bulfalo Board of Health. %\7”‘'’ 430 SOUTH PARK AVE.

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