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The daily journal. (Buffalo, N.Y. ;) 1916-1916, January 21, 1916, Image 4

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! ”’Z‘5:.\;.’:‘ ~'“-g\:‘~3';‘*“~‘*5;>.~* $1-'= .7“. 14. «.3 _._i. .'«\;‘.,»-M,‘ ‘_ _ « A ’~::--‘.‘ ~,'-: w ' K ; ~*.‘~‘-\-A-‘.'=.--.'..-.-. \ . ,,‘. . .r»,.'-2\’ 73'?\ -31‘ 'v)‘.‘.._4:1_'_~‘-_-, f ~.;;.»i».:,.}_«a*-- . . . mm, :4‘ .xr»'r .—s.,' - « ~~--.s.' -‘. ».,' ‘; ‘.~.-~.~.~vr/>.':*.—-‘rs -.-LC’.-‘.h',;'1'/.'., _-,.:,‘a{,1,A.,»,“rJ - . :;v-‘:».‘.-.- >.;.; as 4 _«;‘~}g..;; :1,-.-‘~;: ;,«=»; j-’4__“‘:§\'§{f4‘$..1}‘§‘é.‘u\,. . -. ..\., .»~ ” {\:« ~ ~ ' z I ,.‘7'-\’~..'.:\;«’.‘1\\ 2, » “Liv-v.‘ ~r . um... f‘ -.,-X31\. “~'~>.-5;: ‘.-- =1» p“»-,-‘ ...\u’~ “Iv/-‘ .‘ _.,_k‘._,« Li ‘ '~ “‘-K-'.!». ‘ . . ~ a_.~._.:»2r . . ‘V .',,..:)e‘5'f .;-3;‘ ' N: ‘p -;«i,. ‘»w~ ~ ’-\~ ;:._«;-<.«..~- ‘gm .,,¢. .‘ .. . r.\r¥-:»«r.‘~'.‘.A-‘ “ “.:-A mg, ‘ .3-gm -“~:~;\* ~ ~ ,. , v‘ _,A .1 iv‘. ._ |;‘a£‘_;_' .4 . -' an \~‘3~u‘.1.- ‘ \— -' ~ '*~'v ---“*4-‘~ _sr'm.'-wae»=«e.v.§..2:z¢u'\-»«¢.>s;»~4.w.>«‘-dc; 42\» T A. 7.7; -7.7:\‘ ,~ .25.. 4x '4: ‘Q; % ‘ 3 ,.‘ 5: 40$ tar. mm.1_ve'w 1'a“zu-tram -uijun ms !to- be stationed, vkiiAt‘hr»instru‘c‘t_!bns‘ to‘ open the draw and dnsha. the special to ‘lestrtut-ti-rn in the '1-ockfy sfreujn below. Tum atild Ben su.s'pec'-ted ‘nothing. -1‘-hey were .(1c~lighted when .t~héy found ‘that tho :2IX;.fi11oeI' and zhis were ready to ‘let them take their places in r‘et1u'u for the $500 ‘Rom had ot’f,e1-ed. Tho €‘IlL'hI(‘('I' led the way to an ‘oh- scnre spat mu] (-hun;;e(l clothes with T-oxu. while his gave up his own \vurkln:z logs to Ben. Just five minutes In-t’n1'e the spot-iu‘l was sched- uloll to pull out Tom and Ben took lut-lr |Iluce.~'. in the cab of the engine. waiting for the si':l1:1l‘tn pull out. And‘ just ‘lu.*!\o1'e that si‘.;1|:L'l was given Kitty ‘H()(‘k1'u1‘(I and -I‘>m'uth.v (lashed up. .;\. ._ é , V. .) V \ : . ‘~'“ ' 2 . ‘ ., . ‘, ' . Full’ Line of VICTOR RECORDS At All Times § Must Close Out Balance RUN AT THE COMO THEATRE SUNDAY JANUARY. 23 rd “Tll:xt‘s du<l's car.“ she snld. “\Vll0l'L‘ 1.4 that spovinl gulng?\ she nisléed the lxonxvst ntm-lnl. who smiled at her. ‘ \liusrlon -.\[l.<s I{‘it‘ty.\ luvsald. “(}ood!\ cried Kitty. “Come oil. Dorothy. It's just what we want.” ’I‘he1'v WM no reason -t'.or stopping her. None of tlxestatlon ‘officials knew mything of l{0cl:1'0rd's vdevillsh plan. And so Kitty and’ Dorothy climbed alvont(l.. and :1 moment later the signal to start was given. ltockfoftl and Stone. sitting in Rocktortfs o ‘chuckled as tlley saw‘ it pull out. of I c Sale Goods (Copyright, 1915, by the Universal Film Manufacturing Company.) SYNOPSIS \1 think so.\ zmid Stem: vrixuly. \He- knows he must make good this time or get into trouble. He's mnen down hard twice lately. Why, on-n yester~ day -he was to -send two mu-n to Lynd- ‘hnm, with 21 woman, to ‘gel snmething on this Tom Lurnigau. His -two men have disappeared, and (hey never took .the woman at all. They didn't wait for her, but went on: with some ‘other \vomzm—-on a joy 'rule, I sup—- pose!\ ‘ ‘ 2 Dudley Lm-nigan, district uttot-hey. be- Qnuu or his tight on -the vice and liquor Iruqtn, is killed D)’ an agent oi’ :1 secret Iocloty, the committee of The njht is coxxtilmed by his ‘son, Bruce, who ll elected -district attorney. Several er- lgrtl to {mine up the intrepid young dis- trict attorneyomii. When Larnigan saves tlpq children St‘ one of the conspirators thlrman agrees to expnso the trust and H murdered. Dorothy Moxweli. whose lather ‘is head of the insurance trust. dV_ji' ‘tho dictnphone hcnrs oi’ a plot to kill lglrnixari, with whom she is in love. She turn: him, he escapes, and two more of ti) conspirators are kiiiod‘ When Bruce Llrnlzan goes to Chicago to tight the -[gain trust he is assaulted and thrown ov ! He is rescued by his brother ‘guru, who takes up the iight. Dudon. hbldot the i.'r_ain trust, taming exposure, -ljliu himself. 'i‘om Lnrnignn opens it right the textile trust. Ayrcs. the head of the mm, in tin effort. to kiii Tom, kills -hi: own son. Dorothy, gagged and bound. h taken by the conspirators to :1 road- h’ou'Ie. One‘-half lb. Liggetts Tea, Regular 300 1-2 1b., 2 for . . But minutes later I{ockford's chuckling was stopped abrupt-ly._ (or a note that Kitty had hastily scriubled was hxrouglng to him. It informed ‘him that his daugghter was on the train that was doomed by hisown act. As- Neither Stone nor Rockford, of course. knew the truth as to this, which was that 'Dox'oth,\ .\!-axwell, learning of the. plot, haul taken the place of the woman who was to be trny Tom, nor that the two thugs with whom she had gone had ‘become sus- plcious and tied her, hand and foot, In the bottom of the car while they went into a roadhouse to acquire 'cournge for the task before them. Yet, even at that moment. Dorothy was ln tlltzht from the two thugs. They had not meant to stay long in the rondlxouao, but one drink had suggested another, and their resist- ance hudn't been strong. As a‘ result, Dorothy had been able to loosen her bonds and get out of the car. She rude oil‘ In the car Just as the two thugs emerged, and as soon as they 1-ecovez-ed from their astonishment they gave chase, stealing a motor- cycle that had been standing by‘ the car. One-lb. Packages Liggetts‘ Coffee Reg. 35¢ 1b., 2 lb. The above goods were received too_ late -for our regular lc sale. Ou-If loss is your gain , 0M.—LARNI(‘lAl\\S victory over “,4 ‘the textile trust. and the ting- ic defeat of the pious Ayers ' had made for his destruction Incouruged him vastly. but not more . than did‘ the discovery that he was lot, after an, friendlesa and alone in 'lIllAiight.. ‘Ben Truers, his old friend oi’ the Alaskan mining comps, had come back llto his life. -and Ben had millions and the will. as well as the power. to help Tom; Harry Stevens, too, the young \‘nqwnpnper man who had onlistetl in Bruce‘: war against the grai'ters. had sought Tom out nnd ))l‘lil.ili:lL‘ti hisnid. Torn gripped the hands 0:’ his friends in turn lifter he and Ben 'i‘ruvers dis- cimeedwthe latest wnrnhu; to drop in- reatignting the rniiroud monopoly. \Well. i can't make you quit.\ he laid, “and I don‘t mind snyim; thnt I am ‘mighty glnd butexiusc i can't. There are no two men i would ruiher have with me in a tight. and it looks as-though we have n l'l‘:\l tlxzht uhcnd of us now. Bmu\e sec-uis to think that we ought to look into the railroad monopoly that (‘llarlos lto<-kl'ord inns created.“ Stevens noddodn, ‘-‘I'll drop down to Wall street and Dec’: wllnt I can iinll on the ilunuclal ‘end. I know that any l'(‘|Nli'i('i‘ on the street would do uuythine: l tl!~illt'd him. ’!1‘hen you nud Ben con l‘oilo\\' up Rock- lord nersouuily. linvc you looked into his ;nn\'en_n.-his at nil?\ , \Yes.\ said Tom. “I—'lo'.~: lmilllr to Boston from New Hnrtl’<ml this after- noon, just his private 4.-nr nnd an en- gine. If I could only get on that spo- cini!\ ' “Good!\ echoed Ben. “I'll go with you!\ Tom scouted around now, afraid to ask questions too 0|IonL\'. until he (ound out which eupzlncor was to be in charge of Prcsltlcnt Iiorl:i‘ol'd‘s spo- cini that o on tho run in Bos- ton. 1'-Ielc-it Ben to which him nnd went to call on Rockfonl. .-\.~a he ox- bected, he was unnhlc to see the head of the railroad. But. ho xuauzuzcd to Iron at note addressed to not-lcforcl and containing in warning that ho had bet- ter mond his ways. [Io told Ron hi‘ this. \Tlult_ will mcnnro him.\ no mild. — “He'll know who I am when he Bees 1.\ \I've been talkim: in little with our nun.\ nnid Don. “I think we Cllll inud Mm all right. He s‘n_vn he'll rather work in -a_ glue factory than here. Be looms to be sore on the whole works, —!!‘o,r'n R down.\ -Andlzzfoni. when he in turn“ tniked to the engineer. found that Ben had not oxnggernteti. He listened -to the mun’: Jomiylnints. for n time out] then decid- ed‘ to make u proposition to him. “look here.\ he said. “I can show ion I know how to run an engine. and pi friend here knows all about tiring. _ [t'g~wortix $500 to me ‘to he in your can afternoon when that goes- jut. “ Howvn’h‘out‘it?\ The engineer agreed. 9 Mm it did not -occur to either llllleljr to distrust the .engineer or to ‘lilibeot him.‘ And yet, no sooner yore they out of night than he made any -uvtut gs‘ he could to Presi- dent Rocktordm once. told of the tribe and at what he had done. Stanford‘ Stone was with -Rockford jwhen the engineer made his report.- _ He leaned. over and spoke con- ll‘) >Ro‘cktord-, who grew gr ¢w.lli_t«» on he «listened; ‘hut nod- IJnnii‘_x° > _ ‘All’ rights\ he laid, \I'll -to it. I'll ‘stay book ‘here, but they'll think Pm uhocrd-e.~woIl, it will serve them right! You cut truat ‘Dunn?’ “I can help you, and I will!\ aid Rockford’ earnuttly. Dorothy had a good stm-t;bnt,\1nhap- plly, the gasoline tank or the car was almost empty. and she’ soon saw that she was sure to be overhauled\ and again made a prlaoner. Her experience with them made her dread this and led her to be willing to take nny risk to avoid the fate she felt was in store for her at tllelr hands. he read it has face turned a ghastly color. and he slumped -f0l‘Will'd in his chair for a moment. Then he turned [furiously on Stone. \This is your doing, you murderer!\ he cried. Harmony’ Perfumes _Ligg.ets ‘Chocolates N'at’l. Cigars Corner South Park Avenue and Ridge’ Road _ Kodaks a He the note atvstone. “I'll try to save them!\ he cried. “But whatever happens I'm done with you! I'll have no more dealings with you or nny of the gratters who are in with you! I'll be an honest man again!\ He new to send orders stopping the special and ordered out another ape- oinl to follow. But he had no hope. There was no why, ‘he, was _*s_ure. of the doomed train. The only clmnco was for Dunn to full. and that chance. as Rockford knew only too well. was of the sligluest. Dunn was not the sort to full when success de- [)(‘li(i(‘(l upon his own eD‘orts nnd when he know. us he did now. the price of i’nii1u'(\. 3 ‘r K E_ s 1' ~ ‘;. 1., And so at a turn in the road she abandoned‘ the cm: and down to- ward the water. which was 119211‘ by. an the road» at this point wound In and out near the sound. A: :1 small dot-la a. motorboat was lying. It seemed to be empty. und Dorothy sprung aboard and got the bout going just as her pursue:-s tore down to the water's edge. She felt that In the boat she- was safe and that she would be able to explain her desperate need to its owner. But. to her constextmttlon, she heard sounds within the tiny cabin. and the next moment the ownor ememvd. “I\'iNyZ“ cried Dovnthy. \Kitty Rock- ford!\ ~13-Q: ‘Y-ax iur -ims...§_~...‘» '\i8h~q‘ « \ .\q¢. §\\iRQ ‘ :‘:'\\.?o I «}‘L I ‘ ’o‘‘‘\‘« V N R Q ‘s'~h'|n 1 \\’h:1t. Itockford. however. had not allowed for was that Tom Lnrnlgzm had :1 plan of his own. And vevy soon aftel‘ the special! had pulled out and while it was still 11 mile from the brldge whore Dunn waited Tom stop- ped the train. “(‘muo on.\ he said to Ben. \'1‘hls is as good a time as any for our little ta1k‘witb I‘1'c-sident Roc-1:fo1'd.\ But. in the private our when tlley went back tlloy found not Itock1’o1'd. biit the two g_1rls——-two nsxtonished glx-ls, 1uo1'eu\'e1'. it was nut n mam. but n 1,511‘! of Dor- othy's own mu-.. whu owned the bum. And I\'ltt_\ Itur-k1'or«1 \\':1.~'. hm‘ best frk-nd. Huuu-0 had, Iennc-cl lmuvily in Do1'ot‘l1y's. din-¢~c.(iun at last! 'l‘ho,rc were excllumltiuns uf mun’/.oxu(-nt (‘mm both of them. and oxpl:umunus followed. OILS Jhuuds “I'd never have tlnrc-I1!\ nrieul Kitty. ‘D01-n1h,v,_\'uu‘m the bm\'o<t. girl _I over ‘new! But. .\jou'1'o safe now. We'll go ight homo. and I'll haw them send on to New York In n special‘ train.\ % \Are we all alone on this train? I've been ringing and ringing, and there seems to be no porter.” snld Kitty in- dignnutly. But Dorothy -at that moment recog- nized 'l‘om Lurnlgnu. ELMEH E. HARRIS & B0. “So you're safe!\ she cried. “I was so nifraid they had hurt you, as they did Bruce.“ » And then there were explanations. ’l‘oin seized upon the main fact. “I he-lieve this was :1 trap!\ he cried. \(let oil‘ the t-l'ilil‘l while '1‘ru~ve1's and i look to see it‘ unythlng is wrong.\ Kitty reseutetl whnt seemed to be u mtlevtion on her l’:\tllev. but there was smnotlniug compelling about Tom. oud she obeyed. Aml then while Tom and Hen looked !m' 0\'Id0ll('(‘iJ of a plot Dor- tthy explained many things to Kitty until she was interrupted by a lIour.'~sp cry of triumph. “Got you this time. missyi\ cried one at the thugs from whom her timely‘ meeting with Kitty hiul enabled =hor~ to escape. ' The two thugs hxd been obliged to. walk the ties and had come just at this moment. But they reckoned without Toni and Ben. They heard‘ Dorothy's scream. and the next instant they rop- ‘ncftlnred yang} attacked ’:the two thugs. ‘ '1‘ e surprise helped Dorothy’: rescu- ' ‘era, and: the tight. that followed‘ was ‘I41-let. soon, all the thugs wanted was to escape, {and one of them wrlggled land -sprang to the euglne. -He ‘called to the ‘other,, and they went on‘ \in the éhglne. But they did’ not go far. for Dunn was waiting; He did his work well. The speciallcrashetl through the open druw, and the thugs met the hue they deserved. GASOLINE .‘.»-’g. ‘F ~. . 1 Tom and Ben Travero Dlucunuq th Latent Warning to Drop tin ‘Kill road Probe. ‘ 2 to 22 Mam Street Buffalo . “I don't want. .69 go $90 New York.\ laid ‘Dorothy. “It's Lyndhnm I must get to as soon as 1‘ can.\ \An rxgut,\ said Kitty. “’1‘hat',s on the why to Boston. We can get. you there. I'll hurry to New 'E'Ia:\ttord~n quickly as I can.\ V _ Now’s’ The '-‘Time To Use “ANTI-FREEZE” Don't wait until ymngr Radiator Bursts Phqpe HARRIS or any Station “But;‘whut.on earth brought you just herevj\ -_ . . ... \I was out for an eatly spin, sagd something want wrong with the en- gine. I .iixc1j it.~up. and then I went into -the cabin to clénn up. That's why I was hidden when you came abound,\ But neither Rockford nor Tom Lami- 'gan vknew nnythi_ng{ at this limo of the movements‘ oi‘ Dorothy Maxwell; ‘Rockford; ‘nt .S.to‘ue‘u.,dici5ation, bran; tlcally. since be him»: \ had ‘had an en- tirely diii'er_ent_ pltm. ‘hid cqntrlved a 1’tl'l1l| {or Tom. _Iiarx1i;:m_1.,;1_g1(l. Tru- ‘ei-s that exceeded in dinholleni in\gei1(il- ty anything the grattayndionre had yet attempted, Tommnd Blm ‘were’ to take ‘the Iberia!» out. but the private our iwiu to be empty; and pt 1 dnwbrllge Even as the.cr1}sh of the —wpeckrsoI,md- ed In their ears another, engIne1lppem'- ad. ‘From It-sprang R_ockforg!., whose relief when he saw‘ ‘Kitty knew no hounds. He .tu'med»‘ln a moment to '3-‘Om .I‘Ir|m.9.K_8B~ ‘ _ ‘ft-:b\Iu‘xjir.:h«;-lp=3\-our, and\! will‘!”'he said‘ earnestly. \_I have mvorn to reform mysélt, ind‘ I will work ‘with you to compel others to do no.\ [lplnodo N9. 7 Next Week 1 :3 LAcg<AwANNA ‘STATION W YOUNG’ 5 Busy CoFme”r .9’. ,,._.-.( 4 no .59. Park and Ridge. R0/ad‘ t\ ’ .',l~\%' ;‘'‘f':' «$7 “\.:‘.' ‘»§»;‘,'~'1.' _, ._~»»». an 51, 5/’ SIXTH EPISODE The Railroad Monopoly By JAMES ovnznuun. Author ol \ Beloved\ ml \Sonja For the Now An\

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