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The daily journal. (Buffalo, N.Y. ;) 1916-1916, January 03, 1916, Image 1

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~ T « = . ; A T , ; »‘ . u _ . ‘ (5,, - ,~ ‘ “k,,__,_' 5 ;‘ ‘ K ’ V :A,«‘__ ,_ ' ' ‘-4 u “ '.« w - ' -.‘:’§1\'z3.3‘.’ 1 4 . . . - .. »~ -~w-.1‘. .-.,1, _-4 » , _ . ' 1 ' \ ‘ _‘ ’; : ‘ ‘ I . . K 1- I 9 V ‘ 1.‘./V * 1 . . ‘ t 1 ‘ «_ ,- , . ., . w, 2 ' =. , ‘ 2 3 M 1 V v . . -‘ I ' x ‘ 1: . «. w .2 V‘! 1 — 2 .‘ ‘. _ _ ‘ . ‘_ , “ ,r l 3 J ' t , - - 2,‘ ‘ I ‘V’ =* . v \ 3‘ v‘ ‘ W B=UI\FAI2O N. Y.. MONDAY, JANUARY {Z-,1‘9=1'6 LACKAWANNA, Y \ B‘ \ ‘THIS IS A '('O'l’Y \0F'THE ‘l“2l'*I{S'lv‘ I).-\l:LY PA«l’ER‘ {EVER l’R‘lN'l‘E3D IN TH-E‘ CITY 031’ LACVKAWANNA. NEW YORK. AND=1l'l‘ Wl%LL»GO‘!lN7l~’()‘ *E\\ERY HOME IN THIS CITY AND‘ W00 COPIES l'N’~l‘0 S'0‘U'l‘H =‘BUJ|*‘~'l<\ALO G UA:RAN.’l‘-EEJI‘) *l3)‘A'l=LY.. ‘TH‘IS (‘I»R(“l\LA'l‘l‘0‘N «EQUALS ALL THE |£'l'l\l\ALO‘ EV E‘NIN?G PAPERS (‘OM-1BlNE‘D‘. '4‘ V .1? State Prison Supuunte men: 5} Who R:-maves Wnrdcn Usinrne. MEMBERS OF ‘FOREMN RELA TZl'0N‘S -C‘0MMl’TT~E3ES W’lL?L ‘BEE CON'SULT=i3D IN ?lNTER’NAT|0NA%L CR’-ISES IT'S IEP T l%lHiE MONAGHAN JOHN B. RILTEY Expa-1'L Accnuvntml-1 R-v1-m1't.~: to (‘um-mun (‘mum-il .\1i.\‘L1so of (\uu'1'l. :l\uml.-.. F~ REWRNS ,............ (‘ommon (‘ouncvil l.euve.~: the ‘De- HINWE UIETLY. rcision to City Judge Monaghzm. Court Clerk u ’}Iar(l Wm‘-ker fur J udge a-t l’0‘lls May Keep» Him His Job. His Arrival Was In Strong 601;- U331 10 His UBDBNIIIB. ‘silty Aawaiits Action of Judge SPIHITED AWAY FHUMSTEAM Further Disclosures Expected in Auditors Final Report. Mr. Ford Emphatlg In His Decla_ tion that He Did Not Regret -WI-I He Had Done and Was Sure I Would Have a Good Effect—3Iam People for war. . The ‘letter as sent to tho common council at its nmrl meeting last Wed- nesday night. by Auditor George \Vn.ts0n of the National Auditing Bureau is in full as ‘follows: New York, Jan. 3.——-Henry Ford. lame again after failing to \get boys out of the trenches by Ch_l'lI§ mas,\ but nevertheless, emphatic I his declaration \that he did not It zret what he had done, and was mitt that it had a good e arrived on the Norwegian-American liner Bers- ens His homecoming was In stromz ‘cont.ra.~t to his dnparture. Devemhnr 29, -1915 Hon. John Widmer, Mayor, City of Lnvkawuxnm. N. Y.: Preliminary Report. Photo by Apnorlaan Prau Auoclulou. NEARLY SNAPPED WILSON Dear Sir: ‘AS your term of of is about to expire within the next few (la,v.~x. and in order to enable me to make my reno1't~as complete as possible I dc-rm it my duty to ask your hlstrua-lions cm cm-min nlaltefs that huvn <-nuw umlc-1' my observa- tinn during the p1'm.:|'(-ss of the audit. 1 l'el'u1‘ p:u'tl«~ulurly to the books and l‘(‘lf()l'dh of thv (‘lly Court. whit h I huvv nut he---n vs-ry sz‘xtisfar- tm'il_\’ k--pt during: thu nurront and prvvlnllx yum\. New York Woman Wan Taking Photo of Her Party -when President Passed. Hot Sprixlgs, \’a., Jan. 3.-~As Joe Murphy, presidential bodyguard, saw the event, Mrs. A H. Lowe of New York nltmnpte-d to takv a photograph of Prvsldcrln Wilson. As Mrs. Low sees ll. -tho lxnnoyxnnoner canw very near spnlIln~.: lhv \\hl(‘h she had plann--d to takv in her new cam- era. Any)-.nw, lhv picture \\'l1i<'h Mrs. Low smnml to tnkv was Intormptod by the soc:-ot -$1-l‘\l(‘,p (1m(‘(*.r_ Mrs. Low, shu «lye, hm! hm‘ party ggated sunning iI..7ull' on tho pnmh, all slgllte \\'1lE‘11 SO!lm0I\(x..1,eqm1 to» puss between hm‘ and her ubjnr-t. I-‘.\=o.n as she lnoln-ml up in .-vurpri-an-, shn was told: \l’lvasz(~ dnn’t try to do that.\ ll. was only ihvn that she roul- lzedr it was the president who had passed. A‘: the presidvnt rotm-nml from 1115 walk, hv stepped down qllilv an em- bankment ahead of Mn Wilsnn, bra’cc=d- himself and r‘i1IIl;’h|, ‘.er us she Junmecl squarely in hie arms‘. He did not seem to mind the porch crowd at all. ln.~tva.d of the blaze or bunt-lng and ma clamor of applallso that sum the pc-ace ship 0.»<'ar II a\\a.y on her min- I. n, the returning pat-i was spirit (Continuml on page eight), , On tlw imlvx hnnk for I914. I on pzu.z<- l,.‘..\ mu nunw of (it-orgu \\'i|l()\\'slii. wlm “us convicted and Hm-d 11u- sum uf doHur.~'. whim-h zunnunt was outerml in the vulumn \I'mmid I-‘im-s\ but whiéh was nmrlu-:1 “I’nid\ in the (lockeu. and illsn on the Police Rm-ords. 'l‘hr-.-«- um uumums \\'m'n not turn:-cl uu-r In Llw (“ity ’l‘r¢-asuror and on the City (‘ourt vim-k‘ being: asked for an x».\'pl:u1:uinn ;ul'n1i1-tml‘ these amounts ((‘ontinnml nu page four) CITY OF BUFFAI. SAVES ON COUNTY TAXES ’I‘entati.ve Rate _ Slashed From $6.75 to $53535 by Sup- x ervisor’s Action. ' TWO MEN DIE FROM BURNS TOWNS TO‘ PAY MOI! Equalization Agreement Layh Heavier Share of Burden on Country Districts'.\ 7 RATE ABOVE LAST YEAR Photo: by AI‘I1Pl‘l('zll1 lfress Assuu-Intlon T119 two skippv-1 rhurvll. but. took an ham-‘s nulomobulv r1-lv. [A nvu‘ and lnuu.-I‘(.Inl olmnvnt \\.|~‘ inun-lu-4-:1 lntn ‘he .\n.-mu l'ullll‘lI\¢‘|‘\\ \u|.h .~\u.-ztrh “hon .uI.r-nu; s=r-I-Hm!»-vi -1 nm.mI.: 1‘);-1.1‘.-r~».v.Iu» lu.ulr-u-s in l‘nlI|:l‘I.~<~ In :‘.n\--r ur In-Ink: mmmll.-.1 \-. Hm 1'1‘!-,1»; hnrum; Ihn cnn'rn\1-r-<\' um-. I: LI\t'I’ Hm l.u.-|l:nn.|. lilll Nnl'»r:1.~‘l\.n., Ami-‘c nu] nthc-I --xusvs u.nIurrs‘~ \.-.\~ nut In sans-.-I-m, ||u\\' n I; '1'n,. u~.)n,...: lh.-I In-m---x'nlh 1:11-11-Ira ut‘. Hm snml. .-zumnzob un l'nrr-I,a.'n |:~1.n.mn- urn In-Inn»-I rutlur sl_ruI.r.'?\ ballot I-4 [L In Hm .\nu-nu - I'|*|.~ Hm pn-.~m1rI1l mun: l nut llrnlli nfr -In-Iumwt « rsl:l!vn1.<. \\|H| .\u.~'lrIn-l[uIn.'u*_\' cum-ulI,n1g Ill-Inl-|I.~ nf Hun ---Iullmzc-u and Ln: .4 Ihv undo .11.-I I»-ru.~. min mu (-null-J-'-nvn -’l.‘lu- .<l:Il-~uu- .. mmie In 1 Ir-:~q.nns.Il:lo su-uul--I. whmo name 1\--u‘I'l nut ln- u.~u.l, Lhn .u.-<~urm-0-5 wuul-1 l-1' :‘hum Lhru Hn-rr I-0 nu run-tum \\IU| .\u~tnn-Hvm:ur.\ umll “nor ~ 9 I’!--mu--r.uIn I:-mien .4‘ v‘«- -V.‘-r-:1; r--rm-n r-In‘---.-. n--nllvv lmnn :~:.n-null:-~1 Sun-lur \\~’i|lmm J. Strum» of .\n.-«nun «Nu 3 In the pi- Iur-sn as c-hnlrmn-v -f the s-«-n cu mum. rm--x.-u r-~|m--us. Hr-m-\~ I1 I-“mod of‘\'ir::lm.. I'.\n H K hem! of the '0--rM.upmu-lint: hnll'~?r> comn~m-:- .\'-- '.‘ nI:_-r Hr_wn\- l‘:\l-ul I,u«h:u ut‘ .\I.w.-znt~h\w-Me. n yvrvninrnl Rtarmhllcnn mt-mhor of Hm '11-nmln vnvnmiftor‘ \'n 1 is .'~‘\rm<nn --I‘ \'vn:|m::. Dnnm-r.:L uh-~ u a--mmm .- 1IIl\‘ldnI’ \’u- 7- i- RI‘!~|I'-v>'\|-\ll.l\| \!NII'l'l -vi’ \\'I-'--un-~m I. .,.. .. |v..] r r -my v'x -lay OF METAL DAY AND NIGHT I*Io:u',v State Tax is Said to ‘be Responsible for This (‘m1dit~ion. Sixtt-L-n Ot-her I.ul'mr<-rs at Luck- uwzulnu Stool Plant also S1ightL\' I’§ll!‘n(*.(l——I.zl(lln (‘ar- rying Three Tons of Molten hrnn StA1riko.x ()h.<t:1'uctim1. Tips ()\'on' and 1’ulH‘>‘ I.ir;uid Fire 'I’p»—m \»\'nrlu1wn l'mI«-r Trestle 'a\IHl|f J (In! LACKAWANNAL HIT Increase in Orders (.'<m1poIlo(1 Us Either to E1112u*g:e the Plant or Wnrk I\'ig11t:.<. MAY DR WIDMER SDRRENDERS HIS BADGE OFFICE UNDER ADDRE IMPRESSIVE AU- SPICES THAN HE RECEIVED IT BE 'I‘lu- --quuliziug of H10 county t_a.xes_,. U1: :1 h.'«~i~. llf 77.22 11¢-r vmlt for this‘ Iv 'l_\' :1 ml 1”.‘ TR pm‘ rum. for the towns ha: hm-n tho mnnns nf ontting down luv» t.<-nLzm\-- t.u'.\-raw of $6.75 t_6 $.'u.75:l5 for Ulla _\-'(=u.r. Alonzo G. l'[lll1\]l‘_\, (‘ll'l'1\ of the lmm'(l of sun- '1-I‘\i—m'.-I. and his asnsistmlts. yester- day mzux-r~r1 out the tax-rate which lproperty-nwnrrs in. the county wlll ‘hm-v to pay for 1916.. The mtg ‘tor '1!I1;‘; was $4.08 per $1.000 ot In- st-<s<-d valuation. Working ‘Niglils l)uuMed Our (‘.apacit_v Without Buying More l’1:mt. l\El.L()\\' l,..\l£()RERS TAKE Ol9‘F'(\~O.\'l‘b‘ ANI) S.\l()'l‘llER FLAMES To oooupy a husinn<s building you are untlvr n 24 hour rnnl 0\'n1'5' day and you. as {I rulv, n)n-1'ntc- 5 hours and shut down 14:. Now we o\vn 5 jnh 1u'«-»«.~:vs. 1 r,vl- iudor. 1 linotypv mzu~lnno. c-10.. in putting on :1 night. rehift. nf .\ hours it simply doubles nur plum and szlvos us «umv u large zmsl-I In in«.r(-n.-ml plant to (‘ope with unr h1r.r«-uslng business. Two mun dit\(l last night in MOS('.‘l ’l‘x1ylm- hospital. this city. the result of burns root-lvml Sntlmlay morn- lng in tho L:u'ltu\\‘zulm1 stuel plant wlwn ll llldll‘ of. molt:-n iron running on :1 tnozstln. twvnl.y feet. above them =tlmw«l ovnr. Sixteen otlwr mm were slightly lnn-nod but after lmvlm: their burns trvatotl were able to go home. [lose 'l?lu-tr Lives. ’l‘hn rlmul nro: ll:-‘ro are the on which the tax-rate was computed: !\x.-.u--zs valuation of Amid Flowers Banked on Desks The Old (‘ity Ot Gave NEW COUNCIL IN ]yrnpm‘l_\’ in tnwns$1 As:~c-~.-ml vnhmtirm of m‘n1wl't_\‘ in But‘- fulo Way to New in a Be Manner. We have really nuw :1 plant of 10 johbers. 2 cylinder pl-c-ssma. 2 lino- typv Yll 2 folrlc-.r~. In fact. 2 ‘or. ovt-ry lhlng we u:-zv in our shop. We turn you out u 301) on the drnp of the hut. send in your orxlor before 5.3!: 1). 111. und have It at S :1. 111. next day. 349.881.790.12 Five (‘ommissioners Formally Take Over Government of Buffalo. $4:'»7.5n3.293.0o .\nmunt to he raised by v.ux,«|bo'ut $:Z..\nn,uuu_ A The old and new oily nmvials moi Siltlil'(lil)' mm'nlm.:. Jxnnmry lat. at 9 u't-Inrlc in tho (‘mum-ll (‘hnmbr-1' amid :1 lzlmv asseinlilzugn oi‘. pt-oplo und \viI.h llnwors lizmlcml up on tho dc-sks nl Lhn nllivinls. «::u'r,\'iiu: in tho nos- trils oi’ iho:~xr- prmvili ihn 01101‘ of «print; Lhnv wlwn the r-urih take-s on H»: now lznrh nflur lhn winter months uml tho day lwinp: Hw Hrs! oi’ tho nu-xv _\r-.:1r u.ll wr-‘ro ('Il1l|l('lIlllUl’l\l of :u'I‘lII\$ uhnut in imrinspirv. ;\1uym‘ John \\'i(lm<-r um! .\Iul,\'ur 1-II‘-I'i John. 'l'm)nn-3' st:-pp:-d lo the llunl of lhv muiruni maul .\ln_\or Wid- nwr umsplnu this hand nf Air. Tm)- HI('_\' mm-tim.: him tho I-x<nxu.uur said in part: \.\'lr. .\lu_\ur l Lhrn «nor to uni lhv koys oi‘. l.hl:~. t'il_). the gavel and badge of olilw um] I ussulrv you that my lwst \\‘l:~lu-:4 urn for the wel- iure of this city of which you are now the head. I hoxw thnt. nolhlm: but success will crown your efforts ‘to administer the duties of your oiiice and I wish you and yours u .very Happy New Yum.\ Mayor Widmer in tlolivnring his badge of oiiice to his successor was such a. contrast from the manner in which he receivédl it that many com- ;.ments were heard on all sides. but the friends of John Widmer well knew that for him to have requitted himself in any manner that would ‘re n discredit upon. the city‘ was idle gossip. Wise men would not be termed inch it they made tools 0! them- nelvo£rund~ Join: Widmqr is too big u (colitinud oi ‘pita Will Arrange for Banquet and a Boosting Campaign. l'¢-I4:I' ;\[c('n|l. I.lIiI'l_\-llvo _wm'.~s old. |wl<'kln.\m- of mg '.I,'I'(!(‘ rnml, lllustlt-ll. Juhu \\-'vn\'u|-. furl,\-nlnv yc-ur.-: old. l!l'l('|\lli_\(‘l‘, No. 200 ‘Kc-._\sluII(' .~‘||'N-1. llllmnlo. 'l‘n.\' rate pt-r $1,000 of assess!” vx1|I1ntion.$ . Noxl. 'l‘l1urH(l:1y night the Chamber of (‘.nn1nu-rcu wlll hold an oxtru KM Lm.-1-tlu-1' nwntlng. At this mm-llm: tho (,'hlIlI‘l‘H\I' will {l»l‘l'fl-III!!! for :1 much Inllu-cl nl‘ hunqunt and t.hnn lht-rv am- srulngx to start :1 hnn.<1.ing :-.:1.mpuiL'u for the City. With the wnmlrwful aulvzumu:-_-- of this city for m:u1uf:u'turln1'.: 1mrpn.~'.mz it is high time that snmn 01-g:uli'/.«-cl lu)<l_\' go! after them. 'l’m-sidvnt Lunham has soul out umls lu all the momhur.~; and the Juurnul would suggest, llmt can-h nu-mlwr bring along 0. new one. The body will meet in the (‘amt llounx at the Clty Hall, at S p. m. 'l‘l11xr.<d:\_\‘. Junuzugv 6. Ortlnrs will lw rr-mivml until 9 p. In. every nn:hlL ma-nm. Saturday. Suturdny niuln mu’ .~lmp will not operate. Don‘! I’.o1'gr-I wn 1m_\' unlun wzuzc-5. work unlnn hours and l‘Ill])1l)y 12 people. If you “nut Lo help Luckn- wanna. sum-c-od. In-lp its Industries. We lmvu Iwoughl. ‘.3 families ht-rn ‘In ‘tho last. month tn live and \\‘('I‘n ‘going to b mm-4-. Wu duu‘t send nut of town fnr vhélp if we can get it hnre in our linr-. The Journal stands ‘for La(-kn» wanna how do you stand re the Jourxml? GHIHRM TWO IN JOBS The mm} \\'m'(\ working nndc-2' tho trmmn Imildlm: n wnll. Tho lmlles. each of which carry Lhreo tons of umllr-n mm from the n])s'I1 In-urI.l1 mill In [ha mnl-In-r~ um In-vnx-»nH\ ()\'('l‘ Hmir lw:ul> About {min u'('lu-tk :1 -Inu.H’ uh- sH'lu'tim| on thu l.r:x-.|\ <.nu~u-:1 nun uf Lhu l£1(H4“; to tip mu-1' .\vl:-(lull mu] \\'n:n't 1' \\‘1'|‘¢' :.lir:'-r~l,|_\' un-lvr it. hm!» int: mu-1' at (hi-il‘ work. Part M‘ lhn nu-ml .-~mu'k .\h'(\nH’ and \\'o.'u'or .<h(\lll(‘(l fur nolp‘ |«‘uno\v workmen rmtnwml ~lh(‘iI‘ :u:l‘l~x and snmtlmrml t.h<- fl1lm('s in lhu rlnH1inL'.' of then‘ two u-onlpauions Hlld in thn meunume l\Iu(‘n1l and Weaver had he- come unconacmus. They were carried to a. waiting ambulance which had been summoned. wnntiunml on pngn olght) MEETINGS SCHEDULED F0' TUNIGHT Others of Mayor's Appointments in Which There are Few (,‘hang‘es, Go Over. With the s\\c-urim; in of livv amn- HHS:-H()lll‘l‘R M mmn Saturday. Imffzllo vlltvlwl upnn tlw unnnlissiml farm of govornnwm. l'mlz-r thu new t,-Iuu'l(-1'. Muym' Luuls 1'. Fuhrmmm sun-vs-s nut thn tvrm l'ur which he was «-11-: ml mm mm as «hah'man of tho lmhrd. I ’I’h-- I..:1nk:1\\'m1xm Savings an‘ Imnn z\~x::n-~Inl,inn nwnt. to-night to: thrv s.x~un.-:m.inn nf lhnir regular bust nn!=< and for the purpose of ac- rr~pI.ing pnymmns from the shut lu)ldm‘s j 'l‘hn .\ssm-lation .r,.n.< svveral xjppll n:n.inn.-: Tm‘ gill edged loans and no is the um I- that people should get I’, if (‘hey would huve their saving; air the lliglxost dividends. Only two oi‘ Mayor l-‘uln'nmnn's uomimu-:4. John lilnrlin for chief of police mid Bernard J. McConnell tor chief of the llrv department. were appointed at the first meeting of the council. The other appoilitments and the election oi.’ 9. city clerk were put over until the regular meeting on Wednesday afternoon at 2,o‘cIock. POSTPUIED Gut the boosting spirit and be llu-ru with both feet. At the hospital when attemlnnts trled to take on‘ what little clothing was left on the victims it was dis- cow-rod boh wore burned ovor near- ly all of their bodies. _ lllejn Hospiuil The banquet that was to be given tonight. by mlnebers or the republi- cnu party in honor of the Republican Councllbmenj who took of last Sat- utqay, has been postponed until Mon- day Jygiunry Nth. The only thing worth while is the stiu-k-go-lt.-iveness of the average .\xxu.-rirnn, which makes him get there in spite of hell. The Laoknwunnn Bunk rennin open tonight to ncéomodate the ‘Vlg-i-,' cation Savimzra Acvount »depqslrt,br£'-3 and they will also transact any othet- business that come before’ them{ 00 YOU!‘ UVIIFC Daniel J. Sweeney; was placed in nomination to succeed himself for city clerk by Councilman John Iv‘. Malone and .Cllll.’ord J. Chipman by councllmnn Charles B. Hill. It looked like 1 vole. bin. Couucllmnn‘ Charles M. Hetld asked that the. election be deferred. At 5:30 o'clock last night McCall died and four hours later Weaver sxuccnmlied. Deputy Medical Ex- aminer ‘Cook sent the bodies to the morgue, A certi or accidental death of issued. The laborers whose burns are not serious were treated by 3 I-{sch-. _‘\nh‘hg pigygiclnn utter ‘which tho} va:,:no.tho'ir‘xliomeo. i The first meeting of rthehney Cop mon Council. which in also the 5, meeting of the Counciiin the 1)‘ year. will, be held at 8 «‘)”clo¢':i in, H Council Chnmbers. . ‘ This world neednthe efforts of every one. There is no reason why the hut- dens of life should he shouldered by a tow. Union you intend to, do some- thlng thnc will mike people think bet-’ car or you there in no rauon why you Ihould inhibit -this sphere. moo To cmssmt FORgSALl;1—-Cub 1-ulster chug, am cluu condition. Apply 40.4 Victor! %.V'9nu9.. Don’: forget {no ch;n_1‘gber' or ~\\’ hated moeuni 'l‘hh_I'I,llI:i_. gr‘ cm in they City Chan‘ _';L_g The salary ‘ol the Qlmorlntondonj it (continued on inns in.)

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