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- VoL. l. No. 3. GILBERT KILLED SHEPARD BY TRAIN • • GARDEN CITY, L. I. , N. Y., WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 3, 1923 Diocesan Con erence • , TEN CENTS A COPY RALPH PETERS DIES OF HEART DISEASE Prominent Resident Loses Life Long Island Clergy, at the Call of the Bi.shop, Spend Two Yeteran Railroad Executive Striekeu on Eve of Retirement While Leaving Train at Days at Squthampton- Conference to Be Made Garden City Station 4 • Annual Affair • On th e call of the Bishop, the Rig~t o'clock when the conference adjourn- On Friday evening, October 5th Ralph Peters, president of the Long Reverend Frederick Burgess , L.H.D., ed. So successfu l was th eaffair that Gilbert H. Shepard, a prosp e rous lum- Island Railroad since 1905, died sud- with the recommendation of the it . was voted unanimously to hold an d 1 f h t d' · h' h · ber dealer of 1 Broadway , Manhattan, en Y o ear tsease m 1s orne m Diocesan Council, a conference ex- annual conference, next year at East G d c·t t 6 , 1 k T d living with his son-in-law, John A. ar en 1 Y a o c oc ues ay Bur che ll , at 116 4th St., this village , tending over a period of two full days , Hampton. morning. His health had been failing was in s tantly killed , in the pres e nce of th e clergy of the Diocese of Long The subject matt e r of the discus- for more than year and at late he had of his wife , Sarah Maude Doane Shep- Island was h e ld at Southampton be- sions and addresses was the annual visited his office only on ce a week. ard, by the e lectric train of L. I. R. R. ginning Tuesday ,October 2, Practic- every-member can'ift.SS to be held by He would have been seventy years that arrived in Gard e n City at 6 p. m. ally the whole Irving House of South- the Church on November 25 with the old on November 19 next, when, with a _ Polic e Chief A. Conran and Serge- hampton was occupi e d by the visiting obj ec t of enlisting every communicant notable tribute which his associates ants Vandewater and L a h ey respond- clerics. The conference began with a of the Church in the worship, service were pr e paring, he would have retired • ed to a ca ll and they l e nt every assist- se rvi ce on Tu es day evening at St. and support of the Church. Exchaoge automatically from the presidency, to • ance, • but th e y could do nothing be- John's Church, at which the Right of views and results of past experi- be succeeded by George LeBoutillier, yond maintain ord er. A large numb e r Rev e rend, the Bishop of Long Island, ences contributed to the value of the the vice-president, who becomes the af person s was attracted, but ther e addressed the assemb l age and the conference and the desire to make it Long Island 's president. were v e ry few eye witnes ses be ca u se Rev e r e nd H. Bland Mitchell, Field an annua event . The funeral will be in the Cathedral most o~ the passengers bad a lr eady Secretary of the National Council of Th e choice of Southampton as the of th e Incarnation, Friday at 11 A. M., got off the train and had sta rted home- the Church outlined the work of the place of the first conference was feli- and Bi s hop Frederick Burgess is ex- • ward. co nf e renc e. citous as it gave an opportunity to pected to conduct the serv ic e. All Mr. Shepard was in the habit of On Wednesd a y morning a service of study the missionary work that has offices of the road will : be c lo sed dur - going to his lumber offi ce in Manhat- Holy Communion was held in St. been done in the past few years in ing the day, and at 11:30 all activities tan several times a week. On Friday John 's Church at 7 o'clock, followed eastern Suffolk County. The devel- of the Long I sla nd system will l)e he met his wife in Manhattan and they by breakfast at the Irving House. The opment of the work began practically halted· for two minutes in tribute to r et urned home on the s ame train th e ir hi memo y · f t'ght a d p enger conference business was transacted in with the appointment in 1905 of the s r • re n ass son-in-law takes. Coroner Wilbur • d 0 F R d trains coming to a stop. Special the spacious Art Museum, the use of Reveren sca r . . Tr e er ,now ~ · Southard of W a ntagh was called in t,.R 1 ·ns , ... 1 ·11 car Pennsylvan 1 ·a which was given the Dio e bv f[: 1~'- f •h ~ r-,.., l-tedral) to the mission ... ry \i he allo\ ed the _:t 7 b;:;etiftrifm~~~m~-\\E~~~~'mi~ ·ttl ~rbata, the inf! . .., ~e.• · ...-'='=\=~· Ju~ .... \ '\::. v; 'llr . tmkuu\ elec1u.1f.esA •• IJ, uv -.,;~ - -- -.. _..-~~ ;f~ ~ th . e - ·a J.<.a~ .. . . ~an . ptlft.i. hltn ru excep- funeral. nesday w e re · from 9:30 to 1 o'clock tion of Christ Church, Sag Harbor, it • St. Funeral services held on Oct a ber 7th were priv a t e a nd int e rment was m ade a t F ai rmont Cemetery, Chatham, N. J. · Mr. Peters performed what probably a nd from 8:15 p. m. to 10:30 p. m. was the on l y mission of the Episcopal h' 1 t fH. • 1 d t h The afternoon wa s given over to en- tertainment, many of the clergy mak- in g us e of the privil eges of the Shin- n ec o ck a nd Nation a l Golf courses which were extended. Others w e re e nt ertai n ed by motor ride s through was 1 s as o c 1 a u y, w en on Church east of Moriches at that time . O c tober 4 and 5 h e made his annual Th e R eve rend S. C. Fish of South- tour at insp ec tion over the road. The hampton was appointed as assistant s upervi sors then pr ese nt e d him with a to the . work in 1908. Ther e are today hand so me w a lking eti c lt. In his ac- b ea utiful churches at East Hampton, knowledgm e nt Mr. Peter s said he wei- Southampton, Hampton Bays and corned his approaching retirem e nt. He praised his pro spe,c tiv e s u ccesso r, Mr. L e Boutilli e r , an e xp e rienced railroad man who, lik e himself, had be e n train - ed for years in the metho-d s of the Pennsylvania system. WOMAN'S CLUB TO MEET OCTOBER 15th the big mi ss i~n a ry fi e l d of the Diocese Bridgeh a mpton and mi ss i on stations at the eas t end of the i s l a nd. in addition at Am aga n set t, Montauk , First Meeting of 1923-24 Season On Thursday the bu s in ess of the East Side an d Fre e town , all of them t H f M D I . G day began with a se rvi ce at 7 o'clock se lf -su pporting. Th e conference wa s a orne o rs. e 1a • 1 1 at St. Mary's Church, H a mpt <J n Bay s, lar ge ly a ttend e d , a l a r ge majority of Walker br ea kfa st at the Irving House and th e c ler gy of th e Dioc ese being pre s- T}?.e Woman's Cl ub of Garden City sessi on s at the Art Mus e um till on e en11 at the entire conference. Mr s. H . Hall Ma r s h all Pr esi d e n t, will . · hold its first meeting at the home of Mrs. Delia G. Walker, on Cathedra l A venue, n ext M o nday after noon , Oct - ' ober 15th a t th r ee o'clock. ! The program w ' bich promi ses to be a ' fine one will be \Songs and Adven- tu res\ by Miss M a rgu erite Wilkinson. The program for t h e year 1923 - 1924 is as follows: I November 1 9th-\ Th e Art of t he Th eatre\ Mr. Stark Y o ung , Dr am ati c Critic of the New Republi c. Ho stess, Mrs. J oh n Miller. 1 D ecembe r 17th - \Physica l R e-e du ca- tion \ Miss Mildr ed Rider. H astess, Mr s. J ames Addison. Jan uary 21st-\Current To pics\ Mr s. J essica Lozier Payn e. Ho stess, Mrs. Char le s Ludl am. ' • F ebruary 1 8t h -\ E d u catio n \ Mr. 1 J ohn Findl e y. March 17th -\M usi ca l Program\ , I I ranged 1 by Vi ctor Harr is. 1 April 21st-\Open Day\. Hostess, ' Mrs. Wilfr e d L . Wright. j May 19 th-\A nnual Lun c h eo n \ · Chairman, Mrs. Don Parker. 1 May 26 th-Ann ual Meeting, Harn e Tal ent. Ho stess, Mr s. Charles A. Hammann . I I Mr. and Mre. E. Fr ench Strother l eft ! I on Sat urd ay for a motor trtp through 1 • As • FIRE PREVENTION WEEK • thi s is Fire Pr eve ntion requested to observe Ch i ef Lawlor: W eek, r es id e nt s of Gard e n City are the followin g \Don 'ts\ s ugg es ted by \ . • DON'T wait un t il a ft e r a Fir e to c l e an up rubbish , especia ll y in attics a nd basements. • DON'T burn rubbish , pap e r s or , le aves on the pr e mi ses, hav e them t a k e n away. DON'T wait until the c himn ey catches fire b e fore having it cleaned. DON'T put rubbi s h a nd hot ashes in the sa m e r ece pta c l e. DON'T put hot as h es in a ny wooden receptacle. • • DON'T fail to ca ll the Fire D e partment at the fir st indic ati on of fir e. DON'T blo c k th e road s while the Fir e Apparatus is r es ponding to an a l arm, as serious d e l a ys and acc idents happen du e to the failure of automobile driversto give th e apparatus th e right of w ay. • R a lph Peters was a railro -a d man by heredity. Th e s on of Richard Peter s , a pion ee r railroad build e r of the South, h e was born in Atlanta , Novem : ber 19, 1 853. After attending private schools in Atlant a and Baltimore he was grad- ua te d from the Univ ~ r s ity af Georgia in 1872. Following two years in th e • service of the Atlanta street railway s he becam e associated, in · 1 874, with Samue l M. F e lton , wh e n the l atter was n ame d genera l s up e rintend e nt of the old \Pan Handl e\ or Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and St. Louis Railway at Pittsburgh. Surviving Mr. Pet e r s a r e his widow, Mrs. El ea nor Hartshorn Peter s ; his so n, Ralph, Jr., who is s up e rintend e nt c •f transportation of the Long I s l and Railroad ; his daught~rs, Mrs. Argyll R. Pars o n s, Mrs. Pau lin e P. Pi er pqnt, Mrs. John P. Hubb e ll, Mrs. Harold P. Forman, and Mis s J a ne B. P e t e r s, all of G a rd e n Ci ty; his broth e r, Edward Peters, and a sister, Mr s . H. M. At· kin so n of Atlanta, Ga . . ~ DANCE CALLED OFF The dance sche for Friday ni g ht at the C h e rr Valley Club has b een ca ll e d off owi e death of the Shenandoah Vall ey. They expect to be away about two weeks. ====================:!) l Mr. Ralph Peters.

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