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The Garden City news. (Garden City, N.Y.) 1923-current, September 26, 1923, Image 6

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• Page Six VILLAGE OF GARDEN CITY BOARD OF TRUSTEES I Pres., Geo. L. Hubbell W. H. Holden Frederic A. Kimball L. V. Morris C. T. Hamilton Counsel, G. L . Hubbell, Jr. tlerk, E . R. Courtney • CATHEDRAL OF THE INCARNATION Bishup, The Rt. Rev. Fred'k. Burgess, D. D., L . L ., D . . Dean, The Very Rev. 0 . F . R. Treder, D. D . Ar c hdeacon, The Ven. R. F . Duffield, D . D. W . M . Baldwin G. L. Hubbell Chase Mellen A . R. Par so ns H . L. Naisawald A . A . Hastings J . R. Miller C. P. Turner F . H . Holmes W . H. Holden M . N. Buckner Dr. H. C. Ferris Frank Gulden VESTRY ST. JOSEPH'S ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH Rector, The Rev . Francis J. Healy PROPERTY OWNERS ASSOCIATION CENTRAL SECTION INC . Pres ., J. H. Pinckney Vice Pres . , E . F. O'Connor , Jr . Treas., W. D . Bloodgood Sec . , L. M.Cowdrey PROPERTY OWNERS ASSOCIATION GARDEN CITY EsTATES Pres., J. R. Miller Vice Pres., A. D . Olena Treas., A. Bowman Sec., W . P . Cook, Jr. PROPERTY OWNERS ASSOCIATION EASTERN SECTION Pres., G. B. Van Sickel Vice Pres., Luer Wilt bank Treas ., F. E . Woolsey Sec., F. B. Hamlin SCHOOL TRUSTEES Pres., G. L. Hubbell Robt . H. Keith F. E. Laimbeer WILUAM BRADFORD TURNER POST AMERICAN LEGION No . 265 Commander, F. K. Murray 1st Vice Commander, Wilbur Wrightson 2nd Vice Commander, Dakin Ferris 3rd Vice Commander, Col. J . S. Hammond Adjutant, C. P. Smith Trtas., Pearson Farley COMMUNITY CLUB Pres ., Mrs . C. W. Hoyt 1st Vice Pres., Mra. Harry F. Wanvig 2nd Vi ce Pres., Mrs. G. S. Emory Cor. Se~. Mrs . Ramsay Trotter Rec . Sec., Mrs. Stanley Brown Treas., Mrs . R. H . Wyld WOMAN'S CLUB Pres ., Mrs. H . Hall Marshall 1st Vice Pres ., Mrs. W . L. Wright 2nd Vice Pres ., Mrs . W . H . Duval • Cor. Sec . , Mrs . B. M. Corlett Rec . Sec., Mrs . Wm . Lawson Treas ., Mrs. L . M . Lynch GARDEN CITY CLUB Pres ., L. M. Cowdrey Trtas ., L. W . Osborne Sec., G. R . Parker GARDEN CITY GOLF CLUB Pres ., W . Fellows Morgan Vice Pres ., G. E . Watson Treas., Chase Mellen Sec . , G . L. Hubbell CHERRY VALLEY CLUB Pres . , A. E. Whitney Vice Pres., H. L. Smith Treas . , E. F. O'Connor. Jr. Sec., E. D. Gerard GARDEN CITY COUNTRY CLUB Pres . , James Addison Yice Pres ., R. S. Jones Treas., F. A. Kimball Sec . , Cba&. S . Ludlam GARDEN CITY NEWS, WED:\ESDAY , SEPTEMBER 26 , 192~ .... REPUBLI C AN COUNTY COMMITTEE Mr s. P . P . Pi erpont Mrs. W. L. Wri g ht Mrs. C . W . Ho yt G. L . Hubb e ll S . V. Bo ge rt H . L. Na isawa ld DEMO CRATIC COUNTY COMMITTEE Mr s. E. B. W a lt er s Mr s . H. H . M a r s h a ll A. R. Par so n s Leroy We e d Sylvanus Ward Mr s. W. J . Travi s • GARDEN CITY TROOP NO. 55 BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA TROOP COMMITTEE Chairman , Stanley Brown Treas., L . W . Osborne R . H. Platt , Jr . Roger Whitman Ralph T a p sco tt G. R. Parker · S c outmast e r, Wm . Cary A sst . Scoutmaster , Walt er Murph y , J r. P U BLI C SC HOOL Prin cipal, Mr s. H . E.Mau l e CATHEDRAL SCHOOL OF S T . MARY Principal , Mi ss Miriam A . Bytel Primar y D e partm e nt , Mi s s Zoe Arm s tr on g • ST. PAUL 'S SCHOOL H eadmaster, W . R. M a r sh H ead Low e r School, J . D . Kent Chaplain, R ev. Lu c i e n Sennett VILLAGE OFFI C IALS Ju s ti ce of P eace, E. F . O'Connor, Jr . FINANCE D E PAR TMENT Commissioner, Fr eder i c A. Kimball Treasur e r, Lu er Wiltbank FIRE DEPARTM ENT Commis sioner, C . T. H am il ton Chief, E . S. L aw lor 1 s t Asst. Chief, P a ul Brown 2nd Asst. Chief, A . J. McKenna Capt. Tru c k Co., Ed gar Kenn y Capt. Hos e Co., Wm. S tr ee t o r POLI CE DEPARTMENT Deputy Commissioner, W . H . H olden Chief, A. J . Conran STREET DEPAR TMENT Commis s ioner, L. V . M o rri s D eputy C o mmi ssione r , C. R. M c Kay REAL ESTATE • The foJlowin g sa l es and r enta l s have been made throu g h th e George L. Hubb e ll Real Estate A ge n cy : RENTALS Chas. Cooper dwellin g at 1 42 Euston Road t o Blan c h e P. Tarr of Honesdal e, Pa. Re g inald M. Cl eve land dw e llin g at St. Jam es S tr ee t so uth , and Pro s- pe c t Avenue to Ad e le M . Sch l ey of Chappaqua, N. Y. Frederi c k A . Kimball prop er t y at 6 Emmet Pla ce t o Marie C. Me Vaugh of Garden City. R. W. Kin g dw e llin g, K e n s in g t o n Road and Chester Ave . to A . Andrews of Brooklyn, N. Y. RENTAL S Wm. M. Baldwin prop e rt y, Cath- edral Avenue t o Edward Q. M c Vitt y of Santa Barbara , California. Wm . W. Pell property on S t ewa rt Avenue to Mr s . C. R. Kemp of East- llampton , L. I. H. W. W 3nvi g dwellin g. K e n si n g- ton Road to Frank M. Kni g ht o n of Great Neck, L. I. \The young bride nnd g ro om han' s tarted on their weddin g trip in a veritable ectasy.'' \ evt> r h ean l of the car. Who make s it ?\ - Boston TranscripJ. \\'ond er when sc it>nli s t s will le a rn to ca l cu l ate the pcrioJical re c ur- rence s of joke ~ n s th ey do that of co m e t s.- Florida Time s- Union. • - . - ~···· , . . ~ .- .. ~ ~-- !, {. R. R. Talks A. B. C . Sft'jt 1 MEN , an d · MACHINERY \Th1 Man Who Nrotr Do1s Anything Never Mak es A M i.stakt/'- THEODORE RoosRVBLT. T HE railroad industry employs 1,8¢,219 m en are doing a real work for the Nation. They Delays in schedules creep in in spite of the utmOit care of trained c rew s a n d c arefully inspected ma c hinery. These delays may be cla sse d as m a n f a ilures and me c ham- cal failures. In the careful traini ng of men a n d the close inspection of equipment there are bound to be !tlip-upa where auch a vast organization is keyed up to the high es t pitch at atl times and equipment i s con s tant l y in motion. The rail· r oads should n o t be condemned for occasional delaya, especially w h en tra c ks a r e being worked to the point of saturation , but the average s h ould always be kept in mind. The Long Island Railroad has handled up te 400,000 passengers a day. During heavy co mmuting hours a train with 8oo or m o r e p ass engers leaves the Pennsylvania Station as well as Flat b us h A venue every two and a half minu tes, b o th convergin~ at Jamai c a and connecting witJl trains for points East. To brin~ these trains to Jamaiea on time, on the proper track. with connect ions ready, and to return the e q uinm e nt to the West e nd f o r another Joacl i s an intricate performance , larger but more delicate than t h e mov e ment of yo ur w a t c h . 'V h en you tllink thl1 over give credit to t h e Long T stand R a ilroad for a remarkable daily performance . It has yet to be surpassed by any othe r r ail road. The Long I slatt.d Railroad is the Heavi es t C ommuting Railr o ad itt the Unite d Stat11, and C arries a Greater Nu.m be r of Pau1ng1r1 Ptr M il e o f Rail ro ad Than Any O th en Trmuporta - tion S ~ 1 stem in America. • HOTEL BRIDGE I Mr s . C lift on \Vilder of Euston The opcnin cr brid O'e part y o f the Road entertained thr ee t ab le s of s ea s on '\a s g i; e n a t ~ h c Garden Cit y bri? g e on Wed.ne s day a ftern~on. H o t el by Mr ~ . Wi ll iam Twinin g, 1 \llr s Daml y handker c hi ef were th e pn zes E. French Str o ther and Mr s . Lu e r L. and were won by Mr s . H e ~ry Wand- Wi lt bank. Ther e ,vl're e i g hteen le s s, iV Ir s . Campbe ll H a milton , and tabl e s . Th e priz e . , wh i c h were l\1r s . Wilbur \ Vrig ht s on. hand s ome Cope l and p l ate s, \ ve r e car- rit>d ofT h y M m c s . Mort im er , L y nch , Dall a s, Mar :-. hall , Puffer, N ai s wald , G itt cn s, 1\. a ss t>haum , \\ · a lk er , Ferri s, and thf> M i s s e ~ F' t\ rri .:; a nd H ami I ton. The ref r c !-> h m e nb were se r v ed in a most aUrae I i\ e and o ri g in a l manner. manv g u e ~ t s c omin g in for Lea, which followed th<\ hrid ge . l VIr s . H ellwe g a nd i\Ir s . Coffin pourt>d. • l\ 1 1 i ss ~ I arj orie Moor e h as returned home from n vi :-. it to her g r and- mother at Cutcho g ue . -- - -- - ---- Three members of th e yo un ge r s &t in Na ss au B o ule va rd w e r e operated on for the remova l of tonsils la s t wee k. They were Bunn y and Brother Fulton and Patri c ia David- s on. In order t o encourage eac h other the y a 11 thr ee s h a red th e same room in the h o s pital at Mineola. . Job had boil s , according to the ac- cepted re c ord , but th ere see m s to be a numbe r of o th er pe s t s h e did not haYe. - Ca nt o n New s . • SUBSCRIPT IO N COUPON GARDEN C ITY NEWS, 10 Third P lace, Ga rdC'n C it y~ L. I. ~ N. Y. Gent l e n1 en: • • Kindly sC'nd 11 1<' thC' G-\RDE C IT Y NEws for one year from date for , \h ich nn ch e ck. tn oney order or draft for thr ee dollar! • is enclosed. N t l Ill ~ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • . . . . • J \ c ltlt ~ e ss ... ...... . ......... · · · · · · · · · · · D t tl e ......... · · · · · · · · · • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •• • •

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