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The Freeport news. (Freeport, Long Island, N.Y.) 1921-19??, November 18, 1921, Image 4

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Vr—port Was Victory For Independent Voters , ,—». Facts Published In Freeport News Un assailable by Politicians or Subsidize Press The vital fact to bo romornborod in the aftermath pt election i8 that tho loadorH of the Republican machine, Doughty, Smith und MoVVinney together ran thousands of rotas behind their ticket. To tho action of MM inda* pendent RepubHoian* In tho Town of Hempstead must bo Oredited the tawon tuught the triumvirate of bosses, road contract 6zpertf und bond peddlers. Tin; moral is plain. Decent Iteptiblieians, everywhere in tne Township, rebelled *t the sheer impudence of Doughty and MoWhinney In foisting themselreS upon an outraged people. These fine oiti$eoi liad «r*tohed tho ominoiiK lilence of the machine leaden in tho face of ohar^es* tbat would have drifen then to the political graveyard^ in many other coinmuniUes. They had road the caustic criti- cisms of JneiieO CropHoy. Thoy had ob.sorved with pain mid disgttSt grand juries indicting and potty jurioH dis- agreeing. And wlicn tho time* wimo they regiHtered their protest in the way Opened to all citisens by voting againHt the men branded with judicial condemnation. When, in u rock-ribbed machine Republlcian county, like Nassau, the Republican boss runa 2,379 votei he- hind II H ticket, and his colleague in the Hoard of Supervisors IN also short of the normal llepil'ilican majority by 1,419 vote*, and th'' machine candidate for the A <s« mbly i« minus ft,462 votes, the decent citizenship of the ('uunty has caune to rvfotaa. We had no halluclna. iroliatiilily of • -lediug any the mill mm bine ticket, be a miracle if, knowing con we do, and realizing thi if the machine, with its im litical patronage, ita favored 'ctora under deep financial obJIg to it; and ita many ramification! it reach into all aorti of angina of i locial political and financial atruct- lire of the county—it would be mira- culous if the machine was dislodged in the first and really Intelligent effort made in many years. The bent we hoped to accomplish WHS to educate the people in the know- ledge that vtrt'fr government is anything bul wb'it it ought to he. The election . «tlurn» showed that our hope was not wholly misplaced For our appeal to the decent, honest •QMaJtMl of the people, and the man- ner in which it WRB presented we, have no apology, nothing lo retract or with draw. In all we aaid there wad neithei vit'ipuration nor falsehood. Wo gave the facts u* we found them in the olttc lal record* of the Town officials. If they were wrong then the records were falsili.\!. Hill the facts and futures til KiiKKi'iiit'r NKWH published nil durini the campaign were vouched for in th official reports over IIKI 'liguature B IIII'IIIII It. Smith, presiding Supervisor and ultnaifd to by the presence of Ih other members of thai delectable am unique body known aa the Idmrd i; Supervisors of th'Tow n of llenipsteml Am- none of the suhdidncd organ! o ih\ machine, can successfully IISHU thorn i r I heir aceurncv. Nuta Considered Lucky. In ItiiMHla mid some other eoiinlrlea null »r msldered lucky and money Mngam A Ruaalaa win keep nnta In tils house, and It Is mild, Ifcat I1117.fl nuts will discover to the owner secrel or hidden wealth. • o,- * Placing th« Responsibility \What have you tear I ,,1 -..lionl?' waa the lime honored queatiuu » |f( u woman asked her niece yesterday \Oh nothing at nil.\ responded ttuj little first grader: \I don'l know wliai In the world IN the inntler with my teacher I\--Kldoimln (Kan.) Time; SHOW FOR MOHR POST Fill Be Given In Rcyal Theatre In Roosevelt • me of the biggest vaudeville HIIOWH nd staokara ever held In NIISSIIU ouiil.v will he behi In the Itoydl The ler at ItoiiHi'Velt on Krldliy evening. h'cvinlier 2, under the ausplies of li;npy Theodore Mohr l'lisl, Veter- ms of I'orelKn Wars, ,,f Krtjeport. The •oiiiiiuilider ' of tlie post, AK-her H. Wallace, IH manuttlnK the event, and lliat Is alone an assurance of a foot program. 'I lie iiro^ram will Include the ful [•wlriK.' Kltu ffurrlirnn, IMIIIIIIIM ; II..Me .feuiwietle, ii(»velly WOttgMi Helen Hren- IIIII, rtJga mid blue suiit.i; Krank .Hliei- IDIII, iiroiioloKlxt ; Afae (Illlmnn. the uvenlle wonder; Kitty Van, kidding nd novelty iiiiinherN ; Maurlee, the hu- loroiiH trickster; Dave AMniann, mil- Irnl hiiinorlrit; Murray mid McCJowan, ie speed buys of HonKland and Com l.vvllle; Ui/'iirn, enoiiKh said. Tickets mii.v be proi'tired of any of he ineinhers of the Post or of 1'om tder Wallace. As there are only •Mi l lo be sold, and nearly half hat number already purchased, It .inks as If the Hoyal Theater III Ipoaevell will be crowed lhat nlxhl Seeker* ef Trouble. In uplte of the large number of un iwOfcd (juentloii* before the world the .,-;*» («f mentality la ull'l In evidence that regards Itself aa doing fhe public a favor by dlKg'.ng up more prohlrms. - Wii.thliiKlon Star. To Clean' Wall Paper. A good way to make <Ad wnU pit per look like new la by rle..iiliiK It with coriiineul. I Up a rloHi Into a bowl eornineiil juat enough to make the mini Htfrk nicely, ulid rub the pii|M'r with an up-and-down motion.—Thrift Mupizlne. Lincoln Highway Lengeat Road. Tlie Lincoln highway I* (Hid to he the biiiKHMi mini In the world. I romirria 12 alnle* anil I* laid out tie> (ween New York mid San KrHiichtco, ID an direct u line as, posHlble cuii- llNteut with the to[ioKi'Hphj of Ilia Country. HM length In about :i/JH4 nilb\< . , —a— An Aeathetle. ' A nuuibttr of dentists weie swapping HIl>ei li'ii' en Hie nilier day and on* related how a colored man had brought Ida wife to him to have sonic teeth extracted. When the employment of gun WMM atiKKexted the husband looked quite worried and anld: \Couldn't you gib her Hiiffln' a llltl« inllder'n tan, dortnhT C«uldn't you gib her KUHU- 11II«T\ iloatou Transcript No Depression in the Burglary Business Business is booming in the under world. No strikes, shutdowns or layoffs are curtailing the number of thefts and robberies. If your valuables have escaped loss thus far you are fortunate. But why continue to take chances when you can buy Travelers Bur- glary Insurance at such a reasonable price? Howard E. Pearsall AGENT 3 Railroad Avenue FREEPORT, L.I. Phone 918 . No tot Time for Beat Work. ? hoiniiM Ciny.lt bail a room built In his iiouati In I'beiHuu with double wall, ao thiit he rntild tint bear any of ihe'llolM' from untslde, ami In this roum he wrote \The Wrench Ui'vo- Illtlou.\ CJuilller, on tho other li:ind, could not think well unless he mil In a netvM|iuper iiltlc.' whrrc Hirrr mis lots of noise noil rin I et golafl on. Tbe human bniln gttl in etisloineil encb ilny Jto a certnln lime lor BCtlOD ami It Works better und U more aijlve at that lime (hull any other lime In the 24 hours. Wlidom From the Far Eatt. The welfare of DDitoni and tbe hap- piness of mankind do not depend- pri- marily on Hilenrt'. Intelligence, «l\ry or H gnTtmnUnt powerful alii'iiiul; they depend on In nor, thrift, conoid- tratlou fur our nel^Iibors ami UUtUa| lielpfulneHs. The lulier aro noli urn Intel objeitt III life, bin the UKlKt Im- portant fur wblrli am can- Strive. idii'nexH, prodigality, eovAonibeai, tyranny tb*M we inuM root out of our beurlN Hall Khlh-Chang, Unto the End. \IIOW'M IIIIN?\ linked tbe lawyer. \You've named sl\ baSkWI In your Will to be pallbeiiieiH. (If roursc, It'a • II rtKht, but wouldn't ymi rather Ctaoeaa MOM friends with vkon you Hii' on belli'i- termu?\ \No. Judtfe, thal's all right Those fellowN have carried me for HO long they Bight aa well Mulsh the Job.\—The Auierlcan Legion Weekly. Simple Rule to Remember. When should \fewer\ be used, and when should \le»H\? la It correct, for example, to Hay \I hnve no 'leva' than KM) himhelH\? The rule to uvold this common mistake IH to remember that fewer IH used when referring to num- ber*-- UH In the above exumpli-—aud less when referring to quantity. Not a Dead Planet. Hi'ilvcn Holloii. the Kii).'llslic4tHtrono> ner, acting open wattcrpd obnerva- tloiiH of his own. sets forth the theory tlnil the moon |fl not dead, as luix long been Hiijiposed. but that some of Ita mountains, at least, are active volca- noes Newspaper OOMUmptlOf*. If all the doll.v nuwKpHiwra, hi th« UIIIIIMI Stales uei-e i-nl Ion -!i|i of paper as wide un II c rwudl'tii ii.illy paper they would fBrm II r'lilinn M,. 000,000 inib's In, || oi' ninr« llkiin Iwilf the <lis'iaiiee lo Hie sl|ll. Ill,-,' IUIIIU liewnpnper- MTUIllll 5l»U t• I: I' • - M UlrlU two feet wide helilin The world Ifi.llOO Mines. The Th\ ' \ >'n •\•• \Rock of Agea, Cleft for Me.\ \Tlock of Anes.\ h.Miin by AiiKtiMim Montague Topltidy, Wul Ilisl prlnieil In 177B. und bus sli become tM f the mewl popular \t nil ( hrlt-lmil hymns. It has been translated Into ov»r ttwi buniiieil languagM, Top- liidy wus liiMplVed lo wille (be hymn when im found refuge from • thunder Hot in In a ilel'i MM I, 'I In- m'.'k wait located In Blagdou parish, KUKIIIUII.

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