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The Freeport news. (Freeport, Long Island, N.Y.) 1921-19??, October 07, 1921, Image 2

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THE PREEPORT NEWS V*VV*V***»»»*»**»V»*»V»%V»»V*fcVV>V»»*»V%*»*» VMWWV M A Man for the Ages A Story of the Builders of Democracy By IRVING BACHELLER »VVVVVVV^ m\- \ **\'\* \ p| ° '\\ them.\ t * n\\ 1 * '\' \• »\'«\' 1 \- hnnwe. in drawing re '•ould *p» yotir f. from Ahe Mgnln The two New and xtudled HI a It. 1'mnt of a Inrge Store on win'* lhl \ aunounc«- meni hnd t»i ••riotin, ensti casstmerea, vei. vet *:ikn, ratlnH. Marseille* wslstWBt- inir, One, <mf i,. . • »< \I •\\' •»\«*¥\•> ,r -,H IIMH*. lare I*, hue prunHla pumps for (fen veils, Thibet abova.\ \'lend* like W,\ Hllld Ahe. I it I Ii; Mil TIM'I I n labgvatf* •\ •I|,,A would you like It log f 1 CHAPTER XI—Continued. •Hi One evening, of Hint cmniripr, Ah< mint? out to thi> Trnylorn' wllli a M t<T In his lint for Snnili. \llow' l huKliii-HsV\ KiuriKon nxkr><l \<;<>inK to peter out, I reckon,\ AIM IUIH wired with H sorrowful look. \It will ICHV* me badly In deht. I wiinl ••'I NiuiictliliiK \nil would ciw mi- i rhamw for study nmi I K\ > |f - '•• JIllK t It look* im If I wns j<nlnK •<> have yi'iirn at Mudy trying to |?et ovfr It. Ilnre you got nny work to m»? Yon know I can Hidlt rail* |beal HI fust an the noxt min nid I'll take my pny In wheat or corn.\ \You may Klvo IIIO all tin- time you ran upend outxliln Uie •ton,\ Maid Hit nwum. That «v«-nlriK they hnd a tnlk ahout the whisky bUtlD—• find ItN relation to Hie diameter of Kllphalct liljota \lid to sundry Infractions of Inw and order In tliclr community. IsJUMMI lili'l de <lnrod that It was wrong to m-ll liquor. •AII that kind of thing can N *af«» ly loft to the riiiniiKiM HCIIS« of our people,\ mild Aho \\I \In- remedy |H education, not revolution. Slowly Hie pCOphi will Inn\' In HI'I dOWfl nil tin' iM-ins in die ledger of common ttnui Hint piisHcH from Hire to mm. It.v uml liy MOM Ki'iit-rntl<ui will itrika a h»l- nnre. That niny not const In 11 him- tired yeiirs. Root) or lm<< tin- major Ity of the people will reafcli « reckon- ing with John Barleycorn, If tb«re'* too inu<ii ais'iilnHt itiin 111.• y- will mi . You might nn well try to atop a gli rl.T by hulldliiK » ten In front or It. They have opened an account with Kllivery, too. ISy anil tiy they'll de cldo II H fHle.\ sui'ii WRH iii-* fnith in tin* common folk of AIIKTU-H whose MII.V or learn lux uini wtiosi- love of the right be kru-w N8 no tunn has known It. In this connection the New Bng lander wrott In Ms dlury: \Ho ims epenl hli boyhood in the Smith IIIKI Ills JTOUIlg mmilmod In I In' North, lie hai Kindled the BftSl mill liv.-d in MD- Weat He is the people I fiotiM'tltin-s iiiinu nnil aboul MH alow to mukf> up ills mind. AN i-niiiiii lays: 'He do«'» UOl Jllil^e after Ihv Nielli nf MH cy CM iioliip i reprove after the bear- Inc of his ears.' Ah« hns to think about It.\ in April Ahe wrote another address thf voter*..niniounriiiK Unit lie WIIM U ».iTuii4je;.T>e >l w« A'i-iff^Miif a legislature, Late timt month Barry Miked with him to I'lipimviiii- where n crowd hud assembled to attead n public mile, AI one place there were men In the rrowil who knew Hurry's record In 11>«> wnr. They Called 00 him for n op -h. lie Spas* on the need of the I'M-iins of .iriiiii-piiriiiuoii In Siiiiirimion county with such iiHiuhi uml dignity and convincing candor thai both Abe and the audience balled him *s a coming n. Abe and be were oft HI tee getbei thoae days, in Ne-.v Snleni they wil e called the disappointed lover* n wai known there Hint Aiie UIIS very fond of Ann Kutledge, although be Had not; »• yet, i.peij.v ronfussed i>> on} one ooi even to Ann there being no ohow or hope fo r him. Aim wii s <I.•.• |>I\ I n low wit h John McNeil the Beulal, handsome nmi MII'-CI SMI'UI young Irishman, The aiTiiir inui reached the itage of frank- derly. The Jook of midliccs. which ill bad noted In !• IH momciiM of sbsirSC iion. deepened and often covered hi* face with its vail, That u another WH.V that Nature H*l of preparing y'linuu. I'nr these the rotten have f l and only the thorrm remain, The> are not luri-d; they seem to he ilrlvei io their intd.s. hut for all, soon or late, her method chnriKeK (m it beautiful morning of lone I8M, John McNeil left the village Abe Mricoln nnd Marry nnd Sum \i and S.irnh nnd .link .KCINO nnd hW ••li\ atood with Ihe Kutledges In lh( diMirjnrd of the tavern when he null iiwiiy. lie wild ({oliiK hnck to hi Lome In the Knxt to return In Hie nu tumii and mnke Ann MM bride, Tin Jill wcpl nH If her heart would hrenk wlien he turned fur down Ihe, road and waved lilft hiin,I Io her. \Oh my prelly ISMl Do you not henr the hlrdu Singing In the mend OWM.V\ Mild .lack KcJso. \Think o the happlncriH nil around you mid of the greater happiness that IN comini Whetl he returiiM. Shame on you!\ 'T m nfrnld he'll inner DOOM hack,\ Ann sobbed \Nonm-inM-1 Don't get a maggot In your bralO ai d lei the cious !.',• wall IHR over your face, Come, we'll take II ride III II leadowa and If 1 don't bring you back laughing you may cull me no prophet.\ So ihe eveni passed. Harry traveled ahout with Ahe n gOOd dear that Hummer, \electioneer Ing,\ Us they culled II, from fiiMii to farm. Aba used to go Into Hie Betds, with Hie men whose f'nvor lie BOUgh^, nnd Lend hl< long hack over n Scythe or a cradle nnd race them playfully in ross the iicid or grain cutting 1 u wider smith limn nny oilier uml nl Waya holding the I.u.l,'--Kvcry man oui of breath nt ihe •-n>i ,,r his sw.nth nnd needed n few mlnulci for npcrntlon. Thnt fcine Abe n chut ror his atateiiieiil of the gonntjTS incis \n.i his ptan <>r oatlsfylng them. He uid met und talked with n majority of the voters before the campaign • led In Ills election In August. At odd times Hint summer he hnd en surveying n new road with liar ty Needle* for his helper. In iep- r the) reanmed their work upon it In tint vicinity of New Bsleto tad Ahe begja* to curry Ihe letter* In his. lint u;.'i/ii. Kvery ihiy Ann wns look liiK f. y himl u*H hee cii.nee hyy luu thee 'Jinm y lip; f.yiilli II h en,n h l th ill Yrdggci-f the curly morning on his 4ny Th* Girl Wept as If Her Heart Would Break. neHM, of HII open disillusion of plan*, of fond nnVcllon MpMSSlBg Itself In tiari'SS** i|iill.' IliilltT.'rciit t.i ridicule Kur Ann It lm,l I.ecu hU> wunu KUII IlKht mi Ihe gMWtkM '\••\•. Mb* WIIH I,enter In ilnw, lowlier m f,,, ,u und ••\'«•'•• uiore graeeful la Movement anb asraater xateed tuaa seat «hc bad bean It In Ihe old win ihiit NlttUrt IIIIK of pMBjajtas, the *oiui| la eeuta uui upon th* *lai(e of r«nl life tin,I to net lu Its moving K» m -». Ahe manfully gn\e Chrtu hi* he. i irlahT* and when he «V«ka of 4«u tt »» • dour v»»rv leu \Anything for nip?\ she would nsk. \No mall in since I saw you, Ann,\ was the usual answer. Often he would Kay: \I'm nfriild nol, luit here win dike these letter* nl look through 'em sad nake sure.\ Ann would tnke.theni In her liiinds, trembling with Mgerness, nmi run in loors to the candlelight, and look them iver. Always sic c.'inie hack Witt Hi'' little h lie of letter* very slowly M If her dlsnppolmiiicnWere s bMVJ urdcii. v» \1 In-rc'll he on,' IM xt mall If I hnve to write it myself,\ Ahe isld one •omlng in October us he went on. To Iinrr.v Needles, who mm wlUi Im Hint morning, lie KIIIII ! \I H i, tiller wny I hut fellow don't write to Ann. I couldn't believe that 10 hns heen fiHilini: her, bill now 1 lon't know wlial io think of him. I wonder what lum happened to the fellow.\ The mull Stage WIIH lute Hint ev* iltiK. AN I f hud hot come at nine Mr 111! went home and led Ahe In Ihc tore to wall for bit wall. The itage arrived • few minute* later. |Abe ••» ilinllicd the little liumlle of letter* uml newspaper* which the driver bad left With him. Than he look li p:i|iei: nn.l sat down to r I In th * Mic'i.-ln While he was thus engaged Hi,' ,1 opened softly und Ann ItUtledgC ell tcrerij The postmaster KSI DOI uwure of her presence until she touched Ids arm. \I'lease give n * n letter,\ ah* said \Sit down. Ann,\ oald lie, very ticnt ly. us he placed ii chair in the Dre glow. Sim took it, turning tojvard htm with II look of fenr And hope. Then he ndded : \I'm sorry, hilt the truth IN It didn't come. It Is ICITI! le, Ann. Ihnr 1 hii\. Io help lu this. brejUlnj of J»ur henrt that is going on. I seem to lie Ihe ', : ;i\r the ba r thai hits you ao hard, but the handle i<t la other nandi Honestly, Ann. I wish 1 could do t f i.• euJFering fOl >WI every hit ofll nnd Hive your poor heart n rest. llnslil he written »oa this latdaierf\ \Not tdmv July lentil,\ tdi* an suere,I Then she coull.led to Ahe Hint ht^plovcr lohl her hefoie he went uuii.v thai his mime wus not McNeil hut McNitiunr; that he ItaU .Vhnnue.l IIIH name to keep -cleftr of his fuuillv until he had luHiie a KUCCCHS; Hun lie hud Kiim' Knt.1 to get his I'uilici uml uiolhcr nnd hrlmc them hack with him; lastly she cnuie to Ihe thing that worried her most the BUOplCltlll of tier fill her uml molher Hint John WSM not honest. \They »ny that he nrabahll sad u wife when OS came lure that that Is why he don't write to me\ Tliri> »ft«r a llttia slleucs «h» pl«ud mild ed: \You don't think A l,e?\ \No th« iii did ii foolish Hili * I condemn him without the facts, The rounf Hint, do jim the hitter, giving h< of every doobt \Join KlnC. hilt ue liiust III » knowT do wlg frtolW unt fo yoofut often thing* and sickness would r hlS Milcnce. Vou ^o home slc.'p nnd Hto|i worrying, Arm. Ynn'l gat thai letter one of thep* days.\ A oMiy «>r two Inter Ahe and Iinrr.v went to NprlriKllcld. Their nii-i.in f. the trip lu.v In n tnlk between Hie po*it master nnd Jack Retso the night I fore un they xiit hy the hitler's fire side. \I've heen living where (IUTI? wm no one to find fnult with my pnrls 0 speech or With Hi\' imrlB or my le«. which were not ilecentjy covi'ied.' •aid Ahe. The sock district of my person has heen without represent* tion in the legislator* of my Intettsc up to Us lost session. Then we Kot i hill through for lomi Improvement uml the governor IUIH ippfevel tin appropriation. Suddenly wi> disco ired Hint there wai no money in tl treasury. Hut Bamaon Tni.W'ir ha* otl'ercd to huy nn Issue of hondu ol the amount of fifteen dollars.\ •Tm Kind to henr ><>il declnre Ir ravor of external improvements.\ tnw KeleA, \We've nil been too much HI> Horded by Interns! Improvements Voure on the rl^ht trnlJ, Ahe. Vouvi The Jew Pointed to His Signboard. ,','M ihlhklng ef Hie puhllc ear un .o little of Hie puhllc eve. We must show BOOM reaped for both;\ \Sometime* I think that comely Ires* Onght to go With comely ,11c i •• oald Aiie. \Hut that's g Him*. vou can't k'urn In bOOhl, There's no tranunarlan of the language of dress. i hen I'm so hit nnd awkward, II'H n rather hoi_»iess probuns.\ \Voure In Rood company,*' Kelso iHsured him. \Nnture cunrd.s her ht>Ht lieu with s.itut* sort of singularity. nu attractive teH others, often she uake* them' mil.HIM with conceit or let.,unity or dumhni'sN or gsitllllty. Dinle W U such a poor talker that in one would ever nak him In dinner. r it hnd not h i NO I presume his iiuse would hn\e lieen KudW crippled y 'indigestion, If you bod\been * ood dancer nnd u lady'* fnvw^ie, i louder If you would have st':<Ths^ .IrU11'tin und Hums nnd Shakespenrc in,i Rlackatoaa oad stai-uie, und the •nee of surveying nnd heen elected Ihe legislature. I wonder-if you •oiilil I'u'n bava Whipped Jack Ann trong.\ ; • i ii bave enjoyed the frieodaolp of 'in Berry nmi acquired u national li'ht. or have saved my Imperiled uiitry in the war with Black Hawk,\ Ahe laughed in the mutter of iii'css Hi,, poatma* •r bad grain tonfldeure In the taf.tf I,, i kuowledgu of bl* young friend, larrj .Nc.'ii.s, whose nettl appear ace Abe regarded with serious mi ilrnlhin. So he linked Iinrr.v to p> vlth him on Ins new mission and help 0 ,i M ihe good* and direct the fur u teemed to him a n|ga v intpurtual enterprise, mr npproprlutloii IH. rrn 1 v Hflei-ii lollal \ ISld Al'e us they cnnie In llghl of \Ihe hlK tillage\ on it warm irlghl .ia\ late In •! i ,'y.'i | .»f-,\\f course, cnnl e\pcct to ninlve ui\self look Ike tho President of the Unite,I Itates With such a sum, hut 1 want to ooh Ilk* u rcspectnhle cltUWB of Uu nllcil .SlutcH, If Hint Is posslhle. I'll ;l\e the old Ahe and llll.cn dollarH ,i boOl for a new oue uud we'll KCC \luit i nines of II.\ Sprin K ileld hnd I'een rapidly CIIIIUK Bg, ll wus Mill sumll illi.l crude, hul BSOM of the hent Hlnudiiiils of clvUl/.n Ion had h.'.-n Mt up In Hint coiiiinun i> I u.nllleM of wraith and culiuie n Hie Kust hud sent their soim and 1 >lmii, uf their capltnl to Hits little oetropoll* of the luiid uf plenty to go mu huslnua. tlaatlsoms. well-gi«ouir.l I it I Ii; Mil TIM'I I ' Suddenly B „, ,;, toilchad Ins Hhoul- •Hly AIM-V\ ler with M hem It MM Kll. m he hnd he, the IIHVH Howdy, AIM-V WiimlerliiK Jew.\ ,nt in rail himself ,,, hi 'iimc.i u pack DII the roiid Ihrouirli I'eter 1 * Bloil and <'liiry'« Orovs mil New BalSffl l« i'.eiirdsiown and Im'-k. \Did IK my more,\ raid BM, \Vi>ur Itprel\ Ahe exrlalmeiLa \Ya ljutk a*T .1 The Jew pointed to hi* Slgn-lHNsHl, •BOM llfty feet long under the cornice, on which they t. :, I the legend! \Kii iTadeuhi Alt* l#ofeed hi foot and excliin \My consclotp huil heen fixed iiiKheKt bidder.' The hiilry, dm v m hand to nk II * If you sold to the hn re peddler I rnlraciilo'i band <»f th«> sy, i i favors on him. Home degree II gold M the K;< prosperity. llni en nrifl .Scotch Ills neck and n I find n Minimih si ery were the | Kiirroimded the \Come In,\ in pi ielor of the Iv to NIIOW you in> iw-l%ged, thread- i.'en louchcd hy nil. The Invlsh ..I showered her 1 IIPJ renembled in harhartc pearl nnd He flowed with infill nnd raffled lln- ; MI.I red silk on ,\ hand on Ids hat ti face nnd perfum- nerlng detail* thnt • mi uf Kll. ilia genial pro- III im. \I voiil.l like i nlH and Introduce you to my broil In the men's .1 thoaghtfttl digcu on a suit of bl the only goods attorn of cloth In tho uppropi against it. \Yon nre lll'.e I \You tin f got d< i Look lit toe. DIM. say samat'lngf \They lire verv , \Veil dey mnl•..• 'Kll rreOenberg devil. You conn II. .-lit after I ey decided U| h»—that heii In view'of tl e.i, came with' Mi advised iilrendy,\ he mild. • li olf your huck. >i| hear my Clothe* \I'lent.\ mild Ahe. pie, h. I ley sny nu more u poor leeze HI him onca ma climb de hid- el me sell y der up.' Nfiw soinet'iiiK vut ton tea a good .speech for you.\ \If you let n-i' tiii'tate ih« speech I'll' agree,\ «uld vi \ \Veil—vnfcls It: l.ll Hski'd. \I would like chillies to nny In n low tone of VOli'e: This Is huinhle Ahrnhatu Lincoln ahout; tho snnie 'length and hn-t h that 1 am. lie dow't win,/ 'to sjkn-r or BHloiilfJi nny- ho.fy. II,. ilon't want to look like a beggar or II niilllonnlre. .fust put him down for :i hmd worklni; imiu of goiHl Intention i who is badly lu deht.' \ That ended all argument The suit of hlijc jeans was ordered nnd the meaaorM taken. AB they were ahout to go KI I oald: I forgot to_ lell you riot I bat seen Blui Kulso de'odder dny In St. I.oult. I inf leenjaar on d<- street. Bin linn beeo like n queen .*o graudl lie bal siid gewu from Part* and she vnik BO proud) But she look nol *o happy aha uslt to he. I speak to her. my, she vim glad n»d so surprised '. She toll, me dot she voill.l like to come for n noli hut her husband he, does her to KII der* Defer again. My jobber huf lull me dot Mr Bigg* Is gl| drunk elerv day. liim she t'luk place no good-.\ I'our child!\ MildAhe. \I'm a Tin I.I she's in troubled ttay^arenta have be guil to suspect yfliat •OttmtUIng l.< ;. Tiny ba n never U'cu Invited to gO do»u thi/n- und Visit Hie nll\. i evekon we'd/better «ay sothlng to if \yiiut w* have heard, at lacnad New Siilem hi th« v the Dlabl and went Into Kut- iin I lay down on tlui itWeOB two hiill'ulo lil.lcs iin- momJog, (T O BI I (INTINI' I I) ) USED J'TEW OF HIS OWN 5(purs (' on^U'-t'd'hy Nkllond rnnnrtl of th* I4oi •rofeSGor Refuted to Allow Proper,-. Spclliny to Welflh at All Heavily Upon Him. »1f couise \eBOUgil\ spells \nulV\ and i-l \call \ is n.it spelled \faugh.\ ,'hinil buyo, SCMMIIICII huslness men. ul to lihiilinn M'h.iol teachers, olicn ud the apalllni of Hie KIIKIISU Inn iiu^e u ha Iroiililesoini'. Hut nvre In tuu' time uiilveralty pmfessnr aaJ uciit i enlist who not only o| \gets him rattled,' goe* 10 ful us to Invent his own nn of >p,-iiuu winch exactly tollojr* II the SOUni] nl tin' word. llcuce we lm,| such hclilences »» i'»i' In * recently IsWtal volume l).v e snlliropiil nl depiirliueiit of the llvel II) nn,., mu : \III/ hair wai stii hluek.\ . \The two riling* when they WI T don. • coui'M' »,i I,,,i alike.\ •Some | , | S ov till own w»r •opt.\ u idnills 11 nit \I IS] a* iII trly as poaslble he- , Tin; author or tlic Volume, which la e translation of a legend of Ihe Uerchi Indium u f (jiiuteniala, |» Koh- eit Uui'kltt, im I 'iitTllsliuiUU. he To Makt a Cathmare (hawl. It takes ii Mr men «Ji uiontha te nuke a eaahnier* aaaiH wiilcii r» SCOUTING IN FRANCE •coating IK belnn used nn H menni nt restoring the physlnil and Rental balance «r the boys and yodnaj men or the devastated area in th* depart- BMI of the Almie. , i.orne-w. Barclay, educational direc- tor or th* National Onmeil of Boy fronts of America, is in Franca on Special leave 4,t absence from duty Iii America in order that, us the Uni- ted Stales repn-xeritHtlve of MOOtlS* he limy devote his whole lime to the direction of (couUng in Krnnce In ciin- J'lnr-tion and co-operation with the American Committee for Devastated Frimce. I.u.st yenr .Mrs. A. Murray Mike and MIKH Anno Morgan nads an Invostsja- tton us to the stntus and eondrHona of hoy life, and found thnt not only were the boyH undernourishi-d mid un- derslzod, hut thai, as a result of the wafr Ktriiln, they Vere In a liluhly nerv- OIIK Ntnte. Co-ordination was hirkliiK to such a degree as to mnke efficient development of young man power al- most ImpoHSlhle. Various efforts were made to cnun- ternct this hy regular physlciil exer- cis.-s, csllsthenfcs, gyranastic* and game*, with nttie result. The mind of the hoy was not dls- traetad from i,is nrtoiindinga, which Were all reminiscent of war, for n long euotrgh period to ohtuln any lustinj,' desperatlbn, Miss Morxnn ap- ealed u, \U-hny Scouts of America. As a re«iilt<Mr. Barclay went over last summer to conduct an experi- mental camp? This wo* so raccessful tluit plans were Immediately made to\ open severnl camps In the summer of l»2l, If timiiiccs could he secured. Hoy SCOUtS throughout the country were nslied (o Contribute |26, the cost ol' two weeks' camp trip tor one French hoy. This purchase* bis e<iuip- nient nn.l uniform, transports him to camp and home again. I'm- more Ira- portarit, it (its him to organise scout- int; in his own community, and give* him mi oven tlner Conception of pa- trlottsm nmi courage. Hoys arc assigned as sfieclnl ituests of the it |i or Individual who finance them, pictures lire exchanged and let- ti PS wrUton—-all (his paving the way ii> II stronger international friendship and understanding. The Kccretar.v of the American Com- mllte for Divastated I'Yance reports . c f. 1 !.o.'f7, received up to date. It is hoped that by October TH* nrst smUdent monies will he In hand to defray nil the expenses of the two cnnips, one lit f.n l^rolx St. Ouen, ne nnd one nt Corey. Tiu> mayor of Oompeign* tnnde n special cull recently upon the olllcers of the hoy scouts and th* American Committee for Devastated I'mnce to express In person t*4 thank* of his people\: \it is the best, the most deslr< nide, in fact, Its I* an effort unique, ace pllshlng for Prance, that Une- neKs Of I'liysiipie. that itreogth of yonfig manhood which she ao surely i N and which is so Impossible for her to evolve for herself nt the pres- ent time. In her nnine I lujve the hon- or to thank the member* of the d>- miie AmeHoaln dea Region* Hevaste** and the Boy Scouts of America.\ CALL ATTENTION TO SCOUT HERO. The story Ims mure than once heen told Of. that gallant Oakland (i nM hoy scout. Allen lialTett, who pi,ve Ids xtv to Save his younger brother** inst spring and died uy'.ng: \I could d\ nothing else I am u hoy scout.\ An Interesting sequel to this splendid ilt- tle story of heroism Is the fact thnt the Oakland lodge of Kiks, who are tremendously Interested In scouting, wrote to their \hrother.\ Wniren W. Harding, catttlrg h's attention to the liid's noble tacrlfle* and true scout spirit. The President at *ne* replied thanklnirthe \liters for calllnf <bJs attention ti> th* incident and iiskim; them to convey hoth Ills sympathy injrratulationa to th* befiavod irjnta. a scout ! But his l.'.vnl reM.II ne s to live HI> to his senHI law and oath to oava life sven at th* coal uf h'is own has won him a place unions tilt* heroes, or the world. * K - ____ PERSHING SAYS: •T.O.V acouts or* not trained partlcu* larlj to i'c or uas to ih* military or- gaulsatlons of our country; they or* Hani,',I urlUUtrU) and en'icihely to lit) gOOd >'H/,ii-, and that '• WBAl we need, above ever) uthsr thing, if we can inspire in them sui h ulcals u» those for \hlrli Ihe Uoy .scout move- IIICIII sinn.ls the** tail he uo tear a* to Auierku's fiiluie.\ REFINED ANXIETEIS. ~~ \ • • I \You s,iv llrenrms have b*en Imrred from Crimson (iulch.\ \Ves replied Cactus J«o. '-They ttliike us mrvous.\ \The bOfS didn't use to he afraid of n few bullets. 1 ' 'They're not nfrald of ballets; but every time a Kim wns tired everybody went Into a panic, thlnkln' uielrlic OM of his tires had exploded.\ Quite Likely. Two husy stenographer* in an otnve In the American building were wtttch- IIIR the crowd of men In the street Knzinif at the baseball score bond. Said one: I wish they IVOHM iw'hd more heat up here, for I feel rhllly. \NO wonder,\ the other quickly re- plied. \The low temperature IN due to the many 'fans' around.\—HnlU- uiore American. Makes Hard Work Harder A bad hack makes n day> work twice as hard. Backache usually caaae* from weak kidneys, mid II headache*. d1*«lne«s or urlnnry <W<- <irders are added, don't wait—(ret help before the kidney diHewKe taken a (rrlp—before dropsy, univel or Bright'*, c Iwase netii In. Doan'$ Kidney Piltt have brought new life nnd new strength to thousands of working men and women. Used and recommended the world over. Ask your neighbor! A New York Case William (JrtmthB, • in, ,•'!• N Di- vision Ht., PesksklU, N. Y.. miyn: \THrrl- Ijle palim In my hack cut me like a knife. I had i«»vere hemi- aches and wouM K^t d I Z 7. V. ^VlTVthlllK nrf'iii-ij to ne spinning around hefure me i hl:i< k (pi my BlKht. My kidn were Irregular In ac tlon. The weretlon.. were manly, tilled with sertlmpnt burned In paHSaKi?. I uned I>oan'H ney I'llls and th.-y CUI tfSail I'litir Get Ooan'i at Any Stora, 60e • 3n and Kid- ly.\ POSTER M1LBURN CO , BUFFALO. N. Y. Good Location. UcGinty- Pve n terrible corn on tiie bottom of my foot, r-' Put—That's a foinr plnce to h:ive It. Nohody \nn step on It hut you. IU Brutal Side. \Do you re«urd prize hrutnlV\ \I certainly do,\ saM Mr. Osdspur. \On what grounds?\ \Personal grounds. The inst time l attended * big Bghl I was ahored this way and that, elbowed, Stepped OH nmi braised i'rot 11 head to foot.\ A Candid View. \You hnve heen returned to vout distinguished position ninny times.\ \1 have.\ replied Senator Sorghum. \Vour constituent* Felt they couldn't do netter.\ \I won't say thnt. They were afraid they might do worse\ , T~~ Recognizing the Inevitable. \You .seem to have your own wny about various important matters.\ \I try to cnltlvaM Uml Inipression.\ rejoined Semitor 'Sor(fhuin. \When I sii' which way thing* arc hound to u<>, I regard It us prudent to assume that It's exactly the way of which 1 uui in favor.\ It's oasted Temperamental Consideration. \Would you marry, a man for money*\ \X» replied Miss Cayenne, \I d prefer a husband hi 'moderate cit-cum Stances to one who Is III II perpetual Hurry about his Income ta\.\ Notice this delicious flavor when you smoke Lucky Strike f — it's sealed in by the toasting process fats Jw«t«.-- <^^nf4V- A Wcli-Known Physician was called from his bed at iwu o'l loch In the morning to attend the little eon or <m« of hla iialienUJ. He was met at the door by thp trembllni; father who ex- claimed. \I>L we are frl«htened to death. I:.TI ••'latiiH taken with a mnU. violent attack. Of croup.\ \Well.\ replied 'tttt IT . .'Mont let'H waste time talklntt ahout it, every minute aiiiis tu the dan- Kfr.\ \Hut BU*1 the father, \tho Child U cured, we »ent fur a bottl* of Dr. Hoxsie's Croup Remedy and in twenty minutes he was sleeping like a efarub.\ \Thfn why in th* name of all that's good, hnve you got me up to cum.' three miles?\ asked the doctor. HIS STATUES \What are De Broke'a relations with his wife's people?\ \Entirely Imaginary. They don't recognize him as a relation at all.\ - In the.Conservatory. %•> , You nre ao awKward!\ I.UIK-II.II MUt Nun, \You'll l»v»r liarn In flirt a fun \ \1 daresay ynu are right,\ Mid li.rt, \But watch ma; I .an fun u flirt.\ A Difficult Question. \Does it annoy you when my daugh- ter practice* her vocal IfaonnnT\ \I>o yiiti wnnt me to he polite or fell the truth?\ . In Chicago, \is Flubdub a marrying num?\ \No. he's only mnde a couple of veil lures In that direction. Been married twice, | helleve.\—l.oulsvllJe Courier Journal. The Better Way. \Now that I bava graduated I fee' that I can Ilirht ihe world.\ \You've cm Ihe WFOBg Idea, yoii!>£ mini, iiont Qghl it. Stand in with it.' thoroujri/.aiwl spsady a cure, alarmed us: my wife and 1 thoimht yon Dllfttt pra- fer\—\To HIC- your Dhlld in Ih * affony or a tsrrlblt dtasas**\ inappcd tha docti r \No. «lr; Dr. Hoxalt'a lt.-medy doi-s all that IK cjaftned for it. I reeomm n<\ it to my patlcnta. flood nlgbt\ The parent* of tha little boy awear by Pr n, *a\le'a pr.'it pr«-p;irnl|,in. as well as tin- bnneal conviction axprassad by their much lovid fumiiy physician. HOXSIES CROUP REMEDY KCIIH Company, Nswburgh, M, Y. SLOW DEATH Aches, pains, nervousness, diffi- culty in urinating, often mean serious disorders. The world's standard remedy for kidney, liver, bladder and uric acid tffcublea— COLD MEDAL DEDICATE NEW CLUB HOUSE. I'nsitdcna (Cnl ) MUIIII icciilly ded- icated their line new cluhhouse presented to them by the Rotary eius of the nl) . with iippioiuinle ud dressis. music uml an exhibition of M oul wink. I'hr luilldiHK la U tilt* one, iKi Icil in kafigth, with tt l'.'xtH) fu7i( porch It lius lieauied celling;, with •pedal elei-li'lc lighiln* and u lum« IreplaCO hullt •ntlrely of atoue* tram Uir ,uinon. The shelf over the Ore- ylece la if redwood aud beaiit the lu IH> a U»od Turn Uslly.\ Once Removed. \I thought i toid you that I wouldn't rent this apartment to you If you hud «ny children?' \These are my Krandehllilreu.\ At the Sign of the Flivver. North SomcthliiK OQgbl to he .lone in prevent pedestrian* cutting corners, West I'h huh. When did you bUJ a cart—Judge. Wsh Day. Miss Super What, accept you? The very I.lea \ w v i'ii |ioor fish! Mr. Bappe r klmia thought y»u •Alghl today. Today'* Frhluy. Following Instructions. The Boss l-'unny. they're all BjaMl Piil you post that uollce to tin- em pi lyeee, \Vou hav* work to do here, •a he ul It\? The Typist VeK, sir; hut I IIIUKI hn\«« Icil oul Ihe IBM* hctHccu \lie\ and \ul.\ Fair Warning. Doctor Take a lon k ' wtil! 4 dully; II will glVC you a hue appflile I'utlenl Heller try HUHIII. doctor If 1 Ket II tine nppetlte. In-uvcn knows arfeM I'll tm able to imy jour hill., f quick relief and often ward off deadly disuses. Known as th* nation*! remedy of Holland for more than 2U0 yeius. All druggists, in three sue*. Look for th* n.m. Cold Medal on «T«ry bos • nJ accept no imitation Vaseline Reg U. S.Pat Off. Carbolated PETROLEUM JELLY A convenient safe antiseptic for home uae. IuvaluaUe tor cuts and BWU SUBfUIUlU CMTMrMftaOVQ. MFG. CO. St.t. ftre«« Wew Y»r h

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