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The Freeport news. (Freeport, Long Island, N.Y.) 1921-19??, July 15, 1921, Image 7

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THE FREtPORT NEWS PAGE SEVEN GOULD BEIT HANDS \Victory Village\ for French War Veterans At Least J. A. White Would Bet So, After Being Relieved ol Dyspepsia by Tanlac. \My wife and myself turn- hml BtOtBkCB troulile,\ MI\S MI . J. A. White, rcsidliijj on the l.eesiiiwn Flke, It. K. i>. No. ij, near Lexmnion, Ky., \Htiil lime bOtli l.etu nervous nml tun down.\ . \We o.uM n..t sii> anything with- out RUfferint; afterwards nml CQBld not uleep nt ntgbt, We were regSlM nerv- ous dyspeptics, We trieil iimny rein- i.lies with..lit periniilleut I.elletil until we heard of Tanlac. l >,'\' '''I s medi- cine attd lupin iisinn it. We noticed Immediate results. We are both great- li Improved hy Tanlnc. We jrlve ull credit tor the change of lienlth to Tan- lac. It is H remarkable inedieine. •i personally feel so good that I told my haads a aajp oc two ago thut l cuiild heiit liny of thein ihaCkMg e.irn. ] in. nnt it and lielleve 1 could have beat 'em all.\ ' (if nil the mnlndies tlmt afflict hu- mnnlty chronic dyspepsia, such us Mi nml Mr<. White suffered from, Is proh • iil.ly the most prevalent, mnl hours mlgM he eonswnetf Iq deecrfblng the suffering, mental and hodlly, of the I victims of chronic dyspepsia. A morhld, unreal, whimsical rind melancholy condition of the mind, aside fr.im the nervous physical suffer- Ingi is Hie usual sfiii,. ,,f tin. BTeraga dyspeptic, and life seems scarcely worth llring. Tanlac, the celebrated medicine, was designed especially for overcoming this distressing condition ami millions of people have take n It with th e mo«t aatort string and gratifying results, it, K.VNIM to ;-•\ straight to the sp.it, toning up and invigorating every organ of the body. Sold by leading druggists every* where. Advertisement. Children Cry For A view »f one of the streets of \Victory VlllnKf.\ In the St. Cloud district >Ai tlie outskirts of Paris, built for w«j heroes and their families exclusively. The village was built by public nbacrtpOon and fund* are bofng raiM-.l f,,i i'ia ilar villages throughout France. Trying the New Railway Mortars smsMSB«sjBBM*aBBBaNaiafc PHOTOGRAPH PROVES 11 Turned Down, Tom 'nils i-. an excellent picture of you. Miss Betty. (Sentimentally) 1 j wish i owned the original. Betty—Ton may have the negative. I - -Boston 'i ranscrtpt Thcwtiy Uromotin Owrtfutnc\ an.) R nc tthrr Opium. MorpMn* n« A hel ptiiWiuHll)w fti«i Null*\\ 1 n< \ UrSUO , The second and ninth companies at Fort Tllden. ltocknway. 1,. I. have engaged la target practice, using tin- new u inch railway mortars. ThiH pho> togrnpii shows one of tu<» inori.irs being loaded. Cuticura Comforts Baby's Skin When red, rough and Itching with hot baths of (.'uticura Soap and touches of Cuticura Ointment. Also make vise now and ttu'ii of that exquisitely scent- ed dusting powder, Cuticura Talcum, one of the indispensable Cuticura Toilet Trio. m I.uinjp*. ducks may sqwetline Ize that their misfortune baa f^n too much quackery. One way to destroy weeds marry the widow. < renl- m iscn Wrestling With a Lively Kangaroo Relief 6 BELL-ANS Hot water Sure Relief RE LL-ANS aWFOR INDIGESTION • I N.imc \Bayer\ on Genuine CASTORIA Special Care of Baby. That Baby should have a bed of its own all are agreed^ Yet It is more reasonable for an infant to sleep with grown up* UIMU t« Ml a man's medicine in an attempt to Nfajejg the eaUeat* organism of that Mime infant. Either practice IK to be shunned. Neither would be tolerated by specialists In rhililten'o <list»iixs. Your Physician will tell you that Buoy's medicine must be prepared with even greater care than B«hy** food. A Baby's stomach when in good health is too often disarranged by Improper food. Could you for a moment, then, think of giving to your rfi/ii.( rhlld anything but a medicine especially prepared for Infants and Children ? IVm't l»c deceived. Make A mentnl note of thin: It Is important, Mothers, thnt you should remember that to finii tion well, the digestive organ* of vnur Hnby must receive vprcinl rare. No Unity is NO Hlmormul thnt the desired results may be had from the use of medicines prliintnly prepared for grown-ups. SOINIM SMOMP M«P TNI IHKMIFT THAT M »«lMKP IVt«» MVtill 01 MIlrHH « r«M.>«H GENUINE CASTORIA ALWAYS Bearc tho Signature of \ :, •R.ui\ of an o.in. ii mei nl II.. I ..ii,|. II . i \ , . > I. v> |,. itplc I.in » Ilii.I mi .I-II i. ii roared 11... i til nn . . . . i . i , . . i 1 l\ n., i i n nl.i . . uj-l i Hi . . ! M. i . II I , >.,i\t> h j I!., i |i I ii , ,i ii,, - i,o. i 1....1. .i b j .i.i i nm l th e i h j i\ . lil Mcli i\.it . \ i i FARMERS IRE WORKING HARDER Imik'tng I..I ti n i I I i. . • i Thousands Have Kidat Trouble and Never Suspect It Applicants lot IriMii.iiiiT Often K«)C<|C(I r VIIPD'I I . • I th« Iraq q hlii I h! I h l i ' '\•' \ i'|.i.it. fi.... . .II.II'IM i. I».«,|.-I l a bi iUa l l o Ih ! .i i I \ • \\ \\\' ' \ •'\\' I h « Id •luiliklp d i n t l I .il l i ili.\ lb » public, U |.i . |.. . ,•. . •• II,,. I • lln I ld hl I b WINS PRIX DE ROME ••Snowy\ itaker, well-known Australian sportsman, is now In America showing some of Australia's favorite pastimes. Das of these gentle spoils la wrestling with n lively kangaroo, linker is bera aaown win. a.strangle on the kangaroo's tali. .»rl'i. Klieuina | Lumbago, si Boxes of i». plrla .. i i. ; Hell III , • , | trade mark • MuDoacutii n. .iii II i i,. hi. n ••>, urn. h II .1 h M a i d II II it 1or ,, , i, 1 Ha .... igi lla< IS I. 1\ . i i.i. i . iimelie, To I'alii MM rer Tablet! s luni-i- l • Aspirin •r llanufm .1 , 11 1 . ..r Balleyll ro IH priM .1111 W..I I I • i III. lie, S III ! 1 1 ,,1 |(| 1 Hie r« ..f ,. id •nfi him III 1 i . i.... .1 1 i l .. . Ill It* (lie ..1 ri ii.. II i ...I I H . .in, i... .1 iii. •• - il. 1 - '1 |'|. 1 Nix Null Home |l) I • Jl II . I'- ll .1 i> ( ill . • • •• ' 1 1 , II.. Nation* ,,,,11 Inlei foi -Hi, I,, I I l>..1 1 I.I , 1.. 1 1 Ilii \' l - ' .... (rlUi .Oi.,1 i.. lui ..i ,.., II II in 1. til.III. II,I.. II.. I I,,,., . Il l Kil... , ,- . m al l ilrui .(.. I ii... I I,. in In i. i II 1.1, ., I.I in \h , ,, , i... ,,,. , , I,, ,| • . . .in ul» . ,.; . . 1 I . i .,.,', i Mil. \\ I,.,, .. i . m •i. Mi..- |.. , . . U I, , n Ill l HI. Ih. II..I I III! II Counting the Inhabitants of Japan LUC STRSKE rlaVOr IS Japan IK taklnn her periodical censiiH, mid thi' photograph slio»H a lot of lied If! by todstinjl \\' derka in the Tokyo oflea oountlng dp tin- islkado's sabj* Speejacks Off for Tour of World Bright eyes^cleur skin and a body fuil of yotrtn and huulth may be yours if you will keep your system f»i order by regularly taking COLD MEDAL x Th« world's standard remedy for kldnsy, liver, bladder and uric acid troublm, th* •n«ini«a o( life and looka. In us* anc * 1690. All druggiata, three aiie*. Uok forth. . .Mr. mi.I Mis. A, D, OoweQ of 111 If ag e lim e left lluil illy on u aratef tu p aroiiiiil UK- worlii 'i'licy art- going In tlielr »;IIN SBglOa boal ' *|\ ' in. UK.\ It* feel I.IIIK liy 17 feet whir Tl.ev luleii.l to eriii.-M- nroiiml (BflOM WUU'lH for a year umt a half or two jeum . Mi Uuweu t-hilinuu-* ihat liu will Huvel mil** livturm hi* rtttu 1 -\ Ion of i rank fchwarts, rear old an oi Qrven wi.-ii village, N.-u i'i ,n\. I.M.I- iM.,1,- uks a novel or 11 , iban a real tru e II. . hunt, For .' ' Ii Mil.I III,I.Ill III lit* l l | from hix ?i:; a month • tualo,\ Is tu da j ti,. ' mi •) i. || , i Di [ii , o n in th . Worl d of art . II. - hu ' on th e tin, H I Coveted \ I \11 II • d 'I\ I'rl x .li- lt.,me . «lil . Ii Is ,i tl.i . . , ,r I. *hip In the An..ii. in. \ ..I. inj ..r A n in it..me, ca n ' iranapoi la IL .II .\|..i,-.s and It] ..f |i. 00(1 during llm uui • S. hwnrl/. WI.II il, . .i 'Ll Will saluting \A 'i iii. I,-, in llei • m Hi i H native ol I hl< > mid i ludled i\ i I here, working In ' laurunti In i,i.l,-i to • •' n I '\I ii 'I . l.,r .,r iw.i f,.i '• Us IH II win v .III ,. II meli.l.ei .. f Ulf l • • ' tli.l . Use of Te.i Fre<|U*\1 I\ Japan. in japan • ' \t ' u i terval Hin.H . : • • I - lift i.i '•\• • • . ' • .. I ih. p.ml to it, , nil.],. . \ I il. < '- • i . .tui . nn. is piD u itnaii i. •'•' (n.-I I... i lag) wuti i in small 'Hi ' las poi i- sxlu • ; '\i watw i s p.,in.-. i ii. . in : ii . ih i waj tii « urn can lie uw'il savenl muea. Convenience and health in the kitchen I I IH ofirn IIIV eaaary t\ heal up something in • hurry, in If-MH timr ih.in it Would take to ImiM up n ((i.illnr It IN then tint thr i onvenieni e \I the NVw Perfection ()il Cook Stoyi ii in out apprat iiit«-«l I ha I\ .i t you vv.tnt ig ready in an inatant, in any volume you may need Remafbafi ilir wl.iii- tipped flame x |V ' H ''\* moal heal Hy « aimple turn oi the wul yojl ( .in nliliiui lifiil lui < 111 if i ()ui< k hjoUina 01 gjinnu r,ing from any «>M«- Ol ll w IIIIIIKI M AIKI when v\u are through with ii anothei turn aactinguiahea i\>r Rama and tl\- k11< hen is kepi ml comfortable AiKitlw.i i uu\nil. in c I..I the houael <>M m the New IV 11<< tion VI ,ti( i I lr;tici Jusi ai i lean, H.ilr M I .I n ..IH Mm . .J ,IM tin- i i .< .It atove Produceg hul vv.«i« i in' a levy in,nut . v Nrw I '•Vrln hi m ( )il ( txjk ' i ,ii»- gold in one, two, threx and I. Jill I illlll'T SI/ci- - Wll|l O| Wllll- • flit W.lllilli^ l.lllllil'l, (Ml | I IIK- ,,i,» burner, win. i. haa no r cabinet M..si houaewivea IiU«- the < il l niri lop because «, | it H convenianca in keeping diahea W.ll II I Sold by il>iilri * rrn k-ii'/irr r. m0&») NEW PERFECTION ltfR06o«iiy OjJ C()ok StQves and Wdfer Hedtm STANDARD OIL CO. OF NEW YQKK . c \

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