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THE FREEPORT NEWS VOL. I. NO. 19 FREEPORT, LONG ISLAND, N. Y., FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 1921 PRICE FIVE CENTI t\: I CLASSROOMS IN FIRE HOUSES NEXT TERM-SCHOOL CAPACITY HAS ALREADY BEEN EXCEEDED Board of Education Request Co-operation of Fire Dept. in Securing Quarieri. NO RELIEF POSSIBLE\ FOR ANOTHER YEAR All Speed Possible Will Be Made on Extension of Grove * Street Building. Declaring 'hut ttie demand for mnr cla*nrooms watt becoming acute, wll no riliaf In sight for nearly u yen Waller II. OMMMy a member of th liounl of Kducutlnn ot the Freepm HCIIOOIH, appeared hefore the fire com I'll lit KM meeting Tuesday evening tin requested thai IN MaattiH rooam t •lie llr«* companies lit* made iiviillnlil tot use for Hcliof»l porpOM*. Then- nr Mix or the** liuiiHi't. located In varlou parti <>f ihe village, \mi thi Quedtlo of their DM WIIM M l to tin* IIKIIVIIIIIII compatilcx, with ord M lo report lit th council meeting l» -lul.v. They ur \\ itnl<*fI from Hie ci|priiliiK of the fill term In September. Mr. CemtOt <•iill.il attention to th fact Hint nearly 300 pupils hint grud tinted from |In* grammar schools Ititi Hi*- High xebool this evening, mid thel •» accommodation In th a pfaaeiil Btgl Mchooi was giving tin* School Boat I much concern. Although tilt* project will lit' pushe- us rapidly M |MiMMll>lf, Mr. CcMUMtM Hiild, It will In- m*M| l months JIIt<*i sehool opi'liM, even though Ihi* 111x| 1*1-8 approve the building of iiiiotlier _ building thereon, hefi.r.' the present m • ••f»metery Hlte ciin he utilized. Tin project Is being advertised iliilll July I After timt commtMlooen muni i»' up- I Iiolntt'd, null even though there Is mi » Interference with their work, it win -.n-bahly nol be much hefore Septem- B ' er l>efore the work of clearing Ihe ^^L ,.Hi d I* completed. A special elcc- Bn -iini-i then he hei*l to vote *i*«,. the ^^B* ctlon of n building, with |Wolml>ly V S inther nix month* eon*tuint*(l In Its ¥ construction, evea allowing for an f open winter. Mr. COM M MttBMtM I lull with Hit' pit-Kent growth of .•'lee- port mi niltll! lomtl ten moin building WIIM required every three years. It Is probable thai the proposed I'll •trnctUre will i tmln several limes thnl number of rooms. 1 >n\ 1*1 Siilherliuid, presided! of II Board of Bducatlou, ni the commence* inenl. exercises declared Hint us Mool us the board ran <• plete the necai torj tegnl requirement In reference ti hmvlng the condemnation comnilaelon ers J 11 > i >< > 1111 * - < I it will take steps to pu l.clWc Hie | pie iif the district Hi pri*|Misiiii i' im\ hm fuiidi made avail for erecting the new building oi the i v lory sit*'. STATE FIREMEN'S ASSN. INVITED HERE Local Department to Reconsider Failure to Ratify Invitation. Other Council Matters. Although II majority of the com pa tiles of the Freeport Hre department had voted not to ask the New York State Firemen's Association to hold Its Ut22 convention In Freeport, It Is prob able that that action will be reversed. Id-legates In attendance at the coiiven tlon at (ilen Kails In |ttO state that when Freeport Invited the convention lu I'.i'JI It wax shown that It had heen agi-ed In 1019 thut It was to go to Itliightimlon this yeur, lull Hint Free- port would he designated for l'.t'J'J, and II wns so understood among the dele- gates. It WIIM pointed out thai Free- I..,rl. which had long sent delegates to these asHociatloli.M. seemed anxious to hlrk Its part of the work. A Special icetliig of the department will he held ome time hefore July 1 to decide. Knglne No. 1 was given permission it break in new engineers. Most of the engineers who once belonged to the iii|iany hnd censed active work there- in, leaving a shortage of available men handle the apparatus at tires. Andrew U Clark was approved asli warden from Hose No. .'! In place of I'ltman 1). Combs, ,|r.. resigned, and iamuej Corker was approved us enf Bin Of thut company lu place of 'oinhs. chief Smith reported thai upon per IINSI f Ihe Village Hoard he hud urchased H(H) feet of Maltese Cross ose from the itiiltu rercha and Hub er Company af |I.(H) per foot, all of hlch he had placed upon Hose No. 4. Iteslgmitlolis of Sleplii-n i'earsiill, tephen CurpenlVr nad Morton Crwvol- ,il /nan I'mit»l No. 1 and Kdwin tlllwell, Sr., from Hose No, 1 were ap- rnvud ; ulxo the action of Hose No. 1 (Topping Thomas Campbell, Philip Mennoii and Al Studley for nonalten.l- nve at meetings. Letters of appreciation were recelv- d from Charles Hughes. Smith street, ml the Ocennside tire department. COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES HELD DURING WEEK Class of Twelve Leaves High School—Set Scholar- ship Record. LARGE CLASSES GRADUATE FROM GRAMMAR SCHOOLS Programs PreeenUd at American Theater on Tuesday—Class Day and Senior Ball Monday. Commencement exercises were held l.y the HlKh School und (jrnmmiir School uradiinlliij; clauses this week and In oMier clauses those who got tho rei|iilreil percentages held Informal celehratlons over their promotion lnt the next lilylier class. The exercises Suridny evening when the pupils, their parent and friend* gathered at the Methodist Church, when the Itev. Krwln Dennett, pastor of the church, prenched tiie bar- i-alaiireate sermon. He advised the pupils to go forth with the Idea of curing their victories In youth and waiting until mature years hud ci before accomplishing their greatest work. (in Monday awning t ht- clnss dny Parcel Brings $600 Per Front Foot—Levy and Hirschthal Buy American Theater. Two Import I nl real estaie transac- tions Involving Mouth .Main etrosl property were consummated Ibis week and al the same lime a new high mark was set for undeveloped properly on that si reel al si SUM |*er front foot. Harry WolfsTih, w ho conducts a shop In South Main slrect. where he ban tile* a tilic line uf women' wear, has purchased i twent) Bve fool froul lol Horn the llorrla Miller urotiertj on the west stile ol South Main street a short distance from the Merries: road, it adjoin* the property lu which theatore III A.h.lph le x | ft So u U locate d Mr . Wolfson Inteud* lo erect a hulldlug on ii.- i..i The I'lid- paid is reported i \ be Jiioti |,er front loot. The propertj nccupled by the Ameri- can theater figured Ui the other trans action This i* of the largest, if the largest, parcel \i grouert) on I be block ami has a frontage of Aft} I,el on llu- -Heel The property ha-t heen purcliuaed bj Me—re, Mara Uavj and Ml* had Illrsi In hal. owners *,f I be theater The price paid lias not been announced atoear* Levj A Hlrech thai ais., operate Ihe PraukUu theater at Astoria, i uug Uluud. JONES'S \TOWN CLOCK\ I vnian .1. s ha- In-lulled n dork In front ot his hnnlwnrc shoe In Soinh .Main ttreei tdjolnlag the rallruftd. ii will tie i-ontrolled b> the Weeteru I'nion I 'eli'iit-apli Ct>iii|iiiu> iiia-ui Clofk, an.I will be • yivnt i-ouveliieiu•«• I., rolilliiuh rs. an.I all otlieni I ihruutih the bualueea tectloa. 'liese letters, through Hie courtesy of 'hlef Smith, have already heen puh- Ished In The News. M inn nl I' 1 . Bond wns approved u n iMnlier of Engine No. 1. i:\iMnptli.Mi paper* were ordered Kranted to Bdwln Will well at Hoee No. mid Paul V, I'eroiil of Hose No. I. Austin Monlross, Hurry Chllton, Wing Shl.-li.-r. Chnrles VOL'I, .lohn N. liiriiiiiin. Jr., Wllllnni BriggS, Rudolph llmmell mid William C. ltaynor were dded to the cnrnlvnl ruiiiiiill lei-. The it her members of this committee (ire Clarence B, WHUama, Charles \\ Kill/., Jr. John (i. Mnucrshcrucr und Howard B, P -sail. The secretary wifs directed lo nbtlfj I li e uuiiilier t. | [li e iliUiil'Lllleu L u In . hud ap|i*-anMi r.*r pnrade nl Port Well- ington in inn shoes to appear before the next meeting of the council mid e\ i>11 his action. iniiHiiiu.il ns it teemed Impoaalble to ••ei•ure iin.v niliou I'r the l.oper Kirc A hi I-III Coiii|inny, it wns decided to re- fer the matter of completio n o f the Ore lllai'lll svsleiii t o vlllnu e einiiisel. wJtli •xerclMes were held In the Hi*-h Schnol iiidltorluin, and later In Ihe evenliiK the senior hall wns held In the l-'ree port Chili. On Tiiesilny the cornmenceineut ox rclHe« were held In the American the- ter. The Criiunnnr School exercises were held In the mornliiK ami the Hluh School In the evening While the gilQaHng class In the HIKII School lids year is not one of the largest classes In the history of the school. It Is one whose members have attained a high degree of scholarship. The mem- bers of the class were : Helen It. Anil. Kdwnrd M. Campbell, Dorothy Clark, Dorothy Fleming, t'luir Fox, Alice Ii. Hulght. lOdiuund I.inn- ley, Until A. Mack, ltl< hard T. Mi- Kemiey, (Irece K 1'osf, F. Olive I'ost, Kenneth K. Voughl. Ai ti,» (irammar School exercises ml- Iressett were delivered hy Suuiuel I>. K. Bird on \Conservation of Natural llesoiirces,\ Irene Hlrscli on \.lohn Burroughs,\ Myron Schneider on \The Awakening of South America,\ Rosa- lia Simon on \The Japanese Menace\ and Itnth K. ltnhlen on \The Delit I'ulil.\ There were drills und songs by Ihe eighth grade boys and girls. Miss .Margaret Tax of the Seaman avenue sehool wns presented with the II. I! Smith scholarship prize by l'res- lilenl David .1. Sutherland. Jr., of Ihe Hoard of Education. The class officers were: Orm I* Rwaerl. president-; Leo Venilitt, vice-president ; Ainu II . Aekerniiin, secret ary ; Uichard ColTey, Irensurer. The class motto was \Ih'cds Not Words\ and the (lass col- ors blue and gold. FIFTY CANDIDATES FOR K. OF G. DEGREE F.H.S. ALUMNI ASSN. REVIVES ANNUAL BANQUET FRANK ROSE, JR., OF F. F. D.. HURT ATTOURNAMENT About 200 Attend Reunion Held Knocked Out by Hose Whipped Wednesday Evening at About Under Unusually South Shore Hotel. High Pressure. PLANS FOR GREATER F. H. S. OUTLINED BY PROF. DU BOIS Prof. R. L. Smith Returns to Deliver Address—E. W. Tree Toast- master—Miss Atkinson Speaks. HEAVY APPARATUS IS HANDICAP IN CONTESTS About IWO of the alinniil of Freeport lll>.'li Sc I I. with members of the Ttoiird of Education, Katliered ut the South Shore Hotel Wednewlny eve- Btng and enjoyed (he Hrst hanquet th« ti I it inn i nssoclntlon has held In Heveral is. '1'he banquet is held for the purpose of welcoming the members of the graduating class into the associa- tion, hat among the members who have been Welcomed Into Hit. association yenrs imo, it Is a Ret-tOgettteT affair, looked forward to With inucli nntlcl[ia- tlon. Tatt nhotlt an hour hefore the Clill for dinner Ml Bounded the uluiunl iiieTTii the lobby, parloH und porch of he hotel and held cluM parties. As Harold Smith arrived with Prof. Boy Leon Smith after- an automobile trip direct from North Adams, Mass., the alumni Boektd to the dining room, where ilic li.llonn.i aplM'tlzlns menu was served: Grapefruit Tomato I'.isqup Celery Kndlshes • Sirloin Steak \ \ It ti AIushriMniw ireeu i'ens lhlinonUo 1'otutoes Ice Creinn Cnkus l>eiui TIIHW Edward WeHley Tre* presided dur- Bg the poHt-prandial pijrlod. In his •penlliK remarks he Siade a plea that he member* iledlcat, ihe usHoclatlon o a year of aervlceVii J»OO»|IIJK tl*e <chool anil purttt-uhf-N ' ;h cettiiiK lu ui-k of the proposin.in ui securlujr a it-w High School bottdlng. \I f thoet vlio have passed through the HIKI* NCIIOOI do not Work more lienrtii.v for he propoaltloa, how cun othwi be ex- iccteil lo do U?\ lie nsked. .Miss RUaabeth Sclmeiker, In u voice >f gemllke clearness and llowerllke lofttiess, extended a welcome to the graduates or 'J| , und Miss Alice Halght In a few well chosen words re- sponded on behalf of the class. Miss Caroline ii . Atkinson, the! vet- eran teacher who enjoys perennial youth, in a sprightly speech brought hack recollections, to the alumni of the days when Hiey were students in V, il. s. l'rof. Boy l.eon Smith, former prin- cipal of the High School and the Idol at those who were iilleMiliiin the s. I I during liis time there, wai given a hearty welcome on his arrival ami re- newed old nci|iininlances ut the close of the banquet. The topic of his ad- dress was \The Bel is of Today.\ and omiiieniliiHoii allowed ten that lilt trie- days to Mulsh the •rk he Mulshed by I, the I tor. I -oiilriHi or the III elect I'lelans. i-iiiwiiril c. smith was appointed lialriann of a coniinltlee to hold u tug lay for the hem-Ill of the I'I re l><|*art inent Belief Fund. The other inem ..I' the .0111 are Andrew I Clm-1%, Itayi id Combs, I-Mwniil Itlce, Waller 11. Co/./.ens. Charles I'. h'rll/. .1 ••lilt <! Mauersbei'Ler. S IMIIIOII Suillli. Siimnel .1. Corker. Th lore Mohr Aiisiln Moniross. Arnold VO'UKCII mil William BrlggB* EDWARDS TAKE 8 VACATION Formtr Village President Will Rest Up Afttr 8tr«nuous Work. Holy Redeemer Council to Ob- serve Second .Anniversary. Team Wants Games. On Thursday evening, June _,'). a regular kneetlug of Holy Redeemer < •..until. Knights of Columbus, will he held In Mechanics Hull. Alter Hie meeting a efaup of fifty candidates will rceehe the honors of the llrst de- cree, u monies nd ui the oin-insioit of cere- II Hunker will be held for the members I'mfessln ill apHear.. iul xliere Council baseball b*..ik Suinln,\ gaUHM on I.OIIJJ Isluinl. anlee uiiist be Of- K. Of C lerlalnei Hoi* llwleei tenin Would like wltli tennis iin A reiisonnble f fei-ed. Coiimiuiileat*' with I'. .1. Cof laielli. is., Uiiiidull nveniie, l-'re.'p.ut, I.. I. The second nniiheisiiry of the in- stllllt|..|i of Holj l.e.leellier Count il win be observed in a Btttug m«uiM»r i In July. A couiuilttee has been ap- p.iinleil und plans betnfl made for u Klorlou* liollday, and i l Is hoped Hint Clarence \ Rdwarda, runner \ i presldein, With Mr s I-Mw mil s and the lull luembers wil l avail iheiu.seUcs uf iiieiiihers of his family, left Wetlneeday the oppoituoltj of perfurwlag In for Wesiininlsie r I'uik . .\le\unil i In \Itali c Itulh\ sixle , lo r th e mai n fe u l!n\ , a l the Thousan d Islund* . where'lure wil l be • haseliull liiim e b.-tween ili.\ wil l remain unti l th e middl e uf j th e IVKUIIII- Counci l teui n ani l th e \niu r Rt>IMeniber Mr. Kdwarda la takhw the rted\ men. AppUuiNta (•»• the mar vacatll benelll his lieullh He as rled men's team will tile their nppli sinned n heavy role when he l«\fk overj cut Ions ^tvlt|i llroiher Iteu Mul\e.\ Of ih.' dutlea of village president ami Brother Maurice Huipiu. Have them full niienilon while doing The regular uteetluge: of the Council ihe smile thing In connect loll With his r.-ai estate and lusurance Itualnesa iii> dlgeeltilO suffered, and ilurini; Ids cum |ia un for re election lie was on ji bread .mil inllk diet. HI* friends are please.I with his iieiisiini to ree4 up so tbjtl be will nol l,e |, .•!,.,, l/h,- hi . heiillh and a career of iisefuliie-> to. the loiiiinii. ulty. are held e\er\ •lid an d lourtl i Thursday of Hie month al Me. linni* s Mall al l-gft 8. 8. PARADE SATURDAY Tile Siindnv Schoo l parad e wil l be held this saiiinhn aHerngttu plan* were puhllebed l*»l vuk . The tenth.II being given to sctfople at the present lime Iheie is a .promise of greatly Improved conditions among the people in every way. 1'ror deorge P\. DuBui* brooghl the |iost-prnudinl period to a climax und a .-lose with his address on \The (ireal- er I'reepori lllyb School.'' After a brilliant Introduction lie declared that ihe Board ol education would soon give the people an opportunity lo TOte for aa enlarged High BcbooJ building, Thi s wi n mak e pneslhle. h e said, tin - Inuuguratl t the -r.'l.'t\ system, un- der which there will bo a Junior ami senior High School. The former will include Hie present se\< nth and eighth grade* und freshman y* ar anil Ihe lat- ter the aophom veai's. The new Junior and seni* hullilinic. he said, w I provide not alone mm Ii needed fMu ciiiss i-..oiiis,*hut will make u aJalbls. to luivv uu auditorium fur commence- meiits nnil other purposes anil the t-'lv- IiiK of a complete* instead of only a ball .oiiiiaerclnl course, as at I lit- pres t»ni time, give adequate laboratory fa- cilities as well as inaUe ninny other lie. esMiry uuproveineiil - \e\ l year, In- polnteil out, there will he between thirt y and fort y graduate* from th e Illk'h School, an d this year I;I puplla have graduated fro m th e Qruilimar School Into the Hu h ichool, iiie prugraiu was bruugUl to n close hy nil present Jolnlu*.- lu gtvlug tile sehooI yells with I »r. Miirvin IrbloNS as lender and ajnging seh.*.,| l\mglf Dancing ami a social time followed. Hubert K .lohnsoii was chairman of Hie niiteti of nrrniiueiuents for the hanquet. The retentl* elected oMcer* Kdwnrd \V. tabeth Bi-hnel Ililhen It John It r Slarie Pedeck, K SI lies, Ilii, of the association in Tree. Ml, piesidenl ; I ker, 'Itl, Viet i Johns,MI. 'IXi, s*-< I, ' (loiter, 'in, treueun 'IT, historian, and .1 aluuiiii editor. Violations of Rule* Common and Events Delayed Until After Dark. Freeport le i the uecmd division In the parade in connection with the twenty-sixth annual convention of the Southern New York Firemen',* A«RO- fllltlon at 1'ort Washington last Thursday, und It wan to the surprise of u jrreat ninny of the spectators that announcement was made hy the Judges later In the duy that first prize for hest ni'peiirance hnd) gone to KarmlliKdale, while RodMle ' Center received the prize for most men in line. FurmhiKdnle was uttlred In the red shirt and helt yf former days, while Hockvllle Center, attired in blue uniforms, and murchlnj- four nhrenst, made a fine appearance. FreepiHt is supposed to have lost the prize for hest appearance on the strenjrtn of u pair of tan HhoeH so dark there was onie afgOaNal among the JudKes as to whether or not they were tan f btact. Tun shoes seemed to he al- lowed with red shirts If the owner preferred them. Itookvllle Center seemed more of a contender for bent appearance than FarmliiKdale. Contrary to custom, the parade started promptly at 10:30 as ached- uled. I'ort Washington introduced an nuoviithm in presenting' each company with Btiigaaim Tor the liiemherH aH fast ns they arrived In the village. The Hue of march covered about the usual distance, and the parade ended .-tit rj:l\>. First In line for Freaport •nine the Stars and Stripes, folJw.it Itj- the *ervlr« tiiiK of the department, ltidiiiw! this rinne ^ car currying the hiKe Board of Trustees. 1 This car was driven hy Frank K. Hose, Jr., who later In the duy was to be the victim of n serious accident. Then came the hand, followed hy Ciller S. Dimon Smith in his cur, accompanied by Chaplain Miller. Following them narched the deputy chiefs and ex- •hlefs, then the company otticers in n group and Dually th e othe r member* f the department. Truck 1 beaded the apparatus, followed by Hoee 1, - , .< und t in order. In the contests, which for some taeon ur other were delayed, so that he last events were srurte d wit h ,i lantern Instead of a HUK, Freeport, with its heavy apparatus, did not fan- very well, although making good time In each event. In the Individual lad- ler climbing, Joseph Hoffman ot Truck I, secured tlfth prize, a inednl, after tying with his brother, George Hoffman, captain of that company. Captain Hoffman won eiXth, also a I'dal. Ill the Ptlicieney contest, Hose I tin I- M'eornf. u seeolKr^i'MT'll'tlo imiu'i- I Hose of Amilyville. who, they protested, for uatng snap ooupllngs, but the protest was disallowed not- withstanding a prohibitory rule. Dauntlea* Hose had tO break the rec- rd made lusl y,a r to win In Itl set - nils. Hose 1 Qnlebed In 17 seconds. tying laal year's record. ' Truck I linlshetl ahead of the oilier heavy apparatus in HIP hook und lad- ler contesi. but ns this uppnrntus \ns imt claaalfled the prize wns won by a touring c ur in :i-j :i 3 sex I s - nreaport'i time was in J-.~I. Hose 1 und Truck 1 were again BtClaSMd i n tin - r chemical coti- tesl, with their heavy apparatus. Hose 1 bent Truck 1 by two seconds this i teat, H to (Hi. lint Hie lln f the taster apparatus, was from Xt to in. It was In the tor pumping coti- lest Hint \llud\ I!..so of IIO.M- I N Ived Ihe injury which l| was reared iiuld he fatal. The water pressure in Hie mains at this point was abiail i jo pouniis, whereas in moel other village* it is i , to ;.:, II,,-,. i made i wonderful run ami connection, ami liose. with l.i.-lltelmlil BTlgg* of Hint npiiiiy hail the m././le on and wns waHlng for the water, when Harrj Chlltoii, In Charge of the pump, aildeil Hie pressure of Hie pumper to that I Ihe main. Hie hose whipped under the pressure, ami Rose and Bdgg* were able to hold but nw lartawt. The bo>-.- ihen t;oi uway tioiii Iliein und eW Itose several feel Intl) the air. u inn in. struck ihe gruttad n waa aa Hie back of si* head, and u il h such fonc that many spectator* tboUgfcl he bad been killed outright. At-cyin- ieii by several ..t iiu- manlier* al his eoiii|.any. Cliaplain Mllh-r and H -ts Randall ami Willlama, ba wa* rushed to Nassau HuaplteJ where he I* now- improving slowly, This pui a tamper on the Ifreepori tireuieu, ai COMPLETE SEWER SYSTEM COST IS ESTIMATED AT $675,000; TRUSTEES MEET ENGINEERS SAW LINCOLN SHOT; TO LIVE IN FREEPORT William T. Ferguson Only Living Eyewitness of Tragedy, Purchases Home Here. William J. Fertriixon. the man who rnn nay, \ I saw Lincoln shot,\ is coin ln« to Freeport to make his home. He has purchased of Edwin 0. Mauser, the house at tlie northwest corner ol IVlinsylviiniii and I'enrsull iiveniies, oc- cupied formerly hy Julian Dltmure, at one time village president of Freeport He will mm*/ Into the premlne*- about July 1. He purchased the house through Oeorjre Wheeler, of Kuilroai avenue. I-'ert-uson told his eyewitness story of the shoolltiK of I'resldt'iit Lincoln in the American Magazine of last AtiKUst. AcconipanyiliK his story was an ex- cellent picture of FerKUHon'. ami a hu- man Interest utory of his IOUK iwrlot] f activities on the slate. He is now in the movies an well us on the \legiti- mate\ stage. on the night Lincoln WHS shot, April 14, 180.*, Ferguson was to make his first appeiiranee In an important part, playing the part of Lieut. Venion. It 'Our American Cousin,\ at Foni's theuter. He was Just uhout to step in the stage when the shot was tired iy John Wllkes Booth.' He suw 1'renl- lent Lincoln's head drop, ami Boot! make his leap to the stage and. thei liis getaway through the stage door At the time of the assassination Fergu ion was a \full grown youth in Ills teens.\ DAVID LEVY HEADS BOARD OF TRADE Organization Opens Oftic Hub Building and Is Rec- tor Business. in The Kreeport Hoard of Trath/ form ally organl^d on Wednesday evening Of last wet* and elected otticers anil lirectorx. David Levy was named president to — eceerl Stephen i \ ivt- tit, who has been serving as temporary chairman. The organUalton has ..pen- cil an office In the Hu h building, the line..of,which has been donated hy .lu- ins HlndriVrir 1 .firnies Manse, former village president, who waa elected sec- •etary, !s making his headquarters at the olliee of the organization, which is nnw preparing lo go ahead with Its plans to boos) Krt-eporl. The oiti.-ei-s elected are : President, l>avid : l.(f\y : first vice president. Clarence T. V.dwards; sec- 1 vice president. Bill—I S. Itandall : third vice president, George L W I; fourth • Ice preshlenl, Se\ niimr I'.au uiaiin; (irih'vlciS presidetir t.yrriitn \ Jones; slMll vice president, Frank I. Hack: secretary, .lames Hanae; treai urer. Brneel S. Itandall. Director* wen- elected i For year are : Sle|>hen P, pettlt, Oeorge Puiiiiusaen. Hynian irbloea, James llnnse and Chniles 1 >. Sinltli. lo r two yenrs: OeWge l!*-niiett Smith, Clarence A. Kdw aids, 1'rmik I. Hack. Seymour Hauniann and Mark Levy. For three years: Willl Crevoiser at. Charles K. ltaynor, Harry Karaseb I'red Casassa ami .liilius I'.in.li ini. PATCH WORK PAVING Four Stylti of 8urfac« Now on North Main Street. The Bounty has had its road workers engaged I\ repairing North Main -uiv i tills week. The stre.-i now pre senis a rather varlegaleil appearance with Its various types of pavlnu. There Is a ( rete paving lu the gutter*. Ne\t comes a strip of ab..ui «'t|ii;,l Width of uineailainl/c |*:i\ t'lui-m Mrhtctl the count) i- now laying, tli'-n the old n,a. adaia pi.vemcnt whit II is not baiUg iiisiiirbed. while along, an.i between, the rails of the Long Ulaiul TWC tlon Coliipiiny comes the cobble si |,i,vemenl pnl down by the Iraclii.n eoinpaiiy. _^^^^^________—— Well as many of the spetialois, wlio itarted leaving the atanda, -lust why (los e I was no t glvw u time l a 'his ,, ni,-i cannot i»- underet L a* water had hit the ba.ks|,,|i when Ihe nozzle go) away. \.-\i year, nureuaal '' \ .reejUutlon Adopted In the conventhni' prior |fl the loiiiiiaineiil, apparaliis will he «liis- stAed, and the exceHeal wort uf th* lo.al llreuien will undoubtedly brink' home many prize*!. Figures About 50 Per Cent High- er Than Those of Four Years Ago. QUESTION OF PIPING ENTIRE VILLAGE RAISED Complete and Accurate Survey Necessary Before Proposition Can Be Voted On. Free|vort can have a sewer system installed at a Cost Of approximately $675,000. This system wRI serve every street In the village, unit will prob- ably work entirely hy gravity, and at •the disposal plant the Imhoff tank sys- tem will probably he used. This is the concensus of the conference which the Village Board and a number uf engi- neers held Tuesday night. Those who appeared before the trustees were Franklin H. Smith, Charles Miller and William Seaman, Sewer Commissioners of l'ort Wash- ington ; Albert W. Heinphlll, a New York engineer who has done consider- able sewage work in the south ; Clyde Potts, u New York engineer who has installed many plants In the eastern tales; und Harold Stevens, also a New York engineer. The trustees took data as to the location of tilts •nrious type* of plants described, so that they can be in- spected to sec-ure tirst hand Informa- tion, and as to the types, amoii.it, and probable coat of the various equip- ment required under each system. When u thorough investigation, iius been made by tin- board, au estimate will be secured of the probable cost of a complete system, and a proposi- tion will be submitted at a special election mi the question of raising the amount needed by a bund issue, and proceeding with the work of installing the system. Before uny of the engineers cun give illl e-'liuiale of tiie COHt Of it syslelll (ur tuw /illume, iiy.;, require a Uetui 1 '-•*. ami ncciiniie Hurvey a* to courses, grades und ground conditions. This Will cost from $11,000 to $12,000. Tile usual cost of this work is three per cent of the cost of the entire system. The l'ort Washington representa- tives explained that their system take* of approximately 1,000 houses, and was built live and 11 half years at a cost of 1370,000, Jt involves the use of a settling tank und a chlor- rinution plain for rendering the ettlu- sterile. The cost of operation mil maintenance. Including the paying off of bonds, ranges downward from Rt0,UW per year and last year was Slfi.OUO. The assessment cost flic lirM war, they said, was .\{ cents per front , uot 011 property. The system serves il.oui III miles of streets. Kiigiueer Hcmphill declared that the si of bulldlBg a syslein here would about fifty per cent jnore than four ars ago when Ihe estimated cost MIS HIM.IMHL He estimated that the mount of sewage t*. be disposed of aili il l ii-ceuorl wouhi Ii.i l-rimmm gallons, on the basis of UNI gallons per let-son per day. Ut* favored the Ufa if tin- inihotT tank system, which he -xplalned. and decjarcd that two such links would take care of the village. (e said that not more than one ptiuip- ug station would he required* Kngincer 1'otts, who hulll the In l aboil tulik used lu this country, cx- lained tin - difference between this system and that t>f the settling tanks. ie declared that there is more odor o the settling lank slude than to tin- mholV lank, ami thut Ihe sludge I loin be latter 1 is practically odorless. The suggeatloa by Mr, Pott* that the luildtng of tin- syatean might he la* Hired by issuing I Is for the hiy.ltlg. . f the mains and the dis|Hisul pliinl. mil assessing I Iiu property on each street in which Interval* were laid, trough) about th e onl y til t o f th e eve- ling, (Tillage PraaMenl Chrlatle d**- tared thut there wus much to he s.,nl 11 finor of that system, and Trust..- lohliaOfl declared thai he believed that he only way to go about the prn|*o siii.,11 is I.* sever the whole village at me. Village I'rcsidenl Christie <1* hired that slicli a |>lan VMMII.I Sa*J a ill 111 * .11 dollars, and .lohnsoii deelare.l hat It would COB) thai iiiuih whether he laterals were all laid al 'Hire, or is Ihe people on earb street asked lor In-ill Bnglneer Bteren* roggeeted thai the 'activated sludge lytma* 1 be Installed. 111.1 thai in connection with It there built an InelneiHior which would mi alone iHipnaa of the sludge but tlao larbage aad refaas lathere d from the lomes by the * Illage. Health Oalew ttunde pointed out hat the plans drawn in 11112 for a sener syslelii here ha\e been approved 11 til*.- state hoard of health The Hlgllieers seemed reticent nb.nil ba* inales on plans drawn by Mb-

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