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Lackawanna leader. (Lackawanna, N.Y.) 1936-1982, November 04, 1982, Image 10

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k; -,‘._',g--.- I ,2; 3.‘._:. --:V4‘‘ :4». E E! vi‘ cardj Updated % To Fit 215.‘ i =;.s.~1-.~. 23$ Vi ‘i‘- '' icongressman-«Jack K;eI'nI]> an.- .;';'ouxi‘c.ed“ this ._ ‘week «tliat Secf‘r.etary of Tran_sp_orta.ti‘on ‘Drew ‘Lewis _:l1aS.;de<;idLedi, to? ‘allogate $4 1i1i;1.li6‘1'1.‘.i!..! funqgfori the Rice Rpag1;1;;ter¢hange‘f1zro- iect‘initheSi2I!l!1t0W¥15-l. . am de vital‘ [standing has :bee;.i_.a1.l[ocated’:§or __Ith_e- Rice’ Road ~'1h;e:cnaa;ge, which is soicrucialio econoriiic development in the:S.bn.thtbwns and Western,New York This is a giant step fQ;}'Wai'd=_in' our six- year effort to have ‘the. project become an integfalpart of ‘the federal g.ovemment’s transpor- tation priorities. I am proud. to have been in a position to. .speed; up the fI1,X_lf - . Kemp was ijersoiially notified‘ _of 'the‘‘_ decision itr3a\phonei call from vsecretafry Lewis‘, whoulso sent the following; letter, which reads ‘in part, “Dear Jack: 'Fo1lowing.up- on our conversa- tion of Oct. I am pleased to confirms ‘that we are allocating $4. million in discretionarye priority ;prim_~ar‘y funds to the New York State DepaI«'tn_1ent;of Transportation {NlYSDO*'1‘). This alloca is for worklon US. 219 and is in addition to $47.2 million in discxe priority primary, iunds previously m ‘available. to the state for work one the route; The Federal‘ h-Highways ‘Ad- ministration (FI-IWAf)' is~a:dvis- tinge NYSDOT‘ officials that this allocation may be used to finance the.Rice Hill Road pro-V jeet if the state .so elects. I can assure you; the FHWVSM will cooperate ‘fully with NYSDOT officials as may use this’discre- tionary funding. I appreciate knowing’ ‘of ‘your continued per.- sonal integest in this very ima pottant epfroje'ct.i”' ‘ ' of light industry; The Rice Road Interchange*iSV -‘gI.1S'0 'Im;1ch_ne_ed- ed for .safety _r_easof1s;. at this point, drivers. are .requar.ed% to take ‘a dangerous‘ «4.1‘¢°‘I.0I,l.!' th!~'qIgh« the }town‘:oTf about eight .1riil_’g*5‘, and the detour has re- the deployment of -allgthe town.\s emerg‘enc_ysérvic_es. T Erie County Sheriff Kennet_h Braun ..has:aim..0unced_~ the plementatiqn0fLaI“1‘updated:Erie county 'Sh4eriff’_sT Department. Personal Identification. Card. System.” The new card was, designed, to [idexatify the 19th birthday\ _of card holders. Sheriff’: Cards are used by various individuals as persoI?1,al éidentification. They are becom- ing increasingly Lp0pu1a;:; among. senior citizens. < c)VC3rd*hd1der’s 19th:5irthd'ay be. displayed inred on the rear of thecard. The Erie County Sheriffs Department will still issue cards to;18‘—ye_ar-olds ‘asa form’ of .pe1j-sonal identification, with th6‘dé'=1t.e Of the 1931- birthday 6?‘ on thepear of the card. New S1i6tiff’§‘ design: ed to deter alteration, and fgrgery. ‘ Sheriff .Bra_1;1'n Aexpresses a great, concern for the corhmufnis to recognize ‘the shei-viff’s‘ Cardv changes and: ‘to; avoid the selling-0f‘a1Coho1»to»minors. This ‘new system shoiild go a long Way toward ret_1;1ci'ng any éfradulent use of Sti,e1\iff’s Iden-T tification Cards. , Vete.rans Day 1 4 :5‘ ~ . S _ . . ' Sheriff Bfraun proclairixedihe Tehangee is due to statezlaw which requires a »peI‘sD,n‘ to'»be;1.9Jy‘ears at age to purchase alcoholic beverages as of Dec. 4, 1982, some iimportant changes to notice on the card are as follows: 4 _ The Erie ‘County Ame1_'1“c;an~ Legion will honor all‘ veterans, living and_ deceased, with a ' Mass. on Sunday, Nov. '7, at St. Joseph\fsvCa:thedra1 50 Franklin St,,Lat 11.‘a.m. .GQl’d‘S“tarVMothéi\s and the Ladies Auxiliaryjwill, be. guests of the Legionnaites in celebrating‘ the Mass; The ehairman, Henry Kedzierski; is ~33 hoping to have an outstanding crbwd this year, as a new sec- tion honoring «deceased com- rades of all wars. has been add‘- ed. . Kemp shows clout 1129 very step ‘toward suc- cess in {my occupation’ is to becoméinierested in it, ~ - WILLIAM OSLER ****%t** , a.) Backgroungi\behind por- ‘ trait isénow gray, b) A fiIlBerprint— on the. front of the- card; Labzir us of three great evils 2-. irksomeness, vice‘and‘pp‘:;erty. ‘ VoL7:41:;15 __‘., ._ aw‘ 2, IO be aftér the Mass. The group“ This year\s new prgramnfill -complete family-Foot Com is_ Avdilnbloj for Arca l_IIiion_ Members at No Diyhéci Cost tbivbu. SERVICES not PA-IDBV 1rouIyv;1£ngcAL ms‘u.n=NcE; . F V . . Anazcovanan _ , A. T AN. AGREEMENT WlTH*PARTlClPAfIN<i1uNlONS‘. wi11[march~to t1:;e« Buffalo Naval , Park, after whiqh there be a ‘brief service commemorating all departed comrades. The Gold» Star Mothers will par- ticipate in a wreath. ceremony and “Taps”_ and a gun salute- will be sounded. Mr. 'Kedziersk—i\‘s co-« chairmen, American Legion service officer and‘ past‘ district commander, John. J. Glegota Jr., and past,Eri_eCol1l1¢)' com:-' manderj,rEdward-Kokoszka..will assist in this new pro- gram. “We in the American Legion have a tradition of’moretl3an‘6( yearsaof holding church services .ea_ch« Veterans Day honor of The construction of the ‘Rice Roadolnterchange iseajn element extremely important to the Western New York economy, It will provide easy \access to several local ~sl: «resorts, ins clu‘di_nge Kissingeliridge in C01- den, which until :’n,o’w have -been ‘bypassed for otherareas with ready access. It will provide a rneeessary. route for the truck farmers in :E.den,_and is part of the master [plan -the \Town of Boston has for the development Gold?Star.Mothje1\s of Erie’Coun- _ ty and ‘in memory of our departed who have served our country,” said Daniel Tenerowicz, publicity chair- H1311‘. _ Erie County Commander Jack Keller ‘invites all residents of Buffalo and Erie County 19 “join us in properly remembering our departed comrades.” ***##***** T W'e are most ofus very ‘lonely in this world; you who have any who floize you-M,‘ cling io~ther[n_and thank God. WILLIAM MAKEPEACE THACKERAY ‘Aft-ClO~.ANDAOTHER nAnrncIi=A'.rin‘cpuI1uIoni teem: UAW.‘ hlb Hahn - fwd, ‘chevrnlet, URN; llublm -Vlbrleis GIJs*'l.lIffiS0lI.'1‘1-ico‘_ ‘ Gus: mp CERAMICS: No. 222 csn; sun, comg, my _' roNA,1_uANnA [I303 COUNCII. Arscpug ‘u_u.i¢i,.|~wo¢..s NIAGARA - qlumns uaoncouncu Offlcl &‘PROF£SSlO ‘Local 212 ° cwn-4: communications» - aw. Tel. Au wu_v¥su,Iu'nA‘u rsncntas LOCAIS A9WII1= Textile Workers. OC,AW:‘ChgjIn’ical‘-Workers - .n£'rA_1L Cmncs: No. 212 um 3igffaIa~Iuchors uxrjgs g.;coum:1;Ionans ’ IAME Nig ~ _ - iii ‘ P£_F:' PubIi‘c_EmpIpyzes feideraiion . GRAINMILLERS‘: local 110 L 35 -\IRA_N lJNl9N:'1342 ILA‘: Lonzsboremew PAI,A:~_;_A,II_ ,P9lite.Unions OFEIEATING -ENGINEERS: No. 17 aooxgn tngmlcm. ?Rlh!Tl'NG~~?RE$$M£N: Lo;ax=27 llE_W: ‘Nati6‘nll;Fuel»6as, Niagzra VVPOGRAPI’-IICAL: iota‘! 9 “ -lu:':.£lec'triéal*«wnriers' ' LETIER .cA_I3na£Rs: vP;0‘. ~r||{£ セ yq._ 232 ' F,E.E.'C.C.:‘F§iCul?y red. at s..c~r pun MANY omen wan: AjNo_aLu£,.c9L‘LAR IIJN!0.N.5 FOR ‘NON-UNION FAMILIES-: The ,P0tflia_t_1'ists listed here wantyou} to know i_t’s foolish to suffer foot pain. If you have Class 50-.-T51, Blue Shield‘ or ‘equivalent medical hinsurance, you not have to pay for any part of ‘the do_ct0r’s fees. For office calls, examination or treatment for these three vieryJ_comnf1on foot pro- blems at their offices: Plantar Warts, Ingrown Nails; and Heel spurs. ‘Routine .0otc.are is ‘not covered. T ' ‘ . T 1\gi£uuIau»ronIA'rnv9\noup= , ’ nu-‘.'I;..B’lllIn'g~ Dr..b.Mbrk ‘Dr..H.I|dnk I);-.;,l(..‘Ity'¢!cll n‘r.;J. sclundra %VNovgémbér;,_g,__1982 ‘1.'he_I;ea‘:der \3'? A .9 -*1)». \3\ ,4 .‘ ‘A .3‘ ,|L‘:«' s.':,‘§v 1 W-'1': ‘i‘s‘i._‘j'f4.,:‘t ._. §,s‘v! at Léie- St. _627¥-500(.i'A WEST smscn, I3As4%union Rd. 322-2205. DOWNTOWN. 255 Delaware Ave, 854-5551 1 Vaurmo, 1599 Hertelrnve. 1 833-1422 m‘agara.1=a1Is 2sé..sm - Lggkpon; méssn -TvnIIiamsyiIIe.‘s91;ass£;§- -;uorth_Tonav;anaa 59.4.-0076 THE L? Y 25:. LEADER vs Du セ ՅΎǼοժŎওժ ণওलľ . —i%«eo~=an’~ma=w .=.a':e' P-.‘a:-smng Gvoup .Inc 645 PottérS- ~\'v.'=“*“\'!=’*‘“= ;,_j: #9.‘, Seneca NY V _. ‘lflnnla _ . - > Ins lngrles New You ‘ s4Lw-rr-\9: ianto-.~. am ' % Leader Group, Inc. % 646 Potters Rdg, WeSt:Se 14224 822-4700 017' 824-9264 ‘__ KUS Puhlighet ‘ {URI KUS Associate’ Publushgt A L ‘Leader News Staff / , ‘ . , Managing Editor Ion $ii1ilh~ Eolititaliditor Shellylgnin [Inmate- ' Assistant Managinziditm Eea(ure,.Edilot 'Vitlo‘!iI'*lit‘-zilrdi Dei‘rdr¢O_l:he;-- - , , Insq1o..£ai2u{ca:u‘:_mmn¢sam I 8u1!.i\o Editb_r_ Iinaogguy Wee Edifois E_il¢_e‘n.Ho'tlio’.‘ Oheektuian E _Da'r'Iiel7 Li>s_a'-Goorfm, Myra’ ‘Lopez: *l;ac’lInnna‘.£diibt Richard Cadet A335,} .3 -‘ Séniyga ,E_d_itpv Sl\m'n_»oi¢_u» ‘ T h '.'—\\_f’ \M ltamg sun _Disliibuted.1_hroug[I Gtabel Dislgibutots T

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