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Lackawanna leader. (Lackawanna, N.Y.) 1936-1982, October 01, 1942, Image 4

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‘,9 U“... vx a ‘ . 7. ._‘,~3. .,‘ .7“; -*-1 ‘M. ..».~ _~_ ,.u . « V1 P‘-'« ‘~1», ::.{,:\;w ‘ Page Four KAWAN‘A LEADER. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 1,‘ 1942 * How Are You Winning thenwclr? FIRE GHIEF Wlll. SHOW FILM’, TALK AT LOCAL THEATERS portant.” Chief Quinn will tell the mov1e—g'0ers. “After pulling the handle on the from of the alarm box, it is nec- essary to pull the hok situated in the box xn owdevr to stem: the me- chanism which can be heard pLainly when in operation.” (Continued from Page One) Demonstration How to Use Fire Ala.l'm Boxes Also Will Be Given to Audiences week, found a. ready answer on defense stamp folder for the behalf of local Scouts in the per-3 Chamber of Commerce and the son of City Judge Joseph R. Mc- Retail Grocers, price control leaf- Canm, chahman of the Lacka.- lets for the government. Victory wanna. Scputmg District and a book campaign posters—these are vice president of Erie County just. a few of the items which Council, B. S. A. La.cka.wa.nna. scouts have dis- NEWSPAPER WEEK OCT. 1-8 National Newspaper Week will be held stamtimxg today and con- cluding next Thursday. The news- To wcquaint motion picture au- diences in Laackawveynna with the best means of fire prevention, Fire Chief John 1?. Quinn has ar- munged with mamagens‘ of the city's several theaters to present a two-minute trailer and talk on the subjeot duriiih the next five days. ~ Ch~1e*f Quinn also wlli d-émo-n- strate how 170 turn in an alarm ‘(ah-rougzh one of tthe. city's 70 fire boxes. ' The swhedule foflowsz SATURDAY —- Sheaua Lacka—- wa.m1aj- ' ' papers’ role in promoting‘ scra,p, rubber and War Savings Bond campaignsriaigne will be ernphaslzed. “'j[‘]1e {;1~o.o.ps of LackaW'anna are‘t1-ibuted from house to house In involved in so many activities in between their regular Emergency co—o4pe1‘ation with other civic S°\\i°°' pr°gm‘m and their zen- STOUPS helping owt Qn me war era! assistantance on the salvage \ tlmt it is a wonder these campaigns- zfidiiiigs are able to keep track But: the major scout efforts in of which projects should get winning the war are the actual preference,” said he. p~1‘og\1‘a.ms c»a.r‘*ri:ed on back in yhe --Hardly a day passes, but W.hat 1'.nstit,utio«ns sponsoring these some local organization or com- H0093» Judge M°C&m1 5331- . mittee requests the scouts to l1an— Messenger training courses (the an additional, commum'ty— conducted by busy ‘scourt;-masbers wide Good Turn.\ winh War Council approval, un- Whether it is a. na,tional scout d??? the leader °0'f Di1‘6C1J0I' 53;-vicg, or silnply submerging Charles Curtin; rescue work; Iirst themselves in the routine “leg aid and communications practice work” of peddling or collecting f°1'I‘9€‘-U-3~T 3S5igI1m'€'«'I1% at air raid for some other local group which 553t*i°‘113 and in ‘00!nJ\111:Cti0n With is promoting the activity, Lacka- the R C1055? C0-0DeI‘aY-1011 On wanna scouts get the job done fire prevention work with Chief and get on to the next job, with- J Quinn;_ 2!. healvh and safety out stopping to find out who gets P1'°8'1‘§«X11\L1n‘d€1‘ Lieut. Frank M8.- MONDAY—-Ridge The-atesr. VVEDNESD_xf\Y—F'ra.nk1in Thea.~ tecr. The chief will appear on the stage of each of these cinema houses at approximately 8 p. m. “Demonu.st1~a.t1on of how to turn in an. alarm is pa.1't.icu1a1'1y im- $119 credit\ ‘chmz; ant;-tuberculosis work “The imposing and almost end_ with Pamrick McMahon. all of less list.’ of cmmnumwwlde good these activities are general pre- tu-rnss which District. Commission- pa-Jedness my my camstrwhes ev\Ham1d Blattenberger reads out 8’1Wa’ys a‘ part of we s‘’°ut 9”‘ at mommy leaders» meet-mgS’.. gram. but in recem years, em- says Judge MCCam1_ ..cm.Lwh.y phasized in the physical cl-assifm the scouts among the feats °f uh” Emgrgency Service most. active people in Lacka-‘Corps '- \I<.‘*- - - . ~--,;:*x~. -\ ~ ~. ‘\~-~~\\ .-*~§_?.‘=-=%:;:§¢:;.§k:3§—.::».=§§-._.;{,:.,~?>5s;_.,=., H-~~ 4-.E'g‘.€:>=:.4$:,‘x'§~‘E:'~;-.\1.~..\‘1\' \ \- ‘ 5.: ; -\-.z‘,. ' .. --\~>.~wg.-:-:-§N=-b-.3;:»s<-xz: ‘ .. - ' >1‘.-.»' .-~x::-:<... »,. ;._~\_~ *\\‘I&-- \~.-..;..:-. A.;........».;.--.- ;.-,..-.a >. g. }~‘\,,.‘-e -. .:~.,.x_._\_ . ::*.;:~:-.,'-‘$*{,,}‘,‘3‘.-‘,:m-;~:~‘:;¥\:;:~#£-:E3 -.x;.;: -~~‘.-§~.>..‘~o,:«‘.-*'-* '‘‘'x;$.:-\.~:~:‘.E:,>.$.:r:3;~~‘;.~‘.~.~,.;\ \. ~“-:~‘~‘>'.. ’_.;:;5\:E:7;§k):;.§~i: -.‘:‘-.,.‘¥:\ ':f3'1.»-5:‘ \ 517'-.’~ '- \1-:7:-Z‘ -'.-:1,“ «. - - =::5i3E:<:£=?$:5E5E-5:&:5:s:§§s:§;:::'$s5:s€§~3<=s:'I:, “\\\':\“‘-'5\-:« ‘K:-' ‘ \ ' ~ \ . ?¢>-;.~:- - :=«:. . 3:5EI;.;§:§§:s§§:=!§z.j§$:.;. cw _\..¢-;\-.-.,-;.;.;.;;--:e .- x_ «:5,-:~ .'-'-5::; - &- -, ~:-:= As ' :§\x*_:v:~.\w_._.~_>:-'.,::.-_ . - . ‘H’ . \\\ *.'3‘1:-;-_s-;;:?;-.~§:-mtg:-.*~4;3.-..A - - -1?‘ +2 ~\,_ a -' .~ . » - ~ ¢$~1-.>:.~.~:-A:-4».-:¢~:~*-,1‘A5 -‘».~.'. ',-:~ : . ~ \. ‘ - - ..~:~:;.- :5 .;:.- '--C-:v‘3:»:2;3q:l'..\‘::-.‘¢§:'<“.~»%: :-;:;>,z s,» 4;:~ ur». . ~ - '>~~\». . .' ,;:3~§; , “’\‘>L'}‘¢‘::‘.-!5‘;(r!§‘;\-:Ag§§\.\;:;_ .;;;,A:_s; -,\~>_\.-ax-_. ‘tn:-, .~: ,‘ ~ ‘-‘-.L____‘~_‘ ..~ ‘ .. 5. '7:%‘--é‘»':¢I‘<'£?'<=-=§¢':=--=>> .=\<=-at ' ‘ ‘ ‘ \ ~ ‘ ' V ‘~ 3\: .:*‘—-.3‘:2g=:=::..,._ ,..-~*.=;~ ~';sx¢a:,».;:'.-:E:,-~:.;'r-§-.;'.-‘ .=$R::§:; .;:?::$;:;s:: ~ - ‘ :.s»' ‘ . - -- 2r. 3‘ .- '-.» .-.-.~:.:i:2,\‘;:;{§.i:.::\f§‘i:h=:.-.1..-.-»~.355€~2‘33:5!¢'-‘E!§V?$\¢:3% -'--31 -§:‘5‘$‘ $‘‘5'E‘5‘=’-‘'!5 :' « - .r ‘ ‘ 5.\ ~.‘ \ '” ' ...\ ..;.;._4»:-:I::.‘::-i:$:=:§=’:5::~:M-:$:& . =3\ . .iE‘»‘-..7~“'- -:=> ‘ .-: ~ .2.“ K : 7:~‘.-E ‘ ~'“=5-I-3-14-,$:&§&=i:-‘«:-.-3-:;-.~n -. ‘ S T‘ 3‘ ~ ‘ . -1 1:-:1: -~ » 4-»-.-~:'.:.;.;:_.§::§7g,;:§-:'.}:;.gL;,.,:. . , ' '» :;:;.. 5: r ~ -. -:.~.' . ...-, ;.,.. ,, um“ . . \~~\ I’ . .-'E>i .c.«z:5:2::;>3;~;,= \;. ; 1;. .\ i\:i§1\3E-' 3.-5‘:-:-J x‘ :-»_>. Lwckawanna is divided up into On. the day that scouts «Service areas with each troop re- Gollected nazper. right after sev- sponsible for its section on an eral agencies had scoured the city P‘1'°-ie°T»5- and with a. home football game 15170113 eight? men are volum- nttraotinx many boys to the st.a- °°‘e\mg their time Y-hI‘0l18”h0ut the dium, five and 9. half ton-.s ware y'ea‘r as sooutmasterss 8551'-‘mdlts. gamed over 1,0 ‘bhe dealers in 3 and con_1m1tbeen1¢m (besides about hom5_ twenty who have gone into the With fouzr troops in camp, ne- armed 3*-‘W109’. giving leadership oessitating extra. territory for’ to these scouts and supecdvismg - still in town dunng the their W31‘ Se1'V1Ce efforts. middle at the summer. Steel City In between - ltacka-W8/Ima Scouts collected aluminum put on “Outs are trying to be “best so!- dgsplay at city H31 diers.“ by steadily advancing in After the rubber drive was 01- mnkv Iearnmg h°W W take 0811? fj_cj_a_11.y closed’ the twops maimed of themselves, pra.ct.£cing discj. a. ’I‘rees'ure Hunt, and brought P1319» W°Ikin»8 with others, and rubber for admission to 9. com..‘d+eve10pin8 1-eadevship ability. munity oampfire m the orphan-‘ These Services at home amd age yard, with the proceeds f;urn- Preparation for service away are ed over to the Navy Relief. the best training for citizenship. Blackout notices for the War mid Ievresent a comprehensive Council, defense training poster: Omazuzed Y°“‘th 930“? '90 W111 W18 and leaflets for the Board of Edn- War’ Judge Mccaml °°11°1'l1ded- cation, war bond cards for the' There Y0“ h Lavckavwatmla P-ostof a special Christmas 3°°“1ting\‘9'n”& Ammc Ydimg -————~ ————-- ——~- America, at work. A QUART EACH DAY (NEXT WEEK—\How Are You Win- ning the War\ will be answered by Amer» ican Legion Post 63 and Auxiliary Unit 68, through their respective leaders. Com- mandef Thomas F. McGin1ey and Mrs. Stulick). Air-Raid Wardens To Elect Officers Air-raid wardens of District One, Zone FIVE. will meet. at. 15' Olcott street F‘rida.y at 7:30 p. In.’ to elect officers. Zone Ward-an\ Carl T. Bartholomy revealed to- day. It, was announced that Miss Dorothy G-artley, of Lake View road,‘ a former tenant 1:11 Alhrigh-t Court. was the winner of the $25 War savmgs Bond given by the warrdens. ‘ wens Your Step use your pep. Step 1 energy. Drink milk regw : it'll make you feel like ml Try it today! [CE IZIHIE D A I R Y no-so sauna :1 Al1—Purpose Shortening — 11:’ S Trzzple-Creamed F. SBHUTTA, 2594 S: Park E. Dudgzak, ‘I6 lngham S. TOPDREK, I23 lngham J. KURGZEWSKI. I49 lngham WHEN A FUSE\B|.OWS OUT\ G. EVINOSKO, I225 Ridge Road MAJGHEREK MARKET, I369 Abbo Road OTHER TISPECEALS -==it’s easy to restore your service at once! WARNS MARKET, 733 Ridge J. HRABOGZAK, 242 lngham P. TIBOLLO. 250 lngham Help guard against cosmetic M. KOGUT, 2825 S. Park § \ 0 need to go through an unnecessary blackout when a fuse “blows out\. A fuse is simply a safety device to protect your wiring and appliances. The cause of the “blow out” can generally be traced to a frayed or defective cord, loose connection, or faulty ap- pliance. Trace the cause and disconnect the appliance. Then you can replace the fuse and have your lights back on quicker than it takes to read this! (See direction: below.) For extra Underwriter Approved fuses and appliance impair: see your neighborhood electrician. Be aura to have the defective cord or appliance repaired before placing it back in service. F. MORINELLO. 3080 S. Park G. KRAIJSE. 60 Holland skin with LUX Toilet soap A. MAZGAJ and SONS. S. Park J. SLABAK. H9 Wilkesbarre J. TYRAH, 5'! Kirby M. SKRZYPEK, 99 Warsaw E. MDNBELO. I69 Wilkesbarre P. WILLIAMS. 58 Jackson RENKAWIOKI MARKET. I00 Warsaw A. SAQBQMAHU. 76 Jackson A. BARHAS, I25 Warsaw kind GAL€ii GEO\ I3 Simon M. ULIASZEK, H5 Roland H. WILLIAMS; 30 Ridge KURBZEWSKI MARKET. 5 Gilhride JUST FOROW THESE SIRPII DIRECTIONS: J. Jakubowski, H0 Ruland ‘Q ‘Find themdnlwimhatyonr meter box and, standing on drysur¥aeo.tII>n F. KOSOWSKI, I Mitchell T. Petroff. 6‘? Ridge W. PARYZ, I6 I 4 Electric L. TASSEFF, '! Gaies V. YEWENDFF. I W. KAMINSKI, I398 Electric Stops “ B. 0.” “ 2. Remove “glown out” fuse, touching only its top. You can tell It by \burned\. paéah in window on bop of fuss. M. JOWDY, 285 Electric LLAMAS BROS... E6 .Gafe:.~: A. WIELEBA, H5 Franklin N. BUKATY. 45 Wasson your daily bath A. SALWA, H6 Genier TOMEL JENOVIGH. I43 Ridge W. JAIIIGA. I23 center J. ZYNGZAK. I60! Electric 3 Replace men one of the same size whnch is clearly marked on fuse. Reclose mam switch. J. LITWIN. H66 center A. BOMB. 52 Gamer T. MAZUREK, 266 center B W G SUPER MARKET, Abbo Road tub, washer, dishpan, and all household cleaning IWPHB NCAGIM ILECTIE GOIPORIEROU J. KWIEGIN, 34 lngham ‘J. MUZYK,/33 Ingham F. (MWLAK, 6| lugham PARK EDEE. 942 McKinley B W G SUPER MARKET, Seneca Street Ga Gaumvnent Urges Home New Ybrh sm- Croys Are Ptentiful. can Them For Victory! ‘E Bay l‘:7.& Vur..#B61t:k~*and \ SOLLY. Blasde N. Y. fe“‘g;;eg“°‘ Quinn W W” the Holy Name society - council Receives §1;'fm§‘;:1;:m§_;d plégwfgzfgg gt; DANCING A1‘ FRIENDSHIP ‘ ' ' -' i 9 The R. . a.rry , grey pull me hwndie Qn Hear Wick \Ute Of Thanks the Lackaweinno. High School W H W Richmond’ C111‘ t di 1 ‘ t of the alairm box, it is nec- Renewing its business‘ meetings Into the life Of €Ve'I‘y man. even Athletic Association prior to the. ec or’ Sc Used today that Hmh‘ ry to pull the ho}; situated in on sunday, Octqbe-r mm, the H013-'9. councilman, enters a ray of sun— start of the 1942 football sched-‘School students are invited 17° 3'3‘ box In order to stem: the me- Name Society of our Lady of Vic— shine. 1116. was received Monday evening|i/end 1nf0rma1 dances to be held. ‘ml which can be heard my parish will receive Holy Com— A letter Of th5n‘1<5.t0 the C0m- fI‘0m ~St‘-8-nley J. Bukaty. director every Monday evening from 8 to y when in operaitioin.” munion at the 8:30 o‘c1ock Mass,rnon Council for their oromptness or physical education in the sec->10 o'clock at Friendship House, CT 1 8 otit that Ciily and have breakfastilln grading and renovating Memo- ondary schools of the city. Ridge road. WS ' . - a. erward in Hotel Lackawanna. ‘‘ ' T’ ’ \' a—‘”‘’ ‘ \’“““‘** ————-—————- —~ ~———~—————— tional Newspaper Week will The speaker will be Charles J. V ' ~e1d starting todiay and con- Wick, Buffalo attorney. ing next Thursday. The news- Members ‘of the Society and of ' A N I N VA L I D ? rs’ role in promoting scrap, Father Baker Council, 2243, will] 0 er and War Savings Bocnid receive Communion together on\ will be errmhaelzed. Holy Name Sunday. ( INVALIDS’ AGED —- IF Yog NEED ADIUSTING OR RE” ~*~**~* A . , ~ 2 . . c ‘ . - . . V I WE'RE iiuiiui T0 mi: non Tim Toiiieiiri i ‘THE HOME OPTICAL SERVIBE 00 We a Perfect Spot for a Perfect Evening ' A - - ‘ - . .‘ i . - -service fee of $100 will bring an expert optician fo our hom ‘ 1;: nr|- f Y r ' . ' . ’ Y e ‘- . . .::...':.':\:..:'*~t °:::.“.'.\ ::.\‘::“..:'.:::;: NO WA,T,NC . , to the Hair Ton means that he thinks . — 1 ' ~ y‘clo\i=i‘s“‘t‘i5'ris“.“‘\7i‘/iié‘r‘i\y3Ci\¥é?€é\i‘ _ _ _ . . * air i omgkegeigiisuienzzzamm: _ We can perforrri ?i“i))/ optical service in‘ your home. (Service charge does- \'_._.;: _ “I .\ are nimpiy mouth melting) and when you nOi COVGT r S. , V - - ;_ ‘“5 _,,_, ‘.3 hear and dance to the romantic music. . ‘ *3 r . i:\;i..:Li:'i.“.:'t:.*:°“i:.\z.:'\;:.°i::: I V ‘ ‘-7 has everything to mtiice yoi:ir1evening re- “ '*:\':;:;__ _\\ plate with happiness . . . there’: dancing ' ‘ \ V \ {yarn Fgldeér, Slatugliaykarid §undai}\ véirth _ g V _ . _ _ Yokwl‘ wig; ,,,,{,mrnvgngM gt-,,n;ag;mg;°S7;‘e:; We can fiii your prescription, or arrange for an eye examination in your T gé and Marie Cruz. Fine singing every sai:- h I 51580 e‘ r ‘ i.:.°:,\..*”..i’\.i*. 'i‘i’if.L\ ::.it“.:..Bti.:’.':.a;:e . me- i Ridao R decorations anmiaqiiiiiea combined. make ‘ 9 034 \1:_ w 1 uerfeet setting aid than you\i| know l‘ . e 5 3 ’°ck_, El why every one‘: raving about the Ben ‘ I \k¢r' ’.('I'fc _”.;<_ Ten. What's more. the Ben Tan is con- T ‘~=r=«»::::* *°=i=°’?°:”=+T:ie,”i3%§‘ii*°k§aé:°‘*‘ ' \mg i __ . P n e a er's. A n ge a, age ec- a 5.“ °”R AD °'‘‘ “C5 5 ,__ N i \ ' ( ‘

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