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ll! *1. ds 1 I3 4 EDNFSDAY, SEPT; 10, 1947 STEEL CITY PRESS EE ANNUAL PIAYGROUND REPORT ISSUED BY DIRECTOR GALANTI the direction of a supervisor of girls‘ activities. The Recreation Dept. sponsored the Cub Pack 44 Soup Bot: Derby of August 25 and the Bethlehem Park Playground and Community Outing attended by more than 300 residents of that area. extended to the 3 teams of the Vertulino-Mcnioriul League us well ! as to the sandlot teams in various parts of the city. 2 One new playground was opened I this year: namely, Albright. Two new baseball fields have been con- structed——New Village and Rosary. An ice skating rink has been con< structed at the latter field. Mr. Galanti and the Council are planning a comprehensive and ex« tended playground program for ; 1948. There will be I new play’- . ground in Wasson Avenue. Courts Are being planned for volley ball, Ltennis and hand-ball. The Recrea- ltion Dept., which supervises the use of the Municipal Stadium, will I be faced with the additional task of scheduling various night con- l tests as soon as stadium lights are installed. wwho - .9 19-11,. .1 STEVE TONCHEIFF s of we y of the The I Am An American softball . m is the recipient of the Slsgt. us.-.ph Vertalino Memorial Trophy I--ch is donated by the Roland -Idcats each year. It will be pre- emed at I special “Sports Night an-.1ue.t” to be held sometime in an-iary. The trophy is now on dis- lzw at Sport Haven. A plaque will I... be awarded to the Lacks- -gmnnn who has done the most mmrds the advancement and bet- mu-i'nK of sports in Lackawanna mung: the year of 1947. 3258 Children Ilsod Pluyspois Supervised ly More Than 100 Qualified Workers; Numerous Activities listed ‘Ralph Galanti, Director of Muni- cipal Recreation, in his annual summary of playground and recre- ational activities, reporta that a total number of 3258 children between the ages of 2 and 21 visited the playspots and engaged in its activities. This number was accurately determined through reg- istration lists compiled by play- ground workers. Individual play- grounds and their totals follow h res; nu ng winch Playground equipment had been ordered during the season but, be- cause of the tremendous demand and transportation difficulties, the department was only able to ob- tain sufficient equipment to sup« plement the deficiency caused by last year's wave of vandalism. There was surprisingly less dam- age done to equipment and sup- plies this sesson than ever before. The Recreation Dept, which has successfully managed the play- grounds during the summer, has been conducting the Municipal softball and hardball teams—boys and girls, adult and junior. Sixty- one franchised teams throughout the city came under direct super- vision of the Department. There were almost l300 youngsters and grown—ups composing these teams: Boys Senior Softball. . . . . . . 660 Boys Senior Basel,-nl‘.. . . . . . . 120 Girls Softball 90 Playground: Managoi Well her of young children in attend ecen.h-; Playgrounds Clonal Auqint 30 The playgrounds which officially closed on August 30, were super- vised by more than 100 qualified workers and serviced by a trained mechanics crew. Weekly meetings were held under Mr. Galanti's direction in the City HI“ through- out the season to acquaint work- ers with information concerning first aid, city insurance provisions and various phases of the summer schedule. l ..u|y !'ef\ln-ltd, tstan. mg e :11\ ed Iv rector of Recreation, Ralph J. .u~.mt,i, and League Director Jnc‘k w -n. are to be commended on the ,,o mhd way in which lh e y is de Ah ble _\s.-rs Playgromod lay: (rid: Told Beth Park. . . . . 88 '19 167 0deil......... 88 '73 161 Kama Pool 126 sé 214 Albright . . . . . 82 70 152 Simon . . . . . . . 53 50 103 Gilbride . . . . . 42 40 8'2 Ingham . . . . . . 89 96 195 Avery .. 82 58 140 Mt.-Kinlcy .. . . 110 67 177 Ridgt-wood . . . . 120 97 217 Franklin . . . . . 82 70 152 St. Michael: . . 83 86 169 Cleveland . . . . 89 91 180 Victory . . . . 104 111 215 The age group making greatest use of the playground was that between the ages of 5 and 12. Beth Park. Avery and Aibright catered to the higher age group while Ridgweood. Karsa and St. Michaels showed the greatest num- A Stirring Radio Drnmo Singapore if 2' Liz f _' ~d M-- \e, cellen ur ‘V .m.1I-'-d this year's softball and !|’! hall competition. With 253 soft- M u-ams playing a grand total of 57'» games, their's was no easy :1. of assigning fields and um- Jim -- to the various teams that had §o -my. \i l\ vh the playing of the games, um: headaches were in order for 1r \-alanti and Mr. Dillon. How- v-I nnly three protests were sub- -d to the Recreation Depart- Tn--u all year. This is most com- '}Il‘=v-‘l\l£\l\_V to these two men since v was that matter: were well in ‘hm: before each game got under Mr. Gulami was assisted by sev- eral playground supervisors in carrying out his 1947 program. A horseshoe tournament in which more than 75 playground cham- pions participated, was held on August 1 to select -the four city champions who turned in excellent perfonnzmces in the Erie County finals at Hamburg Fair. An intra-playground softball league was organized on July 15, composed of 10 playground teams. which engaged in more than 30 contests. SIX \teen-age\ dances. ll colm-sis of different kinds, and such r -1- sowing wunan wnuwu WGR. 550 kc FRIDAY 10:30 P. M. natior of een Mm! his ..~ 1 , CI: nu Boys Junior Baseball. . . . . . . 120‘ Boys Midget. Baseball... . . . 105. Playground Softball . . . . . . . 180‘ .1275‘ 10!]. n. Ago \ kawz. ~ -.;_ Extended Program for 1948 There were more than 77:? I-v fans that saw the Senior ‘S--II--all playoffs will agree that ’gh-- series was well played and ll: 1- above all, sportsmanship pre~ “veul ~d throughout the contests. The _(.'almutis—Bills games were so ex- iting and close that very few, if My. people left before the final In was put into the scorebooks. ‘o xhe Bills go our congratulations in mining the title for the second ’Im-;ht year and to the Galanti .-am go our congratulations for f‘ uumg up a stiff light before go- } 3 down fighting to the last out. two hamlxcraft classes were held at the v:u'inu:~ playgrounds under sclmduled gauues in which umpires and balls were furnished by the Rocreahon Dept. This. game was W2\nr.I d . mg n In . . am *2- Iihi I '1 outl. Tale A II ilios The Sport Haven trophy was Iv~n so the Bills Softball team usl. Saturday‘ afternoon by Mr. my Flak, manager of the sport- mz mods store. The trophy is an nn-xal presentation to the cham- ‘am’: of the Senior Softball IAKE .4.;ut\ Is 1‘ Does he 0* turn dow ‘ hast week's sports question ‘Flrvw--1 The player who has the ‘vvh -- men. *5 l.‘--~_ week's sports question: “In ‘pvha-. famous Amen:-an race are ‘II--'. vs entered before tho:-Ir bix'l.h'.\’ Fran kl; troubling\ I: whzuev ‘ \ vnn team foothal! league is all an 1-‘) ~uv.rt action on Sept.e.n\ber 2~ -- Hw Western New York Sumn- \ - Foul!-all Leaguv. AL 3 meeting 1- Fnday evening in Hamburg thv U|l:)\\'ing teams were entered: xuwanna, South Buffalo. Go- -' -la. I-‘redonia, and Niagara fiézlf‘ L-N In one division and Hum- 1r-n~:. Lancaster, Blasdell, East money to lost hi in the bar - ‘ the ,u'-n\. and 5P\“‘g‘\“° m N» -r dnvision. ‘me two divisions will play each N»-r with a total of nine games In: J1» leader of each will meet in A - «season playoff to decide the 0-I - 1” football champion for W!‘ Protests, submitted to the 1t\‘I-.'-.--‘- officers, would have to be 3\ \\D:\nied by $15 and postmark- M --1 later than 48 hours after I !¥=I‘\«‘- Is played. for :u a to turn dl °PP0 he have his ch And if hc’s 0, 1 well l'xckawanna’s entry. the Steel- ?“ will play two games away it «an home and then will return to Play hcfore the loci] footbnll fans on wctober 10. The Steelers face a ll‘-~~xbilil.-y of playing six out of I\-I» league games in the Stadium MI ’<ouih Park Avenue. There is IN: a possibility that all the home kuq-.-as will be played at night. he has Iiv- . has just. come face (0 face \\ ith his mistake. The 1\jlz1nLxf:u'turers and Traders Trust (,‘omp2m_v urges you. . .savc your money. Even if it's only a dollar a week. or a dollar a pay day. ..SA\'lfi IT! It mounts up and stand.» as A safeguard between you and life's cnxergemies. A Thrift :\<'cnunt at tllls bank is :1 help to regular saving. Open one as soon as pos.\ll)lc and resolve to deposit :1 de amount at regular Intervals. LACKAWANNA OFFICE Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company 946 aus.MMl 285 RIDGE ROAD, LACKAWANNA, N. Y. him Madcja won the Bill's TI -m Trophy over the wn-cl»-end‘ in the 18-hole modal event, no ‘WI heap with 3 76-11-65. Tned for 50- -nd place were John Glmxiel, 53-'3-67 and Louis Jandura, '13- lsfaal. \MEMIEl FEDERAL DEPOSIT iNSUilAh_4CI COEPORAHOH A? I if; I ‘.5’: ,- . _ _ FURNITURE CO. baéuu Int;

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