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‘:,;::\\ aw ’ ’ Ti Ill STEEL CITY PRESS 2 1; 3, 194 ? S ULUME 1, NUMBER 33 LACKAWANNA, N , WEDNESDAY, SEPTEM ER 10, 1947 15 EIGHT PAGES ETS OFFERED EW DIPLOMA Joins Press Staff K T _ * ,t l0CA;I. PILOT I(II.I.ED IN PLANE CRASH BODA ACCEPTS CHAIRMANSHIP OF LACKAWANNA DISTRICT IN THE COMMUNITY CHEST DRIVE \ \‘C1~l\nS whose formal schooling ... interrupted by war service and w r adults who failed to complete 1,-h school, may now earn a high -huol diploma without attending h-ml. The State Education De- mnment made the announcement 51 week. Bie|icH\s Error In Tulxe-off Blamed For Crash By Air- Port Owner. 1947 Campaign Will Be Conducted From October 6-22, lackawanna Charity Organization Socieiy Is One of 40 Agencies To Benefit. This may be brought about by blzsining a new credential au- m'i1.(*d by the State Board of our-nts. It is to be known as the two high school equivalency di-_ 1«-ma and will be issued to per- was passing general educational .-v.-lupment tests. Frederick C. Stevens, chairman of the County Division of the Com- munity Chest campaign Oct. 6-22, recently announced the appointment of Julius Boda, local schoolteacher and one of the editors and pulishers of the Steel “City Press, as leader of District J which comprises the City of Lack-awanna. _ Frank Bielielci, 31 years old, of 17 Peach St., was killed Sunday afternoon at the Orchard Park Air- port. The veteran was making a solo flight in a plane he had pur- chased only the day before when it suddenly plunged to the ground. Observers say that the monopltme, a type used to train Army pilots, was about 50 feet in the air and had traveled about 1000 feet when the motor began to sputter. Mr. Bielicki attempted to turn the plane around and got it back to the field when the motor went com- pletely dead. [ma Mr. Bods. is not a newcomer in Community Chest campaigns. Ap- proximately ten years ago as presi- dent of the newly organized Junior Chamber of Commerce, he headed the first such drive conducted in Lackawanna. At that time it was called the Joint Charities and Com- munity Fund Drive. The quota was $500. Drawing solely on the mem- bership of the JCC for workers, the organization put the drive well over the small initial quota. Since that year, the community has re- sponded so well to the drive for funds to support 40 agencies oper- ating within the county that the quota for Laekawanna has been raised considerably and has been consistently met through the gem erosity of our people. Ever since the first drive Mr. Boda has been actively connected with the annual campaign with the exception of the war years. Tu qualify, ‘applicants must be ml-‘nts of New York State and u--_» must be 21 years of age or l.'i« r The tests will be given at in- l\‘dlS throughout the year at 36 om.-rs. They will take two days ml will cover English expression, ml studies, natural sciences, ‘ti-ruture, and mathematics. Application blanks may be ob- med from the principal of any mwlntcd high school or from the m*~- Education Department. Ap- limtions must be certified by cal secondary school authorities ml filed by them together with :2 or of $4. Kelly To Submit Report On Steel Cit Investigation Joining the Steel City Press as a reporter, Alan E. Merrill, former local Veteran. comes to this news- paper with a varied experience and background. After attending the University of Buffalo for one year, the twenty-‘four year old lad was sent here in conjunction with n 2 year program arranged by the Veterans Administration in on-the-jo‘b-train- ing. Previous to his Army dis- charge, Mr. Merrill spent six months on an Air Force news- paper as a reporter. While at UB he wrote :2 column for the school paper, and was assistant Editor of the “C‘aulxlmn,\ a student literary magazine at the University. The ex-Staff Sergeant served in the American Rangers as :1 Scout and Squad Leader for two years, then went to the twelfth Air Force as a Gunner and Bonibardier, fly- ing twenty missions, on B-25's. Now he receives an eighty percent disability pension from service con- nected wounds, and sums it all up this way, “This is the kind of a job I've always had in mind. I feel fortunate to have been accepted here in the Steel City, and will strive to do my job faithfully and to the best of my ability.\ J. Earl Kelly, special investi- gator for the State Civil Ser- vice Commission in Albany, said last‘ week that his complete report of an investigation of the Laekawanna Civil Service‘ Commission's appointment of firemen will be given to the state commission at its next meeting which will be held, September 16 and 17. Kelly stated that all facts have been gathered but that he was not in a position to dis- close the nature of the report until the state commission re- ceives it. Medical Examiner Rocco N Do- Doxninicis said Mr. Bielicki was killed instantly and that lie suf- fered fractures of the skull, chest, and right leg. Alfred W. Faults, a former Air Forces captain, and owner of the airport, stated that Bieliclii did not warm up his engine before taking off. Also, Mr. Faalis said that he made a mistake in trying to turn around with a sputtering motor when he should have kept. flying stmiglit. alicad. When the motor stopped, the plane nose dived. up- side down, into the ground. The wings were broken off by the hard impact» and Mr. Bil-lie-.ki's body was crumpled in the rum‘ seat. He was freed from tho wI'(‘L'li:l1.'!(‘ and pro- nounced dead :1 short time later by n Mercy Hospital mnbulancc pl!)/— hus buill. singk tone con- V1-tux-ans who passed a general quqvnlcncy test given in the armed vlu':a with a mark consistent with w rating required for the high chm»! equivalency diploma. nnd '|w meet the requirements of resi~ i-ncc and age, may receive the di- l-mm without the fee. 0’l|ura Named Principal Lackawanna benefits greatly from the many agencies operated from fund: raised by the annual Community (‘host campaign. The Lncknwanna Charity Organization Society on Wilkosharrc Avennc is one of thc forty agencies which re- ceives its full financial budget of more than $9,000 from the Com- munity Chcst fund. This money is used mainly for relief of local families in times of stress. The ser- vices rendered by the other thirty- nine agencies are invariably used by our friends and. neighbors. County Divinion Important Edward rO‘I*Im'u, who until now has been :1 mathematics teacher at the Franklin High School, has been moved to the Wilson Elemen- tary School to serve as teinpornry pnnuipnl. H9 is taking: the place of John T. Avery who is in O. L. V. Hospital recovering from a leg in- jury received a few days ago when struck by a truck. The shift was ordered Thursday night M: 3 meet- ing of the Luckawanna Board of Educntion. The Board of Regents also ruled lust zl Regents diploma may be nmrcd on the basis of a general quwnlcncy diploma when Regents xamination credit is held in Eng- ’sh. American History, world ackgrounds, and a major field of lucly. Buffalo has been designated as an of the 36 centers in the state ‘Item the examinations may be tlk sxcum Biclicki was an unlisted man in the Army Air Forces and had been taking flying lessons for about eight years. However, he had not taken the (‘Evil A(\l'0llullt»l('S Authority test for n civilian pilot's lit-misc. Mr. Bit-licki was born in ‘Luckn- wanna and was xi graduate of St. Barbara's Parochial school and Lackawnnna. High School. He was a millworker at the Bethlehem Steel Company. He is survived by his mother, Mrs. Anna Bielickl, of the Peach Street address. S '1‘ he board also reappointed Jeanne Burke, John Doyle, James Tobin, and .\(argai'et Lisko. They prc-viuusl_v had been notified that no room could be found for them in the system because so many teachers were returning from leaves of nbscence. The board granted leaves to Mrs. Alma Pep- per. Mrs. Mary Korach, Mrs. Man gal-et Ballard, Mrs. Mary Kane, and Mrs. Helen Kane)’.- Two applications were received from music instructors desiring to fill vacancy caused by the death 0! Walter Koch recently. No action was taken on this matter however. RONCZAK NAMED ARADE MARSHAL At a meeting last Wednesday at the Buffalo Athletic Club which Mr. Bod: attended, Daniel Street- er, Chairman of the Chest's 1947 drive, asserted that the county di- vision is rapidly becoming an im- portant factor in the attainment of the annual goals in the Community Chest campaigns. Pointing to the population mi- gration from Buffalo to surround- ing communities and to the post- war influx of large industries with increased numbers of workers, Mr. Streeter said, “I think it is safe to predict that in little more than two decades the entire area from Cheelumowaga and Athol Springs to Niagara Falls will Time local Candidates Pass Real Estate Tests rs! Of interest to many residents f the area is the announcement HM‘ Dr. Francis E. Fronczak will 9 the general gnnd marshal of he Gen. Pulaski Memorial Day ‘wade to be held Sunday, October 6:. It will be sponsored by the me-tican and Polish Veterans As- onacion and affiliated societies. The parade will originate at omorial Auditorium and move 9 Main to North St. It will honor he memory of Gen. Puiaski who ought in the Revolutionary War nd who was killed at Savannah, §a.. in 1779. The Department of State recent- ly made public 3 list of candidates in Western New York -—ps.saing written examinations for licensing as real estate brokers and sales- men. Among the successful candi- dates for brokers license was Paul Mendy from Lackawanna. Lackawanna candidates for sales- men’s licenses who passed exams successfully were Alma M. Pepper and Patrick Kelly. EE EUCHARISTIC CONGRESS TO ATTRACT THOUSANDS The Buffalo Centennial Eucha- ristic Congress to be held Septem- ber 22 to 25 will bring thousands of pilgrims to Buffalo. Thé Very Rev. Eugene A. Loftus, executive secretmy of the congress slated last week that arrangements are boing made to adequately house and transport them. In certain cases, special trains will run from New York. Albany, Syracuse-, and 'Roc.hostcr to accommodate them. - ...3,49 Lackuwcmna Men lniured Two Lackawanna men, Matthew Manka, 24, of 35 Currant Ave., and Edwin W. Jarosz, 23, of 48 Lemon St., were injured seriously about 11 o'clock Saturday night in a throw car crash in Broadway near Dick Road, Cheektowaga. According to a report given to police, the car driven by Mankn struck a parked car and then crush:-.d head on against another car. It then turned over. 3 PASS TEST FOR STATE WAR SERVICE SCHOLARSHIPS City Judge Michael E. Zimmer ml Children's Court Judge Victor ' Wylcgala will be aides to Dr. ronczak. A meeting will be held vmmnber 12th in Dom Polski -1\. 1081 Broadway, Buffalo, to eloct other officers. BODA ACCEPTS (Continued on Page 7) In an examination hold on Au- gust 1st, three students from Lackawanna won state war service scholarships worth $350 a year for not more than four years in any college, university, business, pro- fessional, vocational, technical, or trade school approved by the Board of Regents. WAR VETERAN SUCCUMBS Plans have been made for every diocese in New York State to send visitors here and enthusiasm is running high. A1; a recent meeting, representatives from the New York City. Syracuse, and Rochester dio~ roses were present to discuss the plains. Although they were not present, impressive reports were sent in by representatives from the dioceses of Albany and Brooklyn. The congress will climax Buf- falo's centenary. His Eminence, Francis (‘ordinal Sp:-linmn, arch- bishop of New York, is patron. Bishops of other dioceses in New York are honorary presidents, with the Most Rev. John F‘. O'Hara, CSC‘, bishop of the Buffalo diocese, as president. The general thenie of the congress is “I am the way and the truth and the lite.\ Thomas F. Mc.Do.rmott. 51. of 1295 Ei(\c.lri<' Ave, died in O. L. V. HospiLn1 Thursday. aftor being stricken with a heart attack in his home. Funeral services were held at the home Monday at 9:30 A. M. and at O. L. V. Basilica at 10 A. M. Burial was in Holy Cross Ceme- tery. omcm Iniured in Collision Sunday evening about 9:30 I W0 car collision occurred at the m(~raecI.ion of Dona Street and amburg Tpk. Will Beellock, ‘T4- \ Albright Court was the driver one car. Neither he nor a pas- elmer riding with him were injur- ' Ihc driver of the second car, alter Milkwie, 439 Birch St, llffalo, also was uninjured but his 514. Edith, suffered an injured KW. leg and was taken to the -‘LV. hospital for treatment. The two injured men are in Columbus. hospital. Mr. Mankn has n probnblo fractured skull. proba- bio brain concussion. multiple In- corations, and abrasions. Mr. Jarosz suffers from probable frac- tures of the left. arm, head injuvy, and multiple brush burns. The Lackawanna winners were Bela Danch, Christy M. Fcncck, and Sylvia D. La Grzmde. For 27 years he had been em< played by the Bethlehem Steel Corporation as a crane operator. 79 4.. OFFICE LOOTED Mr. McDermott was a veteran of World War 1, and was a member of Col. John B. Weber Post, 898, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and of Post 63, Antcrican Legion. He is survived by his mother, Mrs. Charlotte Mc.Dormov.t Toole; three brothers, Harry and Law- rence McDormott, and John Toole; and two sisters, Mrs. Ernest Olson and Miss Grace Toole. Burglar: entered the office of the Lackawamm Cab Co., 14 Simon Ave., one morning last week and stole $300 in $1, $5, and $10 bills. The money was in a tin box. En- trance was gained by removing a screen window at the rear. Henry Woodie, the owner, in his report to the police, said that the box was in cabinet in the rear of the office. The nccident caused traffic to be snarled for about an hour and it took 12 policemen to unravel it. C the uwpvi keadliglm an belhr laghf POST AUXILXARY TO MEET Two Lackawzmna policemen, kn O'Hara and Carl Czernicjew- 5. who were at the scene of the sh immediately gave quick and ficient aorvico, The Women's Auxiliary of the Mathow Glub Post 1477, Amextican Legion. will nwot at 8 Monday eve- ning in the post headquarters in Lackawuu. Z112! .5: §. :-:» ‘J1, x._; ‘§» m mg 1;! -. 4 ,‘3o« ‘

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