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THE CLAYTON NEWS E n tered as aecond-claas m a t te r May 29, 1941, a t the p o s t ofRce a t Clayton, New Y o rk, under th e A c t of M arch 8, 1879. VO L U M E 1, N U M BER IG $2,00 A Y E A R IN ADVA NCE CLAYTON, N.Y., W E D N E S D A Y ,^SEPTEM B E R 10, 1041 SIN G L E C O P IES F I V E CENTS CLAYTON SEAMAN SURVIVES SINKING OF AMERICAN SHIP Alex M. D e rosia, 44, of 864 Jam e s St., sailor fo r 20 years, w a s one of those rescued a f t e r the sinking of the Steel S e a f a r e r and is now safe in port, it wa.s learned here today.. He was first a.ssistant engineer of the S e a farer. D e rosia left for B a ltim o re in July to board the ill fated craft. D e rosia sailed on G reat Lakes steam e r s im m e d iately a f t e r g r a d u a ­ tion from C layton high school, b u t did not en ter deep sea work until 10 years ago. D erosia has a .son, R o b e rt A. Derosia, who lives w ith D e rosia’: nephew and niece, Mr. and Mrs. R ichard B e r tr a n d in D e rosia’s home. D e rosia letu r n e d in April for a .\1 m o n ths’ leave and w h ile a t C layton addressed the R o tary Club here on voyage experiences. FRED STERNBERG ON COMMISSION F red S ternberg, Depauville, fo r ­ m e r C layton supervisor, is on the appraisal comini.ssion taking testi­ mony upon the value of land owned by M adison Cooper, Calcium , whicli the governm e n t has .seized in its Pine Cam p expansion and claim s w o rth $l..'i00. Mr. Cooper dem a n d s dam ­ ages of .$.'i,r>2P. A ttorney Francis K. Purcell i.s chairm a n of the comm is­ sion and Daniel F. Griggs, Adams, the o ther m em b e r. Conboy, W ise and Conboy rep r e ­ sent Mr. (km p e r, whose claim in­ cludes dam a g e s to the base ball park, through which the governm e n t ran a railroad spur. A. .1. Ilu t te r and N. .1. Haven, federal attorneys, appear for the governm e n t. \TOM\ REES. 63, PROMINENT CITIZEN. DIES SUDDENLY NEW MARVEL IN SLOT MOVING PICTURE IN CLAYTON M o nday night, a t the Clayton H o tel, w a s installed one of the new slot m o v ing picture m achines, ju s t recen tly on the m a rket, and Je r r y was successful in being the first in th e county to g e t one fo r the e n te r ­ tain m e n t of his guests. It w ill pay you to drop around and enjoy this new m arvel in en te r ­ tain m e n t. The d istrib u to r fo r the N o rth C o u n try is fo rm e r state trooper, Leo L e V a s s e u r, T h e resa. Law rence Gillm a n , T h e resa, is the service m a n a g e r. It i.s a dim e m a c h ine w ith a 16 M. M. film, bringing to you nationally know n artists of the stage, screen and radio. A N NU AL FR IN K CLUB STAG PA R T Y N E X T SATURDAY The fo u rth annual stag part.v of the C a rl II. F r ink Club, will be held nex t S a turday, Septem b e r 13th, a t F r o n ten a c C rystal Springs Inn. S teaks and clam dinner will be served from 12:00 noon till 9:00 P. M., and all m en are invited to p a rticip a te in the day’s fun. The tickets including everything, are $1.25 and the proceeds are to be used fo r the local U. S. 0 . SCHOOL TAXES OUT Mrs. B e r tha L. C u p e rnall, Fishers Landing, has received the w a r r a n t and is now collecting taxes fo r C lay­ ton C e n tral School D istrict. Places and dates are listed in the notice ap p e a r ing under our Legal Column. PICTURE PRODUCERS WEEK END AT GOLDER'S “ F e b b e ” Lalonde, care t a k e r a t Lew G o lder’s Island, had several prom inent producers of the m o v ing . p ictu r e th e r e on a fishing trip over the w e e k end. GOLDEN ANCHOR CLOSED The Golden A n c h o r R e s tau r a n t of Miss M a ry F itzg e r a ld closed S a t u r ­ day night, a f t e r a successful season. BREAKS RIBS L a w rence G a rnsey, G rindstone Island, is suffering from broken ribs .'su.stained last week W e d n e s d a y night, when he .slipped on his boat while landing. VARIETY SHOWER HELD A variety show e r w a s held a t the home of Mr. and M rs. .Julius D a roha, Sr., S a tu rd a y evening in honor of th e i r d a u g h ter. Miss M ary D a roha, who is engaged to K e n n e th W a lts, son of Mr. and Mrs. M e rton W a lts of L a fargeville. Those pre.sent a t the show e r w e re Mr. and Mrs. Carl Fow ler, Mr. and M rs. M e rton W a lts, M r. and Mrs. Ju liu s D a roha, Jr., M r. and Mrs. A lbert Sheley, Mr. and Mrs. R ichard W a lts, Steve D a roha, T o n y and Steve V a a d i, Mr. and Mrs. John V a a d i, Mr. and M rs. A n d rew Gable, M a ry Sellon, V a n e s s a S tr e e ter, E u ­ gene S a n ford, Alice Backus, Mr. and M rs. G e o rge A u b in, Mr, and M rs. W a lter Amo, E v e r e t t T racy, Tony, M a tilda, E lizabeth and M a rgaret Sw a rtz, Mr. and M rs. Zelecovich, K e n n e th W a lts, M a ry D a roha and Mr. and Mrs. Ju liu s D a roha, Sr. MORE SOLDIERS WILL BE HERE FOR WEEK C layton has becom e a popular place fo r th e soldiers from Pine Camp, thanks to P r e s id e n t S treets, of the C layton C h a m b e r of Com­ m erce, and the U. S. 0 . com m ittee. M a n y are expected this w eek, when the w e ekly dance will he held in the tow n hall, S a turday night. This week end e n tertain m e n t is in charge of the ladies of the w e s t side of the tow n , w ith Mrs. Delia D enny in charge. The dance will s t a r t at 9:00 P. M. T h e re is a need fo r tables and chairs fo r the recreatio n a l cen ter at the tow n hall, and tow n speople who can are a.sked to help supply this need. L e t's all g e t hack of this All- T o g e ther M o v e m e n t a t its weekly good neighbor events. Special program s will develop for e n tertain m e n t from week to week. MAKING FISHING RECORD R. O. Osborn, plan t engineer of the N ew ton Falls P a p e r Mill, accom p a n ­ ied by Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Ashley, W estfield, Ma.ss., registered a t the Lou Phelps H o te l this week, the gentlem e n com ing fo r a fishing trip. And did they find C layton fishing all they could hope for, w ith the skilled guide, R o la n d G a rnsey. M o n d a y they pulled in a 20'*/2 lb. m u skie and T u e s d a y they came in with a 35 pounder, besides bringing in large wall eyed pike and two good sized pickerel. The record two catch of the season. CONTEST IN CLAYTON FOR REP. COMMITTEEMEN Primary Election Next Tuesday MOSE COKEY, 58, FORMERLY OF CLAYTON, PASSES AWAY Mose Gokey, 58, 2 R iverside P a rk, M echanicville, form e rly of Clayton^ died S a tu rd a y a t 2 A. M.. a t his home a f t e r an illness of six years. ■ He w a s born in C layton on Aug. 13, 1883, a son of M ose and E liza D a n ie ls Gokey. In 1908 Jie m a r r ied Miss V ictoria G a u thier of Troy. H e w a s a brakem a n fo r th e N e w Y o rk C e n tral railro a d u n til he retire d be- cau.se o f illness. The surviYors are his w ife, th r e e sisters, M rs. M a ry C a therine G rassi of M o u n t Clem e n s, Mich., M rs. H e n ry Lucy M o o rnan o f N e w Y o rk City, and M rs. M a rg a r e t M urraj^ of W a ter- tow n , and one b r o th e r , Joseph Gokey of C layton. F u n e r a l services w e re held in M e chanicville M o n d a y m o rning. One of the few conte.sts in the P r im a ry E lection in Jefferson County this com ing T u e s d a y , S e p tem b e r 16, is in d istrict num b e r tw o in the Tow n of C layton. T h e re are three candidates ru n n in g fo r the two Re­ publican C o m m itteem e n to be elected. The th r e e candidates are M rs. H e le n Blake, C larence F. H a ll and E. A. S treets. H. PERCY ON FURLOUGH O rlin P e r c y received a happy su r ­ prise w h e n his son, H a r r y Percy* blew in F r id a y from H o n o lulu in the H a w a iian Islands, on a 26 day fu r ­ lough. He has been stationed on the a ir c r a f t carrier, Lexington, w h e re m a n e u v e r ing has taken place fo r ■ th e p a s t 5 m o n ths. H a r r y stopped in Beaumont^ C a lif., to visit his m o ther, M rs. Jessie Percy, on his trip to the E a s t. Thomas C. Rees Clayton was shocked an<l saddened last S a turday m o rning when news rapidly w e n t around town of the sud­ den death of Thom a s C. Rees, 63, from a h e a r t attack , a t hi.s home in Iluggunin- street. H e was taken suddenly ill early S a tu rd a y m o rning, and had his b r o th e r Carl, who lived w ith him at the fam ily home, summ on Dr. H a r ­ old W e stcott, who lives across the corner. The doctor adm inistered re ­ lief, and w ithin a b r ief time, was again called, and fouml Mr. Rees rapidly failing and advised Carl to call the fam ily. Mr. Rees passed aw a y before his sister, Mrs. G e o rge Kenyon arrived, around 7 o’clock. Mr. Rees, a prom inent -insurance m an, real estate broker and farm ow n e r, w as about the streets as usual F r iday and w e n t to bed ap p a ren tly in his usual health. He had suffered from gall bladder trouble fo r several year.\ and lias suffered .sevcie pain.s from tim e to tim e , which he a t t r i ­ buted to th a t ailm e n t, h u t his friends now believe the severe attacks came from his heart. “ T o m ” as he was popularly known about tow n , was one of C layton’s fix­ tures, know ing nearly everyone in town personally from a youtli up, and well liked and welcome in m o st every home. N o t m uch of the hi.s- tory of the tow n , from the old ship­ ping days, fo rm e r tow n ch a racters and hum o rous incidents th a t have happened through the years in the town and along the river, Tom knew and could retell in his own w itty vocabularly, im itating voices long gone, and vivid descriptions of personalities. A lthough fo r years one of the tow n ’s m o st prom inent business m en, he reall.v never grew up, in so fa r as he enjoyed the fun and antics of youth, seeing a joke m o st every­ w h e re, and spreading his good cheer constantly. W h en it came to loyalty and helping the underdog, he was oustanding in our m idst, never see­ ing or hearing of friends, and th a t included m o st everyone, in trouble, hut he was one of the first to assist, offering all he had to those in need. M any a poor soul has come to him, when kind w o rds and assistance could be obtained from no other source, and found him rig h t ready to do all possible. F o r 40 years he was m a n a g e r of the }>rominent C. A. E llis Co., drug and grocery stores, and here he was in a position to m ake a wide acq u a in t­ ance, n o t only w ith tow n speople, b u t am o n g the sum m e r colony w h e re he wa.s as pofjular as w ith the home A f ter 1‘etirin g from the Ellis Co. a few years ago, he purchased from H a rrison Cole the established in s u r ­ ance business of Ellis & Cole, which he has since conducted, g r e a tly en­ larg in g the policy holders. He w a s born in C layton, Nov. 28, 1877, son of the late W illiam H. and C h a rlotte Caswell Rees. H is fath e r before him was one of the leading busine.ss m en of the tow n , and ju s ­ tice of the peace, before whom m o st local cases w e re tried, and m e ted out ju s tice and m ercy, as the cases w a r ­ ran ted . H e w a s a m e m b e r of C layton Lodge, F\ & A. M., No. 2965/a n d C layton C h a p ter, No. 301. In later years he dem itted from the higher m asonic bodies, including the Shrine, in which he was a menil)er for years. The - funeral was held M onday aftoi'noon, a t 1 :30 fjom the home and a t 2;00 from the M e thodist cburcl), Rev. W illiam Ed<ly, pastor. ofTiciating. Mr. E«ldy al.\o ofTiciatod at the funeral of Mr. Rees’ nu»tlu‘r, wlio died Maj’cli 7, 1940, al Die ad­ vanced age of 81 years. His faitl)- fulness to his aged m o ther, through life and in her declining years, and to his b r o th e r Carl Rees, liandirapped by blindncs.s, is ojie of I he oiitstam i- ing truism s of his useful life. B e a rers at the funeral w e re: (len. .Schafer, Ira Russell, Robert k’itzger- ald, (ilenn Howe, Ned Hawes, .lanu's G raves, Clyde (Daves, and K e n n e th I'etrie. M asonic rites were held at the grave at (’Inyton cem o teiy. w h e re he was buried in the fam ily .Surviving are a sister, Mrs. Geo. R. Kenyon, and a Iirotlicr, R. Carl Rees, C layton; nieces, Miss Ruth Kenyon, W a tertow n ; Mrs. W a rren Cobb, F u lto n ; Mrs. Gordon I). Cerow, C layton; nephews, G eorge W. K enyon, Jr., (Jay to n , and A lbert Kenyon, Syracuse. METHODIST CIRCLE O. C. GROUP BEGIN FALL ACTIVITIES The first .supper m e e ting was heM on M onday. .Sept. 8lh a t the sumfiuM limiie of Air. and Mr.\. Jack <;artcr F o n ricen m em b e rs attended and aft.oi a social supper, a business m eetine was called to order with Mr. ('arllo n B u tts. VDc(> l’resi<lent, in the chair I’latis wore ma<le for a public .su|>p<'i to be lu'ld in the cliurch dining room on W ednesriay, ..Sejtl. 24lh. The .sniipcr will featu re Swiss steak and many other popular home cookei 'rite tu'xl m e e t i n g o f the C lass will he Ix'ltl n1 I ho lumie nf Mr. a n d Mrs r'ailf<i»( B u l l s . TH OU S A N D ISLAND R E B E K A II LODGE M E E T S SEPT. 16 At the lejcular m e e ting of Thon .sa)i(l I.slamI Keheknh Lodge Tuesday evening. Sept. 16th, the annual elec­ tion of officers will be held besides the o ther im p o r tant business. A t the close of the m e e ting a picnic supper will he served. Each m em b e r will bring b u ttered rolls, a covered disli an<l table service. L. M. V IN C E N T , 4-H CLUB M E M B E R , TO M AKE T R IP Depauville. — Miss Louise M arie V incent, one of th ree from the J e f ­ ferson Co. 4-H Club, has been selected to m ake a to u r of the A d ir­ ondack Mts. 'Phe group, consisting of selectees from Lewi.s, ,St. Law ­ rence and JefTerson C o u n ties, will leave W a tertow n T h u rsday, re t u r n ­ ing Sunday. On Sunday evening they will broadcast over station W. A. 'P. N., W a tertow n , relatin g their expe­ riences while on the tour. Miss V in­ cent is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E v e r e tt V incent of this village. “DOC” CHURCHILL WINS CLUB TROPHY Spencer (Doc) Churchill won the C layton Golf Club trophy for the second consecutive year by d e f e a t ­ ing R o b e rt M ance in a 36 hole m atch playe<l Sunday. M ost of the gam e was pla.yed in a rainstorm and ended when last y e a r ’s cham p ion de­ feated his opponent five up and th ree to go a t the end of the 33rd hole. J. Leslie Cum m ings’, president of the club, presented the trophy to the w inner. NEW ROAD IN PROGRESS W o rk, under the able .\uporvision of S u p e r in ten d e n t of Public W orks, Dam as T u rgeon, is in progress in the construction of the new m acadam road leading from Jam e s stre e t to the new C e n tral School. VIOLATER FINED AND JAILED W illiam F. LaQ u ay, about 27, Utica, driver and weighma.\ler of the .Smith Coal Com p any of U tica and A lexandria Bay, was arrested last week W e d n e sday on a charge of vio­ lating .Section 197-A o f the state coal law, relatin g to w eigbis. P leading guilt.y before Justice of the Peace Jam e s G raves of C layton, he was fined .$50 and sentence<l to 30 days in the county lock-up at W a tei- town. A u thorities said he paid a $25 fine on July 30 a f t e r he liafl ]ileadod guilt.y to a sim ilar offense before a Redwood peace justice. He was taken to W a tertow n by C layton police. It was charged th a t LaQ u a y had im p roperly weighed a load of coal consigned to Airs. .Sarah D e la n ey, C layton. ALEX. BAY CLERIC, FERGUSON’S ROTARY GUEST SPEAKER Rev. Edw ard S w a rtout, A lexandria Bay, was guest speaker of Clay Ferguson a t C layton R o tary , C lub, last Thurs<lay aftern o o n a t Hotel ('layton. Rev. Air. F e rguson gave ati in terestin g talk on “ T h e Pow er of K n o w ledge,” illu s tr a tin g it w ith mcRion picture.\. Ned Hawes was appointed chair­ m an of the Crippled (’hildren com­ m ittee, which also has in charge the work of caring for the e.ves and teetii of local children in the school. In his weekly letter to R o tarians, secretary, Dean Bell, gives a fitting trih iile to Thom a s Rees, one of the c h a rter m em b e rs of the local club. Leonard Bom bard, last week earned his 300 per cent button, and R u p e r t G a rdner JOO per cent. (Jiiests last week w e re, besides the speaker: k're<l Estes, S terling Gar- lock, A lexandria B a y ; A r th u r Ives, W a tertow n ; Jam e s W. M cAchnel, G a n a n o q u e ; B e rnard G rant, W est- port, Ont. REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS F r o n ten a c I.slanders, Inc., S y r a ­ cuse, to W illiam M. Thom p son, and Daisy S. Thom p son, his w ife, city, parcel, C layton. E s telle Pelow, C layton, to C h a rles W, B r a n d t ^nd F r e d a Brandt,* his w ife, R o u te 3, K ingston, parcel. Cape V incent. NEW BORN INFANTS DIE The twin.\ born to Mr. and Mrs. Aulden Shaw S a turday m o rning, (lied. The babies w e re born a t the home of Mrs. F r a n k Schryver a t Pra.ver services w e re held M o nday forenoon a t J1:00 (E. D. T .) a t the B u tts F u n e r a l Home. Rev. W illiam Eddy of the C layton Methodi.st church officiating. B u rial in the O m a r cem e tery. Mrs. Shaw is the form e r Miss Ida Powell of Clayton. MORE ENTRIES IN FISHING CONTEST The latest in the 5th annual fish­ ing contest being held in C layton was a 29 lb. 5 oz. “ M u skie” m e a s u ring 49 inches in length w ith a g irth of 19% inches. It w a s en tered by R. O. Osborn of N e w ton Falls. The guide w a s R o la n d G a rnsey. This is the 5th “M u skie” Roland has brought in this season, b u t the larg e s t and the second larg e s t thus fa r to en ter th e contest. “J e r r y ” M a rshall came in late M onday evening w ith a 12 lb. “ M u skie” , 7 pickerel and the lim it of bass. H e had a p a r t y of two on the trip , a m ighty fine catch to say the least. FALL AND WINTER SCHEDULE OF ARRIVAL ANq DISPATCH OF MAILS Standard Time Close for Arrive D ispatch 9:00 A .M . 9:00 A^M. 3 :00 P. M. 3 :00 P. M. 6:30 P .M . 3:45 P .M . Sunday Mails 9:00 A .M . 7:45 A.M. Window Service Money Order Window S tan d a r d Time Opens Closes 7:30 A. M. '5 : 0 0 P. M. All Other Windows 7:30 A .M . 7:00 P .M . Arrival and Dispatch of Mails Down River Offices Standard Tim e M ails A rrive MAils Close 8:30 A .M . 8:00 A .M . 3:13 P .M . 6:15 P. M.

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