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Niagara County News. (Youngstown, Niagara County, N.Y.) 1881-1886, February 03, 1882, Image 1

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w s VO L 1. Y O U N G S T O W N , N I A G A R A CO. i stan, in me. ~ raw l succors , ' in all liis i *»’ j of St. Ma., trike last ? thuing. I\ ----- F E B R U A R Y 8 , 1 8 8 2 . NO. 'ii them l i s t lia s TItAVELERVS ( i l IDM LEWISTON. N E W YO U K C E N T R A L T I M E T A R L E . TRAINS A Hii I V K. lo :i r> A. M. T it A INK L E A V E . 11:00 A , M. HOME WATERTOWN, A OCDEN.*RURG RAILROAD. RUNNING WEST. { RUNNING EAST. T It A I NU L E A V E J T i t A I N S L E A V E . 6:55 J* . M. I 0:00 A .M . [ 11:00 RANSOMVILLE. RO M E , WATERTOWN A CM-RKXsnUKU R A I L R O A D . RUNNING WEST. TRAINS LEAVE. 9:1.1 9:51 A . M. I4. M. RUNNING EAST. TRAINS LEAVE, G : !2 A . M. 11 Al W A i 1 L 1 X Y r I Y Coin money \\ 11 ;i Or. J \ \ I I J . i 1 » 1 Chase 8 Now Receipt Book. Newly iw i s i 'j ami cnlni'Kcil. iiy m ail U . A ‘Mn*J9* Olms« I’ u b ’tf Co., Toledo, O. D E J Y T I S T R Y. r m. S. M c C O L L U M . Hnrtfir.nl nml Mrelmnicnl Dentist. Olllce—T e d d e r ’s Rlock. Entrnncp on Ninjc* a m avenue, Suspension Hridtfe, N. V. Ni­ trons O xk I p Ond tfi'pn for |»niuU**-s extraejiou of teeth. A ll operations w a rranted. Imply. Sanborn & Tinkham! ADVERTISING AGENTS, EA S T S H E L B Y , N. Y. Advertisem ent* Inserted in pnpers nt publish er* best rate*. OUR JOURNEY. W ritten for the XlAClARA COUNTY NEW S. Our journey through life may with roses be spread, And all may be sun for h w h ile; R u t on o u r p ith there are m anv thorns That w ill banish aw a y every smile; Those that wo love are taken— Death takes them liken m erciless w a v e — And the burden seems too hard to be bourne w ith; That we meet from the c r a d le to the grave. Our young hearts may be Ailed with rejoicing, No caro or sorrow may we know ; Our future seem a beautiful pastim e, No w rinkles e ’er furrow onr brow ; Ilut we all must learn life's lessons, And learn them a ll to brave; Wc must recite a number of hard lessons On onr way from the c radle to the g r a v e . But childhood nnd all its pleasures Must also pass away, And we he left to struggle la a s till more tedious w a y ; We must not y ield to discouragem ent, Rut must * ry our strength to save, F o r il seems but one step onw ard, To our home beyond the grave. There comes to us a sweet old age i i medgrav, And eyes thnt once were beam ing— Their brightness has melted aw a y — An 1 we turn in sad recollections To view whut all heroes m ust brave, And the rem ainder of life is brightened In a hope beyond tlie grave. free as I wus before tlie world, in secret pnir (Wpihols ami my dagger, I skirted I was bound by tny vows, the serf and the town, and came st last to the lonely slave of my bitter enemy. A non. I.ewlston, X . Y ., .Isnunry 1IW2. A G E N T S wanted to sell Edison'* Miisint! Telephone and Edl i iii a tn tan tan eon* Riano and Organ Muu ic. En lone stamp for catalogue and terms. EDI,SON A ll > IC CO ., IB!) C h e s t n u t H t.,IM iiia., I’a. The Nihilist’s Story. $66 a week in your own town. s> outfit fre«*. No risk. Kvei \ thin r new. I ( apital not required. Vv nisn j\U i■ \ , r . thing. - mak - iug fortunes. Ladies make as much as men, an I boys and g irls make great pay. Reader, if you want a busmen at whieh you can m ake great p iv all the time you work, write for p.artieulai'H of 11. ilA L f.RTT A Co., Cortland, al.iine. “ AGENTS GUIDE” IS A I A11GE-- Twenty four Page I I’A PER, F u ll of s p icy stories, poetry, fun, etc. D evot­ ed to tin* intc’rests of agents and advertisers. Undoubtedly tiiu beat igent • paper in tiio world. Taken hy all live agents. Only Me. a >ear. .‘1 months on trial 10 e., isilver.) sam p les f'U’ .’Ic. stamp. Agents send fo r i t ; von w ill like ii. \ 11 v ertDlng i itea i i • low. Lidresa Hun- horn it Jackson , publishers, Oak Held, N. 1 . E m . hllsilteSS IIOW hcfoic lilt* pllb- i i » i ■ lie. You can make money » 'l I faster by w o rkingfor us thaii X at anU liiiig else. Capital Hot needed. We w ill start you. $ 1*2 n duy made at home by the imlu*- 1 trious. Men, women, boys and gilds wanted <>vcry where to work for ns*. Now is the time. Y'»u (mii work in spare time <ti.\ or g ive vour w ode time to the business. You can live at home and do the work. No other business w ill \ a you near ' as w c l1, No one can fail to make « iiormou* pa* by engaging al once. Coutlv out* i t and terms free. Money made f ist, easily and honorably. Address TiU 'i* A ( o,, Augusta, Maine. 1 9 1 j> \ for A 1 . L i N l S .Meelmnival Device*, Compounds, Design* nml La­ bels. All preliminary exiuninnlion* as to patentability <>f invention*, free, Onr \ Guide for Obtaining Patents\ sent free every where. Address— LOUIS BAGGER & CO., Solicitors of patents, \V ASlItNT.TUX, J). C. Great ehanee to make nioii- T vy. Those who a lw a y s lake I T l J I a I I ail v antage of the gootl elmn- ^ 1 w , L i i ^ ■ ' c- for m aking money tlint w .are otlered, generally he­ roine wealthy, while those who do not improve Hindi chances’ nunain in poverty. We want many men, women, hoys and girls to work fur ns right in their own locality. Any one can do the work properly from the lirst start. The bus­ iness w ill pa> ten thin s more than ordinary wages. Expensive out tit furnished free. No one who engages fails to make money rapidly. You can devote your whole time to the w o rk. or only vour spare moments. Full information and all that i* mauled sent free. Addrt s* h t i N- hon A CO., Porflnnd, Maine. Skin Diseases Cured! Ily Dr. Frazier's M agic Ointment. Cure as if by magic, Pimple*. Black head* mi *Grubs, Blotches arid Eruption* on the fare, leaving the skin clear, healthy and beautiful. Aim* cures 1 toll, barber’s Itch, Salt Rlicitm. Tetter, Hiiiy worm. Scald llead.t happed I lands. Sure Nipples, Sine J.ips, old and ob.-ti- i ate Ulcers and Sores, Ae. S k i l l D isp a s p . F. Drake, Esq.. of Cleveland, t). suffered beyond all description from a skin disease which appeared ou his hands, head and face, and nearly de­ stroyed his eyes. Thi- most careful doc­ toring failed to help idm, and after all had failed lie used Dr. Frazier's M agic O i n t m e n t aud was cured hy a few ap­ plications. jiff The tirstjand only positive cure for skin diseases ever discovered. Sent hy mail on receipt of price. Fit'll cents. . HKNUY & CO., Solo 1’rojn’s, <52 VKSKY S t .. NKW YORK CITY. For blind Bleeding.Itching or Ulcer­ ated Piles. Dr. W illiam's Indian P i l e O i n t m e n t is a sure cure. Price #1.00 by mail. For sale hy druggist*. PAT. 3 Vertical & S , irk-AI ;c.:in, Tnjinc f norar-powcr, counted or unmounted. C h e a p e s t U n d i n e s n j . n l c , ,1 5 0 » Illustrated Cttali tlo x S46, a u l u c u - ,7 r r iiilor-:.... >m! ptioc to b . w . r A t s E \ so n s C t - r icU n .j K . V . For a little time after the Colonel had ceased, no one spoke, and only the will fm - I crackling of the open lit'1*, as it laughed ami crackled upon the wide hearth within, and the moan of the night wind roaming the lonely waste without, broke tho silence, while we steadily puffe I at our pipes; Then Tompson, the host, ciose and hrgan brew a fresh jug of tlip. and the West Virgin­ ian. Destrain, turned t,o liis companion and spoke: “ Alex, it* your turn. Give us a Kus- sian story, full to the brim with hor­ rors. A hear hunt upon your IllUuit- .-ihlu steppes, a wolf chase along the Vtdga. a Cossack tight in the sout h, or a Tartar raid upon the north; or, tietter still, tell us of jour own Nihilistic trials. The man to whom Distrain spoke shivered, and his strong face, dark and deeply cut. twitched a little, whilu his eye gleamed, lie hesitated a moment, then carefully laid Ids pipe upon the rough table, half-turning, replied: *• Gentlemen, if it is mj' turn. I will speak, and as iny friend has suggested the subject. althoitglL it. is not a plea­ sant one to me, 1 will tell you a tale of my Inunc. l’ussia. and of myself, a Ni­ hilist. I fit seems strange, then grant me that strange tilings and horrible ones may happen even in Christian Kurope, aud in this nineteenth century, it is word for word true.'* Wc drew nearer the speaker, and lis­ tened intently. A Russian storj- told in Colorado, for our cabin was far up among the spurs of tlie Rockies, in the western portion of the State, and that story, the history of a Nihilist, was a new and strange treat for American i ears. “ Six years ago I was living iu Dar- nowsky. in the province of Rublin, in the southern part of tlie greatest of Kitropeaii Kmpires, a youug man happy as circumstances would allow, and nt the time of which I speak doubly hap­ py uud contented in m>' little scitoi 1 , for i was a teacher, and i hail just made the sweetest and prettiest girl in the village my wife. Marie Curl off was mine, won from a score of suitors by love alone, for I had little money, and 1 was content. “ Chief among tlie disconsolate ones w as the son of au ex-army officer, Louis I.odiski by name, a handsome but un­ principled fellow, who for years had been infatuated with Marie. However, when onr coining wedding was announc­ ed, Louis left the village, and I was spared his scowl and muttered threats, aud soon forgot him in the joj- of I iouk ;- life. “ For throe years I was at rest. Then came the great cloud that to-day over­ hangs my native land, and its dark shallow fell across even ini’ humlde threshold. 1 had been a St. I’etersburg student, and when the strange mono­ mania nf communism, silent and dendir, crept through tlie ration, it found iu me alt easy prey, aud 1 became a Nihil­ ist, swore to tlie terrible oaths, and linked myself body and soul to their un­ known and horrible purposes. 1 shud­ der uow as I remember. “There was a circle formed in our town, and two months after I hnd join­ ed it. there appeared oue night amongst us. commissioned from tlie Grand Circle at Moscow as our chief. Louis I.odiski. “ I bowed bofore him, but when I saw tlie fierce light of baffled passion and eager reionge gleam in liis hated ej t s. brightly as when last I had met him. thon th.- rejected suitor of my w ife, 1 knew and felt for the. first time into what a htsrrible pit I had fallen; for, “ liut of all tiiis my wife knew 110 - tliiug. except that her old lover was iu town. “ Fora time there was little work for our soeietj-, but it so happened that to­ ward tho spring a new quartering of soldiers was made iu our town, under the charge of Colonel Jelikoff, a Died and true officer of tlie government, and one who had Several times incurred tlie displeasure of the Nihilists, llardly had the troops become settled when a sealed dispatch was received by I.odis­ ki from tlie Grand Circle at Moscow, containing the death warrant of the Colonel; and in drawing lots for the one to act as executioner, the same devil's luck which had tirst dragged me into this conspiracy, or some treachery of my chief, cast tlie dread duty upon me. “ By tlie rules of our order, unques­ tioning obedience, nt tlie price of one’s j own life, must he given to all decrees I by the person so chosen, and I knew it; ! yet the word murderer flamed before nij' eyes, and tny heart stood still as 1 ! held tlie fatal lot in my hands. “ And even as I gazed, dazed and j dull, upon iny comrades about me. j whose stern, white faces reflected the I horror in my own. the w hisper of our chief hissed warninglj’ through the nlr ! tlie single word: 1 “ ‘ Beware!’ “ Witii the cry of a lost soul, 1 fled from the room. “ There remained three days of grace. 'I’he ukase of the Grand Circle, with a perfection of cruelty, granted the slave doomed to execute tlieir diaboli­ cal commands three days’ mercy. At the end of that time tlm condemned must imve ceased to live, or the slave would become tlie victim instead. ‘•Of the flrst day I have no remem­ brance. It did not consist of hours, but of moments, each separate and distinct —of ideas born only to die. In a w ord, for, the lirst tw enty-four horns 1 Was crazed. Flic second day found me cool and helpless. I made my plans. Olie^I must, for my w ife’s sake and my owr Jelikoff must die that wu might live. *■ For five hours I debated where to do tlie deed; then, still uncertain, w alk­ ed In tiie verge of tlie- town, and as 1 walked some one joined me—I.odiski. “ ‘ To-morow?’ said he, inquiringly. *“ To-morrrow!’ 1 returned. ‘it must bo to-morrow for o«o of us,’ and I shuddered. “ We stood a space in silence; llien tlie man came closer, and placed liis hand upon my shoulder. •“ Listen! It is hard; it, is dangerous. Capture means death, llere is money. You must tlee instantly tlie work is done.’ *■ Unwittingly. I thrust the gold into my bosom, and repeated after him: ‘••I must flee instantly! And my wife?’ ‘“ I will care for her until you re­ turn.’ “ In a single breath my brain clear­ ed, the dread cloud thut for two da,vs had shadow ed it passed, and I knew tlie hand thst had worked tny ruin. 1 wns to become an outlaw, in order that my wife might be the spoil of this monster, j “ Wbat power it was that held my hands I know not. The ingc in my heart, tlie frenzy to seize tiie accursed one at tny side and tear liis throat out. all but overpowered me. and it was, only by a superhuman effort of tlie w ill that 1 remained silent.’ “ •Tho deed must be to-morrow,’ continued I.odiski, ‘and the only place where you cau llnd Jelikoff alone is iu the bell-tower. Thither lie goes caeli evening before tho curfew ring*, to wiateh tlie change of guards upon tlie opposite side of the river. You can conceal yourself there, aud strike him down. It. will he long before hu is missed, and you will have time for flight.’ “ 1 bowed my hend, I dared not trust my tongue. It might be that I should strike too soon. ■ Deep w ithin mjr heart tlie determination to kill was well fixed; but. unknown to my chief, the victim hud been changed. “ * I will join yon at the foot of the tower after curfew. See to it that it L after—tlie cad,’ I.odiski continued. •• My blood leaped. “ ‘Jt is w ell,’ I replied, and he left me. “ That night I told my wife all, and lier love stood tlie test. Kre morning dawned, under the escort of a faithful servant, she was at the Volga Dernstum watch-tower, where liusg the great bell that rang tlie curfew. Kre tlie ringer had entered the tower from liis supper, I was secreted in tlie loft near the win­ dow. “lt was uot my intent to kill Jelikoff. If he came I could confess all. then de­ scend and wreak my vengeance upon I.odiski below, and,flee tiie country; or if lie came not tlie end would be tlie same. Still bound my oath, and envir­ oned by n thousand spies, I dared not th e until night. And I.odiski must die! “ Alone In tlie grim tower I waited, and the about me squeaked, and thu damp w ind of tlie steppes swept mournfully in and kissed my hot cheek. Tlie moments passed! “ Suddenly a nameless dread fell upon inc. Instinctively I felt the presence of some new and near danger, and a sense | of doom overcame me, as if 1 listened to the words of tiie judge who recited tlie condemning proofs of my falseness to our order. If I did not kill Jelikoff, I and failed to find I.odiski,1 must die! “ Quivering with this new terror, 1 glanced suspiciously about mo—into tlie deep shadows of the corners, behind the great beams, aloft among the hats’ nests, and at last beneath the mighty bell hanging silent at my side. “ And there. 1) ing prone upon a cross­ beam directly under the great iron dome, so dose that the lirst sw ing of tlie pon­ derous metal w ould crush him, lay Lo- ; diski. liis eyes fastened upon me! I lie had eome as a spy, to know if i did well my duty—that he might de- i notince me publicly as a murderer if I I did it. or condemn me privately to death | if 1 did it not. “ Even as I saw liim, I heard tlie step ! I of the Colonel on tlie stair,and liis word to tiie waiting bell-tnan below. } “ ‘ Carl. 1 w ill detain you but a nio- ! menf. When I descend j oh may ring.’ “ My heart censed to beat. Jelikoff ascended. I stood at ids back. One! two! three! four! Itv*! six! I seven! “ it was tlie village clock. Jelikoff turned to descend, I shrank into tlie 1 shadow behind him. I.odiski’s ej’es Oi^ed w ilii baleful tiro. “ Jelikoff went dow n the stair. “ •Fool! slave! coward!’ hissed try chief, half-rising from Itis hands and knees. • You die.’ ** There came a creaking sound tlie great wooden wheel above turned upon its axis, the lints flew snarling about, and then tiio mighty bell, swinging slowly, gained in momentum.and swept in a long are upward. “ I odiski uttered a single erv as the tremendous massjioised above him. and would have dragged himself out of its reach, hut with sudden fury I stretched my arm like a bar of steel, caught his Imir. and forced him back upon tlie beam—and then tlie great bell fell as falls the knife of tlie guillotine, crush­ ing into a Ipdeou* mass tlie body of the spy. while its heavy knell rang witli a gurgling shiver far out across the bar­ ren land, and a little stream of blood, warm and red. ran slowly down the beam nnd dyed the lips and tongue of tlie iron monster as lie swung. “ The curfew was s-.wading, and I was saved. Three hours later, in the silence of night, i escaped tlie tower nnd Hod. For twenty-four hours Lodlski’s death was undiscovered, and before the truth was known. 1 was with my wife far out upon tiie Caspian Sea, far out of tiio reach of the Nihilists. “ I have uever seen Russia since.” will offer starting West for Ids ing. With n bright St] lie welcomed me, and ; box carefully done -up paper, wl ieh stood up said: ‘ My good friend, _ wbat that i«?’ ■ \ p ^ . . sweetheart.' I answer- ShtrtingG laughed —‘ that is a dort'H liliO of Jacobs Oil, which I have from lludnut, tho drug VELTJES. wav, and i am taking ...... show iny g«od mother w lier son's life and resfonn in health. And With it 1 % carry you along uDo, to sip* face of him. without wIioaii. never have tried it. If you >;((J visit tho little village nf Sc h i j;l nc«. \Uiy ' s-uirl Aii Ex-Consul's Story. A late United States Consul at one of I the English inland ports, is now a pri­ vate resident of New Y or!:, relates tiio I follow ing interestin 'story. Ileobjeets i for private reasons, to have Ids name , published, but a u th o rizes the w riter to j substantiate h is statem en t, and if nec­ essary. to refer to him. in his private capacity, anv persog seeking such rcfer- : ence. I teferriug to Ids wishes. I here­ by present his statement iu almost the ; exact language in whieh Ue gave it to me, C. M. FARMER. 1 tipo T h ir d A venue N< in Y ork, “ On my la«t voyage home from Kng- , land, some three years ago, in one of | tlie Cnnard steamers, I noticed out 1 ' morning, after a few days out of port, a voting man hobbling about on the up­ per deck. supported hy crutches and seeming to move with extreme difficul­ ty amj no little pain. He was well dressed aud of exceeding handsome I countenance, but liis limbs were some- J wbat emaciated and liis face very sallow j and bore tlie traces of long suffering. ! As he seemed to have no attendant or companion, lie at once attracted tny | sympathies, and I went up to ldin as in- | leaned against the taffrail looking out j on tlie foaming track which the steamer | was making. ‘“ Excuse me, mv young friend,’ ! said, touching liim gently on the shoul­ der, ‘you appear to he an invalid and hardly aide or strong enough to trust- , ini/ bej\>r< that flute, and thus sui yourself unattended on an ocean voy­ age: but if you require my assistance 1 am u robust and healthy man aud shall I 'd>mrfs Charlie Townsend er will w elcome jmii to th witli- hearts fail of grat will show you a bottle of I-/ enshrined in a sil\ ur an which we shall keep as mont as well as memento ing on the Cnnard sti-.mu “ We parted, after an liVii chat witli mutual good-wil. and a few weeks afterward __ Id iee from him telling inn perfect health and containX* grace fill'expressions of liis regards.\— Uroolcli/n T ag lc . , /Cfv „ I large number o f subserij expire the 24 th of this manfli. i friends will do ur a kindness leg renfS a n y an ni ei ss iri/ dehn/, os we harp a large j list to rerisc at that time. ,tx r A large n um bir o f subscriptions e.rjiire the 24 th of this month. Our fritnds will do us a kindness iaj renew­ ing before that date, a n d thus saee an;/ iji/pneens irg tlehnj, as we hard a large, list to revise at that time. Bruin and Nerve. Wells\ Health Renewer, greatest remedy on earth for impotence, lean­ ness, sexual debility, ite. # 1 . at drug­ gists. Prepaid Iiy express. $ 1 . 2 a. 8 for E. 8 . WKI.I.S, Jersey City, N. J. ae glad to help you.’ “ ‘ You arc very kind,’ he replied, in a weak voice. ‘ Imt 1 require n » present aid beyond my crutches, which enable me to pass from my stateroom up here to get the hem-lit of the sunshine and the sea breeze.’ “ • You Imve bei n a great sufferer, no doubt,’ I said, ‘ and I judge that you have been afflicted w ith that most troub­ lesome disease—rheumatism, w hose pre­ valence and intensity seem to bo on an alarming increase both in England and America.’ •• ‘ You are right. ’ lie answered, ‘ I have been iis victim for more than a year, and after failing to Ii ml relief from medical skill liavo lately tried the* Springs of Carlsbad and Vichy. But they have done me no good, and I am now on my way home to Missouri to die. I suppose. I shall bo couti4t if life is spared me to reach my mother's pres­ ence. She is a widow and I uni lier ou­ ly child.’ ’•There was a pathos in ids speech which affected mo profoundly aud awakened iu me it deeper sympathy than L had felt before. 1 hud no werffs to answer ldin, and stood silently braid\ him watching tlie snowy wake of tin- ship. While thus standing my thought* averted to a child—a ten year old boy of a neighbor of mine residing near my consulate residence who was cured of a stubborn case of rheumatism by the use of St. Jacobs Oil, and t rcnicniiict d that the steward of tlie ship had told me tiio day beforo thut lie had cured him­ self of a severe attack of the gout in N ew York just before ills last voyage by the use of tiiu same remedy. I at once left nij- young friend and wont below to find the steward. I uot only fouud him off duty, but discovered that bo had a bot ­ tle of the Oil in ids locker, which lie had carried across tho ocean in ease of an­ other attack. He readily parted with it on my representation, and hurrying tip again. I soon persuaded tiie youug man to allow me to take him to liis belt li and apply tlie remedy. After doing so I covered him up snugly in bed and requested him not to get nft until I should see him again. That evening I returned to his stateroom and found him sleeping peacefully and breathing gent­ ly. I roused him uud inquired how he felt. ‘ Like a new man,' he answered with a grateful smile. ‘ I feel no pain and uui aide to stretch tny limbs w ifli- out difficulty. I think I'll get up.’ ‘No. don't get up to-night,' 1 slid, • but lut rue rub you with tlie Oil, and in the morning you w ill be able to go above.' ‘ All fight,' he said laughing. I then applied the Oil again, rubbing Ids I.nets ankles and units thoroughly, until he Catarrh of the Stinging, smarting, Biaihler. irritation of t^r nn nero e, N.Y., urinary passages, diseased discharges, cured by Buclntpailia. $1. at druggist*- I'repaid Iiy express. # 1 . 2 ,'), l> for #.\>• jl'J- S. WKI.I.S. Jersey ( Ity, N. J. \ Mat it) a A female rat w as rcrig“Yv caught hy a youthful huMter ot N A Second street w ho earns many an ^ f penny hy selling liis p r iz e * to 'b l,ie ser­ pent-) linrmer. The I... A * purchased tlie unlucky rat from her was aliout to hand lier over «* tier mercies of a huge tnrti—— snake w hou lie perceived tluit ib days the rat would he the no' several little ruts, and there v- so many moro for Iii* snakes, ing a large box, lie w ired it., war that the animal cot:Id i and putting Mrs. Rat. inside, J lier new abode dow n stairs t( and left her to her maternal <l< j next looming live little rod s e l l , nml huddled by tho side of ttt* irr “ A couple of weeks passed and live family Were nil in a llomixhiie’O - dition, but cue evening tlieir owitvUf-j ticcd when lie went to feed theii'ieir mother hud gnawed a small l|nl» their prison, and on counting the pr*’ geny lie likewise perceived that one’ (lie infants had escaped. “ 1 linii* piece ol'tin over the hole,” sqid\?r* ! (.'ills, “ and wus about leaving the j when I he.-ud a squeaking noise iy midst of a lot of empty liter I which were standing in a eornsflL— I eellur. I moved one of the bott« saw that something was jiinipii>*4Q l inside of it, and what should tluit1^ * thing be but my young rut. Tlitf fellow had jumped down the ndlt'. the bottle and couldn't climb out a i\ the sides being ton sliperv, I supp- j Gurlous to see what the mother won J do, I placed the bottle containing th. young on* in ti e cage, in such a way however, tliut it could not lie knockei over. Later iu the evening I went t see how tilings wer- getting on, aud found that several pieces of food had been dropped Into thu bottle Iiy thu mother. After anothJr week had pals-L i ed thu young rat had so Increased lu ■ size that all chan- es of its Waving its crystaUliingeoH were precluded, and -<> I placed tlie bottle on one side so that tiie mother could feed lier little oik - more comfortably*. She lias evidently taken the- bes t cure of it, for lie Is so fat that He can no longer turn liilnself around, i was puzzled for some time as to how begot his drink, but otic tin r A Binghamton girl was told by her j1(. fLdt as if lie Imd a mustard poui- 1 approached cautiously and found thu stern lover that she must either give up tlce all over kis body. I then left him. old rat busily engaged in dipping her The next timo I went upon deck for a tail in the saucer of water and then breezy promenade, according fo my shoving it down the neck of the bottle custom, 1 found my patient w aiting for for the young'un to suck. Of Anrso me witli a smiling fare, and w ithout the other little ruts Imve long ugCheen — — his crutches, although he limped in hi* sw allowed by iny snakes, but theUc-th- —Thousands of women have beeu eu- movement*, but witlio.it pain. I don'l er rat and the liitl-- one in the beta ],0» lier gum or his iovc, and after one day spent iu reflection she pressed his hand a tender good-bye and said she would al­ ways hr a sister to him. —a landing ten miles away; and when tirely cured of tlie most stubborn cases the early sun kissed tlie reaches of level of female weakness by tlie use of Lydia landaboutourtown.it found lier upon the deck of a river steamer, bound for Astraohan. ‘•All day long I gathered iny litlic store of goods, and iatu in the afternoon sold them for gold to a friend—a Nihil­ ist like myself—who secretly conveyed them to his home. Then, as the light w aned, and it drew toward night, thor­ oughly disguised, and armed witii a K. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. Send to Mrs. Lydia E. Pinkham, 233 Wcsern Avenue, Lynn, Muu- for pam­ phlets. —The farmers who lost tlieir money through tlie failure of Tildeu the pro­ duce man, of Knowlesville, have raised a £300 fund to discover what Tilden has done w ith his cash think I ever felt so happy ill my life. To make a long story short. I attended him closely during tho rest of tho voy­ age—some four rays- applying the Oi) every night, and guarding him against too much exposure to fresh and damp breezes, and on landing at New York, he was able, without assistance, to mount tiie hotel omnibus, and go to thr Aetor House. J called on him two days later, and found him actually - tig ged 1 pi packing U'-s trunk, preparatory to the beer bot­ tle ! am preserving for n w Idle os a eu«- riosity .—Philadelphia Times. ik-a’t Pic in the House. A -'. - ! ggisl- for^-- Rough on Ra;..” it dears out rats, mice, bedbugs, roaches, vermin, files, ants, insect, 13c. p-T box. —A young I .dy who was squeezed betv cell two freight ears Say* it felt jtwt like try ing ou ; pair of new go:* ts.

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