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r> ' S! '^i^ssj?^^p^^|P i, «^f|q; i 1 .rS> fa Medina, N. Y. THURSDAY MAY 14, 1925 Established 1903 THE ME AILY JOURNAL - , ; r -m Published in the Metropolis of Orleans County in the Heart of the Ten Million Dollar Fruit Belt of Western New York iMWIIIlJWTITt* A FINE TRIBUTE DON'T STOP Standing bjere jatf ninety-tone,, I naturally look back and re- call the teachings which have •been the source of my inspira- tion, health and happiness. They caiwe from a remarkably brilliant woman, my Mother. In her sim- ple ipitU, the outstanding bul- warks of hope and happiness were trust in God, a Arm belief that He will relieve critical situations by apodal Providences, land IJaith ^at 'Whatever mis- fortunes may come they are simply discipline for your good to result in great blessings, if /properly studied and acted up- on.—Chauncey M. Depew. When someone stops advertising someone stops buying. When someone stops- Buying, someone stops selling. When someone stops selling, someone stops making. When soiheone stops making, someone stops earning. When someone stops earning everybody stops buying. Ford May Buy and Operate 400 Gov- ernment Stops Buffalo, May 13.—Henry Fora may ships now rotting at their moorings buy a large section of the United 1 States Shipping Board fleet of un- used vessels and by operating them under private ownership send the American merchant marine flag into every port in the world. \It is true I talked to Mr. Ford, but I cannot say what the scope of ' the plans under consideration are or' what is to become of the rest of the Shipping Board vessels,\ said T. ; V. O'Connor chairm[an of the Shipping Board, tonight, following his arrival in Buffalo on the new passenger. steamer Greater Buffalo. I Jfowever, It was learned that should the plan discussed work out, Ford will buy many, maybe, hundreds, of the best of the Ship-1 ping Board's ocean steamers. It j would relieve the Shipping Board of its concern about the UBe of the 90U , and make an Americaa-owned and privately operated merchant marine a certainty'. TRINITY EV.LUTHERAN CHURCH Rev. C. Poeckler, Pastor May 17, Fifth Sunday after Easter, 1925. There will be both German and English services. In the German ser- vice beginning at 10 o'clock the pas- tor will deliver a sermon on Luke 11, 1: \And it came to pass, that he was praying in a certain place, when he ceased, one of bis disciples said unto him, Lord, teach us to pray, as John also taught his disciples.\ The theme win be the words of the text: \Lord teach us to pray.\ Thus' we must pray* t because 1. We are so much in need_ I of the right prayer. 2. We of our- selves know not how to pray. 3. The' Lord is the right teacher who can' i teach us to pray. I In the English service beginning at 1 11 o'clock the pastor will base his I sermon on John 16, 23-24: \Verily Buffalo, May 133.—The steamer verily, I say unto you, \Whatsoever Greater Buffalo? newest and largest! ye shall ask the Father in my name, passenger steamer oh the 'Great \ i}e;, wjill give, .it yon. Ask, and ye, Lakes, came into port today on her shall receive.'\The theme of this, \Greater Buffalo\ Made Maiden Trip maiden trip from Detroit. She carried a capacity list of passengers. The Greater Buffalo is 550 feet long. I\') foet wide and hap p speed of \1 miles an hour. Niagara Falls to Glisten at Under Big Lights Niglit sermon will be: Christ's Instruction on Prayer. He teaches 1. The 'Nature, '' The Necessity. 3. The Promise of Prayer. English Bible School after 'the English service at 12:15. Concordia Y. P. S. will have its regular monthly B'ble studv followed by social enter- tainment Friday evening in the perish hall at 8 o'clock. THE WEATHER Tomorrow fair. Moderate to fpeftjl northerly winds. Federal Padlocks Reaching Upstate .New York, May 13.— Fiv<e . more-, padlocks, two outside New York cttv, today were ordered placed on doors which federal authorities charged h4d sheltered liquor violations. •Judge Knox in padlock court or- dered the general store run by Mrs. Hose Smith of Moodna, a resort near N*wburgb, closed for 60 days. Lieu- tenant Robert MjcClure of the Corn- wall military academy and others c^inplained that it had been a rendez- vous for drinkers. *«& Taxes on Autos, Jewelry and Theatre Are to Go Washington, May 13.—A program of tax reduction totaling $400,000,000 that would remain in force through- out the present administration was laid before President Coolid.ge today by Representative Bacharach of New Jersey, member of the ways and means committee. Despite the overwhelming Republi- can majority in the House and the working party margin in- the Senate, Bacharach warned the President that tax reduction must be based on \a practical or political viewpoint rather than on a theoretical or so- called scientific standpoint,\ if the program Is to be successfully carried out. Bachrach's program proposes: Batavia's Wizard Williams Is Again <^ Indicted Batavia, N. Y., May 13.—Two new littdictments against M. Earl Wil- liams, Batavia's purported financial Wizard, returned sealed recently by the Genesee county grand jury, were opened today. The indictments Charge grand larceny of ?2,000 from & J. and M. L. Buckenmyer of Alex- ander, and misappropriation of the same -amount. District Attorney Al- bert J. Waterman said the new in- dictments had been sought because or the finding of a receipt, signed by •Williams, and given to the Buck- enmyers, for $2,000 to be used in |the purche.se of Dairymen's League Co- operative association certificates. Niagara Falls, May 13.—Thirteen hundred million candle-power of light eQuivalent to the illumination in on -1 and one-third million homes if all lights were burning will be cast upon the tumbling waters of Niagara Falls for the first time on K3nday night, May 25. The lights will be installed on the balcony of a building adjoining the administration building in Victoria Park on the Canadian side of the falls, which offers an ideal location for the beams of light tjb sweep both falls and -the rapids. The illumination spectacle will m'ark a national 'holiday in Canada, being Queen Victoria's birthday. THE ALLEN THEATRE To-Night—ftegrular Theatre Nigfht 8 P. M. 00—PATHE NEWS. THE LATEST WORLD NEWS 12—HODGE PODGE NOVELTY W—LARRY SEMON in his latest Comedy \THE DOME DOCTOR\ 45—\MAN AND MAID\ ELINOR GLYN'S Owto Production, and Novel with Lew Cody, Renee Adoree, Harriet HamomosdL Surrounded with beautiful girls with every luxury at his command— he thought he knew life—foe thought he understock! women. ' Then, came along a little girl who ran away with his heart.; WHAT A FILM DON'T MISS IT Friday and Saturday, 7:00 and 9:00 MATINEE SATURDAY 2:30 |£(po$afl flwrr inrmVn. lit *» T IE Kid Him- self is bete to gm^CD tte greatest t&cfll you've *v«r known $_ all you? JB ^\ 'y^HT^* It's the ttoxy jpf a «fojr w+i§*—i •ontflaqg 1 MuT taafjit tad teats IndfcV The Allen Attractions For Coming \Week Tonight Regular Theatre Night, will be the final showing of Blnor- Glyn's own production from her rovel, \Man and Maid\ with Lew Cody, Harriet Hammond, Rene-3 Adoree and Paulette Duval, you have seen \Three Weeks\ and \His Hour\ now we are sure you will not want to miss this. Coming on Friday' and Saturday vith the usual Saturday Matinee Jackie Coogan in another role like \The Kid.\ Returning once again to the sort of role that made him fam- ous Jackie is assured a hearty wel- come when he comes this week in \The Rag Man.\\ The story which the boy 3tars ability to mingle comedy with pathos, relates the ad- ventures of a little Irish boy who falls in the bands of a Jewish junk dealer, becomes his active, and final- ' ly his \senior\ partner, and through I is his tormenting, lovable, and j aggravating little comrade. This I is his last picture for some time to I come, as he has been sent to school, j to become a lawyer, actor, or what. | we know not. A two reel comedy ! with the Pathe Review oompletes the J bill.; I An unusual type of a picture COHHF ; for Sunday and Monday, with the j continuous show on Sunday, \Wild ! Oranges\ featuring Virginia Valli. I Prank Mayo, Ford Sterling, and I i. Iinrles A. Post. This is a picture that answers the nations wide call for novelty in film entertainment. There's afight in is as you remember in the Spoilers. The fes'lures tihea \«th dramatic incidents, *.euse situa- tions and spine-shivuring climax. Tne Allen Orchestra will vender the i lusic score at Sunday e.veirng show- ing. 2 Lodge -Meetings jKxrUrtovzm The »€g?lar Kids. Riolous, Rollicking: Kids SPECK O'DONNELL with his fnU fiock. HAM AND EGGS -<TWO FEATURES at SATURDAY Kvfc'-i. « MOLLYC0BBI<£ \ Starring DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS |tij#^||@ ran) atfi&gtoic Siated^'Msrht I. O. O. F. Orleans Lodge No. 217, Every Monday night. Knights of Columbus, Medina Coun- cil, 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each -Hmonths . . . . C. D. of A. Court No. 295, 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month. Owls, 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month. Moose, Medina Lodge No. 788, Every • Tuesday night. R. A. M., Medina Chapter No. 281— 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month. Alph-Omega council No. 71 R. & i'. M. meets the 4th Monday of each mtonth at Masonic Temple. American Legion, James P. Clark Post No. 204, Tuesday nights. , Medina Camp 109 Spanish American War Veterans meets 3rd Monday of every month. G. A. R. First and third Tuesdays of each month. Sons of Veterans, 1st Friday of every month, Orleans Rod & Gun Club. 1st Thurs- day of each month. Rotary Club, Every Tuesday noon. O. E. S., Medina Chapter No. 381, 1st and 3rd Monday of each month. Rebekahs, 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. Womens Legion of Moose Heart No. 503, 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month. Daughters of Veterans, 1st and 3i\l Friday of each month. Woman's Relief Corps, 1st and 3rd Tuesday afternoons of each month. Medina Lodge 336 F. & A. M. meets 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month at Masonic Temple. Medina Lodge B. P. 0. Elks, meets Tst and 3rd Tuesdays at Elks rooms. The indictments alleged that the money was not used for that pur- pose. Williams, arraigned immediately pleaded not guilty. His bail of 110,000 was continued. Trial win be moved June 1, the district at- torney said. Two other indiotments on which a jury disagreed several months ago still are outstanding. Williams was alleged to have borrow- ed approximately §200.0U0 on un- secured promisory nolTos on-promise of 35 per cpnt profit. 1. Elimination, of taxes on auto- mobiles .and accessories, motorboats, Jewelry and oluD flues: a reduction of approximately $160,000,000. 2. Modification of amusement tax so as to apply only on admission above $1.50; a vtt of about $30,000,- 000. 3. Reductions of the inheritance tax to a maximum of 20 per cent the minimum rate to begin at $100,- 000; a reduction of $60,000,000. A similar cut on gift taxes,- amounting to $5,000,000. Excellent Show History came to life in all its viyi(J realisip Jast.night at the Park Theatre. Which Is merely another way of saying that \The Thundering Herd,\ Paramonnfs picturization of the powerful novel of the same name by Zane Grey, fcagan its local en- gagement there and will remain for the next three days. Those who are familiar with the story, know that H Is written around the winning of the west, and deals with a particularly important and violen^.periad oi American history— the rush of the pfoneers in 1876 from their farms in the east to the buf- falo fields of the far west. \The Thundering Herd\ is not only excellent film entertainment but it is an enduring tribute to that race of Americans too often forgot- ten in the hustle and bustle of this jazz age. Wealthiest Heiress Will Wed Today; Romance of Childhood New Yoi'k, May 13.— Miss Abby Rockefeller will be married to David Merriwether Milton tomorrow -at a SLirnPle. houge,, ^ed,<Umj-, ja. Jhe,, pgiK room of the Rockefeller town house. The ceremony will be performed by the Rev. 'Cornelius Woelfkin, pastor of the Park Avenue. Baptist church. Their romance is- the -culmination of a friendship begun in childhood in TO-NIGHT and FRIDAY Special Ladies' Mat. Friday 2:30 CHILDREN 10c; vADULTS 25c All Medina Acclaims it Greater than \The Corered Wagon\ or \North of 36\ £ANE GREYS vrth JKKHPf?, jpAHwaror, ^WMONDHATTOH A STIRRING ROMANCE OF THE WEST WITH A COMPANY OF 1000 OF YESTERDAY FIR? ALARM BOXES §6 West Center ana Hrie. >7 Gravel Road and Chase Bi !l S. Main and Oak Orchard St.8. 32 Bast Ave. and B. Oak Oronaro >4 Starr and Orient Sts. }6 S. itfain, Elm and Frank Sts. 16 Highland and West Ave'a. 5? Gwlnn and W. Oak Orchard St* 38 West and North Ave's. U MaiD and Center. t2. Glenwooa Ave and Gull. V.i Wc^t Ave. *and Eagle. 15 East Center and 'State' Sts. m 16 ^Stat'e and: Ohidwfcii. . ^> IT 6. Center and Mead Ave. *& Pleasant S.. and Erin Bo*<J. il Park Ave and Gwinn 52 Ann and Eagle 53 Park Ave and Ohio i4 Pearl and Catherine DRIVING DISTANCE albion 11 Sibany 275 Batavia 22 Buffalo _____ 45 Dtica 182 Saaport 10 Lockport 18 Holley 21 Brockport 26 Cincinnati _. 525 Olean 117 PLattsburg ... 349 Binghamton 225 WatkinsGlen 135 Scrtmton, Pa. 289- Erie. Pa. 138 j Seneca Falls i0_i ElmiM : 166 j Cleveland, O. 242! Pittsburg Pa. 287; Toledo, O . _ 357 Indianapolis >;(>7d§ Chicago, 111. 608 Nsw«-|#rlt ,4- 4J!b-y See the Great Race Against Deaith Across the Siiow-Covered, Plains. ' u . Seethe Big Fight Between the Pioneers and Indians Oh! So Many Thrifts TAKEN FROM HISTORY, AND IS MAKING SCREEN HISTORY BtGGER AND BETTER THAN THE BOOK \The Brainless Horseman\ ATS_*ARKLIN;G.COMEDY AND Fox News g&- See the $^<«*$ ssM Bradford l-S-:;-_$t#lfpSt«r,_»__ 4& 3teroato - 1$;^'©itr&it, \Mich i\('\ 0#d«h_burg 242 s *<_i»n&v« 9? | ^faicii-i-'— 289 Waterloo »i ; Hamilton 90 Oswego 12^ « Advertising jammed\ your feet ttt\ Holeproof sox put Paris garters on your legs and Tiffany rings on your fingers Saturday, Matinee and Nite MA-lifeE -:34>; v N_T_5 7:0«-? ( « RICH ARD TALMADGE the Pocantico hills, where both fam- ilies are neighbors. Beginning .Monday May 18th 1 will be prepared to do marcelihg at Greene's Hat Shop.' MRS. (EDA ^MONTGOMERY '12tl6 H f* I » <ftyk ,V t* •*m EPISODE ;NTO 2 J^ • ! ^ I ^ WHY TOU SHOULD READ THE ifelJINA Mll^ |qtttetflt/ jyjXaftWty uv '••m$>**s:;m.*. \*m0$'m : m^Bemm U ^Believes ConsciencelWt MW &mwm*ikm^tWUf^it V$M&& h iA

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