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The Medina Daily Journal. (Medina, N.Y.) 1903-1932, May 12, 1925, Image 1

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Mi * .w*' *< ? X P SOME PEOPLE-SEEM.. TO THINK, COMMENDABLE IK They can dispose of God by spelling His name with a little ' \«\• •• > That thfejr opinion changes • ,„?«? the moral low of the universe. j^%' TTiat thinking differently is ^ think'ihg independently. || r That an education is just an- *. other way to avoid work. | ,They have settled the matter when -they., have won an argu* ment. - \•'They have banishe,d . radical- ism when they have jailed the agitator ( A boy Will follow his-father's talking in preference, to,his ,.ex- ample. The Niagara Sprayer Company of Middleport- has donated a large plot ot ground in that vill- age for &n'Athletic- Field ana- will fit it up and turn -it over to a newley organized Athletic Association free of charge; they do this to promote outdoor sport;! of all kinds. Among the actlvt- ties wilt be a base ball club. -'\Medina wants to get a hustle or: ' hersol? with a godd club an.l then go up and t.ounce the Mi.t- dleporters on their own diamond If •>».- -Buffalo, May . 11.^—Annpuncemeat ^Jrajj-.a ,pl%n,,, of ^merging, the ^Buffalo General Electric Company, the Nia- gara Falls Power Company, the Nia- gara, Lpckport and~C-nt*rio Power •Company and the-Tanawaaida Power $qm,B9ny. has,_ been,,, apnrQyed by the fjhoards .of • directors,, of. tn'eeoi^jianies involved and awaits the sanction bt The New York State Public Service Commission, was made here today. The. merger will be accomplished by thn exchange i*for the individual company stocks'for tne> stock, of a holding company to be known a8 the Buffalo, Niagara Pbwer Corporation. 'The corporation Js to be charter- ed under the .Nejy York State, trans- p'ortatiotj. .cor/p<|ratlons law with au?, thority to manufacture and di&-. tribute electricity tor light, heat and power in cities, towns an^vil-, lages in New York State, and.; the power to purchase and hold 01* dis- pose ot stocks, bonds and other se- curities of foreign or domestio cor* porations. C. R. Huntley is chairman of the; new board. Navy Airmen in 28 Hour Non-Stop Flight fe'i •••) t'i Utica, s|^y 11.—Thirty days in jail two fines % $25 each and revocation of her operator's license, were sen- \• tences im|psed by City Judge John T. ! Buckley j$Sday on _Gert,rud> Morgan, ' of TuppeMake,,_whO' served .three jail sentence's^iast year for speeding. She i was arrejetgd two weeks ago on two 1 charges ojpreckless driving and fail- I ing to rie^irt an accident. Because I of failure' So post bail Miss Morgan passed, a fdrtnight in jail. • Crowd Prays a$ Will Rogers Gives New York, May 11!—In the middle of a humorous speech today before an audience of \ministers Win. Rogers forgot his role of profession- al entertainer as he spoke of his sister, who is near death in Okla- homa, and then listened to the pray- ers his audience offered for her re- covery. After wishing them succe&s id their plans for the temple, he said that he had,been brought up a, Meth odist. His sister, he said, was one of the most active church workers' in Oklahoma. \I didn't intend to talk about her.\ he added huskily. \She is on the point of death. She worked hard and. ed t he£ family The «ohlldren r Well 1 pla«%iL; Her husband is ; ed are all\ dead, you see, and she would like to join him. So she doesn t care much about living any longer and that makes, it hard to, restore her to health.'; ' ' He turned to „ leave with tears rolling dowiHijia c^egM, but'J3uf*ra- gan Bishop Lloyd,..stopped .him, and turning to the other ministers., said: \We are' better 1 ;m'eh because Will Rogers has' be^n 1 '^'this room, Let jfus-pray for his BjsWr.'*^ ' - V . tig' Dates Ahead May 16, Saturday, Apron and bake sale at Levan & Krompart's auspices of Ladies Aid of County Line. May 28, Thursday, Famous Dixie Broadcasting orchestra at • State Arm- ory. '•' : .,•.. June 13, Saturday—Flag sale by Daughters of Veterans. Advertising is tncreJwingythe radius of your success by tapreiwittg the radius of your sale&iappeal. Flying- a 40 mile course ovei the Delaware rive«'.lkst,week.these- Navy fliers flew the PN-9 for 28 hours at- an.; average, spee.d of SO, miles-an hour, breaking by 10 hours the former world record. It was a trial for the craft's proposed flight from San Francisco to Honolulu soon. The fliers are Woolson, Sutter and SchiUlauer. Rebel Leader in Morocco Declares Holy War ittfr of; Wal&s Enjoyj, Hunting in South Africa R* H'May-Day Ki& <Pi i I.' 1 T'-l ii Rabat, Morocco, May 11.—Informa- tion has reached hero that Abd-El- Krim has declared a holy war, and sont his brother, Ahmed, to the re- gion of Xauen to raise troops among the Djebal tribes. These reports have had little effect on the tribes in the Frence zone which, it is stated, have been assured of protection by the arrival of reinforcements for General Count de Chambrun's army. THE ALLEN THEATRE Three Nights, To-Night, Wednesday, Thursday <J0R REGULAR THEATRE NIGHTS ONE SHOW 8 P. M. THE ALLEN ORCHESTRA AT NIGHT fi- fe M- k ' i KG ^*? f-rl tt « Bishop Turner Has Audience With !Fope \—•—\»^ Rome, May 11.—Pope Pius yester- day gave a private audience to Bis- hop William Turner ofBuffato. The poptiff held a long conversation.-with the bishop. After the audience Bishop Turner introduced to t&e Pope Monsignor John D. Biden, Monsignor John • J. Nash, and Monsignor Edward J. Britt of Buffalo and several other eccle; siasttcs. Colesburg, Union s of South Africa, May 11.— The Prince of Wales for the first time, since he has been in Africa, deviated. frori^ the usual programme of receptions and other social functions and went r hunting today. ., , At first he 'essayed shooting the springbok, or African gazelle, hut he found this too strenuous for his still bandaged right WTist, which was strained some time ago during, hand- shaking ceremonies. He then went off bird shooting, while the members of his suite continued after spring- 'bok, bagging 34 of them. m PgH Sentenced to Di< S% gaps Sofia, Bulgaria\ May 11.—Bight flien charged ^withipar^.icipatlqn;in.tfte, recent bomb explosion in the^Ven.. Gral Cathedral here were sentenced to death today\ bjrjjourt martiat The other two defendants received terms of six and three years' imprisonment. Three of the me^' who were given the extreme penalty, Peter Zadgorski, . sacristan of the Cathedral; Marco' Priedmann, a lawyer, and George Koeff, were present in court when\-\ sentence Was passed. The other five men, who werfi seniences to death by , default are Abadjieff, Dimitroff, Pet- riui. Mossofsky and Grancharoff, all well known communists. VJ m *&&} Praying to Play I ..I.. \ .'.. .. '[''J -» Wa rm Mrs. Coolidge is never happier than when tiny tots call on her at the White House—this one getting a real love kiss during his May- Day call. Burton Gives His Friends a Scare Haleakala, Maui, Hawaii, May 11.— Congressman Burton French of Idaho* who left the rest house on Haleakala mountain at 3 o'clock this morning to -watch the sunrise 'and tor • whom anxiety was felt when he had npt returned at 7 o'clock, was found'by searchers at 10 o'clock, about three miles from the rest house uninjured. French said he had not been lost but ahd been attracted to a hightr point from which to get a view. fA«<TOC*.BTCR | Babe Ruth, as he is today in a New York., hospital—still too sick to play wMi'the Yanks, tosses and fret's because he cannot help his team break its losing streak. DRIVING DISTANCE alpnsr*'6ime .^/t^rWfff, i»»» away. You; remember %$ H6tEB\\ Did you see •*% '^Ep^^f''''fron't te§ RA,-ADDED AXT>R^GTOdN!f- , f L^^pfeSX PATHE NEWJS ' • • i fARBLYSElWON in \THtfe 23toMK DOCTOR\ and EDUCATIONAL COMED1 *• ' v \ ^ f - - •* '...-.-.. - > - • - -.' • . ,- • • • •• Binghamton 2 Watkins Glen 136 Scranton, Pa. 289 fclrte, Pa. .*_, 138 Senocn Falls ±02 hi mil» 166 Cleveland, O 242 (>ittjsburg Pa 28? T^Mo, Q __ SB7 Indi,gnappl's 670 Chicago^ W 60S New Ifork . 420 Rochester 4& Detroit, Mich 41i Geneva W Waterloo — f fa Oswego lit! . '»• • ' , .... i . - .. a Advertising has put Castona down yoftr *hroat, left bristles in your gums, and then came along with a Rubberset and took them put. Albion- , attbariy _^ BataviiK ___*. Buffal'6 ±LJi Uiiei' _-C_i-^- QupoVt —~ IjOckport Soltoy. Bwwjasort —j C^PfiiiStmiA. _« Qlaap^^ Plattsburg _- Bradford ..Toronto — I Ofirdiriabafg P »laM)^f Hamilton _^- . 11 276 .22 ,-«6- .182. . 10 18 .21 ,.«£ 525 U? 349 123 113 242 289 - 90 TRINITY EV.LUTHERANf CHURCH Rev. C. Poeckler, Ijastor ekome in Berlio for New President Berlin, May 11.—Speeding through a straight-away five-mile lane, flanked by dense; rows of surging, jubliant humanity, Field Marshal Paul\ von Hinffenburg,\ president-elect of G.ermany, late this afternoon reached the chancellor's palace where he will be a guest for a single night, pending his formal induction into office at high noon tomorrow. Even the enthusiasm of mobiliza- tion days in August, 1914, did not approximate in volume the popular ^ acclaim which today poured into the. fiats * of the nation's\ new executive> and, although the proverbial Hohen- ; zollern weather, was,, denied 'Mm;, numerous manifestations of prewar;, sentiments and yearnings greeted^, hiin all along tfle route. \• . ^$i,M $ >: .-^f &\»$•* tmiKt TO-NIGHT At 7:00-9:00 ii: Piith Sunday after Easter, May 17, 1925. . . There will be both German and English services. In the German ser- vice beginning at 10 o'clock the pas- tor will deliver a sermon on Luke 11, 1: 'tAnd it came to pass, that he was praying in a certain place, when tie ceased, .one of his dtscipres said unto him, Lord, teach us to pray, as John also taught his disciples.\ The theme will be the words of the text: \Lord teack us to pray.\ Thus we must pray because 1. We are so much in need of the right prayer. 2. We of our- selves know not ho-w- to pray. 3. »The Lord is the right teacher who can teach us to pray. , ' in the English service beginning at 11 o clock the pastor will base his' sermon on John 16 23-24 \Verily verily I say unto you Whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, He will give it you Ask and ye shall receive The theme of this sermon- will be Christ s Instruction on Prayetf He teaches 1 The Natuie- 2 The iKTfecesstty 3 The Promise nt *• <- Prayer i jEhglishj Bible\ Sdhool after th« 'English service at 12 15 Concordia Y P S will have its regular monthly Bible study followed by social enter\ tainment Friday evening to th3 parish hall at 8 o clock A' LESSON IN SPEED FOR BASHFUL LOVERS PGINALD DENNY and From the story \Kpjb^nds of Edith\ b^Gep^^aM MeCateheon DON'T MISS THIS,-THE FASTEST, SMARTEST,- LIVELIEST LOVE STORY EVER SCREENED Packed with ScrtanUqig,Situations and Wholesome Fun .. r—AE^O— , , himy Sepim in \Ifh^r^i^ Shop\ ER\ r/B l^MJCMO^, THlJp^AY & FRIDAY « • H ** <J.' WEDNESDAY AT 4:15 Special Mmyiees ERIDAY AT 2*0 NOTE:—-For this Super Special Attraction the pricesi will be, Mat. Children 10c. Ad-ults 25c Eveningl 15c. A'dults 35c If You're a 1 True American this Picture is for You ! AStirriag Romance Spectacle with a? | Company of 1C00 • : '\ v ''\1 : w--\H ^0 '•'\' A ••••ifPJa ''•i'tff&f m •^ r*m V mm m 'ISP Hare Yam Seen \The €>>ver^ J, Wa/?on* ,- or\| \> 1 -\North of $6?? It fva hare you»lj fcaof * ^ what we Imesm when We say that \The Thurfdering Herd'* belong: in the same class PICTURE THE SETTING—THE WESTERN WILDERNESS BIGGER AND BETTER THAN THE BOOK BY THE SAME NAME f i? m, ^itY '•? 0g SHOtJLD WAD THE MEDINA DAILY JOURNAL EACiH DAY REASON i$k 5333:— l^mmM feelieres If All MeniWerein AMR«spectfrBqtjallliereTfduld be<noNeed of Leaders. 'I r v >u < X V ^ ¥ •***•-;? >^w^.*\*W(*flflM»i7>»^*- i - n »*w *

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