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Dunkirk evening observer. (Dunkirk, N.Y.) 1889-1901, August 22, 1900, Image 1

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:/ ■ > * tUBBM irill tell yom where and wlien Id h ^ l».Jbieft adran< Dunkirk Evening Observer voi« t s x i c i . DUNKIRK, N. WKDNKSDAY; AUGUST 22, 1900. N O . m SPECIAL ------ A T - — GUNTHER'S Dry Goods Store August is the month to purchsise LINENS ■ ------- AT ----- Special Prices We bftvo a iiae line of the best Gctmai, insb, Ej^Usli a 4 ScctcS Liseis. Let as show yoa our stock of Linens and you wUl be convinced th a t we have the i ^ h t good# at the right prices. G bo . J. Bunther, 134 Ceitjal Are. Cmsb Mmd One Price. rpT— OF pEKifj Leading BdMng Powders have ceased to lead. A better one, purer and ' “more perfect has taken their places. Its name is if S c h illin g < s ^ B e s t . Tt^' a can and be con- liLCFitzer, Jr., 405 LiM Street NOWJ^GPIED It theTextof MesttgaRecelved Today-NeverBefortTn Hands ol “Foreign Devils.” rsjlir: MtllIact 7 :Stirc. Do *01 tAil W Ml UtM t»rxiii9 la Ril>- boKi no««t% lti£i uk ] Doesm «i U a SeiUi FUsmSfta'K. TS« mUrt iiocli «itl IwcPoMUeet MMlwifHOi Car raHOoein. MANY E LEWtB 228 CMiral Am Saemaaf to KA. Salib«Mi«%u. FREE! liAMPLE noT T l E OF Lazcll's Empire Violet Perfume will be presented to ladies who call for same this evening or until they are all gone. Lpn's Fine;, 215 Central Avenue. IP S » n K«r« c t-foai lemai Hdd ■M mb .1 «n etbm IlS. K«7« c 4 CA»ao.u ^ Mtii | bt ft'KUtaiiKita' ph k m ) WASHlNi.TUN. A»g. 22- i n t y cuplej\ wa» mesaiife flMb«l Major Seri Ten at IVIdn, to the h (iBartera of the ligoal «orpi laat night. It bore Uate of Aognat IT. which waa a (lay liter thain anr pretlou* tllipatch recelTcd frocn the ihlncie capital. Major tk'riTen’a telcriram waa in- tcrpretnl by War Dejparttnent ofhelala to mean that ail of Peklo U In the batiils of the alUok. It inelodca In their Jndip Btent. all the cl tic* enclfiarJ by outer wail of Pekin Theae are the Chloeae. Tartar, Im­ perial and Forbiikka clUea. With tkal Tlewi reriStd U wUl b« trtie that tar tha flnt tlm« In hlalorjr, the a rated boats o f the \ Forelfti datUa,'* oevapy the aacneU vcaaela aail traap’r* at Itaipartal court. Ltatll re­ cently not eren an eaibaaiattor of a forelip power aaterml the Inwrr d t j of the (%lM«e oafritai The taterMW- UUon placed apon tkeSfrleea d h f t ^ h aeexvat* l^ r a te aoldlen kawa tx- e«M to Use aut|«lflM it ffthia*. Tka ocewfaaUiM of the laM r dty. M idlealed h» the Serteea report woaki a a loft cal MqtieiKw o f ewiata tm a ti- «ti la preowtSwr lelffrMM. T h * i m dUpateh told that on Anfu.»t tStheoal* •r city had b««a tabea. aa«L the Irfa> tlima rellewnS. Adtnlrml Kaiaey la advkea dated IVhUa. A ainst 14 aeya that the Acaerl* caa tm ipai «etr» tha tka t m to aater the Inw rial dvyaad Uiat they had waetraled to the (atra of the palaet- tea ctKun the Herleeo dispatch of itifoaj IT Mylac the d ty wasoeettpied. - La presaared that he annutd oae oUier word* If ooly • part of the dty was oet -1 ftenwoa a report ffr^iapanaae iatad TakaAatrust ». m att IVklnhlo U att ann c»iiail rbUey a IV U a a r There DO aniaidoa bete tkal tha &fblia(‘ «S#a wttk agy p art o< the clljr In the lada of the rhlaem Ao napieasaiQt featore of todar a dl*- patchaa la War Depautearai drtlM •a» tha au&rtBvait that eybl' ralmff nu aroMad Ht^ eat Tala Iwea hoped Itsat the fhlceae bad •o ihonmfbly bnaten th be •abdwrtt ArtjTilT wt» cecvwOuate the ’ « HEADQUARTERS FOR TH E B E S T P A T E N T F L O U R lo Dunkirk. Rob T h e foUowiag b n t s d s i r e only *o!d by ibc sobaenbef Extent. Golden JSliaif Patent, - __ It eybllow t» T J d a ^ n had *7 no thetr part m.'adlcf of r«- ifooressetfU to protect the taejff line «»f rwjisjcaSaaWcis* Iwlwnrn Tietj Tda en.1 thelapltiai As IVkIa win tw far- I oatll tlw power* ha»e (soltected the pwaattT for lL> cjotbrertSur tdtd a weusfactnry coffhaineat U imrtalled It-rrr will he a detss&d hw a SarRe force ' pmSablT,11 winter IVrsjtieol Meh later haw aist jnel tar aaiate.| the tenertran peofraaiaae Me la S p leiM u S 'l^teat, C^nain of Wheat Stocks Patent. Rote Bud Straight. Riverdale Stiaight, Star Straight. Fresh Ground Feed aipectalty. WITHOUT k DRIVER. iUtfei6«TsDcIiiiredl8iij|irtiftl«Ciij,iti6flIesilepriGes'Thrt:o nre Hor*« Pnued . I Steamer Through Syracuse X elehhome 40 F. G . p . S A U N D E R S . Sireels. svnAn^F.- h\ r . A g ? sa -.Ao «j Htlcfr anti ant=scal rtmsway was «dt- ceswd here lawt rrenlRtr Ao alarm of Cre •oomtei] ora th« iraejr at Eairlae t]<’S‘e 7 The drlrerr.haad col u k e a hla when the eaptai poll «»ol “ Tlhftw ' e t f a i f t i t I M e e k >» 4 e » » ♦ Y o u r T e e t h , T -H E R E S NO USE TALKING, you can I gooc], lound teethf^thout taking care of th supjily a n ; teeln goods at reasonable prices. I, washes, soaps, brushes—n il th e advertised kinds, some m ade for us and som e we m ake ourselves. not have them. Wc THE q CESTION j OF . BEDDING Is a serious problem in most hottseht^Wkl. I' Our line o f Mattresses, Pillows aiid Spribg B©4i covers every idea o f clean,sanitary bedding, low |>db«k Our Cotton Felt Matassc$fl ■ familiar to them 1» wniiti get aboaun) tbr borsea irere oiKlerwr»T A»a frltblfal pnee they cla.«lj«l ihmc^Ij U m » busty atreeta and areled a dhUanre of taow than two liles before tfcaey w«r# cayitbt by a Onr- caan who p retty neatly iM t bU life In Uieact. Stramse to Say aeilher the b«r»e» nor the ateaaner tr« » lajnred. The animals did not sewna to reallae that the d n r e r Waa minwi for they ; tamed comers, avoided trolly car* and , socceedel In keeping dear of all > obstrocUona ^ ^ $ 1 2 . 0 0 ,are very fine mattresses, a n d in otif c ^ fiion are really t as good as all-hair mattresses. ^ C H A S . E H L E p S & C O ,IS k M A v im 0§r. E H L ] 4 0 0 ( ^ 1 ) 1 & [ A v i u « a EVEN DOZEN OF SUITORS. IIERLIH. A w g .^ —Tli« report that Queen Wiihelaalan cal (Ic^aad la aboat to atutaunce her engagement to Prince AdMl* rtiadrich. of Meekleaburg- » d * * r h , ciiUi atUnUon to the fact IkV lI^iw # AdkoU completes an even dM N telyitiigf p laces wrhlch abe haa Ik^llOnlltty inclined to within fiSwD 0f*^r. ; f run > Marry Fi iail WnMkia, tkidWrwD Prince of AM«iia>rkdr«lh0r anitors ___ J ^ i S b f d t b i c e and Prince bam tm fietiinla in tfie Prtaalib Ibwt la powerful- * t^ ^hlmaelfln PHiuUELPHiA's C ensus * -toreturiiii^O'byilie Pbpidatltw ^ P b f iA ^ h ia; SLOW TO REPORT WERE MINISTERS. ---------------- Now Wires are Down and. Very Little News' From Pekin Filters Through. LONDON A us. ;htln)f along the i n . .,f uxan-h of the Ilea UexpecUxl at a il. tim e The re- enforosm e aia whii-i, > 't rien Tain a few daya agu fur IV . n ar\- Uticly to m e et w ith aome realalcn,-. »t IVltaang and other puloia of vanuge fmoj which th o Brat column of a l 'i r . ,liaiodgrd tbo Chloeae tw o wceUa ago According to r^IVirt. f,>n.-ca of Cblmaae iwveral thooaaad atrung. aro active a long th e raUnn.! betw een Tien T a laan d Pekta and ib® break lo the winaa la c e rtainly due to them, h io la a r la ea^>rea*ed here th a t illY P l ’U L ISH KlW P R E S a l Newa of mure landed today IVkln 111 -All except Imperial building cltNtred of OliineM ! iroopa. American tniops ttntt to ent ' Imperial City, have penetrated to gal ' captain llellly 8fth artlllei of palace Captaii killed on ISth. '' Murolni ibout tta ■ ng lli\h. alsth cavalry and about touUensanadbperaed about l.ouo Itoaera eight milea outalde lien Taint about hundred Chineae killed, dve Americana wounded, j “Cbaffee'a loaaea alaa I ed. two daya’ nghting killed. 30 waond- s S E u r m l : H H S l £ S S Mtevwl th# rwaaforeemeau wUl ahUtodhH wnwthem wuhoai dlStetilJ rwndne exywetad w atari for the eoaai A poet that tkav kav* already atart* BotewBlrewl Cwaiddcrtbl# a u r^ tae la cowm th a alMeace of word from the aalt ainc* the nltef With the eae I of the salntatar*. had aralkd to far M known, had aralk d hita a«lf of th« wire before It waa cut td npo r t hU jrrilef The ndnUtar*' r#|KHrta are fertlcalarly deaitvd beeaowt of the pnM rvpofta that Mlatalera CtM- g«r and MacDonald make chargva airalaat tb# IwparUl auihoriur. The OWfBtlOO of whether the LdprCM t* In I'A ia or not ahooui be wtiiml lo the a e i l dIaMtehea from in* (apUal aptui the lap ir iia IVdaee to heti ’ ' beea captaivd aince Man waa reported *anvaod<d w ( a* ,»ed u» have boa tha aaairer to the iMtrai the falare policy of thla goveraaMtat win targvly depend. At the p m e a t UuM the MaalaiMratkia feela t ^ t It haatoo titUc laformaUoa upon thot# nolau to declare Ita tie d tattnUoa tt la rMliaod that Mlnteter Coagur haa tvifertti too aiach aaehUUy and phyaie. ally, la the a t ^ of the T e g i t t ^ to be able a t thU Uaae la aadertaka the aeeeaaary laveetlgaUoa. It ta avea poMihle that h it refiort. deeplte lotea- ttoaaa to be fair, would be more or lean blaaed by a taeiaoty of hUauffartag*. For that rvtMa It haa beta Ihoucht brat lo rely apoo Ueoeral lliaifee. wboM Jwdguieat la kaowo to be ol the •ouwdeat and who la li 'il therefiwe act In iploosaUecapacIty capacity Jwdguieat la known to be ol the •oimdeat and who la In goad health, lit will therefiwe act In tioth military and dlplomaUe for the paeMFOt WAMIIIKUTUN A c « Admiral n m r In a dlipwieh ih • cau-otisg to the Itaivan of Na» c » i. « girra adttlUoaa! detalU at to* auacb aad aptcre of iVkIn t.. -w«int to the eat hU d h ^ te b flanrsa of Nai * ^ A K P Aug tn lR .ket -----------------------------fswvijra ml*- rwewlved thU taoruSeg the fudlow. leg cahkgraai from Chwfoo IValm one Iweoty-fauraewa. iVkla and Tung fhow n^MdoonrlM. alto rh i ^ o a iknltha WyckoSa aaradl\ The paaeage^ acrifiturw ail Oiled to above U ihar Mool to neaped, aa u bird out of the anarv of the fowlertl Otk aaare to tmAwa and w« are ewaped * 6 . A. Hi MEN ~ AT CHICACO. .MAtruy taw ^C5fl>rkC-3ia Mfi Ul ----- FMffiwr Sfiitlir D ms Hot Win*! Vtii 6air4 It it • ■lirvrted vettevday lo aeod a fall _ , _ ............. i _ GOLERISWEAK SAID MURPHY i Mill ftr Sfivimor Who is iittsf Thin His Piriy. ArHvi ffif tin 6ri{i4 E a -. CIMfllltflt lav prattoH so n«»« NEW VODK. Aeg l l - F -rme. quarter* at the lloffmaa lt>ww> aaid he would rvxnaln her* * ■* the Iga. if and Crokvr Intended rival fttale o rfuninittna t raaalng. he lald I he aa 1 have for the la»i ■ a&al] rraatla irnUl rieei come to ace ary frietxl. coBvealenl pUee f.ir th®. The headquarter* are llshed and they are m-r,,sro aad every good l>env»r** vrorSr In ctvoperatbm w \ headquarter* and «h»r •' > i.me* do what I can for the »*at. a> nalu.nai candidate I iler I* tb« I ta r rf»u«w*a*' ma** | •secaioT| rnirAtICl. Acg W - The ran guard Ktberon of fi A tt veteran* come to attend the »* head , eoeampmenl next week. I* b ^ a n l e g to arrive and before Saturday night It p*n> I* expected that the !rsr that wfsa bars ttedded ,*tabli*h a gathering will be F ,Kje o.»w II I* expected that morn .«ne here thornmnd veteran* vHIl be ii ar* and I on Tonutay. I aJway* tatomaader-la-Oiie/ Albev«-D Shaw *hi» to a b« among the early arrfvala In hla meet me. rectKnsseodxIios* to the ear alv e»tab- «ol Mhaw wOl xuggeat that *»v tee be taken toiwcurvachangecd the majority^ of *how d toj^Ftfelpatg lu the rt than^orty < in the parade me be taken toMwnrvachangecd Mesoarfai tall ftoy on that II will be celebrmled on the ate last <unday in May instead of on May e nrpUe.1 rlml he th--ng,.‘ ■ ' Hir Oovm>». be weakest ■ ar < p e r e a r e hno-1\ atronger For InsUnr® l might men tion John U K l a c e h f i .a n d Judge Herrick. Coler has ari'ag.mi-»-sl the »atic party H^^h nW* he ,« too TI m > f ommander'-fn ThI urge th a t: it be (Started Democrutic party gootl for politic* ai Murphy tl a raoretoent b the pojtoago of __ ... r the establishment of a pensio nrt of appeals, lo hare final Jarisdh to In the Interpm aiton of pension The question of adtnissinn €>f beside* the veteran* of the riril ■ j r to membership In the O A U . ^11 j I ae before the Fall and Winter ^ G o o d s — ^ are arriving daily. In some lines we ai^e complete. Our Fall Line of Hats are here and they are the pick of the best hatters. Newest Creations In Neckwear are here. Anything for Immediate use a t « big reduction. • ^ Men's, Boys’ and Gblldrcn^s Ligbt Weight Suits at a saving of from $2.00 to $6.00. Straw Jmts at your own price# Come \and see how much we can save you. ______ W.J. 6 RAEF&eO., 3 iiGentralAiB. THERE IS NOTHING IN THE i ..CFIO C K E R Y .. j Line that yoa cannot get at our store. ' Jardinieres, A J i * i« .« < iF r i M ., i Lamps, Dinner and ; Chamber Sets, i Fine China, i Cut Glass', i Josep h N e ls o n & C o . | lOI TO 118 CENTRAL AVKNUX. ; WILLIAM WEST | I * pfi par* d to d o # firat clavs. J _ipc!«d?i^lei As com^rollep s*kcd if he was going (>• \ he said that he wa* 1 i, negie has come out f«r l Rryan wants • ^ e d about the reported »utp organisa­ tion that he, and Murph; were gonig to start^lbe said that m a rkrlB flttt night at the I) club had been misntiuei»M,«u-. “Marohy as you know ha* been coming! * here for yimrfl and that i* all.\ saidjwai ’ ire Is no re-organizallon'^Vlili Pap®*' ManginS. I Lrollep llhen Miirniiv waa dianapoli* will make a speech on th e ,S S xX \ i-..\' |i ^ building* for about 18.000 visitor*. In ] * at fair nnccs. 1 .1 ,.n Morphy a<lditlan accommodations for < 0,000 per I • S rrival When son* In hotel* and boarding house* I • • .uteorganira-1 have been listed ,# 2 3 FO U rtll S tre C t . | x€vre -- ■■ ------ — ■ ■ J 2 T lk m ^ r a J Ic' « ' » ^ ' « f ' ' T f t f * n u c » fVDiaar mderstood. WEST & KNIGHT. CONTRACTORS and BUILDERS. . — p e a l e h s m — Reofli and Dressed Lumbof# I and Baxters'Supplies I and Haaotaeforen of SASH and DOORS. Mill Bad yard, bro blockf M i t of Nickel Plate Depot. Telephone 00 B. Croker. “There l» n« re-organizallon' movement that 1 know «i I regard Senator Murjdiy a s the *u*t<- iesder and have always done »o Hill has been trying to make It appear th.vt I am try­ ing to be the state leader I am not nor have I been trying f,,r that posi- A ^ e d as to Coler'* (-andidacy he said: is noOppositiuD to anyone that ' T h is is a m.atfer for delc- _ ___ lOW of. This is B m.atfer for gate* a t the conrentlon to settle. V antok StakM D*ro«'»;tfaral#b I* \Floor Ilriilt ^xtfc Sc.more s quartimake a n d w ear f u U y t ^ M a ^ - ----------- ^ ,.^ iv a a ! a to finlfalo .•MidlM'lablulk'aaei^ .. TRAKO. SUICIDED TO COVER CRIME. N e w c a s t l e . Pa.. Aug. s2— Ed.'== 'srd Jenkins, aged 21. committed sni- Ide by drinking carbolic acid here Ihi* morning. Jenkins, who waa marrierl only two month* ago to Miss Daisy Biddle, who Is connected with one of the oldest families In tbiscity, had been ^ “e to sund tL Shade Cured Teas. These are absolutely pure teas, use ^ Si^to^tlnouTyoS m“« toJCcity less of these than vou would of any o t h « ^ d g e t ^ e re- und the affair c.msed much eadtement. suits. We have the following brands of TR A K O T E A l. BIG ODDS OFFERED. English B reakfast, Olong, B a s k e t EilUi* NEW VOBK. AvgA 22.—E, A. SJdill ay bet §1,000 on IdieElnley at s j f to ' There fs eaid to be Hbout SJO.OOOof tod.,brtSSKtoiS .''t “ w Japan. Sun Dried Japan Atreet a t the kbo- lasBkltolMva bi IhakuwfiraM t.. t oh Biyan a t Call and get a sample free. C. A H R E N S i t SO N

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