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Dunkirk evening observer. (Dunkirk, N.Y.) 1889-1901, December 12, 1889, Image 4

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W t i i *lW W h irsw !i»itl<ree\s] U f . .,*'.■ ;, m m *1 irouW 1 H ii#a^«r/rtf;l»,t«. ip i i m B* K « f # u of. if* jUbHlitjDttlN^^ j' o t h 9 c y cM d f U m xfOl^re^ ,*fr4b.e BawWrk 0»»ay mnhtm'* ii^i« i»t3it.wo«», f. fttit tl • •rtoiiM tof K.!H 'ta«~ .r»ttf|i'f Woi»t» l tl • I wUtl TCK r HI wlaieavf.tspr 'liil?#! 0t>4-cnetifrt?tiiii!l ff ISropWJO,, m 1 W Mortdiir't-Frljaftyi.r.aft eiiooa,. »t 'fi»im o'clocfc,*' .4. ikdtclE w « : P m 4( ky ^ 4 , a u t’ie itV ^ < ..- ... - - 'oWrfc p w a y /faiil 1 ‘ ! . ’ J ' ; -llriifte *wW,iail??ttOlrf>sri;t!lklbana tuafer^lliHi^ lutd a OWo l!n« Jljtl T f^T f»aiC flM )^O f< « P a j 'm, CMitfloAi r |rou. OMij b9 lo r t It c«me , - hW cdSiplpte *^* »ii««n«Ql«?1<'frltk thoD a Q k irkC faadJ I ‘JWprlf*--td1%&IykiBii»Ith a llb li OOBdy. ■^Jrojt illle-foif C*pi,,'Windsor I i!Oi(Im iri»y r e m ^ b c r . tiMNr <^ogy wltb tbe ial| 4WcB J» the jb*di^6 o f coming quite wcU knot •»r»yi th<H»rd«ir,i'^IUifj ■m*af Tcsjww n n fqac cl atioD ind<i^ectI»Oir«^b { to those irbu care far tt) ^teelapd should tiavc 1 It maT bo of Interest t' bfother Is th e cOmpbst Tycoon.\ and that Mar 14 MWIlli o f , c h tlitm a i pres. •ftaJnPInslii 4Jbuma, t o ile t. Manicure ___ 0 t i t, B iyw faifieti, otc.. don't fall to call J ^ a f c i t k o i r a i r . : : ! . '- '- t l M r W f il —tlM i {aia l| p&iJile ’' ‘till Pisaccled C o o n jtjf^airi' i^Ten^away to every pur _________ good* » a & f ^ '» t '^ t c r 8 tre e t , 13i M and 1ft. inch dry iardwood ai cf-bemToOk slabs. Wklitoah i|al»a7fti I l i a oalt ilabi 11.79 per cord at Ham- dlto'&'syards, S17 Bagle street. *^W#ltoPsdd0c4, a well'known Lake ^6r# f r e i i ^ '. conldustor, suddenly died rtdteoi author o f''B rin k s ’’ 1 Doubt,\'”'!*1a Mrs-rs. b'rcred: M F that in more ways than .Iknd fflsy 1 k > said to lia a i public Interest. Mrs. f (lelaind ______ ly received the follpwli j ; notices among many otheVs. from Bufi lo papers. The first paragiapb is from 11 Ip Bullato Coar ier o f September 8, from the Fxpress o f Mrs. James W. Frcell td of Bmoklyn atie t » F in gave a pleasant the pariota o f tl Church. The object ol| Interest the misrton bai in the order of the Ki Mrs FrccirfOd took fur|l King's, Daughters—S about Service in tits Ni brief reaume of ihe woi Daughters and told bui lad throughout th i f i m p-.r-' 8 p i f a t ^ l f e .0 0 a . of h e a rt disei s e op bls.train wbitoion the iTajt to Erfe between Kingsville and iu d it|buls on,Monday ni^bt. Qidley is in receipt of a loiter ItoBa I h o t f e p J J 0 i Bates, saying they were proTenled fropt^tandlng the lad- ii»’ fair last evening, bnj that Mrs.Bates and h im self would be present lO'Digbi. --W ellerfs Ihairof booklets this year fa t e?ceed s p and extensiveness tb a f w h I c b M last year, and that was cones4fd-th« finest line ever shown l.f ia|hfecity<|, >-J'ohn HkWtbome, forin;erly master m echan!oi|i the lErlt thopa.at ifornells *▼1110, has Aoeepted a aimilar position witlr the Kew England & Western at Hartford, Ct. «-^The members o f James A. Garfield Oimp B. of y . are respectfully requested tOrWksembltf at J. Slener’s. 20G Central atenue, tbla evening at 9 o'clook) sharp. J. A. B axlet . spread throughoi now the mcihhcrs Hho th( thousands, form of urganizailui Iversalty to people ( U did not neccssiitate ly a coosetTaiHj In the old. 8he made ,hoold no necessi nt mm P m m m - pointed/In the 1 ^ 0 , d f this or. os, which some fk a s itv e rM itl. als *T. H. N,\ e order, l i he- n .an d Ip many |T#at M ddn ms tocopsidcr- owidg ‘itmlUai irfollows. Mrs- large sudlcnee. state that bar of •‘The Little Clare Spenser, \Benefit o f the id’s m o tber.so onoMrs. Free* 4 | s i f eeiuM f^iif r i ^ r wki9it - The wWtnt? ar-tlwi. \ ' i t a j l ^ m s A w h ta ^ n g ^ I s b i «MsiQ*i iMfliwirate. Jy‘Infi»Ir«sTor*'emras«ilHW,**‘-TiWaMm»« h e r e o f c o w riegM tosf«tlie«9iiilH « . tn t , tbltiit,^if t o o ‘m taydoft'i tMMWint s M f s r i i W 'i j s r 'S : ^p u b lfean party ha* coma ia»»p«wm> l!^***? 8atl i h e c tl l i a C A S H 4 t n > O N E P K I O E on them rtoadrupled;aadtbefs waaaboa'i an one man coord do before with the iBillT * ‘ a claim upon has late- the sce-'Nd her 22. little ta c yestcriesterday c y in Cosigregational he . u( that chui g’s DtuigbU er subject *.*Tbo ito Thoughts io.*’ She gave a ot the Klug'M ibe order bad c«.un»ry, aotil I high Into the it the reason this 1 appealed so un where was that t work, hut on- renewed .ellurt igreg' talk far. The propcwlUPa baa tuMa o fU» ad­ vanced to pfovld# avsry M««ab«r with a clerk during tbeaeaaioa. b u t t k ^ havs felt timid about v o tsf for ItThera is ao question b u t that such aprovlsloa would he to the advantaga o t tb s ooaalliuaa- cies and leavo Mimbtra much ursded time for their more important dutiea of staiesiuastblp. Mr. Laldlaw fa a f r s a t favorite wHh his fellow Mtsahars on a c ­ count o f bis good Jadgment, his atralgbi forward oplaloii and votM, hl« q u a lit ways and anecdotes. B e ilsttOugly rec ommended by bU collsaguea for promo­ tion to tbo chairmanship of the C ^ am it- Q Claims, on which be baareadered ave retluml Rpecial may yet I It h pl< this * Prio ml service. We hope tbs St be awarded bio lion. on which be dee. We bop tied bios. to f nd at the head ol concern [Govemmeot a former t banlauquaa, in. F. Palmer, and lie bas-a number of r county people th e re Hon. £. Co. wan of the Warren Mail, who teamed bis trade with Mr Palmer in Jameatown, is bb private secretary; Coleman £ Bishop b reading proof on the Record. Warren Fletcher b also proof reading; Charles F Fletcher b In the coipp'islBf tbat women should not lo i*< daughtcra uf thu King i the nauu0 It should strive to b avf theh 1 m slai •TbeOBsmiyiuihas Just received two lines ot aamptea ot tbo handsomest ball and dance I programmes over ihowq In tb b .city, j 8h<deties or private parlies a^pplied ajt the iQWest rates.-^1 Call ahd -Whan . — ^w .' 1st. . ^ IrO . T f h . ;ood place to got > restaurant. friii! Mrs. Freclani nc. the organlzpf >f tbo irhich all thesu ut||or8 ha' 1 only, iv l their work bear h a friend of Mrs ! I . 'Wrr|T«a'l * ^ s^ o o f c .'t$ts m |«ek«ta ’Iknd i s a 3 s s s r ~ “ ' a u i doii*riae.Giimi' fSi^igb, . B m m \ 0 m f r > *t ' / • m - r n m - o o i r in Buffalo [finer is I at the Am opposite 4cadem y Music. Ladies' prb vale dining-room. Everything ndw, well copked, well served. -The Sjtate Superintendent of Public Inatructiofi, the Hon. Andrew S. Ora pec, has jappolpted Frederick R. Green one p f the Local Board of Managers of Fredonla Normal School, in the place made.vac|int by tbe'death of, Mr. AJv% Colhqrn. . . ^ l a afiotber Colum a, will bo fonnd th e oorxefited time' table of the Buffalo, iHoebesfe^ and FUtsburg Railway Co. This Is a; well pkneRcd road; i u trains run promptly. Its cars are clean and ciom fo^ple and its . condnetors gentlem s ^ y and attentive. —Beanltifnl holiday books at Lyon’s drug fnclading Bweet Nature. TimnipJ Tranipi Tram p series. In the Olden Tlraei Tbe.A rtbls Yeaq Songs of BlrdEffe ami th*fliie«t o f all. In a Pair O u u n tm As well as all o f the poems in ctotKauiu leather, and all o f the 19, mo. hopkfl ] ■' ■ —The KR-Ket*Klub will gliro another -pleasant $oClal at their hall on Friday evening. December 13th. There will bo irt prjogrtinme of patomimes, rccUa- be followed by dancii Those wishing accommo- An admission ofSfi conU wlll bu^ charged which in- OlUdCf rufrcBbmeqts and whole enter- tkifiment^ --.Qbantaaqua CoUntyClerk'BOfflce,H: K o llci b l h erebjr given that panels of Grand a n d 'Petit Jdron| will be drawn at this Office on Wedbesday December iSth.^at ^ e f o 'c lock P , M.. to servo at a Circuit bouTt and Court ot Oyer and and »ho gave a brief history — causes which led to thu ^nuation of this, \ten.’’ The motto chof ;u ns a guide for this >ear's work by tb« centra* '•'Een\ is; \Uvercomo evil An i good ’ Mrs. Freeland b a pleasant ;»arlor speaker; she b of (|ulct, rotined mnocr. and evi­ dently a Woman of cultj ’aliuD. ''rbeUt* tie mission band before vbo(n the talk was given is unusually ( ;tivo lo luiaaioo ary woyk. It laseparal :d Into compan­ ies, all under one geuer 1 head. Kavhi one of these companies b given son ■branch pf foreign mb.<iii aaiy work fi ‘U» BpCi^la) attention. F om nme to time pa|.eraaro prepared ai d read by the . leaders hearing on mis'ah nary topics. *> Mrs. L 8l Freeland of Sew York gave an interesting parlor lal i 6n the subject of ‘ C h tbllaa Cousldera Ion” at the Wo n. n’s Christian A nso £ atlon Building last evening, 'fbe spealer gave a brief sketch of the birth of C m b t and the rel Igloos beliefs and exp p^ialions at that time. She then recuj good deeds Uo hud doi The Jamestown Journal saya o f tba effect o f the recent Moody meetings la “'robably never lo the bis- down was there so much that city \Pro tory of Jamestow n was the re to m u d interest and thought in religious maUen as sinceince thehe laborsabors off evangeUstvangeUst Moodyoody. s t l o e M On Hunday alt the churches were flllra. Its have sprung. ibero has n o theea as much exclte- history • o f the ment and display af feelings as In aome prtvlotis revivals, the truths whicl) Mr Muoily uttered have taken strong bold on the minds and hearts of mcnabers of the community and most of tbo church­ es have decided to continue evaagelical efforts through another week io order ,f tb . B o ffiilo * D e c . 9 , 1 8 8 9 . ^ e r 0 Id a p a r a d o x . 'Wiiifer garmeixts are againat cold iveatlier. Makers arc for it. Too little cold .weath­ er, too few garments wanted. Ju0t 80 now and the makers are sorrow-f uL There is a slight fever in the cloak departm ent W e are called in professionally. W e prescribe price-letting. A w ry face, and tlie makers take the dose, but you take the gains. W e ha' lines o l Newmarkets, Connemams, H eavy winter jackets. Misses’ newinarkets, Children's coats. The IcHis is the maker’s, not ours. W e don’t make even a little on them, but you reim the harvest. The prices on some wTaps have been cut in two. Y o u ’ll feel like pitying the work people. Don’t Loss away this side of them. Lems to somebody— no matter whom. Taken all in all this w ill l>e the most noteworthy reduct­ ion of this winter’s season. through to rrap the harvest i lecd Mowiog. It theannusl election of offlixn Up- I post. No. 23f. G. A. R.. of BaUvia ! folluwlng>wlng officersicers f«r thehe cosolDg off tor t cosolDg e chosenhosen . Oommsnder, £. A. year were c . Perrin; aeqlor vlci ’Thomas; Junloir :e-commander. lolu vice-commsoder, lurgeon, ’Dr. C. E Dewey; Iter. R. E CburcfaiU, officer ................... f heeler. “ quarten of the day. Uarrbun Wheeli lard, D W. Griffis; officer of lelcgate Woolte I subjects au(i Idd rt-colre-colre the shoul rt of all (.'brbtians shoho revertedcvorlcd lo s r lo events conne»led with ferrecl to the War wfiUi freedom of the Negro Ltt dulyuly thehe otherther daa tha d t o d nessgd a scene that ba i that another form of sia It was tho unnccesssry laws's miplons to poor i es. The scene l«» wb was tho1)atrol v Ing people- She liad 'ted man roughly bunt! on by two ot lhrec|burl| | what she thought was c > atlon than would havt iuanimate objeett Thl tlnD-llke;lt was lllllo* Here was a subject fo aideratlon Tbo speak 2 various other fields wb( aideraUon and Chrlilia ollpenjcfl » eonslder- Bhown So wa.s not Chris- 2^ than cruelty. {Christian cofi- also Indicated ('&Ti«tiaa coB< »ofb weroDCc- Sktlieil Heel ii ti >n. whenever It ia a great inything bapponito nAchlnery aroundl tibQ ft tlona. &cL to nod t loclftl good time. t« plky c irds will find ample i driiona. All are Invited. Ao a printing office to be a d compcfenl l# dlacoyer k put it in proper condlt oi condition of affairs ba p day to the great prCs- ’’F ah -HBH ' h print* d. Eogineerlng Work*” When they sent Mr. E . ' I', ot their best workmen, ages. Ho did tbo work skillfully, and soon hu perfect order. Mr. P rl» stands bis buslucss to a E E \ bahneshengerer . *C. o ' ’ h e O l d R e l i a b l e B o o t & S h o e S t o r e ceipta In 1830,,1490, |4fO, last year over 95,000. mmamammmaammmmammmmmmmmmmmmmmmaammammammmm many of the m^ldrawiiig tbcrei- jhijugtus that I ciiuiiderattup |ra Bible times n limes and hem She ro I ml sVeored the arcs, and said she bad wit- convinced her H U M. B. C. CONCERT. thud of arreat an In^oXica Into thc'id’ag- llpenjcfl with Lily Dale la flourisbtog. housea bayo been built since I of September, all good oacs. Fpu mure bouaes are planned and will go op soon. Every season since I8S0 has shown 33 per cent Increase lo atten- dance over the preceding year. \Re ceipta in 1830 last year over 95.000. —Frednnla Censor. There is no happier present from husband to wife thAn a sealskin. A royal luxury there is that comes with no other garment— a man knowi nothing about it, but where’s the woman who doesn’t long for one? The pick among them is excellent— all stylisu shapes— all Alaska seal, London dyed — we doubt if you could nnd its equal anpvnere. A n d we make prices on them that put them within the reach o f those middle of even numerate mean& Burglar Founil In ills Flour Barrel! ]:H S T E U M 5 KTAL!Blai|ietsanj G oves and M Wo h i r o not lima to enter Into foil ptrUculfiri. Vnt .will merely call your attention tot our display of j Holiday Slipper*, slippers are just tbo thing for gentlemen Ypu knp# from your past experience how dlficult It bfts been to find a,suitable present for your faushanch P*P». - or your — genUman friend. W. 0. Heiwer Co. can help you « ul of y o u r dilemma If. you wiU ! ca!^at reithec of their Stores they will 135A' S . fil. H A M I L T O N ’S Con. E ai le and TmuD | t . . D i ^. m „ k MAY BE FOUJ^! take pleasure in showing you the finest isprlmcnt of ‘piiprers ever ahown .iu this section. -M USIC I more a laxary Vat a neocMlty is svery i A K r i m i c H & B a c h , - i Patri G. Mehlin & Sons, Mathnsliek, and otliBr »tEHsfP IA M 'O S;! Farrand . ^ Votey ' fa arc mak'ng It powibte for it-elsM PlssoorOi ee« Uist roo «* aXord. and os oatf Its that TOO cu Week flBMt la ItaU part of the intrv, and ererv PU bo and Orgoa la fuUy i O R (x A N ,'S 1 t n>. hat If yoB cannot come jrooraeJX acpd m V .-' w _lu. .X, v , N.X -s ; « u il asylB* that you think of buying, and violin^ Ilsnlttg. Ouitara. and nil kinds 'I mil call on you or aena yoo a Mtalofue. | Muolcal Is»truiucnta. otrUi^. fto. liEID 'S;M U S IC HOUSE, J. Q . B A K E R ’S Astonishing Low Prices c j i v e d { r k F I N E S H O E S A N D B U E l B E R G O O D S Hais made a B ig Trade the past month. I have just rc- •d another invoice and ca.n give bargaiirs bottcr than ever. A Child’s Bpring H e el N ld Shoe, worth $1.00 for 60c. Don’t forget m j $g.00 Kid Shoes for $l..'>0. I have the finest $3.00 Shoes in the market. A ll French Kid and Hand Turned only $4.00. For comfort the “F oot W aumeu ” is the proper shoe C all in and be convinced at HARNI i ;S S , SA D D L E S , W H IPS. m s s , S A W , J. W. PER 209 Cl iNT^AL 4 ve ., D unkirk , N. Y. H S T A B U S H E B 1864. Anthroc— ___ , s a a i i & t .Canncl Go J. gisata Coa , Foundry t anltti Wood, f u d. Woml, 8oX . Lumber Shinglee, i 'Ino Sblnxles, iroilc Lath, Pirn. t.ath. Hon lock. Posts, Red Cedar. r<nts, Oh< utnHt. laytlu 'dera taken by TelDltfono, Ko. io. Ivimo Comont, •b0l>O8L •^mng rtnir ; s » llgig\ t I.AROR VARIR' OP U latwcat roMilMi Prloflo. Sell Sa(!ques, S E A L SEAL J A C I E T S , a ) , w i * t e c . i l i . ' p y ■ j --- AT—. WlIPPMlT’S FALO, N.Y. 321 Main S i . , BUF a T; s ; ri^iAffSitsmoKycHlliiiHEts. k e r l ^ . J. Q . c;i04 Central Avenue. B A K E R ’S , D u n k i r k , N SrccEssoR TO D A N F O J ITH CO. h m t s t U U n T u H r» a Inii lilt,' . E.C. NERRTA C 0 , { ? f a W x a ‘ OPERA HOUSE, W e d . J a n . 1 s t,’9 0 S tar (l^lothing uJo. 315 ,L io n S tr e e t. Keep Your “ I” on This Spxce. A V ISITO R S A IP s to find a mani Uuablo ifidi J uat this ned WcdnC* which the 'Ifie ’’Dunkirk caUed upon. Parkhurat one repair dam- InlcItigGatly aed vcrylhluf ^ | o f a l We have just opened out a large and ohoic© “MONROE line oi icy Top» K f \ - ; ;is it tens. ms, KINS. U L S I E f t S , FirgQij, SANITAfiYPLUMBINe s H O S E H o liday I HOLIDAY Tmtmiperjto ba held at the Court Hou^e la the Vi of Mayville, In and for th f Cofinby of'Chautauqu*., on the first 'fbe Nickel Plato wi 1 1 3II tickets at reduced rates between til utatJons com­ mencing Monday. D( r. 3d. 1HS0.' leaday Jan. 1st, 1 !90 T h a t is the finest H o lid a y Haroll StoaiH HeatiOg C^IHp’y. display I e v e r .saw .” JIA'ctinei « « k ,yoa. J ^ W l r i r , hfii foof to •hiVUtlWitfofwnyofifi: Tf; A - « rin* 1 ;,, ML,.A t ., 6omm^Jflc- ol.thi'w#it Monday; i(6th. day) of January 1890. I E. P. PuT»AM. Clerk. Dated, ^ayvUlc, N. Y.. bee. 9. ’89. | j —T h t Beconjd ABsIatant Poatmaater- General. who h u charge of the railway mail Mryice, h u ordered the eatabli^ab- mefit o f d railroad mall route between Buffala aiid Hornellsvllle, op the Now York. L t to Ktia & WOitern Railroad, Theordei dlracto t h t aopfrlntOndent t f the New York dlvlsloii to put on a dally line betw itn the two point* with postal oar SO feet In length, inside m euurem ent, the d a t e d the commencement of tlie je r t i o t to be Mttled aaioon a* the other preliaaina dea are arranged. —T^e tMrd day of the Teaobere' In­ stitute at- Wwtfleld yesterday was moat^ train to and inclodlDg . Inquire of 3d,^11 NECKWEAR H is A n sw e r w a s: Jr-i-x* Mi gsiD W Gas |jttiii|[. S l M K S i P l ) M P S , & c . First-flassiWork and |L ow Prices, PiUcuta Ur; fill I. To chizena of New Y irk during th** past week, and reportci fo ' this papo by 0. A.. Snow & Co. |Fa! i*nl lawyers. Opp. C. 8. Patent Oil fi’. Washington. D C. A L Andrews, Fred fils window; J Baatlan. DaosvUle, las 1, b lii Bowdlah, Bkanoateles. f tc4n Comrio; Glov I N . ‘P R I C E S T A J .K ly l i l s n n|p by Dr. Palmer, who ipol a t three different time# daring the day on \ L i n k a g e .\ Tbo talk s . were of mnoh h t o a f i t t o t h e teMheni and wore appredatid. The time between hla TectnrM raaopeupied by tbo condnetor, * DrA.|hro, In thelorenoOn with a con* tiafiatlon of fil* second day'* talk on JTr*%a~Trim»ing», Meiers II ‘»j|dnb«U< nal MUklma, their History ao fi. Practical Application!'’; In the afternw beheld a clast exercise which wes wi reMlved. The . exorcises of the d*^ MiHee' bponelj, i ^samiaik waft'ltnowtt U m I • v , ^ ^ ^ ^ 4 n t e r ^ - ^ o y a r hAlhomi, plflirt ^ThIrt.Strect. y<mriaa«thVHule.one* Asylfun and sclool clewed Wi dt f diseus«ion, opened by A* M. PreitpiD, on. “ h o w to ProTfent ^ H l*- r hl« present of a ■-'Kmam, m r tport. m sfneto clintrlb machine; ] 8 Comey. Stapleton, i ^vll ?ht; J Cor nell, Potsdam, table, W \p :x>m, Litil Falls, chair; G W Cu pm! ^gw, Cuhuca. kaiUlng machine; T Ci ^ley w o y , pipe conpling; M W Dewey ! 8y acuac. elec­ tric beater; R Dick, Be a l f , addrcaaiog machine; G J Dlcksoi A Ibsfiy. door closing device; RFqate Ti i»y. brnsh; It Galbraith, Laoslngho oven. F II Gibbs. Syracuse, trlcyt ». I R Jewell. Rochester, copying p rr #: > Kauiz. Al­ bany, mason’s hawk, 1 jLtiolip. SVrr. ISO. ciemcmlng raw hi je; J B Long.Bo- ester. filter pan; J P iHcSl ahm», Buf­ falo, fire alarm; F B W w e r i. F t Plain, hydrocarbon burner,M Honl loo.Ogdcns- g. freezer; E P Morf(f, T umaosburg. N|wbor^; cn paring.” This d itcuM lto brought out a good many ideas, each teichet havief a ‘ ■ eoht I t ha*a* 'itew ih a it. I t h l I Wfcwdiiwii i. m m . W n TC v ** jpwar. la Tecks, Puff8 and Fonr-in-Hands. B® People’s Store I j *^IFTY years ago the * Gbot Houjihwife's' lot M w a s o n e lo bcndm lrcdraib-ribafienyJcd. (M - L • largearge praclicalraclical knowledgenowledge» t o ' l p k known to h er t b i t the health and family, her special H e y l B l o c k , C e n t e r S t . lily, h er special cure, depend :d il In providing not only an sibu id srlfty of vegetable food for h t^ Bdom it was ineks of the skill a variety With psi Huui loll. paring and coring, buskin wife did by far the grealicf t limited - • •------- *ely oh h idanci, but Cbiefl. r Iter’s lardoi. COMPLETE U N E DP — how l i t , ----- ----------- , - ---- , ___ _ what may be had to-day atrcttSoni We cost instead off day* of Irksome labor. 7 ho prjcsei t perfcclioo in th i process o f preserving fi n i l t an d vf g etapleS w a s n e f yealiCf t hare ; h e r larder diyittg. tha f Summer’I mipared t> t instead off ujruru%'t»fuvu barg^, freezer; E P Mor fifth wheel; G M Mulle gine cm off; P Nolan. gine cm off; P Nolan, toch (ster. butinc lighting fliiM to lamds.' P O’Mar- ra. Kingston Binder; A Oslerhout, 'ra . 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Even help the variety coo|ittbutlr^ but substantial food at ince, Englal “ b u t substantial food a trea^ofiddfe cl)8t, l^pon i platform in the centre o f bu rsto n arojpyramids of Canned Goods with a card f o m u la as follows: the best goods i 1 Maine, Delawan;' our own State, a, 1 d, and -German:' Oaty d ^ icaci^ Eslialilft C ki^kr. W e s e l l M o w A n •eoofiA -ctIJU M i J lxi ;QliiN K € i h K a p r io e s . , a n d w e e jO M N s a o t m j t 0 p t a D t i i ^ r d m S x ^ tL O U B . Our Tomatoes a r e s o l i d p a c k e d . Peas from France. ■ P u m p k i n s , Enough for two Pi«3s. M u s h r o o m s . A s p a r a g u s , ' Champidii of England, • jp e o d e r , . Apricots,. I B e s t doi-ri 1 3 c . p a n s for 8 0 c . S t r in g E e a n s l i e H i^ e i M e l l o w StnTS A T T BE STAK K u reFA C T tm o ra c o m j r r . ihes, £ u c c a t a s h , dalifw|e Sugar -'t- jgEES O F E) S f ! f J IS, . 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