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Lake shore news and times. (Silver Creek, N.Y.) 1946-1960, July 09, 1959, Image 1

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~TE 'If n.n:nents I ...,. r · \\rsan~ :o's TER YE 4-3141 til 9 p. \'· am - -~ 4 The husband was teliing the divorce judge-uThen, I cam·e )!orne and found my mfe ern- bracing a strange n::;an , 1 .. J. dbut what hurts mos't ox a1 u ge, when she sees me s~e says to +his strange man, Well look 'bo's here, old blabbermouth, w .~ the whole neighborhood _ n{h> _ _, , will know · .)( The Silver Cree!' Chamb}r of commerce would hke to warn ' -k Again the Silver Chan;>-ber of Co=ercie, alOng with the Better Business Bureau urges you not to do business mth the \'Model Rome\ sales- man. You will always be the loser. Deal with local, reliable contractors who give you . qua- lity workmanship -Qsing materials purchased from local suppliers. Druggist to ove Sto(e To JVer1 tton Building Connflrs Rexall drug store viill be moved to the 11ew Patton Eledrie Co. building at the comer of Ivrain St'. and Central .he. Aug. 1, it is announced this week. A lease agreement .was transacted l\IIonda.y for the oc- cupancy of the· space at 4 Main St. by kuthony and ill:rs. E E. Battaglia, ovmers of ~~ll's Drug Store, and Guy Pat- ton, mvner of !h~ ne\v Patt_on Electric Co. bmldmg, effective Aug. 1. .. • · h ' 'l.d Cvn...~ucnon OT L e new nuL - incr is nearing completion. Ent-! ra~ee to the drug store will be on fue Main St. side of the building nearest to Roof's Rest- anrant. l\lr. and Mrs. Battaglia moved from Buffalo to Silver Creek ~hen they purchased Connell's drug store from Louis Connell in July, 1957. The, drug store was onened by Mr. Connell m its present location at 28 Main St. jn February, 1955. In announcing the agreement to shift the location of his drug ztore, }Ir. Battaglia stated \we have confidence· in the gTowth and progress of Silver Creek and our decision to move our store was reached with the hopes of better serving the area.\ -~--*·---- Exchange Student Stricken Iii Here A Swedish exchange student wh-;;- became ill while driving tW:~:!gh Silver Creek Sanday was treated at Hanover General Hospital before resuming his trip tn Washington and New York and eventually to hls home in Mora, Sweden. Karl Sickuey, 20, who has been attending school in Mi~e­ sota; drove into the hospital )larking lot to ask f~r help . af- ter he became ill while drrvmg. --~*·---- Zion·Church Women Horseshoes Lose First Game 1 ~0 <S-e- The recent1y elected membe~s I of the Ladies Board of Tn- Co11llty Country Club held their organizational meeting Thursday at which time 'Kathy Goodell was elected chairman and i.rrs. Mary Ehmke was -narned secretary-treasurer. Sening as handicap co-chair-~ ~en for the season are Mrs. Oode]l and J-1rs. Doris New- ;nan. Mrs. Maybelle Schell and o!~. Jean Bentham were ap- Pointed toumament co-chairmen. f Plans for a guest day break- ·ast on J nly 23 and Open Day on A.ug. 6 · were discussed. · 'l'he tournament chairmen an- ~ounced that the July ringer I)TJ.'11arnent is underway. They urged ln b nl i~ . ~rn ers to not o y en- r this rournament but also to 1 Post '\\ - f lho '-\;nr qualifying scores or I ,.hi. Dn;ector's Cup tourney cit Wlll begin neJd: week. I MRS. P.m. - Co-Chairmen Mrs. Pelletter and Eugene Burgess anno.unced today that the Chla- vetti barbecue v.rill be .served at An electrical company work- j·he Babcock school recreation man was injured early Sunda3 area . if the day is fair, or inside afternoon when he feU from the the Babcock school if it rains. roof of the Lakeview Bo~ling All proceeds from the affail' alleys, where he was working. will be used by the local PTA Gerald McGowan, 67. Burgese group .to str·engthen and promote cit was discharged fJ:om:Ranover its program for the next school G~ie:ral Hospital after treat- year. ment for several rib fractures 'The local PTA, under the dir- and hand and head lacerathns. ection of \its president Harmon An employe of the Johnson- Barnes, is looking- to a big-ger 3eebe company, he was taken ancl better\ near of activities next' to the hospital by the Emergeny school year, and much of the -~e!ief squad ambulance. success of this venture will de- .-:,. * pep.d .upon the responset'to nex 1 ·t Mrs. Frank Lee and Miss week's dinner. Thrs is ne on Y Stella Bethune of Be~hune, .fund raising project for the South Carolina are spendmg a. year, few v¢eeks with ::Jl!ll·. and Mrs. Last year :Ralph Tiller of 'Sunset Bay. were se1'ved. Demonstration of Water . Safety.: Schedule_d July 18 A 1vater safety demonstration . . _ ~ ·.'lill be· o-iven on Saturday, July lboa?ng enthusrasts thl·ougnom; • 8 · t'ho R · 11 -ove Town Park navrgable waters has produced J. ' m e a r ' I d'ti h . t L 1 · d ff th·e.·· foot o-\ Alle-/ con 1 ons azardous o wa,er ocate D . . .L ~ . . -·, -.J.. • _ . Rd ; • west· of Cattarau- safety .. With chis thought . m gany -, ,usc lmind the Erie County ·Sheriff's gusGreek.. _ ' _ ·~ . Thi \ ~ k · ro·cated in Chau- Department Will have on drs- :::! PaT \'- JS 1 • :t :J - d · • c nty · J·us't acro<s \he p ay Its weapons u.se m cmm- ~.~auqua ou , · ... ~... · · · d · hne from Erie County. The teracting thr~ haz3;r . demonstration· w:ill begin at 2 . Feat:rred m th1s demonztra- d ·t :i!; e\---pected ;• will twn will be the safety -car, the pl. tm. ~1 6I . ·,n c amphibious \duck\ ana volun- as un,, P- - b b h . Particiuating in the demon\ t~er mem ers of oth t e JY~a­ stration -will ·be thg United :·me and U11d~rwater Rescue Drv- Staies Coast Guard, Erie and lSlon (skin diVer=SL . ~ Chautau ua County SheTiff's _ Stanley Zuzel, Drrector oL Depar:m~nts, · American~ Red }Vater. Safety, T;'vvn of _Rano;~r Cross, Coast Guard Auxiliary, 1~ c,harrma;r of t:J:le day-s activ';: New York Sfate Department of 1 ~;es. Cap1:am Lams G. ~a';er, OJ. Public Works and local voJun-~ cGe Erre Coun.~ Shenff s ~e- . t - partment and Bill Fawdry, Chle:f eef~ere is no question that the 1 of Pol~ce, Town of Hanover are ·increase of pleasm·e craft and 1 co-chaumen. Clip and Save in Your Directory Sll VER CR~EK EMERGENCY NUMBERS Silver Police ....... ............ YE 4-2112 your name and Police wlw will l

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