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Albany N , Y , '\'*12203 Support Your United Fund 144T H YEAR NO. 7 Fastest C r o w in g W eekly N e w spaper tn N o rthern New York a l a n d S t e m t b l f r a s t Serving the g r e a t e r Lew i* County area since 1830 Give y o u r “fair share 99 LO W V ILLE, N.Y. 13367 W EDN ESDAY, O C T O B E R 3, 1973 20 PA G E S - 15 CEN T S m HEADS DRIVE • Georg* Foley, N n r Bremen, p o stm aster of Low - vllle, has been named genera) chairm an at this year’s Lewis Cowoty Oatted Fuad Campaign. Is the u u x x n e sm set, F uad President William Hast ex­ pressed coafldoset thst Mr. Fo­ ley would do an outstanding Job Js a a d on his many community Rev . Salmon Leaves Area Bee. Father Albert Salmon, pastor of St. M ary's Catholic Church, filssfloM, sad Its m is- s k a of a t . Thomas Churub,Orulg, has been transferred after sloe year* to th* pastorate of St. Mary** Church of Tteoods rogs. F a ther Salewa has boeo toe- seeded as pat t a r of St. M ary's • S t. Thomas by H er. Father Edward E. Papp, who baa se r - eed aa pastor of St. George’s Cbareh ta Barks. The transfer ts etteettre to­ day. P r io r to hoeomtng pastor at GlaaOeld’a St. Mary's Cbareh, Father Saimaa aarw a d a JSt. Ac- a s # C tarab, Labs n t o L I t M a ry's, Canton, sad St. B a r- aard’a, Lyoa Mouatata. A aattee of Brooktya, Fathar S s I bmb saread wtth toe O, 8. A m y to Italy towtag WorU War H, h etag dlacbarged ta l t d . B a hM aerewd to r years as fto tr w s a of too board of d t r - e e tart of Lewis Cowaty Oppor- W attles, Iso. Ba M s also beea associated wtth Compretooatv* Baalth Plaaeiag to r Jefferson, Lewla, S t. Lawrence aad Frank- Ua w t i a c aad the bow Lewis Cowaty Adalt Activity Csotar for tee Aged. He la a past presi­ dent of tee Lewts Coaaty Mini­ sterial Aasoctattac and has beea as active aaember of the 3-C Votaatoor F ire Department. He la a m a a b a r of tee Lewis Coaaty Americas t mlrwi Aside from bis dotteo as a prtast, Father Salmon la weQ- kaowu throaghowt toe area, state aad M tk a as a loader of the O n c e b o x e r . . . Save Railroad Measure Okayed activities tn the p a s t \M r . Fo­ ley brings to the United F und Ms ability to get the Job done, and feels that the goal of 138,500 is well within reach If all Division Chairman and other w o rkers pot forth the effort that they a r e cap­ able of.’’ The Industrial Division ta already under way, and r e s i ­ dential will soon be started. Veterans’ at Foreign W a n , h a v . h g served aa national chaplain. Be is currently a m em b er of the N a tkoal Security Com m ittee of REV. ALBERT SALMON the V.F.W, and s tate chaplain. He lx state chairm an of the V.F.W. Committee on Indecency la L it­ erature and Publications. Father Salmon la a repreeeo- tire of the Missionary Diocese of Vlaaa, B r a s il, and has dooe considerable m issionary work among lepers In Soath Am erica. He la a member of the Diocesan Pastoral Council of the Diocese of Ogdensburg. ONCE BOXER - Frank Belash, 81, East Roed, Lowville, one­ tim e professional welterweight boxer, died S ept. 25 a t h is home. M r, Balash, known In boxing circles as the \Lewis County Plowboy,” was horn In Pigeon, Mich., April 28, 1912, a son of Michael and Mary Palko Balash and came to Lewis County as a child. He m arried the form er Helen Hon go In 1929. M r, Balash fought on the sam e bin as Sugar Ray Robinson at Starbuck Arena In Watertown In 1934. The only known profes­ sional boxer from Lewjs County, he fought under the auspices of the Onondaga Fight Club o f S y ra­ cuse. His manager was the well- known J o ie Nltro. At Starbuck Arena In W ater­ town, he often fought barefoot, which led to his name, the \ L e ­ wis County Plowboy.\ Before be- (Contimed cm Page 6) Lewis County Board of Legis­ lators enacted Tuesday a r e s o l­ ution from the floor calling for tbe U.S. interstate Commerce Commission to take Into con­ sideration tee severe economic setback it would be for Lewis County if any curtailment la r a il service was to result from say plans to salvage the financially distressed Peon-Central System by cutting down the number of m iles of track covered by the Une. Tbs resolution was Introduced by Legislator Eugene Patterson, R^O rleg, and enacted unanimous­ ly by the b o ard, 9 -0. Legislator Jobs Colvin, R ., Copenhagen, was Ul and unable to attend tbe sesskm . It was brought to tbe attention of tbs board by ten JOURNAL AND REPUBLICAN teat there waa an exMbit before tbe Inter­ state Commerce Commission, currently debating in Washington what coarse to take In the rail dilem m a, to reduce the sise of the Penn-Central System from 80,000 m iles to 11,000 mUes, which is described in the exhibit ea e \maximum viable c o re s y s ­ tem .\ It la contended teat the current system of 80,000 milee is simply too large to operate efficiently and Is the Mack. Tbe 11,000-mlle \.maximum viable core system ’’ before the I.C.C. for study calls for tee e> UmlnaUoa of the r a il spurs from U tiet to Lyons F a lls tnd Carthage to LowvUle, which would com­ pletely Isolate Lewis County a s te r aa r a u service Is concerned. Doaens of Lewis County bus­ inesses and Industries, which now depend upon Peon-Centre! tor a largv volume ol their freight traf­ fic, would b e seffossly effected b y bofag forced to utilise m o re ex­ pensive truckteg. It was provided in toe resolu­ tion tin t copies be sent to the LC.C., Senators Jam es L . Buck­ ley and Jacob K. Javits and Con­ gressm an Robert C. McEwen. The major portion of the morn­ ing section of the board waa d e - voted to a discussion regarding the dilemma tbe c o n t y will face on January 1, at which time the VJrklgr Funeral Home will no longer provide ambulance service to the nine townships at the center of tbe cotmty, in­ cluding tee Town of LowvUle. Representatives o f the towns w ere present and opened tee dis­ cussion with Supervisor Chester K, V irkler, R,f LowvUle, stating ihat, aa te r as the towns were concerned, they w are of the op­ inion teat tt was tea county's responsibility to maintain am­ bulance s e rvice, CM lrm ah ot toe Board of Leg­ islato r s Paul C . M a rs, H_ C a s . tor land, countered that he did not teel It was a county racpoo- atbUlty. \ I t la not the county's obligation,’’ Mere s tated, \ t o get anyone to the hospital.” Legislator Irvin* K raeger, D., CoostablerlUe R J ) ., aald be did not think the nine towns involved should come to the cotmty with tee request. Be pointed out t t e t two villages within h is legislative dis­ trict w ers s e rved by ambulances provided by the people of tbe villages a e rred. He concluded Hist he did not think the towns making the request o f the county 4 - H W e e k Several yeer* ago, tbe phrase; \generation gap” was bounced sroond by adults aad young paopla alike. Youtha w a r t accused of not wanting to commmticste with tbetr ald e r s , whUe their a l ­ d e r s w e re accused of not wanting to talk to thetryoun*. sta r s . Today, tha “ generation m a D n j |j M t s aad kids can take some of tee c redit. Now, young peo­ ple aad adnlte e r e w o titag together to solve mutuel p ro­ blem s. This s o r t of cooperation Is wall dem onstrated through 4-H, which will be obeerv- tag 1972 Netlooal 4-H Week, October 7-13, keynoting the theme, “ 4-H Gets I t AH To­ gether.\ were fulfilling their obligations. The dilemma actually faced by tee nine towns tnd tbe county Is what type of ambulance service Is to be provided. An offer has been extended to the towns and/ or county by the Lewla County Search and Rescue Service, Inc., to provide a volunteer service for a contract at 328,000 par yeer, plus tbs cost of transpor­ tation i of patients from Lewis County General Hospital to other hospitals. A representative of the City Ambulance S ervice of Malone was in attendance and answered various questlooe. T h e Arm h f s also mads an offer to prortdg a service to the comity. Lawsoo V irkler of toe V irkler Funeral Home, which is currently providing the area’s am b u ltace needs, stated that he though* the Lewla Comity Search and Res­ cue S ervice could bundle toe task at providing tbe service to much the sam e manner a s the C arthage Rescue Service. Lowville Attorney E a r l Dunck- el. who bad appeared b efore toe legislator* with St. Lawrence Stats Hospital social w o rker, Ri­ chard Reis ter, to explain toe new Lewie Comity Adult Activity Cen­ te r , also addressed too board aa toe S tarch aad B tecot Sarvlce'a legal oounsel. Ha aald that at a m atting of to t S tarch aad Raacuo Service held Monday CTaotng, the problem of reaching an a g ree meet w ith the towna to provide tee t t r r i c e wsa dlscoaaed. It appears the towna had found teat the oautimet offered by the Search aad Rescue Service was not to ttehr satis faction. ,, I'OgtBttter Robert L o rm o re, R , LowvUle, got tote too dlm r eustlan over tba potat of to e towns ta d / o r eoroty paying for tea coat of transporting patients n o n tb# LewlJ Cotmty G o o tr tl Hospital to other toatitntieos, a Point in the contract which toe towna had rejected. He aald that only a m atter of a fhw ttexuaand dollars was Involved and that he waa to r e that if tbe towna eel- (Conttnued on Rage 5) 6 j u n k y a r d s g o . • • Six m o re automobile Junkyards in Lewis Comity were on their way to being eliminated - - at least from public view — this week aa S tate Police of the Low­ vUle Subetatlon continued their crackdown on the eyesores. Trooper Matt Donnelly, who is heading tbe crackdown by State Police, informed Michael J , B lair, Lowville, Lewis Comity c o ­ ordinator of the New York S tate Council of Environmental Ad­ visors, which Is pressing for a clean-up of all such Junkyards in the state, that one Junkyard o p era­ tor who had previously been con­ tacted was again checked and found to have made some pro­ gress towards cleaning up his yard. In addition, Trooper Donnelly told B lair that he had contacted five o thers, one of whom o p erates two yards, and teat amwtantlal progress towards clean-up waa being made. Norman E. D elies, who oper­ ates a Junkyard on Route 26A be­ tween New Bremen and Croghan, waa contacted again by Trooper Donnelly. He said he waa tn the process of dragging Junked ve­ hicles to the rear of a natural cover of trees and that he planned to plant additional trees. Robert J . Van Nest, who has a amall yard on the West Roed, Town of LowvUle, ares contacted by Trooper*. He stated he would aeU what parts tad vehicles he could and that he would plant treea to shield tee remaining ve­ hicles. Troopers noted that one side of the sm all yard (re a r ) waa fenced wtth m aterial that ea, according to T rooper*, out o f sight of tbe roadway. blocks the view of the yard. Arnold J . Widrfck, who resides oo tiw Long pond Rd., Town at Croghan, and te a yards et two locations along the road, was contacted. One yard Is located about .4 mUes from the Inter­ section of the E rie Canal Rd., and tbe second is located about .6 m iles from the E rie Canal Rd. Mr. Widrick Informed Troopers that he will begin to move a ll vehicles and p arts to tee re a r of and down a sm a ll MU located to the rear of U a home. This ari is well Joseph Kafline, who has a Junk­ yard located on the Snell Rd., Town of Watsoo, waa contacted. He stated be would dreg all ve­ hicle* and p a rts to the r e a r o f Ms property. Trooper DooneUy said the area constitutes a natural b a r r ie r and would fulfill hla o b li­ gation to Section 138 at the Ge­ neral Municipal Law, which re­ quires that the yard* either be fenced In o r out o f sight. Troopers said tee encountered som e difficulty with Ell A. B u r­ dick, who h as a Junkyard on Route 12, just north of Burdick’s C ross­ ing. T ires and other articles w e re found tn front of a barn facing tiw roadway. The T ro­ o p e r s ' report continued: \ T o the re a r al the barn and tn public view, one can see a sm a ll number of Junked vehicles and farm ma­ chinery located on a small hill. Burdick araa advised of tee law and asked to move the various a r ­ ticles. It wsa noted teat to tiw front of the sm alt h ill, there could be seen a n a tural b u d depression. Burdick waa advised test if the articles were dragged forward, they would be out at sight and be would bare conformed with the law. He then expressed tee opin­ ion teat if he had tn move the articles In question, O at local new snd used c a r dealers should move their vsbclles out of sight. He wsa teen again advised of the law ss It pertains to Junked ve­ hicles and told that b e M d a two- week period to comply o r face arre s t. As of Sept, 27, the ve­ hicles and other a rticles bad not been moved.” Troopers were contacted by M r. Burdick on Sept. 88 and ad­ vised that be had complied with tee law. He ted dragged a ll but one vehicle Into the depression; Indicating Ihat tiw one d.’d not break the taw since the law stip­ ulates that \two o r m o re\ vs- Mcle* constitutes a Junkyard. Trooper* said the littered tires remain and t t e t the investigation wlU continue. GYM FUND - The Universal Gym Fund a t LowvUle Academy stand* at $2,374.17, with only 8620.85 a till needed to reach th e original goal of $2,898. Contributions this post week Included: $200, Ktwanls Club; $98.38, collected by LACS stu­ dents in door-to-door canvass; $10. M r. and M rs. Donald S c - te s t e r ; $10, M r. aad M rs. Ri­ chard Rlaal; $9, Mr. and Mr*. Leonard V irkltr. In tee photo, P e ter Grogan, president of the Ktwania Club, la shown presenting a check for$ 300 to Neal Aufcel, coach a t LACS aad one of tba originators o f the 0 m fund* , ^ Co-chairm an at a a e n t a s e s ' Groqp backing tha fund driv e , Loren Schoff and B e rnard W all- gory, announced that on S a tur­ day evening, November 3, there will be a high school dance, the proceeds of which will b e turnad over to the Gym Fuad. F u rther details co tha dance and other m oney-raising activities w in be forthcoming. Tbe object a t tea Fund D rive, tha 18-station \Spartacua” , has •rrlv s d at Lowville Academy and I* already being utilised by t e e . Physical Education classes aad by students wtth free periods. The public la welcome to visit tiw school and observe the ma­ chine in action, preferably a fter school hours, Adults wlU hava an opportunity to utUtae \ S p a r ta- su s \ by signing qp for the Adult Education Physical F itness c lass. Contribution* may be sent to Doug Brodle at tee National Baak of Northern Now York. 175 Hear Expert Rap Zoning Laws Over ea* haadred aad aevaoty- flve people attended the Lewis Coemty Cooperative Extanstcn Association snnnal mooting and chlckan barbecue held last T h u rs­ day evening, September 37, at the LowvUle Academy School. Leon Stewart, president a t Le­ wis Comity Cooperative Exten­ sion, Introduced Benjamin Wood, now 4-H agent, and William Bat- lagh, new agricultural agent, who were both hired during ihe past year due to retirem e n t of Fred McCloskey and Nell Handy. The following new directors and Program Executive Commit­ tee m em b ers w ere elected fo serve three year term s f o r tew Cooperative Extension Associa­ tion of Lewis County: D irectors- at-larg e , Harold Hayas aad Gene­ va V irkler; Agriculture Program Commlttee,AlIen Farney.George Cummings, and Beryl Walseman; Home Economic# Program Com ­ m ittee, Jan Burt, Kathryn Gil- lett aad Ann Youngs; snd 4-H Program Committee, E s ther M attis, Jackie Kaban and Leroy Nichols. P rofessor Bert Swift, Cornell University Department of P olicy Planning and Regional Analysis, wsa the main speaker tor tbe evening. Hla talk centered around Land Use and Development. He Mated teat the planners have been dividing the universe Into 'sonea for Indue trial development, r e ­ creation, parks, residential de­ velopment, commerce and open space for over a quarter of a century. Professor Swift feel* teat xolng aa tee m a jor tool of planning ha* tee following lim i­ tations; 1) Zoning ts coercive, police power. The im p act of sonlng r e ­ gulations must he mad* reason­ able and Just, ta d efforts m ust not be burdensom e so that they amoxct to te* taking of property. 3) Zoning !# perm issive. It i s optional, ta; many casss, s o test som e communities may todirert- (Ccnttausd on Pago 8) B o a r d D i s c u s s e s S c h o o l I n s u r a n c e me*ting ot the Board of Education of Lowville Acsdemy snd Central School was held Mon- day, Oct. 1, with President Sally Lunch conducting the mooting. Donald Duflo of Norte Country There win b e no clessee tor s tu­ dents In grades 7-11 Oct. 3; grades K-6 wtll meet a s usual. The board was Informed of tee Im p asse between Section m and the tesketesB officials. A re - Esiates snd C h a rles Stew art of cruttm ent and tratnlng program Kemper Insurance Company m et with the board to examine the school’s insurance program . Tbe board mem bers will consider thetr recommendations and de­ cide on any changes st the next regular board meeting. Half-days were set aside for parent-tseeher conferences for parents of children tn grades 1-8 on Thursday, Nov, IS; T h u rsday, Nov. IB; and Tuesday, April O, Parents will receive further no­ tices about tee conferences from thetr children’s teacher*. D istrict Principal Robert M c- Neilly Invited the b o ard m em b ers to p a rticipate in tbe workahop for Junior high teachers Oct. 3 . While tee seniors are taking tha Regents Scholar*hip examination, D r. Tbomaa C u rtis of the Stmts Uni­ versity a t Albany w ill be working with th* teacher* on the topic, \M eeting the Individual Needs of the Emerging Adolescents.” lor new official* la now osder- way. Anyone interested should contact Mr. Kenneth Wolf, ath­ letic director a t tee Academy, o r M r. David Kane athletic d irector atthe South Jefferson Central School. A resignation was accepted from M ra. Jane Rich of the tn- strum antal mas tc department who at the South Jefferson Central teaga, M r. Wolf reyorted teat tee young people and interested ci­ tizen* have collected $8,374.17 toward tbe cost of the m u scls- bolldlng macM se.lt la now in u se In tee gymnasium and everyone Is Invited to atop Is to see it being used by the students. Bide for foe! oU were accepted from Sears Ol! Company for the main buUdlng and from Northway OU Company fcr the bus garage. The price* a r e about 50 M t cent (Continued on Page 8) C h a m b e r P l a n s A n n u a l D i n n e r The full committee tor the28th annual meeting and dlnner-danee for the Lewis County Chamber at Commerce met last week to for­ mulate plans for the a ffair, which will be held at Snow Ridge the evening of November 10th. The following men are com­ mittee members: Martin SchlH, Turin, chairman; Paul Forte, LowvUle; K. Jam es Burt, C ro­ ghan, and S, J , H a r ris, Low­ vUle, Arrangement* are being made to have a very prominent speak­ e r for tbe event. Tickets for the affair are ex­ pected to be In tbe hands of the directors and m em bers not la­ ter than next week. NEW COURSE - At LowvUle A- cademy and Central School this year there I* something new. A special reading c o a rse to help student* to reed better ta be­ ing held. Each period that a student is scheduled to go to me reading room he reads fif­ teen minutes each day of th# week. With this course, atu- denta alao go around talcing pic­ ture# like the one above. The kinds et pictures taken a r e of old landm arks, Uke this pic­ ture of an old barn located In M artinsburg. The b a r n Is 64 years old and Is owned by M r. and M rs. Stanley Zok. They alao take pictures ot historical places, like In the public library In LowvUle. TOUR - Colorful autumn scen­ ery , dairy farm s ,Industrie!, h is­ torical site* and many other points of Interest combine to make the fourth annual D rlve- It-Youreelf tour hi Lewis County a memorable one. Scheduled for Sunday, Oct. 7, there will be two s tarting points - the shopping plaaa at the Inter­ section of Routes 12 and 1ft) in southern LowviUe and the Copen­ hagen Agway, Copenhay « . S tart­ ing Ume lx J t «,m. Plans have been finalised and th* tour will encompes* the n o r­ thern part of the county trom LowvUle to Castorland, Den­ m ark, Deer P iter, Copenhagen, part of the Tug Hill plateau, including Sears Pond and Rec- (Conttmied on Pag* 8) wcrwiiyiwwwnn'i—

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